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Roofing Complaints

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Oscar Vermaak / building insurance claim

Oscar Vermaak on May 24, 2017
Registered a claim on 8 May 2017 ref no 3256851. My ceiling in my lounge collapsed and has fallen onto all the furniture in the room. This room exists for about 20 years now. An Assessor visited my property on the 10th and I was told by a consultant on Friday the 12th that a contractor...

Vodacom / service on my account

Kevin3 on May 23, 2017
Good day, I am feed up with vodacom. From the 25 April 2017 my account was debited when I asked their consultant to change my debit order to the 25. The debit was bounced I am now having to take a charge of R25 on bank charges and a penalty fee from vodacom of R100 and no one actually...

American Roofing And Exteriors / contractor

unhappyman4now on May 22, 2017
American Roofing and Exteriors is having trouble paying their sub contractors. when this happens the subs typically put a lean on the home they worked on. don't be a victim. feel free to message me and I will gladly give details of sub contractors who have been ripped off by Matt Woods who...

Allstate / roof

Rossnlinda on May 21, 2017
We were denied a legitimateroof claim with Allstate . They sent out 2 corrupt CAT adjusters Laurue Ross & Tom Baldwin. I am understanding now that when they realize a roof needs replaced they find a reason to deny like over nailing. 9 roofs have been replaced on my street due to this storm...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / I'm complain about poor inside roofing

Petra valencia on May 19, 2017
Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]Yes im complaining because KFC on olive in merced va they have poor roofing the light could come off an hit somebody . also the KFC on 16 st in merced va also that restarant is always so dirty and on 5/4/17 I went bought 5 of the $5 dollar deals they have when i go to get the drinks a...

Gurubuta Singh S/o S. Balkar Singh / illegal construction.

Honney on May 2, 2017
To The commissioner MCD, Delhi Subject : Illegal Construction Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that Gurubuta Singh S/o S. Balkar Singh is doing Illegal Construction. I have been complaining about the same before the construction started however no action have been taken so far. The...

Dubai First / Clearance letter

Manesh Narayan on Apr 18, 2017
Dear sir/madam My name is Manesh before I used your credit cards in uae i will clear the pending amount before one year till now I didn't get clearance letter from your side so please send clearance letter immediately i want come back to uae at this month last Thanks & best regards Manesh...

Vodacom / Cat phone, east rand mall service

Nico mans on Apr 10, 2017
On 8th of April 2017 I went to east Rand mall to get my business phone sorted out that switch of several times a day. What an experience. Shop 1, sorry sir but the one technician that's on duty is not there, we think he is on lunch but there is a shop with more technicians. Shop 2...

Garza Roofing Services / Roofing

Auto Sales on Mar 29, 2017
Had Garza Roofing Services perform work on my roof. The job was so bad that the County inspector shut them down. The manufacturer of the metal panels wrote a list of problems where Garza Roofing Services failed to follow installation instructions. Now it is going to cost more to fix their...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / Wendy's dangerous building 104 bessemer super hwy midfield, al 35228

Rebecca Cofer on Mar 29, 2017
I am a breast cancer survivor that lives in Oxford, AL. I am breast cancer free as of 10/31/2017. I have been told that I need to lose weight to keep the cancer from coming back and with the help of Wendy's healthy choices I have lost 43 lbs. My concern is the Wendy's that is located in...

Leak Stoppers, Inc. / Roofing repair - unethical behavior

Homeowner Sam on Mar 25, 2017
My experience with Leak Stoppers was totally disappointing and made me feel I was scammed. I called Leak Stoppers to fix a small leak I noticed after the Northeaster on March 14. I had used the company some years earlier, and its Yellow Page ad noted "free leak analysis." The owner, John...

Sonic Drive-In / Service

Mark Jahn on Mar 24, 2017
3/24/17 sonic drive in of eldorado ks store #1987 i ordered a number 10 add cheese and large size what i got was a number 10 med size and no cheese the bun was hard and the chicken was rubber like it had been kept in drawer all morning this is not the quality of food i would serve to a rat...

Complete Roofing Solution / New roof - leakage caused damage and mold

Chandrakant Rana on Mar 19, 2017
I signed up an agreement with roofing company called "Complete Roofing Solution, called CRS" for replacement of roof in 2014. Quality was so bad that it leaked very next day however it was fixed by them. Again roof leaked and it caused damage. In my agreement it was mentioned that they are...

Authority Roofing / Bad roof replacement, breach of contract, billing double for agreed contract price, etc....

militran on Mar 18, 2017
Authority Roofing1. Bad roof replacement: Many hills & valleys areas after. Damaged shingles. 2. Deceptive Trade Practice & Breach of contract: The agreed price contract was $14, 900.43. (Upgrade $1250.00 Deductible: Paid A.C.V. Less non-recoverable: $397.65.) Now the billing amount is $ 28, 162.70. 3...

OLT Specialties, Inc / Roofing scam

SteveBeedle on Mar 14, 2017
Oswaldo Lopez Tejada, from OLT Specialties, Inc approached me in my front yard and asked if I needed my roof repaired. I told him I did need my roof repaired, so we set up a contract and had my insurance company perform an appraisal. We signed a contract and put up $4528 up front money for...

Waderose Roofing / Roof repair

Lynda Thomson on Mar 14, 2017
Having had a bad experience with a roofing company prior to meeting with Waderose (Stephen Pratt) we were hoping he would repair and finally resolve the problem we had with the roof. However, the original price quoted increased a couple of times and the reason given was problems he...

Georgia Roofmasters / Took my deposit for roof and never put roof on

Georgia Roofmasters located in Ellijay Ga, 374 Glenridge Dr took my deposit in Feb 2010. Once Glen Grindley took my 4500 he vanished, I never heard from them again. I tried to contact them several times with no response. I was a very busy single mom so I did not have a tremendous amount of...

Marlboro / Marlboro blue 72

Conrad Andrews on Mar 10, 2017
MarlboroHave had several packs that the cigarettes fall off the filter. Very hard to smoke when this is happening and then they suck in air after I try to put them back together. I have been smoking Marlboro 72 for a long time and only started having issues with them in the last three weeks. I...

CSX / Your 2:30 am train.

Jason earls on Mar 9, 2017
Excessive amount of very loud horn blowing. I am gonna kick this conducterrs ### I will stop the ###ing train and pull his ### out and ### him up.. there is no need for that ###.. he is a ###ing ###HOLE that getting off on this .. there are enough ###HOLS in Edgewood already. So ### if CSX...

Christine Carlson / Faulty garage roof installment

Christine Carlson on Feb 25, 2017
Christine CarlsonRick Little is owner of Climate Guard Construction I found this in the yellow pages on the internet. Sprayed Polyurethane Foam & Cellulose Homes & Buildings Bulk Tank Insulation Fiberglass - Blown-In Modified BIT Free Estimates (Green Roof Certified Member, National Roofing Contractor...
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