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Starbucks / hot coffee - white choc

Deborah Manning on Dec 17, 2018

StarbucksWe grab four coffees Saturday morning at our local Starbucks at the Colonies in Upland, CA to take on a little road trip over the weekend up to Ventura. My husband was enjoying his coffee with the lid off and near the end of his coffee choked on something. He couldn't see anything while...

Dallas BBQ / client injured

Nancy Mal on Dec 17, 2018

On the evening of 08/30/2018 our client, Judy Haskins, was injured at the premises of 1265 Third Avenue. Please contact our office with direct information regarding your complaint department so that we may provide a letter of representation to the Dallas BBQ corporate office. You may...

The Cape Law Society / raf claim for my son, (12 years later) still waiting

lanagreybe on Dec 14, 2018

My son had a accident when he was 7years old. Now turning 19. an attorney has processed and finalized all paperwork and has sent in according to him an amount which cannot be DISCLOSED TO ME to me even after asking numerous times. He now says that THE RAF IS THE DELAY, when all paperwork...

DG Services / demanding money again and again

apsika on Dec 14, 2018

Sir a company name dg services that is a form lature maharasta is a form filling company I saw on august 3rrd of 2018 with their conditions and they assigned me 3000 forms for filling work for 15 days of time on that time they taken my id proof. I fail to submitted my work in...

Eric L. Pazner / attorney

Slynn8791 on Dec 12, 2018

Do not hire this attorney. He is rude obnoxious, has a bigggg ego. He comes in late by to court. He flirts with other female lawyers right in front of his clients, cause probably slept with them all. He humiliated and made fun of me and shared my confidential and very personal text...

Fannie Mae / The Federal National Mortgage Association [FNMA] / mortgage insurance / servicing


Jacquelyn Faye Lowden™©, Estate, In care of: Occupant to Executor Office 30650 Rancho California Road, Suite D406, 19A Foreign Non Domestic Temecula California ZIP Exempt Postal Code DMM 602 1.3(e)(2) North America / Northwest Territory U.S.A. UCC 1-308; 1863: Book 12 Statutes at Large...

The Ticket Clinic / horrible customer service

Dawn Dumas on Dec 4, 2018

Their customer service agents are disgusting! "brenda" and "ebony" were both very rude and unhelpful. They refused to give me their full name or info of a supervisor that I could directly contact to escalate my complaint. I had to tell ebony "do not raise your voice at me" and continually...

Peter L. Cedeño & Associates, P.C / law firm

dominicana_ramsey_nj on Dec 3, 2018

This guy is a dirty bottom feeder attorney who is as slimy as they come. If you think of dog [censored], think of Peter Cedeno. He is dirt bag of a lawyer, and is as worse as they come. Peter acts like a tough professional lawyer, but in reality is a scamming [censored] face who is unable to pay...

Grabcar Malaysia / grab driver

Rina Azlan on Dec 2, 2018

This rude driver (Perodua Alza plate number VQ8726) refuse to open door and give a sign language from inside that his cancelling the booking. I was standing outside his car as at first I don't understand what he was trying to say. After waited for few minutes, I knock his front food again...

Fortson, Bentley & Griffin, P.A. J. Edward Allen Jr. / #metoo - below is a letter I sent regarding j. edward allen jr. sexual harassment.

JoAnn Kolbus on Dec 2, 2018

The manner in which FORTSON, BENTLEY & GRIFFIN handled the issue of J. Edward Allen Jr. sexually harassing clients was flagrantly unprofessional and disturbing. It is especially egregious that Mr. J. Edward Allen was allowed to continue to sexually harass clients for numerous years, and...

Dragonplay / live holdem

Shawn Bryan on Nov 29, 2018

DragonplayI have complained over and over and over again you never to get a response from y'all it's now 3.5 million that y'all owe me because your tournaments keep crashing I have screenshot after screenshot as a screenshot of y'all's game freezing up an error message popping up saying the app must...

Straight talk wireless / phone

Eagle2343 on Nov 29, 2018

I have been dealing with Straight Talk since July 2018 over this. My new phone quit working I contacted Straight Talk and the representative promised me a new phone. I received a refurbished phone approximately 6 weeks later. I contacted the company again and the representative put me...

Erwin Martinkus & Cole / divorce proceedings / unresponsive & unprofessional

Dan Byrne on Nov 26, 2018

I am representing myself in a divorce. Anne Martinkus is representing the other party. Anne will not respond to phone calls, voice mails, emails. I even have a recording of their receptionist lying about her and her legal aid not having voice mail in their office. This is totally...

Macy D. Hanson Lawyer / womanizer and liar

jtlams on Nov 26, 2018

Macy D. Hanson LawyerMacy D. Hanson is a big fat liar. I had met with him about working together on a case and he made multiple sexual remarks to me about my looks and was more interested in hitting on me and trying to sleep with me then help me with a case. This seems to be common with married creeps like...

McMillan Law Firm San Diego Scott McMillan Michelle Volk / legal services by scott mcmillan michelle volk san diego attorneys

McMillan Law Firm San Diego Scott McMillan Michelle VolkSan Diego attorney Scott McMillan, McMillan_Law_Firm_La_Mesa, sued to have websites remove embarrassing public records that included allegations of child molestation, losing dozens of lawsuits, being called a vexatious litigant, and settling a lawsuit for $20. The child molestation report...

Justice Neana Sharma, Supreme Court British Columbia - A Judges Stupidity / british columbia appeal court ruling shows importance of court’s role in reviewing facts instead of stupidity

Lipka on Nov 21, 2018

A motorist who is being sued by his passenger after a single-vehicle accident wants his case heard by the Supreme Court of Canada. The issue at hand is whether the single-vehicle crash was a "true accident, " in which nobody can be held at fault for the vehicle rollover. Gordon Lipka wa...

Scotbilt Homes / quality

bardblb1 on Nov 18, 2018

We bought the home off the lot at CC Homes and that was another nightmare. ScoBilt gave us one shot to get things fixed, we have now been in the home for 9 months and we are seeing so many flaws it is amazing. 1. Door frames that are crooked so there is no way the door will ever... / online divorce

AccountKiller1000 on Nov 14, 2018

I signed up with for an "easy online divorce"--advertised as $179--Online Divorce--Best Price Guaranteed". Right off the bat, I was charged more than $300 to just purchase a year contract. Then, each stage required several hundred dollars, both in fees for their service...

Andrew Kerns Lying, Fraud, Negligent, Hack Attorney Los Angeles Bar #288571 / legal representation law firm claery & hammond

Completely Screwed on Nov 13, 2018

Andrew Kerns Lying, Fraud, Negligent, Hack Attorney Los Angeles Bar #288571For starters go to the Yelp page for Claery & Hammond to read the dozens of horror stories from aggrieved clients whose lives have been destroyed by the lawfirm itself. Then you will know the cesspool where Andrew Kerns comes from. Did someone...

Scorpion Legal Protection / poor service

Tshego Motebele on Nov 12, 2018

Scorpion Legal is dealing with my motor vehicle collision case since July 2017 till this day November 2018 my case has not been resolved. Nirvana Maraj the senior claims handler is handling my case I send her countless emails with no feedback whatsoever she just ignores my emails it's way...