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Plastic Surgery Complaints

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dr. Ivanics György Professio Plasztika / Unethical behaviour

Greeneyesbudapest on Nov 18, 2017
dr. Ivanics György Professio PlasztikaI was doubly defrauded by dr. György Ivanics. As a beauty craftsman and also as a plastic surgery expert. As a result of my accident my elongated upper left eyelid I wanted to raise with botox. He wanted to request 70 thousand forints - 330 Euros for 3 injections. Finally, I managed to get rid...

Perfect Age Dr. Miklos Molnar / plastic surgery

kelly anders on Nov 13, 2017
Perfect Age Dr. Miklos MolnarStay Away from Dr. Molnar Miklos, he is not a plastic surgerion but a butcher. If anyone read this, please, please run away from this little man!! Run away! Right now I mean it. He does all kind of surgeries for money, any kind of surgeries! Even maxillofacial surgeries, whih he has no...

RealSelf / unethical

liedtobyrealself on Nov 8, 2017
I wrote a negative review on a doctor who botched me and even tho it is the most recent it appeared 3 from the last of the reviews. Many of them were 6 years or older yet mine was 9 days you would think it would be at the top. I read many of the same scenarios. My conclusion??? Site i...

Puig Medical Group (aka Cleveland Hair Centers) / hair transplants/plastic surgery

exposingscams62 on Nov 5, 2017
Puig Medical Group (aka Cleveland Hair Centers)Pmg's loren comitor, ron goldovich, carlos j. puig, & e. antonio mangubat engaged in fraud & false-advertising Beware - for reasons described below, puig medical group's (pmg's) loren comitor, ron goldovich [aka ronald t. goldovich], carlos j. puig, and e. antonio mangubat [aka tony...

Loren Comitor / hair transplants/plastic surgery

catchngcrooks6 on Oct 29, 2017
Loren Comitorbeware loren comitor of puig medical group engaged in fraud & false-advertising beware - for reasons described below, loren comitor is a depraved individual with no morals or ethics and engaged in fraud & false-advertising while working with dr. carlos j puig and puig medical...

De La Cruz Plastic Surgery / breast implant/ lift

Jme Morse on Oct 23, 2017
De La Cruz Plastic SurgeryI went to Dr. De La Cruz for breast augmentation. He recommend just implant replacement, which I had completed in Aug of 2013. After that, one of my implants went flat and also had other cosmetic defects. Dr. recommend replacement of faulty implant and also a full lift with fat deposit...

Prestige Cosmetic / plastic surgery bernard korpchinski

Giovanna jarac on Oct 21, 2017
Prestige CosmeticThe reason why i am writing this complain is to prevent for people being harmed by Doctor Bernard Kopchinski, I want to share my personal horror experience that has changed my life significantly. This is my story I went to PRESTIGE COSMETIC's office in San Antonio Texas November 2016, with...

Sono Bello / lazor lipo

mary.72 on Sep 3, 2017
When you first go here you speak to a sales person, not a medical personal or anyone who knows anything about the outcomes. I spent about 12, 000.00 here, big waste. I was told visit after visit that I was still swolen and it would get better. After about 3 months I demanded to see a...

Tinder / Tinder

David Ian Lawson on Aug 31, 2017
I contacted Tinder about 2 weeks ago. It was in relation to my account being blocked, according to the message on my phone you have blocked my account because of inappropriate behaviour . I questioned my son that day and he said he had used my phone as a laugh when he was drunk. I have...

Sonobello / facelift

Lynda Henke on Aug 28, 2017
Todays date is 8/27/17...In January 2017 I had a facelift and My eyes fixed by Dr. Malcom Lesavoy in Sacramento, CA. The surgery went well it seemed. On the way home that evening "which I do not remember", I started ripping off my bandages. My sister took me right back to the office. They...

Dr. Kotoske / cosmetic surgery

Ps_RN on Aug 26, 2017
Dr. KotoskeI gave him five stars on consultation. He is very nice and great bedside manner. After the consultation I felt so good inside and excited, I felt I met the right doctor that was going to make my stomach and breasts look perfect.I had previous breast reduction in 2008, weight loss, and...

Nunya / laser facial tightening

Fakerse on Aug 4, 2017
Was ushered into small room, a guy dressed like a salesman came in, looked at me and said we can do it for about 8000. I asked a few questions which he totally blew off. I told him I had radiation on the side of y face and wanted to ask the doctor if I could still do the laser treatment...

Andrew Frankel (Lasky Clinic) / revision rhinoplasty

FrankelNose on Jul 28, 2017
Andrew Frankel (Lasky Clinic)On May 9th, 2016 I went to have a revision rhinoplasty surgery performed by Andrew Frankel in Bev. Hills, CA. From some research I did I was convinced that he was one of the best for this type of surgery. The results didn't match the computer morphs that he made. I know that getting an...

Dr. Russel Palmer / surgery

Metoo954 on Jul 19, 2017
Dr. Russel PalmerI am also a victim of his malpractice. I was charged for new implants which were never replaced. He filled one up and not the other. I also paid for a minir rhino which he didn't file the tip down. On my right nipple, he made a cut straight down instead of cutting around it. The stiching...

Sono Bello / body contouring

L22 on Jul 14, 2017
I had scheduled a procedure and unfortunately broke my foot and was going to have to postpone my procedure. I asked for a refund and was given a sales pitch. I cannot get into contact with anyone and there is delay after delay. Also, I was emailed another patient's information, HIPAA...

Sono Bello / the freezing and removing fat

Kimberly Portis on Jul 13, 2017
Son belle is a fraud, they don't tell you that if you have stretch marks the procedure make not work, or that if you don't have a flat enough already stomach that no matter how much fat that is being removed your stomach will not be like the commercials! I had a lower and upper abdomen and...

Ideal Image / cool sculpting and lip filler

Dcombs1223 on Jul 5, 2017
I went in last year for a consultation. I'd been working out and eating better, but my belly area was still bloating. The consultant informed me that I was a good candidate for cool sculpting and let me know how much the treatment would cost and what kind of results I could expect. I wa...

Sono Bello, WA / sono bello liposuction treatments

Irma87 on Jun 27, 2017
Sono Bello, WATo whom it may concern: Complaint regarding Sono Bello, Bellevue, WA unethical business practices, unprofessional conduct, misleading advertising, and false representations. I am writing to inform you of my absolute disappointment with my experience at Sono Bello in Bellevue, WA and my...

Dr Timothy J Marten / facelift and forehead temple lift

V1olated on Jun 18, 2017
Dr Timothy J MartenI signed up for facelift and temple lift. I stressed the importance of improving the prematurely laxed forehead skin and upper face. I did not want a necklift or any other procedures that Timothy J marten did try to sell to me. I had nothing to eliminate on my face, just a bit of loose skin...

Brandeis Clinic - Prague / arm lift surgery

Joan maniford on Jun 15, 2017
I am 73 year old lady - after much weight loss decided on the arm lift - had consultation in November by DR MUSILOVA & had surgery same day paid £2000 . Several weeks after surgery saw not much difference in arm size was told to wait as probably still swollen!! I waited - no difference I...
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