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MJ Enterprise of USA Inc / match list issue

jimmy khan on May 25, 2017
Dear sir, I also want to sue this company for $5, 000, 000, They have destroyed my businesses badly, and also put my name in match list, i can not get with my name any more merchant account, I want to sue this company for all of my past and future lossess, since beginning of 2016. How...

Howard Arbor Esquire / legal services

Time 4 Justice on May 23, 2017
First he will tell you about his sister, the retired Judge, and make you understand that he is very well know. You will not get a written retainer agreement. Mr Arbor will keep hitting you with addition small payments until you realize he's making a fool of you. Be prepared to sign a bunch...

Olson Shaner Attorney / garnishment attornies

12dgc21 on May 23, 2017
I went through a horrible divorce. Mountain america credit union is partially to blame for this olson shaner attorney monsters to even get involved. I seriously hope they all rot in hell. The complaint is that even after them telling me that my garnishment would be complete this year in...

Kroger / I fell at your store

letmesay on May 18, 2017
My husband and I were walking through the meat department of your Walton KY Kroger yesterday. All of a sudden, I am on the floor. My knee is bruised, swollen, and burnt from sliding it on the concrete floor. My toenails (I was in flip flops) were bent back and broken from trying to catch...

Vodacom / cellphone & layers

Grencher on May 16, 2017
I am absolutely disgusted in Vodacom and what they are doing. I sent them so many emails and they told me they cannot do much cause it's in layers hands now. I was also told they can certainly assist with the matter but this morning I received new mail from the layers staying they have...

Brach's / Maple nut goodies

Jane Thompson on May 10, 2017
After going through much of what everyone else did who has recently had the Maple Nut Goodies, I am so very disappointed in the product. Like another customer, we were given a bag as a gift and I threw it away thinking it was old although the date did not indicate that it was. I bought...

Express Scripts / Prescription medication

Rjhebert on May 10, 2017
I recently reduced my morphine sulphate intake from 60mg 3 times daily to 45 mg 3 times daily. Because they don't make a 45mg I have to take one 15mg and one 30mg 3 times daily. Not only am I having to pay two copays vs one. But now because it throws the pill count higher I have to have...

Joshila Desai INC / Taken advantage of for expressing my desperation

TiisetsoM on May 10, 2017
I've just been taking advantage of because I am a bread winner and trying to look after my family. I've just been killed by sahl and joshila desai inc. Because I have so much on my plate. I decided to switch my home loan from standrad bank to sahl. Sahl promised a cash payout of r86000 on...

Falkowski PLLC / abandoned patent request by patient attorney

CeTeC on May 8, 2017
Mr. Chris Falkowski was retained to submit a patient request to the USPTO. During the process, Mr. Falkowski recieved all notifications directly from the USPTO on my behalf. The USPTO sent an inquiry looking for more information about the request that went unanswered by Mr. Falkowski . My...

Dollar General / unethical behavior

Marikay Clark on May 4, 2017
My girlfriend and I where walking into the Nahunta Dollar store, well there is an employee by the Chasitt Larry She started staring at us like we were doing something wrong, well I asked my girlfriend what was up and it turns out she had to be removed from the FlashFood on main st in...

Sport Clips / The customers and staff tried to be mental to get a professional haircut

Brandon Ceaser on May 2, 2017
Some spanish crazy big eye weirdo womanly looking employee talking about she the Manager and want to be white racist and hired someone to call me and call me homeboi and the Police told me when I reported the lady doing it to just call them to stop her but she think them white people full blooded and they just caucasian alive to slave work her finally.

Letgo / account hacked

Phillip hilleshiem on May 2, 2017
Ive purchased and sold many things on this app i loved it until i got hacked and now for like 8 months my account has been under review and wo t let me use it or create a new one...ive emailed several times saying i was hacked and did not post the vehicles that were posted on my account i...

Clare Wiese Lauren Fine Cape Town / Lauren Fine

DanielleVermaas on Apr 30, 2017
Clare you are a bully!!! I want to to tell you what we did to your friend Lauren Fine. We lied to her and told her that her boyfriend cheated on her. She was so stupid she just believed everthing that she was told!! We couldnt take a chance of her talking to her boyfreind so we told her...

Thomas J. Finn, ESQUIRE / Unethical harassment

MsGao on Apr 26, 2017
Thomas J. Finn, ESQUIRETom Finn did not represent me but this is the letter he sent threatening me after his client, Paulette Gosden Tumbarello, swindled me out of my home. She tried to force me into spending $12, 000 to stage my house so her decorator-friend could make money. When I didn't, she under priced my...

Lauren Fine Norton Rose Fulbright / Lauren Fine

Onion Award1 on Apr 25, 2017
Lauren you deserve an Onion Award!!! The game we played with you and Colin Chaplin was the funiest game ever!!! We made you hurt him Lauren. We made you think he had cheated on you!! We made you think he was stalking you so that you would avoid him!!! We made you think he pairated a...

Binder & Binder / Unauthorized charges

Bernhard Harshman on Apr 24, 2017
They were supposed to get me this huge settlement that went back like ten years but the judge disallowed the settlement. So, basically, Binder didn't do their job so they didn't get squat. So, for the last year or so, Binder has been trying to extort money from me. First they...

Binder and Binder / social security disability

Aaron Ross on Apr 23, 2017
Back in 2010, I retained Binder and Binder to represent me after my initial denial from Social Security. My first contact with their intake personnel should have been enough to send me running. She was brusque, uncaring, sluggish sounding, and simply unconcerned and unprofessional...

Robert P Cocco / philadelphia credit repair

Dan77766 on Apr 23, 2017
Robert Cocco is an incompetent racist.He is disorganized completely and can't file a basic case. He stalks his clients by following them to places 100 miles away from where he lives to health clubs where he swims in the baby and child portions of the pool where he is the only male. Very pale...

Lauren Fine Attorney Cape Town / jacob wiese

yadouw on Apr 22, 2017
I know that Jacob Wiese cheated on his wife and had a threesome with one of her freinds!! Danielle Vermaas told us!! Jacob did you know that Danielle tried to be freinds with your sister Claire!! Do you know why??? It was for two reasons. The first was so that she could use Claire to...

Maytag / regarding dryer model #ld-4000

Andy Bello on Apr 20, 2017
Dear Sirs: April 20, 2017 RE: complaint # 628996968 On 3/11/2017, I briefly turned on my Maytag dryer and received very strong shock. On 3/13/2017 I replaced this dryer The pain was significant and the shock left my right arm numb especially around my pinky finger on my right arm. I did not...
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