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Neighbours Complaints

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Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / Product and service

Alyssa S on Oct 20, 2017
Tonight I went to a Steak & Shake about 20 min from my home, waited in the drive threw for 30 minutes, only to discover they gave us a different order (just ordered two milkshakes and they were wrong). Luckily, there’s a steak and shake close to our home. When arriving, the manager refused...

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. / late night noise in a “quiet zone”

pinegar77 on Oct 18, 2017
I live nearest the intersections of 44th & Cornhusker Hwy, and 33rd & Adams, which are considered to be “Quiet zones.” We’ve never had any issues with train horns late at night, but the last two nights, at all hours, we’ve been woken up 5-6 times (per night) to the sound of train horn...

Suddenlink Communications / employees

Miketrucksthebest on Oct 17, 2017
One of your employees has been harassing me for about 2 years now and i believe that he is using sudden link equipment to spy on me. He love at 3615 heard in kingman az 86409 the cops won't do anything about this. He hangs out with a bunch of people who he give free internet with and...

Constant Contact / tommy keyton riding around in duke energy truck

Tractor 61 on Oct 16, 2017
Just would like to know how Tommy keyton can ride around in duke energy truck all hours of the day or night in a duke energy truck he is the captain of three& twenty fire department volunteer you will see the truck at the fire house all hours of the day and night this is a waste of duke...

Sonic Drive-In / and ice cream cone with no napkins

Virginia Hodge on Oct 15, 2017
I went to your Sonic in Robertsdale Alabama ordered a cone and ice cream cone $3.84 she brings it out there it might have two tablespoons of ice cream in it no napkins no spoon no receipt and going to ask me is that all for you today I said how about some napkins oh I don't have any on me...

Puneet sharma / unauthorised construction

Karan Walia on Sep 30, 2017
To The MCD Commissioner MTD Office Dear Sir, We are residing at DDA Flat C-6, 20/1 Safdarjang Development Area Ground floor. Our neighbour Mr Puneet Sharma at C-6, 20/2 first floor have covered their terrace into a full fledged room and constructed one more room above it.They have made...

A Christ Walk Church / domino's pizza

Pastor Carl on Sep 29, 2017
Our Church has bought many hundreds of Domino's pizzas over the years. We find such actions on our part encourage Members and Visitors to be generous to our Collection Plate to enable our tiny Church to endure. For the past two years, the comments we hear are different than they used to...

American Red Cross / disaster assistance

Suzanne martis on Sep 24, 2017
This is garbage..as me and neighbors are refused though we suffered greatly..I see people I know with no damage at all walk up and show us their phone with a pin to go get money..wth?? Don't donate to these people!! This is garbage!! We have nothing and applied...please don't donate to...

Coca Cola / coke

Kim Y. Rivers on Sep 24, 2017
I love Coca Cola, and I only buy the bottles, I know how Coke is suppose to taste, but lately I have had some Cokes that taste like they had been around for a while. I don't know for sure that a certain store in my neighborhood store the soda away so that when the soda tax bill passed they...

ITV / coronation street

bradleyharr on Sep 11, 2017
I would like to form a complaint about Samia ghadie who plays Maria Connor in coronation street! why is her story line or character so nosey it is highly frustrating that whenever a good story line goes down in the street the first person there or involved is Maria! she has actually...

Tshilidzi Nyayhela / loan

Mfanelo on Aug 17, 2017
Hi my name is Mfanelo I lended this guy 400 R ands via eff as he said he was stuck and needed to go our petrol to get a friend of his and he was staneed. Kmowing that we stay together j did but after the tree days I was promised my money back he avoids my calls, always giving me excuses and...

Cox Communications / employee

Cup cake on Aug 12, 2017
Jesus Adrian Corrales date of birth May 10th 1986 6045 s 14 place phoenix Az is an employee of Cox Cable he does technical assistance from home he is also my neighbor I've had many issues with him before I clearly see him and have been told he sells crystal meth through his window and he...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / order made wrong

Cynthia Radomille on Aug 11, 2017
I am writing this complaint in regards to this evenings visit to our local steak and shake at the corner of grape road and Douglas road in mishawaka indiana. ..I am throughly upset...I visit the drive threw window 3 to 4 times a month and other various restaurants in town...I feel that...

Instacart / not receiving my pay for being kick off shift/n sick pay for over 3 month

Monique Bedford on Aug 9, 2017
May 5th 2017, was kick off 3 times.Missing 4 hours of pay.I call on hold for hour, or hang up on me.I have sreen shots of me email store manager (Jean), uninstalled app, then reinstall it. Still took 4 hour to get back on shift, and didnt remove reliability. Didnt get my sick pay for 13...

personal / chipotle manager refused to sell ordered food & display of power trip

vsalvacruz on Jul 20, 2017
When: July 19, 2017 at around 9:35 PM PDT Where: Chipotle @ 1586 Gateway Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533 To Whom It May Concern: The manager's name is Gilberto Sanchez. While ordering food at this Chipotle, I asked the server what type of meat was in one of the container, pointing to that...

Next Door / community standards

Holly Krause on Jul 19, 2017
been a member since 2014 when everyone was doing it...I havn't used until yesterday someone told me to log in--there was over 24 comments from my neighbor that I was a drug dealing-cat killing-disgrace, , etc apparently this has been going on for over a year...I spoke up now the lead ha...

Dollar Tree / dollar tree in cookeville tennessee

carolyn cannon on Jul 14, 2017
There shelf's are never stoked. It has went to the dog's. I have asked about stuff and have been rude and hateful to And the other close dollar tree from cookeville is around 8 miles As myself others are not always able to get to that one. So why are they not being stoked. Where I once...

Fidelity Security / service of people

Heinie101 on Jul 11, 2017
In nigel just after 8 pm on the corner of 6th ave and north street is a shop, my wife wanted to by bread and 2 guys in your company bakkie asked her for her number and harrased her and started to loosen his belt, she started to run to my house and they chased her, but lucky i heard her...

Lambert & Butler / lambert and butler silver 200

David Dean Holley on Jul 3, 2017
I recently purchased this packet of cigarettes from a store in Benidorm expendeduria 10 David v . Sellers Alfardo were it said upon purchase you would receive a free personalised lighter we purchased the cigarettes and the till attendant said the lambert and butler wasn't there so to keep...

Robert A. Tonche / elderly neighbor who is blind from one eye and is still driving!!!

Tonche on Jun 30, 2017
For the last 17 years of living next door to an elderly woman who is blind from one eye and is still permitted to drive on the roads of Whittier, CA. is mind boggling for me. She has been in nearly 10 accidents pulling out of her drive way, four times almost ran over pets on the road, and...
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