Retail Stores Complaints


LCBO Beamsville Ontario / I was refused service.

on Apr 21, 2019

My daughter, son and I were shopping at the store in question. My son was carrying the basket and we were all adding items to it. When we got to the cash my daughter (27 years old) presented her ID but my son (20 years old) realized he didn't have his wallet. He left the store and went to...

Mexicali Baja California / feathers in piece of chicken

on Apr 8, 2019

Mexicali Baja CaliforniaToday I went to get a piece of the chicken we bought. As you can see there is feathers in the chicken. Totally unacceptable and very much sickening to my stomach along with my family. I wanted to address it here and make you aware of it. What will be done about it. Those feathers had to...

David’s Bridal / manager bernice stanfield

on Apr 7, 2019

My daughter in law bought a dress a couple years ago wedding was delayed due to medical issues and surgery! She found another dress tgere she loves and wanted to trade the first dress in on it! It was still in the original bad had the box tags still on it and never altered! The assistant...

Rent A Center Northport AL / returning my check stub

on Apr 6, 2019

We were looking for a sectional sofa w/chaise and saw the one we want in talks store in Northport, Al and asked what do we need to purchase this sectional/chaise and he replied the most recent check stub and a bill with your name on it so we told him we would return the next day with thi...

Smith's Grocery Store / customer service western union

on Mar 16, 2019

I went to Smith's grocery store on coal SE Albuquerque to send money Western Union. The employee name is Alka a Smith's employee told me I couldn't send money to my cousin because the lady before me sent money to that State already and she can't send to the same state twice . That it's a...

Ruan / hisense 65 inch quantum dot

on Jan 29, 2019

We purchased a Hisense 65 inch Quantum dot TV from Takealot for R19999 The TV was deliverd 1 Desember 2019.The packaging was resealed and there was no TV stand inside the box. We were willing to look past the TV stand because the TV would be mounted on the wall. Being holiday season we did...

WH Smith T2 near F gates / purchase of items at the shop

on Jan 28, 2019

I have bought a Parket pen at the shop and I was charged incorrectly. I tried to contact the shop by the phone. The male employee who sold me the pen remembered me, and he was helpful. I called another day when he was not on duty, and the female staff, named Aisha, was incredibly rude. She...

Westside Market & Abe Malla owner / liar, con artist, unethical behavior (arrested multiple times)

on Jan 25, 2019

Westside Market & Abe Malla ownerI had the displeasure of doing advertising business with the owners Abe Malla and Nohad Arslan of World of Rugs. After the contract was signed with World of Rugs, we ran the agreed upon Ads for World of Rugs. World of Rugs initially stayed true to the agreement. Then for whatever reason...

Standard Plumbing Ace Hardware 6122 Geary Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94121 California (415) 752-1888 Jordan Chang, Site Manager / customer service

on Jan 25, 2019

I have submitted this complaint on Yelp reviews. I wrote this only hours after the event so to recall the events with a fresh memory of them: "** AVOID ** Beyond the worst!! I had been here the other day for a piece of plastic tubing. I got there just before closing and was a quarter short...

Campbellfield / store manager

on Jan 23, 2019

CampbellfieldOn Wednesday 9th January at 12.45am I was treated disgracefully by your store manager named Josalyn. After scanning $92 worth of clothes, I chose to pay using a $10 voucher and the rest in cash.. The machine rejected my voucher and a staff member said I had scanned a receipt, not a voucher...

UPS 11703 Huebner Rd San Antonio / louie salinas prejudice against indian people

on Jan 21, 2019

UPS 11703 Huebner Rd San AntonioMy wife and I went to UPS Huebner store located at 11703 Huebner Rd Suite 106 in San Antonio Texas (UPS Store #4817). We went to send a package and although the staff was not busy we were not greeted. When we approached the front desk to place package on it we were met by a person with an...

Bullseye Indoor Range & Gun Shop / gun said new guy sold me used parts

on Jan 22, 2019

Was sold a used gun but held in my hand the new one from the counter undamaged and as the tag said "new", he went to the back room to switch used parts on the firearm i was purchasing, as i went home to look at my "newly" purchased firearm i saw the wrong doing that has been done to me..!...

M K Retail Shop / refund amount not credited to my account

on Jan 19, 2019

Hi team, M k retail shop (which located in aecs layout brookfield bangalore) refund my amount 468.92 on 12 jan 2019. But still its not credited to my account. So please let me know with whom it is pending and also what is the procedure to get it credited. My account no ...

Goodwill Frankfort / unlawful termination

on Jan 14, 2019

Goodwill FrankfortI was terminated because I plaxed a ad on craiglist to give away a free item. I told the person to pick up the item when I go to lunch and that I will tell her when to come once I go to work the next day and find out what time was my lunch. The next day before I got to email her on my...

Christopher & Banks Huntsville Alabama / associate catlin

on Jan 14, 2019

This associate sits behind the counter talking on her phone, eating, and doesn't seem to care very much what people think about her. My mother, grandmother and myself were in this store a few days ago. Your associate was on her phone while she rang my grandmother out. It was very... / exchange

on Jan 11, 2019

I purchased 18 items online from Zara. 3 items were too small & needed to exchange for 1 size up. Note I never purchase in this larger size and a clear reflection of how small Zara sizing is. When visiting a Zara shop I was told that even though they have the goods instore they cannot...