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Portrait Innovations / Customer service..

Kath2083 on Feb 19, 2017
I am a portrait innovation client; And the last time I went 02/19/2017 to take the photos of my 2 year old daughter I was treated super bad since after leaving me 1 hour and a half sitting waiting she told me that we had to wait because she had people with appoinment when in fact I wa...

MyPix2.com / Canvas print did not arrive

kaSSdean on Feb 9, 2017
I bought a canvas print from www.mypix.com website and it was back in November and it is now February and I didn't receive it yet. 3 months passed and it looks like I'll never get it. I'm very disappointed because that was a birthday present for my father and I was pretty excited about it...

GotPrint.com / They don't use PayPal and their service is terrible

Dan on Feb 7, 2017
I wanted to pay via PayPal but it seemed that it was impossible. Just to be sure I called GotPrint customer service and asked about PayPal and the person on the phone said that they didn't use it. I asked why and he replied something that made no sense and I didn't understand a thing. Then...

Walgreens / Photo printing

Sammy Masminster Ray on Feb 4, 2017
WalgreensHi I placed an order for 18 valentine cards. (Order Number: 46868050007)I got a call that the printer did not print it right and they needed me to come in and approve. When i came in the items were not printed correctly but they said they could trim the access. The whole time i was there...

My-picture.co.uk / Canvas print

Tog Porter on Feb 3, 2017
Warning about www.my-picture.co.uk Beware of this cheap canvas website - do NOT buy from them. They pretend to be in the UK but are actually in Germany and they have an unscrupulous work ethic. I placed an order for a canvas of one of my artworks. I uploaded the image and requested a mirrored...

ViewBug / Deceptive advertising - creating impressions that the reviews are juried by experts

Pavel Muller on Jan 25, 2017
I was attracted to Viewbug by their long list of expert judges. There was virtually nothing to tell me about how the site operates, but I expected it to be similar to other sites that offer juried competition for a gallery exhibition or other prices. This site is different. Most winner...

MyPix2 / Canvas prints ordered, order cancelled after 3 months, no refund received

Wendi Ringhofer on Jan 25, 2017
I ordered $98 worth of canvas prints on 9/11/16 directly through this company. My order had not arrived and I was not given anything beyond generic replies as of 12/11/16. I cancelled this order and after filing a BBB report was told to expect a refund in up to 45 days. I have not received...

CanvasDiscount.com / Very poor quality printing

Sabazin on Jan 24, 2017
I used CanvasDiscount for the first time and ordered a canvas print. They did their job very quickly and my order arrived on time. It was very important for me to get it on time because it was a gift. Unfortunately I had to ask for a refund, because I was not satisfied with the quality...

Vodacom / Working on how to speak to a customer. "if you nice to me i will be nice to you" treat me with respect.

5salomefouche@gmail.com on Jan 20, 2017
I phoned Vodacom, Due to an arrangement with them for payment on the 25th, our lines were still blocked. The first person I spoke to, was friendly and professional, I waited an hour without the agent getting back to me so I tried phoning the call center again. I spoke to three different agents and...

The Biker Guru / Charity

truth guru on Jan 19, 2017
The Biker Guru is Dean Allen Nelson & his pathetic wife Wendy Lee Nelson. They owned United Studios of America which screwed 1000's of customers and employees, vendors, stores, malls and everything in between. Dean is now representing himself as a great biker/santa persona that i...

CanvasOnSale / Photo canvas

R Petley on Jan 18, 2017
When I received it, it was beautiful. However after a few months the stretch became loose and I noticed the picture had waves in it. I contacted customer service and they basically blew me off with no attempts to try to help. I feel people should know what will happen after they receive...

BigStockPhoto / Trial scam

Kira on Jan 18, 2017
I have the same problem as many others, I got into their free trial scam! I signed up for BigStockPhoto only because I wanted to see what this site was about and wanted to try it. I cancelled my subscription 2 days before the expiry date. I was shocked when I found out that my subscription...

B-Precious / Crappy photography

PissedOff2017 on Jan 17, 2017
I went in for what I thought was going to be a cheap cute mini session, the only thing I got was a loss of an hour of my life and crappy photos that I will never use. The photos did not look like anything advertised and I was so dissappointed in the quality. Since it was just a mini...

Photobookamerica.com / Photobookamerica is the worst!

ZazazXK on Jan 13, 2017
Do not order from www.photobookamerica.com, that's my only advice. These people don't really care what you ordered and they can even remove your chosen pictures because they decided it that way. And that's exactly what happened to me. I made an order for a photo book and when I received it...

MyPix2.com / No delivery, no refund

dpobrien on Jan 12, 2017
I have orders going back to march 11, 2016 with mypix2 - that's over 9 months, with no anticipation of receiving them in the foreseeable future. Trying to contact them does no good whatsoever. If they bother to respond it's only to confirm what you already know - your order has not been...

Scandigital.com / Crazy fees and service

Kai on Jan 12, 2017
I sent them some VHS tapes to convert those into CD format. I paid for the service but later they added extra charges on my card and that was made without my permission. First they charged extra $50 for who knows what and when I tried to reach them they did not reply. Several days later I...

Shutterfly - Don't use!! / Lack of guaranteed delivery! Photobook

Angela Fox on Jan 9, 2017
I spent 8 hours putting together a photo book for my parent’s 50th anniversary. I had gathered 50 years of photos and created a 50 page book. I then paid extra for guarenteed shipping. It was guaranteed to deliver today (1/9/2017). No book!!! I had even used the chat the day before because...

1clickprint.com / Extremely slow service

Axxell838 on Jan 3, 2017
Their delivery service is extremely slow and there is no way to cancel order and get a refund! I would not recommend this company 1clickprint to anyone, they will give you nothing but headache. I made my order in mid October and just received my order. I was supposed to get it till Christmas! I am...

Demian Barrios Earthworks LLC / Do not hire demian barrios, he is a scammer... Terrible videographer/photographer

imreallypissedoff on Dec 31, 2016
This guy name Demian is a scam artist. Totally unprofessional, and does not conduct a legit business. He doesn't deliver on what you hire him to do and you wont get your money back or your money's worth. Stay away from Demian Barrios, he is a scammer. I am not convinced the photos and video...

Photobox.co.uk / Daily emails

Phillip on Dec 28, 2016
I have subscribed for this service and ordered some photos from www.photobox.co.uk. When I received my photos I was very disappointed with poor quality and decided not to order from them again. I'm sure I unsubscribed from them but for some reason they keep sending me daily emails! I even...
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