Lottery Scams Complaints

The Ohio Lottery / complaint

on Mar 28, 2019

Why there is never a winner for the mega million and powerball never in ohio its always alanta, virgina, carolina, its always in every state but not ohio they need to take the ohio lottery out of ohio they is just taking people money they no this isnot right shut them down they got to go...

Guinness Promo / lottery scam

on Feb 3, 2019

From P.Varadaraj 1/755, Ayira vysya Nagar Alagar kovil road, Kathakinaru post Madurai- 625107 Respected Sir, Regarding; Reminder for Grievence Letter send by me to CM office on 2011. As I mentioned in my earlier request letter send to CM cell regarding Guiness promo award for 2010...

[email protected] / how much the amount? why sended didn't reply back urgently?

on Dec 24, 2018

Have modify broke system at gmail apps 2days already, problems trouble shooting shutdown!!! Facebooklotto janet Thompson October 2018 how much the amount £1trillions?, petersmith 2017 prizes dirbursment also have problem at second reply 1st reply send how much the amount £1billion ??!!!Please...

Michael Washington / lottery winnings of 6.5 million dollars and a car

on Nov 24, 2018

I was contacted today at 3:46pm at my home by a man with a Jamacian accent named Michael Washing?on. He said I was the winner of 6.5 Million Dollars and a white Car. he went on to say that they wanted to come to my home on Monday coming with a Armored truck, the FBI, the President, and...

PCH Prize Patrol / refusal to turn over my grand prize to extort money from me, and they are still

on Sep 24, 2018

Please help me Dave Newman and his gang of thieves are keeping my Grand prize held hostage to hold it over me to extort money, and because I was broke he took the money from my boyfriend who now has nothing left and they still want more, $300.00 I told him we had no more money, but he i...

Ontario Lottery Corporation / prize money demand draft not delivered yet

on Sep 23, 2018

Mr Philip Doughty (Admin Sec.), Ontario Lottery Corporation, Ontario Lottery Corporation Consumer Affairs, 70 Foster Drive, Suitee 800, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. P6A 6V2. Canada. Dated 2013-14. Sir, On above addressed Canada action part, as attached without prescribed period limitation to...

Microsoft marketing corporation center / won demand-draft not delivered with interest

on Sep 22, 2018

Mary-ann duf, (winning notification officer) fifa 2014 world cup promotion, microsoft marketing corporation center, 61-70 southampton row, bloomsbury london, united kingdom, wc 1b 4ar. tel. +[protected]; fax +[protected]. Sir, On above addressed uk action part as attached without...

Samsung Mobile Company UK / prize money demand draft not delivered

on Sep 21, 2018

We do not know how old it may be and we do not know whether it's affected by fraudsters or not. But we know, UK action part delivered message dated 20-09-18 that our mobile 0091-[protected] has won SAMSUNG Promo UK prize of 500,000GBP, that is to be claimed by providing details via given... / cheques are undelivered

on Sep 5, 2018

Company,, Calefornia, Los Angles, USA E-mail: [protected] Hon'ble, I suffer since June and July 2018 corresspondence copies are attached. As attached herewith website copy, of the company issued notification congratulating that:- As attached herewith I'm...

Iran / he is a big big liar

on Jul 13, 2018

IranI beg you on behalf of people of Iran who does not access to the comprehensive and perfect U.S judiciary system to apprehend Ramin delavari as a dangerous crooked charlatan seizing miserable credulous people of Iran's money. He own a satellite channel called Iran B Marz telling people that... / chevrolet motors company uk 2016 award

on Jun 3, 2018

HP-622129 03/11/2016. 03:54pm you are selected to get 1.16crore and a car from chevrolet motors uk promo to receive send your name, number, address, age, occupation to: [protected] received sms my karbonn mobile set, two mobile sim support sms, two mobile no:[protected], [protected]. my...

United Benefits / lottery scam

on May 22, 2018

Once again have received mail from theodore kennedy. This time a telegram saying if I reply with a 4 priced option ranging from $24.95 to $114.95 I "could" be paid out $20, 000, 000 in 30 days or get my fee returned (yeah right) if unsatisfied with cust service. So over this scam...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau in Dallas, TX. / mail fraud about sweepstakes

on May 17, 2018

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau in Dallas, TX.I got a letter in the mail 5/15/18 saying I won $12, 000, 000, 00. I was asked to send $5.00 for my eligibilaty to enter. And they even gave me a deadline of 6/02/18. But this letter didn't have a phone number on it at all. These scammers be a to be to a stop! Sending out letters to people...

Scratch Off Tickets Scam / over-printing of loser tickets

on Apr 21, 2018

Pa. Lottery Commission is ordering the printing of fake Scratch Off tickets (Losing tickets) as well as, not Printing the amount of advertised winning scratch Offs. I am a Whistle Blower and demand an investigation! The advertised odds of winning are also fraudulently advertised on the...

United Benefits / is this a scam?

on Apr 15, 2018

United Benefitshi im from nz aswell and i just received two letters. one for $[protected] and the other one for $4000000. i got a call awhile back for a payment of $10 which went out. but i didnt get a email confirming their bank account number that she told me on the phone, and which i should get a email...

United Benefits / fraud

on Apr 2, 2018

I got a phone call in the middle of the supermarket and then as I was shopping she sweet talked me into believing this was real I. Gave her the 10$ she wanted said I go into win 25million on the 25th of May.. Wtf seriously I tried to reply but got an automated message I am appalled and...

Ohio Lottery / proof of ohio lottery scam!

on Apr 1, 2018

If anyone in ohio will go back to nov. 11, 2006 — you have proof way back then on the "crooked" tactics of the ohio lottery! The osu buckeyes defeated the michigan football team by a score of 42 - 39. This was the exact "pick 4" number drawn (in exactly the same order) within a couple hour...

Convent Mart Main Street Luzerne PA 18709 / instant tickets

on Dec 25, 2017

I had 1 5 dollar ticket and 1 2 dollar ticket she had many tickets on the counter she took mine and said she paid me but I had 2 other tickets witch were right she paid me but not the other tickets there were all mixed up so no way to tell I'm not greedy it was only 7 dollars but it...

IMF International Monetary Fund / imf employees

on Dec 22, 2017

please help I have been contacted on 4th of dec threw facebook messenger from a Mr. Joshuaneal Nealcash, a Mr Billy Durwood Mcnally and mr Michael k Ivery, regarding my ip address was picked out in aballot lottery funding and joshuaneal claims I have won an amount of cash, Payments have...

[email protected] ; [email protected] / donation from sonia davies

on Oct 5, 2017 ; billymorganlond0nsolicitors@consultant.comMy name is Grace L. Pagtulingan, and I recently received an email from these two emails: [protected] ; [protected] stating they were respectable people wishing to help other people in need. Date I received a letter from Sonia Davies was thi...

Irish International uk / my winning amount inquiries and withdrawal

on Aug 1, 2017

Hello sir, By a massage it tells me that I have won 700, 000 GBP. Is it true? How can withdraw money ? And also seen that many people have the same massage.So, please sir grant my complain and give me your opinion. You want to know my personal information. There're the are. Name: Alim...

Niecie Trolio / why didn't I win box 24 wild

on Jul 30, 2017

Niecie TrolioHello my name is Niecie Trolio and i recently purchased a Lottery ticket Big 4 on July 29th, 2017 i played 2498 $0.50 Box Wild the number came out 4192 Wild Ball 4 which means i should have been a Winner for Box. My new Number would have been 2494 if im not a winner which i truly believe i...

Ohio Lottery Rolling Cash 5 / ohio rolling cash 6

on May 20, 2017

5-20-17 Every time the Rolling Cash 5 is over $200K the Lottery reports that the winning numbers have been won in a predominantly Caucasian establishment! Most recently it had grown to over $600K and 3 winning Rolling Cash 5 tickets were won in ONE Caucasian establishment! Last week the...

Nairobi City County / Won google uk give-away lotto of sterling pounds 500,000/=

on May 16, 2017

Office of the fiduciary agent Approved £500, 000.00 lottery award Congratulations!!! Dear: lucky winner, ​ This is to acknowledge the receipt of your details, you have been officially cleared for payment by the verification's and payment department at the headquarters of the google...

Silver Lotto Crest Securities Inc. / payment never received of, $130 000.00 i was told i won.

on May 8, 2017

Silver Lotto Crest Securities Inc.Recieved a letter in the mail from silver lotto crest securities inc. 8 fed street london england, wc 987t uk. stating i had won $130, 000.00 as a winner of a may 14th 2016 lottery sweepstakes with the winning numbers of [protected] which consequently won in the 3rd category...

Agent Garry Walker FBI Special Agent FBI Director Mr.james Comey Jr / I wish to submit another complaint about the hundred or so e-mails I have received from people in Benin claiming I have won money

on May 3, 2017

For about one year, I have received approximately 100 emails from a variety of persons claiming to represent the government of Benin which has awarded me several million dollars for having won a sweepstakes. Twice they have claimed to be FBI agents; several times representatives of British...

International Award Services / Scam

on Apr 29, 2017

I keep receiving these letters in the mail claiming I could win 2 million dollars if I send $11.99 to $19.99. The last letter I received a Form W-15 official Judging data entry and finalization Form. The other forms are from Official Pre-Award Directive of Contact for total payment of $2...

FreeLotto Customer Care Service / Winning draw

on Apr 6, 2017

FreeLotto Customer Care ServiceI got a masseage from FreeLotto Customer Care Service PlasmaNet Inc. that FreeLotto Customer Care Service PlasmaNet Inc. 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2435 New York United States-10170. Web: Saturday, January 7th, 2017 Dear Lucky Winner, We wish to congratulate you once...

Reccmox Realty Inc / Real estate

on Apr 5, 2017

I saw on your site that we scam somebody of some money. We are a real estate company and not in lottery business as the account said. If possible we would like to speak with the individual. We never accept fund into our trust account except they are real estate related. We never send your...

Fernas Njikho / Money taken from my account after I unsubscribed

on Feb 27, 2017

I unsubcribed and then they are still taking out money from my account. It was taken out of my account twice after I unsubscribed. I feel like my account is not safe leave money in anymore because its taken without my permission. I also emailed them about the money twice out of my account...

Hall Crest Securities Inc / Lottery scam from england

on Jan 7, 2017

Hall Crest Securities IncOn january 7, 2017 I received a letter stating I won a lottery in england for $130, 000 on may 14 2016. And to contact roy willis or gina ray and to send bank account information. I'm from massachusetts not england. They state I had a lot # picked which was [protected]. They also...

Omus Courier / Viber splash

on Dec 29, 2016

Date of the incident is 27.8 Good day. My name is zibran and I received an email from the center Viber I won $ 500.00, 000 .I sent all of their data and now they ask me to pay for the courier. I really want to know if it's true.? Here is what they are sent tome: OMUS COURIER to mhousam17 6 day...

International Subscription Service / Lottery scam customer number gssukh1023728101523 2

on Dec 21, 2016

I have again recieved a lottery letter with the request to pay a subscription of £20, also £40 for different level of lottery application, so can put numbers in the next lottery due in australia.But be recieved no later than 05/01/2017.The ask for request, with the form to pay sums at different...

Irish Promo / fake lottery sms

on Dec 20, 2016

Irish PromoSir/madam, I received a sms in the name of irish lottery on 19-12-2016, 03:44 pm that i have won a lucky draw of amount 700, 000 pounds. They asked me to sent my name, address, tel.No to roonyn james at [protected] The sms which i have recieved has the following...

United Benefits Australia / Grand price pending release

on Dec 18, 2016

United Benefits AustraliaUnited Benefits Australia customer service network reply paid 5753 Gold Coast MC QLD 9726 Australia phone [protected] i can see how i have won $20, 000, 000 when i never entered a draw nor bought any lotto ticket of them what, s more who right send it to my address this is an invasion...

Tenny Crest Securities / Lottery scam

on Nov 22, 2016

I had recieved my first letter from tenny crest saying i had 3 weeks to call before i lose my winnings. I had called them and they first said i was only getting 105, 000.00 usd. I had recieved my first check on november 18 2016 in the amount of 4, 950.00. I was told i had to call Mr...

Palanpur / ICC cricket letter

on Sep 26, 2016

Icc cricket letter How much process are left now for my receiving the payment?Also reply me how much time it will take? Reply asap. Plz sir plz my compliments of the day to you. Be informed that our verification department has completely verified and documented the information you...

Qnet / Fraud case on chennai

on Sep 7, 2016

I had been contacted by Qnet Chennai last month and i have invested more than 3 lakhs. Still now i didn't get any profit from that. They have given me a chrono watch worth nothing for Rs. 70000. This is an extreme high level crime and cheat against the people. They don't even...

Jones, Taylor " Thompson / Scam calls

on May 29, 2016

DEFINITELY A SCAM - IGNORE THIS!!! Received a cardboard mail from Jones, Taylor & Thompson claiming I had won $183, 997. I live in AUSTRALIA. It asks you to phone [protected] a toll free number. They ask you to enter a 11 digit PIN to claim your prize. I knew it had to be a SCAM... / This lottery wasn't right and the radio station participated in scam

on Feb 26, 2016

I heard the advertisement on Radio Station. They offered two tickets to Bahamas and everything was completely for free. I called and was the participant number 9. I won and the man from the radio station contacted me and said how to receive the tickets. He told the website...