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OpinionOutpost / survey done twice

KWARREN1973 on Aug 17, 2017
i was on survey PRJ-279924-QL5Y5* it said not complete. I did this twice watched the video 2 times for 1 hr a piece . I thought I made a mistake the first time so i re did it. after the video a screen came up. Thank you for watching the video. Please make sure you have taken the picture...

Inappropriate Advertising / Inappropriate Advertising

Lisa Rich on Aug 16, 2017
My 10 year old daughter watches a lot of videos posted by LD Shadowlady, who posts many videos about Minecraft and subjects generally designed for younger people. This complaint is in no way about her. My daughter was watching a video a couple of days ago, and suddenly screamed and threw...

Ster-Kinekor / complaint - bianca pieterse

Bianca Pieterse on Aug 14, 2017
Good day, We went to the "new upgraded" east rand mall cinemas to watch the Spider man movie on the 30.07.2017 The service of the staff was very poor and when we went to watch the movie the quality very bad. it was dark, could not see everything. the whole experience was not what we...

Cinemark / manager being offensive

joshue navarro on Aug 11, 2017
My name is josh Navarro and I want to make a complaint about the way Mr Mark Brusniak the manager of the location at 15436 farm market 1825 Pflugerville tax 78660. My self and family member we were watching Annabelle show at 9 :45 pm and Mr Trent baker was passing by and see one of u...

Crackle / freezing

ronnie78 on Aug 10, 2017
Lately the movies freeze and stay frozen. Its annoying and maddening. Plus the fact that one has to put up with the same over and over and over commercials.. It would seem to me that if Crackle wants more viewership, it would care about the problems that its viewers encounter and fix those...

Starz Entertainment / banners...

Sherry Smothers on Aug 9, 2017
Rude, rude and really rude! The only channel to show no respect what's so ever for all the people involved in filming movie or series shown on your channel. Who the heck cares what's on next. We have a guide!! I get so disgusted I don't even care to watch your movies, which by the way...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group / customer service

Marie wimer on Aug 8, 2017
Me an my brother visited regal cinema in west york pa we went to see kidnap they were very rude from the start laughing at my brother an me I ask for my tickets. I give my phone number for my regal rewards. I give her the money she then asks how old I am I tell her I am 19 an my brother i...

Fandango / ticket purchases

MFHKTJ12 on Aug 6, 2017
I tried a month ago to purchase tickets using a gift card and found out the movie theater we use you can't purchase the tickets online. So we decided we would try a theater that participates in the online service. I tried 5 times to purchase tickets online and kept getting an internal...

Ster-Kinekor / movies

Shabir Dawood on Aug 5, 2017
Went to the movies on Saturday 5 August 2017 at ster kinekor rosebank .. ..the worst experience I've had at ster kinekor ever. No water No electricity for the escalators No cool drinks based The pizza hut had no small pizzas We got into the theatre and the lights were off...people battled...

Youtube / a channel lost all its videos

JDWright31 on Aug 2, 2017
The YouTube channel Royal Crimson Films has lost all of its videos and I can't even watch them videos any more.One night I was watching them, I go to sleep, wake up and find they are gone. And the video that I added to watch later just says "private video" and when you kick on it, it skip...

Dollar General / service

Rude53 on Jul 27, 2017
I was in store 09868 and cashier name amy was rude talk bout other employees one was about assitant manager who was working. N was working hard ever time i come in . she always jump on the registor because amy is talking to customers personal and saying how that manager is being fired...

Spotify / spotify ad

mr.hesher on Jul 26, 2017
I just can't stand the Spotify ad system, but anyway...I can get over it, after all we get free music, which is more than enough. I understand you have to put ads between a certain number of songs and so on..I get it, you need a profit. The thing I won't tolerate is "movie trailer"...

Netflix / okja movie

KYgirl007 on Jul 21, 2017
I'm not complaining about the movie actually it was ok. I'm pissed off because you put trailers out that make it look like an enjoyable family movie that you could watch with kids and by the time you figure out that it's not you already have a child crying because the animal is getting...

Netflix / the netflix series "f is for family"

Patrick Malley on Jul 19, 2017
I’ve been informed that the Netflix series "F is for Family" uses Jesus, Mary and many Catholic devotions as props in their sick scenarios. Further, that sex, profanity, drugs and blasphemy are the major themes of this animated program in a poor attempt to portray average 1970's family life. I...

Cinemark / I'm complaining. about a theater 22 in lancaster ca

Abraham Gonzalez on Jul 15, 2017
Im upset and ferrous how the theater conditions. And service they have and how poor service i had when dealing with management and cashiers, felt some discrimination for what i witnessed. Its 105 outside and i went to see with my wife the apes movie. I walk in to theater room 1 and there...

Ster-Kinekor / ster kinekor card (half price tuesday)

shelleyvdmerwe on Jul 14, 2017
Hi we went to Musgrave Ster-Kinekor on Tuesday the 4th of July. My SK card works every Tuesday apart from the 4th whereby one of your staff said that it is not registered and I had to pay full price. Apart from paying full price there were only 2 staff available on this particular evening to...

Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Movies And Mysteries / not showing christmas movies as usual every july.

Dawn Marie Curto on Jul 13, 2017
I wait ALL YEAR for July Christmas movies to play all day on both hallmark channels. This year no Christmas movies on regular hallmark channel and hallmark movies and mysteries channel only a few evening Christmas movies playing. Very disappointing. Please implement the July ALL day...

Netflix / the new series that discriminates against catholics

MBW18😒 on Jul 12, 2017
I am a customer of Netflix fir some years now. I am completely outraged and highly offended as a Catholic about your new series that is completely blasphemous against Jesus and His mother Mary. You are discriminating against my religion, against my family and me who subscribe to Netflix...

Netflix / f is for family

Kaczor on Jul 12, 2017
I am catholic, i believe in family and conservative traditions. I understand that you have a different vision toward your audience, but if u think we are a minority in this we will prove you wrong. Dont you see that even the fact that America chose Trump vs Clinton has something to do with...

Netflix / f is for family

Marianne Beardslee on Jul 12, 2017
Netflix should be ashamed of "F is for Family". I am a Catholic who loves the Lord and the Blessed Mother. We have got to come back to our moral values as a Nation. This is disgusting. God is being taken out of our country more and more when we desperately need Him and His blessing...
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