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American Red Cross / hurricane harvey assistance

Cemkayy2 on Jan 17, 2018
I applied for assistance after the hurricane, i was denied and appealed the decision. I called to see what was going on with my case, they said that they were backed up. They gave me a refernce number and said no matter what i would recieve the funds, its just taking some time. Well thi...

American Red Cross / email and call list

Meg Weis (MegLuvsU) on Jan 17, 2018
American Red Cross I am unable to give blood, not due to a disqualification, but simply because they cannot find my veins. I have attempted 3 times after doing what they recommended (drinking water and such). I have unsubscribed from their email list four times and asked the local call center to stop calling...

Australian Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence [ACADD] / outright fraudulent woman who runs this centre

EmilyOxley93 on Jan 14, 2018
In June 2016 My partner entered this "rehab" facility. We paid the entry fee of $800, 2 days later my partner was called into the office because he was already behind in rent apparently, when he told me this I said you absolutely can not be behind in rent you been there 2 days and part of...

Goodwill Industries / Unprofessional behavior

Brigid Fallgren on Jan 12, 2018
Goodwill IndustriesRe: Store address 890 Chetco Ave Brookings Oregon 97415 On January 5th I shopped at me local goodwill store as I do every week. I brought a folding lounge chair up to the register to verify a price. The nice cashier agreed to put it out of the way so I could continue to shop as it was too...

Kroger / wheelchairs

Tinacirillo on Jan 11, 2018
I went to kroger on the east side of Frankfort Ky 1/11/18 time 11:00 p.m all the wheelchair s battery was dead so I couldn't shop because I have to have a wheelchair to ride to shop they was not plugged up none of them all dead .This made me very upset because I couldn't get food for me...

Jewel-Osco / managers customer service

Ms Yvette on Jan 11, 2018
Today in calling your Jewel location at 11:50 I experience lack of customer service. I am a non for profit organization that operates in the Bolingbrook community, Single Mother's Of Culture nfp. I called trying to get clarification of the procedure for non f or profit organizations to be...

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC / ron reagon and his tffr.org commercial

Vicki magness on Jan 11, 2018
I have repeatedly written Msnbc and Rachel Maddow about this commercial. Ron reagon is asking for donations to separate church from state and his last quote he says he is not afraid to burn in hell. As far as I see, he should be afraid. His negative attitudes is polluting our society if...

steve's signs / mail service

Esteban Smith on Jan 9, 2018
I have recently sent a payment to a creditor and was just informed that this same creditor hasn't received it. I mailed it on Jan. 3rd and now it's the 10th. I have also talked to many other people who have had this problem and they have to suffer the consequences (i.e., late charges or...

Gaudalupe Train Station / very rude conductor

willalee on Jan 4, 2018
on thursday 1/4/18 at 731am I was dropping two elderly lady's to catch there train to long beach. as i was assisting the two lady's onto the train and helping with there luggages due to there was no one there to help. as i was putting there luggages on the rack the train door proceed to closed...

Gillette / sensor 3 disposable razors

Vergilpam on Jan 4, 2018
As I used the disposable sensor 3 razors one of the blades became detached on one end unexpectedly and caused a deep laceration to me left jaw line area causing major bleeding & a scar after healing. Since this has occurred I have a very unattractive scar on my face, causing self consciou...

Dollar General / employee

Sammiead on Jan 3, 2018
I was in the Manly Iowa Dollar General around Christmas time and happen to notice that a Heavy Set Fem.ale Employee that was working was HIGH on some type of ILLEGAL DRUG. And once I noticed that she was High on some type of ILLEGAL DRUG and wasn't able to find a Manager at the store I...

Union Du Peuple D'Avenir / complaining about deletion of youtube videos

Ben Tshite on Jan 2, 2018
Dear Sir/Madam We are writing just to make a formal complaint about our videos deleted in the youtube. These deletion has affected negatively our services and audience calling us to find the missing videos. Please find links for deleted...

The Salvation Army USA / emergency services for shelter

pqnforjustice on Dec 24, 2017
I went to this awful Womens shelter in waterloo, Iowa for help to get decent housing for myself as a single woman.but it was a nightmare everyday I was there! Abbey the manager in charge doesn't do enough to straighten out the problems there caused by the single clients there without kids!...

The Salvation Army USA / instead of giving the food to hungry people she talks aggressive to men and throw food away

Shelton Walker on Dec 18, 2017
Angela Wright refused to feed me.at 6:10 am I walk into the serving area to eat, and she acknowledge me that she has shut it down early, and I'm too late to eat anything and that they have nothing and I see the guy dumping grits and eggs in the trash as I replied that I'm very hungry.She...

Wish.com / phones/eyeglasses not received

Rosemary Samuel on Dec 12, 2017
Where is my items the two phones that for £24 each plus £10 each for posting. The other two for £53 each plus £10 each for posting and my four eyeglasses haven't been received! This is the third time am writing to the customers support / complain team, no response from both side.This i...

Okcupid / irrtümlich gesperrt

Matrix0088 on Dec 11, 2017
Emilio.bellucci@gmx.de wurde irrtümlich gesperrt.bitte wieder aktivieren!sollte mich heue wieder bei okcupid einloggen aber das wurde versehentlich gesperrt.ich habe nicht vertragswidrig gehandelt sondern ich würde von einem abgewiesenen user gemeldet!bitte beheben sie mein Problem .ich möchte...

Wish. Com / my whole order

Wish. Com on Dec 10, 2017
I have placed 3 orders and have started getting the first 2. I have been trying to place my 3rd order wish and every time I do it sends me to contact support and will not let me place the 3rd order. All 3 orders are on the same card. They said I needed to make a copy of my bank statement I...

Panera Bread / service

L'Tanya Yavonna Salley on Dec 8, 2017
Panera BreadI used the Kiosk to order my meal. I selected #68. I sat at table #19. The server brought my meal to the table, sat the 2 trays down picked up the #. All in that order it was surprisingly rude of him not to speak or tell me to enjoy my meal. No thank you are nothing. It was like having a...

Amita Luntid / parcel not arrive on time

eqha on Dec 7, 2017
Please refer to consignment note cd 3342 59781 my, your last update on my parcel is on 30 november 2017, my last checked, still no changes on your update. Where is my parcel now?? What happen with your fast service? I need the parcel very very urgent, the cargo inside needed for wedding...

Animal Control Shelter / the procedure of not waiting or informing me of my pet that was given away

Geomaria on Dec 6, 2017
Animal Control ShelterNow I had a dog his is chico he was like my baby and while we were moving we stayed at a hotel 6 and accidentally left chico we pánico and we called immediately and was assured he was not here but they were calling us to tell us... Well the animal control officer picked up chico and by the...
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