Photo Services Complaints


E D Clark School Photography / school photography

on Apr 5, 2019

I don't really complain but I believe all businesses needs to be professional and offer fair service for everybody. It should be business not personal. I use to work with ED Clark School Photography on a 3 months contract and I didn't accept renewal of contract. They do my kids school...

Braidyn Looper Wedding Photography Sheridan Wyoming / photography

on Jan 27, 2019

Braidyn Looper Wedding Photography Sheridan WyomingOn August 10th, 2018 Braidyn Looper Photography agreed to photograph inventory for an online store. A few weeks had passed and still no photographs. I kept getting responses such as " I will get them emailed next week" or "i'm going on a trip". Sometime in January 2019, I seen Braidyn at...

Bestcanvas, Inc. / photo blanket

on Dec 15, 2018

I ordered photo blanket on November 30th. On December 2nd I was informed that the blanket was shipped by USPS and I can't track the shipping but it was priority mail ($16.90 just shipping) and should get it in 2-4 days. Today is 12/15. No package. For last 5 days I called the customer service... / canon cameras

on Nov 6, 2018

cameraeshops.comSpecial Angebote für Canon Foto Produkte - Inserat wurde via Facebook geschaltet. Obwohl ich eigentlich hätte merken müssen, dass diese Preise unmöglich sind... Habe ich ein Objektiv online bestellt und mit Kreditkarte bezahlt... Prinzip Hoffnung... Ich habe auch sofort per Mail eine...

Purseblog Re: Loochdapooch / stealing photos as friends bags

on Oct 10, 2018

Loochdapooch is Linda Horta Collazo. I know she has been a member since 2005 or so, her slick way of showing her ‘bags' is that she borrows them pretending to be friends with people and using them saying ‘I need a photo shot' or please let me use the bags for the attention on the PF. She i...

Chelsea Brito Photography / photography... cancelled 30 minutes prior to event!!!

on Sep 24, 2018

Can you imagine your wedding day? Every woman in the world dreams of this can you imagine a wedding photographer that does not respond back the day of the event and THEN texts 30 minutes before to tell you she is sick and has to CANCEL??!! Who in their right mind would ever to do...

Inpixio / inpixio photo clip 7

on Sep 14, 2018

Here are my Oct 26, 2016 purchase & billing details for InPixio Photo Clip 7 Professional. As you can see, I paid for a 2 year upgrade guarantee so why am I asked to pay 29.99 for the InPixio Photo Clip 7 Professional upgrade. Thank you, Gord Woods Name on Account: Gord Woods Address: 148 Con...

Life Touch Photography / company

on Sep 13, 2018

I needed to contact someone from Life Touch company to ask some questions regarding school pictures. Their contact number on the website was out of service. The other #'s provided, connect you to costumer service in the Philippines! The long distance connection & reception was bad & the...

Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits / senior portrait package — didn't get everything in ultimate session package

on Sep 4, 2018

I just received my daughter's proofs in the mail. When she had her senior pictures taken on August 2, we payed for the "Ultimate" sitting, the most expensive option. According to the details for this package we were to get 24-30 images (I received 18), and 7-9 backgrounds (I got 6, if you...

LegacyBox/Southtree / promised refund never came

on Aug 12, 2018

The bottom line is that after several screw ups on the part of LegacyBox, I was promised to receive a full refund of what I paid. My order number was 430337. On July 3 via email with Tosha (Customer Support Supervisor), I was promised half of my paid amount back ($49.99). It would take 5-10...

Satkar Koli / epson l 805

on Aug 1, 2018

Satkar Kolimaine epson ka printer purchase kiya 16 jully 2018. c.b.d belapur main rajesh mandavkar ye naam ke dealer se jo mere pehchan ka tha .instalation lo epson service centre se vikas naam ka engineer aya or installation kiy ajo navi mumbai vashi epson service centre se aya tha . printer jab...

CVS / Kodak Kiosk / kodak kiosk

on Jun 12, 2018

I went to transfer my photos from my phone to a flash drive since they have the handy dandy hook up for the phone. I had a lot of photos, 3685, so I knew this would take a while. Halfway through the download, the phone became unhooked. Sigh. Ok, so I start over and finally all the photo...

Decoder Stolen / the answer you gave me

on May 14, 2018

Decoder StolenIn 2006/7 my decoder was stolen, when calling to customer service for assistance to trace and block or to help getting the decoder back the manager, SHE told me that the machine is on and thy can't help me. Now I got a decoder and the person that gave it to me have left the country or who...

X’pose Studio / unable to access website & have forgotten the password.

on May 7, 2018

Have forgotten the password of Guess the website has been blocked.It was active from 2012 till July 2017.Unable to access since August 2017.This has caused a major setback in my profession. Please help us with the procedure to revive the website & the password. You can mail...

American Virtual Dimensions, LLC / fraud, john segs, john goff, john golfis, john c golfis, john gofs, mary ding-golfis, shuping ding, john mccormic

on Apr 13, 2018

Tax forfeiture public record found: American virtual dimensions, llc - certificate / charter forfeited: july 24, 2009 Effective sos registration date: 10/18/2005 Mailing address: 8302 sterling st irving, tx [protected] Registered agent name: john golfis Registered office street addre...

Lifetouch Photos / middle school photos

on Apr 10, 2018

I did not receive my daughters package to order her Spring school photos form until after the ordering date. I was very disappointed in the limited selection to choose from. My daughter overheard the photographer tell others they were running behind so they were quickly hurried through the...

Photo-Booth Rolland Elliot / I bought a photobooth and they did not give me what they offered me, now they do not want to return the money.

on Apr 4, 2018

This company offer in the website, a product that is complete including everything, the final product was not complete, there were missing lots of pa since I got retired I found a photo-booth. Biz $2500 razor kiosk, looks a good opportunity to relax and make extra money for my retirement...

Darren Perkell / darren perkell photography

on Mar 17, 2018

Darren Perkell is a gay sex criminal. This [censor] masquerades as some type of low-end professional photographer (, but many suspect that he in fact trolls and hangs out near the kids schools located in and around his apartment at 75 West End Avenue, New York NY... / benefit fraud

on Mar 17, 2018

fotograffy.agencyWe are an outsourcing company named TRICONBANGLADESH. our contact address is [protected] We have been worked for from February 2018 to March 2018.In that time we have been serviced them for photo editing.Over 1000 files we served them. But now they have...

Canvas Capture, LLC / fraud, john segs, john goff, john golfis, john c golfis, john gofs

on Dec 15, 2017

John Constantine Golfis of Canvas Capture LLC is using false names to transact business from 2910 Club Hill Drive in Garland, Texas in Dallas County Texas. Check mugshot to confirm identity when given false a name: November 20, 2017 John...

Bargain Club / flux hd zoom high performance lens

on Nov 26, 2017

Bargain ClubI have ordered Flux HD Zoom High Performance Lens through 1828174 dated 06/21/2017 and till date I have not received the consignment inspite of various email to the support services. I have spent lot of time in writing and various phone calls. I should be compensated for failure of the...

Art Nouveau Images, LLC / fraud, john c golfis, john gofs, julie anh lien, julie nguyen, creative image affair, alejandra reyes

on Nov 23, 2017

Art nouveau images, llc master distributor for creative image affair John c golfis used the false name "john gofs" transacting business with art nouveau images, llc formerly known as plane logistics llc resulting in lost investment John c golfis partner julie anh lien, aka: julie nguyen...

American Virtual Dimensions Inc / fraud, john c golfis, shuping ding, mary ding golfis

on Nov 4, 2017

American Virtual Dimensions IncJohn c golfis, shuping ding, mary ding golfis, bunny wu, american virtual dimension llc, ios fine art llc, two-x inc, gamut control llc, creative image affair, seikilos fx studios llc, nexafoto, inc. John c golfis also known as "john goff" misrepresented he did not operate or control american...

R Charriez / canvas prints

on Nov 3, 2017

I have no complaint about the quality of the prints I received in a timely fashion. My issue is this: I received four 11x14 canvas of the same print! I had, as far as I know, wanted and ordered four different prints. My order number is [protected], package ref. number 72943-071a. Order date...

Indy / unethical service & rude operator

on Oct 31, 2017

Ordered 2 Canvas Prints and Without my consent re-sized beyond 50% of original request and got a Rude response from Jesse that I will have to live with it . Not even let me speak at all. I was at the edge to start yelling because his words sounded like they did a favor by printing. I asked, "If...

Eivan's Photography & Videography / failure to refund my money

on Oct 31, 2017

Eivan's Photography & VideographyI have become a victim of Eivan's Photography's deceptive ways. I have been battling this company for 2 years for them to return my $1900 in which the owner, Sam Jalouga said he would. First off, you have to give them a $250 deposit then they email you a 10 page contract (that's right, 10...

Kells' Natural Photography / photography services

on Sep 29, 2017

Crystal Kells of Kells' Natural Photography is a mental patient. She takes horrible photos of the grossest looking people then considers herself talented. She is a joke to the photography world. Half the time her photography is of her son dressed up like a little girl, as if that's not bad...