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MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Accounts department

L-Marie Pienaar on Mar 27, 2017
On 27/02/2017 I made a payment of R900 on my Dstv account, as I do every month, with no problem. Yet until today the payment does not reflect on my account. I have sent numerous emails to the provided email address (proofofpayment@dstv.com) with no answer up to today. I have received an...

DSTV / Multichoice

Sharon Moodley on Mar 27, 2017
Hi, I am paying for a DSTV account which is on my father's name. initially we had one decoder and a few years back my dad installed the second one and requested Extra View. I only found out at the beginning of 2016 that my account was double billed every month for those years (since...

DISH Network / DISH.com / Billing

Velma Revels on Mar 26, 2017
I signed up for a Heartland promotion. The promotion was $3.00 per month. I paid for 6 months in advance. This was completed on 12/21)16 with Mark at 1:27pm. I have spoke with three people since March 2017. Today Sam told me that my fees would increase to $6.00 per month because I did not...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks / scott yancy, s1, ep 4: ridge house, flipping las vegas

Ram Leal on Mar 26, 2017
My wife and I just watch this program, and were so disappointed. Scott's treatment of the Hispanic worker was demining and unprofessional. Since most of the Hispanics did not speak any English, one must assume that they are illegal in the USA. How can any network allow this? Very...

DISH Network / DISH.com / Dish mastercard reward card expired and they won't reissue.

Jmj1 on Mar 25, 2017
I signed up for dish back in May of 2016 and I got a $100 dollars rebate master card, I put it in my wallet to use when I had an emergency not knowing that the card expires, well at the beginning of March of 2017 my husband lost his job and didn't have money to pay a bill and thought I...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / When I set to record practice 1 at 3 am and there is foot ball on?

Tania Joanne Hewitt on Mar 25, 2017
Please can you advise me why did you not show practice 1 on 206 when your tv guide shows it but you have foot ball on the tv? Please advise why you are showing adverts on live tv? And your sound quality on the is poor and when the adverts shown then the sound is louder? We are a paying...

DirecTV / Customer service

KSPeterson on Mar 24, 2017
I received an email snapshot of what my bill was going to be in January. My bill was way too expensive so I called and reduced my package. I was told that the January bill would be approximately $107 plus tax and every month after would be $73 plus tax. It actually ended up being $117.76...

DirecTV / Directv service

GlynisMc on Mar 23, 2017
Directv has awful service. I have been with them for several years. Recently (about the last 7 months) the service has been horrible. I called in sept 2016 to cancel service they talked me into staying promising to resolve the problem. Fastforward 7 months i still have the same problem...

Cablevision / Optimum / Customer service

Jill Barbara on Mar 22, 2017
Cablevision / OptimumDear Sir or Madam: My 2 year promotion was up and the only way I found this out was when you raised my bill! I called customer service last week and was told this was "the very best deal". I asked to speak to a manager and was told "we are all equals" and there is no manager. I called...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / dstv

Harryth on Mar 22, 2017
have been loyal Dstv compact customer for some years now. During the course of last month, I moved to another house in the same compound. I enquired with Multichoice concerning the re-connection fees and installation fees. I was quoted the ridiculous amount of R999.00 by Multichoice just...

DirecTV / Refund

Keyva Riley on Mar 21, 2017
I have been a Directv customer since January 2010. I have paid my bill in time every month even when it was $300.00 and more. I eventually had combined billing with AT&T. My bill was always between $275-$400 a month with combined billing. I would pay the invoice amount on time every month...

Direct TV / Satellite tv service

Jeff W F on Mar 21, 2017
Direct TV misled me on price increases coming in the middle of my contract that started in Dec 2015. After 13 months certain discounts I was told would go away and my bill would increase by $33/month. However, charges went up ~$60/month with no changes in service or equipment. Some charge...

DirecTV / Rebate 225 dollar rebate

Rodney Foster on Mar 20, 2017
Signed up at Walmart to switch to Directv and get visa card for 225. Send in rebate for right away. Said it would be up to 12 weeks to get. Never got it. Have called 6 to 8 times and has gone nowhere. One rep. Said he would send a 200 dollar visa card never got it. I have spent many hour...

DISH Network / DISH.com / Billing

Arcticman4200 on Mar 17, 2017
CUSTOMER BEWARE. We sold our house and closed our Dish account ( after several years ) last June. We had been ebilled monthly, which was fine. Yesterday in the mail I received a letter from a collection agency stating that I owe Dish Network $90 . In the 9 months since we closed our...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / AT&T

gkennedy8 on Mar 15, 2017
We like Costco and their prices but wanted you to know that the AT&T bundle deal for 89.99/month for two years with a $300 cash card is less than ideal. After signing up, we waited for 2 hours at the agreed upon time and no one showed up! I called to find out why and was on the phone...

DirecTV / Direct tv cable

Cable sucks on Mar 13, 2017
My boyfriend signed up for direct tv. He needed a credit card, which he doesn't have, so he used mine. His representative, James Koehler, said there would be NO automatic payments from this card. Not only did he get a bill stating the payment will come out from that account on March 22...

Direct T.V. / I made a payment of 111.48 to my directv bill online!

WALKER2008 on Mar 13, 2017
I made an online payment of 111.48 on March 2, 2017 and i recieved an email from direct t.v. on March9th at 8:44 that my card has been charged for this amount! This is the first time I have paid it this way and I will not be doing it again!!! My bank account shows that 111.48 has been...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Price lock

yuritellie on Mar 13, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam, Please assist me with a new price lock deal. I am currently on a price lock of 799.00 that expires on 15 March 2017 and would like to go on another price plan. I know you talk about legislation and all that (NCR) but sir/madam, I am currently paying 799.00 and the fee will...

DSTV / DSTV poor service

Carroll Mrs on Mar 12, 2017
On 12 March 2017 during screening of Strictly come dancing on channel 174, the second part of the programme was skipped and the next programme started showing. This is so disrupting; the people in the backroom of Multichoice need to be disciplined for not doing their job properly. We are...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Channels flipping while we watch

Carroll Mrs on Mar 12, 2017
This morning, 12 March 2017 between 11:30 and 12:00, Teen Titans was showing on channel 301. Suddenly channels starting flipping. WHY???? Hotel Impossible (Travel Channel) showed. WHY???? Later on it stabilised and channel 301 resumed. Why did this happen? This is not an isolated incident...
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