Loans Complaints


Mr. Cooper/ Nationstar Mortgage / loan modification

on Apr 17, 2019

My husband and I were in the process of doing a loan modification. This had been going on since March. Nationstar would purposely take their time responding to what information was missing and additional information that was needed! Not at any time during the entire month of March and...

Twenty Four Seven Funding / commercial lending

on Apr 16, 2019

Kelly Fontaine and Twenty four seven funding is a scam. You can find commercial lending without paying any money up front. BUT, not with these guys. They will ask for a retainer fee up front and state that it is refundable if unable to provide funding. NOT SO, Kelly will give many reason...

Marina Noble / alert of fake "medical director of biopharma vigilance"; fake md, mph - scamming with pharmacy fraud

on Apr 15, 2019

Marina NobleMarina Noble, fake MD, PhD (former name Marine Mkhitaryan, an Edmund Muskie Program dropout who illegally stayed in the USA via immigration perjury and forgery) is also a notorious scammer, hacker, fraud and shoplifter. Not only she ruins families and careers with her criminal trollism...

Canada Drive / loan

on Apr 5, 2019

People from canadadrive are calling and testing to take personal loan just to build credit history... I just enquired once but after that I clearly informed that I am not interested, the person name mathen I called back to tell please dont text me I am getting irritated... And I am not...

Loan Max / small loan

on Apr 5, 2019

I took a loan out October 14 2018, It is now April 5 2019.I took 1, 000 dollars out I've payed over 2, 000 back to them and they are saying I still owe 800 dollars.I am very unsatisfied with the company.horrible business better yet. I pay 300 dollars a month and I'm just upset that a...

Sree Baba Enterprises / loan arrangements

on Mar 28, 2019

Alibaba first tell me your full and real name and phone number. How dare you are given the false complaint against the concern. Many people like giving the false and fake allegation on this concern now they are roaming with ccb and honorable court. Be careful I am the legal advisor of thi...

Novad Management Consulting / reverse mortgage

on Mar 12, 2019

My friend passed away May 2, 2018 with a paid out reverse mortgage on her condo. Before her death Novad Management Consulting took over the servicing of her loan. After cleaning out the property of her effects we notified Novad of her passing. A few weeks later we received a notice...

Andy Holloman / mortgage

on Mar 9, 2019

Andy HollomanAndy Holloman was the worst lender we could have worked with. This man lied to us constantly, did not return pone calls or emails. And at the end we lost the house we wanted to buy because this person did not do what he said. My suggestion is there are a lot of other lenders to work with...

Rapid Unsecured Loans / false claims and scam artists

on Feb 27, 2019

Rapid Unsecured LoansI was looking for a personal funding company that can get me a $250K-$300K and my friend told me to try Rapid Unsecured Loans. They did not helped me and funded me. All staff are so rude and trying not to help. Worst services ever, not going to recommend this to anyone. They will make false...

Crisp Funds / debt consolidation

on Feb 6, 2019

Be careful with Crisp Funds. Crisp Funds Scam Crisp Funds just popped up on our radar and we don't like what we see. Too many new companies offering debt consolidation teaser rates which end up being converted to expensive debt relief programs. Since we just started following Crisp Fund...

UK Trust Loans / loan provider

on Jan 23, 2019

I must say at the start there is a valid company called UK Trust Loans Ltd of Wimborne in Dorset but also a clone company of the same name also claiming to be located in Wimborne in Dorset . A friend of mine applied for a £5000 loan but to get the loan £40 was required for a loan acceptance...

RhB Bank Berhad Raja Uda Butterworth / asb loan rm 60.000

on Jan 23, 2019

RhB Bank Berhad Raja Uda ButterworthComplaints about asb loan 1-asb loan passes without being notified and no ofer later signed 2-on 13/12/2018 got massage to explain the fist payment of the asb loan 3-I was surprised that there was no agreement on loan approval 4-now the loan is overdue rm 786 and I feel cheated because...

Leadsor Ltd / affiliate program

on Jan 22, 2019

English: Watch out! With leadsor, do not pay their affiliates. They owe us more than 2, 500€ from the month of september 2018 and it seems they can not or "do not want to pay". I have insisted many times to the director anton shestericov, who can only talk to him through an anonymous user on...

National Student Loans Service Centre / customer service

on Jan 17, 2019

They are waiting more than a week to process my loan. They took my interest out on the 11th of January when I supposed to get my loan on the 7th. Called again for probably the 10th time since the 7th (today's the 17th) and got no where. In fact, my main concern is that I might get kicked...

Money Messiah / loan

on Jan 16, 2019

Total rip off. Got a 900$ loan. Taking 270$ every paycheck and 1st 3 payment were interest only. That 810$ and i've not touch the principal. Now I hve to pay 360$ every paycheck and only 90$ go to the interest. I will file 4 bankruptcy before I get another loan from this company. [censored]...

National Student Loans Service Centre / loans

on Jan 9, 2019

National Student Loans Service CentreUnreal! Worst people to deal with. Series of events. Son finished school april 2018. October 2018 received letter saying osap due before nov 1 to avoid interest or set payment schedule. Oct 23- paid osap in full. Nov 2 - received letter "congratulations! Your student loans are paid in... / charging for non payment expense after the payment was made.

on Jan 8, 2019

Dear Ford compliant office personal, I found it easier to pay my lease payment by calling on the phone rather than using the computer. I would give permission to have the payment taken from my debit card then hang up, thinking I didn't need to have a number to prove I paid my monthly...

Liquidation / payday loans

on Jan 5, 2019

Money sent to me was debited by Access Bank today 5/01/2019. calcare service that confirmed that am now owing, even uptil chinenye of Calcare confirmed that am debt free . After this debit issues, I called customer service and they are saying am owing. Sep 2018 payday loan salary account...

Plain Green Loans / product/deceitful employees and management

on Dec 28, 2018

Let's start off by saying that this company hires deceitful lying cock roaches that scam customers and provide broken promises. The customer service reps are dumb as rocks and lack education on their products. They sound like wanna be bill collectors in training. I lost everything in...

Loan Match SA / unauthorized debit orders

on Dec 20, 2018

Every month they have been deducting debit orders from my account without any authorization it started with R429 and then after R99 from September 2018 untill this morning 21/12/2018. I have not even applied with them nor have any completed forms signed that I give them permission to...

BB&T Bank Of Rock Hill SC 29730 / mortgage payments

on Dec 18, 2018

I go in to pay my mortgage payments on the 1st or the 3rd and they never post it until the 16th or the next month. I went in with my payment stubs show the manager that I paid on time but not there was done they told me to call the mortgage department gay be a run around back-and-forth...

Nuvell Credit CO / car

on Dec 14, 2018

acct [protected] 2008 chevy cobalt My last pmt for car was made on Oct 16, 2016 A few months before payoff I spoke with a rep at Nuvell. Iasked when my last pmt was and asked about late fees which was $1100. The female rep advised me that once I make the last pmt my late fees would be taken...

The Cash Store / being told that's enough and all I was doing was getting, 6 pieces of candy from two different bowls

on Dec 7, 2018

I came in the store to pay on my loan and as I was waiting for the lady to finish up with the other customers. I put my hand in two different bowls to get some candy and as I took out six snickers I was told by the lady that's enough meaning I was taking to much candy. She said this in...

LoanCare Mortgage Company / increase in payment/ horrible service

on Dec 7, 2018

My loan was transferred to these folks in 3/2018 since then my payments have increase from $587-$800. I was told to do an 24 month escrow spread to bring my payment back down and it only went to $746... They failed to find a payment which was paid in march but they applied to a suspense...

Penipuan Sebanyak 22K / penipuan sivil

on Dec 7, 2018

Penipuan Sebanyak 22KSelamat petang.. Saya muhamad hafizudin bin shahidan tinggal di melaka sungai udang.. Firstly saya memohon pda pihak tuan supaya terliti tentang saya punya kes.. Pada bulan januari saya ada pergi ke rhb setia city mall shah alam untuk membuat loan peribadi.. Saya datang bersama agent yang...

Zion Veneer Industries / personal loan a/c no csg152566873 balance ecs payment

on Nov 22, 2018

My personal loan a/c no csg152566873 I had changed my bank account to axis bank All emi payment are made before 30th day of month. I already intimate kottayam kotak mahindra office before three months For arranging esc in our present axis bank. It was not arranged till date This penal charge...

National Student Loan Service Centre / unethical behaviour

on Nov 21, 2018

November 21, 2018 I am not willing to give my client number for security reasons. Spoke with a customer service representative named "Jeff" (I could barely make out if this is his name since he said it incredibly fast and low) about a concern I have regarding my repayment assistance...

Direct Crypt / david distefano / doesn't pay back loans

on Nov 20, 2018

Few years ago, we withdrew money from our savings and gave David DiStefano a loan. He hasn't even paid $1 to be applied towards the loan in 3+ years. He says his companies change people's lives and that is true. Our lives have been changed as my husband is working a second job so we can...

Bagshaw Fab / being lied to

on Nov 19, 2018

Brock White lied to me to get me to transfer my loan to 53 bank. The one reason i left my bank was there would be no pre payment penalty and there was. I was a preferred customer and told id get a better int rate also if i switched. He screwed up the first loan by putting my company name...