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Repair Services Complaints

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Kenmore / Double oven

Dawn Pollard on Nov 17, 2018

I purchased a double oven around 16 months ago. I have used the bottom oven about 3 times. One week ago I used the self clean on the top and bottom for the first time. After I did the bottom, it broke. When I called to set up a repair I was told I needed to buy the warranty- by many...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / Refusal to repair rusted and corroded pipes

Marvin Holcomb on Nov 17, 2018

Contract #[protected]. Marvin and Deborah Holcomb. Initial service date 10/1/2018. Second call 10/15/2018 Came to home and cut hole in ceiling to evaluate pipes deemed rusted and corroded. Refuse to cover because water does not flow through rusted and corroded pipes. Our plan covers rusted and...

Casey's Oaktown IN 47561 / unsafe & unhealthy sewer leak

Anna Fox on Nov 15, 2018

Once again, I went into the Oaktown IN 47561 Casey's and there us a terrible smell from sewage gas. I go in this store 1-2x day or at least every other day. This gas odor is UNREAL!!! And they're trying to mask it with some sort of cleaner. This type of sewage gas odor is deathly!! It'...

Kay Jewelers / item purchased and has been for repair 5-times already, item is covered under an extended warranty

Wanda Seda on Nov 13, 2018

My boyfriend purchased a necklace for me and has been for repair 5-times, as right now is in for repair. Item was purchased at Bergen Mall in Paramus, NJ -customer's name Ramon L. Torres Item is at repair at Garden State Plaza, this item has been dropped off for repair on 5-occassions: May...

Cash Crusaders / faulty fitness band

JanicaVN on Nov 13, 2018

I bought a fitness band from Cash Cruisaders Uitenhage. About a month later drops started forming on the inside of the screen on one half only and later the day the screen display started fading. I informed Cash Cruisaders hereof and was told to bring it in. They sent it to check, came...

ASC Warranty / Auto Services Company / car repair that falls within the guideline of warranty agreement

LLll&@$$ on Nov 12, 2018

I purchased ASc warranty contract when i purchased a 2009 AuDi s5. IT was a 1700.00 2yr. service warranty that covered engine & tranny & upon purchase there was nothing said or writtin as to a cost Limit that w0uld be imposed on me in the event my car would need future repairs. Recently my car...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising in Racine,WI / dodge magnum 2006

Al$$$ on Nov 12, 2018

I have been complaining about my car knocking real bad. I have spoken to the GM about it I have spoken too the service department . I even drop the car off for a couple of days had them start the car the first day they had it they claim they didn't hear nothing so the next morning I went...

Kenmore Elite Double Wall Oven / waiting for the piece I ordered to come. need the oven for thanksgiving

Elenab9 on Nov 12, 2018

I called sears to schedule a repairman to see what was wrong g with my oven. He was very nice and diagnosed the problem and ordered the part. I told him I needed the oven to be working properly for thanksgiving. I've spoke to numerous associates in regards to the part and no one knows when...

Celcom Axiata / can't use 4g data. and my limits money

Zed Yamaha on Nov 12, 2018

Selamat malam. maaf ya. saya nak isu pasal gegunaan data 4G saya. iyanya tidak boleh digunakan. bila saya guna rangkayan 4G. iya terus tiada line. sebelum kejadian ini berlaku. saya ingin menggunakan limit kegunaan wang sebanyak RM300. Tapi saya baru saja guna anggaran RM154.59. bila saya...

A&E Factory Service / lg dishwasher

Hefleye on Nov 12, 2018

Horrible customer service! They seem to install refurbished parts which then break in a short time, they only give you a 90 day warranty so most likely the part will break after 90 days and you have to pay for them to have another service call and labor costs etc. ---AVOID AT ALL COSTS ...

Ford Motor Company / lug nuts

Sharon R. Hendricks on Nov 12, 2018

Over my last 4 oil change and tire rotation appointments I have had to have at least 4 lug nuts cut off in order to do a tire rotation. 19-20 lug nuts over the past 8 months. It is getting quite expensive. Isn't there something you can do about the material being used to produce them? I am...

KIA Motors Corporation / vehicle not starting (2016 kia sorento xl)

O G on Nov 12, 2018

I have taken my truck to Evergreen Kia (place of purchase) in Chicago, ill 3tmes for not starting properly. I press the brake pedal and push the start button and the dash will light up but the vehicle will not start until after multiple attempts. The last time of service in oct.2018 they...

Dealership Hyundai Millville NJ / disgusting, dirty and taking forever to fix my car!

amyt7612 on Nov 12, 2018

I am sitting here writing this, I am totally disgusted with this dealership. A year ago when I was here it was okay. The service area really went down hill in a year bathroom not cleaned, coffee station has spilled coffee all over it, trash coming out of cans. The service floor is broken...

FIDO / I am complaining about phone and service provided by fido employees.

SukhSandhu on Nov 11, 2018

My name is sukhbir singh sandhu and my phone is [protected]. I am customer of Fido from last 5 years. I have two phone lines with fido and paying my bells without any delays. I am in contract on both phone lines. For [protected] I have LG g5, and for this phone I complaint in july 2018...

Mr. Appliance of Homestead / unethical behaviour/misrepresentation

hector izquierdo on Nov 10, 2018

for the past six months the freezer on my subzero has been working on and off, the subzero was service by Fritz from Mr Appliance of homestead, office #[protected] or [protected] I spend over 1500 dollars trying to get the freezer to work the compressor has been replace twice, the leak...

Warid Telecom / my whatsapp number has been hacked

Inzamam Ud Din on Nov 10, 2018

Sir I Have got a call from ([protected]) He Send me An SMS in this SMS 6 digits code is written. He Said me you got a prize Of 2 Lacs from Jeeto Pakistan. Plz Say this code But i said them I dont want . Then They Said Just told us number Whitch is in the SMS We Canceled your Name From...

Vasanth & Co / slow and poor response to our complaint

Thiruppathi on Nov 8, 2018

We are the beloved customers of vasanth co for the past 15 years. starting from our first television all our home appliances are from vasanth co. In 2016, January we bought a Videocon 42 Inches TV from PADI branch with warranty period of 3 years. It went on repair before 6 months, we...

Ford Motor Company / roadside assistive/ service

Ari1217 on Nov 8, 2018

My family and I have been life long time customers with Ford. I am very disappointed with the extremely poor calls I consistently get in regards to service and with roadside assistance. I have a flat tire right now. A very common occuranve and a simple fix in my opinion. Tonight I've had...

HiFi Corp / sinotec fridge

B@lela on Nov 8, 2018

I'm so disappointed at the products of Hi-fi Corp. 😟 I bought a fridge there 6 months ago and it just stopped working. I don't understand how it was of good quality if it stops working after 6 months. Now I'm being sent from pillar to post for help with the repairs even though I am still...

Kubota Corporation / tractor b3350

Richtwer on Nov 7, 2018

Tractor had 89 hours on it and it won't start Service manager said he was at a loss they just can't get it to start they have been testing everything for 3 weeks So I have no tractor which I need to use and no info The dealer doesn't no what to do So I'm left hanging any one no why thi...