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Medical Negligence and Deficiency Complaints

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Iranian Hospital - Dubai / Healthcare

Vishwanath Devlapura on Sep 20, 2017
I came to Iranian Hospital for chest pain and i came to doctor and the doctor in turn refered me to the xray and blood test. The xray was done with in 10 minutes. I waited for the approval for the blood test from the insurance company and the insurance company had already approved but the...

Rotech Healthcare / resp-nocare rotech richmond ky

sleepless228 on Sep 20, 2017
Never use this place! After being put off numerous times for a cpap machine(either because their respiratory therapist was on vacation, for some reason they could not schedule a future appointment for the therapist and I was not available around Labor Day ) then when I was finally...

Lincare / customer service is deplorable

pradamary on Sep 19, 2017
I am a registered nurse. Since 8/22/17 I have been attempting to get a Roho Cushion for a quadriplegic woman with multiple stage III pressure ulcers. On 8/22/17 I spoke to the wound care nurse who saw my patient, she states that Dr. Gould has recommended a roho cushion for our mutual...

Dr Ian Housgo / liposuction surgery

alex8686 on Sep 19, 2017
Hi, I had Liposuction with Dr Ian Housego from aspire cosmetics in mithcleton Brisbane. Its been 5 months since surgery and I am left permanatly damage from the surgery. My treatment and care from staff was so unprofessional and I recommend to never trust this doctor ever. Never undergone...

At Home Instead / dishonest employees

Peggy Simmons on Sep 18, 2017
My sister in Baton Rouge, LA signed a contract with At Home Instead to care for her husband. After a few weeks she discovered money missing from her purse. Then she discovered more money missing from a file cabinet. That employee resigned the next day. Their employees are supposed to be...

Rapid Fulfillment Inc / neuroxr

Thomkim3 on Sep 17, 2017
Rapid Fulfillment IncI ordered one of these when they were on sale and I have been charged four extra months I did not approve of... I only wanted the one shipment of these neuroxr focus memory and concentration formula... I have all the full bottles of this medication and the original package it was delivered...

Apex Paramedics / dishonest billing

SCarny on Sep 16, 2017
Apex Paramedics has a dishonest and exploitative approach in their billing department! for example: 1. Apex claimed Medicare rejected the claim for ambulance service, but Medicare has no record of the claim ever being submitted (they have a system to track all clams, whether paid or...

Apria Healthcare Group / customer service

Chris Jacksic on Sep 16, 2017
A month ago my CPAP stopped working so I called my insurance company for a reference on where to order a replacement. Unfortunately i was given Apria Healthcare as a choice. I contacted them and with a week had all the required paperwork sent to them, a new prescription, the sleep study...

Aspire Cosmetic Clinic / surgery

bec8585 on Sep 14, 2017
Hi I had liposuction surgery with DR IAN HOUSEGO and I am left permanatly scarred and traumatised after my surgery went horribly wrong. I felt my surgery and was screamimg on operating table as DR IAN HOUGO continued to operate on me. ssince my body has healed I have bben left with...

Lincare / nutritional supplies

Rosalind Wynne on Sep 14, 2017
Hello, My name is Rosalind Wynne, and I am representing Wynne's Adult Care Facility located in Lynchburg, VA. The reason for this complaint is that we take care of special needs individuals who's sole source of nutrition is ensure. One of our clients KJ date of birth 12, 23, 1981, is on a...

H.E.B. Pharmacies - Statewide (TX) / pharmacies

Roy Joe Holland on Sep 14, 2017
This is not a complaint in the traditional sense of selfishness or anger. I am making a complaint in hopes to help improve customer care and sales at the HEB pharmacies in my hometown area. I've noticed that over the years I have had numerous prescriptions that are literally forgotten...

Elmhurst Hospital Center / emergency registration desk

Syed Mahmud on Sep 13, 2017
Dear Supervisor, I am sorry to inform you, I came here for emergency urinal pain, when i went her desk some reason she was not nice way to ask the patient, When i said please be nice with pattient and i am not feeling good, I grab my phone to do something and she said i took her picture...

Panorama Medi Clinic / poor service

Joria on Sep 13, 2017
On 13 september 2017 i took my 9 year old daughter to panorama mediclinic round about 10 in the morning. She had fever and severe sore throat for 2 days. Did not want to eat or drink. My gp advised to take her so she could receive iv fluids. Arriving there there was 3 patients in waiting...

Cary Quattrocchi and McAllen Health Systems / marketing for mcallen health systems

DustinAddy56454 on Sep 12, 2017
Cary Quattrocchi and McAllen Health Systems Just Want a Quick Sale. Grand Forks, North Dakota. My company recently attended a health systems trade show where I had the misfortune of meeting Cary Quattrocchi, who is apparently the Vice President of Marketing for McAllen Health Systems. I...

Dr. Mario Martinez greenwood office / staff member

Salinas 30 on Sep 12, 2017
I'm a regular pt at the office on Greenwood. I love Dr Martínez and the staff, unfortunately my last experience was not so pleasant. A worker by the name of vanessa was rude and highly unprofessional towards me. I understand we all have bad days but in this office it's rare to be treated thi...

Prevea Health / healthcare (or lack thereof)

borcham on Sep 9, 2017
They do nothing but waste your time and money. I saw Dr. Dana Carroll on 2 separate occasions. The first time, I came in stating that I was coughing so bad that I was vomiting and it was very hard to breathe and I was having severe back pain. I was in & out in under 10 minutes. She told me...

Hartford Hospital / hospital stay

plhung on Sep 9, 2017
I went to Hartford Hospital ER on 3/9/2017 on indications of stroke. Dr. Fred Tilden reviewed the CAT scan results and discharged me on 3/10/2017 12:32 am. Later in the day, the ER called me to return to the hospital for MRI test. I was admitted to the hospital on 3/10/2017 (Friday). I...

Teladoc / Little more than a con game between Teladoc and Pharma...

BurnedByTeladoc on Sep 7, 2017
Called Teladoc and was charged their $10.00 fee. Their service? They called me in three name brand and very expensive OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS. One was a $69.00 nasal spray. The others were throat lozenges and Mucinex. They made a big production of calling me in "three...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / Medical aid call center

Siven on Sep 7, 2017
Hi, Today we had a huge problem which now cost us R9000. My mum who has a Key care and gap cover got sick at home and so while deciding which hospitals we can go to we call the number on the back of her card and asked the consultant to check if her medical aid is open to use as this wa...

BioLife Plasma Services / plasma donation pain

Dwd42088 on Sep 7, 2017
Hello my name is Dustin w Daniel The guy stuck the needle in me to draw blood jammed it in my arm and pulled out a little and pushed it back in this is the only time a needle has hurt he could not get it to do rite so moves to other arm toys 3 times and ten tells me if u do this again. You...
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