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Satellite & Cable TV Complaints

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Time Warner Cable / Buyout Contract

Mark W. Fern on Aug 14, 2018

I submitted back on May 17th all the information they needed to buy me out of my contract with Dish. I received an email back telling me my request was submitted and if need further information I would get a call, if not this would be processed in 7 to 10 days? What year? I have been...

Cox Communications / Driver

Tino_tino on Aug 14, 2018

August 14th Approx. 11:40 a.m. Driver of Van number 15 - 0 3 3 really needs to learn how to use turn signals especially in really bad weather like this. One thing I cannot stand is when I'm driving behind someone I'm trying to get into a turn lane and then that person just can't decide...

AT&T / direct tv

Wesley Mayo on Aug 13, 2018

I just found out that Direct TV separated my billing from AT&T internet after it was set up as a combined statement. After 5 weeks of dealing with them about what happened, they told me this I was never informed of this action nor was I contacted to pay this separate bill until after my...

Dish Network / / account

11indian on Aug 13, 2018

You have turned me into collections for $413.00. This is a fraudulent account. Im here in arizona visiting my father and i checked the address where the account was apparently made. There is no one who lives that address. Could you please remove this from my credit on equifax please. I...

Dish Network / / lack of satellite reception

Joe Weil on Aug 13, 2018

My wife signed up for this service thinking it would save some money. I think it saved us about 5 bucks a month. It's worth the 5 bucks to tell Dish to shove their crappy equipment where the sun never shines. I worked in the infotainment industry as a reliability engineer. I built...

Suddenlink/Altice / customer service

Ramona Nelson on Aug 13, 2018

First of all, I myself work in customer service through and insurance company talking to provider and members all day long. I would like to note, if I or any of our Supervisors spoke to anyone like I was spoken to we would be on a one way trip out the door. I would like someone to pull...

DirecTV / no technical service

Bessie Ewing on Aug 13, 2018

I called today because I have a 775 error code. I was on the line for over 30 mins just trying to get to technical help. I was told they would have to send out a technician. The technical help said they could fix the problem, first find the sim brick. They said it is in the basement. There...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / downgrade package

Mark Solari on Aug 13, 2018

At the start of the SWC I called in to have my package upgraded so I could watch the soccer. Today I called in to revert back to my previous package to get a lot of technical jargon thrown in my face as to why this could not be done. I spoke to 2 people who's names I've got, the last being...

Suddenlink Communications / getting services installed after I have paid my money

Help!!!!234 on Aug 12, 2018

I am in the Red Oak, NC area and I have been trying to get services with Suddenlink since back in June 2018. I tried about 2 years ago and all of my services got cut off at Centurylink before even getting them installed with Suddenlink it was back and forth them saying it was the other...

DirecTV / directv online access

CharS on Aug 12, 2018

I am a long-time subscriber to DirecTV, at least 14 years. I could not log into my account, and chatted with 3 reps, and talked with 3 others. I heard different stories from each. I formerly used an email address, but changed it months ago to an outlook address. The login kept...

Gems TV / General Entertainment and Media / quality of the rings

Welshalley on Aug 10, 2018

I have watched gems tv since it started and bought a few from them in the beginning I recently bought some more rings from them which unlike when they first started when the quality was good now it is terrible I sent a laramar ring back cause the stone was split and came apart they sent me...

Optimum / service calls and customer service

pmcpervertson on Aug 10, 2018

* Excessively vague and unreasonable service window (10am to 8pm) * No way to block off a period when no one would be home to meet technician * 1st call on day of appointment, automated system stated technician would arrive between 6:30pm and 7:30pm * 2nd call on day of appointment, automated system...

Sky Sports / sky sports football

Wayno4069 on Aug 10, 2018

Absolutely disgusted with your coverage of Man U v Leicester, you may as well called it Man U v some other team!!! Totally biased views from Neville and the rest of them so called pundits, from start to finish it was Man U Man U Man U as if there was only one team playing! How you dong get...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / service complaint

SneChili on Aug 10, 2018

MultiChoice Africa / DSTVBought an Explora Compact on the 17/07/18 at Kempton Square in Kempton Park 1619 which the staff member named Sibongile did not explain everything about the Product and the payment and she just chose the payment date for me at her own knowledge and the Manager that was on duty named by...

AT&T/Direct TV / withdraw funds from account after cancel service order

Tiaelat on Aug 10, 2018

Called Direct TV to order service on Wednesday 08.08.18. Gave all information required, including checking account number and was ready to schedule installation. They could not come on the original date requested and I informed the agent I would need to cancel. She (should've gotten her...

Dish Network / / sling tv

Anthony Viglietti on Aug 10, 2018

I ordered SlingTV with the promise that it showed all of the French soccer games. I came to turn it on today. Only one game available and not the team I support. I chatted with customer services asking for a refund as I bought a product that was going to show all of the games I wanted...

Lifetime TV / programming

Dickson4244 on Aug 9, 2018

Quite awhile you started showing back to back episodes of Grey's Anatomy, starting at the beginning...3-4 days a week about 4 episodes a day. I started watching it. Some episodes were skipped, but I could keep up with it. Then several seasons into it, you backtracked and started again...

DirecTV / promised cancellation fee waived

RoxRidL on Aug 9, 2018

RE: Account # 10603453 In May 2017, I signed up for 2 yr promotion combining Directv & ATT under my husband's name James Riddle. After 1 year my bill doubled. On June 22, I called to question the bill & I was told the promotion was for high speed internet and did not include DSL, which I...

Star Bharat / non reality of the serial to misguide the society serials like sam, dam, dand, bhed, muskan, kya hal mister panchal

Rajendra Sali on Aug 9, 2018

1)These serials are not presenting the real picture of the society, make them fool, is it possible in Indian culture which is patriarchal how one Member of VIdhan Sabha is blacked mailed by so called character less Mandira, it is rape on Indian culture. 2) In the same way, the KOTHA...

Game Stores South Africa / / dstv

Euly on Aug 8, 2018

On the 24 June I visited Game near N1 City and purchased a DSTV explorer that was on promotion. With this bundle a WiFi connection was included but they had no stock and informed us that they would notify us when stick would arrive. I then visited the store the 6th August and they demanded...