Roofing Complaints


Cayer Contracting / roof snow removal

on Mar 8, 2019

Cayer ContractingI hired Cayer Contracting, (Capreol, Ontario owned by Shawn Cayer) to remove snow from my roof on March 6th 2019. They charged me 450$ and told me that included all the cleanup around the front and back of my house. I thought I was hiring a great local company, supporting a small local...

Lennar Graystone / roof rot due to improperly installed roof piercing flashing around air-handler and chimney ducting

on Jan 17, 2019

Notice over the past 3 years that during heavy rains water would leak around 2nd bathroom exhaust vent! Upon further investigation this month, I discovered ~12x12" rotted black spot on the 1/2" OSB sheathing around East side air handler vent ducting! I removed the cement tiled and...

American Storm Contractors Inc. and Public Adjusting / appraisal for jeffery and theresa stoppenbach

on Jan 10, 2019

D.O.L. 8/28/18 * policy 13g6j78o4 *claim # 135546b92 several shingles missing and creased roof has 2 layers several areas on roof where it has zippering and debris under shingles that will not adhere back together gutter guards with hail hits on them and there were quite a few that blew off...

Boon Chye Plumbing and Electrical Services / roofing

on Jan 5, 2019

Boon Chye Plumbing and Electrical ServicesWhat a fxxking [censored]ing company. I had bad experience with them.Called them for the roof leaking service due to the leaks from roof to kitchen.I was told the plumber will come over to check the cause of the leaking and will give the quotation then only I will decide whether or not to...

Friendship Roofing / roof

on Jan 4, 2019

Hired Friendship Roofers to replace my roof shingles. At the first rainstorm after the installation, there was a large leak in my kitchen. I phoned and e-mailed Friendship Roofers about the problem and received no reply. I reached out to another contractor who had recommended them and he...

Curren Casual Watch / received other watch instead of my order watch curren model 8271

on Dec 23, 2018

Curren Casual WatchI would like to inform you about my complaints, I order one Watch model Curren Casual Watch For Men Analog Stainless Steel - 8271 at 19 December 2018, today I received my order at Makkah Royal clock tower, once I opened the order I found the order different from my order, then I return the...

Max Shield Roofing / roofing recondition

on Dec 2, 2018

This roofing company was to recondition my entire roof to stop water leaks in my home. After a week it rained and water was coming into my house. I tried calling the company and got no responses. After another week I emailed them and got no answers. I then called another roofer who came to...

ISC / food tile

on Nov 28, 2018

My name is Traci Burkes I invented a roof tile made from a plastic compound that don't mold, crack or Osborn water. Ian a welder by trade I weld metal and plastic. I came up with this idea and saved up some money and took my idea to isc none as inventhelp. I paid 10, 000 up front and...

Home Doctor Handyman and Roofing / roofing

on Nov 16, 2018

Met with roofer and received insurance check. roofer came and took shingles off roof and the next day it rained all inside my home. The roofer said he would come and put tarp on roof. However he has not shown up and will not return my calls. I have paid him up front a total of $ 4150.00...

Rogero Roofing and Construction / roof

on Nov 15, 2018

Rogero and roofing construction on 2980 Hartley Rd. Here in Jacksonville Fla. misled me into thinking that all I needed to provide them with $1, 000 dollars deductible and my insurance claim amount. It took the roofers over 6months to put the roof on. Once the roof was put on I received a...

Appleby Systems Inc / roofing

on Oct 28, 2018

For the tl;dr (Too long; Didn't read) crowd, this will summarize what was the most disastrous home improvement project I've ever encountered. After signing an expensive contract ($27, 000) with Appleby Systems, Inc. ("Appleby") for installation of a metal roof on my 2 bedroom, 1 bath...

GPS Roofing / roofing contractor

on Oct 2, 2018

A Hit and a Miss! You won't find this company on Google. Read the reviews. Home Advisor only publishes reviews after the doing business with the contractor. Had Guillermo come out and give estimate. Estimate contained and lot of inconsistencies. Promised to meet to clear up the...

Miller Construction Gettysburg, PA. / installation of skylights

on Sep 14, 2018

Gene Miller installed a flat rubber roof with two skylights on my sunroom approx. 9/15. He claims to warranty his work for 5 years. The skylights he installed were incorrect and not meant for a flat roof. Upon leaking I contacted him and he came out and calked a couple of times not...

Jonny Gould / unprofessional reporting

on Sep 8, 2018

Dear Sir, Your Sky Sports (so called expert) Johny Gould found it nessasary to berate my Team Birmingham City on Sky News (sports link at 12 oc mid day on Saturday the 8th of September, He made a scathing remark about the Scotland manager Alex Mcleish and his record, Mr Gould said that he...

Louis Vuitton - Saks (Queen and Yonge) / customer service

on Aug 31, 2018

Hi, It's impossible to get a hold of any representative at your Saks (Queen and Yonge) location. Last week I called several times to find it you had a product in stock only to get no answer for hours or being disconnected getting through the line. I was so frustrated that I just went...

Laumar Roofing & Hurricane Metal Supply / install a metal roof on my home

on Aug 28, 2018

Laumar Roofing & Hurricane Metal SupplyFor the property located at 5420 sw 131 ave, miami, fl 33175 Maria I zamora cell [protected] I had contacted laumar roofing co. At end of july and asked for a proposal to have a roof installed on my home, I had received a proposal on july 31st, 2018 which I later decided to contact the co...

Extra Mile Remodeling Construction Company / roof

on Aug 22, 2018

Extra Mile Remodeling Construction CompanyExtra Mile Remodeling and Construction Company was hired August 2, 2018 to fix the roof at my residence. The roof was damaged during Hurricane Harvey and covered by Texas Windstorm insurance. The claim for the Hurricane Harvey roof damage was filed on August 269, 2017 and the maximum...

Tom Burkett, from Enterprise / roofing - dothan

on Aug 8, 2018

He submitted an estimate to fix a leak to an 87-yr-old relative for $2500. He did not do as promised, including replacing boards and using rubber matting to supposedly prevent more leaks, with further exterior cover. The leaks were not stopped, a lot of damage was done to the interior of...

Online order 30248 / did not receive everything ordered

on Jul 8, 2018

Ordered 66 bundles of shingles and only received 60. Also ordered 8 lattice caps and only received 4. Was told by delivery driver the items short would be delivered. After waiting a week I called and was told my online order didn't actually come from the store I selected online but from 2...

A-Class Roofing Ltd / roofing work

on Jun 21, 2018

Spoke to simon deyer regarding renewing a flat roof after which he sent a quotation on 12 jan 2018 and I agreed he went ahead. Work included osb boards, epdm, gutter trims, new lead work and disposal of waste. Work to be done by 4 men in one day on 15 jan 2018. A few days later after a thunder...

Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet, Roofing Division / gutter helmet failed to fix my roof

on Jun 19, 2018

My roof suffered damage due to snow storms in March 2018. Amica Insurance examined the situation, which included extensive damage to my back bedroom, and approved my claim. I hired Gutter Helmet to put on a new TPO roof, with a 25-year warranty. The work was completed on May 31 and I paid...

Hallmark Channel 365 / tv

on May 28, 2018

I'm very upset that they took away diagnosis murder off the TV why they put psych in to replace it is beyond me they have Monk on all the time. Diagnosis murder was a great show and I look forward to seeing it every morning until you took it off the air why would you do that it's been on...

Homesite Home Insurance / home insurance

on May 10, 2018

I bought homesite home insurance through Geico. I paid about $1600 premium per year. As I am new to homeowner, I trusted them to assist me with the purchase and to purchase what is reasonable around my neighborhood. They told me my deductible was $1000 which I believe was reason. They did...

Payne Roofing, a DBA of Payne Sons Construction Corp. / roofing

on Apr 1, 2018

I am a senior citizen that was lied to by their representative so that he could get the job. After a heavy rain in July of 2017, the floor of my detached garage flooded. The rain water was entering the garage at the bottom of the floor on the east and south sides. When Jeff Neil of Payne...

1298 S Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA 95128 United States / ceiling tile

on Mar 26, 2018

1298 S Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA 95128 United StatesToday March 26 I went in to eat a small meal at 1298 S Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA 95128. I went to get some sauces when all of a sudden the ceiling tile cane off the roof. I realized that there was a leak & the tile became wet that ma why it fell off. If I was a little closer to where it...

Appleby Systems Inc / new roof

on Mar 21, 2018

I can not speak for their product since I never went through with it, but their attitude when you're trying to get away from them is terrible. I needed a new roof. The Sales Manager that came out, Nigel, came out and gave my wife and I a 3 hour seminar. He discussed all of our possible...

Long Island Gutters / began gutters/roof work w/out authorization & serious verbal abuse/mistreatment of potential client.

on Feb 8, 2018

After only getting a phone estimate (from Paul Karlos - who came to my house twice WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT, both times I didn't answer doorbell), during the call I tell Paul I will be getting multiple estimates & I need to speak to my husband then get back to him (which I NEVER...

Union Roofing / roof

on Jan 26, 2018

Do not use this company!!! We hired union roofing to replace and fix our leaking roof and skylight. On the 3 year anniversary of replacing our roof the roofer comes out to check on the roof. He demands $1000 to re-coat the roof. I was told I would be out of warranty and the roof would not...

All Phase Roofing / roof

on Jan 13, 2018

All Phase put a new roof on an addition to our house in Boca Raton right before we purchased it from the reno contractor. The roof started leaking within months after we moved in. All Phase came out an supposedly fixed it, and we spent $600 to repair the ceiling. Then it leaked again and... / roofing

on Dec 12, 2017

Your location Phillips Roofing & Restoration 5262 S Staples St Suite, Corpus Christi, TX 78411 Roofing Contracto June 2017 update edit review. 'My opinion and all evidence shows Mr. Phillips did a reroof and broke my roof and was unwilling to work it out" . Phillips ran and in results a...

Ready For Rain Roof Inc / roof repair

on Dec 3, 2017

Ready For Rain Roof IncWe had our roof repaired on 02/26/2016 paid $3533.92 it was used Sta-Kool Elastomeric-15 yr warranty. After the raining months were over we checked the roof and there was damage due to them failing to make all the flat roof leveled, the material lifted of the roof in a few spots, I called...

Phillips Roofing And Restortation / roofing

on Dec 2, 2017

Phillips Roofing And RestortationPhillips came out to do a steroid and failed to hire a certified windstorm engeeir and crew who new how to install a roof. Phillips lied not insured rip off. Broke roof and ran. False advertising and found guilty of fraudulent poor workmanlike performances. Failed to install and good roof...