Model & Talent Agencies Complaints


The Playground Los Angeles Review Gary Spatz / acting

on Jan 11, 2019

Beware of this company, a total scam! THE SET UP It all starts with the first contact at a mall or public place were the "scouts" are on the hunt for children. These people are basically out of work actors, so they are very convincing. They prey on kids and parents that look like they can...

Urban Talent Management / unethical behavior

on Dec 5, 2018

While there are many ethical issues within Urban Talent, I would like to focus on one big problem in particular. Urban Talent is a modeling agency which uses scam-like tactics to recruit new models. I was scouted as a model the fall of 2016 on Instagram. During my initial meeting with an...

Karan Bhalla PMO / customer service

on Nov 28, 2018

I went to the Karan Bhalla PMO in the lower level of Atrium (close to dundas station) yesterday morning around 6:10am There was one gentlemen in front of me and another customer behind me, the Tim Horton staff Muna look at the line up and continued to put milk in the milk...

Wild Models Talent Agency / agency

on Sep 24, 2018

Not sure what all these people are talking about. They must have joined with someone claiming to be a recruiter at WMTA. I never had to pay any money and since signing they have sent me some awesome castings. All have been big brand names. I've booked several auditions and was paid every...

Stephanie D'oleo AKA Killah Kush, Killah Kvsh, asthmatic noodles, Teffy D'Oleo / unprofessional and engages in illegal activities.

on Jul 20, 2018

Beware of Stephanie D'oleo who is an untrustworthy porn model/suicide girl and volatile. If Ms. D'oleo becomes slightly angry she will seek revenge even if it involves revealing personal information and illegal activities. Do not trust Stephanie with money as she bags online all the while... / talent company online membership site

on Jul 1, 2018

StarSearchCasting.comFor more than a year I have been trying to make contact with StarSearchCasting online to remove my profile from their site and I have not had any success in doing so. There is an image of a person who is posing as me that is connected to the StarSearchCasting profile in google search who...

Cheareen Jones / individual

on Jun 28, 2018

I am Asian and black and I am complaining that you have allowed black women to imposter my heritage, image and honor dragging me across your stages around the world. If you did not know about this then it's time you wake up. I have been attacked and undergone image degradation my feminine...

Joseph Mark / he is selling filipina ladies here in oman for sex.

on Jun 23, 2018

He is selling filipina ladies here in oman for sex. That is not allowed here in this country and I will not allow it to happened on my kababayans. His email is [protected] He should be stop right away. +968 [protected] his oman mobile number. Already someone tag the Royal Oman Police...

Metro Photography / Apple Models / portfolio for work as a model

on May 27, 2018

My daughter went for a photographic shoot with Metro Photographers in January 2014. They took several photos of her and showed us the photos afterwards and told her they would accept her onto their books as a commercial model. They said we would have to pay an upfront fee of £500 and that the...

Krave Girls Inc. / matthew morgan aka el gringo suave (porn actor)

on Mar 28, 2018

Beware of this agency as the owner is a suitcase pimp and wannabe male adult film actor. Mr. Morgan is immature and extremely rude to his talent. Krave Girls Inc. is not a licensed agency and does not have professonal skills. Do not trust this agnecy or the owner as he chases after female...

Representative in NY / service rep threatening to spread libel

on Nov 4, 2017

Representative in NYI received a call from a representative trying to solicit me for $200 for the chance to audition for Bad girls club and couple other modeling agencies. After I researched your company, I was no longer interested in going to NY to meet him. When I did not return his call, he threatened to...

Sadique P. m. - [email protected] / purchase not affected under 0% interest scheme epp

on Oct 23, 2017

Dear Sir, This is to inform you that I had purchased I phone Plus 7 from your outlet, Ruwi under the scheme of EPP 0% interest. It was on 8th June-2017 and I gone on leave on 25th June-17 for 45 days. When I came from vacation and came to know that in the credit card account was charged...

Backroom Casting / porn videos

on Oct 22, 2017

I live near this town and was disappointed to see such a company on your site. Just reading his description is highly questionable. He even states that the girls come in for a modeling photoshoot and end up doing port videos. I think Houzz should not allow pornography related companies here...

Only Talent Management (OTM) / scam, thief, liars, credit card fraud, ripoff

on Jun 12, 2017

Beware!!! Nora bond is a thieving convicted felon!!! This site HTTPs:// was created by a thief named Nora Mykhiel Bonds who also goes by Norma Bonds, Nora Anderson and anyone else's name she can get the social security number of. She will be you if you allow...

Embacy Management Group / Service for philadelphia teen fashion week

on Feb 19, 2017

This company charged $40 a ticket to use kids to model in Philadelphia Teen Fashion Week. They said we would get a red carpet experience walking the run way (models) Photographers and VIP seats for model agencies. Special guest. Etc... What pist me off they didn't have any of that...when...

Model Quality Introductions / MQI Inc.

on Oct 13, 2016

Model quality introductions is a male owned executive matchmaking agency that pairs serious and upscale men to beautiful and intelligent women for long term relationships. Some reviewers will be upset, as our agency turns applicants away due to our strict aesthetic membership requirements-...

Baby Miss America Pageant / Pageant photos, pageant ad photo book

on Oct 12, 2016

Baby miss America pageant charges a mandatory fee of 400.00 + dollars for a pageant Ad photo book contestants are required to seek sponsorship from local business, family members, church's etc. however what they fail to tell you is this book does not exist they give you fine details in...

Allie Houston / PUSH models and talent

on Jun 3, 2016

I worked a 4 day event for push models based out of Arizona in Feb. which I still have not been paid for and it's May. After working in entertainment for nearly 10 years I can honestly say this is the longest I have ever had to wait to be paid. After going back and fourth with accounting...

Elite Client Services / we weren't satisfied with their services and they didn't want to fulfil their obligations

on Mar 10, 2016

We also had the deal with the company Elite Client Services – Private Client Management Group. We heard about this company from our partners and they seemed to be satisfied with the program and services of this company. However, we didn’t get 5 year guarantee, no 24/7 customer services and...

Ariza Talent Modeling / The company made terrible photos and it wasn't worth to pay such sum

on Feb 5, 2016

I really regret that I contacted Ariza Talent Modeling. I spoke with the rep, who got the photos of my daughter and he said that he had the work for her. We arrived to the office and agreed about the day, when we would have the photo shoots. I have paid $2, 000 for the photo shoots, photo...

Apple Models/Metro Photography / Photo shoot

on Feb 2, 2016

I have previously written comments on here regarding Apple and Metro Photography. If you have had a bad experience as I have with them selling a portfolio then please contact TRADING STANDARDS. I have received legal advise regarding my personal case but I have been told the only way anything...

Hollywood Talent Associate / She hasn't helped with the job and didn't refund money

on Jan 22, 2016

Run from Hollywood Talent Associate. I have paid $800 to the owner and she assured me that she would find the modeling and actor’s job for my daughters. I heard her promises and useless speeches within a month. When I was ready to ask her about refund this lady became unavailable. Guys, don’t...

Metro Photography / Apple Models / Get into the contract without cooling off period.

on Dec 14, 2015

I have purchased the portfolio from Metro Photography under the pressure and the contract does not cool off period. You make me believe on that day that I will be making a lot of money with next few months, when I come back home, I check the Internet I can see all this bad review. I know...

Barbizin Modelling Agency / I paid upfront fee, but the staff didn't respond to letter and didn't refund

on Dec 3, 2015

My daughter and I went to Barbizin Modelling Agency. They said that if they chose my daughter, I would need to pay $3, 000 and it would be upfront fee. I didn’t have such sum, so I asked to provide some payment plan for me. They agreed and provided the plan, but 2 weeks later I sent the letter...

Lornik Modelling Agency / The agent took large sum from me and stopped to communicate

on Nov 21, 2015

It was my dream to become a model. Therefore, I went to Lornik Modelling Agency. I spoke with agent and she told me that I needed to create portfolio at first, which cost me $200. After that I she advised me the book photo shoots. It cost me another $500. When I checked my account, I...

Elanas Models / the moderators and owner are too rude with customers

on Oct 23, 2015

I have subscribed for the services of Elanas Models. I wouldn’t advise other people to waste their money on this website. Because the moderators and the owner of this website didn’t care about their clients. When you reach them to get some information, they abuse you and tell a lot of unpleasant...

JD Got Models / The agency didn't want to provide photos for my portfolio

on Oct 23, 2015

I work as model within several years and each time the agent helps me to find good work and agencies. He advised me the agency JD Got Models and told that the owner was his old friend. We had a photo shoots and the agency promised to give me the photos for my portfolio. However, my agent didn’t...

Kaback Model Management / Bait and Switch/Fraudulent requests for money

on Oct 14, 2015

This is a complete SCAM! I was almost fooled by this company and their requests to leave ridiculous deposits with them. I was approached by a lady in the mall and invited to an "interview, " which I attended and which seemed very legitimate on its face. I was then invited to a "second...

Heartland Model Agency / Should I join?

on Sep 15, 2015

This isn't really a complaint I just need some advice. Last night after I was done modeling in Tiffany Fashion Week in New York I was approached by a man I think his name is jorgen but I don't know his last name. He told me that I did great in the show & that he wants to have me join the...

Steamy Dates / Bait and Switch Tactic

on Jul 5, 2015

Well it starts out where you enter your information and a photo, still no money has traded hands as yet. Then within minutes a girl writes you saying something like, I enjoyed your profile, want to get together, well that goes on, and on, so you think, this looks like a great dating site...

Elite Models / &I couldn't be a model&

on May 7, 2015

I'm Courtney, i'm a teenager. i want to be a model, like not just a commercial or face model, i want to be a runway model, and a high fashion model, the only problem is "you're too short" that is what i am told by almost every agency. I Emailed Elite models with a question...

babes west inc / prostitution, makes threats, seedy company

on Apr 30, 2015

Babes West Inc. seedy adult entertainment company Be wary of They are an ‘adult entertainment’ company located in New York. They hire women to work in various types of ‘adult’ jobs, all over the United States, such as companions. They have ad...

Vanilla DeVille / Pro-Discrimination Adult Actress: Serious Complaint Filed

on Apr 5, 2015

A serious complaint must be filed against Vanilla DeVille who happens to be an adult actress or adult performer. This serious complaint has to do with the fact that Vanilla DeVille is indeed a supporter of discrimination which especially happens to deal with racial discrimination or racial...

Shana and Roxy Lane / Condemned Individuals: Racist Adult Performers

on Mar 18, 2015

Shana Lane and Roxy Lane who originate from Canada are correctly described above as: Condemned Individuals because of the fact that they are Racist Adult Performers. This fact is true and correct concerning them and the character that they possess. Their evil, racist, and bigoted ways are...

Molly Cavalli / Denounced and Discredited Racist Adult Actress

on Mar 16, 2015

Molly Cavalli who originally comes from Florida and who happens to be an adult actress or adult entertainer is correctly labelled, listed, and identified here as a: Denounced and Discredited Racist Adult Actress. This happens to be one-hundred percent true and correct concerning her. Molly...

Samantha Ryan / Race Hating Adult Performer and Adult Actress

on Mar 12, 2015

Samantha Ryan whose original name is Jamie Mance and who comes from Kansas must definitely be denounced as a: Race-Hating Adult Performer and Adult Actress. This is true. This is correct. This is an accurate description concerning her. This description is based solidly upon the fact that...