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Wish.com / daily giveaway

Me2222 on Oct 15, 2017
Wish.comI got the brush set daily giveaway but at checkout it says I can't place my order because I have an invalid daily giveaway in my cart. Why? I got excited but now I can't checkout and time is ticking. Can someone explain why it does this I really want a giveaway and havnt had any luck...

Magazine Publishers Service / not receiving the package or dimande watch

Alysha.2017 on Oct 11, 2017
I would like this account closed because 1 I have not received anything that they said they would send and I know they have the right address because I have a card to say the magaizines. I stupidly agreed and gave information which should not have been done and I am in my 20s and it i...

Blue Green & Bay Park Mall / sweepstakes scam

ShaunW on Oct 9, 2017
10/9/2017 I received a call that I had won a trip from Blue Green. I was selected due to the sweepstakes I entered at Bay Park Mall in Green Bay WI. They went on to clearly read from a script. The call center they called from sounded like playground of kids. Then they asked me for a...

American Cash Awards / american cash award scam

IAcheson on Oct 6, 2017
I received a call from a John Smith Banks who claims I am the winner of 2.5 million Dollar Sweepstake's Winner...He kept asking me if I want to receive it, privately or publicly ?? I asked him who he is with? What the name of his company is? Which he told me. Then I asked "how do I...

Walgreens / survey contest

Wanda E on Sep 27, 2017
On Sep 25, 2017 I completed the survey regarding my visit to Walgreens. At the end it asked for my phone number including the area code. I was not given enough time to give more then the first 6 numbers of my number then I was cut off. This also happened to me last year and I would like to...

National Rifle Association (NRA) / nra sweepstake scam, unauthorised credit card charge, unethical behaviour.

Peter Zander on Sep 27, 2017
In their ongoing sweepstakes for 12 guns NRA suggests a contribution of five dollars for each ticket. NRA also states : "NO PURCHASE OR CONTRIBUTION NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE OR CONTRIBUTION WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING." So I tick-marked all 12 guns and entered the...

PepsiCo / promotions

Rebawilliams on Sep 24, 2017
I am so disappointed with the current Pepsi promotion. I have won several time and only received 2 prizes. First time I won 5 times total and was informed I gave the wrong email and so that's the reason I have not received my prizes. Strangely when I made the first complaint against Pepsi...

HGTV / dream home giveaway

Katlee1 on Sep 20, 2017
This isn't actually a complaint but more of a request. I love the annual Dream Home Giveaway but isn't it about time to freshen things up a bit? Why is it that Linda Woodrum is always the designer when there are so many world-class designers out there? We would love to see someone else be...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / lack of service

I am not you on Sep 12, 2017
I haven't seen one FPL truck in my neighborhood yet (SW 45th St in Ft Lauderdale) . I did see some across our canal, but they were doing nothing all afternoon. Just sitting in the truck! Hello, FPL, are you out there?? I'm pretty sure your billing department is still sending out bills. What...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / not really a complaint/ just wondering?

Pam Hanika on Sep 8, 2017
Hi My name is Pam Hanika kpac3740@hotmail.com I am wondering all of a sudden I quit getting emails from you> so I cannot enter with the emails? Just wondering is it something I did or what happened? Do you just quit sending emails to people ? I would really like to keep getting them? I...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / mail in certified award and provision of payment.

Stucco on Aug 22, 2017
Award Notification Commission [ANC]Certified award and provision of payment. Required action of preselected winning number holder. To receive award and full cash payment. Schedule form: 13570. Filing year 2017. Approved. Mail reply only. Award notification commission world headquarters, kansas city. Ks, united states of...

Better Homes and Gardens / daily prizes from different bhg magaines

babydynamite on Aug 11, 2017
Better Homes and GardensPlease let me know if you can read the attached captchas! For the past few days, I can do the BHG, Fitness, and Parents daily sweeps, but not Martha Stewart, More, Shape, Better Recipes, nor Recipe Daily. Could you please let your provider know that this is not acceptable to your clients and...

American Cash Awards / my undeliver prizes

Donna J Hickman on Aug 5, 2017
For over a year I have been trying to get the prizes that I am supposed to have won delivered and yesterday was another day they were supposed to deliver the car and check to my house and nobody showed as usual. This actually is evidence that this is a SCAM and NOT A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS ...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / letter sent by mail

Bettyhagar on Jul 27, 2017
A letter was mailed to me asking for 5:00 dollars to pay for data fees and research on a potential win of 12, 000, 000.00 guaranteed. Document number 8846-3251-3013 Void after 08/19/17 Sweepstakes prize entry center P.o.box 549012. Dallas, Texas 75354-9012 There is a form they request you...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / token games

PamelaZIP on Jul 13, 2017
Specifically the mahjong games. I don't know why I keep getting the message to install the flash player when I already have it installed with the latest version. I see notations on the Internet that when this comes up it is sometimes loaded with a virus. Everything that comes up on my...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / sweepstakes

Danny Velador on Jul 11, 2017
After years of trying to win some money, I decided I was never going to win, so I just played the games for fun. Two weeks ago, I matched 3 scratchers for $100, 000. Nothing happened. I wrote and got a response saying that at the end of the contest, I would be notified if I won. A few day...

award notification commission / letter claiming that I won $2m but needed to send them $12.99 to get it processed

JNoon on Jul 4, 2017
I received a brown paper envelope that looked a lot like the Publisher's Clearing House mail I sometimes receive. The letter looked "official" and claimed that I had won $2M. I only had to write them a check for $12.99 ($15.99 if I wanted RUSHED processing). It had to be returned to them...

Albertsons / monopoly game 2017

Donnaholleran on Jun 28, 2017
On April 5 2017 I submitted a winning game board to the Albertsons store #3564 in Eugene Oregon. The prize was $1, 000.00. I was given a form (of which I have a copy) by the manager of that store. I filled it out and sent it to the address listed in Kennesaw GA. About a week later I...

Winners International / beware!!! scammers!!!

Thomas A. on Jun 7, 2017
My husband and I both received calls to our cell phones this past Friday 6/2/2017 informing us that we had won $850, 000.00 and a 2017 Mercedes Benz. The calls came from these numbers : (876) 342-6051 and (786) 605-1449 two different men, one claiming to be a Stephen Miller. Instruction...

Pall Mall Cigarettes/R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / 52

rose on Jun 4, 2017
Its bad enough i had to give my ss# to register but to think im to young-- thats screwed up makes me thing its a scam Im 52 yrs old unforturly i smoke pall malls Thanks for that All other cig companys dont request that I been with marlb oro for over 10 yrs And quess who owns pall mall-...
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