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Sweepstakes Complaints

Winners International Company / calling me to say I had entered a sweepstakes at either walmart or walgreens and won.

AuntLeda on Mar 19, 2019

John Fisher called saying I had won $679, 000.00 and a 2019 Caddillac. Verified my name and address. Didn't ask for any confidential information. Gave me all kinds of info to write down. Who was coming here to my house to present me the cash was the Co. Representative Nancy Allen, and...

Winnebago / unsatisfactory warranty service and safety-related issues

SamboGizmo on Jan 11, 2019

Purchased new 2018Forza 34T on Dec 7, 2017 from Southaven RV in Southaven. MS. Had several problems on the way home to the Dallas. Tx area. On a return trip to Southaven, we had warranty repairs performed at the purchasing dealer on March 12, 2018. Most of those repairs lasted for only a...

Incove / racing software scam

Sharon johnno on Dec 10, 2018

I invested $15, 000 AUD to buy incove software that was supposed to guarantee winners, I also lost a few thousand more dollars on betting with their software which obviously did not work, when I tried to contact incove the original email they had used was no longer in use and I could not...

RewardsUSA. / l need a loan to repair my home

Marie koteles on Dec 2, 2018

I've followed the prompts an all that lam suppose to do for the prizes an never received any of them $1000 reward card from Walmart a $250 Amazon gift card an a check a l never got its awful to get your hopes up an nothing shows up in the mail months ago love put my address in l don't know...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau PO Box 549012 Dallas Texas 75354-9012 / prize report wanting to charge $5 to get 12,000,000 cash eligibility

Concerned citizen128 on Aug 31, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, Can you prevent this company ffrom trying to get $5 from customers who supposedly won money. No fees should bee charged for winning money. All fees should be out of the supposed prize and they should not try to get customers to pay money or forfeit money. The doument...

Someone impersonating PCH on phone (texting) / gift package of $100,000

Sandra LeBoeuf Michel on Jun 26, 2018

On 4/10/18 a friend (who I found out later was a set up) suggested that I text this number and I would receive $100, 000. She said that she received $100, 000 and she saw my name on the list to also receive that amount of money. When I texted the number [protected]) a man responded with...

Sweepstakes audit bureau- fraud / fraudulent use of us mail across state lines to scam the public into paying $5.

DRC1981 on Jun 14, 2018

Sweepstakes audit bureau- fraudI received this letter in the mail- and have received several before today. Look this company up on the internet and you find no company- just complaints from other savy citizens. It is deplorable that this is allowed. Many people would not understand the fraud being perpetrated. Thi...

Child Protective Services. / too my baby from me.

Rana AlsuItan on May 2, 2018

You guys took my baby form me cuzI lost it one time. I was angry at a cashier at this store and you guys were called. My baby was taken from me because I was mad at this cashier. This meant that I could not get WIC anymore. They took x rays and found out my daughter had broken ribs and a...

Everett Stringer / american cash awards

Everett Stringer on Apr 23, 2018

I was contacted by organization that said they represented the handling of the dispersement of the money won. The amount they said I won was $850, 000 plus a new Mercedes Benz automobile. They said I had to send $300 to cover their expense. This money went to Pearl Zandenberg in Ritton...

Emerson Publishing, Inc. / unethical behaviour/scam

Celia R. Gomez on Apr 13, 2018

I have been sent a form to sign-saying I have won $12, 000, 000, but I need to send them $5.00 processing and data fee..00 and they ask me to send them $5.00 as a process fee. I looked them up and found information of a previous "supposedly" winner. He says he was scammed, he sent $5.00...

My Coke Rewards / my coke rewards

[email protected] on Feb 7, 2018

The My Coke Rewards became too difficult for my mom, who is in her 80's, to keep up with. As a result, she has over 100 official codes that will not go redeemed. She and my dad are avid Coke drinkers and are displeased when a restaurant carries Pepsi instead of Coke. Will Coke kindly make...

National Publishers / magazine giveaway winner

Grassyanimal on Jan 7, 2018

A man who gave his name as Robert Lawson called me on November 30th, 2017. He gave me his name, said he was a CPA for National Publishers and that his phone number was [protected]. He asked me if I had entered the Publishers ClearingHouse contest recently, I said I had, -----then he told...

American Dreamers Sweepstakes / claims that I have won $825,000

Kathryn Riley on Nov 20, 2017

Caller left an automated message stating I have won a luxury prize. If I'm interested, have three hundred dollars and believe it's a legitimate offer respond to phone call. I called [protected]. I was told this is CPA pure claims department. The first person I talked to claimed to be...

Pristine Express Car Wash / car wash

stonzee on Oct 23, 2017

I took my car to this car wash. I choose the pristine purple wash which is the top wash package offered. Not only was my car not clean the spin brushes left scratches on my car. I went inside and told the owner, John. He called me a liar. Plus their is a dog running around the property...

Winners International / beware!!! scammers!!!

Thomas A. on Jun 7, 2017

My husband and I both received calls to our cell phones this past Friday 6/2/2017 informing us that we had won $850, 000.00 and a 2017 Mercedes Benz. The calls came from these numbers : [protected] and [protected] two different men, one claiming to be a Stephen Miller. Instruction...

International Awards Services / Stating I won 2,000,000.00

Donny Peterson on Feb 19, 2017

IAS states I won 2, 000, 000.00 I. I contest official documentation enclosed please send $12.99 for paper work and processing fee. If I had really won all fees could have come out of the winning money. So much time wasted on false hope. If there's a lawyer out there that would like to go...

Commissioner of Judging Processing Division Award Notification Commission P0. Box 2905 Kansas City KS. 66110 / Winning 1,325,000,00 or in payments or 2,000,000,00

Lizzy7 on Feb 13, 2017

The way the letter is presented it seems like you personaly get reward. So I would not let myself believe this so I read the small print. It uses the word yet. The check gives an appearance of a real check but the back of check is completely blank therefore no check. Read the small form at...

Pejabat Pos Bangsar / Staff pejabat pos bangsar

Dianadidie on Jan 11, 2017

Pihak pengurusan, tolong letak staff kat kaunter yang reti & tahu untuk senyum dan layan customer dengan baik . Saya ni pergi ke pejabat pos bangsar untuk dapatkan perhidmatan & bukannya nak mintak sedekah kat sana . Layan customer macam kita ni kat bawah tapak kasut dia jaa, macam mintak...

Global Winners International / $250,000.00 Scam

Reen Gumenberg on Dec 2, 2016

BEWARE!! This man called me from "Global Winners International" ph# [protected] name Mr. Cooper, claiming that because I shopped at my "favorite grocery store" which he did not know the establishment name that I shop at which is Albertsons and because I pay my bills on time and have good...

International Awards Services / Said I had won a prize. I had originally enrolled at publishers clearing house. Wanted me to send an acquisition fee of $12.99.

Lana Craddock on Nov 15, 2016

I started getting these solicitations through the mail, thinking they were from PCH, and was saying I was a winner, but they first needed me to send $12.99 acquisition fee, which I did, by check. Then they sent another notice for another fee. I called PCH and they said it was a scam and...