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Schools Complaints

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Camel / camel blue cigarette

Tanya Morales on Oct 16, 2018

Im very unsatisfied with the quality of the new camel blues. The cigarette doesnt taste the same. And atleast 1 cigarette from each pack breaks. And in 2 packs 3 broke. For a total of 7 cigarettes in the last 3 packs i bought. I have been a Camel smoker for atleat 15 years and never been...

Debonairs Pizza / service

Shamila Khan on Oct 15, 2018

Good morning. I requested a small donation from the Athlone branch on 13/10/2018. I spoke to Faatiemah the manager. I am the Chairlady of the schools governing body for Heideveld Senior Secondary School. We have a basketball team that went on tour to Randburg last week. They won 7 out of 9...

Burger King / the food

Jenesis on Oct 13, 2018

Every time i eat at this 3773 Bloomfield Rd Burger King in Macon, Ga the food isn't fresh who ever own this Burger King need to be put out of business... 8 out of 10 time the food wasn't fresh... Bad management every time we bring our burgers back to get fresh ones they put the old burger...

Allied Schools / timings

Anqa on Oct 12, 2018

A few of the campuses in Lhr are not following the timings given by head office. PG class starts at 7 am till 11 how come a 3 to 4 year old new to school kid get up this early plus they dont let the parent see the classroom, meet the teacher and the principal at the time of...

A&W Restaurants / bad service

Kung Man Ki on Oct 10, 2018

On night of Oct 10, 2018, 1 teen with 2 kids went to get some pies and drinks. Upon paying, one kid changed her mind and asked for a different pie. The cashier was getting frustrated and had a very bad attitude: "Oh my gosh, you guys are crazy, you guys can't even make your mind up". We...

Adison High School / diploma

Xena_ on Oct 8, 2018

I was 16 when I attended here thinking it was a legit school I took the test paid 300+ for my diploma and tried to get in college the army and ect it took a my child hood away because it's not worth it I make little to nothing now so I can't even afford to pay and get my GED when I want...

Texas Roadhouse / the place had very awful food

aliceky on Oct 6, 2018

I took my husband out for dinner about 2 weeks ago we had 2 your t bone steaks with a few drinks also.. Now take it we eat there a lot it is a 25 miles drive for us also.. But anyways on this night the food was just god awful.. Nt sure why.. Couldn't get anything right with manager I...

Alumni Class / recent fees

TonyaBrown123 on Oct 3, 2018

I used this site to pay for tickets to my high school reunion and didn't realize each event took out an additional fee. The two fees that were taken out caused my bank account to overdraw so I had two overdraft fees. There needs to be information about the additional fees so you can be...

Sherwood College Nainital / incident on 22nd august 2018

zane reid on Oct 2, 2018

Sherwood College NainitalOn 22nd of august at about 6 or 7 pm ist it was communicated to me over phone that a girl by the name of shivangi, belonging to sherwood college (girls hostel) was caught with his mobile on the girl's campus, and he admitted to bringing the mobile phone and giving it to one of his friend... / ipaky anti know case for iphone 6 ka chaiye tha lekin mujhe iphone 7 ka q mil gaya

Muhammadumair on Sep 29, 2018

Daraz.pkMujhe ipaky anti know case for iPhone 6 ka chaiye tha lekin mujhe iPhone 7 ka Q mila or mujhe belt ka size bhi chota mila hai mujhe Mera product Q nahi mila hai apki service Bhot kharab hai ye mere saat second third time howa hai apki service Bhot kharab hai mujhe kisi ko gift dena tha lekin apki service Bhot kharab jiski waja say itni problem hai.

Paul Mitchell School Farmington Hills MI / education

Diana Holt Graham-foster on Sep 26, 2018

My niece attends your farmington hills mi school location, she pays her monthly payment but feels the education is lacking at best, taught by individuals that have been mediocre at best. Whom would she contact with concerns in regards to the education she is paying for? As there is no main...

KinderCare Education / unsafe workplace environment

Ms.Teacher on Sep 25, 2018

I worked at Ledgeview KinderCare for about one month. During my time there, the director was very unprofessional. She often gossips with employees about other employees and about families. She also swears very often, and sometimes in front of the children. She also made many sexual joke...

Jeunesse Company / i'm complaining about product

Mandapaka vasu on Sep 25, 2018

Sir/mam, i'm here to raise a query that why don't you respond to the messages that i've kept 2 months ago. I don't know what's the reason behind that. But i'm here to tell u that I didn't get any result of ur product and moreover I got so many pimples on...

Badoo Trading / I am complaining about my block account

Enolove on Sep 24, 2018

Badoo TradingI was block for know just cause, I supposed someone report me but you are suppose to find out what happen before blocking me. A guy ask for my naked picture and because I refuse him he block me. Please I need my account back, I want badoo to please help me get my account unblock. I...

Culloden Infant School / schools products

Merriel shakespeare on Sep 23, 2018

Jamaica Review updated: Sep 23, 2018 I am trying to purchase items on the site, when I go to check out, it is asking for a copy of my bank statement showing a previous purchase. This is my first time purchasing anything so I can not supply this. It will not let me check out. I tried to go to...

Aliexpress Seller /

elegance design on Sep 20, 2018

Aliexpress SellerI bought a backpack set from this seller and paid. After 2 days he told me that it is out of stock and should cancel the order. He rejected my cancellation order because he wanted me to change my reason . After 10 days he accepted the cancellation because I...

Dollarama / green acres plant supports

Jenwesty on Sep 19, 2018

DollaramaOn September 9, I purchased 6 Green Acres Plant Supports. Four of them were priced at $2.50 and two were priced at $3.00. All 6 were scanned in using one at $3.00. When asked why I was told that whatever they scanned at was what I was to pay. Why first of all do all items (as shown in...

Dagbreek Primary School / deposit that need my personal id number and proof

Estelle Gebhardt on Sep 19, 2018

When we do a deposit at the ABSA bank in the Medi-Clinic Hospital, Welkom, the teller asks for our ID numbers. We do have a School deposit book with telephone numbers and depositors signature. Teller 29 (17/9/2018 and 19/9/2019) were adoment and rude when I said that I don't want to give...

YMCA / ymca after school care

saltEreviewer on Sep 18, 2018

They said that they would give my child time to complete her homework and each day she had homework, she came home and asked for help with her unfinished homework. Each day she tried to do her homework they wouldn't let her and instead took them outside where she was distracted by the...

Empire Beauty School / administration

Eb97 on Sep 18, 2018

Empire Beauty SchoolMy daughter attended empire beauty school center city campus in Philadelphia. She was bullied cornered in a bathroom. I spoke to administrators several times. Now they kicked my daughter out and now she can't return to any empire to continue her education. The administration up there are...