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Better Homes And Gardens / daily prizes from different bhg magaines

babydynamite on Aug 11, 2017
Better Homes And GardensPlease let me know if you can read the attached captchas! For the past few days, I can do the BHG, Fitness, and Parents daily sweeps, but not Martha Stewart, More, Shape, Better Recipes, nor Recipe Daily. Could you please let your provider know that this is not acceptable to your clients and...

American Cash Awards / my undeliver prizes

Donna J Hickman on Aug 5, 2017
For over a year I have been trying to get the prizes that I am supposed to have won delivered and yesterday was another day they were supposed to deliver the car and check to my house and nobody showed as usual. This actually is evidence that this is a SCAM and NOT A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS ...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / letter sent by mail

Bettyhagar on Jul 27, 2017
A letter was mailed to me asking for 5:00 dollars to pay for data fees and research on a potential win of 12, 000, 000.00 guaranteed. Document number 8846-3251-3013 Void after 08/19/17 Sweepstakes prize entry center P.o.box 549012. Dallas, Texas 75354-9012 There is a form they request you...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / token games

PamelaZIP on Jul 13, 2017
Specifically the mahjong games. I don't know why I keep getting the message to install the flash player when I already have it installed with the latest version. I see notations on the Internet that when this comes up it is sometimes loaded with a virus. Everything that comes up on my...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / sweepstakes

Danny Velador on Jul 11, 2017
After years of trying to win some money, I decided I was never going to win, so I just played the games for fun. Two weeks ago, I matched 3 scratchers for $100, 000. Nothing happened. I wrote and got a response saying that at the end of the contest, I would be notified if I won. A few day...

Award Notification Commission / letter claiming that I won $2m but needed to send them $12.99 to get it processed

JNoon on Jul 4, 2017
I received a brown paper envelope that looked a lot like the Publisher's Clearing House mail I sometimes receive. The letter looked "official" and claimed that I had won $2M. I only had to write them a check for $12.99 ($15.99 if I wanted RUSHED processing). It had to be returned to them...

Winners International / beware!!! scammers!!!

Thomas A. on Jun 7, 2017
My husband and I both received calls to our cell phones this past Friday 6/2/2017 informing us that we had won $850, 000.00 and a 2017 Mercedes Benz. The calls came from these numbers : (876) 342-6051 and (786) 605-1449 two different men, one claiming to be a Stephen Miller. Instruction...

Pall Mall Cigarettes/R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / 52

rose on Jun 4, 2017
Its bad enough i had to give my ss# to register but to think im to young-- thats screwed up makes me thing its a scam Im 52 yrs old unforturly i smoke pall malls Thanks for that All other cig companys dont request that I been with marlb oro for over 10 yrs And quess who owns pall mall-...

American Sweepstakes Publishers (A.S.P.) / Contest letter

Marie cole on May 30, 2017
I have received a letter from the American sweepstakes publisher telling me I'm a guaranteed winner if I send them 12.00 for a processing fee & I did and today I got another letter in the Mail telling me to do the same thing again so I'm talking to some lawyers about this matter because I...

Mycokerewards.com / Useless website, just not worth it

Keni on May 30, 2017
This new program which is offered by Mycokerewards is beyond ridiculous and complete waste of time. I tried to win a gift card and their site said that I actually won it but for some reason they can't send it to me. I have wasted so much time with these guys and I just don't have the...

PetSmart / festival raffle

Michelle Trogdon on May 23, 2017
I attended Pet Palooza 2017 in Charlotte, NC roughly a month ago. I entered a raffle for a $250 gift card. The brief survey asked if I cohabitated with someone which I responded "yes". About a week or so ago, I was notified that I had won. When I spoke with the representative, they said I...

Pch.com / they said I won $10, 000

8baller19 on May 13, 2017
I was on my phone on PCH.com and I seen my name flash on the screen saying "Hey everyone lets congratulate Anthony Nute of Rainsville Alabama for being our newest winner" or something very similar to that. I emailed them and they responded that it was a mistake and that I had not won but...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / Scammers

Katie Slade on Apr 25, 2017
I really don't have the time to write this, but there are such disturbing elements behind these scam artists that I feel compelled to share. How in the world are these people getting away with mailing this fraudulent correspondence at a discounted postal rate?! I received a letter from...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / money winnings

Danielle yost on Apr 17, 2017
Award Notification Commission [ANC]I had gotten several letters by mail stating I won 2, 000, 000.00 and the option to receive it in either $66, 666.66 per year for 30 yrs or a lump sum payment of $1, 325, 000.00 and they had asked me to send money to them $11.89 here and $12.99 there is no phone number to contact anyone...

PepsiCo / extremely disappointed nfl promotion

Virginia v Hess on Apr 1, 2017
Reference # 063762964A I'm sorry but the whole reason we even decided to even do this promotion ( which we never do and you guys can even look that up) was so that we can get the helmet. I love Pepsi but I'm extremely upset. All together we ordered: 2 New York Jets footballs(4, 500 point...

Publishers Clearing House / items and charges I didn't order

seabudd on Mar 15, 2017
I was going to order some items and take a chance but then noticed the trumped up charges for shipping. I did not give them my credit card number and just deleted the items. Just yesterday I received an email that my items had shipped and I will owe $96.00. I called customer service (Yeah...

International Awards Services / Stating I won 2,000,000.00

Donny Peterson on Feb 19, 2017
IAS states I won 2, 000, 000.00 I. I contest official documentation enclosed please send $12.99 for paper work and processing fee. If I had really won all fees could have come out of the winning money. So much time wasted on false hope. If there's a lawyer out there that would like to go...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Judge's statement and validation of award

Casey Roy on Feb 14, 2017
Award Notification Commission [ANC]I received this letter today stating that if I mailed in the Certified Award letter along with $11.89 I would be eligible to with a lump sum of $1, 325, 000.00 or a 30-year annuity for the total amount of $2, 000, 000.00. I don't understand why they would require me to pay them to be able...

Commissioner of Judging Processing Division Award Notification Commission P0. Box 2905 Kansas City KS. 66110 / Winning 1,325,000,00 or in payments or 2,000,000,00

Lizzy7 on Feb 13, 2017
The way the letter is presented it seems like you personaly get reward. So I would not let myself believe this so I read the small print. It uses the word yet. The check gives an appearance of a real check but the back of check is completely blank therefore no check. Read the small form at...

American Cash Awards / using publishers clearing house awards as a front - scam

H Mart on Jan 31, 2017
1/30/17- I got a call from a Tim White stating I have wow 2.5 Million and a new Mercedes C Class with 3 month pd insurance. stated the prize patrol was on there way to my home and gave me claim # for winnings after going on for about 20 min, finally got down to the part where i needed to...
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