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Loans Complaints

HC Processing Center / extra charges for no reason/ shady business

Lesikaa on Jan 17, 2019

HC Processing CenterHC Complaint As everyone on this site, I'm having problems with the guys from HC Processing Center. My story starts when deciding to have some laser treatments done with a company in Vegas. The laser company's working apparently with HC Processing Center so that's where I received the...

National Student Loans Service Centre / customer service

Kiara McDade on Jan 17, 2019

They are waiting more than a week to process my loan. They took my interest out on the 11th of January when I supposed to get my loan on the 7th. Called again for probably the 10th time since the 7th (today's the 17th) and got no where. In fact, my main concern is that I might get kicked...

Standard Chartered Bank / personal loan ecs issue

Deepak Dhamija on Jan 17, 2019

I had taken personal loan ([protected]) from standard chartered bank in June 2017 and the ECS debit started from July 2017 (EMI -8861/-) and it was continuously deducted till May 2018. Then Standard chartered bank executive called me up in month of November 2018 and during that time I was in...

Rakbank / The National Bank Of Ras Al Khaimah / holding my loan excess amount unnecessarily.

Moby Benny on Jan 17, 2019

Rakbank / The National Bank Of Ras Al KhaimahHello Sir/Madam. First of all I would like to introduce myself, My Name is Moby Benny, Holding an account with RAK bank, a/c no is : [protected]. I had a personal loan also with RAK but I already settled all the outstanding amount through DIB bank via a loan buyout. Please note the...

FinChoice South Africa / handover to collection agency

BURNETT MAY on Jan 17, 2019

I apply to have my debt restructured in may 2017. My application was accepted by the debt management & debt restructuring services company. A restructuring letter was send to finchoice to negotiate an amount to be paid by the rapp & van zyl attorneys monthly to finchoice. The payment...

Money Messiah / loan

Asia Badgett on Jan 16, 2019

Total rip off. Got a 900$ loan. Taking 270$ every paycheck and 1st 3 payment were interest only. That 810$ and i've not touch the principal. Now I hve to pay 360$ every paycheck and only 90$ go to the interest. I will file 4 bankruptcy before I get another loan from this company. [censored]...

Southeast Toyota Finance / customer service

Roz Whitaker on Jan 15, 2019

I been trying to call Toyota for two days with no success. I have questions about my final payments on my account. I set up the final payment to be dispensed before the due date. The payment was never dispensed on the scheduled date. I checked my account it stated late and penalties would...

RHB Bank / loan termination process

aizmokhtar on Jan 15, 2019

7 Jan 2019 antara 3.15pm-3.55pm kaunter no 12/11 not sure women staff nama xingat sy ke rhb ioi putrajaya utk terminate loan asb rm50k pada hari tersebut.tujuan utk terminate loan asb sbb sy merancang utk membuat loan baru 200k.slps isi borg dan bg ic, staff tu ckp dia dh termnate loan tu di...

Courts Malaysia / / gangguan telefon dan gangguan kerja saya

linda pey on Jan 14, 2019

Saya terima telefon yang "Remind"saya buat bayaran tiap-tiap hari walaupun belum sampai date line lagi. Pertuturan kakitangan tersebut kurang sopan dan tegur saya mesti jawabkan tarikh yang hendak buat bayaran. jika tidak, dia terus call kepada tempat kerja saya, ini menyebabkan rakan...

LoanCare / mortgage

Patrick Thackeray on Jan 12, 2019

We structured our payment for a two week payment that was automatically drafted and they agreed to this arrangement. Every single month say we are late on payment so they can hold the loan and so we are not eligible to refinance to get a better interest rate which they said we would after...

Credit Central / loans

Dinah Robinson on Jan 11, 2019

I reported to Credit Central that my payment for December 10th, 2018 would be late because the money order that I purchased for the payment had been lost or stolen and that if I did not find the money order I would make the payment on December 26th with late fees. This did no good they...

HDFC BANK / personal loan emi

Samhitha ambem on Jan 11, 2019

HDFC BANKHi, iam samhitha, my personal loan no is [protected], from last six months iam paying emi 13, 923rs, I submitted autodebit form along with cheques, first month auto debite not done, I called customer service, I told them I took loan but emi is not deducted is there any problem?, they said we...

Dovenmuehle Mortgage / false credit reporting to credit bureau

grace mazzoccoli on Jan 10, 2019

A monthly payment was made in 2014 and I was mislead that it had to be made by 2:00 PM to be considered as payment made on that day so payment was made on the internet but it was made at 5:00 PM and was taken in as a late payment on my credit report and I just dont feel it was fare and...

Chrysler Capital / pay off

jagman_xjs on Jan 10, 2019

I asked for pay off on my vehicle tonight (1/10/2019). They refuse to give it to me and told me I have to pay extra and they will then refund the excess 30 to 45 days later. This should be an illegal practice. I did overnight the pay off amount to Chrysler Capital. But having to wait so...

Dunia Finance / loan

kris silva on Jan 10, 2019

To whom it may concern, Good evening. i would like to inform you that I was not happy on the way your customer's service representatives speak to cuatomers. Please trac ethe recorded call dated: jan.10, 2019 between 15:09-15:12. I know i had a short payment of 130 aed, but the way he...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / payments

Garrett123Guy on Jan 10, 2019

In February of 2018, we received a phone call directly from Freedom maortgage stating to us that we had extra money in our account and they wanted to know what to do with the funds. We always pay extra on our account each month. We asked them to put the money toward our loan payments. That...

HDFC BANK / hbl=[protected]' web - complaint form - consumer loan, tv emi intimation sms not estimated before

Rajesh V Patel on Jan 10, 2019

Complaint:, Cheated by HDFC LOAN NUMBER- [protected] This is my first installment and I have not got any Prior intimation msg from HDFC for loan cheq deposited in the canara bank for the date 05/01/2019. Only morning 9:27 Am got msg from my canara bank that loan cheq is presented by...

National Student Loans Service Centre / loans

Angela Keith on Jan 9, 2019

National Student Loans Service CentreUnreal! Worst people to deal with. Series of events. Son finished school april 2018. October 2018 received letter saying osap due before nov 1 to avoid interest or set payment schedule. Oct 23- paid osap in full. Nov 2 - received letter "congratulations! Your student loans are paid in...

US Bank / US Bancorp / loan process

Michael J S on Jan 9, 2019

Here is an email I sent to the loan officer at us bank san carlos. Before going thru the loan process, I told the officer my mother would be incapable of signing. I was told she would only need to sign a note. Instead, she was forced to sign 17 x's as her signature when I was fully...

Yes! Communities / lawndale estates saginaw michigan

nancy nachtweih-wilson on Jan 9, 2019

I have lived in and out of lawndale estates since year 2000 I love in here! I bought a Brand new single wide mobile home two years ago, I want to sell it so I can move out to a city about 20 minutes from here where my son and his wife live. The maintenance guy named Paul in here was out...