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Photo Services Complaints

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Shutterfly / delivery of special occasion photo book

Mothra1 on Jun 16, 2018

I spent days and days designing a photo book for Father's Day. The books were offered for a Father's Day promotion. I submitted my order once I checked that the merchandise would arrive on time. It showed that it would, so I placed my order. I checked over the 2 week production time and it...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Photo booth

Benjamin Donald Smyth on Jun 15, 2018

I plugged my phone into the photo booth and it started acting strange. It wouldn't recognize that I was attached to the usb properly and is now having trouble charging. There was obviously an issue with the booth that has affected my phone as this was not a problem this morning and I had...

CVS / Kodak Kiosk / kodak kiosk

Shelley Lange-Hemenway on Jun 12, 2018

I went to transfer my photos from my phone to a flash drive since they have the handy dandy hook up for the phone. I had a lot of photos, 3685, so I knew this would take a while. Halfway through the download, the phone became unhooked. Sigh. Ok, so I start over and finally all the photo...

Photobucket / plus 50 account

Tricia McGrath on Jun 10, 2018

I am a long long time customer with a monthly subscription plan who's account is suddenly restricted because it told me i needed to upgrade. i figured maybe plans changed, no biggie ill select appropriate one then continue on my my mission. Today is my best friend's wake and before i go to...

Lifetouch / spring pictures - poor customer service and supervisor

TeresaLynnC on Jun 6, 2018

For a few years, I have ordered my grandson's school pictures and year book through Lifetouch website. My grandson's parents were unable to order so I took on the responsibility. For the entire time that I have ordered the pictures and year book, I have received the product that I paid...

PicMonkey / photo editing

DonnaR on Jun 4, 2018

I have just discovered PicMonkey has been withdrawing money each month from my account. I dont recall ever signing up for this website and I certainly do not add my card details even for trials of websites. I dont know how they got my details, but I would like my money back and know who...

Groovebook / billing

Melissa Slater-Yendra on Jun 1, 2018

I have sent an email several times to cancel my membership and it stops for a few months and then it is taken out of my acct again... I have not received a book in a year and i keep getting charged after I have cancelled it Several times!!! I want a refund and i want it cancelled for good...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / upcoming new spokane store

Vicky Pyles on May 29, 2018

We have shopped at the Costco Division street store since it opened in 1992. Over the years I have spent alot in the photo dept. & was recently told that when the new store will open in July there will NOT be a photo dept. - I cant imagine why you would be taking this service away from u...

iStockPhoto / violation of istock policies and common intellectual policies

Denuwan Udahawatte on May 27, 2018

Hi; This mail is regarding the violation of iStock policies and Common Intellectual policies as well. I am a Communication Designer and a Photographer who graduated from University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. According to the academic structure of the degree we have to follow photography...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / photo department

Swatson2247 on May 23, 2018

It's a shame that I can't go there and print out pictures in private. The whole fricken store can see all my photos as my back is facing them and my pictures are on display for the whole world to see.. Not only that but the screen is big that even if I try to hide them with my hand you...

Lifetouch / graduation photo

Cat Bailey Schmidt on May 21, 2018

My son, Nicholas Schmidt is in his senior year at East Rutherford High School in Forest City (or Bostic), NC. They had photos taken a few weeks ago and we received them today. Very dissatisfied. He was very disappointed because at first he was just sitting there slumped over staring at the...

Portrait Innovations / computer problems and the amount of time it took - plus having to make a trip back to get cd and then pictures were not cropped

Constance Brauch on May 21, 2018

Hi: Yesterday I had an appointment at the Fairview Heights Il location. They were having REAL Computer Issues! It was insane the amount of time it took to be able to view pictures. No One Else was even in there - so it's not that their computers were just overloaded. I went back to get my...

Light In The Box / unauthorized credit card charges

wodbuc on May 21, 2018

I do not know this person that made this purchase with my paypal account. The details of this transaction: Date of purchase: 20 May 2018 Transaction ID: 35W12442BP028321M Invoice ID: 1805202129302068 Purchase Amount: $34.23 USD Mastercard ending in x-6539 Please, I request you act...

Portrait Innovations / photographers/customer care

DannyKaye on May 17, 2018

Portrait InnovationsThe Syracuse location is horrendous. I spent $700 on pictures and the manager, Marie, rushed us through the entire thing. Never listened to what we wanted. Didn't do half the shots I wanted and had me so distracted because she was getting impatient with my 3 year old for playing with the...

Decoder Stolen / the answer you gave me

Blouprotea on May 14, 2018

Decoder StolenIn 2006/7 my decoder was stolen, when calling to customer service for assistance to trace and block or to help getting the decoder back the manager, SHE told me that the machine is on and thy can't help me. Now I got a decoder and the person that gave it to me have left the country or who...

Micheal's / customer service

Candylynn50 on May 10, 2018

Micheal'sI brought 6 packs of colored variety pens back too Micheal's for a return gift card due to loosing my receipt somewhere between Florida and California. I teach Sunday school and was having a poetry Bible contest. The pens did not qualify for the exact test. So on Tuesday May 2018 at 15...

X’pose Studio / unable to access website & have forgotten the password.

Raj Bachan on May 7, 2018

Have forgotten the password of Guess the website has been blocked.It was active from 2012 till July 2017.Unable to access since August 2017.This has caused a major setback in my profession. Please help us with the procedure to revive the website & the password. You can mail...

Lifetouch / class picture has the wrong grade on it

Tashia Rocha on May 6, 2018

LifetouchMy daughter is in the 4th grade at Hazel Green Elementary school. I am in the process of packing up stuff because we are moving and when i came across my daughters class picture I just noticed that it has 2nd grade on it instead of 4th grade. I am not sure if it was a misprint on just my...

The Blue Rooms Photographic Studios / payment

McKillion on Apr 24, 2018

My daughter was due to have a photo shoot last Saturday, but unfortunately we got up on the Saturday to our beautiful dog Jessie had died, I tried to call blue room 4 times but to know success. The next thing was that they had taken £185.00 from my account. I am absolutely devastated by this, a...

Portrait Innovations / everything

Donna Potts on Apr 17, 2018

I scheduled a session for my daughters 13th birthday on her birthday April 6, 2018 @ 5p. Our entire family ordered custom made shirts to celebrate. I arrived at the session to be told there would be a 1/2hr delay. I was fine with that because some of the family coming from out of town wa...