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Scam & Fake Checks Complaints

Philippines / blue light acne treatment

cash ryce on Jan 21, 2019

PhilippinesI did not order anything in lazada as of December 2018. Today when I was in the office my brother and father are in the house and recieved an order from lazada wherein they are being ask to pay 1250 php. I called Lazada and I was informed that the email address used wa...

All Year Services / don't know

الشرف العامري on Jan 20, 2019

attn: Mr Marwan Abdelraqib Abbas Sharafi I would officially like to bring to your notice that the Administrative Department has verified the validity of the documents you forwarded to this office in pursuit to your application, I'm using this medium to announce to you that your...

The Ticket Clinic / spam email. attempting to defraud

Waylin Neighbors on Jan 19, 2019

The Ticket ClinicI started receiving these emails months back from an Isel Morales who supposedly works for the ticket clinic. The emails include a link which if clicked on will install spyware on the device. The email that is being used is It also includes spam phone number...

WhyNotLeaseIt / service

Ronyxyz on Jan 19, 2019

This company must be sue for their fraud, they are suppose to send me check of 120 they never send, I was keeping track of it by calling every time, first they said it's on way, next they said I have cashed the check, but I never recieve, it so keep calling them after 2 weeks they said...

National Magazine Exchange / sweepstakes

Nisha85 on Jan 18, 2019

National Magazine ExchangeThis company have been trying to contact me by e-mail, phone and now by mail saying I have won a contest for 10, 000 a week for a whole year so I decoded too look it up and just as I assumed it's a big scam. I have put my number on the do not call list, unsubscribed and I still get...

Stacksocial / cannot get any customer service

Elizabeth Corbell on Jan 18, 2019

On 12/23/18 I tried to purchase Curiosity Stream for my husband from Stack Social. I went in, got two accounts by mistake, got back out of it (I thought), then went back in and finally purchased 1 account. However, you charged me for two accounts $59.98 on 12/24 from my bank account and on...

Complete Savings / Complete Save / I never signed up for anything

Ryan3373725858 on Jan 18, 2019

I just went into my Irish bank account and noticed yous have taken out 15€? I have never even heard of your company before let alone sign up for it, I expect a full refund ASAP, I don't know how you can take money from an account I barely use but yous found a way, I don't know any detail...

Target Brands / payment not received

Nehaal Prasad on Jan 17, 2019

I work at the Target on Coleman Avenue, San Jose, California. I haven't received my paycheck for the past two pay periods. I called and asked them why I am not receiving my money and I was told that the money was successfully deposited. I looked into the the matter and notice that the... / fire claim reimbursement

Shannon Breeding on Jan 17, 2019

As many of the other have stated, the level of understanding with this company is horrible. They provide a small mountain of required forms that have to be filled out. They also require all transactions to be performed online or mailed. Unfortunately, their website only works about half of...

Direct Marketing Inbound Teleservices Merchants / regular amounts of money of between £45 & £60 being taken from my bank account without authority

chris poole on Jan 17, 2019

For a number of months now, amounts of money have been taken from my account via my visa card without authority, I obtained the above address from my bank. I believe these to be fraudulent withdrawals and a scam, and want it stopped. I am trying to have it blocked by my bank and claim back...

Hong Leong Bank / other user account opening using my personal mobile number

Muhamad Zazuli on Jan 17, 2019

Good day, Today received 3 times sms from 68899 at approximately 4.16 pm today 17/01/2019 The message as below:- Rm0.00 hlb: thank u for your acct opening. Shop and pay with debit card and stand to get up to rm100 cashback. More info at t&c apply I don't have any account...

Marlboro / marlboro rewards program

Dan Blankenship on Jan 16, 2019

I received the invitation in the mail to join the Marlboro Rewards program and went online to register. As you likely are fully aware, after filling out all the information required, the website went into "loading" mode, for 20 minutes. I closed it and tried again several times with the... / amazon prime membership

Lawrence Mallach on Jan 15, 2019

I have, throughout the last month (december 20, 2018 - 13 jan 2019 checked the appropriate box on my account to not renew my prime membership, and it keeps flipping back to deduct on 14 jan. I received a notice from my credit card company that the membership had been automatically renewed... / delete my account

Mark Sprouse on Jan 15, 2019

I have unsubscribed from this site and still getting emails from this site several times a day yesterday I was getting scammed by an employer from this site I want my information and account deleted from this site do not want anything sent to me from this site and all it's affiliated site...

Google / gmb

Jayne Emsley on Jan 15, 2019

on updating my Google my business page i noticed that the ‘ pin ‘ was in the wrong place ... So i moved it This resulted in me having to re varify my company - So i waited 2 weeks and didn't receive a post card - Asked again waited another 2 weeks still no post card I was asked them to do...

Grammarly / grammarly

Ruthie Tengbom on Jan 15, 2019

I thought I was getting a $11.00 Subscription then got charged 139.95 if you are a college student don't get this! I'm currently trying to get a refund but can't even contact them. The 1(800) number just tells you to go to there website no matter what you choose. I told my friends and...

Citibank / payment due to me

Scotchick1978 on Jan 14, 2019

I sold a laptop on gumtree to a lady who used citibank to make the payment, seemed simply, she paid the money to them then once I confirmed that the item had been sent then I would get my money, although it didn't work like that, the last correspondence I had was a week ago explaining that...

National Football League [NFL] / referring calling the games for a certain team

Ada Fuentes on Jan 13, 2019

Seriously considering boycotting the NFL, I really just want to watch a game that is called fairly for both teams playing their hearts out. It's so blatant I don't know why players are penalized but referees are not held accountable for their no calls or wrong calls. What's the purpose of...

My Perfect Resume / my perfect resume is a scam!!

TiffaniM on Jan 12, 2019

THIS IS A SCAM!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION!! They have been charging me $24.99 a month for 4 months and they wont send a single email receipt so you won't know you are getting charged (WHAT COMPANY DOESN'T SEND A RECEIPT?!? If someone is accepting of the charges, these charges are...

Adidas International Trading / false advertising

Reeza Rangila on Jan 12, 2019

Adidas International TradingI walk into your adidas gateway shopping center store on the 12th January 17-30pm staff member says that a lot of merchandise is on sale between 30 and 50% off so I look around. I find a black runners jacket with a red sale tag stapled to the price but without the discounted price on it ...