Security Services Complaints


Circus Circus Hotel Casino / wrongly banned from hotel

on Mar 13, 2019

On friday march 8, 2019 around 3:30 pm I had reserved a room at circus circus hotel, when I was in the room by myself only 30 minutes in I heard a knock at the front door and got up to see who it was? It was 2 male security and 1 female security 1 male security asked me if I knew a person...

Madison Security / bad service/mean manager abusive

on Feb 1, 2019

My name is Irvin Parrado for 3 Weeks i've been going back and forth to madison security located at the bronx thats 1 hour and 30 minute away from home i was bringing in documents.So after applying/interview with Mr. Frasier a very nice guy by the way and i was signing over 15 sheets of...

Banana Star TPV / no se que servicio contrate

on Jan 25, 2019

Buenos dias. Me pongo en contacto con ustedes para que me expliqueis el porque desde el mes de Julio, como mínimo, me estáis pasando un cargo de 39, 90€ . Si en un breve periodo de tiempo no os habéis puesto en contacto conmigo me vere en la obligación de poner una denuncia a las autoridade...

Paragon Security / security services

on Jan 20, 2019

Paragon SecurityI had a security guard at 4645 Jane st. At approx 930pm Sunday January 20th, 2019. This guard very rude and disrespectful towards tenant and other security guard protecting the establishment. Upon exiting the property this guard harassed and signaled to pull myself over ona public road...

James Simpson, James Keith Simpson / fraud

on Jan 20, 2019

James Simpson, James Keith SimpsonI can't believe I have to resort to writing this article but I feel compelled to help other people from getting scammed by James Simpson. I first met Mr. Simpson in the summer of 2017. He told me he was a security specialist and could install a high-tech alarm in my BMW. I hired him to...

José Omar Serrano Barrera / una maleta metálica

on Jan 14, 2019

José Omar Serrano BarreraBuenas tardes como están e tratado de comunicarme con ustedes pero no se como, el Señor Mark James es el encargado de informarme y no e tenido razón de el ya hace más de un mes que tuve que recibir mi maleta pero lamentablemente no es asi. Tienen mi número de celular, mi correo no é recibido nada. Me urge hablar con ustedes, o el Señor Mark James

ADT, Fidelity / bad response, no feedback, excuses, not what you sign up for, more vulnerable after sistem. than before. bad communication.

on Jan 5, 2019

Good afternoon When the sistem. Was signed up, I understood all doors will. Be protected and no one can enter without a sound. We only had attempted outside break inns, suddenly they came into the lounch almost into the bedrooms wasnt it for the dogs, we had to suddenly pay cash for more eye...

SM Moa Appliances / I am complaining the service of your security guard

on Dec 30, 2018

Palabas na ko ng sm appliances kahapon Dec 30 around 4 pm un guard na nakaduty sa entrance gate ng sm moa appliances infront ng sm Home, hinanapan ako ng gate pass.wala naman nag Sabi sa akin promodiser or kahit sino staff na need pala ng gate ako pa napahiya dahil sa pagkukulang...

José Omar Serrano Barrera / una caja metalica

on Dec 26, 2018

José Omar Serrano BarreraBuenas tardes le saluda Omar Serrano como puedo comunicarme con ustedes me urge tienen Unicaja meItálica que me pertenece me la mandaron le London pero pusieron mal el destinatario y por eso me estoy tratando de comunicar con ustedes. Me pueden mandar por correo electrónico a Omar.[protected] O a mi...

Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. / re: security incident - complaint

on Dec 18, 2018

Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.To whom it may concern, I would like to report a Security Incident that occurred on Saturday, December 15th at the Saddletown Circle branch in Calgary, AB - that left my daughter and I traumatized and afraid. I am a regular customer of Shoppers Drug Mart for the past 10yrs. Aside from...

ITC Ltd. / security service

on Dec 12, 2018

There is continuous shortage of security guards. We are facing problems in day to day operations. Most of the time fresh security personnel are coming for interview without any knowledge of security operations. We are also facing shortage of ambulance driver. Total shortage 01 driver and...

Ackerman Security Systems Norcross GA / home security system - cancelling service

on Dec 11, 2018

I have had Ackerman Security for 10-11 years. I made the decision to switch to something that better suited my needs and I called to cancel my service on 10/10/18. The girl offered to have someone to come out to consult with me to see if I'd stay and I told her absolutely not - I wanted to...

Matt A in Colorado / deceptive about cancelation

on Oct 28, 2018

Northstar re-upped my contract automatically two years ago (which they can do because I hadn't cancelled, that's not what i'm disputing), and even though I wasn't happy about it, I bit the bullet on it and paid a monthly fee for no service for two years because I was in a rental house...

Fidelity ADT / incorrect circulation of unverified information to a group

on Oct 27, 2018

I am resident in Lindhaven and Chairman of the Lindhaven Extension 2 Block Watch. On Wednesday, October 24 2018 at 11h11 a post was made about a suspect who was in possession of suspected stolen goods. On my response and on arrival at the scene, I assisted in the apprending of thi...

First 4 Locksmiths / locksmiths, locksmith services

on Oct 19, 2018

First 4 Locksmiths is a fully insured, bonded, and the VAT registered locksmith company in London. With a local team of locksmith technicians and fully-equipped mobile workshops, the locksmith service is available on-site 24 hours a day and 7 days week. Being a premier name in the...

Oil Depot Unknown / lost retain innocent to detain

on Oct 10, 2018

Good day Reference general ordained united nation and inspection, I give a report about boy working at depot at I k o y I l a g o s, now did not attend working one of days maybe on leave of absence and the depot give complain that they could not found there oil suddenly they arrest security...

Sheldon / threatening and ilegal hacking

on Oct 9, 2018

This person Sheldon responded to my vehicle for sale. He just sent me an offer on his first contact. I accepted his offer. He did not seem to understand that he had just bought a vechile. When I tried to find out whether or not he was making a serious offer, he accused me of scamming him. I...

Nisa Globle Security / lost belonging

on Oct 3, 2018

worst security at Taj Santacruz mumbai horrible experience in security system in hotel taj santacruz service gate security. we had an event at hotel Taj santacruz imperial benquet dated 20th September 2018 in morning. we set up speakers Led wall and Led tv for the event. at evening while...

Counter-Strike Security / vehicle financing

on Sep 27, 2018

To whom it may concern I hate the service I received from wesbank, I have applied for vehicle finance for my business and both fnb & wesbank refused to help despite having submitted all required documentation and furthermore despite having excisting account with you. I am going to close...

Spectrum Eye Security & Recruitment LTD / unpaid wages

on Sep 25, 2018

The conman starts yet another company. Previously barred company director Ian Garside has started up again. This man has a string of county court judgments and unpaid staff wages claims against him: from late paying, short paying to outright ripping staff off, to unpaid company bills the...

Steel Strips Pvt Ltd / not working 4 days to ago

on Aug 31, 2018

me g4s me kam krta Tha me abhi new joing ki thi or meri duty Steel strips pvt ltd me lagii Vha par 27-8-18 ko ek person aye meri duty gate par thi vha par supervisor nhi the unho ne mujhe bola ki supervisor ko bola do mene bola vo Gaddi check krne gye he app waitkr lo but vo bhut uchi uchi...

Alvaro Rodriguez / service

on Aug 30, 2018

I went in to purchas a 10 pice bukit of chiken. When I got home I realized that there was only 7 pices of chiken. I called the restaurant and explain to the manager that I got served only 7 pices of chiken, her response was I don't believe you! I told her why would any one lie for such an...

Church and Dwight / looking to fight and delay, harassment.

on Aug 24, 2018

Aug. 24, 2018 at 1: 30 pm, The harassment and unprofessional rent a cop at the security gate at Church and Dwight in York PA, have got to go. Something really needs to be done especially to the big black women and a short little white teenage looking girl with the medium brown hair. They...

security services / misbehaved from a security guy.

on Aug 14, 2018

security servicesOne of your security guy has midbehaved and used wrong comments in Al Manaa building which is located in Najma, besides toyota tower. Iccident date is 14/08/2018, and the time was around 7:00 pm. I was suppose to go to a office and i was carring some paper documents. Security guy ask me...

Moni / Brinks Security / refuses to stop billing me and cancel service

on Aug 13, 2018

Since July 1st 2018 I have been attempting to get Brinks to acknowledge my cancellation of service, but to date the only response I have received here was from an Abraham C claiming that the way I have been treated is not how the company operates and that he will reach out to me to assist...

G4s Secure Solution India Pvt Ltd / bank account no change new account no update

on Aug 11, 2018

G4s Secure Solution India Pvt LtdDear  Sir/Madam  its Regrading For My Epf Problem Sir My Name Is Ranjan Kumar Sahu.I Was Work At  G4s Secure Sulation My Id No 319903, 2016 NOV I left G4s ..Now I Want To Apply My Epf By Online But G4s Secure Solution India Pvt Ltd Have Not Aprove My Bank Account Details Ple Sir I Request U...

Police of Longueuil aka A JR R, (Alain Royer Fiducie Inc) / serving and protecting

on Aug 6, 2018

The agent in question, arrested my person allegating that he busted me before. I told the fact that I was victim of identity theft police report no LGM180308-051 and LGM180428-007. He wanted to see my ID, he told loud and clear that we will get my Id back at my place, keep in mind that we...

Cadillac of Novi / cadillac of novi service center

on Aug 1, 2018

I have leased Cadillacs for decades now. I currently drive a 2018 ATS. I took it in for an oil change and a factory recall. Cadillac of Novi service area gave me a loaner car. I returned the car the next day and I didn't know m son had placed a bin full of personal items such as his high...

Gym at Bara Shopping Center / contract agreement / unethical business behavior

on Jul 16, 2018

I sing to gym at bara shopping center with an agreement for r199 and for 12 months but the person who give me the contract wrote r299 for 36 months, I then went to the branch fo cancel the contract and I was told to pay cancellation fee. How can I pay cancellation fee when the company...

Sebury Technology co., ltd / access control, rfid reader

on Jul 8, 2018

Sebury Technology co., ltdSebury Technology Co., ltd was found in 2004, was closed on 2017, sebury is a formas brand in access control business line and good reputation in euro market, but this company was closed in 2017, due to sebury has two stockholders, their relation break up in 2016, both of them one 100%...

Hiseeu Security Store / danmini 4.3 inch digital peephole viewer - order [protected]

on Jul 6, 2018

I received a product by mistake that it was different from what I ordered and paid for and instead of the seller to bear his responsibility, I found myself struggling for my right for more than 2 months. At the end of the struggle I paid by force 38 USD for an item that doesn't worth 20...