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Caminho da Luz Kambo / death threats scandal / supporting abuse of spiritual mentors - sending people to bad ayahuasca retreats

A1118 on Feb 9, 2018
Caminho da Luz KamboCaminho da luz is a retreat centre in portugal offering kambo retreats and who also promote the ayahuasca retreats run by sanctuary 1860 ayahuasca retreat centre. Their retreat centre was badly damaged in a prophecized fire, and another fire is prophecized for 2018. They direct people to...

Youtube / christian organization

Senada pasic on Feb 8, 2018
The title is "Muslim savages enter Canada" I live in Canada and we are anything but savages, especially compared to those who drink alcohol and fornicate and then call it Christianity. We are worshippers of God-his only true believers - because of the Quran which he protected from...

Victim Of Spiritual Assault / lawsuit against attackers from afterlife.

Torrako on Feb 8, 2018
(formerely lawsuit against satan taking a life) - now against spiriuality. Lawsuit Against Spirituality Writ, Complaint & Judgement against Spirituality & their kingdom In the name of Jesus Christ, I Teresa O'Connor/Teresa Cates, known as the plaintiff, approach the courts of Heaven and...

Daniela Mar - Daniela Markert / death threats against her twin flame, astral abuse, helping family to abuse him. fires

NUSTUS17 on Jan 29, 2018
Daniela Mar - Daniela MarkertDaniela Markert, also known as Daniela Mar, in 2106, thought she knew better and insulted her Twin Flame and Spiritual Mentor, when he warned her about the danger of playing with energy cords. She placed a cord in her Twin Flame and tried to make her family ascend, by attempting to drain...

Wish.com / the wrong products arrive

Tracie Eagelman on Jan 29, 2018
I ordered an a plug in air freshener, the plug doesn't fit into any of my electric plugs, and I ordered a budda fresher, it doesn't look like any budda I have ever seen!!! And my other orders haven't come, like the green lounge pants. I so wanted the green lounge pants, my football team i...

Gateway Church North Austin / Kayley Lynn Raley / Kayley Corse / kayley lynn raley cheated & had abortion

austinsjs on Jan 23, 2018
Gateway Church North Austin / Kayley Lynn Raley / Kayley CorseKayley Lynn Corse who is now Kayley Raley after marrying is not who she wants people to think she is. She tries to portray herself as a church-going and decent person since she told me she goes to Gateway Church, but that isn't the case. Let me just say this, less than 3 months before she...

'Christian' Chat Admins / heartless and unchristian experience

tigerscent777 on Jan 17, 2018
The admins who were involved when I was there, I found to be lacking in Christian love, insensitive and uncaring of how they affect others in my experience to date. I feel sorry for the new Christian, who may lose their faith due to being bounced or banned for no valid reason, no real...

Korean Methodist Church Mixed Japanese Church / japanese pastor rude and korean ushers

joshuaj690 on Jan 9, 2018
I been there before they never let me meet the Korean pastors the Korean girl on the phone was rude to me about beef and also Japanese pastor kick me out of his worship service about saying I like Japanese girls. when say sorry to him then he talk bad about my friend other Japanese pastor...

Cellrizon / AN & Associates / fantasy wireless charger

Nattie Tovar on Jan 5, 2018
Bought on Facebook 3 Fanatasy Wireless Chargers. went online for instruction because the vocabulary on the pamphlet was not clear. No Invoice inside order, all I have is the information on the outside packaging. No type of protection in packaging, assuming could have been damaged during...

Brahmma Sakthi Temple / frauds... minting money in the name of god and prediction!

Kalki2win on Dec 30, 2017
Brahmma Sakthi TempleAbsolute frauds and cheaters! Beware of this temple before going! Its a group of cunning, wicked and dirty money women all around running behind you to sell their goods. working on commission basis! They ask you pay for all the poasible reasons one by one and aslo in addition ask to buy...

Passion for Truth Ministries / hijacked site

jes74 on Dec 27, 2017
Jim Staley, director and owner of the YOUTUBE channel, Passion for Truth Ministries, was deleted by an employee - Matthew Totra without authorization by Jim Staley. How can we go about retrieving our channel and getting it reinstated? If this is not possible, how can we retrieve the...

Red Lobster Hospitality / service/food quality

Carole Mendenhall on Dec 22, 2017
On Thursday, December 14th me, my son and daughter-in-law visited the Langhorne, Pa Red Lobster. After a long evening of Christmas shopping we decided to stop in for dinner around 8 p.m. There was only approximately 3 other "parties" waiting to be seated. After several times of checking...

Higher Balance Institute / behind the red curtain

James E. Spalding on Dec 15, 2017
Advertised on Facebook as the first step in finding enlightenment for only $5.00 US. I received my password and link to their site and my first two classes were there. The first was an almost two hour talk by the leader, while 4 other persons sat and listened and nodded. Nothing wa...

UT Dallas International Christian Fellowship / rude person

joshuaj690 on Dec 14, 2017
His name is john anderson he was man did International christian fellowship at university of dallas he was talking bad about me behind my back all wanted for his help find me right college and place to stay with host family the college i want to do was richland college he told me i have do...

Outback Steakhouse / shrimp meal

Elaine Harvey on Dec 12, 2017
I purchase some grill shrimp at the Buena Park CA, on beach blvd. My shrimp meal were very little. I also did not get my full portion, and money worth. When I ask to speak with the store Manager Thomas on 11-18-17. I ask him to give me my money worth, bigger size shrimp, the way my friend...

Youtube / inappropriate contextual placement of an ad

Roger Maddrell on Dec 11, 2017
I've been enjoying playing a number of my favourite hymns on Youtube but that enjoyment has been seriously compromised by an ad for CuriosityStream called First Man. See https://youtu.be/1uNIID5R4pM The voiceover makes strong claims in favour of the theory of evolution as if they are fact...

Youtube / i'm complaining about a channel called still small voice

Esther Kedacic on Nov 2, 2017
This woman named Clare du bois is misleading people through her video messages. She is asking people to send her money as well as misleading people into believing she is talking to Jesus. I would like to see YouTube shut down her channel to stop these misleading messages reaching...

Ayahuasca and Santo Daime Ceremonies Portugal Adrian Freedman / ayahuasca disaster in portugal as 5 ayahuasca retreat centres are damaged/lost to fire - spiritual mentor threatened with death prophecized fires

ayahuascafires on Oct 31, 2017
Ayahuasca and Santo Daime Ceremonies Portugal Adrian FreedmanThere is a Metaphysical Catastrophe in Portugal in the SANTO DAIME / Ayahuasca Circles as three Ayahuasca retreat centres are destroyed by fire during 2017, just months after a Spiritual Mentor was threatened with death, or being crippled, or put in a wheelchair. He warned people to respect...

InSpire3 / brainwave shors

Mike Crump on Oct 28, 2017
Bought Brainwave Shots for $177 and get nothing more than an automated response; over twenty emails. See their last automated response here: No you won't reply. Automated response is all I'll get. I've requested a refund for brainwave shots, acquired through YOUR link in an email from YOU...

IberoStar / stolen jewelry

Tina Turner on Oct 23, 2017
IberoStarIberostar Riviera Maya Michael and Tina Turner Room#1722 (10/08/17-10/15/17) On our second day (10/09) I noticed eye liner missing from my makeup bag at this time my husband reassured me that I probably missed placed it so I decided to hide my makeup bag under the bed up against the wall...
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