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Cheryl / cell phone and computer repairs scam

cherylkd on Sep 22, 2017
061 490 9687 Des cell phone repairs Its a scam they collect your stuff and you pay them and they don't return your stuff e.g. computers phones ect He becomes abusive and threatening if you ask when you will get your stuff back i have proof on my phone and i have reported him to the...

Cell C / debits and claims of money owed after 4 months of paying off my contract

cheney on Sep 22, 2017
I AM HIGHLY FRUSTRATED WITH CELL C. After paying off my account early and cancelling the contract as instructed from cell c representatives, I get my account debited 4 months later, without a single call or notification from cell c. when I call in to find out what is going on I get pushed...

mani rari / dhgate scammed me / refuses to refund me for an order that was never shipped

manirani on Sep 22, 2017
I have ordered a cellphone on dhgate website that I never received since the seller never shipped my order and gave me instead a fake tracking number. I then open a dispute in order to be refunded the seller was making fun of me and I didnt get a refund. I then contacted dhgate(through...

Asurion / reimbursement

Deborah Allen Garza on Sep 21, 2017
I filed my claim on the 8th, and mailed broken phone same day. Was told as soon as it was scanned I would receive reimbursement cupon through email. A week later I was told my claim happened to be an audit claim, and had 5 business days for that. Then I was told it had to get a second scan...

CoolPad/3300A / there seems to be a problem troubleshooting my cellphone. I can't make or receive phone calls in my

LeonidaAgee on Sep 21, 2017
own personal cellphone and this is part of the CoolPadCompany.3300A I need to hear from you as soon as possible you can reach me at any of these emails. rustyageerustyagee@outlook.com or miriamalmonte099@gmail.com and even my...

Amazon.com / I have problem with my device nexus 6p which I bought from amazon

vams krishna on Sep 21, 2017
I am a frequent shopper at amazon and I love to recommend to anyone for their shopping purpose.Since few days I have severe battery drain issues with my Nexus 6p device which I bought from amazon almost a year back. I am not complaining its amazon fault, but the reason I bought this device...

LG / lg 4

Bj1956 on Sep 21, 2017
I have very little apps downloaded on my (8.00) And have no room left.. Have never experienced this insufficient storage problem before I am not technology savvy however Like I indicate I have had many other cell phones with way more apps etc.downloaded. Do not know how to free up...

Courts Malaysia / Courts.com.my / delayed item ordered & delayed refund

Azroul Ariffin on Sep 21, 2017
I would like to lodge a complaint regarding courts mammoth segamat branch where it took them more than 1 month to procure my iphone 7 order. Not only that, I demanded for refunds & it took them a few days for that & when they called me for the refund which is at 10 pm on weekdays btw ...

Vodacom / Sales: upgrades- new contract addition

france mashigo on Sep 21, 2017
Nothing frustrating like vodacom call centre. One has to beg, been taken from pillar to post. So much incompetence on the floor. Managers not available to take calls. Why is this that one must get furious in order to get the assistance they need from vodacom? I spoke to the departments 082...

Vodacom / phone delivery

Tbla on Sep 21, 2017
I ordered a contract phone with vodacom direct and it's been almost two weeks now waiting for the phone to be delivered. I have a router or data contract with vodacom as well. firstly I was told that the reason for the delay is because they have provided the courier company with and...

Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa / pathetic service

Tee Sithebe on Sep 21, 2017
I have been a subscriber of mtn for more than 10 years I did an upgrade on the 17 August 17 today is the 21 september 17 i havent received my handset I have been calling MTN daily wanting to know if they have contacted their warehouse to send information to DSV so that i can have my phone...

Telkom Mobile / telkom mobile delivery service/no telephone ethics from telkom staff

#RP on Sep 21, 2017
A turtle is faster than telkom mobile. I applied for a new smart phone via telkom mobile website. My application was approved and telkom has already debit my bank account but I have not received my smart phone. My account was debit on the 13sep2017 and on the 15sep2017 I get a phone call...

Edgars Fashion / Edcon / cell phone insurance

Emilia Duplessis on Sep 21, 2017
My name is Emilia Duplessis. My Nr is 073 651 5865. I submitted my cell phone claim on the 2.08.17. On the 14.08.17 I received a SMS from the insurance stating that my claim has been approved. I went the store and was informed that my claim was only approved for R3500 whereas my phone’...

TapJoy / candy club

Pauline Pitts on Sep 20, 2017
TapJoyI have made my purchase from candy club and I did receive my $15.00 discount and my candy order... However I have not received my diamonds for "Home Disign" ... I have sent many complaints for other offers and didn't receive my rewards except for 2, which was quite a while ago... I'm so tired...

Virgin Mobile / Beware

Stan Grey on Sep 20, 2017
I bought a mobile phone which was sent by Yodel. It never arrived. I have no idea where it is now. I called their customer service and they promised to resolve the issue. It's been over a month. They called me yesterday and said they won't cancel my order because there were no proofs that...

Cell C / unauthorized debits

Mmathapelo Tshabangu on Sep 20, 2017
I had a contract with Cell C and was cancelled about 9-10months ago, however, Cell C has successfully continued debiting my account monthly without cessation even post end of contract. Its really annoying to visit the bank just to reverse one pathetic transaction. I have called in to lodge...

Cricket Wireless / insurance and warranty

Tia92 on Sep 19, 2017
I have a ZTE Grand X that stopped working due to no fault of mine. It started with the apps on the phone malfunctioning, I tried to restart it it was stuck on the white ZTE start screen for hours. When it finally came back on it came to an Android logo screen with the options to reboot...

MetroPCS / motto e4

Charles Browder on Sep 19, 2017
Manager sold me 2motto e4 phones because my on5 phones didn't get a signal the motto e4 phones still don't work I've been getting the run-around for three weeks now I was even told they were sending a technician out to turn the towers in my area I was promised new phones and still have not...

MetroPCS / making payments

Erika Mischung on Sep 19, 2017
I have tried paying my bill online 4 times through the app 3 times I called customer service and they have me on hold forever told me I'm wrong wanted to know how much is in my bank account then he tried to make the payment and it wouldn't go through I called my bank my bank said...

Xiaomi By Dod_Uae / used phone re-packed and sent as new

aliadam50 on Sep 19, 2017
Xiaomi By Dod_Uaei ordered a xiaomi mi 6 from souq and the seller was dod_uae it was delivered to me on 19-09-17 The package was sealed from out side but when i tried to open the phone it wouldn't start where else phones already are charged in package secondly when i charged and turned the phone on, there...
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WSYX Columbus Coverage Being Used as Scam Source
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