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Roofing Complaints

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Middlesex Management / leakage in ceiling for past 5 years. never fixed leakage and cover it up with paint.

TY2 on Jul 17, 2018

I have lives at Cloverleaf apartment for the past 5 years. I called several times regardinf a leakage in my living room and all they did was cover it up with paint. I have previous photos on how long I asked for this issue to be fixed. Now it's a whole in my ceiling with water coming out...

camella lipa / minor construction permit

Chuchi Pareja Liz on Jul 17, 2018

we wanted to request for a minor construction permit to be able to have a front roofing outside our house, unfortunately we were advised that the architect has not responded yet. it is already july and we have requested your office since june. we hope you will inform if something is wrong...

Energy Wise Youngstown ohio / inability to comlete the job hired to do

Richard Buzard on Jul 16, 2018

If I could provide less than one star I would. I hired Energy Wise to install a roof over my deck. Sales person comes out, we agreed and signed the contract 6 months ago. Crew shows up to my property shortly after to start building without any permits in hand. I don't know about you but I...

Renault / renault parts not ordered in time

Elizedr on Jul 12, 2018

rock shattered our Renault Scienc roof on 19/06/2018. We went to Renault and they ordered the glass roof, and we paid an deposit. Renault SA said they do have 13 in stock and we will have it repaired by 28/06/2018. So our insurance gave us a borrow car. We pushed for payment, because we knew we...

Camella Homes / minor construction permit

Liezel cuadro on Jul 10, 2018

We are the owners of b5 l1 peppergrove expnsion plantacion meridienne lipa.we have applied for a minor construction permit for front roofing since first week of June but until now we did not receive any feedback from your architect. We will appreciate if you will tell us if something i...

Home Depot / carpet order and installation

Fasny18 on Jul 10, 2018

This refers to invoice number H1213-78851 for a carpet which was installed on July 5, 2018. When the carpet was ordered we were told there would be some excess which was understandable. We spent a good amount of time with the HD person which ordered the carpet along with the installation...

Online order 30248 / did not receive everything ordered

Jsnorri on Jul 8, 2018

Ordered 66 bundles of shingles and only received 60. Also ordered 8 lattice caps and only received 4. Was told by delivery driver the items short would be delivered. After waiting a week I called and was told my online order didn't actually come from the store I selected online but from 2...

Yes! Communities / breach of contract and endangering homeowner life and property

AngelaKirk on Jul 7, 2018

Yes! CommunitiesJeremy Williams manager of spring hill estates agreed to reroof our home because his unlicensed contractor falling thru to my master bedroom .i was hurt do to falling drywall So we looked and he was patching not replacing so we told Jeremy this is not the agreement. Now he tells the men to...

ASAP Roofing / roof repairs

dontuseasaproofing on Jun 24, 2018

After they were on the roof, damaged it, and didn't complete the work, the estimate was $3, 000 to repair it. They collected the money to repair the roof from the insurance company before ASAP delivered the shingles. Then it took tons of calls to get them to work on the roof. They left the...

A-Class Roofing Ltd / roofing work

Meg Hall(for D Hall) on Jun 21, 2018

Spoke to simon deyer regarding renewing a flat roof after which he sent a quotation on 12 jan 2018 and I agreed he went ahead. Work included osb boards, epdm, gutter trims, new lead work and disposal of waste. Work to be done by 4 men in one day on 15 jan 2018. A few days later after a thunder...

Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet, Roofing Division / gutter helmet failed to fix my roof

Dianna Marder on Jun 19, 2018

My roof suffered damage due to snow storms in March 2018. Amica Insurance examined the situation, which included extensive damage to my back bedroom, and approved my claim. I hired Gutter Helmet to put on a new TPO roof, with a 25-year warranty. The work was completed on May 31 and I paid...

Dish Network / / dish pedestal

Earl Towles on Jun 15, 2018

Dish Network / Dish.comWe had a rainfall June 13 2018, which produced a leak in our roof. Upon checking on the roof which is flat.. I see that the dish satellite was in the same spot where the leak was. The satellite dish was held down with @ 6 to 8 pumice block, which weighed quit a bit. I moved the satellite...

AT&T / phone line

kellett on Jun 15, 2018

For the last 18yrs I have been running a business on this phone line and every time it rains we get a loud hum well it is getting worse you came out on June the 8th 2018 and said it was fixed its not then we were told it would have to be dug that would happen on June 15 2018 that did not...

Pick N Save / several - you name it.

Teresa Dreikosen on Jun 13, 2018

Our Pick'n Save stores throughout WI were sold by Roundy's to Kroger. Shortly after the sale I started to notice a total decline in the stores, availability of course it is Kroger brand, therefore, everything had to be moved to Kroger's liking and finding anything was well very time...

NJ Transit / urgent!, urgent!, urgent! overgrowing trees onto and damaging my property

Roy F. Arena on May 30, 2018

NJ TransitMy name is Roy Arena and I reside at 45 Grove Ave in Woodbridge, NJ. It is a dead end that is separated from NJ Transit tracks by a thick row of Locus Trees. The trees have completely overgrown my house and property. So much so that limbs are rubbing my storm gutters and roof. I urgently...

CitiMortgage / insurance check made out to me and citimortgage

Janice Nichols on May 28, 2018

It has been over two weeks since I sent you a check from my insurance company, it was sent overnight from Goin' Postal on Simpson Road in Kissimmee, Fl. 34743. The check was supposed to be returned to me after being signed by Citi Mortgage. I can not begin repairs on my home until thi...

Hallmark Channel 365 / tv

Lori Love on May 28, 2018

I'm very upset that they took away diagnosis murder off the TV why they put psych in to replace it is beyond me they have Monk on all the time. Diagnosis murder was a great show and I look forward to seeing it every morning until you took it off the air why would you do that it's been on...

Travelers Insurance / cancellation of our homeowner's policy.

odie2956 on May 24, 2018

On 7/17/17 there was a violent windstorm here in Vegas. As a result, 35 shingles were removed. We contacted Travelers in January, after a team called Select Adjusters, came and said they could get the roof fixed at no cost to us. So, they appraised the roof (Select Adjusters) and Traveler...

7-Eleven / the treatment I received in a local 7-eleven store

TishaLee on May 24, 2018

I went into the 7-Eleven store two blocks from my home. (as I do daily) I went in for a coffee and notice a pair of sunglasses, I tried to try on the glasses and they where stuck so I called the girl behind the counter. She accused me of breaking them I also picked out two pair lipstick...

Pizza Hut / bad top managers

Jo2334 on May 20, 2018

The salary manager or the top two managers are greedy. the salary manager works all the best serving lunch shifts plus gets paid salary and gets a bonus and other manager gets all the best delivery shifts by his self doesn't let anyone else drive. Also seems like there a team of manager...