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Samsung Electronics / galaxy s7

Bbarbi on Apr 25, 2017
Samsung ElectronicsI bought for my sons 2 galaxy s7. After a short time in one of them the glass of the rear camera had shattered spontaneously. The phone has never been dropped. It was very disappointing... Anyway, we went to the israeli agent sinai (http://www.samsungmobile.co.il/) store and they convinced...

TracFone / ims card bad in new phone - poor customer service

disneyhlb on Apr 25, 2017
We received a new phone around 2/10/17. We called to activate and were told the SIMS card (1) was bad. A week or so later, we got the replacement card (2), and were once again told it was bad. We received another card (3) and once again, bad. We received yet another card (4), and it wa...

Cell C / defective device and super bad service (cell c potchefstroom)

DoRa Nel on Apr 23, 2017
Long story short: 07/04/2017 (Friday) - I signed up for a New DATA contract (and a LTE router) with Linnika at Cell C Potchefstroom. Router did not work properly since I got home. 09/04/2017 (Sunday) - After struggling for hours and hours to get the router connected, I decided to contact...

Assurance Wireless / Retail salesperson at 99 cent store

John Joseph Bartha Sr. on Apr 23, 2017
My 87 year old mother no longer is driving much so I am taking her to her on her errands one of them 99 cent store .I was shocked they have a table inside the storefront . The salesperson was standing in front of the table with clip board and very pushy would not give . His aggravated...

LG / 2nd lg phone through company that is having software issue and no one is offering help

Alexandria Smith on Apr 22, 2017
I have had 2 LG V10 phones in the past 6 months that have had some sort of software issue. IT IS NOT THE BATTERY. It turns on to the LG screen and refuses to go forward. It gets extremely hot and you have to remove battery for 5 minutes for it to cool down. When putting battery back in, it...

Atlantic Trading Wholesalers / iphones

Peter65 on Apr 21, 2017
Atlantic Trading Wholesalers owner Jeff McNelly offered on IMASD cheap IPhone 6. He requested a 25% deposit in order to give me the location of the warehouse. Jeff McNelly works with another guy who pretends to be the owner of the merchandize, but it is all a fraud. He gave me the wrong...

Telkom SA SOC / debit orders

Katie de Beer on Apr 21, 2017
Good Day I would like to submit my complaint regarding the debit order on our Telkom mobile account. The bank account we use is not an active account so we will specifically deposit money into it close to the end of the month when our debit order is scheduled to come off - which is the...

Telkom / billing and debiting issues - exorbitant charges

satyrkhat on Apr 21, 2017
I have a Telkom mobile account. They charge me R200.94 if my payment is made a day late or when the debit order goes off on the last day of the month but don't show on their system by statement run, they charge you R200.94 again On 28 February 2017 a debit order went off on my account for...

Telkom SA SOC / billing account

Thabo Letsoalo Snr on Apr 21, 2017
Good day I have an account with Telkom Mobile, comprising of 2 cell phones and a router. Since December 2016 Telkom I have been experiencing problems with regards to billing. Its either they deduct funds on the wrong date or deduct an incorrect amount; then later threaten me with...

Tinder / boostBoost

Rakshit Tyagi on Apr 20, 2017
I purwipe right, please refund my 270provide me another booster my contact no is 9634290407 and email id rtyagi@gmail.com. It is very very bad experience. Please resolve my problem as soon as possible otherwise I take strict againts you. It is wastage og my money. I dnt think it is good service for uses. Bad experience, so much disappointed for tinder.

Vodacom / upgrade/account statement wrong

Angelique1304 on Apr 20, 2017
Good Morning I would like to lay a complaint by Vodacom regarding the service I am being received. I upgraded my contract on the 2nd of February from the Uchoose Flexi 350 to the Uchoose Flexi 200 (Sony Ericsson XA Ultra).There was a promotion via vodacom or Sony Ericsson that when I upgrade...

LG / maintenance issue

Ossama Janoudi on Apr 20, 2017
Dear sir, Madam Good morning, I'm sending this email after long time of searching in the web to find out any LG representative in Saudi Arabia to send my complain, but unfortunately I couldn't found. I tried as well to send to LG global but also I wasn't able. I have a major issue in Saudi...

TracFone / Tracfone

Bethie12 on Apr 19, 2017
I have had my tracfone for years and yesterday I got on the computer to add minutes to my service only to find they had changed the whole format ended up calling customer service OMG 20 minutes and still didn't have any luck not only did Kathy not know what she was doing I couldn't...

Vodacom Online / cellular service provider

Chamza on Apr 19, 2017
I applied for an upgrade on the 6th of February which was declined on the system since I was told I have already done an upgrade. I called Vodacom Direct since I have not done an upgrade since 2014, they apologised and cleared it on the system. I did an upgrade on the 10th February and wa...

Vodacom / fix my account - contract 0826048383 still unresolved

Janine Adolph on Apr 18, 2017
Fraudulent Contract ********** 383 I J Adolph opened a data contact ********** 383 from Vodacom that cost me R448 per month I stipulated that it should be blocked when I reached my monthly limit this was done for the first 3 months and I have no issues with Vodacom. Then in Nov my payment went...

Cell C / c surance

Africa Nkosi on Apr 18, 2017
Hi, I'm insured with C surance (managed by Finrite) I have been struggling to get a replacement for my iPhone 6 from C Surance, since I made a complaint on the 6th of March. All I want is my phone back repaired or replaced particularly because I'm getting debited every month for a service...

Telkom SA SOC / contract cancelled months ago, but telkom keeps debiting my account

Madeleen on Apr 18, 2017
My Wi-Fi data contract expired November 2016. On the 7th of October I've e-mailed the completed 'consumer contract & services cancellation form' to cancellations@telkom.co.za. On the 13th of October I've received a confirmation e-mail from Retension - Cancellations, that they have received...

Ady / useless coverage

Ady Aidid on Apr 17, 2017
Mr / mrs useless please upgrade your ####ing coverage to support all areas. Im tired all of time i having no coverage when calling someone & playing games, what the #### your all promoting "digi will follow you everwhere" this ####ing ####, lier, damn im in my house at bottom...

Vodacom / Quotation to determine my contract

HSwart on Apr 17, 2017
I have a new provider I am trying, with no luck at all, to get a E Mail from Vodacom to give me my outstanding bill to pay to end my contact It is now two months Every time I phone Vodacom they promise to send me a mail but they just promose without doing it. Each time I do have to drive to...

Celcom Axiata Berhad / customer service at the gardens celcom centre

Hui Ru on Apr 15, 2017
Although I'm not longer your customer, that's not how your service centre staff should treat your customer~ Last week, I went into Celcom centre at The Gardens to help my sister to determinate her celcom account since she went to New Zealand and will not be back this year. I met this girl...
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