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Loans Complaints

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Home Credit India / forgery

Loan's on Jul 23, 2018

Im r dineshkumar.. I have taken loan in home credit 129000, my emi is 5360.48 month.. At the time of booking they told 24.87 per annum flat interest... My total interest is 128280. If flat interest means my 2672 interest per month will come... But i'm getting 4600 interest per month. They...

First National Bank [FNB] / personal loan

Matshidiso on Jul 22, 2018

I too a personal loan at Fnb, a week after I was dismissed from work, I have not started paying my installments for the loan, I can only manage to pay end of this month from there there is no income, what would happen to me? I am hoping to get my package from my employer and I'm planning to...

Cash To You Loan Co / illegal wage garnishment already been paid

cathy kerley on Jul 22, 2018

Between 2009 and 2012 wages were garnished from my check cash to you was paid then in 2016 they tried to do it again already been paid so adp stopped now they are garnishing me again i want this stopped and refunded this company doesnt even show on my credit reports they wont answer phone...

Platt College / school loans, I know it’s not the school’s fault...

Andrea Griggs Farmer on Jul 20, 2018

My school loan was originally and roughly around $1, 000. Reasonable for an 1yr associates degree, it was the change of hands with the loan department and the increase at every change that was the problem. My loan, after a little struggle (the guaranteed job I was offered was at a car...

CashNetUSA / CNU Online Holdings / payday loan

Magnolia510 on Jul 20, 2018

I received a email from this company stating I was approved for a loan in the amount of $1700.00. I did not apply for this loan. The information they had was my email address, my social security number and they had a bank account that was a closed account. I had to call my bank to make...

Wells Fargo / car loan

Dnagel on Jul 20, 2018

I (David Nagel) co-signed a car loan for my Daughter (Britany Root) Account Number 45757484020001. When I applied for the loan (over the phone), I was told what the interest rate would be and the monthly payment, based on my credit rating (780+). When we went to sign the papers (I flew to...

Specialized Loan Servicing [SLS] / specialized loan servicing/letters deliberately confusing

Johnscott on Jul 19, 2018

Specialized Loan Servicing/letters deliberately confusing being an attorney over 45 years Specialized Loan Servicing main objective/confuse the living hell out of each one of their customers they're so confused they got to find a lawyer to figure out the letters all about and what the hell...

The J.G. Wentworth Company / loan closing and compensation

Martha Alexander Pudar on Jul 18, 2018

On March 16, 2018 JG Wentworth proved to be incompetent and unresponsive in getting their primary task completed-closing a home loan on time. I began the application process over two months before we needed to close on a new house (I had to wait to lock my rate-two months before closing...

Nationstar Mortgage / lending practices

Mjari8 on Jul 18, 2018

This company opened an escrow account without my knowledge to pay insurance premiums that were already being paid by me. When those payments bounced back to the lender, they kept them and the account open meanwhile using my principal and interest payment to add more to the escrow account...

Credit Central, LLC / customer service

philip2 on Jul 18, 2018

Store moved location wo any word or notice. When tried to call nobody answered after several attempts. When I finally found the place the associates were unfriendly and unfamiliar with your loans and terms. They were more worried about me renewing my loan than taking my payment and answering me.2...

Pegawai Bank Kurang Ajor Bila Tel / loan kereta

Mohd Harun on Jul 18, 2018

Salam.. saya Mohd suami kepada Norsuzila Cerita nya macam ini.. bila Bank tel x angkat dan Kita call balik Bank bila bercakap dgn pengawai yg bertugas ttg Act yg Di jaga dgn kurang sopan bercakap dan siap sindir sindir lagi Customer.. pengawai yg kerja ni x sekolah ke ape.. kalau ikut...

CitiMortgage / modification of current loan - property 1122 waterford. allen, tx 75013

Farasat Khawaja on Jul 18, 2018

This information relates to my modification of loan terms. I initially applied for loan modification in April 2017 and submitted package to CitiMortgage Inc. team. In January 2017 I called the Citimortgage Homeowner Support Specialist for his advice and he highly recommended that I should...

Nationstar Mortgage / mortgage

Karen Asch on Jul 18, 2018

Hello, My name is Karen Asch at 434 Buchanan Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001. Email: karenasch@hotmail. This is about my property at 913 Egleston Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001. Hopefully i don't miss anything third time i am trying to submit, thank you. I never had a problem with my...

First National Bank [FNB] / no one at fnb can provide a paid up letter

FNB poor services on Jul 18, 2018

I have been requesting a paid up letter for a month with no luck. After calling in numerous times in the past month. I was told that that I should send an email because they were off line . The email was send ay the start of the new month . I only received an email o the 17/07 to say that...

Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] / mortgage loan process

NFCU Customer on Jul 17, 2018

I'm not sure if this is going to the appropriate office for resolution or customer service. I have had bad experience with different people in NFCU. Tanaya Gibson was unresponsive to emails and phone calls. Also she said that our VA Appraisal was ordered on the due date in our contract...

ABSA Bank / Getting help with account number

Rupping on Jul 17, 2018

Hi my name is Karien Rupping. I have been struggling to get help since yesterday. I have a personal loan with absa that was handed over to Daly Attorneys. I have arranged for payment with debit order, because they said if I dont pay they will begin with legal action. We have agreed on an...

Cash Generator / Loan

Daniel Furbey on Jul 16, 2018

To whom this may concern, My name is Daniel Furbey I am writing to you due to the new laws and regulations regarding payday loans. I have been advised that this company owes me a refund in compensations day I would also like the loans to be removed from my credit file as at the correct...

Santander Consumer USA / auto loan company

Donae2287 on Jul 14, 2018

I open an account with Santander USA back in 2016 long story short I lost my job and 2017 and was making my payments on time as I should have fell behind and asked to get help wasn't given all of the options to help me get caught back up also have been paying on his loan for a while and it...

Castle Finance Direct / loan money

TaysTaylorEm on Jul 14, 2018

I applied for a loan in December 2018 and the £79 came out of my account. I decided I didn't want to go ahead with the process and asked for a refund. I was told it could take up to 6 months and that in the meantime I would stop getting offers of loans.I have sent plenty of emails requesting...

Rolf Manuel / personal loan (sukuk al khair)

Rolfmanuel on Jul 14, 2018

Dear Sir, My salary transfer account number is 18865878 As you are aware my loan was approved in January, then it was said there is a signature mis match then company name was different. Now the company name has been updated and the HR confirmed that the management and signatory are from one...