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Religion and Spirituality Complaints

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Udaya Walpita / unwanted subscribe

Udaya Walpita on Dec 16, 2018

I received email from YouTube saying that "නිර අපේක්ෂත්වයේ මඟ has subscribed to you on YouTube". I am using YouTube only for watching something I want and do not publish any thing. After I watched and make a complementary comment yesterday (15.12.2018) on one of the my favorite religious video...

Tabula Rasa Ibogaine Therapy Centre, Claire de Ferranti, Beja, Portugal / threats of violence against court witnesses incited by tabula rasa therapists, police investigations, criminality

Helen Scotts on Dec 15, 2018

Tabula Rasa Ibogaine Therapy Centre, Claire de Ferranti, Beja, PortugalThreats of violence were incited by members of Tabula Rasa Ibogaine therapy to discourage a witness to the Court in giving evidence. Complicit in the behaviour was Alvaro de Ferranti who thought proclaiming victimhood and innocence was the answer to the problem. His therapists got raided by...

Patrick Moughenda Mikala / iboga shaman

saythetruth74039 on Dec 14, 2018

Beware of the iboga "shaman" Patrick Moughenda Mikala. Sadly, this is a healer who has been corrupted, but he can be very charming and charismatic. He may have started out in his work with good intentions, but he has succumbed to greed and dishonesty. When he was operating in Costa Rica...

Iboga Tree Healing House Alvaro de Ferranti Ibogaine Treatment EU / unethical behaviour, bad integrity in iboga work, court injunctions, friends of iboga tree threatening people with murder

iboga problems on Dec 13, 2018

Iboga Tree Healing House Alvaro de Ferranti Ibogaine Treatment EUAlvaro de Ferranti (aka LSD man) is someone that openly advocates the use of illegal substances such as LSD in Iboga work as well as posting pictures of himself with Morning Glory flowers in the background. He claims to operate a safe and professional drug rehabilitation centre but in...

Senses Camping - Ayahuasca and Psilocybin Retreats in Portugal, Guarda / prophecized fires, police raids in ayahuasca portugal retreats, shamans threatened with murder

Marcus Barrow on Dec 12, 2018

Senses Camping - Ayahuasca and Psilocybin Retreats in Portugal, GuardaThe Qualified Privilege is a defence for a legal claim which allows statements to be made to warn others of a harm or danger, in this case, the danger of fire. No-one in Portugal should go to any retreat centre for Ayahuasca because there is a fire curse burning down centres. People can see...

Céu do Cruzeiro de Luz Santo Daime Portugal / prophecized fires, death threats, police investigations, abuse of minors, importation of substances, police raids

Chris Miller 21 on Dec 1, 2018

Céu do Cruzeiro de Luz Santo Daime PortugalMembers of the Céu do Cruzeiro de Luz Santo Daime organization in Portugal were involved collectively in attempted witness tampering, death threats, harassment of witnesses to the Courts, mockery, importation of substances in ways to avoid customs detection as well as impersonating officials. A...

Zen House Norway Adrian Freedman / visiting musician involved in threats to murder police witnesses, child abuse and importing substances, homosexual pedophile insults

Hoilers on Dec 1, 2018

Zen House Norway Adrian FreedmanZen House in Norway are involved in Hosting Musicians involved in Child Abuse which includes dosing minors with substances against the wishes of thr authorities, disgusting abuse, death threats, mocking transformational teachers as mentally sick and Deranged in the name of freedom for the...

Dollar Tree / charged twice for same order ec8444342

Ernestine Taylor on Nov 29, 2018

Dollar TreeI picked up my order in the Dollar Tree store on October 15, 2018 and was asked by the cashier to pay for the item in the amount of $65.55 since it was still pending on Pay Pal. I charged $65.55 on my credit card ending in ***********5723. Authorization approval number 086104/022902. On... / Ajarn Koh of Pattaya / never receive any items ordered

Rajiv N Ragunadhan on Nov 24, 2018

I Rajiv from Singapore and I have order some items way back in April 2017 and yet I did not receive any items until now . I have paid quite a lot of money including extra charges to have it send by express post but that to failed. I have to wait too long for the items to be delivered and I...

Joy Awakening / crystals and healing

Alicia.H on Nov 8, 2018

Here's hoping my message reaches right set of people before it's too late and damage done. Giving my experience from past 10 days. Like any ordinary spiritual person I was looking for my growth online then was added by this person Joy Awakening and invited to her Facebook group. I had my...

Star TV India / radhakrishna serial

Minal Kriplani on Nov 6, 2018

Radhakrishna serial, currently running on Star Bharat, has wrongly impacted on the youngsters teen, provided information is also inaccurate, my kindly request to handle such source of information, or just stop telecast this show. Television is the most impacted source of information, so please telecast reliable source of Information. Radhey Radhey 🙏🙏

Netflix / sabrina show expresses blatant hate and prejudice against a religious group

Manora Fawn on Oct 29, 2018

I am offended by Sabrina. It is taken directly from the malleus malificorum, and includes cannibalism, the witches' mark, the Dark Lord, that witches serve Satan...and even name a club WICCA. Wicca is a recognized religion in the U.S. There are real witches who live in this country, and...

Star Bharat / serial radha krishna

Anki Sehdra on Oct 22, 2018

There is a serial running on television now, "Radhakrishna". In it, Krishna's age has been described as 16 years, which is not correct. While the truth is that, Lord Krishna was only brought to Mathura by Akur, at the age of 11 years and 55 days. The reality is that, after the age of 11...

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams [TTD] / foreign passport holder entry issue at supadhan

Venkatadrireddy Mareddy on Oct 6, 2018

I am An Australian Passport holder and doing business in India, as per Ttd online instructions Foreign passport holders can enter through Supadhan And those who has Indian passport holders with foreign visa also eligible if they arrive with in one month. Ttd Staff looking one month condition...

Youtube / youtube surfing content

Hemin champaneri on Sep 30, 2018

Hello Sir/Madam, i am reporting the videos and channels i don't want to see and are of a Hydra nexus Hindutva Politics but it is coming again and Again. Say for Example the videos of Sadguru, I m blocking them but the other videos related to it are coming again and again and are disturbing my...

Youtube / kimilla channel

shalu gupta on Sep 28, 2018

She provide yoga and meditation video which one should never do without a guru. I myself has come to that level in which my yogic chakras activated at that level in which I am about to die but by god's grace I recognised changes in my body and contacted to guru. There are several yoga...

Maa Kamakya / kamakya maa

LaTha199999 on Sep 27, 2018

Maa KamakyaHi friends, Please don't ever trust ma kamakya. She takes proper money from ppls saying everything I will handle in vashikaranas. She collected 10000/ including finger ring order. Nothing happened Gud to me. She said weight issUr. I will return amount back. But not even responding to my...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / afl commentary

Richard Heerema on Sep 21, 2018

I am offended by commentators in the recent Collingwood v Richmond game saying OMG. This normally does not happen, as it is blasphemy, there should be no prejudice, commentary should be indiscriminate. Should commentators say something offensive against muslims it would be page one new...

MySurvey / my survey - b can't login anymore

Ronald C. Moss on Sep 15, 2018

I have done surveys for years on "My Survey", but about a month or more ago, the site has not allowed me to use my valid email address which is: The reason seems to be the ending of "coop", yet daily I get emails to do more surveys, and they are sent to the aforementioned... / hal irvine pastor mountain view bible fellowship estes park colorado

Kansas1983 on Sep 10, 2018

We've visited this church a few times when visiting Estes Park, Colorado from a neighboring state. . We were sensing a lot of pride in the leadership including in Hal and the guy teaching the Bible class named Dan. Does anyone know more about this church and Hal Irvine? My husband and...