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Mattresses Complaints

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Bob's Discount Furniture / Vibrance king mattress set

Thomas Thatford on Feb 21, 2017
On Feb 1 2017 my bed was inspected it was a replacement for a bob o pedic that I paid 300.00 more for. The bed was 7 months old and was sagging on both sides and there was a hump in the middle. Inspector said it was 1/4" from being defective . He said if it gets worse they will send...

American Mattress / Bed

Shannon0424 on Feb 20, 2017
They don't care about their customers at all! My parents got an adjustable bed because they thought it would be good for my dad whom has prostate cancer with bone mets. Anyways they went in one day to look at beds and got talked into a bed that costed $3500 (no joke! ) The only reason they...

HOM Furniture / ic appluse 2 ferm mattress icomfort quilte

Cindy on Feb 19, 2017
I purchased the Comfort firm on 12/04/16. The bed at the store seamed soft enough but a week into it I could tell it was firmer than the one in the store. the salesman said I need to try it for at leased 30 days before I could return it. so it is now Feb. 17th and we go to the store to...

Tempur-Pedic / Tempur grand

TAndersen on Feb 17, 2017
Tempur-PedicMy husband and I purchased a Grand from Tempur in 2009 for about $11000 with the bases. It was a glorious bed for about four years. At the end of the fourth year however, we contacted Tempur because the bed was so soft and saggy. We submitted pictures and our invoices as well as the...

Tempurpedic / Wrong size and I can't return it

Naamadean on Feb 14, 2017
I bought a mattress from www.tempurpedic.com company and when I received it I was not satisfied with my purchase. Size of my mattress was incorrect and it was two times smaller than the one I paid for. I contacted Tempurpedic and asked for a replacement and they agreed to give me another...

Mattress Firm/Sleepys / Beautyrest ultimate firm mattress

Silwest on Feb 12, 2017
I bought last year what i was told was Sleepy's finest and strongest beautyrest mattress Model S151715/OMAT. After less than a year it started to breakdown. and slope. With a cost of over $4000 for a mattress i thought it should last at least 10 years. I asked for help and was called and...

Serta / Serta icomfort memory foam mattress set

Sertainly Unhappy on Feb 10, 2017
I purchased an iComfort Memory Foam mattress set from a local retailer just over a year ago. I am one that does not typically complain, but I must say with the amount of money spent on this purchase, I should not have the number of problems I am having. I am having major issues with my...

Lastingimpressionsfoam.com / Memory foam mattress

Cindi Bailey Dampf on Feb 8, 2017
I purchased a King 12" mattress on December 30. I received it on December 31. I unpacked it and set it up in my bedroom on January 2, 2017. After 7 days it had not expanded to the 12" it was suppose to. It was approximately 6"-7". On January 9 I called their phone number and had to leave a...

US Mattress / Return policy and fees

Ann Helen on Feb 6, 2017
On Jan 20, 2016, I ordered 2 twin beds and 2 low profile foundations which were delivered on Feb 1. As soon as they were delivered, I realized the beds were too high for my children and that we did not need the foundations. I asked if the delivery service, which was still at the house, if...

Waste Management (WM) / Bulk pickup feb 1st. 2017

Bubby Vincent on Feb 3, 2017
On Monday January 30th, I called Waste Management to arrange a "bulk pickup", (a service WM provide to SCV residences for up to 4 items per year), and was told to have them out on curbside on my regularly trash pick up day that Wednesday February 1st. The three items I asked for pick up...

Leon's / Posturepedic mattress

Newman Tramble on Jan 31, 2017
Hi. Purchased a new mattress just a couple Years ago and they are supposed to be guaranteed. Well. It's sagging. Bad actually. Waking with aches and pains. Sinking especially my side as I spent a lot of time laying in bed last year after having major surgery. But it's not that old and I...

Wish / 3D rose king size bed set

Cindyluhu on Jan 26, 2017
I had ordered this 3D rose bed set for my Mother who has cancer so she would have a beautiful bed to get into cause she may not have much longer with us and she's never had a beautiful bed set before! So this meant a lot to be able to do this for her! However we only recieved sheets and...

Mattress Warehouse / Customer service

Pissedcustomer4 on Jan 26, 2017
I went into south salisbury blvd mattress warehouse to look for a new mattress i was greeted by sales man by name jerry.He was helpful as i looked around but the guy name charlie who was there was just nasty attitude and just plain jerk.Anyway i was looking for best deal i could get and...

Sleep Number / C2 double twin with dual temp

maryannhoye on Jan 25, 2017
I have had to make four or five service calls in a little over a year; EVERY time I'm on hold for between 20 and 40 minutes before I can begin to talk with someone. I would have called sooner after a problem but can't deal with the wait times. The phone message ALWAYS says "we're...

Mattress Firm / Worst shop ever!

Suzz on Jan 25, 2017
Their website was easy to use, but unfortunately that's the only good thing I can say about these guys. I bought a mattress from them and it was delivered to the wrong place. Mattress Firm support seemed to care but he didn't. He said that I'll get my mattress soon but they need some extra...

Courts Malaysia / Sofa

kerrthy on Jan 24, 2017
its already 20 years ago the sofa is taken by courts due to we r not able to settle the payment..after 20 years they all search my number from where hells and call us tell that we want make payment for the sofa..y should we want make a payment without the sofa..understand lah without any...

Distribution NOW / Pick up of purchased mattress

Alicia123 on Jan 20, 2017
One of our Staff went into the Brick in Fort St John and purchase a mattress for one of our customers. The staff provided a credit card and his full name when he purchased the product. He asked about the pick up process as we would likely have another of our warehouse staff pick the...

Jordan's Furniture / Sell garbage

Trinity Boudreau on Jan 12, 2017
Once these guys have your money they will forget you exist. I bought a power bed and high end mattress for my parents in March. The base unit that was delivered stopped working after a couple of days. I bought the split queen which is 2 power bases. One base would raise when activated and...

Mattress Firm / Service

A cheated spouse on Jan 11, 2017
The store Manager Brittany Youmans at Covington South, Louisiana, seduced and had sex with my husband in the store while he was shopping alone for a mattress. She told him that she regularly has sex with her co-workers, specifically mentioning a guy called Doug from North Dakota, who had...

Sleep Number / sleep number sheets

njwillia on Jan 10, 2017
We purchased 2 sets of sheets for our split king size sleep number bed when we bought it in September 2017. The top sheet on both sets have torn in several different areas of the sheet, we have washed it as directed, the bottom sheet is in tact, with no problems. I am very disappointed in thi...
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