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Johannes Maasland / stalking, death threats. threats of violence, in trouble with the police, caution advised.

Anonymous61551 on May 23, 2017
Johannes MaaslandJohannes Maasland is reported for stalking, making threats of violence and issuing death threats whilst on police bail. He was arrested on 10th November 2016 with 14 kilos of cannabis, LSD and cannabis oil, and is awaiting trial. He used to run a business called Earth Connection Portugal...

Ipswich Buddhist Centre / cult behaviour, sexual discrimination scandal, anti-relationship, not recommended for those who pursue romantic relationships

AnonymousReviewer862 on May 22, 2017
Ipswich Buddhist CentreI have a duty to report the Triratna Buddhist Community as a cult like movement. They are reported in the press for a sexual abuse scandal involving its leader Sangharakshita. The article says that social services are involved and that the leader of the movement has apologized. See link...

Doctor Bones Love Spells / love spell

NomanTX on May 21, 2017
Please ready before mark any investment. First this guy no Dr. He go by Dr. Bone & Dr.Boune with two different web sites with following phone #s 503-324-0030 & 404-400-2434 using Google phone. His name is Thomas Greiner & lived is Honduras ** Ocean Front Gated community with his 39 year old...

Ipswich Buddhist Centre / buddhist cult, bad mouthing people behind their back, bad integrity, anti-relationship, caution advised

Anonymous86651 on May 20, 2017
Caution is advised with this Buddhist cult who have branches all over the UK and the world. The movement has featured in the UK press after their leader Sangharakshita formally apologized and confessed to past...

Ipswich Buddhist Centre (aka Triratna Buddhist Centre or FWBO) / cult behaviour, control, various abuses of nationwide triratna movement reported in uk press, risk of abuse, caution advised.

TruthisOut on May 19, 2017
My experience of the Ipswich Buddhist Center (then the FWBO) included some long spells of stable friendship, many meditation retreats, the chance to deepen my own practice and to explore the Buddhist way of life so there was a lot of positive as well as the negative (described later). The...

Ayahuasca Retreats in Portugal - Sanctuary 1860 B & B Portugal Ayahuasca Santo Daime Retreats / letter from spiritual master to portugal ayahuasca retreat centres about bad integrity, ethical failings and abuse of the sacrament

Clare114 on May 18, 2017
Ayahuasca Retreats in Portugal - Sanctuary 1860 B & B Portugal Ayahuasca Santo Daime RetreatsA Spiritual Master had this to say to Ayahuasca retreat centres in Portugal about ethics, integrity and respecting the Ayahuasca / Santa Daime sacrament:- Email extract:- emails removed for privacy Date: Apr 19, 2017 11:32:08 AM ……………………………………. If you are receiving this email it is because you run a retreat centre...

Pat Jorge / concerning a disgrace of a catholic church from garfield nj, usa

pat jorge on May 17, 2017
To whom may I concern, My name is Pat and the reason I'm writing is to inform to the head of my Catholic believes about issues plus malpractices on a Catholic Church with the given name of Our Lady of Mount Virgin located on the town of Garfield, state of New Jersey, in United States of...

Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal / questionable individuals distributing and administering the santo daime sacramento / police busts for cannabis cultivation

anonymous228172 on May 13, 2017
Santo Daime Portugal / Ayahuasca Ceremonies in PortugalI was threatened with being put in a wheelchair or being caused a hospital visit by a member of the Santo Daime movement in Portugal. His name was Johannes Maasland and was arrested in November 2016 for cultivating cannabis. He thought I told the police about his cannabis, and turned up on my...

The Salvation Army USA / pick up

Been Blessed on May 9, 2017
Went on line to schedule a pick up for a large number of items that "I" felt could have been resold and benefit those in need. After waiting almost a week for the pick up, the driver informs me that they do not take baby furniture which was a complete set of everything you could imagine...

Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal / Portugal Ayahuasca and Santo Daime Retreats / Inexperienced and unethical santo daime / ayahuasca facilitators in portugal

Ayahuascaportugal14 on Apr 29, 2017
Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Portugal / Portugal Ayahuasca and Santo Daime RetreatsFor those looking to drink Ayahuaca in Portugal be aware that there are amateurs on the ground with limited experience in Ayahuasca that do not really know what they are doing and are not skilled in holding a space for healing. Some of the shamans have toxic relationship issues, alcohol...

Watermark Community Church Dallas Pastor Todd Wagner in Question / Dialogue and questions concerning todd wagner and watermark community church

ConcernedinDallas on Apr 25, 2017
Is this really a biblical church? Who believes that Watermark is truly a New Testament fellowship other than indoctrinated seminarians and the biblically illiterate? Is all remarriage sin as they teach? Does Watermark's leadership truly hold God's Word final authority or i...

Earth Connection Portugal Ayahuasca Retreat / retreat leader threatens to kill a spiritual master or to cripple him and put him in a wheelchair

EarthConnectionWarning on Apr 18, 2017
Earth Connection Portugal Ayahuasca RetreatSpiritual seekers looking to do alternative healing/holistic retreats at Earth Connection Portugal, who can be found on the internet. Are advised to NOT use this retreat centre for ANY retreats featuring Johannes Maasland (pictured) as it is the honest opinion of the Spiritual Master who...

Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre / B & B Portugal / death threats made by sanctuary 1860 ayahuasca partner, police bust for cannabis and lsd, unsuited to host ayahuasca retreats

reviewer18966 on Apr 18, 2017
Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre / B & B PortugalAssociation with those arrested for cannabis trafficking and those who make death threats against Spiritual Masters. Refusal to apologize. The Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat in Portugal is run by Alexandra and Attila Akat and is based in Oliveira do Hospital. They also promote...

Native American Association of Germany eV / religious freedom and human rights violations

americanindian on Apr 17, 2017
Religious Freedom and Human Rights Violations defame religion of american indians criticised american indians in germany violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ... “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; crackdown on religious freedom, of american indians Hostility to religion is especially enflamed

Free Spirit / Cybercrime

Understanding Energy on Apr 17, 2017
Free Spirit is obviously not his birth name, unfortunately he is mentally ill because he's traped in his own Fear. His real name is known to the appropriate authorities. He sends his negative energy out to random people and companies. And his goal is to extort money from them, black mail by...

Airasia / Arbitrary change in date of return air ticket

Lim Lay Hoon on Apr 11, 2017
AirasiaAir Asia passenger, a Buddhist monk, Venerable U Sumana (Passport No. MB511932) arrived in Malaysia on 4 April 2017 via Air Asia (Flight AK503) to attend a ceremony in Taiping on 16 April 2017, at the invitation of a registered society, Taiping Insight Meditation Society (TIMS). TIMS had bought...

The Salvation Army USA / employees at and connected with the local office employees in lake forest, ca.

SOSaccountability on Apr 10, 2017
Horrible experience with luz mundo and her manager pamula (who is never at the store to be accountable for the lying, employees that work there. for one thing I would like a background check on employee luz mundo. is she even legal to work in the united states? secondly what is her...

Taco Cabana / Management

Nicolecabra on Apr 7, 2017
Manager at Kyle TX, threatened to write up for not coming in on a that I wasn't scheduled on. When it's for a religious purpose. Threatened to write me up if I did not come in on Sunday, because it "does not matter if you have church". Stating that it "doesn't matter because every one ha...

Paltalk / Someone hacking into my room on paltalk

SunshineGirl_726 on Apr 6, 2017
Someone is hacking into my room, under one of my admins name . I have been told this by the person that is doing it . There name ID is tweety_1965 and has many ID's . They been deleting all songs off media pal and they clear the ban list. This is why we need our room codes back due to thi...

Sharlene Clark-Cult Church-Cyber Bully Slanderer, Fraud, Scam, False Teacher, Slander Harassment Charged Criminally Charged ARS: 13-2916a1 / jezebel slander witch liar, cult church-fraud, scam, false teacher, slanderer, cyber bully harassment charged criminal charges ars: 13-2916a1

Sharlene Clark-Cult Church-Cyber Bully Slanderer, Fraud, Scam, False Teacher, Slander Harassment Charged Criminally Charged ARS: 13-2916a1Sharlene clark-cult home church-criminal fraud, scam, spiritual abuser, false teacher, false dream and visions, false spiritual remarriage against scripture, a slanderer, stalker, liar, con, cyber bully harassment charged criminal charges ars: 13-2916a1 case # 121100173 (screen shot...
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