SMS Scam Contests Complaints

Chevrolet Motor World Wide / winning amount not getting

on Nov 23, 2018

Chevrolet Motor World WidePlease help me to getting my deposit money only i deposit five lack instructions by David johnson and Harry max so I don't want your offer amount i lost my job and myhome please help me thanking you ref no CHEV_UK/997/0177812 british government approved code is IEC 6047900Uk google king... / magischer dreieckgeldbeschleuniger, order dated july 03,2018. nickname: xvw9ht, member id: 1342253.

on Aug 20, 2018, astrology!!! Mail from july 03, 2018, 07:03 (from medium, spiritualistin Laetizia) [protected] I want a repayment to my VISA Account for a. m. order of july 03, 2018, price: 39, 00 €. Please send this amount immediately to my VISA Account to Postbank Dormund... / gift card

on Jul 4, 2018

I received another sms today re gift card..I did the same survey months ago and chose Christie Brinkley products I thought for postage only. To my surprise I started receiving products every month for full price as I am a pensioner I could not keep paying so I had to ring America to...

Karmyn / coupon code

on Jan 17, 2018

I got a message stating if I signed up using Facebook to make my purchase I would receive 20% off. I went through typing all the information in and when it was time to pay no 20% was given. I got a message saying that my purchase does not qualify for the 20% off even though I used my...

Mohammed Akhtar Baig / Total employment confirmation letter received from total

on Feb 4, 2017

HR Professional / Hiring Manager HR Department Recruitment Section LETTER OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT You have been short listed for an employment with our company. Please review the attached document and direct your inquiries to our H/R Department for details on your invitation for interview. We look...

Woody McBride / North American Awards Center

on Aug 6, 2016

I receive as many as 3 separate pieces of mail per day wanting money to guarantee winnings of from 15, 000 to 2, 000 000 dollars. I fell for it 6 times until I finally figured it out "ITS A SCAM" can't anything be done to eliminate these bottom feeders.. Please help!!

Global worldwide Mobile Promo / SMS Scap

on Dec 22, 2015

Dear Sir, I have received a massage on my mobile number that I won 520, 000 pounds in world Mobile Promo and that I need to send some info to this Email Address: [protected] or make a phone call on this number +[protected] . Please let me know what is this all about. my email qqqqqq.[protected] Thank you/ Nata

Winners International / Scam

on Dec 3, 2015

Nr. James Carter calling me telling me that I won $17.5M and to do all the same things they are telling everyone else, wire $25, 500 to them. Interesting how they say that you have won the money from a company called Mega Million they say it's a Donald Trump company. What is hysterical i...

The Sweepstakes Audit / Letter requesting $5.00 data fee for winning funds

on Oct 20, 2015

10/20/2015 I received a letter in the mail today stating "NOTICE: PRIZE REPORT FUNDS REMAIN UNCLAIMED" sweepstakes award of $12 Million guaranteed prize report. I am to complete the claim form and enclose a $5.00 fee either in Check, Cash or Money Order payable to Sweepstakes Audit... / Please help me stop this deduction

on Aug 31, 2015

His keep on sending me sms with a message that it collects 4qar from my mobile phone load each sms. . My mobile number is +[protected]. . I do not need this. Please help me stop this deduction as i do not need any service from them. Thanks. . .

FBI Headquarters. / They say they are: FBI sede, Washington, D.C.

on Aug 18, 2015

I received this email on Tuesday, August 18, 2015 04:34 pm. Clearly a fraud. The text in wrong Spanish, and clearly asking me for information to commit fraud against me (they're clearly looking for naive people)says: División de delitos contra el terrorismo y monetaria FBI sede, Washington...

Job website / Scam and hacker, virus places on the computer an ddemages computers

on Aug 3, 2015

The purpose of this message is to inform the general population of the illegal actions of the staff members. They have created an account on name on their website without to even give them any permission or be willing to do this. I even didn't know this website exists until...

Winners International and audit commissions / Telephone scam

on Jul 13, 2015

I received a private call from a man calling himself George Freeman, informing me that his call was not a joke or scam, I had officially won $2, 700, 000 and a new 2015 Jeep. I was surprised to say the least. I assured Me. Freeman that I would absolutely not be sending him a cent to claim...

iPhone resale / Wrong pricing on quotes

on Mar 7, 2015

This company quotes you a good price and when you send them your device they drop the price 90 percent. I sent them a brand new never used 5s iPhone and they quoted me 134 dollars. They sent me a check for 26 dollars. I asked the to return my device and they sent me to customer service. Of... / scammer

on Jan 9, 2015

worldparcelservices.netrecieved a txt from sarah reyes na dumating na yung package ko pinadala ni lompard cooper.naisip ko tuloy bakit ang bilis nmn eh galing sa U.S yun eh.and she want me to pay 13, 000 pesos dahil sa tax daw lampard cooper nmn nakasakay na daw sa barko kaya hindi ko makausap.its a good...

Uverse services / Rewards expired

on Dec 17, 2014

Upon signing up for the AT&T Uverse service, I was told I qualified for a $200 visa rewards card promotion. I was told that the reward would be sent to me within 8 weeks of installation. Service was installed on the 28th of August. A month later, i still had not received the reward but...

Guangdong jiahong / Fraudulent Usd 70,000

on Oct 5, 2014

Guangdong jiahongMy name is Agatha Ali a banker/Staff of Guaranty Trust Bank plc Lagos I am an account officer and i treat transactions on behalf of my clients. My complain is On the 26th of September, I received an email to treat a transaction worth $70, 000 dollars from my customers account Biani...

Ail / American Insurance Life / Scam

on Jul 28, 2014

Got a call this morning from a "Patrick". He rapid fired off questions to me, knew it was FAKE right away. First off, who doesn't tell you what company they're from? I had to reverse look up this number so I could even figure it out. Tried to persuade me by saying "his boss want...

Mountain View Market Frazier Park / Passes fraudulent checks

on Apr 4, 2014

Mountain View Market Frazier park writes bad checks to pay any service provider to their market or deli. Warning to any service provider DO NOT SERVICE Mountain View Market Frazier Park, any payments from them are written on fraudulent accounts. Any chance to deposit their checks at any bank...


on Feb 12, 2014

I REVEICED 2 MSG FROM BZ-CBSSBM " of AVAILABLE BALANCE IN YOUR ACCOUNT XXXXX685128 AS ON 12/02/2014 IS INR 3990.00 a/c XXXXX314763 is due on [protected]. Please ignore, " This account no. doesn't belong to me. I am not liable to pay any amount to this bank. Please guide me what should i do at this point

Usi Tech Solutions / Bulk SMS / FRAUD company

on Feb 11, 2014

i buy arrount 1Lac + SMS and after that i ask for service its company panel are not working till 7 day we are try to send lot of mail and also give 1000+ Calls but company is not reply after a week they reply us "Dear sir thank you for your email. We have server break down but we have the...

online jobs for all / scam and cheating

on Feb 6, 2014

Hi guys dont join in the company name "ONLINE JOBS FOR ALL" owner of KOUSIK MAJI he is a cheater .he doing online scam on the internet he take the money from all jobseekers and did not give the job and money he cheat all the persons.I LOSE MY 500RS/- SO I REQUEST ALL THE PEOPLE DON'T...

Sagar Tele Shop, Hisar-Haryana / no payment

on Sep 13, 2013

Sagar Tele Shop, Hisar-Haryanai just don't have to got my payments of 45 days Rs. 22500/- + processing charge of Rs. 525/- (By company contract) so i just wanna my payments. Here Is the All Details... 1. Now they just don't have to attend my call. 2. The mobile number that have to provide me for communicate to... review = SCAM / review = SCAM

on Sep 8, 2013 is a SCAM. This website may have been legit in early 2013 but they have been scamming people for months now. I ordered 3 months ago and have still not received anything from them. is a fake id scam site.

James Fortune / Beulah Grove Baptist Church / Augusta GA / Unorganized Augusta free concert & a nightmare!!

on Aug 24, 2013

James Fortune / Beulah Grove Baptist Church / Augusta GAStatement from James Fortune: We were informed by Shariff King on wednesday evening that the concert was going to be postponed until a later date only to find out later on twitter that people were waiting at the concert for our performance and were not told that the concert wa...

Tracey McManus / incompetent and horrible news reporter!!

on Jul 7, 2013

6/6/2013 THIS LYING *ITCH, slandered one of America's most respected Church Pastors; Rev. Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr., just for advocating for mistreated women and children by the Richmond County School System, and defending innocent children being unfairly discriminated against ...

Attorney Robert Nason Nye III / Savannah GA / do not hire lousy lawyer & lazy!!

on Jul 6, 2013

Do not hire lousy Attorney Robert Nason Nye III, he is lazy, and does not take time to properly review clients' legal cases!! He makes false promises to clients, and he never keeps any of them!! He is not trustworthy, and definately NOT dependable lawyer to have representing anyone!!

TextCashNetwork / they haven't done what they promote

on Jun 12, 2013

Hi I joined this program thinking that it was legit since I couldn't find any complaints about this company. They have a support form for questions but Don't answer them and the phone number listed is always busy even at 1am EDT. You are to fill out the app. then they will send... is 100% SCAM and FRAUD / is 100% SCAM and FRAUD

on Mar 4, 2013 is 100% SCAM and FRAUD. The picture on the front page shows a random Chinese factory room complete with chinese workers but as can be seen in the picture they are not working on IDs but rather they are doing metal work! is run by a scammer in the United...

saudi oger saudi arabia / im win

on Feb 9, 2013

this no.[protected] send me this messages, your mobile number has been awarded 710, 000 ur0 in the ongoing nokia promo for claims send mobile, name and country to [protected] my name is ramil rosario


on Feb 7, 2013

I have received message on my mobile number [protected] on 07/02/2013. From [protected] this sender number. The Message is that: Your Mobile has Won Pounds. in the Orange international Draws in UK to Redeem send your Name and Mobile number to: I only want to know that its true or fake please informe me.

Uk-swiss Promo / Money won

on Feb 7, 2013

I received a sms from the following number +[protected] with the following message: [protected]: Congratulations your number won 500, 000 Pounds UK-Swiss Promo, call Mr Frank @ [protected] / [protected] for your cash price REF NO : SP2013.www.sms.

Burnout 3 Media Inc. / Beware of this scam company

on Nov 1, 2012

Yesterday, I received my cell phone bill and saw a charge for $9.99 from "burnout 3 media inc. 32028 bible verses". Since I never signed up for anything like that nor had I received anything remotely close to this I contact my cell provider and they said since it's a third party... / scam

on Oct 27, 2012

I recieved a text message Fri. Oct. 26, 2012 at 7:11pm stating that I had beeb chosen for 6th place. with a code

Coсa-Cola / Wining

on Sep 12, 2012


peter kihara mwangi gichembe / CONFIRMATION

on May 26, 2012

am writing this letter seeking your advice and clarity. Kindly let me know whether you put on hold the money from alliance & leicester bank intended for patment to Mr. Peter Kihara Mwangi vide control number (cn-435-032-NM) certificate number H.V.C.C(B.I.R.C-C.C.S GB44309NRTC)

Mobile Draw True Move Company Thailand / on money award

on May 13, 2012

I recieved an sms informing me, that my mobile number has awarded 1. 000. 000. 00 US dollars from int' Mobile Draw True Move Company Thailand.In the sms is written: to claim email your NAME and country to [protected] How much true is this? My mobile number is +[protected]

SMSDiscount / SMSDiscount Customer Service is Useless

on Apr 23, 2012

I was a long time SMSDiscount member until today. I had a credit of 10Euros of which I only used 8 and that was six months ago. Well a few days ago I noticed that someone logged into my account and used all of my credit by calling some numbers in Uganda and such. I got concerned not only...

Mobile Draw / claim for money contact

on Apr 21, 2012


Individual Person / enquiry about cash sending

on Mar 5, 2012

Individual Personi have received a mail, 2 days ago, i was informed through it that i have won 1 million$ from publishing wearing house, its in shape of cheque, your cheqe and securiy documents are sent to ELITE courier service, contact information were also given, as i contact elite couriers, they claimed...