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US Bank / Fraudulent check

Paula Martin 44 on Jul 20, 2017
US BankI was offered a position as a personal assistant, zip recruiter a reputable company advertised for the Nabisco Inc. Company The check was supposed to be a sign on bonus and payroll. Since my equipment was to be shipped by his shipping clerk I was preparing my home to be a work at home...

Renee William / iPhone 5c

Stanelle Pena on Jul 20, 2017
Renee WilliamSeller told me that the iPhone was in perfect working condition. Not only is the phone damaged, but it is "activation locked. " When I contacted the seller for the needed information to unlock the phone she blocked me. Since the block she took her picture off and removed her last name...

Dollar Tree / Towing Issue

I hate Safeway on Jul 20, 2017
At 680 Bailey Road, Pittsburg, CA. 94565 Dollar Tree shares the same parking lot as Safeway at 660 Bailey Road, Pittsburg, CA. 94565. Safeway has started a program to tow cars that have been parked longer than 1 hour, but there is no posted warning. This effects your customers too. I visited...

Hydroluxe Beauty / hydro[censor]

Serbo on Jul 19, 2017
I can't believe these ppl scam like this. I really hope someone takes legal action against them. Whenever I get a chance I will give nothing but horrible reviews for this [censor] company. I piss on you and your [censor] company. I don't think they even care that they are scamming...

clickyourscores.com / free trial do not trust

Larinaka on Jul 19, 2017
Do not complete this offer. They charged me a dollar for the week trial, then a week later charged my credit card, and did not send an email at all. I didn't see until a week later because they never sent me a receipt. They require you to call in to cancel and upon calling, the guy wa...

Grand Crowne Resorts / phone call not being returned

Pumpkins8 on Jul 18, 2017
Phone call not being returned I was put in contact with Tracy the manager of Owner Services Capital Resorts ration of how Randy parker told me that he would use my points that I bought and pay off my timeshare in 2 1/2 years he told me he rented out most of my points and that I would...

GetDanceWear.com / pac2rac

Sbjj on Jul 18, 2017
April 2017 I am extremlely disappointment to have received a bill from fedex for taxes and duties for $108.48. Can When I called before I made the purchase I was told as long as my over is over $250.00 shipping and duties would be free. I called fedex and they said that the shipper wrote on...

Huntsoutboard.com.au / wrong shoes

wilma-patsy on Jul 18, 2017
On the 30th June I purchased a pair of red shoes with a EVA sole as I have a short leg and need these soles so they can be built up. I paid $132 au and was sent a totally different pair of shoes that are no good. The sight I ordered them from was huntsoutboard.com.au. Now I cannot contact...

Fashion Nova / bad customer service

Nova728272 on Jul 17, 2017
FN never used to be like this.. but for the past year they've been messing up my orders! Reading through these complaints, I'm not the only one. Things will be in stock, ok cool I snagged one in my size! Then sold out later that day & they got you thinking you've bought the last one. But...

HFS Foodstuff/Huma Ahmad Adnan Foodstuff / fraud

Beware with hfs foodstuff on Jul 17, 2017
HFS Foodstuff/Huma Ahmad Adnan FoodstuffThe person Ahmad Adnan aka hussam aka ussama is a fraud we invite all victims of his fraud as we read on this board we are situated in Al Garhoud and we are ready to go to CID and and Economic Dept.together not asking you for any contribution just to recover your money or punishments to...

FBA Stores / overall experience

Jim Major on Jul 16, 2017
I signed up for 3 day course after being deceived and lied to by there setup man to the tune of $1300.00 at a Free introduction. Promised I could not fail. Said there was a money back gurarantee and I would get one on one training and to take my computer with me so they could work with me...

Zoosk / scammer on zoosk

Lisa Davern on Jul 16, 2017
I met David Wayne Brooks on Zoosk on June 11, 2017. We immediately went to texting and talking on the phone. Connected spiritually, and we're talking about a life together b4 meeting. He said he was in a car accident, owned an orphanage in Vietnam and his leader there had an emergency -...

Myntra / corrupt employees

Sourabh on Jul 16, 2017
Its very shamefull thing done by your employee MR. Vijay tiwari at padgha branch in logistic department. He's a broker he took Rs 2600 from me and said me I ll give laptop from company there is a special offers for student...i were give him my documents n money i asked him for receipt he...

eHarmony / my email was changed

rejeania on Jul 16, 2017
my email was changed and i didnt do it also ive been writting yall telling yall i met someone on yalls site in which yall told me to so i could conceal my subscripsion with yall his name is david he already got off the site when we want decided to get together and now ive been hacked wow...

Huma Ahmad Adnan Foodstuff LLC / frauds

Group of victims on Jul 16, 2017
This company import many items like onion grape coconut lime chilli avocado meat from India, Egypt, Morocco, and other countries, style of import is promising to pay upon documents 50% to 90% as exporter get satisfied than upon documnts thru fax or email or whatsap he sent fake bank...

Hydroluxe Beauty / wrinkle cream

sylva2004 on Jul 16, 2017
Not the product itself although it looks very crappy the package. Never would dare apply that stuff on my face. This cheat is using "Amazon Prime" as the sender's ID, and sending out scam email with "free sample + delivery fee" offer to trap everyone who is an Amazon prime member... well...

CooperVision / rebate scam - how to fight back

Paddy7755 on Jul 15, 2017
How to fight back - please read I too got scammed by coopervision rebates. By reports online, this has been happening for a while. Why does it continue? Because not enough people know about the scam until it is too late, so this is still a healthy business practice for the company's bottom...

Elaine Gordon File Chargeback / she call bank and file for chargeback

Anonyums on Jul 15, 2017
Elaine gordon 7909, 4135 mastiffsofnhlrmastiff@comcast.net she is mentally ill never do business with this women first she buy you products and then call the bank and do a charge back. never ever do business with her and do not ship her any product, this women is mentally sick, she will...

Letgo / scam/tv

Kendall Thomas on Jul 15, 2017
LetgoConducted business w/ Sonia Khos who was actually named Nkesi Teniola to sell her a tv. She sent a check that was "accidentally" much more than the price of the tv. She told me to deposit check in my account and wait for the funds to be available so that I can make a cash deposit of the...

Mount Elizabeth Hospitals/Parkway Pantai / scam/fraud

Rana Pratap Das on Jul 15, 2017
Dear All, Greetings !!! Regret to bring this to your notice that how I I have been duped by Parkway Pantai and seek your help to resolve the issue. Have been requesting HR for assistance but haven't received a favourable solution hence had no other option other that escalating the issue to...
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