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Harvest International Consortiums Ltd / Chitter company

Yyhjko on Feb 22, 2017
Chitter company Harvest is a chit fund company. They are chitted so many clients in India like bangalore pune ahmed a bad chennai kolkata. Main culprit is Mr raj pillai and Mr gilroy Gomes one is Singapore and other is kerala .Gilroy is nephew of pillai.gilroy address is Puspavila TC 33/829...

Absa bank / Unhelpful

Porcha Schelhase on Feb 20, 2017
I was at the bank this morning to open a U-save account for my 11 year old daughter (who has a bank account already with you in the form of a fixed deposit account). I took a half a day off to sort this out...I go in with ID, unabridged marriage certificate and proof of address. Everyone...

Ewa Jankojc Chase Bank Hazlet New Jersey / Banking

hungrhungryhippo on Feb 10, 2017
Ewa Jankojc Chase Bank Hazlet New JerseyThis is a posting on ewa jankojc, rzekos (Maiden) and an account of her adultery and infidelity she committed cheating on her husband through having a sexual relationship with her daughter’s tennis coach, 22 years her junior, with her being 47 and him 24 at the time. Ewa jankojc made the consciou...

Fidelity Investments / Financial services

Jamesbro91 on Feb 7, 2017
I was told my account is restricted due to phone conversation nothing to do with accounts... Was not told what those conversation intelled. I was just told in conversation over the last few months was the reason why finiacial services made that decision. I was also told I can keep the...

Absa bank / 32 day notice

Mrs Bulala on Jan 30, 2017
This is the most incompetent and pathetic service I have ever witnessed. My husband put money into a 32 day account last year then later put in a notice on the 28th of Dec 2016, by walking into Thier branch in Tzaneen and was given papers to sign confirming that the notice was processed Now...

Fidelity Investments / Fidelity investments is a giant rip-off !!!

David Miller on Jan 29, 2017
Fidelity Investments charged us over $835.00 & change a year in fees for managing $55, 000 to $66, 000 on average for a decade. Do the math, its a large scam !!! Always promising to improve the portfolio. :) Every 4 months they subtract over $200.00 & change from your retirement account...

State Bank of India [SBI] / to transfer

guju on Jan 28, 2017
State Bank of India [SBI]18-1-2017 mo-8948411551 To transfer Fiaepsoffusissuprwdlref:3978804197354596250250039 to transfer 4599630105211 2000 rupye मेरे अकॉउंट से २००० रूपये कटे है और मेरे अकॉउंट में भी नहीं है और मेरे दूसरे अकॉउंट में भी क्रेडिट नहीं हुए जिस अकॉउंट से चैते है अकॉउंट नंबर ३२६४३६७१०९५ और जिस अकॉउंट...

TD Ameritrade / They closed my account without notifying me!!

John Melley on Jan 27, 2017
In Nov of 2015 I opened my TD Ameritrade account and am relatively new to online investing. I put $100, 000 in the account and bought a stock. I complained that I thought I had purchased 2500 shares of a stock only to find out that it only gave me 250 shares. I complained and had someone...

Dish Network / Installation

Jacobmason on Jan 27, 2017
I was told when I signed up it was a free installation charge, they show up and it's $50 for every wall drop or upgrade and pay more for the wireless equipment. That was not disclose to me in my conversation with the guy I set the account up with. So I feel I was basically lied to just to...

Vanguard Mutual Funds / Account service

JABrandenburg on Jan 27, 2017
On the 3rd of January 2017 I signed on to my Vanguard account to see if my monthly RMD was processed. It was not. I then went into account to see if a transaction had been processed. It had not. There was a highlighted banner (see attachment) on the account asking me enter the information...

Merrill Lynch / Trust management

stjohnm on Jan 26, 2017
Merrill Lynch in Minocqua, WI didn't follow my mother's trust starting in 2011. I was a co-trustee on my Mom's trust when she was determined to be incapacitated in May 2011. The trust became irrevocable. Three attorneys determined that I was a co-trustee on the trust. I stopped getting...

CIMB Bank / Save assured plan

Kelvin1997 on Jan 26, 2017
In the 25 January 2017 morning, I was creating a new saving account. The operator had asked me to invest in some kind of "save assured plan" and not really giving me enough details about how it works and the risk. And when I'd asked experts about and knew how it depends on bank share and...

Adam Mesh Program / Options money machine

Bensons on Jan 24, 2017
Two years ago, we signed up for this service. We paper traded it for about a year and the profit generated was less than the cost of the service. So, we never invested money in his trades and wrote it off as a learning experience. We forgot about the service until a few weeks ago when our...

USAA Investments / Investments

Martin Pottle on Jan 18, 2017
On january 9, 2016, I called usaa investments and spoke with a rep based in phoenix, az about investing $70, 000 with them; the rep said he'd get back to me in a day or two with recommendations and steps to proceed. A week and a half later, still nothing, even after calling and leaving...

Fidelity Investments / Unexpected loss in spite of sharp markets increase

Viktor Sharov on Jan 17, 2017
Dear Fidelity, Until 09/01/16, my balance was OK and in accord with the market trend. Not after 09/01/16. After this day, my balance sharply decreased in spite of sharp increase in all markets. I understand that my asset allocation contains 46% of bonds and they decreased. On the other...

WFG/Transamerica / Employment/whistleblower/non disclosure/fraud?

Rhodora B on Jan 16, 2017
I think I need an employment attorney please. I joined wfg end of 3'16. I was presented my business plan. The ceos (Kaitlyn groshong velasquez & johnny velasquez) were aware I want to join not to refer clients. I think what this company does, they tell you you need to be trained, contact...

Transamerica Retirement Services / Transamerica Retirement Solutions (TRS) / TRS transamerica retirement services

Noneyabizz on Jan 11, 2017
This company TRS, is by far the most incompetent and shady financial institution I've ever done business with. I would encourage anyone with money invested through work or pension, or anyone who owns any type of securities, to cash out and look else where! After my father died they...

Janus Options / Binary investment company

rowena helmer on Jan 11, 2017
I invested $1000.00 in 2016, they gave me $2500.00 and were to invest my money. I contacted them numerous times via email and they have not responded. I went to their website and it has been shut down. The parent companies are kintex and motion capitol ltd 3rd fl. C&h towers of great...

Merrill Lynch / Management of 401k monies

Pam Pelafigue on Jan 10, 2017
My husband and I had a large amount of 401k money to invest. We went to the local Merrill Lynch. The adviser set up accounts and we transferred monies into them. After 5+ years, we started to question the fact that the accounts had barely appreciated at all. We finally closed our account...

Outsurance / Claim

MDlamini on Jan 5, 2017
I contacted outsurance last week thursday (29 dec) about my cellphone which was no longer working (I have it covered with them). As always, they were efficient, their service provider collected my phone on the 30th of dec, to have the cellphone evaluated, to see if it can be repaired or...
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Consumer Agency Gains, But Foes Still Remain
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