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Legalwise / slow services - urgent matter

Charlotte En Dennis on Sep 26, 2017
Good day I'm a member of LegalWise and really thougth services will be much faster. It's a week and I still dont have answers. My court case is 2nd October. This is the first time im using LegalWise. I went Tuesday morning to LegalWise Witbank branch they only making a copy of my summons I...

The O'Brien Law Firm San Diego / horrible attorney

VillagePerson on Sep 25, 2017
The O'Brien Law Firm San DiegoI am writing this complaint on behalf of my wife "Karina", she is still shaken over the incident and feels we need to make others aware. On Sept 5th 2017 together we met with attorney John O'brien of The O'Brien Law Firm in downtown San Diego, CA for a general consultation. We were seeking...

Nike / nike siding with nfl players taking knee during national anthem

Mhinkle on Sep 25, 2017
I was disappointed and appalled to read that Nike is siding with the NFL players who took a knee and disrespected our great nation and for those brave men and women who have fought/or currently fighting for our freedom. My family will no longer purchase Nike merchandise and I will gladly...

Just Answer (USA) / legal services re collecting a debt of $1,000

Sharron Ming on Sep 25, 2017
Order (case) # : 17971432687 Earlier on today I submitted a complaint about Just Answer (USA) whom I had found on Google & had turned to in order to try & retrieve a debt of $1, 000 owed by an Australian plumber in Victoria. I cannot find that complaint now. It was about two amounts of...

Scott Michael Lieberman Attorney / unethical behavior

Anonymous520 on Sep 21, 2017
I retained this lawyer 2 years ago for a family law matter. He was consistently inappropriate/unprofessional/flirtatious in his communications with me. I considered reporting him several times as I was quite offended and felt taken advantage of, but I needed his help. He was also lax about...

Avast Software / antivirus protection

Lou Reinstra on Sep 20, 2017
I ordered a one year subscription on 9/19/2017 and paid for it with my visa credit card. The payment was approved by my VISA card. The receipt and activation instructions were sent to an old E-Mail account I no longer use. The account is in the name of Lou Reinstra, The old account you...

Legalwise / bad service

Zama1 on Sep 20, 2017
I have lodged numerous cases with LegalWise and no one has attended to even one case. Every time I go to the legalwise department at Tygervalley I'm told the systems are down or I'm made to wait for an advisor only to be told that the advisor is currently busy and cannot attend any...

Pressler And Pressler / debt collection

SRR1115 on Sep 13, 2017
I have been paying an old debt through Pressler and Pressler. I was made aware of them and their attempt to collect by an attempted garnishment my employer told me about. After calling them the garnishment was rescinded and I have been making payments. I've made payments for 10 months now...

Scott McMillan Attorney McMillan Law Firm San Diego / the_mcmillan_law_firm_la_mesa legal malpractice fraud lawsuit

Scott McMillan Attorney McMillan Law Firm San DiegoIt is very concerning to see Scott_McMillan_attorney_San_Diego was sued by a national law firm for fraud and legal malpractice. Michelle_Volk_attorney_San_Diego was also sued. The court denied a motion to dismiss which looks like set Scott McMillan La Mesa Attorney off in a frenzy to file...

The McMillan Law Firm La Mesa Scott McMillan / scott mcmillan attorney san diego vexatious litigation

The McMillan Law Firm La Mesa Scott McMillanScott McMillan, a La Mesa attorney who graduated from an unaccredited law school located behind a car dealership, appealed being labeled a vexatious litigant and lost. Vexatious litigation impact all of us by clogging up courts with meritless lawsuits. In another case where Scott McMillan...

MacMillan Academy of Law McMillan Law Firm La Mesa / scott mcmillan attorney la mesa, mcmillan academy of law

MacMillan Academy of Law McMillan Law Firm La MesaMcMillan Academy of Law is ran out 4670 Nebo Drive, La Mesa, McMillan Law Firm is operated by Scott McMillan attorney in La Mesa uses the same address for his office. I have looked on the state bar website and do not see any students have passed the state bar. This makes sense since a law...

Legalwise / pathetic service & lack of empathy to customers

Zodwana Van Pule on Sep 4, 2017
This afternoon I had a 14h30 appointment with polo, a very rude & disrespectful lady. Firstly she doesn't listen but is quick to jump to conclusions without full information. Secondly, she takes personal calls while consulting. Thirdly, she calls the receptionist & makes unnecessary non...

Hopkinsway / lies, misrepresentation, deceit, cheating, unethical behaviour and conspiracy to defraud

Hopkinscomp on Aug 28, 2017
HopkinswayThe Truth about Edward Hopkins of Hopkinway PLLC, a bad, unethical, dishonest and fraudulent attorney, worthy only of debarment. In 2017 he was involved in a conspiracy to defraud a defendant by way of deceit in a Court filing. His filings contained so many inaccuracies, he could not claim they...

Hopkins Way PLLC Denver Arizona Edward C. Hopkins Jr / attempted extortion of defendants, fraud, dishonesty, corruption, cheating the system

Badlawyers on Aug 28, 2017
Hopkins Way PLLC Denver Arizona Edward C. Hopkins JrEdward C.Hopkins Jr was involved in an attempt to extort monies from a defendant. In a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black (no racism intended) he accused the defendant of what he himself does. His legal practice works by falsifying complaints, stating falsehood...

James R. De Furio / hoa attorney

Fish2001 on Aug 27, 2017
HOA Attorney's that selectively enforce investment properties. Just visit their website to review collections through foreclosure on nonexempt property. Although, It had long passed a contest of lien, this crook filed a lawsuit a month before my home was to be sold after 17 years. Constant...

Manchanda Law Offices PLLC / nothing done/dumped to different law firm

Randall Brown on Aug 27, 2017
I hired the law firm of Manchanda Law Offices in September 15, 2011 to help with my wife's immigrations case. Retained him $2925.01 total to fix my wife's immigrations status. He said this in an email: Randall: The US Consulate's job is to deny you, not admit you, keep you...

Bridgeport Bankruptcy / everything; total ripoff, gave completely wrong information

Robin Rocque on Aug 27, 2017
I truly can't believe this chislers are still in business. They ripped so many people off over the years and it's a mystery as to ho they get away with it. They give wrong information on the forms, then expect you to pay more to "access your account". Never respond to any email and that'...

Puzon Law / their service

Brenda Owen on Aug 24, 2017
Using people when they really are down on their luck.Taking money and not doing what they easy they will do to help you save your home keep telling you need more prove of income and when you get it they tell you not to send it because they can't do anything to help you this is not right...

Puzon Law / their service

Brenda2117 on Aug 24, 2017
After getting a call from a guy named Steven about my up coming foreclosed on my home he told me that they the law firm could save my home but they needed 875.00 dollars to begin the paper work after let them take it out of my bank account and me sending them all of the paper back all of...

Xtreme Properties 24 & Auctioneers (Pty) Ltd / misrepresentation of transfer of agreement from regus stellenbosch to regus southdowns, centurion: south africa

Xtremeprop on Aug 15, 2017
We signed an Agreement for a Virtual Office with Regus Stellenbosch in May 2015, for a 6- month period. We extend our Contract in November 2015 to May 2016 on a rolling 6- month basis. We decided to relocate our Offices to Gauteng Province, to Centurion in September 2016; and were advised by...
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