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Neighbours Complaints

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Boston Pizza International / Coexisting, BP's neighbor

Deanna Larison on Feb 10, 2017
Boston Pizza InternationalHello, The business I work for is next door to Bp's Mayfield common in Edmonton Ab. We like everyone have stock, which produces cardboard. I have to take that to the cardboard bin. A bin that Bp's and we share. On a number of occasions the pizza delivery guy parks right in front of the...

Chicken Express / Complaint about service & employees

Anonymous Neighbor on Feb 4, 2017
Chicken ExpressEmployees since getting drunk, smoking marajuana with younger teens & around their children while in uniform. Very poor reflection for business and our community! Employees seen by other businesses smoking on property. Amanda Harmon, Holly Harmon & another employee named Kim (?)...this ha...

Church's Chicken / Fish

Brent R. Burns on Jan 5, 2017
I ordered fish at Desoto, Texas on Belt Line road for lunch. When I got home, less than a mile, my fish was rubbery, dark, and not hot. I called wanting to talk to manager in which she said she was. I told her it looked like it had been reheated because of not being flakey and tan like it...

Panera Bread / Customer service from general manager

Clark0479 on Dec 23, 2016
The general manager at the Panera Bread was very disrespectful to his employees and called a customer a fats person he every seen. How can your Company hire a person like that. I go out my way to go to Panera Bread. Never again. Plus my food was cold and wait I seen I just left. I know many...

Jeanne Ford / Delivery

immunology on Dec 19, 2016
it is a very bad winter and i live on a long drive with a hill at the top. therefore i provide a drop off box 1/2 way up the drive on the flat part. the box has a large orange sign that says ups/fed ex drop off. today at about 11am one of your trucks attempted to make the trip to the top...

Zumba / Music so loud

Esther6788 on Dec 15, 2016
Hello I'm writing to you because your zumba located on 3753 w montrose has loud music Im asking to see if u can talk to the one that is in charged on that location to lower the music Im contacting you guys first because I don't want to file a complain report I have talk to them before an...

Joan Hollberg / Scammer

Angela Gong on Dec 5, 2016
This woman is a liar using False information in an attempt To ruin the reputation of others No respect for truth or accuracy lying to be vindictive toward others. She is a shameful excuse for a human Being and all the more so Should she be ashamed As she is from relatives Lou...

Long John Silvers / Woman's bathroom

Lee,Jamie on Nov 27, 2016
I have a 9 month old son, and I went into the restroom and there was no where to change him!! I thought having a table in there for infants to be changed on was a mandatory thing. I am very displeased and it made my visit a little less enjoyable. Please fix this problem, and maybe you'd...

Margie transport / Claiming money

Redmargie on Nov 6, 2016
I am claiming my money w/c is 4thousand pesos im using my tin and baranggay ids but your staff said needs another id. I told him i have no other id, but Im a regular customer sending documents in canada he can check, he said no, im showing my celphone the text of sender & the control...

Cell C / Cell c norwood branch

cazaloo on Nov 3, 2016
I went into Norwood Cell C and Kagiso advised that I could take out a new contract. He did NOT tell me that my contract was only renewable on 23 December and therefore, I have not received promised benefits. I would NOT have taken this contract out !!!> I was sold all the benefits of a...

Walmart / Pepsi cola 2-liter bottles

Tammylynn Collins on Nov 2, 2016
I bought ( 6 ) 2 - Liter Bottles of pepsi products ( 3 ) Pepsi's ( 2 ) Mountain Dew's ( 1 ) Dr. Pepper from the Walmart near my house in Salisbury Md 21801 this is the only the 2nd time i have shopped there because i just moved to on October 1 2016 .the first time i shopped...

Godrej Towers / Nosy neighbors

Vikhroli Resident on Oct 31, 2016
The bad person named RamaCHORan next door (34, Akashneem Garden Enclave, Vikhroli East) is a bugger, who spies on my family furtively. I don't know how he got to know where we are buying stuff from. I thought that bugger won't know that we buy from eBay too but he has got to know...

Akashneem Garden Enclave, Vikhroli Mumbai / Neighbors' house doors built too close for comfort

Vikhroli Resident on Oct 31, 2016
The buggers living in 34, Akashneem Garden Enclave are so nosy that they have started asking the watchmen and security guards in our building for information on where we buy our things from. Recently, that person living next door had purchased something from eBay. I didn't even want...

Subway, 1655 Morthland Dr., (US 30) Valparaiso Indiana 46385 219.462.0084 / Veggie Delite Sandwich

annabarbie on Oct 16, 2016
Ordered foot long Veggie Delite and it only had six (6) leafs of spinach on one 1/2 and seven (7) leafs on the other 1/2. All the veggies were very lite, had plenty of bread. Your pictures show plenty of veggies on the entire sandwich. Very disappointed!! Sunday, 10.16.2016 11:00am Refund, send to email listed below: annabarbie@comcast.net

Edenwald Management Office / Tenants selling drugs out of apt.

wayne johnson on Sep 12, 2016
Other tenants have called 311 for the loud music and the smell of weed. All the police can do is knock on the door and give them a warning and tell them to stop because it's there privacy what they do in there Apt. The Tenants at 1170 East 229th Street Apt. 6B are selling drug...

residential customer / Delivery

Worried now on Jul 29, 2016
I live in Terrace Hill Drive in Greene NY. It is a little dead end street. The FedEx drivers seem to think that it is a highway. The go 60mph up and down the street and it is at most a 30mph street. The one almost hit me because he was looking down at his paperwork instead on the road. Can this please be address asap

Donnaplay / Movies

Magoo Taumata Rau Trikes on Jul 27, 2016
27/7/16 Approximately 1 month ago I joined Donna Play for the movies was disappointed with the product and virtually cancelled my membership a few hours Later Now 27/7/16 Donna Play have found a way to get past 2 Visa Cards that have been Cancelled and replaced also have got past a new...

Pepsi / Unsafe driver

Larry Church on Jun 28, 2016
I live on a small country road in Johnson City, Tn. The road is Cash Hollow Rd. It is a shortcut for the driver to get to the Pepsi plant. I don't know the drivers name or truck number but he comes through around 3:00 PM everyday. Today I was taking my granddaughter to the movie...

Airtel / Airtel tariff

Reviewer35489 on Mar 7, 2016
I have call log already about tariff changing but airtel team didn't take any request. I have taken family tariff in the month of Dec'2015 but same is being requested to change this trariff. On behalf of my request it could not be done by airtel due to it my bill came INR 4000...

Sound pollution caused by Gated Community, Sahara States / Sahara States, Mansoorabad Gated Community

Reviewer62510 on Feb 26, 2016
The Sahara States Gated Community situated in Mansoorabad, Hyderabad. It has 2 Gates. At 2nd Gate a large columns of rods are kept (animal guard) Each column has about 20 rows and there are 6 columns. When vehicles go in and out of the gate, a huge sound comes out causing a severe...
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