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Savings & Investments Complaints

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Empowr / empowr password reset and earnings restoration

Miss MF on Jun 22, 2018

EmpowrI have forgotten my empowr password after a long time not logging in, but I have not recieved a single email of password resetting instructions using the forgot password option. I still have an emails proving I have an empowr balance of $2265 when I tried signing up the same email hopinh it...

Infinity Group Finance / infinity group finance baulkham hills and bella vista

Henry Smerk on Jun 22, 2018

Infinity Group FinanceThis Queensland property investment scam by Graeme Holm of Infinity Group Australia Baulham Hills and Bella Vista and Cronulla and VOW Financial are ripping off investors by selling and financing over priced QLD PROPERTY. Vow Financial Pty Ltd ABN 66 138 789 161 are the people that are...

Noble Capital House / I got my money back from them

Zachary Daniel on Jun 22, 2018

After investing $123, 047 of my hard earned money as a new means of trading for me, which is binary options. I was able to make a few withdrawals from my trading with Capital House. Only to discover the company not answering my calls or replying my emails months later. Thanks to...

Opteck / they locked me out of my account

Zachary Daniel on Jun 22, 2018

I honestly didn't believe binary option is a scam until they took all my money and denied me access to withdraw. Reading reviews here made me realized I was not the only victim. I deposited £67, 000 with the hope of getting more. Scam company, I had to hire the services of a recovery expert/consultant...

Ashford Investments / scam company

Zachary Daniel on Jun 22, 2018

Ashford Investment is a scam. they will try to convince you that they are not scamming you but they are. They took all my money and I can't withdraw. I reached out to them and they were rude to me . They have ben calling me to put more money before I can withdraw. They never told me thi...

Stoxmarket / stoxmarket is a scam

Zachary Daniel on Jun 22, 2018

I started with £34, 000. At once I got a call from Philipp Schmidt, the head of German counter to add several thousands more. I added £15, 000. But Philipp called me each day several times. He talked and talked without an end. He talked about events that are bringing much money, e g. Fang...

MaxCFD / it is a fraudulent business

Wyatt Jacob on Jun 22, 2018

MaxCFD is Sadly this is a fraudulent business. I had a "senior broker" named Neil, recently assigned to me, who was going to help fast track my account. Unfortunately he fast tracked it into bankruptcy. I went from $24000 to -$7000 in less than two weeks. Then the fun started when I tried...

FTO Capital / they are scams, they will not give your your money back

Wyatt Jacob on Jun 22, 2018

I lost 100, 000 US dollars to FTO Capital. I have tried and tried to get my money back with no results. They don't respond. They ignore you. I was stupid to put in so much. I lost all my pension money and went broke because of FTO Capital. Their pre-markets are not real. All they want i...

Kayafx / they are scam company who only takes your money.

Harold Fagan on Jun 22, 2018

I lost 100, 000 US dollars to Kayafx. I have tried and tried to get my money back with no results. They don't respond. They ignore you. I was stupid to put in so much. I lost all my pension money and now I am broke because of Trade12. Their pre-markets are not real. All they want is your...

Littinvest / the locked me out of my account

Kitran Griffin on Jun 22, 2018

Littinvest is a scam company. I started trading with them 2017 February, I deposited $130, 000 with them and the account manager managed my account. I made an interest of $59, 000 around August. I deposited another $78, 000 September and I made a withdrawal request of $5, 000 which wa...

Citi Trends / poor customer service

Kashunta on Jun 21, 2018

I decided to stop by citi trends on fairview on my way home after work today. I was greeted at the door and start shopping stayed in the store about 25 minutes decided to go check our. I was at the register about 4 minutes until I decided to tell one of the young ladies that was fixing...

Suntrust Banks / customer service

Cecilfountain on Jun 20, 2018

I spoke with Rafiet who was the supervisor on duty. I called from number 941-928-2276, my number on file, at 4:27pm ET to dispute overdraft fees on one of my three accounts. I was not satisfied with Rafiet's answer and requested to speak with someone else, anyone else. After several...

ABSA Bank / investment money payout delay

Fanie V on Jun 20, 2018

To whom it may concern On 26 august 2016 my mother in law anneleen rymer passed away. She had an investment with absa. As we are currently busy working through lawyers because absa don't co-operate he are now almost 1.5 years struggling to get the money from absa. As we submitted al the...

Google UK Ltd / electronic online sweepstakes.. is it real?

Gil Pacia on Jun 17, 2018

Congratulations from the staffs & members of google board commission. Larry page Co-founder & ceo Google fsp payment unit. Foreign payment bureau officer. Mr. harry herbert Tel:+44-1942-316-342. Mandatory foreign payment release form. It is obvious that thi...

Infinity Group Finance / financial planning and finance services

Henry Smerk on Jun 17, 2018

Most of todays property investors down-under are more or less all trapped in the same manner. They come under the influence of someone that they believe is an investment property expert. These so-called experts capture the dream of property investors in a number of ways. Usually they make...

WorldRemit / im complaining about the money I send

aisa dejose on Jun 16, 2018

I send the money twice.. Im done fill up done with my card even otp from my bank account.. I confirm to send but after i send the money instead of taking a code its appear that my bank account wont allow.. How come it wont allow if my bank account send me the otp ... Ang when i check my...

nwechic / yellow shoes

Wieslawa Pszyk on Jun 14, 2018

i ordered one pair of size 10 yellow order number 49354054 long time ago.When i looked to my compu tre show delivery shoes .Shoes was delivery an may 5 2018 at 17 30.I ask were are my shoes today is june 14 time 7 pm. Yestrday I ordered red sandals and I hope this shoes coming an time.I...

Fidelity Investments / withdrawal

MCasey on Jun 14, 2018

I initiated a withdrawal on Friday 6/8/2018. I am taking a vacation and needed funds. During the process there was NO choice as to where to take funds from, therefore Fidelity chose to sell stock (for added fee of course). Next was the fact that Fidelity had an address listed for me that I...

Banco de Oro / BDO Unibank / toll free number does not work!!! I need to access my dollar account.

Maria Avesta on Jun 13, 2018

Your international toll free - 011-800-8-631-8000 - is never working. I have been trying to contact this number for ages with regard to my dollar account in the Philippines. Please send me a working toll free number. My account has been dormant because I cannot contact you! I need to...

Wells Fargo / change of address

Clarence Rider on Jun 12, 2018

I have a small account with Bonwell Financial Advisors in Charleston, WV. I recently moved and sent a change of address signed and in writing to them. Your policies put my information at risk. I was told my mailing address had to be verified with a phone call. This was after the phone and...