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Sexual Abuse Complaints

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Cici's Pizza / aggressive management

Tina Butler on Jan 18, 2018
Hey, My Name Is Tina. I Attend the Cicis Pizza located in Monroe NC right behind Applebee's. As I approach the entrance me and my children I heard a young lady screaming at the young nice gentleman that was nice enough to hold the door open for us. I felt so sorry because she stated that...

Brazzers / unethical behavior

Curious_Gentleman🌹 on Jan 17, 2018
Recently I am seeing an increase in scenes that are too extreme. Actresses look like they are being beaten. I will not name anybody in fear they might get fired because I said this. At the start of the scenes they are looking fine, but later you can notice bruising on their knees and...

Backpage / an add

Tiffany witt on Jan 15, 2018
Hi I had a problem couple months ago where an ex took some prove photos of me and put them on your site and tried to Solicitate me( on backpage). I have contacted you guys before and you have sence taken those adds down. But I have people contacting me on snapchat cause those adds are on...

Omegle / banned

jelloforeal on Jan 13, 2018
Hey! I was just in a conversation with someone who asked me repeatedly to show my chest to him. I said no each time. I do not understand why I was banned. I am over 18, and I didn't show anything. A popup with 3 sec countdown lead me to a porn area, which I was not trying to get at. I...

Sheetz / employee

zoe kirk on Jan 10, 2018
every time i'm in sheetz a certain employee stares at me nonstop. every time I turn around he seems to be there. this makes me very uncomfortable. I can't can't come into the area without feeling invasive. I don't know this man and he doesn't know me. he's much older than I am. i'm a...

Office of Recovery Services / protecting a child molester

Hollywood Sucks on Jan 1, 2018
I recently found out that my son's father is a child molester. Reality started to settle in when women at the Road Home shelter in Salt Lake City, Utah accused him of fondling their small children. Another accusation happened in August of 2015 at the Walmart Super Center on Village West...

Dollar Tree / service

Sherrice on Dec 28, 2017
On December 22, 2017 around 2:30 I entered Family Dollar there was no carts. So I begin shopping. I entered the store with a black recyclable bag. So as I was shopping I just put the items inside the bag. I continue to shop, looking for what I was looking for. The store manager (Elaine...

Subway / manager and assistant manager

goodnight87 on Dec 28, 2017
el paso tx 1906 montwood 79936 ray douglas - manager/ registered sex offender/ child moltester joshua pena - assistant manager (night shift)/ local drug dealer/ known human trafficker why are these two people are working here!!!??? especially across the street from a high school!!??? my...

Captain D's / ethical & sexual harassment misconduct

Mike Trainor on Dec 26, 2017
My fiancé worked at captain d's in surfside on 17 south bypass store # 364306. It's near that steak n shake and dennys. My fiancée was there from the the grand opening and then became a manager then a assistant general manager. The whole time the owner scott smith was always talking crap about...

Dollar General / management girls — — - fairview road

Bryanfair on Dec 23, 2017
Saturday December 23 2017. the manger tells me to stop at the front sliding doors, I need to be frisked. One manager says this in front of another manger and 2 other random ppl. While I proceed and finsh what I was doing I found puppy food toilet paper I meet an old gentalmen at reggister...

Dollar Tree / treatment of employees

Karoline Sanchez on Dec 19, 2017
Store # 4735 the geneva store in daly city ca. I can't believe that a store manager (Marian) actually did nothing about a employee being sexually harassed! She was informed about the situation over a month ago and has done nothing about it! That is so unacceptable of a manager! A employee...

The Salvation Army USA / inappropriate behavior

Kdunn on Dec 19, 2017
I am a social worker in Nashville. One of my clinically fragile clients works for a Kroger located at Kroger 210 Franklin Rd Brentwood, TN 37207 (615) 377 3690 She feels uncomfortable and unsafe at her work because a Salvation Army charitable collections personnel has made inappropriate...

Netflix / the ranch

B-ri on Dec 16, 2017
I have been a subscriber to your service for almost 7 years. Mainly for titles I couldn't watch w/o cable. "The Ranch" was my go to Netflix original. Firing Danny Masterson has ruined the show. I'm not saying his alleged misconducts are ok, but he is a great actor. Don't ruin a show over a...

Omegle / video chat

Whatthe123456787654321 on Dec 13, 2017
We were on cam and there was a stranger having sexual intercourse with what looked like a dog, this is [censor] disgusting sort this [censor] out!! It's disturbing and frankly I don't want to see beastiality on my computer screen and the dog why the hell would a dog have to go through that...

Rene Trinidad / unethical behavior

honesttrust on Dec 12, 2017
Rene TrinidadRene Trinidad is a recruiter at Universal Studios Hollywood where he abuses his power and constantly speaks poorly of his co-workers behind their backs. Mr. Trinidad is racist and gender bias. He has stated before he does not care to hire females or people of different nationalitie...

Skout / someone has been using my pictures as a fake profile

Dasharm3 on Dec 12, 2017
SkoutI received a random phone call from someone didn't know who he was and he told me he got my number from off of Skout. I never heard of that app. He then started sending me pictures of myself from the app and messages that someone has been sending to him. I would ask if the page is deleted...

Omegle / child pornography

jesus_is_great on Dec 11, 2017
I was on omegle and I was skipping almost everyone when I skipped this one person but for a split second I saw the most sickening thing anyone could ever do and that was this one person displaying through a simulated webcam child pornography, I am very traumatized and would like if omegle...

Netflix / making a murderer and season 2 of same

Bobi Amatos on Dec 9, 2017
In this season of women accusing various men of sexual abuse and harassment felonies do you really think it wise to support the accused rapist and murderer of Teresa Halbach? Her torture, rape and muder is the ultimate sexual abuse. Please stop supporting this thug and eliminate Making a...

Keller Williams Realty / unnecessary behavior

dontwanttosay on Dec 8, 2017
I used to work with a team at Keller Williams. On Jan 16, 2016, I was working late with my boss in her office. We were looking up Tax Records/Addresses to send out thank you cards for to those who went to her open house. I looked away for a second and she grabbed my face with her hand for...

Magic School Bus MI 51812, live from Arizona and Maryland. / embedded dept semi implant

Greg tippett on Dec 6, 2017
I would like bring attention to your ethic, and moral dept of a unethical brutally immorally, politically and life threatening problem your dept may have missed and my Ex girlfriend and I forced on us after a drugging. Myself with a BRUTAL 2 days of Frankenstein surgery and illegal...
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