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Neighbours Complaints

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Krista Rodenkirk / krista rodenkirk lies, steals and swindle from tenants

Juanita H Wright on Oct 16, 2018

In 2011, I was living at Wells Street apartments located 2922 West Wells Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I lived in Apt 106 next to Krista Rodenkirk and Tim Ignacio.I always got into arguments with Krista, because she's a liar, She steals from tenants She starts trouble and starts problem...

Krista M. Rodenkirk / krista m. rodenkirk is a liar and she steals from people

LB Gibson on Oct 16, 2018

I rented to Krista M.Rodenkirk and Tim Ignacio in 2011 at Wells Street Apartments at 2922 West Wells Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Krista Rodenkirk was trouble at Wells Street Apartments!!! Krista swindled Albert(Sarge) Collins.Krista stole a bottle of Brandy from Joseph "Smokey" Holmon...

Nextdoor / being blocked on nextdoor

G Hines on Oct 13, 2018

We posted something about our dog who was attacked and eaten by a coyote on our street in Tiburon to warn our neighbors so this wouldn't happen to their dogs. We received over30 thank you notes for letting them know. Then the area leader Colin Crawford did'nt think that it was appropriate...

Fence On Easement / 12900 eagle pointe cir fort myers fl

Tammy Perez on Oct 9, 2018

Fence On EasementNeighbor installed a fence without a survey and put a fence on top of the fpl electrical box and has blocked it in... Isn't something someone can do.. This is awful. House at 12910 eagle pointe cir. Had a house fire july 2oth and the fpl had a hard time removing the power box because of...

Gurmit Vilkhu / covert cam law breaking

sadmanzafar on Oct 7, 2018

Gurmit vilkhu of 68 windmill rd coventry has been covertly recording people in his house and father's house nextdoor at n0 70 windmill rd and then spreading it about. This is illegal.The low life will show you illegal camera footage while the rest of the family is present and get you to...

Bank Of America Corporation / harassment and afraid

Ladama on Oct 7, 2018

Hi My name Is Brenda and I have been a regular customer for the past 20 years or so and also my entire family. I understand we are in critical times and is also a community bank for a Hispanic area.. This past Friday October 6, 2018..I decided to arrived early to do my transactions.I...

NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA] / neighbor, smoking

Joyp1 on Oct 4, 2018

I live in van Dyke housing in brooklyn. 422 blake ave. I HAVE BEEN complaining constantly to my housing assistant about my neighbor above me. IF it's not the smoking cigarettes weed. Its the loud music . Each time I call she tells me call 311. I HAVE 5 month old grandson living with me...

Nextdoor / complaining about suspension like a year ago

Iris Imelda Erazo on Sep 28, 2018

I was suspended plus block from next door app and I'm still in the neighborhood. I have a company that is resgester or claim and one day I put down of how happy I was with my own house project with was my garage and commented that my company had done it and they suspended and blocked me...

Dollar General / digital coupon

Krishna Couch on Sep 22, 2018

Dollar GeneralMy $5 digital coupon did not work and I specifically had enough money on me to get everything I needed based on my coupons. I am an almost daily customer and think that the rep who would not take the $5 off was unempathetic. This was sort of embarrassing as well holding up the line. If the...

Pizza Hut / commercial

Stosh b. on Sep 19, 2018

Young girl going nuts and tearing pizza box in half seeming with the blessings of her parents. What message are you trying to convey? Out of control children are what we are striving for in this country? There is no racial component to this complaint. Just a desire to understand how...

Megabus / the driver

Sammyg35 on Sep 17, 2018

I rode on the megabus on the 17th of September 2018 traveling from Atlanta to Jacksonville with my 11 month old son, he was playing and as such made normal baby sounds, however the bus driver called me telling me to make him shut up and telling me I had to leave my seat from the lower deck...

Lenscrafters / prescription sunglasses

Sandy81 on Sep 17, 2018

Hi I bought a pair of COACH sunglasses that were expensive and was happy the first few weeks then the lenses started falling out I got Them fixed 3 times in about month and a half If I knew they r made that cheap I wouldve got different ones but for me to pay over $300 and the store...

Nextdoor / banned

Reuben Quesada on Sep 10, 2018

Nextdoor's guidelines are not clear and are very confusing. I made a mistake when posting trying to sell something on Nextdoor and immediately corrected it by taking down the offending post. Not soon enough apparently. A complaint was made against me through Nextdoor about advertising my...

Camella Homes Dos Rios, Brgy. Pittland, Cabuyao, Laguna / neighbor

Gory on Sep 4, 2018

Camella Homes Dos Rios, Brgy. Pittland, Cabuyao, LagunaThis is a complaint for Blk 17, Lot 25 occupant. The units are having stressful & sleepless night brought by the night by night noise created by this unit occupant.Every night they are partying having drinking sessions and karaoke even beyond the 10 pm set limit per Camella...

Nextdoor / safety

Megwish on Sep 2, 2018

The lead of next door got mad because I posted the county statutes regarding driving golf carts illegally in the neighborhood. The lead started to bully me in public, then it went to private messages! I deactivated my acct for 3 wks and he shows up at my door! My husband is in a wheelchair...

Amardip Vilkhu / perving

gemmaassif on Aug 30, 2018

Amardip Vilkhu of N0 70 Windmill Rd Coventry is still perving on his neighbour's bedroom window's front and back with his mobile/covert recording device's. The police have been called numerous times to N0 70 Windmill Rd Coventry over there use of illegal/covert camera's. But still thi...

Pizza Hut / my pizza

Angela Yarn on Aug 29, 2018

I had to wait 3 hour to get a pizza and still haven't got it when I called the first for the pizza been 2 hours the lady Erica gave me $3 discount now hour going by still no pizza when I called the store the manager Mary said that the delivery is close and they cancel my order I am very...

Amardip Vilkhu / harassment

gemmaassif on Aug 21, 2018

Oh my god just heard about the harassment that Amardip Vilkhu of 70, Windmill Rd. Coventry is giving his neighbour's. What a total [censored] he is. I have worked with amardip and found him to be a right self absorb [censored]. Think's his better than everyone else and think's he should have a...

Squatter by the name of Sonja J Pritchett / all utilities services

Nekiesa N Wilkins on Aug 16, 2018

Please don't turn on no water, light nor gas for the lady by the name of Sonja J Prehgett. This woman is known down in history to break in homes An squat in them by turning on everything illegal. She stolen my mother stuff of her property and she has stolen everything that inside the...

Bexley At Springs Farm Apartments / drugs/pot smoke coming in through vents

ally wolfe on Aug 8, 2018

I live at Bexley Springs Farm Apartments, 3315 Open Field Lane, Apt 433, Charlotte, 28226. On NUMEROUS occasions I have contacted the after hours on site "police/management" to complain about the very strong smell of marijuana coming into my apartment. Usually this occurs late at night -...