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ACI / poor product

Tom_Hanks_2016 on Apr 26, 2017
ACIIt was a horrible experience journey through Careem transportation network company. As suggested on phone call through their representative in call center during the journey, I have been told that Careem system do not auto select best optimized route in case of there is a high level of...

Direct Axis / fraudulent personal loan without my authorisation

CarolL.70 on Apr 26, 2017
Direct Axis fraudulently processed a personal loan application in my name without my authorization nor approval to do so. No telephone numbers exist to query such a transaction with them, you can only call them regarding an existing or new application. No response to query email received...

Nicholas Financial / Car loan

Justfy on Apr 21, 2017
My vehicle was paid off in 2015 but they failed to send my title months after. When I called the office in clearwater, fl. They said there was a fee of $81.00 remaining. Eventhough I went to longwood, fl office to paid off the car months earlier. They over charge you. A $10k loan turned...

Kia Motors / car title issues

ReneeMenegay on Apr 12, 2017
I would like to thank KIA for punishing me for buying out my lease. I liked my lease vehicle enough to buy it over 2 yrs ago, however the back office never filed any paperwork to create a title. I guess, per the DMV, lease vehicles don't get a title done originally. Instead they get...

Wags Lending / Purchase of my puppy

Helvestona on Apr 12, 2017
Wags LendingI bought my puppy two years ago!!! I paid everything but $900 for him. They told me I could do wags financing to finish out the remainder amount. Thinking this puppy should get a good home I said okay. I apply for it I was approved for way over what I needed. I have been paying $92 for 2...

Quicken Loans / Applying for a loan

David Bender on Apr 11, 2017
They demanded my Social and dinged my credit before asking me simple questions that showed that I was ineligible to fill out a loan application for another month. It was totally unnecessary for them to ask for my personal information or ding my credit. All they needed to do was ask if I...

Bournview Recovery Group / payday loan

Punisher1999 on Apr 11, 2017
This lady called me saying I owed $695.00 and I needed to set up payment arrangements with a credit card or a bank card or even a prepaid card. She had my address phone number my birthday and the last four digits of my social I have talked to this lady named Lindsey Williams the phone...

Bel Capital Corp / Payment was not received

Patty Wood on Apr 11, 2017
I am being charged for money I never received. This happened in 2012 so they say. They have sent the case to a Mediation Service. Case #306844 was what I was given. They said they have not been able to contact me. That they have sent information to my address with no response. So if I...

Kmart /why not lease it program / Paying on & pay off on purchases.

Sondra Dixon Leach on Apr 10, 2017
In December of last year, i found my finances were too low to purchase Christmas gifts. I learned about the tempoe program, which is also ran through Why not lease it. I was told i would need to make 5 payments & then i could buy out purchases. I put $140.00 then paid the other payment...

Axis Bank Limited / Frustrated with thane hariniwas circle home loan centre branch for top up loan

BhavinBNagda on Apr 10, 2017
Hi, Myself bhavin nagda, I have taken an home loan from axis bank. I am a priority customer Now from past 2 weeks I am looking for top up loan from the axis bank. I mentioned that it was very urgent for me. I firstly called my old agent, named kishor pachpor on 1st april. He said he i...

LoanCare / LoanCareServicing.com / Loans

Tina Vo on Apr 9, 2017
Worst company ever! They charge twice a month that went over my budget and I have to pay the overdraft fee. When I call their customer service they tell me to send an email and they will give me a ticket number and I have to wait to be call back. Guess what, they never call back! I don't...

LoanCare / LoanCareServicing.com / Mortgage

AJ050865 on Apr 9, 2017
LoanCare assumed my mortgage in November 2016. I never received notification from LoanCare, nor my former carrier Stonegate that my mortgage had been moved. LoanCare failed to pay my 2016 fall taxes by the suspense date. Then on 1 Apr 17 I authorized a one time withdraw for $797.95 from my...

Freedom Debt Relief / debt consolidation program

Raymund Gallego on Apr 9, 2017
I have been placing $2, 400.00 in my dedicated account that they put up for me since December 2016, believing that these funds will be built up to pay off my creditors but FDR prioritized their own settlement fees before my debts to the creditors. This was not explained to me. I wanted...

Freedom Mortgage / Billing/payment

Tina Mckinney on Apr 7, 2017
I have been with freedom mortgage for 5 years and never had a issue. Until now I did a loan modification which everything went good. But I get a phone call stating I haven't been paying the full amount of my mortgage payment. I use my banks online bill pay. I told the lady who called me...

Eduloan / Student loans

Amy Arceneaux on Apr 6, 2017
Terrible customer service! All they want is your money. Is the 100% money back gaurentee is a lie! I paid them $230 and deicided I did not want to go through with them and stuck with navient. They claimed to save me money. But how? If i'm paying them $230 monthly and with navient i'm...

FinChoice South Africa / False marketing

masink on Apr 6, 2017
Finchoice is providing false marketing to its customers, I have been a good and a loyal customer to them, they advertised this skip a payment when times are tough I applied for it in March 2017 but they still debited when we had an agreement with them that I m gonna skip that payment, so I...

Lending Club / Loan

Joseph Brooks on Apr 4, 2017
These people wanted copies of my bank statements, which I sent. They then wanted all pages, even the blank ones, showing all the edges. We got on the phone to check on it, and they wanted ludicrous personal information like my wife's year of graduation of everything that she had ever done...

Maybank Puchong branch / Services I want to complain is very bad and no fair.

Imdevil on Apr 4, 2017
Hi my name is Eric. I feel very not save in Maybank saving account. And no fair on me. When I last time bankrupt. And lost it my job. And I can't make it my credit card payments, even min payments also I didn't have too, And Maybank will take action send me lawyer latter and even collect...

Kia Motors / Refund request complaint

Marvin Obciana on Apr 3, 2017
Kia MotorsHello, I am submitting this request to escalate the refund request. I little over a month ago, I applied for a car loan at Kia Motors in Molino, Bacoor Cavite. A couple of days after I was advised to settle a down payment to reserve a unit(color) of my choice and so I did on February 23, 2017...

Bravan Engineering / cammer william perry who uses the photo of dr. steven g jones.

Bandoli on Apr 3, 2017
I would like to be advocate to stop this guy if you plan on having reviews. not just but several other people as well. I don't want anyone to be scammed by these individuals. Federal Trade Commission won't do anything, FBI won't do anything or you policy department...
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