Mattresses Complaints

0 / delivered damaged mattress; dormeo 6800 queen mattress

on Apr 9, 2019

SleepCountry.caI purchased Dormeo 6800 mattress and got delivered damaged product with big hole in it. When I complaint to customer service that said it was demo model and can come with imperfections. While making purchase they clarified demo model might have some dirt or stain which will go away in... / unclear rules; customer service

on Apr 1, 2019

Put on layaway mattress paid a deposit less than a week later made $250 payment. Unforeseen fam emergency forced me to cancel my layaway.. I a single parent on government aid struggling to get my son and me a real bed we have a leaky air mattress that swallows my son deep if I forget to... / brown stretch pants

on Jan 23, 2019

I'm trying to tell you all I want is a exchange I'm returning the XL. I need a 3 X. I need a address to ship the brown stretch pants back & you send me in return is a3X. I'm getting tired of this I keep texting but you DON'T say anything. I will pay the shipping. I've ordered 1, 000'pf...

The Brick Victoria / mattress refund

on Jan 16, 2019

Because the Brick does not deliver to the small town I live in, and I could not afford a service to get my mattress to me, I was forced to ask for a refund on Jan 3rd. I was told it would take 5-7 business days to get the cheque in the mail. It's now the 16th, the cheque wasn't even issued...

Mattress Firm Terra Haute Indiana / service!

on Oct 30, 2018

Went to mattress firm in Terre Haute Indiana spent over 2 k on bed was told it would be delivered on 29th October! They called me said they didn't have a mattress we ordered and send a replacement till our bed set came in. Delivery due on 30th gave our bed away get yet another call that...

Anas Diab / bed mattress

on Oct 20, 2018

We to purchase bed mattress from ikea in Jordan . The employee informed us it is not subject to retire nor exchange as per ikea policy because once the matteress opened can not be folded again, while we know ikea worldwide apply for return and exchange policy for products like mattre...

Four Point by Sheraton / bedbugs infestation

on Oct 11, 2018

Four Point by SheratonRoughly around 2:30am I had an itch on my wrist and I turned on the lights and didn't see much so I went back to bed. As the night kept going I kept waking up scratching different spots on my body. At 5:30am I couldn't take it anymore and decided to look around on the bed and...

Bed Star / double divan bed & mattress

on Sep 16, 2018

Bed StarMy mum ordered a bedstar double divan bed with mattress but is very disappointed with it as it is very poorly made & the seams on the base are not very tidy or finished off very well as is the cover on the base of the bed.Also the mattress is meant to be med support but is very soft to...

Serta Mattress - Hoffman Estates, IL / a one year old mattress

on Sep 4, 2018

We bought a Serta Perfect sleeper Reserve Suite Super mattress in end of October 2016 from QVC which was delivered in December. The bed was fine the first six months but we started noticing a blow out near one side of the mattress and lumps at different areas on the top. In May of 2018 we...

Mattress Firm Clackamas Oregon / memory foam mattress

on Sep 4, 2018

On 8/12/18 we tested a nice memory foam floor model clearance-closeout. We did not get that one-instead we got one that was completely used, dirty and missing stitches from another store location-why?! Order # S021188947. We instantly knew this didn't feel the same as what we tested. It...

DreamCloud / customer service

on Aug 30, 2018

I purchased a mattress and foundation from this company. They advertised it shipping within 3-5 days. After a week with no word, contacted them and was told it was on back order. Once arrived I set the mattress up but had to wait for the foundation. The foundation arrived and was defective. I...

Hom Coon Rapids / box spring

on Aug 23, 2018

I purchased a box spring from the bargain area. I looked it over, it was in a plastic bag and then asked the sales clerk if there was anything wrong with it and she said no they go over all the returns before they put them back out. So on the 20th it was delivered with my bedroom set and I...

Aaron's 6535 N Crescent Blvd Pennsauken. NJ 08110 / service/ general manager christy & regional manager anthony martez

on Aug 10, 2018

Had purchased a loveseat and sofa 5 years ago & paid it off on time. When we went back into purchase a Mattress and Boxspring signed form and put a deposit down with an expected delivery date. We already had an open account from previously paying off sofa & loveseat. The week went by we...

Beautyrest Platinum Mattress / mattress

on Jul 28, 2018

Very unhappy after only one year. Product is sloping and the handle used to turn ripped the matress side. Horrible and expensive. Old mattress was perfect. Very disgusted andwill never promote it purchase another. We bought it at Boscovs and they can't do anything for us. Both of us are not...

Serta Mattress Store / queen mattress set

on Jul 19, 2018

My husband went shopping for a new mattress set that would suit both of us. He said that the mattress he thought he chose was not like the one that was delivered to us. It feels like a piece of plywood. My body is hurting an very uncomfortable for both of us. We went back to store, they...

Mattress Firm Gloucester, VA / queen size mattress

on Jul 19, 2018

Mattress Firm Gloucester, VAI purchased three mattresses from Mattress Firm in Gloucester, Va on 7/17/18. The items where delivered today. Once I got home from work and took the plastic off of the queen size mattress it was soak and wet at the bottom. I've been waiting to speak with someone in customer service...

Mattress Firm Customer Service / customer service

on Jul 11, 2018

Customer service for both online orders and in store orders is terrible. If the delivery is wrong it is expected that the customer wait 24-48 hours before the issue can be rectified. There is no immediate solution available because no one has the authority to change the process in which...

Metro Mattress / a mattress

on Jul 2, 2018

Do not buy from these scammers. This company should be thrown in jail. We thought that metro mattress was one of the better companies to buy from. Boy were we wrong. We purchased what seemed like a really nice mattress. We paid more because of bad back problems. Still, we waited until...

Defective / 18.5 queen air mattress with raised pillow

on May 28, 2018

It kept deflating and not as it was stretching it would got completely flat in 20 min and it did this for 3 days so we returned it my back is messed up from it now and I've been is serious pain for 2 days now along with my boyfriend also friends of ours got the same air mattress and we...

Mountain High Mattress / bamboo mattress

on May 24, 2018

I purchased a 'new' mattress about 4 months ago from Mountain High Mattress in Flagstaff, AZ. I paid over $500 for the mattress and the box spring. About a month ago I noticed that the mattress is caving in on the site I sleep on. Also, there are no tags at all on the mattress. I am unable to...

Sleep Train/Mattress Discounters / sleep number bed

on May 23, 2018

I purchased a sleep number bed from Mattress discounters in Yuba City California in 2009. I paid for a brand new mattress. Had problems with the mattress which was always resolved by the sleep number company. I just saw a label on the mattress which I have overlooked for all these year and...

AAA Beds / emperor mattress

on Mar 20, 2018

Bought a medium to firm mattress from aaa beds and they have told us to contact you re our complaint. This was certainly not medium to firm it is rock solid we have slept on it for a month now and are aching all over and havnt had one decent nights sleep. We bought it in november and...

Comfort Inn Suites / bed bugs

on Mar 4, 2018

Comfort Inn SuitesI purchased a room thru your company and they booked us a place where there was bedbugs and bite me on my left arm and called front desk of the room and told them they have bedbugs and told me that they will move me into another room but that room also had bedbugs so I asked for me money...

My Waterbed Shop / adherence to return policy published on website

on Feb 9, 2018

There is too much information and communication to be covered here but he refused to honor his return policy. The matress was the wrong size, we tried to return it and were told it was a special order and would be charged extra fees and return charges and also that it could not be returned...

QVC and Serta / serta mattress

on Jan 24, 2018

I bought a serta matress in 2014 2015 and I have springs digging in my back. I contacted qvc they told me to contact serta. I did serta wanted to charge me to have it inspected after me complaing about the fee the said they would waive the fee and sent me a copy of their 10 warranty which...

Saudi Manpower Solutions Company / shipment issue upon delivery

on Jan 6, 2018

Dears, Why is it my cargo had an issue upon shipping, i was expecting to receive within this week. Please clarify, I pay already the cost of delivery from Riyadh to Philippines. I hope you will deliver it soon, i am so worried about those stuff inside my package, those items are for our...