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Lottery Scams Complaints

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Award Notification Commission [ANC] / the fake award

Big Bruce on Dec 28, 2017
I keep getting these award letters saying I won, have to send them money ($12.99) before the deadline, but they don't put a date down for the deadline. I don't understand why the United States Postal service can't do anything to stop this entity from scamming unsucceptable people and at...

Convent Mart Main Street Luzerne PA 18709 / instant tickets

James Santewan on Dec 25, 2017
I had 1 5 dollar ticket and 1 2 dollar ticket she had many tickets on the counter she took mine and said she paid me but I had 2 other tickets witch were right she paid me but not the other tickets there were all mixed up so no way to tell I'm not greedy it was only 7 dollars but it...

Microsoft Corporation / prize winning certificate

Faraz zia on Dec 23, 2017
Microsoft CorporationAttn: Sir/Madam. Claim Proceeding (MICRO-4181599) Please forward/send your details to the bank alternative email address, here is the bank email address where you were directed to forward your details: sgbplc@live.co.za Contact the bank on this email address: sgbplc@live.co.za You were...

IMF International Monetary Fund / imf employees

Jacqueline Sloan on Dec 22, 2017
please help I have been contacted on 4th of dec threw facebook messenger from a Mr. Joshuaneal Nealcash, a Mr Billy Durwood Mcnally and mr Michael k Ivery, regarding my ip address was picked out in aballot lottery funding and joshuaneal claims I have won an amount of cash, Payments have...

Audi Automotive Company / false advertising scam!!

Shaune32 on Dec 6, 2017
Got this email this morning saying I won a new car and $900, 000.00 dollars. This email was sent to my main email not spam. How do these people get our emails? On behalf of Audi Automobile Company, I Mr. Don Morgan is writing this brief letter to inform you that your email has won you a...

PepsiCo / prize from pepsico

right click on Nov 28, 2017
Sir, I just received message on my mobile Congrats! you have been awarded £500, 000.00 in 2017 Pepsi mobile draw in uk, to claim send name, address, phone number at claims1@live.com so please ensure this information is true or not. I provide information to this email address and waiting for...

Freelotto / winnings

Ms Sherry on Nov 11, 2017
FreelottoI have submitted my TSN numbers in the correct emailing of my information only to have an automated response telling me my TSN number is invalid. That is simply not true. I have all the TSN numbers documented along with the game it was played on and the results. I also have a copy of the...

Pepsi Co, Inc / I am complaining about award

Sheheryar butt on Oct 19, 2017
Pepsi Co, IncI have received message From number +923340046115 that I have received Gb 500, 000.00 in 2017 pepsi int’l mobile draw in Uk to claim send your name, Address, phone number to Claims1@live.com Please tell me It this scam or real. should i give information to that email or not. Because the name...

54922453@mylife.unisa.ac.za ; billymorganlond0nsolicitors@consultant.com / donation from sonia davies

grace pagtulingan on Oct 5, 2017
54922453@mylife.unisa.ac.za ; billymorganlond0nsolicitors@consultant.comMy name is Grace L. Pagtulingan, and I recently received an email from these two emails: 54922453@mylife.unisa.ac.za ; billymorganlond0nsolicitors@consultant.com stating they were respectable people wishing to help other people in need. Date I received a letter from Sonia Davies was thi...

Freelotto / difficulty in connection and getting responses live.

Brian Cockerill on Sep 2, 2017
My name is Brian Cockerill, of 222 Glebe Point Road, GLEBE, NSW, Australia. My email is briancockerill7@gmail.com. My phone is 61404 403 925. I have been repe4atedly advised of my eligibility to win large amounts (most recent is $11, 260, 000). I have supplied all available data. My reg No...

The Coca-Cola Company / winning prize 4.6 crores

vaishakneelamana on Aug 28, 2017
The Coca-Cola CompanyThis people cheated me saying that you have won 4.6 Cr ores and I was asking this Ben David to transfer my money or winning prize they are asking to pay 18, 500 RS.Please take a action on M.R Ben David. We don't have that much money how I will pay madam or sir.This coca cola manager i...

7-Eleven / sale associate

Harris1989 on Aug 13, 2017
Hello my name is Paul I came into the 7-Eleven at 12:07, on 415 West Franklin Street Baltimore Maryland 21202 as Time begin to move forward the sales associate waited on me for one of my lottery numbers but I had a couple more numbers to play the sale associate told me I had to wait till...

Irish International uk / my winning amount inquiries and withdrawal

Alim Hossain on Aug 1, 2017
Hello sir, By a massage it tells me that I have won 700, 000 GBP. Is it true? How can withdraw money ? And also seen that many people have the same massage.So, please sir grant my complain and give me your opinion. You want to know my personal information. There're the are. Name: Alim...

Niecie Trolio / why didn't I win box 24 wild

NiecieTrolio on Jul 30, 2017
Niecie TrolioHello my name is Niecie Trolio and i recently purchased a Lottery ticket Big 4 on July 29th, 2017 i played 2498 $0.50 Box Wild the number came out 4192 Wild Ball 4 which means i should have been a Winner for Box. My new Number would have been 2494 if im not a winner which i truly believe i...

Pennsylvania Lottery / lottery machine shorting winnings

BAPS81 on Jul 29, 2017
Pennsylvania LotteryMy husband bought me a $1 scratch off ticket, in order to win you need 3 like amounts. I got 3 $10, I went to cash it in and the machine only registered a winning of $9. It was at Gas N Go located at 301 Euclid Ave Canonsburg PA 15317. It happened a few months back but with cashibg in...

Reward Zone USA / lottery scam

unihiir on Jul 25, 2017
Reward Zone USAToday suddenly I "won" iPhone 7, but somehow I cannot claim it, because the website told me: "Thank you for your interest in our program. Unfortunately, our system indicated that you accessed our site from a location outside of the United State. As provided in our program terms, only United...

Reserve Bank of India [RBI] / complaint against lottery money transfer

kanawade on Jul 7, 2017
Respected sir, I am a very poor man in rural area of maharashra state, ahmednagar dist. Tal. Rahata, (India).in this lottoty matter I am sent all money from borrowing from relatives & friends. Second problem is I am suffering from hipjoint problem & arthopedic doctor advice me to operate thi...

Pennsylvania Lottery / hot number $5.00 ticket

GPD1945 on Jul 3, 2017
On sunday july 2nd I bought a hot number ticket at the lottery news &tobacco store in hopewell shopping center, I had checked my ticket it said I won $500. I told the guy at the counter I won that amount he ask which ticket I hit on, but when I turned it in he said I lost, I know he...

American Cash Awards / undelivered sweepstakes award scam

Donna Joyce Hickman on Jun 26, 2017
I do not know if you are legitimate or simply trying to scam the public. I have been trying to get my awards delivered for a year and I have paid well over $40000 in fees during this time. I am currently adding up all of the fees and all of the information regarding where and who they went...

PepsiCo / I am complaining about mail

meeny on Jun 21, 2017
Pepsi cola bottling company london united kingdom 63 kew rd, richmond tw9 2ql, London united kingdom Congrats!!! your e-mail address has won you £500, 000.00 gbp on the ongoing pepsi cola national lottery on our 2017 charity bonanza. the draw brought out your email address from a data base...
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