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1Z3W5R321011438883 / it wasn't delivered when I paid for it to be delivered

PanicStricken on Jul 22, 2017
I paid for a Saturday delivery and UPS has my package sitting for a Tuesday delivery and I have critical material in the package that I need on Sunday, July 23rd and I called the place where I paid for the package and they did nothing. I was very specific with the person and I told him...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / web order failure / rude comment

Jessica Dismuke on Jul 21, 2017
I placed a web order for pick up at 7:45 I was not given my whole order until 7:54. This was the second time they didn't start cooking my order until I walked in. So I sat at the counter and waited patiently as only 2 workers were in the kitchen frantically tried to prepare several drive...

Tim Hortons Clio, Michigan / overcharged credit card

Laurie Tobin on Jul 19, 2017
Hello, I travel a lot and when I do I always get Tim Hortons while driving to my destinations. Today I went to the Clio Michigan store for 1 small oatmeal and 1 medium coffee with double cream. I paid with my credit card and left the store, as I was getting in my truck the cashier came...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / I got both complaints of service and orders.

Shakonda on Jul 19, 2017
Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]The Restaurant number is D241001 and it is in Alexander City Alabama. Sunday July 18th at 7:55pm I order 3 fill up boxes through the Drive thru and 2 was wrong after the Fact we went over these orders. Got home and it wasn't right. One box supposed to had mac and cheese in it and the 2nd...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / chicken

Milcah43 on Jul 14, 2017
Was not cooked done or crispy enough this particular time. I need some type of free replacement chicken or coupons for the chicken I brought. I buy all the time from KFC. I was disappointed because I was going away and I wanted to take some chicken with me for the trip. I'm not trying...

Begroup.co / begroup using my information so remove profile of vishal v kurdekar

Vishal v Kurdekar on Jul 15, 2017
Id 110715706852623118820, begroup using my information so remove profile of Vishal.v.Kurdekar as soon as possible. They found it on Google+ and from those information they created profile and added in begroup website. I want to remove /delete those information as soon as possible.please...

Worldspeak / preschool

steven bu on Jul 12, 2017
This is a horrible school that I strongly recommend that you avoid. My son was going there when he was three and the school administration is unbelievably vindictive, self-servicing and fake. Although I paid them thousands of dollars in tuition and fees, they actually kicked my child out...

Youtube / abuse of my privacy

Paul Stirling on Jul 12, 2017
I wish to complain about a video which has been posted on Youtube which I consider to be in breach of the Privacy Guidelines. The video has been posted by the following accounts: • Cavendish Press Agency • Live News Daily I believe that the video has been posted as part of a campaign to...

Paul Mitchell / paul mitchell

toya edwards on Jul 11, 2017
This is the worst school I have ever seen. I totally agree with the other comments. about the school staff members. They are racist and display very unethical practices. They will try to keep you there as long as you can to keep making money off of you. They don't have the books accurate...

Modelmayhem / pervert and sexual predators on mm

Sonita Burgess on Jul 8, 2017
MM portfolio website is a Global portfolio modeling site, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Unfortunately, MM does not vet their subscribers. Anyone can join claiming to be a photographer there aren't any background checks done. Many of MM photographers are nothing more than sexual...

Let's Dance Rochester / custom website

Marina Lisser on Jul 7, 2017
Let's Dance RochesterSupplied all the information, 163 pictures, requests, and info to be exact. Was on the phone for hours to supply precise outline, etc. Waited for a week, was given a link finally, cried when I saw it, absolutely terrible and unacceptable, nothing as discussed, horrific English, I pressed...

Badoo Trading / badoo

Imaima on Jul 2, 2017
Please kindly unblock my account, all the accounts and pictures are all mine, am not a scam, not fake and not a spam please?? I forget the passwords to the accounts that's why it's difficult to get it back and then suddenly I was blocked.. Please kind unblock my account...

Vodacom / contract expiry date

Simone Chan-sam on Jun 27, 2017
Good Day, I am logging a complaint against Vodacom as I have been advised that I am due for an upgrade which I requested as I would like to pay the contract for finish and continue a new contract with Vodacom for a router. I was told when I first called that the contract payments for the cell...

Best Care Institute LPN Program / fraud /rip off

Alert Student on Jun 24, 2017
Hello if you would like to enroll in a fast pace LPN program AVOID BEST CARE INSTITUTE at 68 South Harrison Street, East Orange New Jersey.You will get a exam of 40 questions on a daily basis you have to pass with 80 %, tell me how can you study and retain any information ? they give you...

Global indian international school / school fees / parent's exploitation

Takahashi on Jun 20, 2017
こんにちは 東京のグローバルインディアンインターナショナルスクールは、財政的に日本の両親を利用しています。 学校は正当化されていない料金体系を持ち、各学年と幼稚園ごとに毎年増加しています。 質の高い教育について虚偽の広告を作って、日本の両親を引き付けて、彼らが入学した後に彼らを搾取しようとします。

Georgia Power / power outage of exterior lights # 1-14 @mays high school

Annette Smith on Jun 18, 2017
My complaint involves a community/public related matter not my residence. The exterior lights of Benjamin E. Mays High School located at 3450 Benjamin E. Mays Drive Southwest Atlanta have been out for almost a month and during that period of time senior citizens directly impacted have been...

Liv Luv Shop / I ordered the mother lover shirt and flowered yoga pants

Sarahhann84 on Jun 18, 2017
Liv Luv ShopI ordered these items more than a week ago and paid the two day shipping bringing my order to $78.00. I have nothing still. Please call or email me to let me know what's going on. Thank you, Sarah Morris 918-605-1224 Sarahann84@me.com I am leaving town and I really wanted these clothe...

Adult Care Assessment Limited And Tech Center Limited (Recruiting Agency) / fraudulent offer letter and money asking for visa

Deependra Sharma on Jun 16, 2017
Tech Center Limited AttachmentsMay 5 to me Greetings to you Deependra Sharma, After thorough deliberation by our decision-making unit, you are hereby offered a position as an Hindi Instructor at ADCA Limited. Attached is the offer for employment. Please find the detailed employment...

Tim Hortons / tim hortons children's camp

Tiffcan on Jun 15, 2017
I will no longer donate or make purchases supporting your camps. I'm so sick of seeing/hearing of the same child attending these camps more than once. With limited opportunities to attend, and so many deserving children who don't get these types of opportunities, I feel children should...

Salter School / medical assistant

Honestyfirst6936 on Jun 14, 2017
I attended the school assuming I would walk out with clerical and also hands on Medical Tech and Phlebotomy, I start to notice the teachers we had was leaving or being fired, always the ones that really care to actually help people, then we gotten nurses that teach the classes half...
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