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MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / dstv panelist

mmabangwe on Feb 23, 2018
Good Morning this month of February 2018, i paid my DSTV on the 06th of February 2018 but it was disconnected four times. Everytime when i make a call they tell me that i have sufficient money to view and it shows that i have paid on the 06th but i don't understand why am i being...

Dish Network / Dish.com / unauthorized payment withdrawn/ignorant representatives/varying charges

tyanawyn on Feb 22, 2018
i could not pay my bill, so i was fielding THIRTEEN calls a day from everywhere in the country, plus emails, texts & also paper bills. i told them i could not pay my bill & was told there was no hardship way out of my contract, nor anything they could do. this went on for over a month. i...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / unethical behaviour

David Francis Tyrrell on Feb 22, 2018
Complaint - DSTV recorder regularly rescans at set times Complaint 1 - 21st February Account 40235664956 For several weeks my decoder automatically rescans at set times and it's getting worse. Today it was 18h00, 19h00, 20h10, 21h20, 22h00 and now 22h50. This is very suspicious!!! I am 100% sure...

DirecTV / returned equipment, still charged — sent to collections, 3 support agents couldn't help

mmcoats on Feb 21, 2018
DirecTVI actually really loved when we had our DirecTV service, regardless of the crazy amount we were paying for it. We moved out of state for a job relocation and had to cancel our service while we switched to our rental home, with all plans to sign up again once we purchased our permanent...

Astro / poor service, decoder not functioning

Azmira on Feb 21, 2018
Since for the past few months my decoder always suddenly self 'boot'in the middle of programme every few minutes & sometimes not functioning whole day.. unable to talk direct to 'human' customer service except some programmer robotic talk which unable to help with the problem.. i've been using astro more than 15 years & this is the bad srrvice ever

AT&T / Direct TV / scam to get customers to switch from cable fraudulent rewards

Anthony Barcellona on Feb 20, 2018
On january 10, 2018 I called 1-800-487-1883 after getting a mail solicitation for a $300 visa gift card to inquire about the internet speed that was available in my area. After a brief discussion with the sales agent I was told that if I signed up "today" she was authorized to give me a...

RetailMeNot / completing agreed upon merchant promo code

Ethan56! on Feb 20, 2018
I aquire services through rmn for a dish network program. The product code vcd0018724559 which offered $500. 00 gift card and free hopper service etc. Now I received your end of $200.00 cash back.in several contacts with rmn they stated it was a rogue add placed on its site? How can a...

YupptV / I am complaining about yupptv/ stay away from that cr#p

Farhim on Feb 20, 2018
I thought it might be a good way to watch my favourite star channels however I was wrong I bought the monthly subscription to try it, well that ended up horribly because the channels keep pausing by it self to unpause it you must always go to to a different channel it is full with ads and...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / disservice by kenyan operation

The 140 Guesthouse on Feb 20, 2018
On 14 February 2018, I made payments against two DSTV smart card through the self-serve portal. I used the option of paying by credit card through the Pesapal platform. It appears that the Multichoice and the Pesapal systems do not speak to each other. Even though I provided Multichoice with...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / defective decoder

Voges on Feb 20, 2018
To start with, dstv if you are training your employees to be rude and sarcastic well then you are doing a great job. I went this morning to henberg vaalpark with my faulty decoder, only to arrive there and be assisted by a very rude and sarcastic lady. She took my decoder and plugged it in...

Dish Network / Dish.com / no signal is coming for the past 7 days, all my advance money get waist

pramod1234 on Feb 17, 2018
For the past 7 days my dish tv signal is not coming. Few days back the same problem was there, complaint was lodged.The technician came changed the whole setup box, cabling and made handsome bill.The bill was paid.After few days again the same problem and complaint was lodged. Again they...

Dish Network / Dish.com / deceptive customer service practices

LagunaAndy on Feb 16, 2018
To whom it may concern at Dish Network Customer Service: My name is Andrzej Laguna, Account Number 8255909875428721, and on February 7th I renegotiated my service with Dish. I spoke with a customer service representative and after discussing my options I agreed to a new 2 year contract...

DirecTV / unethical procedures

jt1962 on Feb 16, 2018
Originally signed up for service at a Sams Club warehouse store. Was given a contract in writing with a PRICE GUARANTEE for 2 years at a set price. Service was excellent. At the end of 1 year, my price almost doubled. When contacting the company, was told I was supposed to switch my...

DSTV / unable to move my decoder from zambia to south africa

N.Bera on Feb 14, 2018
I had called the dstv call centre to add my new explorer to my account. It was a gift from a friend in Zambia. They then told me that it is not appearing on their system and that I would have to call Dstv Africa to sort out. I did that and they told me that they were unable to assist and...

Astro / bayaran bil lebih daripada yang dipersetujui

noryuliani on Feb 13, 2018
Hi Astro. Saya ingin penjelasan mengapa potongan bil ASTRO terkini saya dipotong sebanyak rm104.50 berbanding dengan amaun yang saya persetujui sebelum ini iaitu rm79++??? Sila call saya dengan kadar segera kerana saya telahpun mengisi borang FEEDBACK ASTRO sebelum ini pada tarikh 10hb Feb...

Cox Communications / unauthorized changes to my account/ offered a bundle that had expired

dgibson06 on Feb 12, 2018
Account: 001-7210104094804. Customer: Brad and Dawn Gibson; 1666 S. 152 Street; Omaha, NE 68144 We moved to our house November 3, 2018 and service was established and installed with Cox on or around November 8. We bundled TV, Internet and phone for a total of around $250/month depending on...

Home Box Office [HBO] / a cartoon

Kelly102 on Feb 11, 2018
I saw a cartoon that was on hbo family at 9:30am on a thursday... And it was very disturbing to watch two black kids were being harassed by a gang of grown white men calling them n[censor], after beating up the black boy they painted the little black girl's face white this was very...

DirecTV / deceptive billing

S. Dunn on Feb 10, 2018
When I signed up for directv I was told my billing will be $79.93 a month for 2 yrs. Billing breakdown is; ultimate pkg - $75.00 + regional sports fee - $4.93 which is $79.93. Billing in jan 2017 looked good, then in feb 2017 they changed their formula; ultimate pkg - $75.00 + regional fee...

Cox Communications / high speed internet

Crazylady1955 on Feb 10, 2018
January 2009 to February 10, 2018 Just called Cox Support to find out what I could do about getting the new wire installed. The wire that is currently running into my apartment is bad and no one wants to take ownership of this problem. All they do at support is either hang up on you or...

Owner of TV / had over 80 channels that I could not access on february 8th,2018. called shaw[I prefer to speak with people]

lorne stevenson on Feb 9, 2018
February 8th, 2018. Poor service provided by Shaw as noted by not being able to access over 80channels!! When I called Shaw I was at least able to request call back service, with an indication that this would occur within 25-35 minutes. Well, the call back came about 90 minutes later!! I wa...
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