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Mafrooha Naaz / Misusing photo and name


good morning... i need your urgent help... someone had made 4 orkut profile... in 2 profile he/she had put my name and my picture... and now i am so afraid... i request you to please delete those accounts... please...i'll be very helpful to you... for god sake please help me

Eclipse Photography Vancouver, Bc / Refuses to deliver product that is paid for


I would not recommend Eclipse Photography. Kim Mara, owner and photographer of Eclipse Photography represents herself as an award winning upstanding member of the community and an accredited member of 2 photography associations. Regrettably their business conduct proves otherwise. On...

Mack Davis Photowerks / innapropriate actions


He approached me to do a modeling shoot and offered to shoot TF/CD. Which was fine and we agreed. Then we setup to meet at a local park to shoot. After working with him for a while I became very uncomfortable with the way he was "guiding me" he brushed against me several times that would...

Lens Rental / Lack of Customer Service


I will never rent with again. Even though I would save money to rent with them, I would rather pay more money to a company full of nice representatives than to pay less to a company who will neither cater to anyone else's needs or obligations nor offer reasonable... / scam


I am an amatuer photographer and came across this website in October of 08. I deciced to become a member for $59.00 a year. You submit photos and are critiqued by your peers and can also judge other peoples stuff. They have monthly contests and give out prizes. <br /> About a month into...

Eye Love Photography / One year and a half later and no wedding albums!


When we hired this photographer Michelle, she showed us great samples of her work and beautiful wedding coffee table books with high quality. The reason why we decided on her, was for the quality of the pictures and the creativity of picture taking! She wanted to be paid up front, which we...

photographers r us / charged money with no delivery of goods


back in May I went to the above-mentioned to get some headshots taken, They charged my American Express 406 dollars and I never got the photos. I had gone back a week later to pick them up and was told they never heard of me. That was that until I got my credit card bill. They charged me...

Moto Photo / Frustrating experience


Moto Photo is the perfect place to get scammed. Dealing with them is very frustrating. I had the worst time of my life. I can bet you that everyone who went there did not like them. He will run out of business soon. I wish I had not gone there in the first place. I heard that they take...

Weddings By Tepper - Wedding Photographer / Unethical Vendor


Weddings By Tepper - Wedding PhotographerAfter interviewing several photographers, my husband and I decided to use the company, Weddings by Tepper. We originally found them on the Wedding Sites and Services website and loved the fact that it was a husband and wife team who came from a family full of photographers, or so they told...

Kelly Wheeler, Photoz by Kelly / Bad Product and Bad Business Practices


Since my case with Kelly Wheeler is finally over, and yes, my appeal did get denied, I will post my story on this site so everyone can read it and judge for themselves. Mr. Wheeler took pictures for my girlfriend and me in Oct or 2008. Mr. Wheeler assured us that he could do what we wanted...

Jena Murray Photography / Stay away


We hired Jena as our wedding photographer. We were happy with her up until the day after the wedding when she became IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of for 3 months. She finally posted our pictures online, but it has been 14 months since our wedding and we are still waiting for our album. I have...

Church Street Studio / Worst service ever


Bill and Mary Koechig of Church Street Studio in Clarkston MI were hired to photograph my son's wedding. They took over 650 photos. My family got ONE POSE at the church from about 50 feet away. They took more pictures of weeds and cattatils than they did of the groom's family...

A Great Shot / Tremendous disappointment


I pre paid over $3000 to Jen Jez at A Great Shot photographs in May of 2008 for a wedding in July of 2008. She did a good job with the engagements, a good job with the bridals, and she was wonderful to work with at the wedding. The picture she printed for the wedding with her advertisement...

Bellissimo Photography / Disgusting people


We drove to Bountiful, Utah to attend our son's wedding - as well as many other relatives. My father who is 78 and step-mother flew up from San Deigo at a great sacrifice for them, as my step-sister was dying from breast cancer during this time. Her funeral was just this last Wednesday...

MGA Photography / Joe Montalvo will take your $$


This guy ripped my wife and I off!! he gives you a CD with pics on it, but does not call you back or meet with you to give you albums or other photos promised. He hasn't returned a call in months and we have been in contact with a few other couples going through lawsuits with him...

RNB2 Photography / SEX SCAM


BEWARE this PERVERT! This Low Life says that he will help models get their career going, but he just pressures young girls into posing nude and then tries to have sex with them. He did this to me and I have met many other models that he has done this to as well. He also invites young girl...

Stefanie Clair Photography / Very irresponsible


$2000 paid for wedding pictures. 8 months later no pictures. Won't sign for a certified letter. Very irresponsible.

LCA Videomakers / Unethical


Beautiful photography, but the photographer/owner, Chris Walters is not ethical. My wedding was in October 2008. I paid for photography, photos were taken, and I have not yet received them. Family members have placed orders that were not fulfilled. Mr. Walters is not returning phone call...

HArlan Cone accurate wedding photography / stole our money never gave us pictures


HArlan Cone accurate wedding photographyHe made us pay up front, he charged us $2, 000 dollars! he said he has video graphy services, picture and dj. Joke his dj is his dad, he set up a video camera and walked away! we have the sky the chairs people walking in front no sound. he gave us our proofs and they where horrible my... / over charging, ### goods


They ripped me off. Rented a Mono Pak kit and minolta meter. Got quoted $35 for the kit (including softbox, ring, cord) and $15 for the meter /24hrs. Asked for a recipt, told I didn't need one all good just return before store close the next day. Return the goods get a bill for...

Photo Video Network / Very dishonest and rude


My event was June 27th 2009. These people are very unprofessional and LIARS. Let me start by saying they said everything in the book to make the company look very reliable. I was told that they travel in two's by their representative Ralph that came to my home to speak to my husband...

Scenic Concepts, Inc. / SCAM!


The salesman Don Raaum told us we had 3 months to pay for the picture. Which would have made the payment due mid Sept. Stopped by on 6-26-09 demanding money said he would not leave untill he got paid. Yelled profanities out the window of his vehicle. Said that our place was "Loserville"...

BCX Printing Center / Horrible Customer Service


We haven't done any business with them yet, and I'm fairly certain we're not going to. They're awfully rude to their customers, and treating them like their idiots happens to be their policy. "First thing I ever learned in business was that all customers ARE STUPID...

US Postal Delivery / Postal Delivery


The US Postal Service in Valrico, FL is the worst! For about two months now our mail have been misdelivered and even taped to the wall in the mail box area by neighbors that have received our mail in their boxes. I have called the US Post Office numerous times and have even paid them a...

Glamor Shots / miss led package i bought


I had taken my daughter to glamor shots for a gift to her for her 16 birthday. I bought a package for $2, 585.06 which i was told by buying this package that I would be getting a 20x24 mounted image collection, animoto slideshow, and a j peg for the computer, which i could download the...



My husband and I were married in September 2005. It took an act of a judge to get us our photos on a disk. Mr Dunkley was ordered to pay us the deposit for our wedding album which we never received. He's such a creep that he hasn't paid us the money. Beware if you are thinking...



This company should be ashamed of themselves. They lie, lie, lie and will say and do anything to get money from you. They called me several times to try to meet with me to show me their wedding photography packages. Finally we met with them on a friday night at about 7:30. The rep showed...

PhotoVideo Network / Lying/Unethical/Bad Business


This company is horrible- do not use them under any circumstances. They lie, lie, lie and will do and say anything to get your money. After they called me several times, I finally met with them to discuss wedding photography. The rep came to my house at 7:30 on a friday night. He showed u...

Az Bridal Photography-Harlan Cone / Never received Wedding Pictures


I have been around the block with the owner of this company. Harlan Cone is a lousy business man. I signed a contract and prepaid for all my wedding photography needs. Including all prints, disc, and 4 parent albums as well as our wedding album. We were married in January of 2009 and have... / customer servce


Placed order on 4/29/09, the website advised the order was pre approved and in processing on 4/30/09 with shipment expected in 5 days. The payment was processed and taken from my credit card on 4/30/09 also. I became concerned when there was no indication of actual shipment. I have sent...

modeling / rip off


Paul Roberts told my sister and i, that we could become international model he promised us that we could be in the dolly magazine and do bridle wear go up on bill boards go to other country's and states eg england, USA, Paris and also Sydney. so we got excited as he said he would do...

XEN STUDIO / scammed


Paid $100 for 2 5x7 senior pictures and never received them. Paid through paypal and they kept my money but never sent pics. Made contact with them several times, and through the police, but now am unable to contact them at all...

United Studios Of America / Fraud!


I was shopping at my local Kroger store when I was approached by a man to have my family portrait taken. There was a $10 fee which I paid. When we arrived to take the portraits there was another $6 fee which no one advised upfront. I purchased the portraits for over $500 and was told they... / Awful company


On 2nd September 2008 I took in a film to be processed. I used the 3 day service. A week later the photos still hadn't come back. I was told to come back again in a week, which I did, and the photos still hadn't come back. I was assured that they hadn't been lost. However, a...

New Id Burlington / Overcharged


I paid for my daughter to have a makeover at new, id experiences owned by the Burlington group. The make over was fine and the photo shoot good. How ever when the photographs arrived three of them showed my daughters head to be at the top of the frame rendering those photographs a...

One Shot Photography Services / Never Received Our Wedding Photographs


We met with Danielle Broschinsky to discuss using her as our photographer for our wedding. She needed to build her portofolio, and we were looking to save some money. She offered to take pictures free of charge if we allowed her to use our pictures in her portfolio, she told us how...

PHOTO LAUREATES / Ripped Off - how get money back!


What is the best solution to get my money back. I paid $113 USD back in Oct 2008 and never received the photo book. When I emailed them they said it was due to be shipped. Of course they were lying. I then requested a refund (which they claimed was only $67 USD, which could be because the... / Order not received


I order a canvas print from on 11March 09. The website advertises 4-5 working days to receive an order. I still have not received mine. I have checked the status of my order and it is still pending, I have contacted "customer service" several times but still have not received...

Harlan Cone / Terrible photographer


So, after 2 months of calling Harlan every day and making 2 trips to his house, Harlan finally mailed me my disc. He originally promised me my pictures in 2-3 days. I did not expect much after I realized what kind of person I was dealing with, but I was extremely disappointed. My 4 year...

Photography/Videography / Misadvertise


I am an unhappy customer of this company, Flow Images. The owner Mark is a very good SALES person. He says anything you want to hear when you're about to sign up but when the time comes, he said it's not in the contract - so make sure it's written down! What happened to me...