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Movies Complaints

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Netflix / quality provided

Vaneishua on Dec 3, 2018

Hi, I am filing this complaint with reference to the limited amount of movies & shows that are shown in my region. I Am from The Bahamas and have came to realize that we are not provided with the same quantity or quality of movies that are provided in the USA. This is not fair seeing that we...

Home Box Office [HBO] / instant family

Monica M. Griego on Nov 27, 2018

This movie was created only to encourage Adoption within Child Protective Services. It does not portray what a true family means and leaves out the fact that there is millions of parents alive looking for their children who have been adopted or sold or killed by being in the system.This movie should NOT be up for sale or played in theaters at all..

Netflix / content

Lee_A on Nov 24, 2018

It has become apparent that you at Netflix are making more foreign films a priority. Eighty percent of the time when I get an update to watch something it's either French or Spanish. The English movies and shows tend to be either repeats of what you shuffle in and out or low quality B...

AMC Theatres / AMC Entertainment Holdings / ticket purchase

Judy J Stephens on Nov 23, 2018

On November 23 I took my granddaughter to the 1:00 showing of "The Nutcracker…" We arrived 30 minutes before the showing. There were no ticket windows open so everyone had to purchase tickets at the concession stand. There were only 4 of 8 registers open with 18 movies showing. We stood in...

Regal 12, United Theater / regal cinema 12 golden, co

Regal Rip Off on Nov 15, 2018

10 days ago, we visited the Regal 12 Cinema in Golden, CO, to see the Robert Redford movie, The Old Man and the Gun. The lady at the ticket both, Wendy, told us that we had a free popcorn or a free small drink. I asked her what would be the better deal pricewise. She told me the small...

MovieStarPlanet / refund

Elizabeth Nyota on Nov 8, 2018

My name is Elizabeth Nyota, I am requesting a refund from MoviesStarPlanet following an incident that happened yesterday at 18:00. There was a transaction of £50 from my bank account by movie StarPlanet Copenhagen DK which has been done without my consent. It has been done by a 11yrs child...

Netflix / billing

sabrosa52 on Nov 1, 2018

This company change your due date of billing everytime they wanted. If I paid with gift card instead that take the different is own no they decide change your due day without notification. It appears that customer doesn't have no said in the billing like Netflix paid the bill. Netflix have...

AMC Theatres / AMC Entertainment Holdings / theater closing 15 minutes after the last show but won't let me in because I was there 20 minutes after the last show

insite7 on Oct 31, 2018

On October 29, 2018 I tried to go see a 9PM movie at the Carmike Theater. I have a special needs child so its always a challenge getting a sitter. I was not able to leave until 9PM so I end up getting to my favorite movie theater at 9:20pm. I rarely go to the movies but I had a pass that...

Netflix / netflix is a con

csr2thou on Oct 30, 2018

Netflix are constantly stating new shows added, yet all they do is change the cover photo and re advertise the exact same thing.there are more foreign crap than English, the general population do not want all this crap on and it should be in a completely different section and not mixed up...

Hallmark / movies

DMikolajek on Oct 29, 2018

Dear Hallmark, This is not really a complaint I love my Hallmark channels. I was wondering if you could change up the movies. I've been watching for years and want to know why you are not showing some of the older Christmas movies from years past. I'm kind tired of watching the...

Ster-Kinekor / movie screening times on two occasions being wrong as well as no feedback from a query raised in august

Desigan19 on Oct 28, 2018

As per query number CAS 174739 W4X3X9.logged this query in August yet no response. Today I check movie times at carnival city for Night school On 28 October 2018, shows starting time at 18:45, we get there and the time is for 19:45 so I went back on website to check if was my fault yet the...

Netflix / video player

peter karlsson on Oct 23, 2018

First of all, it's a disgrace and cowardly that Netflix doesn't provide a discussion board for it's customers. Clear disrespect of subscribers who are welcome to pay the fee, but not welcome to have any opinion about the product that they are paying for... * The specific feedback I have i...

Cinemark Valley View Ohio / movie

Jayvon21 on Oct 22, 2018

Hello my son and my niece and I viewd 'the hate you give " on saturday 10/20/18evening, before the rain storm. The movie cut off and we had to wait 10 minutes before it restarted from the beginning.. It was already late so we were not able to stay to re watch the whole movie again. I feel...

AMC Theatres / Madisonville Classic / unlawful actions

Vanshawn Redd Williams on Oct 19, 2018

My name is Vanshawn Redd Williams a employee at amc. I was working the podium And some customers came in who where under age but who where accompanied by an adult who was 21 which I allowed to go into the movie Hollween after getting it approved by my manager Becca but the other manager...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / not receiving the monthly tv guide (book), chanal 183 being cancelled, repeat movies and programmes.

Gert Koekemoer on Oct 18, 2018

When I signed up with DsTV we agree to a free monthly TV guide book which I no longer receive. I also liked chanel 183, reason why I took the package which was later cancelled by DsTV. Repeat programmes are also not on as we pay for the same programmes and movies over and over. By doing...

Netflix / netflix

Chawly on Oct 17, 2018

Before the month end of subscription Netflix was not working App was unable to open I have tried other apps which were working properly except Netflix after a while I uninstalled the Netflix app and again install it with the same subscription and i have been charged on 14th October 2018...

Youtube / youtube not working

Mathew Lyons on Oct 16, 2018

YoutubeI logged on to my account once I got home from school and went onto YouTube as its my daily routine. The only problem is that today right now at 7:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time, its not working. I tried it on both my Iphone and my computer and neither of them work. I just wanted to let you...

Dollar General / returning a defective dvd w a receipt cashier stated was a federal law could not give refund

amber Murphy on Oct 16, 2018

I bought a detective dvd at dollar general went home tried to watch it with my son and it would not play I immediately returned to the store with my receipt and dvd and cashier told me she would not accept the return because it was a federal law. the time was in the evening, close to...

ITV / "butterfly"

Martin Dufresne on Oct 14, 2018

The writers of this series seem to have chosen to ignore the Media Guidelines recommended dy the Samaritans organization. I am thinking especially of these: Steer clear of portraying a suicide attempt as something that can quickly be recovered from. Don't show the character returning to normal...

Levi Strauss & Co. / staff

Najanaja on Oct 14, 2018

Today I went to Bicester village from London to Levis shop because i like this brand, I try jeans, t'shert and i want to buy, but cashier is very rude. They have 2 cashiers a customer before me she going to cashier 1, and I saw cashier give to her 20% off on top discount i went to the...