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Scam & Fake Checks Complaints

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Cooke The Ice Man / 350techultd.com *fraud alert

romanANDERSONn on Jan 18, 2018
This website is a scam, processes wrong orders, never sends the orders, it steals your credit card number and continuously processes payments with it. Its been over a year since I ordered something from this website (never got it) and I still get charges on my credit card from it. There i...

Volunteers of America / misleading frauds and double dipping

Kerfluffle on Jan 17, 2018
Four members of this company . Maybe, money laundering, stealing goods and dirty money from supposed to vulnerable people. These four make others vulnerable by mental abusing real people. Distorting some our views of reality. All are rude and abusive . None tell the whole truth. Playing on...

Securitas / a bunch of shapeshifting identity thieves and con artists

Kerfluffle on Jan 17, 2018
Sexist, biasest, identity thieves, unprofessional, dishoset, attitude, uncut omer service oriented, lacking business protocol. Flashing and misleading ungodly information. One of the most deceptive places on this planet. Unacceptable mismanagement of a disorganized inexcusable facade. A...

Mattress Firm / salesman lied to me

Rachiee1 on Jan 17, 2018
I came to the store and purchased a king size mattress . The salesman asked me for my checking account saying that the credit company wants to see if I bounced any checks so I can get credit for a mattress under $100.00 payment plan. I purchased a mattress however, Progressive was taking out...

Reward Zone USA / 1000 gift card

S langford on Jan 16, 2018
I completed all the offers BUT was never opted to get the gift card. Please tell me what is going on please I have 3 kids and could use the extra money... I have heard that this is a scam and do not want to believe it is there any way that someone can contact me to please let me know what...

Abella Mayfair / 90 second rapid wrinkle control

Mrs L Williams on Jan 16, 2018
You people have taken $126.59 from my disability pension WITHOUT notice or permission. I agreed to a trial sample ONLY and agreed to pay postage ONLY ! I cannot afford this money or any other to disappear from my bank account. You people are SCAMMERS and I will post this complaint publicly to warn...

Joma Limited / appointment made for alignment

iFrank on Jan 16, 2018
Made an appointment at 2:30 PM arrived at 2:15 had 2 or three vehicles ahead, had to wait, didn't leave till 6:20PM. Next morning left in vehicle, check engine light with code P1174, no problems before visit to your store 8724 or 726 on loop 410. Prior time Steve was selling me one strut...

TLG Shopping Advantage / scam

TinyTWells on Jan 16, 2018
They never sent me anything in the mail or through email like they said they would. The guy told me that I would receive the canceling number through email and in the information packet through the mail. I never received either and just got charged $16.99! I had to look up the number today...

Gameloft / unauthorized charges on my phone bill

Veronika Combs on Jan 15, 2018
I would like to put a claim in for a full refund on charges that I recently noticed on my phone bill that occurred in August and September 2017 for several Spider Man games or in app purchases/ subscriptions by Gameloft. I was charged on one of my mobile numbers for premium txt message...

Backpage / social media spot

Maddisyn wldz fckn mad! on Jan 14, 2018
Wtf do u want and need to pit in that spot ?! I have made up my stagename..a facebook page a twitter account and a link for kingdom99 and it says im wrong ! What gives?! Because of your bs im losing my apartment ! Ill be homeless with 3cats with nowhere to go because i have no money and i...

Global United Group / xiaomi redmi 5 4gb ram 128gb rom model (2)

Papaoso on Jan 13, 2018
NOVEMBER 20 2017 Paid $154 Western Union in advance for 2 smartphones. Received the cheapest phone ever and a cheap camera. This operation pretends to be a manufacturer and supplier of various types of phones and other electronics. Photos of Western Union receipt and items shipped instead of...

TapJoy / final fantasy xv citadel level 6 reward not given

TapJoyI got to level 6 and I didnt get my reward my citadel was level 6!!! I am playing rivals at war fire fight and I need cash so I did that but then I didnt get my reward! I demand compensation for my troubles. And I want a repsonse fast. I don't get it. You have to give me my reward. If you...

Platinum Millennium Publishing / wrongful purchase from my mastercard

Toni WASS on Jan 13, 2018
Re: Garner NC 0113 (13th January, 2018) for the amount of $86.14 I see on my recent bank statement the above deduction from my MasterCard account. I did not request this product. I went into your website to check it out, but I did not request to buy ANY of your products. You have seriously...

Pokerstars.com / Cheaters

Ltreen on Jan 12, 2018
Pokerstars is a fruad they pretend there are haker present but it just pokerstars with faker players the change whole cards or they are justcphysically seeing our cards. This is a scam there is no way therse cards are random huge bets on off suited cards. And pausing till time almost up...

Urban Outfitters / where is my refund

Melisa M on Jan 13, 2018
Urban OutfittersI have been chasing you up and you guys have promised to refunded you said you did but you didn't I have waited 3-5 days and its been well over a week now scam company I have reported this to the police as fraud you have lied to me cosntanty I just want my money back and you guys are...

Suisse Bank Group / wolfgang zulauf

Catchascammer on Jan 11, 2018
Suisse Bank GroupGuys, Zulauf dissolved suisse bank in the UK. Now it shows he has changed address to the UAE. The man is a scammer. He lives off of upfront fees. He will offer you a line of credit to be sent via a letter of credit for an upfront fee. But the letter of credit has no real backing and no...

Telecheck / denied check reason code 4 — and they will not correct the issue

Adriene Henderson on Jan 11, 2018
This company has denied my checks at Walmart on 2 different occasions. I sent in the information they required to correct the issue and then they just re-installed the alert again. They claim I have a bank account through a bank I have never banked at in my life. They say that bank account...

Max Novelty / paint by number ordered print & frame, paid 11/26/2017 paid thru pay pal

Aloise on Jan 10, 2018
On November 26, I order a paint by number with frame. Order was acknowledged and I was given order number mn523371158 later I received an additional number C3294002217221 This is now January 10, 2018 and I have received NOTHING. They were paid through pay pal on November 26, 2017. They...

MuSlims4Marriage.com / 90% of the profiles are fake and you will lose your money

Malcom X on Jan 10, 2018
Here's the deal with this website I've been using it for months because I paid for that long upfront. The website owners are a team of scammers, they create most of the fake profiles usually the same usernames that repeat with different pictures, they will send you winks and chat requisite...

Tumelo Molefhe / is a ridiculous person to deal with.

charlesbabbage on Jan 10, 2018
Tumelo Molefhe is a ridiculous person to deal with. If you want to buy anything online or offline, then do anything but never deal with this person. She is a MOBE affiliate and just wants to befool people for expanding her own business. She is both a suspicious seller as well as buyer of...
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