Plumbing Services Complaints


Plumbing Houston TX / plumbing leak detection plumbing & heating water heater emergency plumber bathroom plumbing kitchen plumbing toilet repair

on Apr 18, 2019

Plumbing Houston TXWe know how frustrating it is when you want service. It appears like plumbing problems happen at the most inconvenient times. Our fundamental goal at Plumbing-Houston TX; is targeted on service to our customers with the best possible degree of satisfactory and professionalism. With pretty...

Airport Taxi Service / airport taxi service

on Apr 2, 2019

Airport Taxi ServiceI'm a senior journalist (age 67) & a widely travelled person. Came Abu Dhabi (this evening at about 9 pm) to attend an international conference at ADNEC from tomorrow. Unfortunately when I came out of airport lounge the airport taxi cabs were not taking me to my hotel PEarl Rotana. Finally...

Property Improvement & Maintenance Services Ltd / boiler repair

on Mar 6, 2019

Company came to fix a boiler showing a F72 fault code. Replaced two parts, stayed for 8 hours. Bill £1388.62 Parts were £365.18. Plus £200 for the two hours it took the plumber to go and get them. I asked for receipts for the parts. Refused. I asked for copies of the receipts. Refused. I...

Best Home Services and Keegan Hodges / plumbing and heating company

on Feb 11, 2019

Best Home Services and Keegan HodgesKeegan Hodges convicted felon and owner of Best Home Services in Naples, Florida is nothing but a lying thieving dishonest scumbag. He treats his employees like human garbage and wonders why so many of them leave. I would not trust a single person he sends to your home since only the worst...

J and C Plumbing Jason Keaton / fraud

on Jan 9, 2019

J and c plumbing provided service to a close friends of mine house. One of his employees stole a firearm from his property and was later arrested for it. I have asked around and found out there has been multiple problems with there work in general. Replacing hot water heaters that do not...

Amazon/ibathuk / part of order not delivered on ibathuk order ref. sn02173082

on Jan 3, 2019

The order and delivery note from ibathuk listed 5 items: Ca405hgwv2 basin not delivered Cc627cis cistern delivered Cl627pan toilet delivered Cl627seatv1 toilet seat delivered Hgw41ou white unit delivered Could you please arrange for the basin to be delivered urgently. My customer ref: i...

Yamuna Sports Complex, near Vivekanand College / damage & non working of toilet adjoining to football ground

on Oct 29, 2018

This is very surprising to see & say that having such a wonderful appearance, gentry & gesture the maintenance part at Yamuna Sports Complex is pathetic. I'm one the very Old Permanent Member of Yamuna Sports Complex & seeing that since last 3 months the situation of Toilet adjoining to the...

Gregurich Plumbing | Bryce Gregurich | Valley, NE / unethical business practice; take prepayment for work, quit job w/o performing work; refuse to refund prepayment

on Oct 24, 2018

The issue with Gregurich Plumbing (in Valley, NE) started in June 2018 and continues without resolution. They were a subcontractor for a builder on our residential construction project. The builder transferred all rights to claims related to their subs work (or lack thereof) as part of...

Rice University / service issue

on Oct 22, 2018

I placed a work order for a broken water heater on Friday 10/19/2018 S.A.P never called me to schedule an appointment in reply to the service request. I reported this issue to AHS twice on Monday 10/22/2018, once on the morning of 10/22/2018 and again in the late afternoon of 10/22/2018. I...

Alford / water heater

on Oct 10, 2018

Had a Bradford White water heater installed Sept 10, 2018. Thermostat had to be replaced last weekend. (October 6, 2018) WH less than a month old. Now Bradford White (BW), will not reimburse for thermostat, because I bought it at Lowes. They evidently don't sell any products to Lowes. They...

Enercare (under enbridge) / power vented heated water tank

on Aug 27, 2018

1. Login Problem: enercare does not recognize my email address, let alone subsequent info. Enbridge# [protected] Enercare# [protected] Complaints: Tom Rusnak (the main water tank technician) 2. rude and ignorant w/bad ass attitude: a. he barely/did not answer my questions/comments with...

American Home Shield and Tom Melton Plumbing / hot water heater repair

on Aug 24, 2018

On August 15th 2018 I entered a service request for my hot water heater. American Home Shield (AHS) assigned Tom Melton Plumbing and charged my credit card the $75 service fee before they even came to my home. On Thursday August 16th I had a four hour window appointment which they failed...

Cascade Locks Portland Koa East / safe operation of sanitary site dump hose connection.

on Aug 16, 2018

Occupants on site 105 withlicence plate F JR5034 from Quebec had there dump hose stuffed down the specific hole with no connection. The specific fumes were escaping and made it disgusting to sit outside of our RV smelling the unpleasant odor. I spoke with the camp personnel on duty on Aug...

Rona Plumbing Departments, Golden Mile and Sheppard Ave, North York / bathroom vanity and sink

on Aug 13, 2018

I was in the Rona Golden Mile store yesterday, August 12, 2018 looking for bathroom vanity, and I like SKU NO. 363988 YG600WL (Vanity 2 door 12x24x34" Euro White). The price was showing CAD146.00. I took a picture, as I need to talk to my contractor first. After confirming with the...

Lowes Rincon / customer services

on Aug 2, 2018

[protected] I had purchased 2 henshaw toilets from store in effingham ga. Rincon. I'm handicap and unable to lift or install them. Lowes associates had Set up for them to be picked up and delivered, installed as well. Lowes associate said we should hear for the installer to contact me with in...

Celco dba Roto-Rooter Rocky Mount, NC / roto-rooter adventure - lies, health code, violations criminal charges

on Jul 24, 2018

On 6/21/17, Celco Inc dba Roto-Rooter, broke the seal on my well to perform a pump replacement without the required Plumbing or Well Certification, thereby violating G.S. 87-98.2. The North Carolina State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors [protected]...

South West Plumbing / overcharged 90 year old mother in-law

on Jul 14, 2018

This complaint is because my 90 year old mother in-law was overcharged by South West Plumbing. She called because her water heater was not working, and she also had a bathroom sink that was slow to drain. So a new Bradford White electric water heater model RE350S6-NCWW $565.87 on Amazon...

Gasquip and Bosch / hydropower gas hot water system tf250-8g

on Apr 13, 2018

Friday (6 April 2018) my hot water system stopped working. It was still under warranty. It was purchased and installed 30 May 2017. I called Aztec Plumbing as they installed it and was told I would have to ring Bosch or it would cancel the warranty. I contacted Bosch and they told me I...

Plumb Pro / plumbing

on Mar 31, 2018

Plumb ProPlumber lied about service cost/process; has leak within a week; customer service cannot keep promise; ski appointment. John yelled at me over phone Details for complaining: Had service on March 9 2018. Install disposal and faucet. I provided faucet. Faucet is good two years old from...

Daniel Reddick - Best Plumber / wrong business info. & address registered

on Mar 7, 2018

Sir, This daniel reddick (best plumber) registered our address 16890, crestview lane, weston the yellow pages that address actually belongs to raman srinivasan. Daniel reddick phone number [protected] was mentioned in the yellow pages phone book. Please take care of the matter...

Little Giant / little giant jet pump and pressure tank system

on Feb 20, 2018

On the February 14th I purchase a pump and tank assembly at the Elkhart, In. store The pump was installed by my contractor on Saturday the 17th of Feb. The installation went very well and our pump was up and running, However their was a leak between the motor and the pump. It looked like...

Quail Creek Apartments / apartments uninhabitable

on Dec 31, 2017

I signed a lease for the Quail Creek apartments located at 913 N 72nd Street in Kansas City, KS 66112. I had asked for a lower level unit not knowing the buildings at 7166 Armstrong Avenue were deemed uninhabitable because of black sewage filling the entire units about every three month...

Matt (Matthew) Yabsley / english speaking worker / plumber / constructor in berlin

on Dec 16, 2017

Matt (Matthew) YabsleyHi dear Berlin community, I would like to ask for a help for putting a series conman / fraud / scam artist in jail and shut him shell fraud GmbH down. As well this is true story happening now and in Berlin and victims are more than 20 people so far. His name is called: " Matthew...

Abbey Wood Plumbing aka Pro Improvement Services / boiler repair

on Oct 27, 2017

on 22nd oct at 5.30pm i called this company after my boiler kept tripping out, I was told an engineer would be with me between 8 and 9pm. At 8.45 the company called o say that the engineer was on his previous job longer than he anticipated and when he finished he was going home !. I wasnt...

Miller Plante / unethical behaviour

on Oct 25, 2017

I purchase the septic product from this company some time ago. Maybe a year or more. The company has called non stop since that time. I have ignored their calls, however they have now resorted to calling from a "local" number. I received a call from them on 10-25-2017. The representative...

Eddie W. / water leak and several other claims of breakdowns in my home.

on Oct 9, 2017

Choice Home Warranty Never cover none of my claims, they always find a reason why this and that are not covered. I am very disappointed with this company, they send incompetent people to repair breakdowns starting in March 2017 up until now. It also takes two to three weeks before they...

Quality Plumbing Solutions / worker did not submit money to warranty company

on Sep 10, 2017

Use First American Home Warranty (member since 2005) who selects contractors. Had stoppage in line, warranty sent this company (phone [protected]) out on 03/31/17, on 04/05/17 after trying to wash 1st load afterwards, same issue occurred, called warranty company on 04/06/17 and wa...