Satellite & Cable TV Complaints


Direct tv/ATT / Service/customer service/billing

on Apr 18, 2019

Canceled my service on 4/4/19. Returned equipment and received email from att that equipment was received. On 4/18/19 my account was hit with 154.00 charge. Called customer service, asked for manager. He was rude and abruptly told me there was no way I would be credited anything and my...

ATT/Direct TV / billing and hang up calls

on Mar 23, 2019

three days ago i get my bill from att./direct was double.i have been with these people for many years. each day i called, the people either sad they could not help me, transfr me to 4 deiveent people . then hung up each time. i told the i would pay the whole bill on the 4th of april...

Star TV Network India / all english movies channel why show same movies why show english movies and sports channels name title constantly

on Mar 15, 2019

i have boring to watch same movies repeating full one month more times in this channels stop show movies and sports channels name title constantly . in online steaming service not show any title name i don't want like completely remove any title name put in movies and sports channels title...

Friday Premier League preview and Gillette Soccer Saturday On divers days / friday premier league preview 8/3/2019 and gillette soccer saturday

on Mar 8, 2019

Sky complaint I am a Spurs supporter and I feel cheated continually by your programmers. Your format when presenting The Premier League Previews on the Friday and Saturday programmes follows an understandable format with the Top teams first unless it's Spurs? Programme on Saturday start...

Strong Current Enterprises Limited / live wire order # [protected] (antennas)

on Jan 29, 2019

I did not order this antenna! I realized that it will not work for me because I do not live within 30 miles of any tv stations or cable companies. when I read that it was only good within 30 miles I canceled the order or so I thought. I want you to refund my money and not ship the order...

Columbia Broadcast System / spectrum versus tribune

on Jan 9, 2019

We are not getting any CBS programming due to the fight between Tribune and Spectrum. We are Spectrum customers. We are big fans of many CBS shows. Why won't CBS intervene to stop this? CBS is missing out on a lot of people not seeing their commercials /programming. It has been going on for...

Cartoon Network Japan / tv: airing of outdated tom and jerry episodes

on Dec 19, 2018

To Cartoon Network Japan, Thank you for making wonderful, progressive shows like Steven Universe. Please stop airing dated, racist things like the Tom & Jerry black-face episode I just came home to find my kid watching. It's hard to believe I'm still seeing this kind of blatantly racist stuff on...

Direct TV / AT&T / direct tv with at&t bundling

on Dec 1, 2018

I purchased a direct TV service contract at Costco. Direct TV (who is owned by AT&T) offered a promotional price adjustment if I switched cellular carriers and signed up for AT&T mobile as well in which they promised additional promotional credits and discounts. After purchasing a new...

Karan Bhalla Encompass / tata sky installation refund not made by karan bhalla encompass

on Nov 19, 2018

A person Name mr mohit assudani contact no [protected] along with his colleagues Visited my Premises at malviya nagar Delhi on dated 13 october 2018 and assured tata sky dth connection by misguiding me about the plans of tata sky. he extorted 4180 amount from me for one year subscription . later i came to know about wrong explaining of mr mohit assudani

Back End Team / home broadband and home digital line

on Oct 30, 2018

I have reported multiple times that the home digital line is not working. Customer service told me that I will get a call from back end team to resolve the issue. Till now I have not received any call nor my service has been restored. Please refund me the money for the total number of day...

Maxflow Enterprise / cheating

on Oct 2, 2018

Maxflow EnterpriseTata Sky, Concern officer. Now we are feeling Tata companies have started cheating like other companies. * No helpline working - Standard answer at even at point of time it is heavy traffic, we can not take your phone till approximate 10 Min * Massage says check on screen and dialed that no...

Nickelodeon / loud house

on Sep 30, 2018

My son is 6 and loves this cartoon, but I was watching the episode about little white lies and when he asked me if it was ok to tell little white lies I realized how inappropriate this is for children. A child's brain is unable to differentiate b/t little white lies and just maliciou...

Direct TV onsite at Sam's Club / tv services, contract and lies told.

on Sep 11, 2018

When I signed up with direct tv rep on sight at Sam's club I was advised I would not be entering a contract because I signed up at Sam's club. I was assured that pricing would last 2yrs with no change as long as I kept the direct tv service. All Lies!!! It was a contract and Bill...

Jump TV / internet tv box

on Sep 7, 2018

Do not buy Jump TV. Jump TV is a scam. I purhcased the Jump TV. Then the sales woman put unauthorised phone bill via my credit card. The TV box they sold to me is the defect product. I send the box back to them for repair. They told me that they would send me a new one. But it is one month...

Conservation Fusion / tv service

on Sep 6, 2018

We recently went to the Cox store to speak to a representative about our service in person and return one cable box we no longer needed when our son moved out...within the past 4 months. At this time, the representative said we needed to upgrade our outdated cable boxes and our internet...

Leopard Service / anycast m4

on Aug 20, 2018

3 days ago a guy call me and he says that I talking from leopard serivce we received a parcel of you from daraz pk you come here and collect your parcel at our office nowshera hakim abad I said I clrealy mention my address of to daraz pk I also have paid delevry charge its your duty to...

Suddenlink/Altice / customer service

on Aug 13, 2018

First of all, I myself work in customer service through and insurance company talking to provider and members all day long. I would like to note, if I or any of our Supervisors spoke to anyone like I was spoken to we would be on a one way trip out the door. I would like someone to pull...

Spectrum TV / the loss of channel 7, ketv for part of nebraska

on Aug 7, 2018

Recently, Time Warner Cable evidently went in to business with Spectrum and we lost the one TV Channel...Channel 7, KETV, which has been a part of our package and gives us the BEST news and other T V programs for the last 35 or more years. Why did this have to happen? Everyone in our David...

Dish / hopper

on Aug 6, 2018

Dish hopper software is so flawed I've changed receivers there times in one week and each receiver had worse problems than the other they give U refurbished receivers they will not give us a new one I pay for all the protection plans it's horrible there software is flawed there's no more...

DSTV Mauritius Branch / inefficient service

on Jul 20, 2018

I am mrs chitra lekha awootar residing at 59, labourdonnais avenue, quatre-bornes, mauritius. I have been a customer of dstv (access package+indian channel) since 2007 (11 years) My monthly subscription is rs1360 Over these eleven years, I must say I have had lots and lots of signal problem...

Midco Cable (Midcontinent Communications) / deceptive sales pitch during telephone orders

on Jul 1, 2018

June 1, 2018 [protected] client number: [protected] Contacted sales to suscribe Cable TV, Internet and Home Phone. I specify that include one cable TV program but I had no knowledge of the cable number or name of channel that transmitted the show. The sales person identified for me the specific...

DSTV Installations By Chris / installing decoder and dish

on Jun 19, 2018

The installer used an existing Satellite Dish that was placed by a previous installer. He then proceeded to cut the tree in front of the house without permission and only after he had cut the first branch he explained that there was no other option although there another pre existing dish on the...

Direct TV Now / streaming service

on Jun 13, 2018

I subscribed to Direct TV Now over a month ago and I'm still experiencing buffering issues when trying to view just about any channel they offer. And these are really BAD issues which result in either the screen freezing or a message indicating that the signal has been lost and I need to...

Samantha Bee / her scripted rant about ivanka

on Jun 2, 2018

Samatha Bee represents your cable station. Ashame on you for not firing her immediately. I can no longer watch Tbs programs due to your lack of respond to her unacceptable scripted rant. You knew she going to say the things she said that night. Her apology still does not make up for her...

Samantha Bee and TBS / samantha bee's remarks about ivanka trump

on May 31, 2018

Why is this show still on? I understand she is supposed to be funny to some people but her show is nothing but bashing on people and their religious or political views. The election is over get some new material. some of the other people on here are talking about finally a woman doing late...

Samantha Bee / cnn

on May 31, 2018

The show is ridiculous by all means. She supposed to be a comedian from what I hear but all she does is bully others . If anybody wonders why children are becoming more aggressive and bullying others, this is one reason why... if they are watching this kind of crap . This is definitely not...

Hammond Plaza Condominium Board / poor wiring and service

on May 30, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam: Please take the time to inspect the wiring at Hammond Plaza Condominium, located off Ferry and Beekman Streets, Beacon, New York 12508. At every meeting we have, most of the units owners complaint is the poor wiring and service provided by your company. Thank you for your... / bad reception

on May 23, 2018

I get very bad reception from Suddenlink Cable TV during day time viewing hours and sometimes at night. This happens every day. I am not getting what I am paid for. I think they should change their name to Suckenlink or Suddensucks. People! We have to start an all-out assault on... / live streaming ripoff

on May 5, 2018

The company advertised the best sport streaming on the net. I signed on to watch Super Rugby. The schedules often don't match what is streaming. The streaming itself is off as much as it is on. Complaints are not even replied to. I have contacted the complaints section without much...

installation / unethical behaviour

on Apr 30, 2018

hi i bought a decoder which include installation on Saturday at one of your outlests in Kemtop Park at the mall, i was promised installation on sunday and nobody showed up i had to call several times for assistance and i was talled the installer will be there, i cancelled all my plans for...

Optimum Cable TV/Internet/Phone Company New Jersey / billing and customer service

on Apr 6, 2018

April 6, 2018 - Angela M. Thomas - Account # [protected], I originally signed up for Cable TV, Phone and Internet Service in March of 1989 in Piscataway NJ where I resided for over 26 years - I moved from Piscataway down to Cliffwood NJ in February March 2016 time frame and of course...