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Chicken Licken / mini loaf/service

daddy mabale on Aug 20, 2017
on friday 18/08/2017 i bought family full house 6, but when i arrive at home found that the mini loaf its not fresh also have a bad smell .going back to the store on saturday at about 3pm .i was helped by manager who did not have a name tag that y i can, t even mention her name, she wa...

Youtube / birdman

Wave Bluezz on Aug 17, 2017
YO YOUTUBE WYD MAN?! birdman is my guy you can't do this to him okay!? just because some people dont support it doesnt mean that it shouldnt be allowed, i understand that some people do not like or approve of his content but thats their fault for watching it. I get that its hard to make...

مجموعة الصفوةالتعليمية / they don't send salary to me

Marwa Barsy on Aug 17, 2017
مجموعة الصفوةالتعليميةi am freelancer translator .translate from english to arabic .i worked for 1 month with mr yasser hassan alian as he claimed and he said to me that he is ahead for safawa educational group in kuwait hawili mall zien and agreed with me to pay my salary monthly. price of translation 1000...

Valic / 403B loan

Neil Reilly on Aug 16, 2017
I needed a third-party signature for my $1, 200 loan, or so I thought. I called VALIC's customer service line and the man, barely listening to me, said no signature needed. Of course, he was wrong. Two weeks later, still no loan. I called back and was told of course, I needed that...

Computershare / I am not able to access MY OWN FUNDS

bcassidy on Aug 15, 2017
I have an old stock account without much money in it. I moved several years ago and lost track of it. Apparently, Keane tracked me down and sent me a letter indicating that they correct the matter by changing my mailing address. The catch? It will cost me 10% of the total value of the...

PTI / pti and finance - fraud

wingwalker on Aug 8, 2017
My husband and I are other deceived customers! We started the program as well. After our investment, we had supposedly become part of "the inner circle", and took more instructed steps to proceed. Finally, the owner and the company became unreachable, and we realized we had been...

TD Bank / overdraft fees

Certified on Aug 4, 2017
I have been hit with thousands and Of dollars I n overdraft fees over the past 2 years. Mostly due to the order in which Td bank processes checks. Over the weekend all pending checks are subject to order processing. Starting with the largest amounts to the smallest making not one check...

Computershare / won't release my stock or money I paid to do so.

Rosemary Freeman on Aug 4, 2017
Was notified of supposed shares in bank stock that I had &'if I didn't claim would loose to state. Paid $330 to computershare to claim stock. I called about claim after hearing nothing, was told claim was rejected. Was told refund was sent to bank that name was on stock. I Asked why I did...

Wish.com / you's taking money that you shouldn't be taking

Vicky brownlie on Aug 3, 2017
Hey my name is Vicky I have got some stuff from yous guy but now you have taken money out that you shouldn't be touching I want my 200 hundred dollars from yous i used my partner account and I am not happy you need to put it back in there before I take this further .you had no right...

General Motors / 2012 chevy volt

kommykrusher on Aug 2, 2017
General MotorsAs of August 1st, 2017 I have 206, 082 miles on my Chevy Volt and I couldn't be HAPPIER !!! WHAT AN AWESOME CAR ! living in Michigan that car has gone through some pretty bad weather and simply performed above and beyond any vehicle I have ever owned !!! Thank you to all you Wide eyed...

Profitaim.com / fraud 18 lakh loss fake reviews

NimD on Aug 2, 2017
Those who all given review in site jabber and other websites regarding profitaim are their own people and cheater. there target is customer must loose all the money through them only. I will give some cheater name and number so please beware of them.. Manish - 9752445456 Ketan -...

Valic AIG / retirement rollover roadblocks

Janet Remedios Snyder on Aug 1, 2017
I've been dealing with VALIC to roll over my retirement account into my current employer's program. I've been dealing with them for almost FIVE months. When I called to start the process, they said I did NOT need the "plan admin" signature. They sent the forms and the cover letter said I...

Trades Capital / they would not pay me, or give me a refund

Misty Hawkins on Aug 1, 2017
I signed up with a bot where it does the trading for you. I was told to sign up with Trades Capital, and make a $ 250.00 deposit.Which I did. I used the bot and made $360.00.It said you could withdraw the $360.00 or use it to continue trading. They put the $360.00 in my account as a bonus and...

Billshark / savings negotiator

Dan O'Donnell on Aug 1, 2017
Very good communications first off but this is more of an issue with myself not reading the fine print. BillShark did get me savings on three bills I provided them and the overall saving I will receive will be close to $1000 over two years. Bill shark takes 50 percent of the first year...

United Healthcare / optum bank fiduciary responsibility

james hambright on Jul 31, 2017
July 6, 2017 Optum stated in a confirmation email that they were sending me a distribution check (in the amount of $3000.00) as a result of my filling out a Distribution request from the HSA they were holding in my name. This request remains unfulfilled, even though I have contacted them...

Individual / international call charges

Has Fernando on Jul 30, 2017
How come there is a wide gap in phone charges from country to country. To India 0.02 cents per minute and to Sri Lanka 0.20 cents per minute. Sri Lanka is next to India in location . There are a lot of Sri Lankans who are reluctant go to maji jack due to high cost . Why such a drastic...

Merrill Lynch / 2 shares of cables stock in an account

Mr. Mya on Jul 26, 2017
I have made numerous contacts asking why ML has 2 shares of cableas stock in an account & have gained no accurate information. Each person I have talked to has given me a different answer. Earlier this year I received a bill for $15.00 for low balance. When I called to inquire I was told...

Regions Bank / accounts and investments

Sherrie Watkins on Jul 26, 2017
My name is sherrie watkins and i had just sent a complaint to you online about my $5.00 dollars missing from my account as well as my share holder proceeds that i need to locate. I am sorry i forgot to give you my name and i am needing to add that to the previous complaint. Also i have...

Milliman Benefits / boys & girls clubs of america 401k with milliman benefits

Doug6632 on Jul 24, 2017
I’m a former employee. I did not receive notice that my 401K was being swept away to this non-responsive Milliman crowd. So when I go to my Fidelity 401K account I find a zero balance in my 401K account. Fidelity tells me that my funds are in a “blackout” for 30 days – which means they are...

Coinbase / cannot submit id

Mike Gaeb on Jul 22, 2017
I am temporarily living out of the country and my Texas drivers license expired last year. I will renew my Texas drivers license when I return to the US. However, in the meantime, I have a US address, US Phone number, US Bank accounts, US Brokerage account, and US voter registration. I file and pay...
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