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Cinemark / customer service

Katarina Carlin on Apr 24, 2018

CinemarkLast night I took my son to see Rampage at Sugarhouse Cinemark in UT. As I purchased my tickets, the young man asked me if I qualified for Senior Citizen Discount! I said No and I was stunned! I have never been asked that before anywhere. And I assume that those who do qualify will ask for...

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries / aroura teegarden movies

M&R on Apr 23, 2018

These movies were really good up until the last one Reap What You Sew. Change in cast really spoils the movie. Martin Bartell leaving is the worst! That was a real mistake. John is gone and Arthur's wife was missing because they said she was home pregnant but her first child she worked...

Netflix / movies being taken off

cfitz on Apr 19, 2018

I have recently found out that a bunch of disney movies are being taken off of netflix including wizards of waverly place, all the cheetah girls, sharpays fabulous adventure, geek charming, princess protection program, cyber bully, cow bells, high school musicals, camp rocks, starstruck...

Ster-Kinekor / movie tickets does not print at self-service terminal

Marichen on Apr 19, 2018

On Saturday, 14 April 2018, I brought 2 tickets for Peter Rabbit at the self-service terminal. The transaction went through and I received a "approve" receipt for payment but my tickets did not print. I had to wait in another queue to explain the situation. I had to gave my bank card, the...

Youtube Clip / an obscene unethical video which displays in chinese words

youtubexxxyyyzzz on Apr 19, 2018

please remove the following: This is about an obscene unethical video in Chinese words. It details the intercourse between a mother and her 23 yr old son. For god's sake, please remvoe the video. The author should have been banned for hi...

Ster-Kinekor / lighting at ster kinekor brooklyn nouveau cinema 3

John Fensham on Apr 15, 2018

I had the misfortune of again being in Cinema 3 at Brooklyn Nouveau in Pretoria on Saturday evening. This cinema has had flickering lights which are most irritating, through all the pre-movie trailers and adverts. This situation has prevailed over the past 2 months - surely the fault can...

Hallmark / movies

Ally Mitchell on Apr 9, 2018

I, along with numerous people I know, are extremely disappointed that you have decided to remove the weekday afternoon movies with a show, such as Full House. I can watch those shows any time on Hulu or Netflix. I always tune to your channel at 2pm every day and was greatly disappointed...

Hallmark / program scheduling

Clcl on Apr 9, 2018

I was so happy when you began airing movies in the afternoon. Now the schedule has been changed to sitcoms. BRING BACK THE MOVIES! I'm a dental hygienist and my patients love watching the afternoon movies. I subscribed to Hallmark Movies and Mysteries to watch"Murder She Baked", " Signed...

Star TV India / may I come in madam?

SabaKhan2 on Apr 5, 2018

Please bring back May I Come In Madam? as many people have liked this show and many people who come from work can lose the stress due this comedic show. As soon as this show was scrapped, many people felt sad and depressed like me, I wish to see this show again with Season 2 on Star Bharat...

YouTube / bad service; videos and movies

David Sharf on Apr 1, 2018

If YouTube wants to remain special, then videos and the movies has to be only HD. Beside this, most movies are broken purposely, in the middle stops, or suddenly the voice disappear in the most important moment of the movies. Your quality control is unbelievably worse than bad. Please make...

Sterkinekor The Grove Mall / service and beverages

Arno-Armandt on Apr 1, 2018

I came to the Grove sterkinekor movies with a great expectation, but when I already paid for my upsize double take then only they told me they don't have any sodas in stock, but that's not even the worst part, I booked to watch the movies Pacific Rim : Uprising as I walked into the movie...

Costa Coffee / takeaway coffee

Cheeky21 on Mar 30, 2018

Hi I went to Costa coffee at Meadowhall 30/3/2018 at13:15pm I asked for a latte with coconut milk I took my coffee but didn't taste it till I had sat down on the tram I took a sip and realized it was cows milk which I have a serious allergy to so had to throw away which was a waste of...

Ster-Kinekor / sterkinikor service, staff, waiting of order equipment failure

Shelby@69 on Mar 29, 2018

Service was poor from staff to slow an equipment either did not work or had an issue as no cups. Waiting in que after purchase from your self help terminal is even worse as you end up in two ques rather than one. Staff were also not helpful as they we too busy chatting too themselves to assist, they were very rude an impolite when answering questions.

FilmLush / I want to cancel.

Shirl Spicer on Mar 24, 2018

I registered 3/24/2019 to create an account with Filmlush. I want to cancel the account the immediately. My email is and the password I gave is:! VIS9cin. I am cancelling my VISA card promptly so as not to be charged even though I understand they do charge. This is all the...

LMN / the movies being shown

Kmiller2 on Mar 19, 2018

This network has hundreds of movies. So, why do you continue to keep showing the same ones over & over & over & over again!!!??? If you can't show any new movies at least mix it up with the reruns of movies. Not just the same 10 movies over & over!!?? It's just ridiculous that you can't...

Alice Mckeon / disney movie club

grammy630 on Mar 19, 2018

I have been a member for years but the last year has been horrible. I received 2 movies that I cancelled by phone so I called and requested 2 return envelopes and mailing slip so I would not have to pay for these movies. I received one mailing slip (no envelopes). In the meantime, I'm...

Netflix / content of shows

Santina Pi on Mar 10, 2018

Your content of shows seems to have a biased theme promoting liberalists views .. Anti White Agenda Your Chris Rock show calling for More White Children Deaths and More White Mothers Crying .. I find horrific.. that you allow shows with this material on your program You are raising your...

Netflix / obama’s show

wascally wabbit on Mar 9, 2018

Guess I'm gonna have to cancel my Netflix subscription now that y'all have gone political and not just political you're putting an America hating person (Barack obama) on giving him a platform to further his hate for the USA if you air this show I will cancel my subscription and subscribe...

Bertil Johansson / betalning

Bertil Johansson on Mar 9, 2018

Ta bort mig från prenumerationen. Vad är det som inte går att göra? Jag vill bara säga upp mitt medlemskap från filmsajten. Meddela mig vad som behövs för detta skall bli gjort. Varför måste jag göra texten 350 ord lång, har ni ingen personal som kan läsa era inkomna klagomål. Hoppas att ni...

Netflix / contacting the help centre

Steven007 on Mar 6, 2018

I was told I needed to log in to Netflix again as my TV went off in a power failure, I tried to login and it said password was incorrect. I then requested an e-mail to be sent with a recovery code. I received a mail which told me to click on the Recover Password button and absolutely...


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