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Pharmaceutical Companies Complaints

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Pfizer / TERRAMYCIN 500mg

Shikha Sanoria on Oct 18, 2017
PfizerRespected sir/Ma'am With due respected I would like you to inform about product name - TERRAMYCIN 500 MG B.NO.- 720-51040M MFG. APR.2017 EXP. MAY 2018 While giving this capsule to my husband I found two different colored capsule(one skyblue and second is green in color) and filling is also...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / Retail discounts @ checkout

JoGlatt on Oct 18, 2017
On 10-8-17 my husband and I shopped in the front of the CVS store at the 135th St store in Overland Park, KS. We had coupon savings offers that were 30% and $10 off. After scanning my card I was told the discounts were not valid for us because the #s did not match. Evidently we have card...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / pharmacy

Karin Reyes on Oct 17, 2017
I just came from the hospital and the first cvs I went to at 2 in the morning told me they only had 2 of the 3 medications that I needed. And it was the only 24 hr cvs in my area so I had to wait until the next day to go to the other cvs because it’s not 24 hrs. The next day I go and...

Dischem Bluff Pharmacy / fraudulent claims on my medical aid

Trevoraaron on Oct 17, 2017
MY medical aid was used fraudulently at the Dischem Bluff Pharmacy. my concern is on how did the pharmacist dispense medication when looking at the person's name and ID, address etc. did alarm bells not ring that this could not be the same person as race, gender, doesnt match. what security...

Ching Labs Sarah Zang / order 400 dollars in product and communication stop

Chad Gilbert on Oct 16, 2017
I ordered and sent bitcoins to Sarah Zang from ching labs on 09/13/17. I actually paid the extra money for the reship. I wasn't given tracking details until about 2 weeks later and was given two different numbers. Sarah then instructed which tracking number was mine and this tracking...

OptumRx / constant lies from customer service reps

Donna22 on Oct 14, 2017
I was promised my prescription would be filled on Friday and I would receive a Saturday delivery. I called several times to confirm this. At about 11:30 pm, I received an email saying that my order was on its way, only to find out that my order was processed AFTER UPS picked up all...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / pharmacy

Yomaira on Oct 13, 2017
Bad serviceI was attended with attitudes and bad things I got really bad service I really was surprised how they treat the patient After leaving the store call on the phone that I have no medication and I hung up the phone on 4 occasions Me atendieron con actitudes y malascrianzas me dieron...

Walgreens / pharmacy

Janet Field on Oct 12, 2017
I have had numerous mistakes made on prescriptions. I always stop as soon as I leave the window to check for accuracy. They should NEVER be dispensing incorrect medication and they have done this with me at least half a dozen times. This is simply dangerous and at the very least negligent...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / an employee at the pharmacy named trevor robinson

Koko-Bunnyy DuPree on Oct 10, 2017
I was bringing my prescription in to get filled and this employee was disgustingly nasty rude and extremely confrontational towards myself and other customers along side his manager the pharmacist. Wow totally rude and disrespectful he told me I have the wrong bit$$$!! The pharmacist asked...

Gillette / mach 3

Kev Groom on Oct 10, 2017
I have been using the Gillette Mach 3 razor system for many years now with good results. About two years ago one of the blades just disintegrated whilst I was shaving, this was the first time it had ever happened to me so though it just a one off. More recently over the last six months I...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy

Elizabeth Dyer on Oct 5, 2017
My son picked up a prescription from the location I have been using for 25 yrs. My benefits did not cover it, the cost was about $125. He didn't question the cost because my meds have had prices attached as well as the meds for him, his two siblings and Father that we get there. I called...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / dishonest pharmacist & race discrimination

Min Hui Woodall on Oct 5, 2017
CVS Pharmacy / CVS HealthMy name is Min Hui Woodall, an Asian American and a proud American citizen. I am living in Jonesboro, Georgia. On September 22nd I had a paper prescription of 30 pills of FIOICET (BUT/APAP/CAF 50-300-40mg) for my serious headache (migraine) and also have 1 refill (30 pills) after that. I...

Shoppers Drug Mart / service at pharmacy

customer555 on Oct 4, 2017
The pharmacist owner of this Shoppers Drug Mart 228, Kam, did not explain much when it came to the prescription pills, and had an unpleasant attitude as well. I went to pick up my prescription, which the family doctor prescribed the dosage to be at 4mg. Upon picking up my prescription at...

Express script through BCBS / company is fraud and charges two deductible

mojgan on Sep 29, 2017
I was forced through BCBS to change my husband to Express Script as part of Medicare part D. I pay $319.20 for this part (Medication part). It ends is that the company is fraud and constantly we pay for medication as part of $150 deductible. I wonder how many deductible I have that every...

Careem Networks / misguiding customer to cancel the ride which result in plenty to customer.

Fahad997 on Sep 28, 2017
I applied for two consecutive rides today, on first ride when i contact driver, he asked me to cancel the ride by myself just because of the reason that he dont want to take the ride at far destination (sadar to korangi) and misguide that it will not charged any plenty to customer which i...

Baoji Guokang Bio-Technology Co., Ltd / stole money, put an extra products on my account that I did not purchase and charge me for them

robertind on Sep 26, 2017
SCAM FRAUD BEWARE 6 years gold supplier alibaba Baoji Guokang Bio-Technology Co., Ltd guokang8286.com.cn bjgk.en.alibaba.com emails: general manager : yuan chen cngksw@aliyun.com +869178835516 sales manager : MAY gksales2@guokang8286.com.cn +869178839599 skype yuan.chen317 Benn...

Vons / pharmacy service

Customers123456 on Sep 25, 2017
Your Vons on coffee road in Bakersfield CA has the worst customer service ever. I had been calling that pharmacy since 3:33pm and no one answers. Customer service department even transferred me to the pharmacy and I waited 15 minutes for someone to pick up and they never did. I called back...

Pacific Naturals / (colon cleanser) digestit

Edward Grigas on Sep 25, 2017
Not only doesn't the product work but produces constipation which was very difficult for me. It didn't respond to laxatives. It is supposed to be a colon cleanser, the only thing it cleaned out was my wallet/ Return is awful no credit for open bottle or 30 day trial. Need RMA to return the...

Lincare / jim white bd 4/7/46 jweaverwhite@gmail.com

jwwhite on Sep 25, 2017
I have used Lincaire for over 5 years for my machine and supplies. My pulmonologist, Dr. Jimmy Johannes, wrote a script to Lincaire in Los Alamitos on August 25, 2017. He included all needed details. He wanted me to have an "automatic" type of machine from ResMed, the AirSense 10 Elite Auto...

Medlife.com / medlife — cheating people with incorrect offers of 45% discount on first order

Shailesh Patel on Sep 20, 2017
I received several SMS from Medlife that I will get 30% discount from medlife and 15% cashback from Mobikwik on my first order. I placed an order of Rs. 7, 146/-. I received 30% discount from medlife after placing and cancelling my orders 3 times because they have made it very complicated...
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