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Val Morgan Immigration Consultant (UK / Canada / Australia) / immigration services (uk/canada/australia)

James8975 on Mar 13, 2018
This company is expert in executing immigration fraud and scams. They are located in DMCC. office 502 saba tower 1 jlt (jumeirah lake towers) A group of Pakistanis and Egyptians is executing this scam. They keep changing office locations and keep registering company with different name...

Wish.com / service

Tiffany Gordon on Feb 27, 2018
Hi I am reaching out to find out why I can't proceed with an order if I've never ordered anything from the site nor on the app. They are asking for a bank statement with a purchase from you all on it but I've never purchased anything yet and I would like to make my first purchase because...

National Pen Company / whole company. mainly customer services

Ollieann on Feb 15, 2018
Did not make and order. Looked on the website. Next thing I know they have placed an order for me. I responded to email immediately saying I did not make and order I do not want anything. Few days later. They send email. Pens on the way. Bs!! I sent them back even tho I didn't order them...

Tinder / tinder gold - case no. 10045525

Wil211066 on Feb 3, 2018
Hi, I have sent various emails to Tinder for help & the problem could not be resolved. In fact, Tinder has totally stopped responding to my emails as evidenced below. Please very kindly & URGENTLY reply before I have no choice but to complain the matter to some federal authorities or...

Choice Home Warranty / continuous emails

Candace12345 on Jan 29, 2018
I have a policy on a vacation home I recently purchased with Choice Home Warranty that they are failing to recognize. Every day for over a month, I have requested that they unsubscribe me from unsolicited emails, and everyday I continue to receive correspondence from them. I have phoned...

Fubar.com / still recall my screen name and account # in search

Coll Mur on Jan 23, 2018
my screen name and id# from account deleted 2 years ago are coming up. I want NOTHING to do with your [censor] UP site. I am so pissed. I want this site figured out. You are keeping my information, Your servers are [censor] up and what u are running is messed up and you know it. Get my...

The American Red Cross, West Central GA. Chapter / bad services, frequent solicitations

A.Davidson on Jan 21, 2018
I am a huge fan of giving life, but I was treated badly. Not all locations and blood banks are bad. I was robbed, injured and they never stop asking for My blood and my money. I have told them, consumer affairs and spent much time in prayer. I have told the post office too. I don't...

Henderson Farm / ace industrial junk

BIGG BULLS on Jan 17, 2018
Ace called my cell and I was to busy to answer and my son put it on speaker phone. A sweet/flirty talking young lady was promoting some 200 piece tool set for 99.00 dollars. She says if anyone questions the 'special price' tell them I am the owners daughter and I can give that price. So my...

The Local Detectives - PID Global Ltd / private investigators

DaveJohnson on Jan 9, 2018
I don't normally write reviews but i had such an awful experience with these people that I felt compelled to warn others. Firstly, I wanted to find an old friend and dealt with someone called Robert, who I now know is Robert Singer. Initially he was polite and helpful. I asked him to do...

Choice Home Warranty / emails

I have received at least two email ads per day for the last few months from you. Each time I get one, I unsubscribe. But I continue to get them. I get too many advertisements from businesses and most of them take me off their list when I unsubscribe. PLEASE do the same. I am tired of...

The Local Detectives / private investigation

Sarah Petersen on Jan 9, 2018
The Local Detectives - PID Global Ltd - PID Consultants Ltd. ALL the same firm - all run by Robert Singer a fraudster! Ripped me off and from what I can see, has ripped off many other people too. Do not rust this individual. He scams people and then starts up a different firm, using a...

Tinder / misuse of cell phone numbers

priscilla cutlip on Dec 29, 2017
TinderMy name is Priscilla Cutlip and I would like to report a person who is using my cell phone number to catfish women. I've received several text messages from random people who send me inappropriate pictures. I do not use tinder nor do I have profile. The person giving out my cell phone...

Clarins / order placed on 6/12

YKinder on Dec 20, 2017
I purchased a substantial amount of products from my favourite brand in the world which I thought cared about their customers. I was and am truly disappointed. I bought a whole lot of products on 6/12/2017 via online and was sent an email confirmation of my purchase. Yesterday, I sent an...

Vm Investigate Gb Investigate / private investigation

Sarah Petersen on Dec 5, 2017
I am disgusted by this company. I contacted them in good faith and asked them to find an old friend of mine. They told me that they gave a no success, no fee service. After five days they said they had found my friend and asked me to pay not a santander account. I asked why I couldn't pay...

Avior Jewelry / customer service

Avoir on Dec 4, 2017
So, we have a fake account that an old empolye created with a fake "avior" email, and now that we have moved locations it's a BIG problem because we can't get in to change it. There is no phone number listed to call, and when you google search for their number they are all unassociated...

VB Investigate - VB Investigation - GB Investigate / private investigation

Sharon Cap on Nov 28, 2017
This company is trying to use a variety of different names in order to try to hide the fact that they are ripping people off! The following is taken directly form their latest incantation: VM Investigations was established in 1990 staffed by investigators with over 793 years of combined...

VM Investigate - GB Investigate / private investigation

Joanna T on Nov 28, 2017
This company has a number of complaints against them and has (within the last 24 hours) changed the web address from GBinvestigate.com to VMinvestigate.com - AVOID these people, they have ripped off a number of people, make FALSE claims on their website (793 years of combined experience...

Avon.com / kelsy huard

Thatperson on Nov 25, 2017
Please remove Kelsy Huard from Bathurst, New Brunswick from your avon team. She is giving horrible customer service tarnishing the company's reputation in many ways. I and many others will no longer be ordering due to this woman being a terrible Avon representative. She will...

Burger King / complaint about the general manager of burger king #13398

Joanne Lepore on Nov 24, 2017
During our recent visit to Burger King #13398, 163 Madison Street, Worcester MA 01610, we went into order (Order #37 at 4:59pm) which we happily ate and kept to ourselves. In the store we noticed a man without shoes who barely spoke a lick of the english language, while normally I do give...

Dunkin' Brands / I am complaining about the employee training rules of dunkin’ donuts

Himu123 on Nov 18, 2017
My wife went to a Dunkin' Donuts which is located 2519 Queens Plaza North, Queens, NY the manager told her to join next day they need employee. My wife bought t-shirt and shoes and started training. After 3 consecutive days training the manager told her that there former employee ha...

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