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Solicitors Complaints

Retail Food Group / franchise contracts altered without authority

Xavier Abbott on Mar 13, 2019

Retail Food GroupI dealt with the lawyer for this group whose name is Zoe Thornborough and after signing what I thought were legitimate contracts to take over a franchise I was shocked to discover that details within the contracts had been altered and more details added in. Zoe Thornborough had added in a...

Heflin Al DHR / dhr not doing their job.

Kkristen Morgan on Mar 9, 2019

Heflin Al DHRi filed a complaint on my x husbden we have a 7 year old daughter i called DHR an reported drug use in the home my daughters dad tested postivie for many types for hard core drugs like meth an coke dhr wouldnt not remove my daughter from the home an place her with me but yet they removed...

Urban Development Solutions / sales

Lakeshia Jenkins on Oct 16, 2018

I was employed with this company for 4 years. Before I met Dr. Maurice McClain I was in a very bad place mentally and physically. I had no self confidence, and I didn't think I could do anything in life. He helped to groom me into the woman I am today. Before I met him I was living in a...

USARewards / online surveys to win free merchandise

Morgar on Aug 29, 2018

Offer starts with a claim that I can get a free phone by completing a few simple steps.This is completely false.Each step involved accepting offers for gifts, insurance quotes or sweepstakes entries.All of these have additional surveys and "free"offers attatched.Before long you are...

Naira R. Matevosyan, MD? MPH? PhD?MSJ?JSM? AKA Naira Renault of Atlanta, GA / Libel, Slander, Shoplifting, Immigration Fraud, Accuses others of having committed her own crimes.

Be It Known on Jul 16, 2018

ON this site and elsewhere, you will find many false complaints placed by Naira Matevosyan, AKA Naira Renault, a former md from Armenia, the Boston area, and now of Atlanta, GA. Naira is a sociopath who tries each day to relieve herself of the guilt she feels (if she feels anything) about...

Bath Systems of Illinois / fraudulent practice

Bernice Fitzpatrick on Jul 6, 2018

A sales manager from Bath Systems of Illinois scammed me a senior citizen out of a 4, ooo dollar down payment in the form of a J.P. Morgan check I gave It to their sales manager Mr. Aaron Rodriguez for a down payment on a Bath Room renovation on February first 2018 then Mr. Rodriguez came...

FPL Solicitors calling regarding my bill / solicitation

Larry Nida on Jun 29, 2018

I am getting extremely tired of having phone calls 2, 3 & 4 times daily about reducing my bill with FPL while I no longer have an account with FPL as I moved to North Carolina and sold my home in February, when I try and get removed from call lists I am hung up on. Obviously they got my...

Julie McCrone / unusual delay in drive through

Julie McCrone on Jun 8, 2018

On June 8th, my husband and I went to the St. Vincent and Cundles Tim Hortons. There was an unusual delay, probably about 15 minutes. When the server asked to take our order, she was polite but said an order had been mixed up and the customer had been overcharged. When we got to the...

Nations Top Sales, LLC / magazine order

Alarc on May 29, 2018

Nations Top Sales, LLCTwo young men came to our door selling magazine subscriptions representing this company. That was march 22, 2018. I have made several attempts to contact them with no response. I checked their web page and see that they are a fraud!!! What???! How can they still be in business in...

Just Asking Questions Middletown Jagm / picture of fr r naughton

m grant on Apr 10, 2018

Dear Sirs, We act on behalf of Fr R Naughton of the Parochial House, The Church of the Sacred Heart, Cloghogue, Newry, Co Down Northern Ireland. We would refer you to the site justaskingquestionsmiddletown jaqm. Our Client's picture has been put up on this site without his knowledge or...

Encore, GDSI Cash Award, Applause / magazine subscription

Kittsie on Apr 8, 2018

A young white male, early 20s, 5'7 or 5'8, rang my doorbell. I opened the door and he said was "raising funds" for children and veterans. And he was doing this as part of a project for a public speaking class which would help him hone his oratory skills. He also said that every time... / this is blowing up my phone!

Sherri Pryor on Mar 28, 2018

I get multiple emails daily and all day long! They continually call my cell with a great variety of different numbers that I have blocked. I don't have an expensive phone like most people, but, I would like them to go away!! This has been going on for about two months or so and I...

Henderson Farm / ace industrial junk

BIGG BULLS on Jan 17, 2018

Ace called my cell and I was to busy to answer and my son put it on speaker phone. A sweet/flirty talking young lady was promoting some 200 piece tool set for 99.00 dollars. She says if anyone questions the 'special price' tell them I am the owners daughter and I can give that price. So my...

Avior Jewelry / customer service

Avoir on Dec 4, 2017

So, we have a fake account that an old empolye created with a fake "avior" email, and now that we have moved locations it's a BIG problem because we can't get in to change it. There is no phone number listed to call, and when you google search for their number they are all unassociated...

Freda McGrath / ask a solicitor

Aderf on Oct 17, 2017

I recently requested information about irish divorce law and elements. It was my understanding that i wouldnt be charged if i wasnt satisfied, i didnt recieve any answer at all? So i would like my money refunded. Freda McGrath. A couple of years ago this website continually took money from...

Antonella Maestri / object: returned order f [protected] item surry sequin dress rose xs style #[protected] price $ 300,00. payment not received.

Teresa Manara on Aug 30, 2017

Object: returned order F [protected] Item Surry Sequin Dress Rose XS Style #[protected] price $ 300, 00 I’m writing to you about the returned order in question On December 28, 2016 your company emailed me that you have received the item that, after the purchase, I sent back to the company...

G & J Rental and Storage / website updating

James A. Nelson on Aug 12, 2017

I sold my business last July. I receive a minimum of 1-2 calls per week regarding updating my business listing. It starts off with a taped message typically stating something like push 1 to talk to a representative, or push 2 to be permanently removed from our call list.. I have done both...

Burton Recruitment / recruitment company

Companyruinedbygina on Aug 1, 2017

Where do I start. Service... Forget it you do NOT get what you pay for. They do not return calls and to be quite frank Miss Burton is the rudest person I have ever come across. The potential staff I was promised failed to transpire and they have left me in the lurch. They are far from...

Harcus Sinclair Edward Parkes Solicitors Reviews Lincoln Fields London / subordination, dishonesty assisting fraud, upon the court, violations of sra handbook ethics rules cheating the judicial system for profit

nelson186 on Jul 19, 2017

Harcus Sinclair Edward Parkes Solicitors Reviews Lincoln Fields LondonI have an ethical and moral duty to exercise the rights of Qualified Privilege with regard to this law firm in order to tell the truth, in self-defence and to warn others about harm or danger. The truth is that Harcus Sinclair do not play by the ethical rules that govern their profession...

Karis Solicitors LTD / 40 bowling green lane london ec1r 0ne

BamBam1988 on Jul 11, 2017

Karis Solicitors LTDI am very much appalled with Karis Solicitors as I was recommended to them by a friend that spent lots of money on there services to which I now feel is just the same as any other solicitor. I made an appointment to see Genti which I was told you get a free consultation! I explained about my...