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Psychics & Mediums Complaints

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eatreadlove / extreme harassment, human rights to privacy, malicious slander

filmdocument on Apr 30, 2018

Dear sir/madam I am being seriously harassed and bullied by a tarot reader on line. He uploads videos on a daily basis following me and my situation. I have repeatedly asked him to stop but he carries on and on. He is highly abusive and derogatory and he manipulates information. I have...

Ladymysticmajik aka Katherine Hart Psychic / fake readings

BeVeryCarefullll on Apr 29, 2018

Nobody knows what this woman's real name is but that is what she goes by. She does tarot card without interpretations. She just reads the writing on the card. She copy and pastes all her affirmations on facebook without giving the proper people the credit. She writes nasty things about...

siobhan moore whelan 1580997207 One in a million 5 stars / 11:11 psychics 1580997207 siobhan moore whelan - 5 star review amazing psychic

999-666-999 on Apr 28, 2018

siobhan moore whelan 1580997207 One in a million 5 starsPsychic clairvoyant siobhan moore whelan - review 5 stars Thank you for the wonderful and beautiful reading you gave me today. I am very comforted and no longer in pain. I am at peace and it is thanks to you siobhan for your time and beautiful kind words. I have been waiting for the right...

Twister Magicsters / wayward renegade witches blog

Lady of Peace on Apr 22, 2018

Twister MagicstersThe end of twister magicsters! I'm a concerned public citizen and I would like to report scam in hopes of preventing new victims of their scheme. For now, I'm happy to report that Twister Magicsters is no more. LOL. All of the videos on their channel were removed. Their website...

Tara Medium / tara

Mpp1972 on Apr 6, 2018

8 emails one after another like many on here complaining I have never visited or requested her services however I am unindated with these constant emails and even sounding very convincing I'm no idiot.Any one that constantly asks for money in the most devious way is only a scam do not...

Cassia4 Spirited Jewelry / fake spells, fake psychic readings

LeeLee123 on Mar 20, 2018

Cassia4 Spirited JewelryI've been buying spells from Cassia4 since last year with no results in anything at all.My story is that they had a spell which they claimed to be super powerful so I brought it due to being desperate for a brighter future, i brought this spell around first week of November 2017 and since...

Bethea Jenner / / / false and misleading info product no good

Johnny72 on Mar 1, 2018

I was getting email all time from Heather started reading then she seemed touch base with me then started trying to get me buy necklace etc by a certain date or I would miss out on money etc so I finally buy something . Well not good enough then try to sell me something else but because...

S Sundar Narayanan Fake Astrologer. / astrology in chennai

Anand Pillai on Feb 20, 2018

S Sundar narayanan is Cheater astrologer. All the positive reviews here are self made and not genuine. Let me share my experience. I have consulted S Sundar Narayanan astrologer. The astrologer S Sundar Narayanan said that a puja has to be performed for love back and career betterment and...

Ashra Koehn ''Spell Caster'' / spell I ordered

Girly Doll on Feb 2, 2018

Ok so this happened to me last year, this is the first time I actually pay someone to perform a spell for me, will not get into details on what I requested from her because it's personal, but I stumbled across her site she seemed legit, I even messaged her via Gmail what spell is suited...

California Psychics / psychic reading

Christine Ferretti on Nov 2, 2017

These people talk to you to hear from you as much information that they need in order to frame your reading while keeping you on the phone as long as possible to juice your credit card. Real scammers except for one time I spoke to a Marlene who was frighteningly accurate but later joined... / psychic David / scam

Shannon567 on Sep 23, 2017

Pyshic David is a con artist! I have seen several emails that are nearly identical to mine but it was supposed to be written for me only. I really thought he understood my situation and wanted to help me. but he just wastes your time and manipulates you into giving more money. I emailed...

Page County School Board / evil sorcerer sodomite feminazi communist railer linda jean salyers drake

Rocky on Sep 19, 2017

I, Rocky, horribly and sadly, was married to Linda Jean Salyers from 6-3-72 to 1-28-86. linda was grasping and covetous and wanted my father's money. A revolution took place in the U.S. in 1913. The vast majority of Americans still do not realize it, but none of their assets are safe...

Beatha Jenner / psychic services

Howard Daniel Rollins III on Sep 18, 2017

Nothing in the way of a Psychic Service has worked for me. I do not wish to continue to pay for any of the things I keep getting e-mails from Beatha Jenner to pay for. I would like a refund of all the money I have paid, and no longer want the so called Psychic services. I just wish to...

Safeway / store closed early.

Kyle E. Escola on Sep 11, 2017

Tonight at 10:29 pm I went to my local safeway in Clatskanie Oregon to get some things I needed but the doors were locked and had apparently closed early for the night since they are suppose to remain open until late 11:00 pm. And this isn't the first time they close early all the time...

California Psychics / psychics

Girld on Aug 30, 2017

Please do NOT waste your money. These psychics lie and tell you want they think you want to hear. They prey on the weak and vulnerable people going through a difficult time. Caroline and Tyler gave predictions that never came to pass. Their goal is to keep you returning time after time...

Psychic Amanda / online purchase for a spell casting and tarot reading

Lana Murray on Aug 14, 2017

Psychic Amanda promised to cast a spell for me and also emailed a tarot reading she done for me. Nothing for the better has come to me nor did the tarot reading predict anything that was true or actually happened. I have emailed Psychic Amanda and let her know how unhappy I am with her... / psychic scam

victim of scam 2017 on Aug 2, 2017

IF you have given this psychic money please know that she is a fraud & scam artist... she has taken me for $250, 000 and ask for me to lend her my jewelry to be cleansed of negative energies and she took my money, jewelry and never returned i contacted the police and other law...

" / emails that I cannot unsubscribe from or block that I did not sign up for

daisy123456 on Jun 30, 2017

Keep getting unsolicited emails from bethea a supposed psychic. I am going to contact the proper agencies and request they do whatever is possible to stop these scams. This happens at least 3 times a day. They must use a bot because I cannot block these emails. I block them and they still...

Daniela Markert Ayahuasca And Breathworks Facilitator Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat / involvement in illegal cannabis cultivation, insulting/ placing energy cord in spiritual master, unskilled as a healer, faces prison

Reviwer14429 on Jun 21, 2017

Daniela Markert Ayahuasca And Breathworks Facilitator Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca RetreatDaniela Markert is a Breathworks Facilitator as well as an Ayahuasca and San Pedro medicine retreat leader. She works at the Snactuary 1860 Retreat Centre in Portugal run by Alexandra and Attila Akat. She faces prison on charges of cannabis cultivation and trafficking with her partner Johanne...

Tara Medium / I don't know what I am paying for

Debra Ritchie on Jun 7, 2017

This person is still taking money from me and not providing any services. She is taking $19.95/mo and destroying me and my account and I can afford to even close the account. I have had no way of contacting directly to ask for this to quit. I s there anything else I can do? I need that...