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Backpage / Providers in massage section.

Turquita20 on Mar 15, 2017
What is going on in the Massage section, that all providers (Prostitutes) are posting there? This destroys the real therapists posting! Nasty photos in there! Please, take whatever step that is necessary to protect the legitimate Licensed Massage therapists. Please You gotta remove or...

Kroger / Trying to shop while being accosted by beggar in the store aisle

Colleen Nelson on Mar 9, 2017
3.8.17 Wednesday evening between 7:15 - 8:00 p.m. While shopping with my husband, a young man came up to us and stated " I am homeless and I don't want to steal, I like to purchase these items, if you could help me out?" He continued to shop around and was asking other shoppers for...

Backpage Escort / An escort scam

Faaque on Dec 31, 2016
An escort. Posting with this number 647 696 9475 has false services and is scamming... Claiming she works for an agency. She has fake pictures on the ad.. And texts you her services and after she gets the money she absolutely cons you with no such services and when confronted about it say...

Costco / Racial profiling against the new migrant asian community in qld

floyde collins on Dec 19, 2016
Costco Membership No 80027612600 Please find copy of email reply sent to Adam Baines at North Lakes Costco after I received notice of membership cancelation for my new migrant Asian wife from him. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Hi Adam Thanks for the below email...

Archie Kelly / House of fraser

Helen Archie Kelly on Nov 29, 2016
Today 28.11.2016 parcel was delivered to an address nowhere near where we live. Address on box 2 Clement Cottage, 5 WinchesterStreet, St Helier Jersey JE2 4TH COU-PNET SOT 95 VAN 71 DROP 37 C Round 5035 This was delivered outside an old mans door last night after 8pm He found it this morning...

UKPI - Tim Burchell / Background checks

P Jain on Oct 11, 2016
Paid him £315 in OCt 2016 for enhanced check where he mentioned in the email "Obviously you can add ANYTHING else to the list (enhanced background check only) when you instruct us to proceed and these additional checks will be FREE of CHARGE unless advised otherwise" But received only basic...

PCH (Publishers Clearing House) / PCH games

Jcsa on Sep 20, 2016
PCH games = fraud/scam. been playing for years. won worthless tens of millions of tokens. played hours daily. wasted my time. the other day on sceen they said i won$10, 000, wow, next day i received email from pch that it was a mistake and the winner was somewhere else. emailed them a...

Petherbridge Basra / Injury compensation - so much cost

Mark Peacock on Sep 16, 2016
Two members of my close family have used this firm and settled in the last two months. My daughter received £2000 whilst the solicitor kept a five figure sum My wife has just had 25% costs applied to a settlement which the company themselves had admitted they had done very little work...

AARP / Not receiving promotional products offered

Terri M on Aug 20, 2016
I received an offer to renew my membership and by doing so, I was supposed to get a 4-piece Luggage Organizer set. So...on 042716 I sent in the money, but guess what..as of today, 081616 I still have not received it. It appears that a lot of people were treated the same. What do all of u...

Ashley Stewart / Gladiator sandals

Jenny Seatovic on Aug 5, 2016
I ordered a pair of gladiator sandals, and was very unhappy with my order. Because I'm only 170lbs and have thick legs and calfs. I decided to order some gladiator sandals that were "wide width calf" according to the description. The size was ok but the width on the calf was definitely not...

Zero Debt / No Communication / False Advertising / Incorrect Information

Canom on Jun 21, 2016
To whom it may concern, I would like to bring to your attention the workings of Zero Debt and how they have managed to get me into more debt than what I was before I dealt with them. Dealings with - Christa Smit - Debt Review Administrator reception@zerodebt.co.za, Chris Craven -...

Ercan Gunduz (Lawyer) / Unethical Behavior-Fraudster

Dawn76 on May 1, 2016
Like all of you, I have been a victim of Ercan Gunduz fraud practice. This person is clearly a fraudster and a thief. In 2012 I paid him £14, 414 through a bank transfer to act as power of attorney on my behalf to purchase a flat in Symbol tower in Istanbul, Turkey. I should mention that Ercan...

MyHandyKey / Key organizer

J Carol Smith on Apr 25, 2016
I ordered 2 of these on January 21, 2016 I have requested status of my order 3 times and demanded a refund 2 times. Needless to say I do not have the product nor have I received a refund. It was a scam and I will make certain others know not to order it.

Iowa Steak Company / Unethical behavior/poor reviews

VickieB23 on Mar 28, 2016
I purchased a box of steaks and unfortunately did not read the reviews until after the purchase. Doesn't seem there are any good reviews. I noticed that the salesperson was at my neighbors so I took the meat down there hoping to make an easy exchange. He got belligerent with me and...

American Income Life / Employment

Alex Noss on Mar 5, 2016
I was employed there in the last week of August 2015, and was not paid for an entire month. I had to memorize a 4 page script, along with memorizing many rebuttals required to actually be allowed to sell clients. I was very successful when I was there, earning a promotion in 2 weeks of...

Withy King Solicitors / The case was unsuccessful for me and solicitor tried to overcharge me

Reviewer79764 on Mar 3, 2016
I worked with Withy King Solicitors and I was shocked how unreliable, unprofessional and dishonest the team was. They medical expert and solicitor tried to take more money from me and tried to persuade me that my case was too tricky and we wouldn’t win it. Guys, be careful and better find...

Heartland Media Group LLC / Auctions and Sales

Richard4344 on Feb 18, 2016
Last year I was contacted by Heartland Media about listing my semi tractor with them to sell. At first I was reluctant to do so because I felt all they wanted was my money. Now after a long period of time I find out I was right. I paid them $300.00 to list my ruck on their supposed auction...

Anderson, Burges & Smith / PMB 150, 176-25 Union Tpke, Fresh Meadow NY 11366

Reviewer24899 on Feb 5, 2016
2/5/16 I received a awards letter under registration certificate No 60097158386 to apply with 14 days for maximum cash award certified advisory in the sum amount of 3, 900.000.00 for a for a processing fee amount of $20.00 payable by cash, money order or check. THE AWARD NOTIFICATION OF...

OC Task Runners / Flyer distribution

thepeopleyouripoff on Jan 18, 2016
OC Task RunnersHe makes ALL these false claims on his Craigslist ads. Saying he is number 1 and must trusted. This person is a scammer. He ripped many people off! He makes all these claims. Google, his name. You will see he ripped other people off also and keeps changing his phone number. Trust me on...

Millennium Sales / Money Taken and no merchandise (book) received!!!

Reviewer84302 on Dec 29, 2015
I had a young lady come to my door by the name of Jessica Mcwain (RT50) on 9/26/15 (that morning). She was very polite, said that she was trying to raise points to help her win help with her tuition at her college. I have a child that just finished undergrad and is now in grad school, so I...
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