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Sexual Abuse Complaints

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Planet Fitness / Hydro massage bed / staff don't care about the members

Stalin Varghese on Feb 23, 2017
I am Stalin, I am a black card member, feb 23 12. 30 am I was requesting for hydro bed service and I already saw that number 5 no one there but it's running and number 6 bed lady laying on the running hydro massage and one guy sitting on the same bed giving boob massage to her and kissing...

Wish / Inappropriate products and photos

Darlene Koonce on Feb 22, 2017
I didn't know what category to pick. Only sexual abuse was close to what I'm complaining about. When searching on Wish, I get sexual products and photos and not asking for this. I'm searching for items like beading and storage products. I'm not looking for sexual items or photos. It just...

Letgo / Free/my sister

Jen Luna on Feb 22, 2017
I recently reported a product ed from let go a user was selling his sister for free for one night, I messaged the guy to say that it was funny to see what his response was going to be and he responded with do you want it it's one night free with her and I said no i'm good, just wanted to...

Ace Hardware / Customer service

Lll44 on Feb 22, 2017
Ace hardware in Rio Rancho NM. Your assistant manager Jacob is a pig and extremely rude. I constantly watched him eyeing my daughter as we tried to shop. I asked them to please stop staring at my daughter his response was if you're not going to buy anything you need to leave. As long as that...

Vodacom / Porn pics and videos

Cliffordh on Feb 18, 2017
I just wanted to lay aclomplain about someone who arrasment me and my. Family by sending porn clips and pics say ugly things anbout a young gal in our community. He / she also said bad things about this young girl. This the mobile number it come from : 0727494821. Its not right to do thi...

Government Of India / Voice against prostitution going in vasai (W) near station

Sandeep Salian on Feb 14, 2017
Government Of IndiaI am a resident of Vasai, and being a citizen I want to bring to ur notice that we the residents are suffering frm prostitution going on at Vasai (w) railway station. Our family members find difficult to move at the station. The descent ladies are misinterpreted as prostitutes and harrased...

Patricia Donohue / Con artist and child predator

davegret on Feb 12, 2017
Patricia Donohue aka Patricia Ann Donohue is a child predator. Patricia Donohue lives in North Augusta, South Carolina Patricia Ann Donohue: CHILD Predator and Ebay SCAM Artist. Her Ebay username is : beattybugs. North Augusta, South Carolina Watch out for a woman by the name of Patricia...

Lifetime TV / Commercials

MrsMarieCa on Feb 11, 2017
Me and my children were watching the show 'The Rap Game' at 11:00 am on Saturday morning February 11, 2017 and during commercial break there was the most disgusting commercial I've ever seen from any channel. It was from the movie 'straight A's to XXX. In the commercial there was porn...

KanesConcepts.Yolasite.com & wwwidr.webs.com / Questionable behavior of staff!

Diggs1 on Feb 8, 2017
I have a public open case by the # 16SC00586 at the Small-Claims of the Carol Miller Justice Center, 301 Bicentennial Circle, Sacramento, CA 95814 > Staff member -Celestina Martinez- known for fraud, and was an employee was placed in areas that comprimised patrons and staff as well a...

Shoprite Checkers / Sekuriteits maatskappy

Sanet Joubert Deysel on Feb 6, 2017
Sit reeds vir baie jare al met die vernedering en letsels wat deur die Sekuriteits Maatskappy wat deur Shoprite gebruik word aan my gedoen is. Die voorval het reeds in November 2013 plaasgevind te Shoprite Sibasa. Die dag met die voorval wou ek dadelik n saak maak, maar is deur die...

DMRC / Customer harassment

Rohit333mishra on Jan 31, 2017
DMRCOn 31st January 2017 I was checking out from shadipur metro station and by mistake I did not touched my smart card at the exit point and I got exit and then guard called me from back side and I came back to guard and he abused me and station master Mr Hc meena(i asked his name) he also...

Einstein Network Hospital / Lost my job. Because two patients lied on me and say I was inappropriate.

Stevie Rogers on Jan 27, 2017
I work for this hospital for four years on Tower 7 psychiatric floor. Where all patients that comes there are manipulator and liars. Two of the patients says I was sexually out control and that's a bold face lie. They have no evidence on that. And they come at me about my tattoo on my...

Brian Kelly Brown 8/11/1969 / Child pedophile, who uses his job to take advantage of 16 year old girls.

Linda Johnson Jones on Jan 22, 2017
My name is: brian kelly brown 8/11/1969 Alcoholic / child pedophile I am alcoholic who is a child pedophile who takes advantage of 16 teen year old girls, for they have no family or support. I place my hands on these girls who are 16 teen years for I feel as an alcoholic I can take advantage...

Skyfaxinc / Online harassment

Standhappy on Jan 16, 2017
I have been a victim of online harassment / stalking, extortion and hacking by your user greg welch with yahoo acct under glw93@yahoo.com for more than 3 years now. I have never responded to his evilness in hope he would quit. However, he hasn't stopped. He has accumulated infos, photos and...

ToLqi / this man very bad camfrog room

djprinces on Jan 11, 2017
He bad man he keeps float in room and swear write name on id doing flot he keeps do this make me upset alot camfrog he keep change his id but l know his id send you ToLqi O*E 2 ids in Camfrog can stop this man keep flot swear write down in room all time 24 hours he keeps flot to me you...

Dollar Tree / Employee bud nutt at haymarket square, 4349 merle hay rd, des moines, ia 50310

Jedsall on Jan 4, 2017
Dollar TreeThe fact that your company has the word family in it's name makes me deeply curious as to why you would allow a convicted child rapist to work for, and represent, the family dollar brand. Perhaps you don't do background checks on your employees and are simply unaware. However, I would like...

Popeyes Chicken / Chicken

corbin washington on Dec 28, 2016
Gm lenel at starting and essen tried fight me in front of customer after he keep saying he slept whit my brother that mess up because he work at popeye's I quit because of all was saying at work after gm lenel telling everyone he slept whit my bro I told my bro at end of day that's my bro...

Food Lion / Sexual harassment of my wife

Andrew R. Wilson on Dec 26, 2016
My wife works at the store in Princeton and the store manager In mount olive keeps hurrassing her and showing up to her work. When she tells him off he tells her he will come to my work to do harmful things. I know he has a past of this within his own store and has been in trouble for it...

Village Inn Restaurants / Seeing a supervisor sexually harass two different male employees

robert123456789 on Dec 25, 2016
My family and i had went in for dinner on monday december 19th 2016 fist encounter was when our server joe came over to take our order when the supervisor john was standing behind him acting like he was having sex with from behind when our server noticed he elbowed him and told him to...

Yahoo! / Email account-pornographic emails

Elle Marks on Dec 23, 2016
Yahoo!Dear whom it may concern, I have been recieving pornographic emails for three months now. Thankfully they are going mostly to my spam folder. I have managed to unsubscribe from a lot of the sites. However, there are a few that I can not unsubscribe from. I would love to permanently block...
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