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Medical Negligence and Deficiency Complaints

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Lincare / Oxygen equipment and nebulizer

Tom west on Mar 23, 2017
I have received oxygen for years and was on list not able to pay and then all of a sudden I get billed For hundreds of dollars with no notice of any changes. Then on top of that I started getting albuterol for nebulizer for breathing and was told that medication would be hundreds of dollars now...

LabCorp / Staff

Tiffany Morris on Mar 23, 2017
The staff located at 5031-G Harris blvd Charlotte NC is very disrespectful and ghetto it is very unprofessional and I don't recommend anyone go there to do any type of drug screening you will be waiting for hours just to be tested and allow people to use other people urine I watched a...

Hanover Counseling Associates, PLLC / Unethical behavior by a lcsw

Erin Choice on Mar 22, 2017
I had an appointment for therapy on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 with Charnessa "Charlie" Pleasant. Today, March 22, 2017, I woke up to multiple, hostile text messages and emails stating that she has cancelled my appointment and if I come to the office, she will call the local authorities. I...

Lincare / Overall service

Mz Dee on Mar 20, 2017
I have been a lincare patient for over 13 years. It has been the worst experience I have ever had. The equipment has been in a closet for over 10 of those years . I have requested them to pick it up . They say they can't without an order from doctor. Done that as well. Tricare has been...

Preferred Homecare / Power Scooter and nebulizer

JJewell on Mar 20, 2017
My doctor prescribed a scooter in Dec. 2015 as I need my 4th knee replacement and can't use a wheelchair as I don't have much function of my left hand and would be going around in circles. Preferred no showed for an evaluation on Feb.2 showed finally on 3/2.It is now 3/20/15 and insurance...

Lincare / Service re CPAP supplies

Cynthia Beaulieu on Mar 20, 2017
I initiated contact with Lincare in October, 2015. This process took at least 3 weeks. Today's date is 3/2017. Two weeks ago I contacted Lincsre at 860-236-4586 to order supplies. I was put on hold for 7 minutes. I was at work and could not hold any longer. A week went by, still nothing. I...

Apria Healthcare Group / cpap

NancyDombi on Mar 20, 2017
I have always used a bipap - no water, and it went on and off by itself. Due to stupidness beyond my control I now have a cpap, still no water (I figured it would grow mold or something and kill me). This cpap does not turn on or off by it self, the mask design is just plain dumb ( The...

Double-E-Phara Ltd / Amisulpride 200 mg

spotty dog on Mar 19, 2017
I was taken by the mental health and police after i did not open the door to a doctor called dr lonsdale nottingham.I was then taken to another town and not allowed to contact anyone one or told why?i was forced to take a drug and told if i did not i would be held down and injected.I wa...

NIMS Cardiology Hyderabad / Irresponsible behavior and treatment by cardiology doctors nims

Ramana Peri on Mar 16, 2017
My Father 65 years old without basic way of pre-checks conducted stunt procedures, as the calcium is high effected heavy heart attack. Later again conducted stunt procedure post to that IDIOTic doctors of cardiology doesn't know how to behave with patients in terms of handling. Main...

Medical Reception College Ltd / Jhina

Kendalljfraser on Mar 15, 2017
This school is horrible, absolute scam. I do not recommend anyone to waste your time. I cannot find a job cause no one knows the college. Its all so fishy. Jhina is horrible and has no respect towards anyone and will put anyone down, I wish I would've have known it was this horrible. The...

Hometown Buffet / Slip and fall

Gustavo calvillo on Mar 15, 2017
On 3-5-2017 me and my family when to Hometown Buffet for lunch and my daughter (8 yr old)slipped and fell by the food bar cause the floor was wet I let the manager know about it and he wrote a report about the accident which the supervisor witnessed and he said the ins. Would contact me...

Apollo Gleneagles Hospital / Dr Anjan Bhattacharya

Poojarajib on Mar 11, 2017
This doctor is a fraud... He only prescribe the same counselling for every person without even seeing and examining the patient. He is only running his business and doctor only for millionaires not for middle class or lower middle class. I was there for my child's speechdelay problem about a...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmacy

Alexondra Crooks on Mar 11, 2017
Hi, I left a complaint at the front desk about the following situation. I went into the shoppers on 200 st 6339 . To get my prescription filled I was the first in line and I waited there for 10 minutes to drop off two prescription. There was 1 lady in the pickup time and she sat there to...

Lincare / Billing department

Gustav Newman on Mar 11, 2017
I ordered supplies last year around Nov. While I received the supplies in a timely fashion I am unable to get through to these people that the insurance company has already paid the bill in full. It was only after I had not received an EOB from the insurance company that I called Lincare...

Pillmedica / Viextra

Mike Nutt on Mar 8, 2017
I purchased viextra as it claimed to have the same effect as cialis or viagra. I have taken cialis in the past with the desired result, but the prescription is so expensive, I thought I would give this a try. After three days of taking the product as advised, i experienced back pain on...

LabCorp / Blood work

Niccole Knickerbocker on Mar 7, 2017
I've been to this facility in Clearwater, FL a few times before. There is always a wait, so I made an appointment for my bloodwork before work. My appointment time was 8:30am. I didn't even get called up to the front desk until 9:45am by a grumbly woman. I provided by ID and insurance card...

Memorial Hermann / No Consent....it does matter they do what they want.

unconscious on Mar 6, 2017
No Consent for Internal Jugular Vein Puncture No Consent for PICC line NO Consent for CT scan of the brain & of the body No Consent for sedation drugs starting with the ambulance ride to the hospital. (the benzos, sedation drugs, nearly stopped my heart and I was put on a ventilator because I could...

Katskits / Purchase of a maine coon kitten who has been sick since purchase

Maripat Rawson on Mar 2, 2017
I purchased my Maine Coon Kitten from Katskits, a Minnesota cattery. She was the nearest location to my home. I waited 18 months to bring home my kitten. I paid $900.00 for him. Upon picking him up I was told he had ring worm that was another name for athlete's foot. The breeder would not...

KK Women's & Children's Hospital / Charging private rates to subsidized patients (Cleverly changing to private before surgery and before room is allocated)

RyuH on Feb 28, 2017
A) asking for private room class selection prior to surgery opportunistic. B) Showing pictures of rooms only to make it look like private room selection. C)Even after such private room payment the room is not ready before surgery. Which goes on to indicate that surgery and room selection i...

Bon Secours / Richmond cardiology associates and richmond family services

greatkhan01 on Feb 23, 2017
I have been a patient with Bon secure at the following facility: 1. Richmond Cardiology Associates, Mechanicsville, Virginia 2. Richmond Family Services, Richmond, Virginia Both of the above operates under Bon secures. I was out of my blood pressure medication. So I requested the refill...
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