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Sexual Abuse Complaints

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Domino's Pizza / sexual harassment

Yolanda Castro on Sep 21, 2017
My name is Uolanda Castro, i sent my 18 yr old daughter, to pick up a carry out order I placed, when she got there, she did the guy who was cashiering said to the other male workers there, hey guys how about this one, and that one of the workers said, " I'd hit it and quit it " and another...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / after getting a giant hair in my neighbors sons burger. we looked up wendys oficial site and my kid saw porn.

wendyskaife on Sep 17, 2017
We are located in spokane I took my neighbor and her son to wendys hamburgers and after getting a hair and some kind of yuck inside the young boys hamburger we got to my house and I told the biy to get on my computer we will make a complaint. I told him the letter...

7-Eleven / sexual assault and harassment by employee

Stephanif456 on Sep 17, 2017
Approximately 11:00pm. Sept 17th 2017 Myself and my 12 year old son walked to a 7 11 location on 6th and havana. Aurora colorado 80010. To by some snacks. When we walked in, there was an associate at the cash register. We walked to the back of store by the freezer and noticed a second...

Menards / management

Bri l325 on Sep 17, 2017
To whom it may concern, On Saturday of September 8th, 2017. Between the time of 9:15pm to 9:30pm, Tom Davis, assistant receiving manager at Menards, said and I quote, " I heard you gave John a stern talk to the other night, things that are meant to be private aren't going to be private if...

Dick's Sporting Goods / sexial harassment, theft, and modifying document's

Nocon Trol on Sep 13, 2017
Dick's Sporting GoodsTo, Who it may concern I Joseph Cruz is in a relationship with Amy Martinez one of your employees at your Modesto store Job title is Team lead.This is the secound time reporting to corparate about her and Travis Hackett she been haveing a relationship ( Cheating ) on me with this Guy for...

NYS National Youth Sports Nevada Adam Slaza / the football coach

NYS National Youth Sports Nevada Adam SlazaI feel ripped off by Adam Slaza head football coach of the NYS National Youth Sports of Nevada. The company website is http://nysnevada.com/index.php/city/las-vegas Let me tell you about Adam Slaza of Las Vegas head NYS coach. I had my kids enrolled in NYS football as a family activity. After...

Omegle / unconsented use of face-claim

Theng Kai Wen on Sep 9, 2017
OmegleThe same incident happened where an anonymous has recorded me to use for video chat purpose. He continue to use the same video recording for unethical purpose such as blackmailing, threatening, verbal insult, etc. He or she has also threaten to record the rest of the victim and attempt to...

State Of Oklahoma / langdon spivey@hotmail account.

LangdonSpivey on Sep 8, 2017
Since early May 2017 my email account has been regularly compromised. I have changed the email. I have changed the secure email. I have changed the phone number associated with it. I remember the password to all my accounts so regularly forgetting the password is highly unlikely. How ever...

Backpage / prostitution ads

Shorter12345678 on Sep 7, 2017
BackpageFix this or I will contact the authorities. I am being harassed. My number is being used for a sex ad on your site and it it is not handled I will Be forced to report it to the authorities and lodge a formal complaint since you don't see it fit to check before things are posted and have no...

Omegle / misuse of my recorded video

Theng Kai Wen on Sep 3, 2017
Dear Omegle, I am lodging a serious complain about misuse of my recorded video in omegle. That particular person who used the tag, ASIAN, KOREAN, KOREA, JAPAN, JAPANESE, KPOP has recorded my video and misuse for blackmailing purpose. This incident starts at around 31st August until today...

Omegle / not able to report individuals

Mint bunny on Sep 3, 2017
someone recorded me and is using me on the asian and korean tag and it's ruining my reputation and making me uncomfortable. I am a minor and this is illegal. He blackmails using me and my friend Kaiwens video we took while having regular conversations and he is making people pay to see our...

Five Sons Winery RG Brewery / unethical/illegal behavior

Family/Child Advocate on Aug 31, 2017
Five Sons Winery RG BreweryExtremely dangerous place!!! The owner, Adam Mesiti, repeatedly raped an underage girl at this winery, as well as at her school where he was working as a security guard at the time. His co-owner and wife, Aimee Mesiti, stood loyally by his side and instead repeatedly harassed and attacked...

Diamond Resorts / sample pack

Jeff Niles on Aug 30, 2017
Aug 22 2017 las vegas, my wife and I went to diamond resort presentation. We were convinced to buy 2 year sample pack. I was refused the "credit" so they ran my wife's name, she was approved. We wanted to use "free" cruise to give to my parents. We originally looked into this to take our...

Telus Communications / what's going on?

Matttvvv on Aug 29, 2017
Hi I was offered a job by one of your employees in upper management in the dt Edmonton building sorting mail .this was a job offered o. A sexual nature this guy promised me a job 25.00 per hr full benifets .I was extatic I got this job offer I phoned my parents to tell them the good new...

Ruby Tuesday / employees

Alex Montes on Aug 22, 2017
Hello, my name is Blanca Arévalo and I'm a employee at a Ruby Tuesday at Virginia, at 5880 Crossroads Ctr Falls church, VA 22041, I'm complaining about two manager, last time I complained about Alisha and Ben, both managers and now I'm complaining about the reason, Alisha and Ben this past...

Youtube / kids content pornography

Roy mcewan on Aug 21, 2017
I submitted a complaint on the weekend but have not heard from you yet? Our kids were watching YouTube on the weekend. Our YouTube profile has been set to restricted mode, but still on their searching a bunny appeared on the screen... What seemed to be a bunny as I looked closer within the...

Youtube / youtube adult content!!!

Roy mcewan on Aug 19, 2017
My kids have been watching you tube using my iPad, the iPad has been set to strict mode sensoring all adult content "I thought", we noticed that they mad a spelling error in their search and came across a white bunny on the screen, but within that screen there was porn from a Chinese...

Wish.com / website search history

duh Duh on Aug 18, 2017
Yesterday, I noticed that pornographic recommendations are coming through on my account. I never ever look at that stuff nor do I want to. I am very offended. When I looked at my search history I noticed that someone has put a search in for said offensive material. I never did that, I have...

Lifetime TV / growing up supermodel

Concerned lifetime viewer on Aug 16, 2017
How is it OK for Lifetime to show a 16 year old girl during a photo shoot with a thong bikini and it not be considered exploiting a minor or child PORNography. If the parents did agree to have their child exploited to the public by having millions of people see their 16 year old minor in a...

Autozone / an employee

citygirlj22 on Aug 16, 2017
One of your employe has been sexually harassing me for about two months now. At first I took as nothing but he counties to pursue me. I now am not comfortable going into your store because of this man and I would like for him to be fired! If he's doing this to me only heavens knows how...
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