Mobile/Cellular Service Providers Complaints


Tracfone / Safelink and Straight Talk employees / my minutes that I paid for were taken, employees were rude and was hung up on!!!

on Mar 4, 2019

I have been on the safelink/tracfone program since its inception (10 years) and had opted for the 125 free rollover minutes every month, as I used the minutes up (I called my grandmother, father, sister, and my daughter) bought cards and received bonus mins. And sometimes double min...

Cellphone Airtime Subscription-Rmcs / cellphone airtime subscription

on Feb 1, 2019

I did not agree in joining any rewards and never confirmed any agreement, next thing i am being charged R78 and R49 on my account and I keep getting sms that my account is overdue and need to pay, someone called me on behalf of Edgars of which I clearly stated that im not interested and...

RHP Grobler / vodacom private number

on Jan 24, 2019

On 03/08/2017 I cancelled my contract. For 7 months it was been cancelled with zero balance. I used the number buying prepaid airtime. March 2018 a lady phoned from vodacom and tell me I owe vodacom r1097.22 on this contract. I told her how is that possible because I did not upgrade. Sent...

TrustVesta AT&T / prepaid card - monthly unauthorized charges

on Jan 3, 2019

Dear all, both in 2017 (June to August) and 2018 (June/July) I spent some time in the USA, using an At&T prepaid card. After leaving for Europe, I did of course not use my sim card anymore. However, my credit card has been charged monthly with €50 although I had not authorized these...

ATT/Wireless Service / wireless service

on Dec 26, 2018

I was a customer of ATT Wireless for 24+ years and called to inquire about lowering my monthly bill since there are multiple providers that offer better services (unlimited data...) for less. They had no desire to work with me. So I asked that they cancel all my iPads at that time. I...

Unauthorised Charge Of Inr 3254 / I bought a sim from at and t and it was never activated and I was charged 3254 inr

on Dec 26, 2018

Hi, I have got a SIM from AT and T store from seattle during my visit on 12/12/2018. Though my SIM not activated and representative told me that my transaction was declined. I never checked my card statement at that time, Later i found out that i was charged. I do not have SIM with me nor...

RedOne Network / blacklist me for termination of service.

on Dec 18, 2018

RedOne blacklist me after I settled stipulated outstanding amount on last saturday to enable me to migrate to Digi, another service provider, but since then RedOne response to Digi is that I am BLACKLISTED. This is very unbecoming underhand barrier put up by RedOne to stop subscriber from...

Midland / wireless customer service and directv rewards

on Dec 8, 2018

Wireless # [protected] Direct TV acct #: [protected] Also have services for my son: [protected] and internet service in Columbus, OH. I have been a long time customer of AT&T and was primarily satisfied but recently I have had a number of problems with little resolution. 1. In September I called...

RS Camera Smartphone / the cell phone introduced online is not the same on what you have delivered to me.

on Nov 27, 2018

RS Camera Smartphonelbc delivered the cellphone to me last november 22, 2018. but when i opened it, i was disappointed because it is not the same on what you have posted online. i ordered rs smartphone and its details are display 5.5 inch system 4g/ android camera 16mp/+28mp memory 256 gb ram 4gb batter 3000...

DU Telecom-UAE / dissatisfaction and very bad service by du telecom-uae

on Nov 26, 2018

To whom it may concern, I would like to raise complaint against DU and the staff regarding my issue with Number [protected] and with Trouble Ticket number: 1-[protected] as this is my 4th TT raised by the branch with no proper solution and closing the complaint which is not acceptable at...

Straight Talk Wireless and Walmart / unlimited data

on Nov 20, 2018

For $34-$35 plus taxes and fees you are advertised unlimited talk, text, and data-data at 2gb high speed and then slower older generation speeds. I hit 2gb and my phone data wasn't throttled, but was shut off. I told them that was false advertising and they said-we'll make a note of it and...

Retention / vf mobile line

on Nov 14, 2018

Many customer service calls, from a team called "Retention" team who are behaving as no retention at all. Two complaints till now with VF Egypt; 1-[protected] and 1-[protected]. According to both complaint and many calls with customer service, the retention team called me to resolve...

Skout App / continue calls and message from unknown numbers.

on Oct 15, 2018

I'm receiving unknown calls and message from my mobile no. [protected] . Unknown person posted my mobile number in your skout app and getting continuous calls and message every minutes . Kindly deleted my mobile no.and help from you. I received message from Whatapp of unknown number...

Ufton / poor signals

on Oct 8, 2018

If I compare signals quality of Ufone with Telenor, Telenor is far much better in providing of best signals even at home in Nowshera Cantt, while the Ufone, if my words are not too harsh... this network is for Besharmo ka Network, because to talk someone who made call on Ufone, you will...

Charmaine Mali / basebone chatback silver billing

on Sep 20, 2018

I have been billed for a Basebone Chatback Silver subscription which i never requested it. I don't have such an app or games on my phone. There have been many complaints about Basebone on hellopeter and it looks like Vodacom does not care, Vodacom should not support fraudulent companie...

Muhammad Tanveer Hussain / no service of any provider (jazz/warid, telenor, zong, ufone) in bhuki district khushab

on Sep 19, 2018

Since the start of GSM services in Pakistan. All networks have widened their networks . I am now talking about a Populated area/ village named Bhuki in District Khushab ( Punjab). It is not a remote area but situated on the highway. How shameful is it that none of the providers installed any...

Xiaomi / mobile

on Sep 16, 2018

XiaomiRecently xiaomi announced that any chinese variant xiaomi phones with open bootloaders and changed roms from china rom to global rom will be bricked with the upcoming updates of the miui os. I checked my phone's bootloader status and it's open???!!! This is unacceptable!!! You...

LG G6 / invoice #ccinv-[protected], lg g6 dated : 03/06/2017

on Sep 15, 2018

Dear Sir Sub. : Repairing of equipment during Warranty period. Ref. : Your Invoice #CCINV-[protected], DATED : 03/06/2017 Refer to above, I have purchased LG G6 mobile from your Hamdan Abu Dhabi E-max Showroom on 03-06-2017 with one-year extended warranty up to 02-06-2019. The LG G6 is not working...

Sportscene / Finchoice insurance / cellphone

on Aug 28, 2018

hi This is my second attempt in complaining still have not receive any feedback or progress regarding my claim other than a notification that the complaint is received. On the 14/07/2018 whilst coming back from work I was pick pocketed on my way going home, I then went to Gugulethu...

Mobilink / Warid / unable to contact customer representative

on Aug 17, 2018

The event is with reference to August 17, 2018 that i have been calling over and over again on the given helpline designated for Warid users like more than 20 times in a time period of less than an hour. I wanted to acquire the information about the wifi device package which recently ha...

Airtel Data Packs Frauds / airtel 49/- data packs

on Aug 15, 2018

Airtel Data Packs FraudsOn my Airtel Number [protected], got Recharge of 49/- which gives 3gb for 1 day, But on 1st Recharge, got only 500mb out of 3gb data and On second recharge on 15th August, got only 1gb out of 3gb. I'm facing a whole lots of issues due to this in my work. So please either get me my refund of...

cellfish / weekly charges for 'games'

on Aug 15, 2018

Good afternoon, Since October 2017 i have been charged recurrently until yesterday for games. I texted STOP and kept receiving the alerts so blocked the number. I have no idea what this game/these games were in was in fact in rehab with no access to my phone from end of last year to thi...

Dion Store / device

on Aug 3, 2018

I, Sisanda Nana Ndila got an iphone 6 on contract in Feb 2018, 5 months down the line, it just went off. I returned it to Dion store (Mall of the South). The store initially said they will call me to update me about the device, which it never happened... the store said its not yet back...

Cell / service

on Jul 30, 2018

My name is Ntombi I have being using cell c for almost 6 years and never haad a problem, only now I am getting a pathetic srvice and it really annoys. I took my phone for repairs in Janaury at cell c Southgate and and never got any feedback from them for almost 2 months then when I decided...

S M Haramis / data disappearing

on Jul 18, 2018

I have a Vodacom WiFi Router. My data keeps disappearing. Please explain how this is possible. This is not the first time I am having this problem. I took a screenshot of my data last night. Today all my data is gone. I would appreciate an answer to this ongoing problem. Please can you supply...

Dellmont, Sarl, 3a, Val, Sainte Croix L-1371 Luxembourg / voip call thru budgetvoipcall

on Jul 18, 2018

I enrolled for making international calls thru BudgetVOIPCall. They charged my VISA card for $12.20. with Dellmont in the provider's name, but I could not make any call. When trying to cancel, there is no email address for customer service. At this age and time, it is surprising and...

Waterfall Samsung branch / cellphone repairs

on Jul 17, 2018

I took my phone to Samsung in waterfall for repairs after it fell and the screen cracked. The technician assessed the phone and told me that a new screen was needed. He then asked me how soon I wanted the phone and I said urgently. He then said he was gonna ask his manager if he can't work...

Agen Pemungut Courts / collector yang tidak beretika

on Jul 12, 2018

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera. Tuan/ Puan, Saya, Rosmaya Binti Mohd Yahya menerima panggilan dari Agen Pemungut yang bernama Devan [protected] pada 12 Julai 2018 Jam 14:27 petang yang telah meminta saya membuat bayaran sebanyak RM1496 bagi [protected] selewat-lewatnya jam 3 petang esok 13...

Singtel bill me higher amount over six month / singtel suspend charge was not actual during my holiday period

on Jul 12, 2018

Singtel bill me higher amount over six monthDear Sir/Madam, I had suspended my singtel mobile for thee month from December 2017 then to call customer care for activation on 9th of March 2018. They bill me higher amount than what customer care officer said. I am very difficult to pay these amount . I have been facing fine recently .I...

Trac phone / Stealing my minuets

on Jun 27, 2018

I want reimbursements from this rip off company for my minutes that I paid for I am not clear why they would take minutes from me that I rightfully paid for? I would like reimbursement for my minutes over 10, 000+ or the minutes to be restored back on my phone. I have tried over and over...

NSA / verizon

on Jun 25, 2018

I purchased a verison phone but after two weeks I decided to return the phone and not use the service. Then 4 months later I get a letter from Verison stating that I owed the cost to the phone that was returned. I put in a dispute because the phone was returned but after 10 months still...

lack of service delivery / fiber

on Jun 25, 2018

lack of service deliverySales order: SO [protected] Good day, I am extremely disappointed and highly aggravated by the lack of service received from Vodacom. I applied for fibre to be installed at my new home in the Meyersdal eco estate in the beginning of June. I was told by the technician, named Earthage...

MR Dayanand Rajkumar / contracts were cancelled, in december advised now that I have contract fees outstanding

on Jun 25, 2018

To whom it may concern I am very disappointed with vodacom services, I only realised after 6 months that there is an outstanding balance on my account, This was never brought to my attention until recently when I noticed that my itc was never updated, had I not called vodacom I was not made...

Diamond Wireless Insurance / diamond wireless insurance

on Jun 13, 2018

Diamond Wireless Insurance was discontinued by Verizon two years ago. This insurance is like a cancer that won't go away. I have tried to cancel it and it keeps coming back! Every month I get charged 7.99 twice for two phones for which I have canceled the Diamond Wireless Insurance with...

MWEB / Cell C / lte package false advertising

on Jun 7, 2018

We have converted our Mweb ADSL to a LTE (4G) package using Cell C as the service provider. So far I am only receiving a signal ranging from 2G to 3G and at times no signal at all. Referred this to Mweb only to be told I need to install a booster aerial, after some haggling the agreed to...