Neighbours Complaints

Fieldstone Farms HOA / hoa

on Jan 18, 2019

This HOA violated its own Covenants Conditions and Restrictions in an effort to file a lawsuit against my husband and myself. According to their own rules, they MUST seek mediation first. This did not happen. According to their on Covenant Conditions and Restrictions "Similarly situated...

Next Door Application / being locked out without due process

on Jan 18, 2019

I was handling a dispute as per their guidelines. Try to resolve the issue through Private Message. Which I did. The person who took my money for "supplies" took off and never came back. I called him, texted him for months, nothing. So yesterday they locked me out of my account for no...

Buddy Dale Newton Sr / harassing ex neighbor who bothers the entire neighborhood

on Jan 17, 2019

I don't understand whats his deal, he stares at all the neighbors awkwardly. He always stands outside of his garage and stares at anyone outside. Buddy dale newton sr, you need to get a life or a hobby and stop bothering the neighborhood. You stare at our kids, you stare at people driving...

Kenyon and Associates / upstairs neighbors who rent and violate the noise ordinance

on Jan 14, 2019

I live at 2845 idlewild drive unit 102 in reno nevada 89509 it started out with erica sutherland and allen carver throwing dirty cat litter over the balcony then after complaing to the hoa association kenyon and association in reno nevada they started retaliating there noise nusience...

Amardip Vilkhu / lying

on Jan 6, 2019

Amardip Vilkhu of n0 70 Windmill Rd has been using wireless router's with the names of hurbert/police survellence/longfordpark/longford park guest the police have identified these router's and evidence has now been gathered.Still illegally spying with covert camera's and listening device...

Marcus M.Thomas / perpetrator who uses people against their their family

on Jan 4, 2019

Marcus M.Thomas is a perpatrator who uses people and uses people against their family.He be thinking that pro wrestling is fake. Marcus be thinking negative about everything especially about college thinking that college makes a person smart and be thinking that college is for everybody!!!...

Toronto Public Library / incompetence and technical problems

on Dec 26, 2018

Toronto Public Library - a name of strange and backward places. I went to Agincourt Library, typed and tried to print. A pop-up windows asking for library card number and pin, I entered a few times, did not work, so frustrating. Went to the front desk for help, and the front desk said...

Amardip Vilkhu/Gurmit Vilhku / harassment/cruelty to animals.

on Nov 28, 2018

It has been brought to our attention that the Vilkhu family at N0 68/70 Windmill Rd Longford Coventry are still harassing there neighbour's by throwing thing's in there garden front and back and still spreading nasty gossip about there neighbour's and getting other's to do so. The pervert...

Law Office of Salvatore Bonagura / maintenance of area adjacent to lirr tracks

on Nov 26, 2018

Please be advised this serves as official notice of a public nuisance caused by your agency. I am the owner of a commercial property, which includes my office, adjacent to the south side of the RR tracks in Floral Park, on the west side of the Plainfield Ave. crossing. We are plagued by an...

Neighbors / wifi, satellite service, internet service stealing. (hacking)

on Nov 21, 2018

I have neighbors that are using extenders to my wifi, switching my charging cables to data ones. Switched my receiver adding devices to my Amazon, ITunes, Google, & Microsoft accounts. I found over 25 devices on my iTunes account when I only have 6 devices. I own my house & they are all...

Bullying from Ryan Harper / @ 37 19 th ave, bay shore, ny

on Nov 15, 2018

This individual has serious anger issues, sadly his parents have also fostered racial views and behavior, which he has directed towards two women who live by themselves. His parents having bigotry views against those they view as inferior have educated this man and his siblings to hara...

Serena R. Simmons / liar, a backstabber and she's sick, twisted and not a real friend

on Nov 14, 2018

Serena R. Simmons is a liar, a backstabber and She's sick, twisted, She is not a real friend and not a true friend!!!, She pretends to be your friend and she stab you behind your back, by telling lies to security guards and law enforcement about her friends!!! She uses fake smiles to...

Genevieve M. McClintock / genevieve m. mcclintock is not a real friend and she's hungry for men

on Nov 11, 2018

Ginny McClintock is not a real friend, because she hungry for men, When I first met her in 2016 at 9th and Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.She signed my big big birthday card.Me and her shook hands together at the bus stop.She caught the bus home. I seened her the next morning on...

Krista M. Rodenkirk / do not be friends with krista m. rodenkirk, stay away from krista m. rodenkirk

on Nov 4, 2018

When me and Krista M.Rodenkirk were boyfriend and girlfriend.Me and Krista lived at 2922 West West Street in Apt 108.Krista always made me mad, because she always do me wrong.She lied to Rennard Cotton about his money.She never returned LB's tape or CD, and She stole Brandy from...

Krista M. Rodenkirk / lies on tenants and swindles tenants

on Oct 31, 2018

Krista M. Rodenkirk lies on tenants and swindles tenants. What happened in 2011, I was living at 2922 West Wells Street Apt 105 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin right next to Joseph "Smokey" Holman in Apt 107. Krista said she wants some Chocolate d--k to me inside the apartment building. She...

Krista Rodenkirk / krista rodenkirk lies, steals and swindle from tenants

on Oct 16, 2018

In 2011, I was living at Wells Street apartments located 2922 West Wells Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I lived in Apt 106 next to Krista Rodenkirk and Tim Ignacio.I always got into arguments with Krista, because she's a liar, She steals from tenants She starts trouble and starts problem...

Krista M. Rodenkirk / krista m. rodenkirk is a liar and she steals from people

on Oct 16, 2018

I rented to Krista M.Rodenkirk and Tim Ignacio in 2011 at Wells Street Apartments at 2922 West Wells Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Krista Rodenkirk was trouble at Wells Street Apartments!!! Krista swindled Albert(Sarge) Collins.Krista stole a bottle of Brandy from Joseph "Smokey" Holmon...

Fence On Easement / 12900 eagle pointe cir fort myers fl

on Oct 9, 2018

Fence On EasementNeighbor installed a fence without a survey and put a fence on top of the fpl electrical box and has blocked it in... Isn't something someone can do.. This is awful. House at 12910 eagle pointe cir. Had a house fire july 2oth and the fpl had a hard time removing the power box because of...

Gurmit Vilkhu / covert cam law breaking

on Oct 7, 2018

Gurmit vilkhu of 68 windmill rd coventry has been covertly recording people in his house and father's house nextdoor at n0 70 windmill rd and then spreading it about. This is illegal.The low life will show you illegal camera footage while the rest of the family is present and get you to...

Amardip Vilkhu / perving

on Aug 30, 2018

Amardip Vilkhu of N0 70 Windmill Rd Coventry is still perving on his neighbour's bedroom window's front and back with his mobile/covert recording device's. The police have been called numerous times to N0 70 Windmill Rd Coventry over there use of illegal/covert camera's. But still thi...

Amardip Vilkhu / harassment

on Aug 21, 2018

Oh my god just heard about the harassment that Amardip Vilkhu of 70, Windmill Rd. Coventry is giving his neighbour's. What a total [censored] he is. I have worked with amardip and found him to be a right self absorb [censored]. Think's his better than everyone else and think's he should have a...

Squatter by the name of Sonja J Pritchett / all utilities services

on Aug 16, 2018

Please don't turn on no water, light nor gas for the lady by the name of Sonja J Prehgett. This woman is known down in history to break in homes An squat in them by turning on everything illegal. She stolen my mother stuff of her property and she has stolen everything that inside the...

Bexley At Springs Farm Apartments / drugs/pot smoke coming in through vents

on Aug 8, 2018

I live at Bexley Springs Farm Apartments, 3315 Open Field Lane, Apt 433, Charlotte, 28226. On NUMEROUS occasions I have contacted the after hours on site "police/management" to complain about the very strong smell of marijuana coming into my apartment. Usually this occurs late at night -...

Debora Eastwood / aggression

on Aug 5, 2018

I parked my car in the next block since I couldn't park it at my block and saw a neighbor from 37 19th ave going over her next-door neighbor property and breaking the clothesline, then came to her property like nothing happen. We heard of Debora Eastwood and her family being the...

Mail Carrier for London, Ontario / signature for a registered letter

on Jul 27, 2018

A neighbor that lives in the same townhouse complex that I do signed for a registered letter addressed to me. This neighbor did not have my permission to do this. I do not even know this lady well emough to trust with my persnola affairs. I want to press charges on the mail person who...

Guzman @ 41 19th Ave, Bay Shore, NY / neighbour harassing female neighbours!!

on Jul 11, 2018

We've heard this man from several weeks already making noises in the back of our home. Over the weekend he was working on his fence. For my surprise, it was not to enhance his property but to make sure he makes noises by banging pieces of wood. We went out to the backyard to see what...

Gurmit Vilkhu/Family/ Neighbour's / defamation/slander

on Jul 9, 2018

Gurmit Vilkhu and his family including member's of the vilkhu family living at N0 70/68 Windmill Rd Coventry. After Gurmit Vilkhu's attempt to get his neighbour arrested using various tactic's all illegal have failed. He now has his wife and wife's friend's doing...

Amardip Vilkhu / harassment

on Jun 30, 2018

Update on amardip vilkhu of n0 70 windmill rd coventry. This menace is still harassing his neighbour's calling them horrific name's and throwing thing's in there garden. What a [censored]. This behavior has been going on since 2012. And name calling since 2006. What a double [censored]. He has not...

Neighbours on 37 19th Ave, Bay Shore, NY / bullying

on Jun 27, 2018

The family at this address are vengeful and passive-aggressive. They are messed up people! One of the adult children has entered various occasion their next-door neighbor's property. We've witnessed them throwing objects to among other things dog poop, food, children toys, garbage at late...

Neighbour / bullying

on Jun 27, 2018

Humberto Guzman has been illegally entering his next-door neighbor property. There have been various harassment complaints about this individual in the neighbor report web site. However, he has been deleting the complaints and continues harassing and entertaining illegally his next-door...

Beatrice Thompson / pizzas

on Jun 20, 2018

I ordered two large pizzas one with cheese, beef, and cheese, and one with ham, pineapple and cheese with 12 piece barbeque wings. I received pizzas with no cheese on them, and 6 wings.. I paid 38.00 for my order, and my kids deserve what was ordered the person at the store was very rude. I...

Inder Enclave / illegal unauthorized construction

on Jun 13, 2018

To, Municipal Corporation of Delhi 9, Second Floor, Inder Enclave, Rohtak Road, Paschim Vihar, Near Peeragarhi Chowk New Delhi - 110087 Sub:- Complaint Regarding Unauthorized Construction. Respected Sir, I need to bring this information to your notice that unauthorised construction...

Amardip Vilkhu / harassment/intimidation/threatening violence/cyberbullying.

on Jun 4, 2018

Amardip Vilkhu of N0 70 Windmill rd Coventry after being convicted for harassment on the 15/04/2013. Was arrested on the 26/12/2017 for violently attacking his brother. The attack was brought on by an onslaught of insult's by member's of his family justifiably directed at amardip. Amardip...

Captain take too much fare / the captain with the plate number 5684 he did not use his car and he took me too much money

on Apr 30, 2018

Good day sir I just want to complaining with the captain with this plate number 5684 I don't know plate letter I ride from al qalam to thumama road maybe 7 mins. To travel he ask me 30 riyal without using his meter he did not use his car and he is with his friend or brother and I don't...

My password!! Help!! / password

on Mar 29, 2018

I can't remember my password and the link youall send to me won't work and I"m sorry I don't know how to "paste something" in my browser (what's a browser???) So I have been trying for over a year!! Can you PLEASE help me??? I am a childless widow of a 100% DVA Vietnam vet who live rurally...

CSX/Amtrak / train stalling

on Mar 20, 2018

On 3/19/2018, at appx 7:13 pm, I was stopped by a very slow moving train, which stopped about 7:25 pm. After about 7 minutes waiting, I went about 9 minutes out of my way to get home. The tracks I am complaining about is East Epler Avenue, just east of Madison Ave, Indianapolis, In...

Nicholas Peltzer / anger consumer

on Feb 26, 2018

Nicholas PeltzerDo not trust Nicholas as he feels people are being "Very rude" or "Abrasive" with him when they are not. Mr. Peltzer is delusional and a complete impatient [censor] that needs to be on medication. Beware of providing services to Mr. Peltzer even if they are free since he will...

DP-80 Pitam Pura / damage to property due to construction next door

on Feb 20, 2018

Dear Sir, Ma'am, Many Thanks in advance for looking into my complaint! My Delhi house has been badly damaged due to the demolition & reconstruction of the house next door (D.P.-80, Pitam Pura, Delhi-110034), with which our property shares a wall. Specifically, the deep digging for the elevator...

Rosaly Piderit / bdsm sex worker/prostitute.

on Jan 5, 2018

Rosaly Piderit AKA Mistress Dolor ( was a "Dominatrix working in Los Angeles, CA. She resides in Geneva, Florida. Do not trust Rosaly she is dishonest and very rude. She thinks she is knowledgeable but in reality is not intelligent and extremely mean to others for no...

Marc D. Thames, M.D. / train noise

on Dec 27, 2017

I live at 1956 Westminster Way, Atlanta, GA 30307. This morning, I was awakened at around 2:30 AM by one of your locomotives idling behind my house or nearby. It finally moved on around 5AM. Although I have no problem tolerating the noise of PASSING trains, this is intolerable! Parking...