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Medical Negligence and Deficiency Complaints

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Lincare Holdings / billing mistakes

Hiroko QA on Dec 11, 2017
We have high deductible insurance so we pay 100% until we meet deductible. Sadly we usually meet maximum out of pocket around August or earlier. That is when their mistake happens. We do not need to pay anything but they keep sending bills. We call over and over and they said they would take...

Testo Extreme / they advertise a free sample but then deduct r1075 -00 from my account unethical behaviour

Oupa on Dec 11, 2017
I watch the advert and was clear that it was for a free sample . However they ask for your bank details in the event that you want to order again .Next moment your account is debited by R 1075 -00 FOR WHICH YOU DID NOT AGREE UPON nor was the amount revealed other than that the product wa...

Canada Post / delivery

Kavita Sudan on Dec 6, 2017
I received a delivery notice on my door and the delivery person did not knock on my door AT ALL. I have been waiting at home for this package all day and did not hear any knock. I went to check my mail and saw the notice on my door. To make matters worse, my medication is delivered to the...

National Jewish Health / horrible, incompetent care and aggressive billing

SCarny on Dec 6, 2017
I had the misfortune of having one of their specialist doctors how up at another hospital I was in. I didn't realize who he was or that he would mislead me about a number of tests, scans, and do such a poor job with my care. But their billing department is even worse: incompetent...

Florida Blue / medical neglect and deficiency

Donna Zerlin on Dec 5, 2017
PLEASE HELP! I am disgusted and heart wrenched over the guidelines and protocol of Florida Blue insurance company (Obama Care). I am also baffled that Florida Blue insurance company can deny a request by a doctor regarding a patient's care. The following is an explanation per my...

Lincare Holdings / supply replacement

Sandra Acker on Dec 5, 2017
After wearing my CPAP almost every night for 14 months, I needed a new nasal mask set up. I ordered it, a N10 nasal mask kit and received the incorrect supplies, N20. I returned the incorrect supplies, and reordered a new nasal mask (N10) set up. I received a loose bunch of parts, to be...

Pradip Patra / reg : compensation claim consideration. sub : faulty treatment for rt. leg anklet joint.

Pradip Patra on Dec 4, 2017
Pradip patra S/o-late kanailal patra south-kamrangu, jhorehat (andul-mouri), Howrah-711302. m-09830985760, e-mail-patrapradip7@gmail.com. Ref. no - pp/2017-18/hd-01 dated-03-12-2017. To, A competent authority, Medical treatment justice, Kolkata. Through the helpdesk of c. m. o, hazra...

Shopper Drug Mart Pharmacy / medication

Manpreet Saroya on Dec 1, 2017
Hi I got medication from shoppers pharmacy they don't even pay attention to the dr order I got two different dr Order different medication they gave me different medication but under same dr name the dr doesn't know about the medication.when I asked them to check if the medication is wrong...

Lincare Holdings / oxygen service

Linda J. Ferguson on Nov 30, 2017
We were switching to Lincare (Austin TX) because my mom was moving to live with my brother. Prior to her move I provided Lincare with all my mother's tests from her current provider and these were recent tests because she just began needing oxygen. Despite all my phone calls they just kept...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / driver

Robin Korrubin on Nov 30, 2017
United Parcel Service [UPS]I m getting tired of complaining about the driver beeping the truck horn in front of my house and he laughs about it when my dog is barking I've asked it to stop I've made complaints before. Well today 11/30 my husband was home and heard it. And he was out working on his truck and said the...

Nimhans / inhuman and criminal behavior of neurology department

Shubhabrata on Nov 30, 2017
Hi, My mother Bulbul Mukherjee is a former patient of NIMHANS neurology department. She visited last year there and was diagnosed with Ataxia. However, in last 1 year there is no sign of improvement but huge deterioration occurred to her. I took her again for follow up checkup to NIMHANS...

Cleveland Clinic / dr kaouk

dhamrock@bellsouth.net on Nov 29, 2017
brought my father to Cleveland Clinic in September of 2017 to see Dr Kaouk and discuss laparoscopic surgery to remove his kidney cancer. He was very optimistic when we first met with him and said he could do the procedure and my father would be up and walking the day after surgery. He...

Holistic House Las Vegas / justin hoffman mark winkle scam scam scam ibogaine deaths

Grand Wizard on Nov 28, 2017
Medicine heart recovery ibogaine and Holistic house, las vegas nevada Worst clinic in mexico. Total scam. No doctors, no real staff. Many deaths. Dirty filthy place and people. They refer to this sleaze hoffman in the states and he refers to them. My girlfriend had to have her family...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / pharmacy store #3302

Dana1125! on Nov 23, 2017
I am sending this complaint due to an even that took place around November 8th 2017. My son who takes concerta 36 mg 2pills per day...and has been taking that dosage for over a year always filled at CVS pharmacy was out if meds. We are new to Ohio and have gotten a new doc, when the doc...

United Healthcare / unethical behaviour

Karen Thiemermann on Nov 22, 2017
I am a 61 year old disabled woman. Under the recommendation of my primary care Dr., I was referred to a Pain Management specialist. I have multiple spinal issues, as well as PTSD, Anxiety disorder, and a mild seizure disorder. The Pain management clinic I had been attending for almost 3...

Lincare Holdings / ongoing issues with supplies and oxygen delivery.

evilsmileychick on Nov 22, 2017
I've had numerous problems with this company regarding supplies and oxygen. I've also had problems reaching someone at their local office on more than one occasion. I have addressed the issues locally with customer service, however the branch manager will not return my calls. I've been...

Lincare Holdings / bipap/cpap

Barry Campbell on Nov 21, 2017
I was diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago. I was put on a bi-pap at that time. a couple of years ago my machine started quitting in the middle of the night. I would wake immediately out of breath. on checking with my insurance, I was due a new machine. The laws concerning bi-pap...

Shoppers Drug Mart / flu shot

Judy Bickford on Nov 20, 2017
On November 5th 2017 I got a flu shot at 2:00pm and has been in severe pain in my arm since. On wed. Nov. 8th I had to go to my doctor cause I was in so much pain I couldn't stand it. The pain is in my whole left arm, shoulder, left side of my neck . Before the shot there was nothing wrong...

RIU Hotels & Resorts / hotel manager rui papayas gran canaria.

Tintin Winfield on Nov 19, 2017
Recently returned from a holiday at the Rui Papayas, Gran Canaria. I have two main issues with my holiday I would like to discuss with a member of your team urgently. Firstly was refusal of adequate medical attention for my partner by the Hotel Manager, who was injured at the hotel and...

The Hair Transplant Experts / dr. stephen kashian preventable medical errors warning

KashianWarning on Nov 19, 2017
As a former patient who survived this dangerous doctor, I can speak to the facts of his dangerous medicine and his exposed online reputation. Dr. Stephen M. Kashian poisoned me (and others) by recklessly prescribing me dangerous Lorazepem for simple stress, the same drug used by...
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