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Ster-Kinekor / ster kinekor

Naseerarasool on Apr 25, 2017
To who it may concern We had went to watch a movie in October 2016 last year at Gateway. After receiving our tickets we proceeded to the cinema to watch the movie. Upon entering the cinema we noticed that the seats given to us did not exist. We immediately came out and spoke to one of...

Walt Disney Animation Studios / ralph breaks the internet

Max Reel on Apr 23, 2017
Walt Disney Animation StudiosI'm worried about this movie, because next year the movie will be released, Disney will team up with various websites to promote the movie, the characters from the movie will be in some Nintendo Switch games, and it will make billions. So please, I want this movie to be canceled. In...

Ster-Kinekor / pathetic systems and service

Mankope 'May' Malebye on Apr 22, 2017
I had the most pathetic experience at Ster Kinekor Southgate!!! Firstly, I arrive at Southgate Ster Kinekor at 16:40. I printed my tickets at 16:45. Once I printed my tickets, purchased online, I joined another line to purchase condiments i.e. Popcorn, slush etc. I got to the front of the...

Fandango / holding funds no tics son can't go to movies

Whitehead36 on Apr 16, 2017
Fandango I attempted to purchase tickets for Boss Baby as the last activity for my son before heading back to school after spring break. I received and error stating that I put in the wrong zip code but my card was still charged. I was basically called a liar by the supervisor I spoke to and she...

Online Ster-Kinekor / took my money - no booking

SunitaP on Apr 16, 2017
On the 15 april 2017 at 20:30pm... I went online - booked my tickets, took my money (Received my sms - the money went off) no reference.. No confirmation... But my money is gone I immediately phoned 0860 1668437... The lady said no booking on ster kinekor side, she cannot explain why the...

MovieTickets.com / Service sucks. Never received tickets or confirmation - no refund either

shahr65 on Apr 14, 2017
I purchased ticket using movie tickets.com and it tole me to redeem ticket using redemption code at theater. Hoever at theater they didn't recgnize redemption code and asked for confirmation #. I never received confirmation email - checked inbox, spam etc. As a result, I eneded up buying...

Ster-Kinekor / ervice at ster kinekor eastgate

Cait14 on Apr 14, 2017
We attempted to go watch F8 of the furious at the Eastgate Ster kinekor which was fully booked (understandable). Very busy friday night and there were very few staff around to help and when they were there they didn't actually know what was going on themselves. Signage also needs to be...

Budweiser / Stale beer skunked beer

666wolf on Apr 11, 2017
I bought case of beer tried the top row the middle row and the bottom row one out of each the whole case was skunked I am now using it as target practice what are you going to do about it short to the point that's what I get to I'm almost 50 I don't need this crap wasted $20 and a case of...

Wish / The walking dead: the complete set.

Grammie Sandi on Mar 21, 2017
On February 21, 2017 I placed an order for the above item. You emailed me that my order had been confirmed sending me the order ID: number 58b9666a504e5519666084f4. I was charged on my Visa card $57.00 this was for the item and shipping charges. I received another notice that the store wa...

Edgar Iturbide / I applied for Free trial days, but I got a charge in my credit card in the first minute.

Edgar Iturbide Cruz on Mar 20, 2017
I thought Flixaddict was not going to charge anything in my credit card, such as it is displayed in the web, but that did not happened. Now Flixaddict is charging me again after 7 days and I really do not want their membership or anything to do with them. Please help me cancel any charnge...

Ster-Kinekor / Ster-kinekor secunda service and customer treatment

BokangK on Mar 15, 2017
The self-service machines weren't taking the Edgar's club card so we proceeded to the cashiers till to assist. The cashier chose the seats for me and I asked her to change the seats and it took her +- 5 minutes before she called for her manager to assist who also took time but enventually...

Ster-Kinekor / Points

BarbieD on Mar 13, 2017
My boyfriend and I have been watching movies at sterkinekor vaal mall and have been swiping our SK club cards and are expecting to have 500 points each since we've watched 5 movies this year but none of them reflect. We have asked the vaal mall staff to help but they said they can't. We...

Cinemark / Marketplace theater in tucson

Tarra Wasilchen on Mar 4, 2017
I bought seats front and center exactly where i wanted, and when i arrived they were taken by two very rude customers who refused to give them back. So i watched my movie frustrated and from the side. Its the damn principle. I want my money back for the movie and the refreshments i was too...

Cinemark / Seating

Brigette sherman on Mar 4, 2017
I purchased tickets in the Springfield, OR theater to see Logan. The movie was very full and there were only a few seats left. This was the first time I have attended a movie since the luxury seating went in. I was not told that the seats we selected were in the front - I thought they were...

Ster-Kinekor / Management incompetence

Meg22 on Mar 4, 2017
I booked a movie online at Gateway 4/3/17 and the payment goes to the Ster Kinekor Jhb GAU ZA FNB account. I got the sms for the payment but when i swiped my card it couldn't find booking details. I spoke to the manager in Gateway and she didn't check anything on her system but told me the...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Movies

Junaid abrahams on Feb 26, 2017
To whom it may concern. I am very disappointed that the movie channels 110, 111 and 112 repeat the same old movies over and over. As a dstv compact package payer could you guys atleast improve in the movies or add a extra channel like 101 or 103 cause the fees will increase by first of April...

ProBiller.com / Terms and agreements are wrong

Ray Lucero on Feb 13, 2017
I was told that their wasn't refunds when i talked to customer service.I went to both Reality kings and probiller.com.Both say you can get refuned only if you haven't used your account or for certain reasons.They told lie to you.I was told that i will get 2 months free of access for...

Netflix / Racist propaganda garbage {dear white people)

Gregory Norton on Feb 10, 2017
I just saw the trailer for "Dear White People" and immediately canceled my account. I find it really sad that Netflix has bought into this "It's not racist if you hate white people" narrative. ####ing disgraceful. I'll be having my family and friends cancel their...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks / Movie six

Discustedappauled on Feb 4, 2017
The movie "SIX" is very inappropriate for the History Channel. I am ashamed to have this on in my house. On which I believe to be eisode 2 they actually had PORN playing in the background with sound and screen shots while a man was going to masterbate! What kind of Executives would allow...

Fandango / Refund policy

anon01001 on Feb 2, 2017
Fandango VIP accounts accepting the refund policy terms user license and agreement etc. Fandango will not issue a refund after showtime no matter what unexpected or expected circumstance happened. Clearly, when you walk into the theater a ticket master processes your confirmation number. Thi...
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