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Plumbing Services Complaints

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Clearview Plumbing and Heating / maintenance plan & pricing

Sphere on May 23, 2017
Hi karl lumsden, owner of clearview plumbing and heating and all those innocent people out there looking at reviews of this company before getting involved with them. This my legitimate experience with them. The plumbing inspection has shown me: (Really it is a salesman disguised as a plumber...

Rallys.com / the general manager earlesse jackson

Lataisha on May 23, 2017
Hello my name is lataisha mabson, I use to work.for rallys on George town street in Lexington ky I quit yesterday due to the GM Earlease Jackson im writting to, you all to let you guys know that she is stealing money taking the paychecks to a loan shark cashing them early handing them out...

Personal Touch Plumbing / garbage disposal

Sharon Martin on May 20, 2017
I filed a claim with Choice Warranty in early April 2017. It is May 20th and I still have not had my disposal repaired. I did speak with a family friend who is an attorney and he told me that I need to call back and tell Choice Warranty that they either fix the disposal or put the full...

ASPECT.co.uk / Aspect Maintenance Services [AMSL] / exorbitant cost for common boilder repair service

SDann on May 16, 2017
The reason I submitted a formal complaint to Aspect is because I was overcharged for the boiler repair service I received. In addition to this, at no time was I warned or informed by the engineer that the repair would cost £1, 333.50. I was charged £162.00 for the engineer to come and diagnose...

Sears / Hot water heater

Beulah Anderson on May 3, 2017
I called Sears Repair on Monday, April 24, 2017 for repair of my hot water heater that was leaking. I was told I would receive a call scheduling a time for them to come out. On Tuesday, having received no call or email, I called Sears again to be told, again, that I would receive a call or...

Plumb Direct / "toilet repair"

Arlette Lisac on Apr 29, 2017
The engineer who came to remove a small pipe sticking out in my sitting-room, had also a look at my toilet as I had an overflow and it wasn't the first time. It is an old toilet, old mechanism but I like it. He said he could do it and that I could use it use for a while longer ( when I...

Home Depot / water heater purchase/installation

Ukesh on Apr 24, 2017
Hello, I have been a loyal home depot customer for over 10 years now. Home Deport advertised same day service for Water Heater installation before noon. Walked in the Home Deport Store at 11am (Hillsdale / San Jose, CA), worked with Erick (store Clerk) selected the water heater I need...

My Plumber Heating and Cooling / service, price, lack of communication

pa person on Apr 24, 2017
Over a year ago we had an issue which took them 3 times to repair properly — for some reason the landlord called them back & now and the issue is part of the original problem back in 2016. Which we told them about then!!! Not only are they charging a huge price to do work that should have...

Plumbforce Direct / Dangerous plumbers that hires terrorist.

Laila Lai on Apr 24, 2017
This company is dangerous and hires Terrorist! My boiler was not working properly, I have called PlumbForceDirect to fix the issue. On site the technician recommended to change it. I agreed and paid for a new boiler 2100 pound. A few days later the water in the kitchen was not cold and I...

Plumbforce Direct / unethical behaviour

Zoran Veljkovic on Apr 20, 2017
Plumbforce DirectI called this company on 19 Apr 2017 to unblock my drains and I explained exactly what was the problem. The same issue I had few times in the past. I dealt with various companies in the past and so far the cost was always under £100. Plumbforce Direct gave me the quote of £105 + VAT. They...

Plumb Force Direct / boiler diagnosis

Clarke Dodd on Apr 16, 2017
Having had some difficulty with my boiler one week I was keen to identify the problem and have it fixed so I could have hot water in my property again.I looked online and thought that Plumb Force Direct would have the capability and expertise to support me with my issue. Sadly I was very...

Property Improvement & Maintenance Services Ltd / Plumbing

HanneG on Apr 12, 2017
Aka The DEO Fulham Plumbers Monday morning: Company was contacted regarding a blocked toilet. An "engineer" came around and spent less than 5 minutes working on the blockage. He said it had been fixed and gave me his phone to speak to the company's operator. Given the short time he spent...

Rooter Hero Plumbing / Plumbing

Kristi2 on Mar 20, 2017
We had a plumbing emergency yesterday (on a Sunday of course!). We called Rooter Hero and they were the worst. They told us all the pipes were corroded and there was a hole in the pipes and needed to be replaced. Their tech, Johnny Zarate, informed us there was a blockage and he couldn't...

Ecoglobal / Hepa Filter

Jim Baxter on Mar 20, 2017
I have called numerous times to Eco Global and have spoke with the answering service at various times of the day for the last three months. I have wanted to get the Hepa Filter removed that they had installed under false pretenses. I purchased a new furnace and air conditioning system from...

Len the Plumber / Not even working for me they were bad and rude to me

Aydan on Mar 10, 2017
Len the PlumberLen the Plumber was hired by my opposite neighbor a week ago. 51 Overbrook Road in Catonsville. They worked there on Friday March3rd. When they were done, they left their excavator on my green area, in front of my house which is opposite the street from the house they worked. The huge...

Pimlico Plumbers / Underfloor Heating Repair

Cuervo on Mar 8, 2017
We had a very poor experience with Pimlico and would definitely recommend to stay away from them. We have had problems with our underfloor heating for some time and decided to go to Pimlico knowing that they would be more expensive than a usual plumber, but hoped that they would at least...

Pimlico Plumbers / Boiler

KenzaR on Feb 2, 2017
I called Pimlico Plumbers because the heating was working intermittently therefore I knew that it could not be the boiler (6 years old Worcester Grecnstar) which was working albeit intermittently. The plumber called Anthony Staines (Invoice No: AS949417) found out that there was no signal...

Gillece Services Plumbing / Unethical behavior

Northside Eric on Jan 19, 2017
I contacted Gillece due to a clogged sewage line. Their representative came to my property used a camera in the line and told my wife and I that a traditional snake would not work and that they had to use a Hyrdojet which would clear the line unless the line was collapsed or broken and in...

My Plumber / Plumbing and ac services

Dr. Jwoc on Jan 11, 2017
I travel internationally for work and my husband is not very handy at home maintenance so we signed on with the My Plumber Priority Club($20/month buys one access to priority customer service and reduced pricing for services) when we encountered a small problem with one of our heat pump...

Plumbforce Direct / Plumbing

weybridge on Jan 10, 2017
your technician had a difficult situation in solving my dilemma with sinks that were backed up with foul smelling water & dirty gunk, however, with his expertise he unclogged the main line by removing 2 caps & using a wire snake to open up the main line pipe & used a plunger in the laundry...
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