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Neighbours Complaints

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Bexley At Springs Farm Apartments / drugs/pot smoke coming in through vents

ally wolfe on Aug 8, 2018

I live at Bexley Springs Farm Apartments, 3315 Open Field Lane, Apt 433, Charlotte, 28226. On NUMEROUS occasions I have contacted the after hours on site "police/management" to complain about the very strong smell of marijuana coming into my apartment. Usually this occurs late at night -...

Debora Eastwood / aggression

Orne on Aug 5, 2018

I parked my car in the next block since I couldn't park it at my block and saw a neighbor from 37 19th ave going over her next-door neighbor property and breaking the clothesline, then came to her property like nothing happen. We heard of Debora Eastwood and her family being the...

AutoZone / a/c auto recharge

Karla Arguello on Jul 30, 2018

AutoZoneI bought the Sub-zero A/C recharge I followed the instructions didn't worked it leaks I put the whole bottle. I went to auto zone and one of the worker said I can't get my refund because I used the whole can well I used the whole trying to make it work but nothing then he told me to talk...

Mail Carrier for London, Ontario / signature for a registered letter

Lisa M. Payne on Jul 27, 2018

A neighbor that lives in the same townhouse complex that I do signed for a registered letter addressed to me. This neighbor did not have my permission to do this. I do not even know this lady well emough to trust with my persnola affairs. I want to press charges on the mail person who...

FedEx Corporate Services / package delivered to your address and the name on it doesn't live at this bldg.

Kimberly Nystrom on Jul 23, 2018

Saturday July, 22nd., 2018 FedEx driver rang our Bell and delivered pkg. from Walmart outside front door of bldg. in rain with our address on it : 2558 E. Clark St. Diamond Illinois 60416. Problem is box marked with our address and another tenants name on it ..tenants name Melanie Hute.We...

The Beer Store / richmond street store chatham ontario

Kathy Crone on Jul 18, 2018

the store i mentioned above has been very poor on ordering the busch brand beer for over 6 weeks . They are out of the brand more than they have it and say to the customers oh well we are out its not in our control.This beer store is the top selling beer store in southwestern ontario and i...

Church's Chicken Restaurant / the cashier drive thur

Ciaraross123 on Jul 18, 2018

Church's Chicken RestaurantThe order was extremely poor with 100% attitude she was rude to the beginning and too the end. Happened July 18th 2018 and time 3:49 and order number 65. Address 6234 w colonial drive. Rude girl name Chiquita J. Please call me ASAP 321 362 1894. I suffer with panic and Anxiety after that experience it boosted sky high and I have proof from my doctor.

Taco Bell / order and service

MelissaMartinez24 on Jul 17, 2018

I ordered food inside about 6:45 and received my food about 7pm. This restaurant must be understaffed and need of training. Most of the employees were very young and need assistance with the orders. The Pepsi machine was not working. I had to go back in to get my cinnamon twist ( 2 order...

Best Western International / best western apalachicola florida usa

Pilates on Jul 11, 2018

The hotel parking lot faces a private lot that has very large plastic blue tarps strung from three tops to the ground. The same property also has no trespassing signs posted to the tarps. Walking out of my hotel room is very unsightly. It make me feel like I was staying in a wayside dump. I...

Guzman @ 41 19th Ave, Bay Shore, NY / neighbour harassing female neighbours!!

Le skip on Jul 11, 2018

We've heard this man from several weeks already making noises in the back of our home. Over the weekend he was working on his fence. For my surprise, it was not to enhance his property but to make sure he makes noises by banging pieces of wood. We went out to the backyard to see what...

Gurmit Vilkhu/Family/ Neighbour's / defamation/slander

truthsihkeers on Jul 9, 2018

Gurmit Vilkhu and his family including member's of the vilkhu family living at N0 70/68 Windmill Rd Coventry. After Gurmit Vilkhu's attempt to get his neighbour arrested using various tactic's all illegal have failed. He now has his wife and wife's friend's doing...

Food Basics / pour customer service

SabrinaAyoub on Jul 7, 2018

My husband and I went and got groceries today and I should have said something about it in the store but I didn't. While we were checking out (at cash 7) I asked for 2-3 more bags after everything was paid for. The cashier asks for 15 cent and we didn't have the change. He said to use the... / child neglect

Tort on Jul 6, 2018

I know a mom named Angela thibault and she just got her kids back a few months ago and I've seen her son and daughter smoke weed bc I have physically seen them outside doing it and I heard that she is also doing prostitution she already has a dhr file too .her kids are decide kids and I...

La Senza / extremely rude customer service

Sara100 on Jul 6, 2018

I went to a Lasenza Express store at Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario (Canada). The woman at the check out counter, probably in her late 50s or early 60s, with short white hair, was rude and racist. Noone in the store greeted me or asked if I needed help, even though I was the only... / delivery driver

David Tilsley on Jul 6, 2018

Avon.comHello i live at number 47 brookside drive in blurton stoke-Trent one of your delivery drivers was dropping stuff of for the people upstairs there is an ally way which I have to use to get to my front door there isn't much space anyway and the person upstairs doesn't care that I have to...

Jewel-Osco / Customer Service

Yolanda26 on Jul 4, 2018

I am an very good customer of JewelOsco. However the store on 75th S Stony Island seems to lack good management. It seems no matter the day or time I go to this store it's unorganized. There's never enough cashier's or baggers. The isles are always filled with someone putting stock up...

Amardip Vilkhu / harassment

truthsihkeers on Jun 30, 2018

Update on amardip vilkhu of n0 70 windmill rd coventry. This menace is still harassing his neighbour's calling them horrific name's and throwing thing's in there garden. What a twat. This behavior has been going on since 2012. And name calling since 2006. What a double twat. He has not...

Neighbours on 37 19th Ave, Bay Shore, NY / bullying

End up avenue on Jun 27, 2018

The family at this address are vengeful and passive-aggressive. They are messed up people! One of the adult children has entered various occasion their next-door neighbor's property. We've witnessed them throwing objects to among other things dog poop, food, children toys, garbage at late...

Neighbour / bullying

From 18th AVE on Jun 27, 2018

Humberto Guzman has been illegally entering his next-door neighbor property. There have been various harassment complaints about this individual in the neighbor report web site. However, he has been deleting the complaints and continues harassing and entertaining illegally his next-door...

Family Dollar Stores / customer service

Agonzo on Jun 26, 2018

I would like to know who hired these employees at the store on skillen street in Buffalo, Ny #11878. The customer service is horrible at that store. First of all they are playing the loudest rap music and screaming at each other. Friends of employees are running around the store and a...