Pool & Bath Services Complaints


Mystic Waters Pool Repair / pool repair

on Oct 19, 2018

Worst company ever, over changed me, came to my house looking dirty in a broke down van looking like drug addicts. Paid out over 3500 and still wasn't fixed had to call another company. They also walked away with parts of my equipment. I looked them up after and apparently this is common, they...

Fibreglasspoolssa / morocco fibreglasspools

on Oct 5, 2018

My names are Goitsemang Dibonwa from Botswana. I purchased 2 Morocco 10m x 4m fibreglass swiming pools in November 2017. I was promised delivery will happen by the first week of December. Delivery was suppose to be made to the Botswana boarder and I was to meet up with them and collect the...

Pinch a Penny / bad customer service

on Sep 8, 2018

So I dropped off my pool cleaner because it stopped functioning. I was told it was under warranty. I was called 5 hours later and was told it was ready. I paid $20 bench labor and returned home only to find out that the unit was still not functioning. In fact it was doing the exact same...

Bath Systems of IL / 1 1/2 bathroom remodel

on Sep 5, 2018

This company took advantage of trusting people. After a pushed-back start date, parts mysteriously not being included in shipments, delayed finish date, and immediate concerns of the installation, we were manipulated into approving the scope of work with the finance company and then excuse...

Fiberglass Pools SA / fraud

on Aug 22, 2018

We contacted FIBREGLASS POOLS SA for a quotation on 17 July 2018 - received quotation of R48 650 to install our pool 17 July 2018- paid 55% of money- R25 000 to FIBREGLASS POOLS SA 20 July 2018- we cancelled the deal & Connie assured us that we would receive R20 000 of our money back- we...

Fisherman's Cove / pool

on Aug 9, 2018

There is a black film on the bottom of the pool and around the top edge of the water. I refuse to let my son swim in such a filthy mess with the risk of getting swimmers ear or worse. As much as our rent keeps getting raised every year, you'd think you could at least keep the pool clean or...

Bestway / 14 ft steel pro max 48 inch camo pool

on Jul 19, 2018

After setting up my pool for my children and spending $350 in water. We realized when the hoses started to leak, that the pump hoses had been cut numerous times. We called the company and rather than send us replacements hoses, we needed to empty our pool, pack it up and send it back! Can...

Property Improvements and Maintenance services / bathroom repairs

on Jul 5, 2018

I had a bath fitted by another guy. A few days after he fitted it, we had a leak. It took him a while to come and fix it due to personal reasons. In the meantime, myself and my flatmates got a bit restless and called this company to come and see if they could sort it quickly. They sent...

Doheny's Pool Supply / overcharged at checkout, guaranteed overnight delivery actually 7-10 business days

on May 7, 2018

BEWARE! nothing is as it seems with this company. Ordered a diving board base that they said was in stock and available for next day delivery. When checkout was complete, they charged me $100 more at final checkout. Called them to fix and they did, but delivery was 10 days. Talked to customer...

De Casas Elite Pool and Spa / horrible work

on Mar 15, 2018

De Casas Elite Pool and SpaI have given Bob numerous chances over the years to clean up his act and keep my pool clean. You would think that $320 for two Orange County pools that I own near each other would be motivation. Currently one renter asked me to fire him, then 4 months later the other renter asked me to fire...

Right Choice Pools / luxury pool, spa, grotto/cave and slide

on Feb 25, 2018

Right Choice PoolsUpdate.. Rcp brought back their main facebook (right choice pools & spas, inc.) for some reason recently, take a look for all documents and pictures. Update 12/13/17... Another lawsuit from another victim in broward county case number: cace17022438. Several this year alone! I suggest all...

Tigermoon / cynthia at [protected]

on Jan 19, 2018

I was trying to get information about my pump that froze and needs to be replaced apparently they changed the part number and the part # still doesn't come up on the intex web sight Cynthia was rude and wouldn't answer any questions without first giving my address and phone number?? Called...

Northern Fireplace and Pools Limited / hot tub

on Nov 10, 2017

I ordered a hot tub at the end of August and the employee noted that it will take 4 to 6 weeks to come in. I contacted Northern Fireplace and Pools on several occassion after the 6 weeks and talked to a different employee almost everytime. They told me that my hot tub was taking so long...

Boca Ventures Ltd / unauthorized charge added to installation of acrylic bathtub with walls.

on Oct 21, 2017

An unauthorized charge of $100 for parts replacement was added to the final bill. The manager, Kristin Glavin of Boca Ventures while agreed that the charge was not authorized, insisted payment must be made immediately. Or else she will send the bill to Collection Department. Because we do...

Doheny's / aquabot

on Sep 23, 2017

I ordered the aquabot from dohenys aug 15, 2017. I didnt open the box for a couple weeks as my pool was clean but when I did get the aquabot out, I noticed the settings were NOT factory setting as the instruction book said it would be. I was a little concerned as to whether Id been sent a...

About Time Services / pool installation

on Aug 19, 2017

About Time Services installed my pool on the 4th. After filling the pool with water, there has been water leaking from one of the filter hoses that is connected to the pool. It isn't secured properly. We've been calling and texted Tim for serval weeks and he won't call or text back to come...

Rhino Pools / poor and rude service

on Jul 25, 2017

I had a terrible experience dealing with Rhino Pools and particularly its owner Ryan Nesbitt - who was incredibly rude when I insisted on the completion of repairs that had not been properly completed on my pool in Lynnwood area, Pretoria. I could never in good conscience recommend Rhino...

Blueworld Pool / pool

on Jul 10, 2017

Blueworld PoolBlueWorld pools, more like GreenWorld pools. Anybody looking to purchase a pool for their home I advise you to not buy from Blueworld. RUN I say RUN!!! I purchased a pool from BlueWorld over one year ago now. During the purchase and set-up everything went fine, except we had to keep pushing...

Bestway / above ground pool

on Jun 16, 2017

BestwayI purchased a Coleman/Bestway Power Steel Round Frame Pool Model #90389 on 5/18/17 @ local Walmart for $494 + tax, supplies, accessories. I prepped a 25' circumference area for 3 days tilling, leveling and spraying weed killer twice, then laid the tarp provided with the pool. The pool wa... / pool filter cartridge

on Jun 2, 2017

Ordered my cartridge through amazon, on may 24th, paid an extra $29.28 for expedited shipping to receive my filter cartridge on the 26th of may. Received an email confirming my cartridge finally shipped on may 30th with an expected arrival date of june 1st... On june 2nd received another...

Artizan Pools / Pool & fence

on Dec 22, 2016

Project “start” date: september 2016 Estimated project completion date: mid-november 2016 (Pool and fence) Anyone that is considering using jimmy cerna to design and build the pool of their dreams, proceed with extreme caution, or an even better solution would be to not proceed at all! My...

Best Bathtub Refinishing / Bathtub reglazing

on Nov 9, 2016

Best Bathtub RefinishingBest bathub refinishing Do not not not use this company.This company ruined my tub. They did a horrible job and the paint is peeling because they did not use the correct method or products. When i spoke to charlie he tried to say it was the bath mat. The damage is on the side of the tub...

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs / 7' cedar therapy pool

on Aug 27, 2016

We purchased this tub and had it shipped to Washington state in 2011. As soon as payment was made the problems began. We were charged twice! (Several thousands of dollars) and that took weeks to be reversed. Shipping was included in the purchase price but as soon as it crossed the border... / Defective pool liner from china

on May 14, 2016

On 04/24/16, I ordered a 18' round overlap Sunlight Crystal (pattern) pool liner. I also chose the 30 gauge that was supposed to have a 25 year warranty. The inspection tag fell out of the box when I opened it. Their liners are made in China but it arrived quickly. They don't tell you when...

Island Pool Service / The company ruined my swimming pool and left such a mess

on Feb 25, 2016

I hired the team from Island Pool Service/ Richard Dana McKinney, because I heard about their services and thought that they were professional and experienced guys. However, they got money in advance and arrived to my house, where they destroyed my swimming pool and left such a mess around...

Gettle Pools / He sent unexperienced workers and didn't call

on Jan 27, 2016

We hired Gettle Pools to remodel our pool to spa. The owner said that he would start the job after he would return from holidays. Two weeks passed since he returned and we didn’t get any phone call. Also, this guy has sent the workers to our house and they had no idea what they should do...

Namaqua Stokvel / We bought a bore hole pump. This thing started malfunctioning 8 months after we purchased it

on Jan 8, 2016

In January 2015 the Clubhouse bought a borehole pump from accompany in Springbok. This pump came with a guarantee of one year. We bought it for almost R9500.00 In November 2015 the pump start giving problems. we took the pump him and asked him check what was faulty on the pump. He told u...