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Pharmaceutical Companies Complaints

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Prilosec OTC / Prilosec OTC

M.J.R_7 on Feb 27, 2017
I can go to Wal-Mart and purchase a box of 42 tablets for LESS Money than what Costco wants. Costco should be offering a lessor price daily for this over the counter treatment medicine than Wal-Mart! Why pay the Yearly fee to belong to Costco when Costco charges more money than Wal-Mart...

CVS Pharmacy / Poor customer experience

patrica servilla on Feb 26, 2017
I dropped off a prescription on 2/24/17 at store 3373. Marie had me wait to make sure that the medicine was available after confirming I told her I would pick it up over the weekend. I went today 2/26 and was informed by a very rude woman that they do not have the medicine. When I told her...

Express Scripts / Prescription benefits, pharmacy malpractice

John A Martin on Feb 24, 2017
My doctor faxed a prescription in to Express Scripts on 2/14/2017. I waited two days (because I've been told the website often doesn't have up to date information) before calling. After 3 attempts (including one disconnection), I finally reached an Express Scripts representative who...

Skynet / Product damage

Happy YG House on Feb 24, 2017
skynet consignee :238179760092 13/February/2017 Request a refund: We have already told that there is a glass product, and also have gum the fragile sticker on the box. When skynet return the damage product, we found that there are lost two boxes healthy product. This situation is not the first...

OptumRx / Customer support for web is non existent

tommmmmm on Feb 21, 2017
I have been calling customer support since Jan 1 (at least 12 diff calls) regarding problems with there WEB site which will not allow me to sign in. I have been told numerous times that I would be called back to resolve the login issue that I have. No one ever returns the call. I need...

CVS Pharmacy / Behavior from staff

lauren coletta on Feb 21, 2017
From Store 913 Bridgewater Mass. My son was bedridden sick, to the point he could not move after leaving the doctor. He is in a different state than me and had lost all type of payment. I called and tried to tell the tech and RPH but they said I could not pay for anything over the phone...

Walgreens / Pharmacy

Denisetate2012@yahoo.com on Feb 19, 2017
My mother dolores yates went to the walgreens pharmacy at 91st and union hills in peoria az today. She had 6 prescriptions to fill. She had lantus humalog, metoprolol, coumadin 5 mgmt and coumadin 1mg. She returned missing the coumadin 1mg and the humalog. I called the pharmacy, was put on...

Cvs Caremark / Forced service

Kelly Shepard Laurianno on Feb 17, 2017
Funny since I choose to use the cvs caremark prescription plan forced on me by the state of ri at rite aid pharmacy because of the treatment in the past received at cvs suddenly I get a letter that my daughters prescription will no longer be covered unless I get it through 90 day mail in...

Walgreens / The employees/ pharm. tech at plank rd.

Charity L Brown on Feb 17, 2017
I am extremely upset and embarrassed with the way the pharmacy tech has treated me this has been a second time she has discriminated against me due to my mental health med I'm on . She 2 months ago gave me a hard time about billING my insurance for 2 pills a day for a 30 day period. She...

OptumRx / Doctor letters demanding to know why tier 3 meds prescribed

TThane on Feb 9, 2017
OptumRx has faxed three of my doctors, insisting on justification for prescribing pain medication. They are basically threatening my doctors with harassment if they prescribe pain meds for me. These letters have gone to my dentist, oral surgeon, and eye doctor. The dentist told me he had...

Prime Therapeutics / Client service - prescription issue, uneducated and disrespectful reps and manager

Laurel Ann on Feb 8, 2017
I'm incredibly disappointed by the recent situation I experienced with Prime Therapeutics. I have never been treated so unprofessionally or rudely by a company that my health depends on. I spoke with a representative the other week before sending in my prescription and was told there...

Sandoz / Medicine

Mary Penglis on Feb 3, 2017
I have been taking HRT estalis continuous patches, I went to fill my prescription the other day and am unable to find the product anywhere (I drove to 6 pharmacies and called 3 to ask if they had my medicine available) and was advised every time by the pharmacists that this product i...

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacy

Kimberly Ann Waidler on Jan 20, 2017
I have been a client of the cvs on linebaugh / sheldon in westchase florida for several years and the pharmacy staff (Ever changing) is an atrocity. Last evening, january 19th at approximately 700-730 pm I was going through the drive thru window to pick up a prescription for doxycycline...

CVS Pharmacy / Service

Rosalie Pastore Gravina on Jan 20, 2017
I cannot tell you specific dates but on multiple occasions I have had multiple incidents with CVS Pharmacy in Secaucus NJ. They are extremely lazy, They don't do their jobs. you need to do jobs for them. I have had to contact my doctors on multiple occasions and insurance company and even...

CVS Pharmacy / Next-to-non-existent customer service

jtkeroac on Jan 20, 2017
Dutifully phoned ahead to have med ready for pick-up at drive-through window. Drove to store, waited behind 1 car for a few minutes. Driver of car finished transaction within a minute and I drove up to window. Nothing. Nothing some more. After about five minutes, I hit the yellow call...

Oaknet Healthcare / Cheating with labour by oaknet healthcare

Kunik Aggarwal on Jan 18, 2017
Sir, I regret to inform you that I was working with M/s Oaknet Healthcare pvt.ltd as Medical representative for north Delhi., New G.M.was appointed by the said company, he was demanding Rs. 5000/- as a adjustment amount out of my salary Rs.12000/- appox. through ASM Mr karan. I strongly...

Oneclickpharmacy Store / Failure to receive product once paid for

frank126 on Jan 17, 2017
Ordered on line on Nov 29, 2016, never received product after funds were deleted from credit card, as of January 17, 2017 no reply to request's. Yes a big scam . Called numerous times to get a overseas operator who had more excuses and to keep you on the hook would offer additional...

Walmart Pharmacy / Being given the wrong medication

Betty Jo Roberts on Jan 14, 2017
On Oct. 2, 2016 I went online to refill my medications at Wal Mart in Madison Tn. I picked those up the 4th. When I got home the pharmacist had duplicated the refill for the Coreg. When I started to take my first dose of Lasix from this refill I noticed they were different, I called the...

Lincare / Extremely poor customer service

SandraMary on Jan 13, 2017
This situation started last September after calling the office in Willowbrook, Illinois regarding a c-pap mask that I wanted to purchase. I was told that I could come in for a fitting and that they had two masks that I would be able to try on. When I got there, they didn't end up having...

Pfizer / Recruitment

Pavlygalal on Jan 11, 2017
After applying on pfizer career website for a Medical representative job in kuwait I was approached by an associate sales manager called mohamed khairy to set an interview on 2 Jan 2017 at that time I would be out of the country, so he proposed"not me" doing the interview over the phone in...
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