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PTC/PTR Sites Complaints / payment not get

sebastian joseph on Aug 3, 2018

I work high pay clicks .com since 10th October 2017. Every day form months I work this . Even Good Friday also I work. Total 2000 $ I work. They inform me If you upgrade you will get instant payment . I 19 $ sent through paypal for upgrade. This money I sent 7th June 2018. They say after... / payment

neendoor123 on Aug 1, 2018

Sir I am working this site (highpay since september 2017. There are sent my first payment on march 2018 sum of 4225 usd. First those are say please wait 60 day. After the 60 days, said make payment for upgrade. I am upgrade via paypal sum of $19.95 on jun 4th 2018. Still today...

Paypermails / payment not received

AbdulBarriulMusabbir on Dec 21, 2017

PaypermailsI joined in this company at the beginning of the year 2017. My user name is abmllnj. They inform me that they give me money as a free member within 90 days. I request 36 payout request, but till now I haven't get any money. Each payout request is for 25000$. I added the payout request...

Goldenclix / ptc

Kornelija Bonert on Jul 19, 2017

Hello! I want to warn people about PTC sites like Goldenclicx. They are not paying earnings even if on their site stands that payments are via payza, but when you try to washout it says you need to deposit first before cashing out. It's outrageous! They are scamming people and keeping our... / payment not received

naleem on Jun 16, 2017

365dayclub.comthey advertised heavily as the online ad clicking payment site. i joined them almost one year back and according to their site instructions, once you reach $1999 on your account by clicking their ads you can request to withdraw the money which is in your account and also they mentioned... / My money is not transferred

Baker Awad Qannan on Oct 26, 2016

www.fineptc.comDears, This is the second complaint against fineptc company. I'm waiting them to transfer my money more than one year, and I reminded thm several times but no responce. Kindly find the attached photos related to this case. Please and please I need your interesting and cooperation to... / withdraw

nabin pradhan on Jun 30, 2016

dears, i withdraw from pct website ( at Feb 2016, this website talks about opening and showing advertising and collect 5 used for each one. When you reach to 5, 000 $, you can request withdrawal your money and you can receive it during max. 60 business days. I.. But I... / My complaint about delay for transfer my money

Baker Awad Qannan on May 3, 2016

Dears, I registered for fineptc website ( at August 2015, this website talks about opening and showing advertising and collect 10 usd for each one. When you reach to 10, 000 $, you can request withdrawal yor money and you can receive it during max. 60 business days. I...


hasib rafat on Apr 29, 2016

Please do not waste your hard earned money on three dollar seven dollar four dollar click website these websites are scammers they will hack your money but will not give you any payout.I have been paid member till now all my payouts are pending it has been 4 months now.They are not even...

AyuWage / Missing money

farias08 on Apr 12, 2016

On 3/31/16 i request a cashout from this site called AyuWage.Its a ptc site and the earnings there is much more than other sites.In the reward area of this site they said that it takes 5-7 working days until i can recieve my money.On 3/11/16 and after there was no payment i send a ticket... / Paid to click Website

Reviewer42966 on Feb 1, 2016

I and several of my friends have been in this website for quite awhile and it was a really good one. Paying on time and good referrals clicking. I had 150 referrals. 3 days ago when we try to log in it goes to the Go Daddy website and has their Domain listed for sale. I tried bringing up...; Previously / Biggest Indian Scammer Online Services like SEO, Microsoft

sinternational97229 on Jan 27, 2016

The company I’m taking about today has many identities and, is perhaps the smartest IT scammers you would have ever came across in your life. As per my investigation, this fraudulent company has been cheating overseas people under the following brand names. 1. Smart Call Center Solutions Pvt... / Site suddenly closed

Reviewer12378 on Jan 9, 2016

I am an user of a ptc website. I have invested more than $100+ on this site. But suddenly they have closed the website. 10 days agi, I have upgraded my account to premium by paying $80 and $20 to rent referrals. Before that I have invested $10 for renting referrals and I have...

Bux sites / PTC sites

Pallabi Behera on Jan 1, 2016

Bux sitesI had registered for 0daybux, graybux, neatbux, mazbux, shotbux PTC sites recently. First they told me about instant cashouts, then they asked me to upgrade my a/c to receive payments. I upgraded the 0daybux for 9.99 Euros. Then I clicked for request payout of 19.98 Euros on 1st Jan 2016..., NeatBux,, / Paid to click websites

Marian Madalin on Dec 22, 2015

This guy is the scam owner of a very well organised ptc scam network such as,, and ShotBux and many others. He asks us to click the ads in order to gain an amount of money. After that, when we want to withdraw the money gathered from clicks he puts us in...

AdzBazar / Payment balance

Reviewer52255 on Nov 12, 2015

How many know that letting rented referrals expire will come at a cost depending on your membership the last line below. I know of two people who now have a minus balance in the money they have earned just because their referrals expired. What if a person cannot afford at that moment to re...

AdzBazar / Paid to click website

Reviewer22189 on Nov 12, 2015

i am in this website and all of a sudden my main balance started going down and now it has a minus sign in front of the balance. i was told that no Admin of any site is supposed to touch our balance. when i asked them about it they said my referrals had expired and i did not re rent them...

SaraPTC / Paid to click website

Reviewer39417 on Oct 12, 2015

I have not been paid on september 28th for $148.28 and then another payment for $143.04 this website keeps changing their cash out amount and also they amount they take out the percentage referral rental is to high making it difficult to rerent referrals. The cash out first was unlimited... / Payment not recieved

marydapar on Oct 3, 2015

Paypermails.comi am a gold member of, and last sept 2, 2015 i requested a payout from them instead after a week i receive an email from them telling that i need to pay 200$ first before i can recieve my pay out.and also they say that after i pay the fee they will process my payment within...

SaraPTC / Paid to click ads site

Reviewer44775 on Oct 1, 2015

This site at first had no limit so i tried to cash out $309.00 and the admin told me i could only cash out $150.00 because they had spent money on their advertising and could not pay me. When i asked if the did that with all their people i got no answer. Now they raised the percentage they...