Scam & Fake Checks Complaints

Swift [email protected] / A parcel of package

on Apr 20, 2019

Swift expresscourier6@gmail.comA package was send to me by a certain Mario David Podda of Los Angeles California last december 1, 2028 a friend who texted me and gave his email add last oct. 31, 2018 after 1month of exchanging mails he ask me my full name and address since he will send me package to put up boutique...

GSM / Product

on Apr 19, 2019

I had an iPhone 7 plus rose gold phone I sent in to y'all and GSM company was supposed to have paid me $351 for it. Come to find out they're computer systems were supposedly compromised.. so the check they sent to me didn't clear my account.. I've not heard from usell or GSM ppl since.. I...

Bright Forest Technology / Scam 😡

on Apr 19, 2019

Bright Forest TechnologyI Ordered shoes & trainers and received a fake Louis Vuitton scar[censored] Numerous emails sent and received back from [protected] Basically saying possibly sent the wrong item and would I accept the item as an exchange?? Something triggered after I searched for the website when I...

Shopibay Ventures Private Limited / potato online shopping

on Apr 18, 2019

Waseem Siddiqui This is very fraud man fake site I didn't get my watch inside the box which courier boy had bought.. I got two box of two watch items but one box was empty now I want my product which I didn't get inside the box immediately I want my ordered product back otherwise this snap...

Bright Forest Technology / scarpa boots ordered, never arrived

on Apr 17, 2019

I saw an ad on Facebook for Scarpa Boots in a sale. I ordered them. My bank statement shows payment to Bright Forest Technology. About 10 days later, a bracelet arrived from China. I complained to the cs2 email I received (which had postal tracking number on) but they replied to say sorry... / fake job for remote customer support

on Apr 16, 2019

Fake job for remote customer support They contacted me after I submitted my resume for a customer support position and they didn't even interview me they just offered me the job. I know this was strange so I looked at the "training" they send me and it asked me for my credit...

Bright Forest Technologies / rm williams boots

on Apr 14, 2019

I order 3 pairs of RM Williams boots from a page I got from Facebook. Firstly the order was for $154 AUD however I got charged $180.68. I emailed the address that had sent me a confirmation of my order email and was told this was to do with the exchange rate my finacial institution charged...

Bright Forest Technology / ordered shoes for £21 and shipping cost charged £36.84 never received goods

on Apr 13, 2019

Ordered on 25/3/19 money taken on 27/3/19 tracking says goods have arrived have emailed to say no gods received no reply. Still awaiting goods a pair of vans trainers for my daughter shipping was stated as £3.99 trainers were £21. now the website has disappeared. Have emailed company CS2

Bright Forest Technology / fraudulent banking transaction

on Apr 12, 2019

On 29 March 2019 I purchased 2 pairs of shoes for $109 AUD from HOTVHOSALES and received a confirmation email from [protected] with a tracking number. My Visa card however was debited $129.36 with payment made to BRIGHT FORREST TECHNOLOGY SINGAPORE. I have emailed CS4 with...

Annette Maley / weight loss tablets

on Apr 12, 2019

I would like my bank account reimbursed for an order that i only thought that i was paying shipping for. When i looked at my bank account $147.95 was withdrawn, there abouts of that much. I do not want to purchase this product at all. Could someone also email me to confirm this . I would also...

Zestads Limited / spotless skin oil

on Apr 11, 2019

Order a product by Zest Ads Limited on 3/13/19 for $31.90 through Paypal * PAYPAL * SHOPONLINE receipt number [protected] transaction posted to my bank account on 3/15/19. Tried to email this company several times, email invalid, not valid phone number or an address, never received...

Global Autoshop / telecommunication

on Apr 11, 2019

pls help me, I have sent my name, full address, mobile number and occupation BT logo. svg (BT-Group) British Telecom Company Ltd. Registered Office 81 New-gate Street, London EC1A 7AJ. Phone : +[protected] Greetings, We are pleased to announce to You the Result of the BT...

Coca Cola Company London / price is not received!!!

on Apr 11, 2019

Coca Cola Company LondonCongratulations!!! We are in receipt of your provided delivery information. We emerged you as one of the lucky winners from this year's Coca-Cola Company. This is to inform You that your winning prize (RS, 3, 35, 000.00 INR)Three Crores Thirty-Five Lakhs Rupees Only has been...

krasa-skin / customer service

on Apr 10, 2019

For 4 months, I have been promised a 103.00 but have been getting the run around Last contact with a supervisor was that company policy has a 7-14 business day turnaround to print a check. They would pay it faster by electronic refund It appears no one knows how to write a check My...

#Bertie (NHS) / scam, ripoff, lies

on Apr 9, 2019

Dear Sir I received the following email (see below). It is a scam as it not from NHS as the email address does not indicate it but Please check and if it is true, please close down this account Thank you. Dr Bala S Rajaratnam +65 [protected] #Bertie(NHS... / complaint

on Apr 9, 2019

My credit card has been debitted twice by the 'company' - the second amount is r1537, 51! I have no idea who they are. It is reflected as follows : Currency Code AUD Foreign amount 145, 51GBR R1537, 51 The date of the entry is 22/23 March 2019... I believe thi...

Old Barn Auction House / bought a declared painting that turned out to be a print

on Apr 8, 2019

Hello, my name is Kay Bender and I bought a painting (Indians at River) on Nov. 17th 2018 Lot 0281 from Old Barn Auction House. It took a couple weeks before the "painting" was shipped to me. It was really dirty and it looked like a lot of smoke residue was on it. I made an appointment with...

GameStop IJJI inc / rotita return department

on Apr 8, 2019

GameStop IJJI incI am reporting this company since instead of filing a return for the two purchased items from Rotita Website, they remotely got into my computer, got access to my PayPal and Yahoo accounts and God knows what else and made unauthorized purchases !!! Richard Parker is supposedly their...

Bright Forest Technology / guitars

on Apr 5, 2019

Bright Forest TechnologyHice un pedido en "" y no me aparece la factura del producto y VISA ya me hizo el cargo sin embargo me dicen que debo de esperar 3 días donde la página de "Yamaha" asegura que llegará tu pedido pero en la página aparece como (pendiente) Y no se que hacer ahora...

Page International Trading (PTY) LTD / a4 photocopying paper

on Apr 3, 2019

Page International Trading (PTY) LTDI sent Enquiries about A4 photocopying paper in alibaba and Page International responded to my Enquiries by giving me the prices of the papers I wanted. We reached an agreement and I ordered and paid for 2000 reams ($380 for 1000 reams paid on 28 March 2019 and $380 for another 1000 reams paid...

Arden Express Couriers / fake prize money

on Apr 2, 2019

Arden Express CouriersI randomly receive a message saying that I've won 6.5 Million british pounds only and they try to be legit as possible until you get to the Arden Express Couriers Delivery and they say that you need to pay a $1, 200 delivery fee before you can receive the prize money which was apparently...

Kathryn N Andrus / my family was swindled out of $110,000 by kathryn's mormon friends while her father provided protection

on Mar 27, 2019

Kathryn N Andrus"Hey Kathryn! We used to live in Mount Shasta. We are not Mormon, but we are people, too. We don't deserve to be treated like crap by your Mormon friends who are latching onto you, hoping your father will do favors for them. Wake up Kathryn...the Ingrahams are not your friends...they...

Krasa Skin Cream / refund run around

on Mar 26, 2019

After months of run a round trying to get my refund, a manager on 3/25/19 stated he will review my account and get back to me in 3-5 days. A change of tune from their standard reply of someone will call you back in 24-48 hours. Why does it take so long to review a case they have been...

Emma Tim / I was selling dining chairs.

on Mar 25, 2019

I received a request to send pics of the chairs which they are on letgo but I sent to a number [protected] per their request. I was confused because her location states Salt Lake City and I am in Missouri. I received the below text offering 70 dollars more than I requested as well a...

Bright Forest Technology / scam

on Mar 22, 2019

I did a transaction in one of their site. I had a hunch of this being a scam. It says in the email "bright forest technology used as a paying tool" It was weird that they had to do that. I googled bright forest technology and voila! I ended up here. My site was I realised... / scam

on Mar 22, 2019

I did a transaction in one of their site. I had a hunch of this being a scam. It says in the email "bright forest technology used as a paying tool" It was weird that they had to do that. I googled bright forest technology and voila! I ended up here. My site was I realised...

P.valencia / chanel bags

on Mar 21, 2019

P.valenciaAttach is a picture of my scammer. I sent her $500 for the bags. She said will fed ex and sent me the tracking number. It's been 4 days. Seller turned off her, not responding to any texts. NEVER RECEIVED ITEMS. This is her phone number [protected] in case she said she was a victim of... / whisky investment scam; cask 88 rare whisky scam - edward davison

on Mar 19, 2019

cask88.comWarning for all whisky lovers!! "Cask 88" run by the well known con-man Edward Davidson, this is the same person who ran ad ripped off people at Australian Wine Index (AWI) in Singapore and Vineyards Direct in KL, Malaysia. "In 2006 I Received A Telephone Call From A Wine Company... / scam

on Mar 18, 2019 - is a scam, do not order off them, they took $146 off me, 4months later got nothing, everyone online, same stories, make sure you contact ur bank, I know visa will refund if before 120days, I have contacted Consumer Affairs in Perth, Australia and advised them of this scamming company today 19.3.2019 / whisky investment shares scam

on Mar 17, 2019

The scammer encourages you to buy shares in a company that they predict is about to increase in value. You may be contacted by email or by phone. The message will seem like an inside tip and stress that you need to act quickly. The scammer is trying to boost the price of stock so they can...

Siskiyou County District Attorney / mormon bias involving friends and family of kirk andrus

on Mar 14, 2019

Siskiyou County District AttorneyThe Mormon Scum of Mount Shasta, including the Ingraham and Andrus families, have totally and completely destroyed my family. The Flames of War have started to intensify: The fighting has only just begun. Only when the Mormons are gone will Shasta be safe for newcomers like ourselves who...

(Impersonating) AXA Equitable / phishing with job listing

on Mar 11, 2019

(Impersonating) AXA EquitableSomeone impersonating being a representative of AXA Equitable and Dave Hattem as a hiring manager from the email dave.[protected] and the phone number [protected] contacted me to do a job interview. They wanted to verify my number, address, full name, and sent me a google...

Harry Gorman / driveway sealing

on Mar 11, 2019

Harry GormanOn 2:15/18 a young man approached me outside my home in Kerrville, d dad addTexas, asking if I wanted my driveway sealed. I told him I would like a written estimate but that I would NOT have the work done now due to travel plans. He measured and gave me a verbal estimate and said his dad... / outsourced account manager

on Mar 8, 2019

http://www.customercarepage.comscam somebody tried to use my credit card sign up for a trial on a porn site which also sign them up for two more porn sites a total of $150 a month for porn i mean wgo needa that much porn to begin with Called the company they tried to deny a refund and then after midnight finally hung up on...

SVK Disney / unwarranted continuous charge for $22

on Mar 3, 2019

I was not aware in any way of more than a one time charge of $1 for three books. I read the offer fully. Being charged $22 was not a part of the deal. Please someone take legal action, this is a scam. I am astounded that a legitimate business can charge an amount without the consent of the...

Courier Post International Service / I was asked to register a parcel for $559

on Feb 25, 2019

Gmail Ron Watkins Courier Post International Services Ltd. Ron Watkins Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 2:35 PM To: courier postservices What exactly do you need from me in order for this parcel to be delivered? On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 12:23 AM courier postservices wrote: Dear Customer, Mr Ron...

A Diplomatic Courier By The Name Of Ray Martin / claiming there is package sent to me by general surgeon edwin hale. i

on Feb 23, 2019

A Diplomatic Courier By The Name Of Ray MartinThis man, Ray Martin is claiming to the a diplomatic courier and he says there is a package to be sent to me by General Surgeon Edwin Hale containing all his personal belongs. I have to sent him $1, 500 in order to receive this package. I'm suspicious that this is a 419 scam. Could you...

BET365 Promotions/Arden Express Couriers / bet365 promotions & arden express couriers

on Feb 22, 2019

BET365 Promotions/Arden Express CouriersFirst received a text stating: Hi:Your Mobile No is Selected as winner of £6, 500, 000 on BET365 Promo.Go to to claim. enter Ref: BET36519AU .helpline: info365(AT)europe(DOT)com Then I receive an email with documents attached: Dear Value Customer, We have completed the...

Maadi grand mall / shoes

on Feb 22, 2019

We buy a new bote from hush puppies from grand mall shore this shore had a defect and we went 2nd day from the purchase to reuen it but they informed us that they will repair it it there repair store after 40 days they called us and informed us to get the shoes as it now ok we went there ...

Cntry wide periodicals / subscriptions

on Feb 21, 2019

I subscribed thinking I was going to receive my magazines but they took my payments and i have not received a single magazine and now I want all my money back to me and have my "subscription" cancelled.. help? Because I don't know who I'm supposed to call to get this straightened out. Who...