Lawyers and Attorneys Complaints


Dolci & Weiland Law Firm / 2 attorneys that should be disbarred

on Mar 24, 2019

Dominick R. Dolci and Patrick J. Weiland(Dolci & Weiland) located at 17 W. 662 Butterfield Rd Ste 304 Oak Brook, IL. 60181 are TERRIBLE lawyers(should be disbarred). IF you value your freedom do NOT hire these losers to defend your case(s). My case was to be a simple traffic $500 defense...

Adam Weisberg Criminal Litigation / legal services

on Mar 9, 2019

Adam Weisberg is a pompous incompetent fool. I was horrified at the actions of Adam Weisberg. He seems to not have any guts and is a dump truck who did not follow my instructions and in fact acted contrary to my instructions. I also came to the conclusion that he has a substance abuse...

Burkey Burkey and Scher Co LPA / attorney that is willing to engage in illegal offenses to obtain desired goals

on Mar 5, 2019

Go to my personal website and read absolutely everything this ruthless, determined, unscrupulous, dishonest, unethical law firm did to me. Many serious, serious illegal crimes were committed in order to obtain desired goals. Consumers should under no...

Adam Weisber Criminal Lawyer / legal services

on Mar 3, 2019

Adam Weisberg is a pompous incompetent fool. I was horrified at the actions of Adam Weisberg. He seems to not have any guts and is a dump truck who did not follow my instructions and in fact acted contrary to my instructions. I also came to the conclusion that he has a substance abuse...

Gail C. Flake, corrupt bribed judge, Dekalb County Court, GA / remove gail flake from the judiciary system

on Feb 2, 2019

Since 1999 to present, there are immense of verified publications from the valid sources (like about the Dekalb County Superior Judge Gail C. Flake's amoral nature, her money laundry, documented corruptions, bad faith, her own appearances in the court of law as a defendant...

Scott McMillan Academy of Law La Mesa / legal and educational services scott mcmillan san diego attorney

on Feb 1, 2019

Scott McMillan Academy of Law La MesaScott McMillan San Diego attorney sued the San Diego Sheriff over its Facebook account, filed a request for preliminary injunctive relief but was DENIED as moot. (Karras v. Gore (S.D. Cal. Jan. 5, 2015, No. 14CV2564 BEN (KSC). Ultimately, the attorney received only a $20 settlement. The...

Chalos & Co P.C / debt collector, extortion, and harassment

on Jan 29, 2019

It's about time someone brought this pig to justice! The complaint, dated August 24, 2018, says Chalos gave "a lengthy, erotic story that she had no wish to receive." The complaint allegedly indicates the harassment continued for more than a year and that Chalos "repeatedly approached the victim...

Joe Young Law / terrible service

on Jan 27, 2019

If you want to destroy your life, hire Joe Young. He is a compulsive liar who has no concern regarding the outcome of your case but cannot grab your money fast enough. I honestly believe he shaves his head because he identifies with skinhead beliefs. He certainly has no conscience. He...

TLT Attorneys / someone rescue us - gross neglect & abuse: over failure to register property in 13 months

on Jan 15, 2019

Shona Feasey conveyancer from TLT Attorneys started process to transfer property in December 2017 and in January 2019 (13 months) it is still not transferred. We complied with all the requirements but still we are stuck. Bills, property rates, levies and costs are piling up and Lawyer...

Burkey, Burkey & Scher Co., LPA / real estate law

on Jan 14, 2019

I had Robert F. Burkey as my personal trust lawyer. He also engages in other areas of law. I discovered for myself that Mr. Burkey does not put the desires and needs of his personal clients as his number one priority. If there are larger and more powerful constituents involved in your...

Doug Graham / website failure

on Jan 9, 2019

I was sitting at jackpot sit and go. Your site would not let me sit down. Ran thru it twice. Everything else was working. 1/09/2019. Email is [protected] It was only $2 but that's not the point. Ive had a couple other issues in the past but didn't bother reporting them. Hope...

PM Law Offices Professional Group / billing for legal services

on Dec 30, 2018

In August 2018, a friend and I received a fishing violation citation which we both did not contest, and contacted PM Law to represent us in Canadian court because we were both US citizens. I initially contacted the law firm through my legal insurance group, and then agreed to a suggestion...

Rahul Manchanda - Manchanda Law Office - Fake Attorney/Insane Criminal / scam, ripoff, mentally insane, pedophile, pervert, do not engage

on Dec 28, 2018

Beware the suspected prostitute peddler, serial woman abuser, and attempted murderer, Rahul Manchanda. He was caught trying to lure my son into his bed when I tried to hire him as an immigration attorney. He then threatened to deport me and more when I complained. That's when I searched the...

DG Services / demanding money again and again

on Dec 14, 2018

Sir a company name dg services that is a form lature maharasta is a form filling company I saw on august 3rrd of 2018 with their conditions and they assigned me 3000 forms for filling work for 15 days of time on that time they taken my id proof. I fail to submitted my work in...

Eric L. Pazner / attorney

on Dec 12, 2018

Do not hire this attorney. He is rude obnoxious, has a bigggg ego. He comes in late by to court. He flirts with other female lawyers right in front of his clients, cause probably slept with them all. He humiliated and made fun of me and shared my confidential and very personal text...

Peter L. Cedeño & Associates, P.C / law firm

on Dec 3, 2018

This guy is a dirty bottom feeder attorney who is as slimy as they come. If you think of dog [censored], think of Peter Cedeno. He is dirt bag of a lawyer, and is as worse as they come. Peter acts like a tough professional lawyer, but in reality is a scamming [censored] face who is unable to pay...

Fortson, Bentley & Griffin, P.A. J. Edward Allen Jr. / #metoo - below is a letter I sent regarding j. edward allen jr. sexual harassment.

on Dec 2, 2018

The manner in which FORTSON, BENTLEY & GRIFFIN handled the issue of J. Edward Allen Jr. sexually harassing clients was flagrantly unprofessional and disturbing. It is especially egregious that Mr. J. Edward Allen was allowed to continue to sexually harass clients for numerous years, and...

Erwin Martinkus & Cole / divorce proceedings / unresponsive & unprofessional

on Nov 26, 2018

I am representing myself in a divorce. Anne Martinkus is representing the other party. Anne will not respond to phone calls, voice mails, emails. I even have a recording of their receptionist lying about her and her legal aid not having voice mail in their office. This is totally...

Macy D. Hanson Lawyer / womanizer and liar

on Nov 26, 2018

Macy D. Hanson LawyerMacy D. Hanson is a big fat liar. I had met with him about working together on a case and he made multiple sexual remarks to me about my looks and was more interested in hitting on me and trying to sleep with me then help me with a case. This seems to be common with married creeps like...

McMillan Law Firm San Diego Scott McMillan Michelle Volk / legal services by scott mcmillan michelle volk san diego attorneys

on Nov 22, 2018

McMillan Law Firm San Diego Scott McMillan Michelle VolkSan Diego attorney Scott McMillan, McMillan_Law_Firm_La_Mesa, sued to have websites remove embarrassing public records that included allegations of child molestation, losing dozens of lawsuits, being called a vexatious litigant, and settling a lawsuit for $20. The child molestation report...

Justice Neana Sharma, Supreme Court British Columbia - A Judges Stupidity / british columbia appeal court ruling shows importance of court’s role in reviewing facts instead of stupidity

on Nov 21, 2018

A motorist who is being sued by his passenger after a single-vehicle accident wants his case heard by the Supreme Court of Canada. The issue at hand is whether the single-vehicle crash was a "true accident, " in which nobody can be held at fault for the vehicle rollover. Gordon Lipka wa...

Andrew Kerns Lying, Fraud, Negligent, Hack Attorney Los Angeles Bar #288571 / legal representation law firm claery & hammond

on Nov 13, 2018

Andrew Kerns Lying, Fraud, Negligent, Hack Attorney Los Angeles Bar #288571For starters go to the Yelp page for Claery & Hammond to read the dozens of horror stories from aggrieved clients whose lives have been destroyed by the lawfirm itself. Then you will know the cesspool where Andrew Kerns comes from. Did someone...

Hakemi & Ridgedale LItigation Scammers / warning! hakemi ridgedale litigation lawyers scammers ripoff

on Oct 29, 2018

Litigation lawyer scammers Hakemi & ridgedale unethical Lawyers beware! These lawyers scammed me. Lawyers treated me very unfairly have a bit of a bad reputation. Yes, they lied to me and misrepresented the facts of the case, failed to take my instructions, and screwed up my case. No doubt...

Attorney Rahul Manchanda - Immigration - New York City / do not hire! you are warned! wife beater, unethical behavior, unprofessional, scammed, threatened, & needs to be disbarred.

on Oct 26, 2018

I went to Rahul Manchanda in recent years to handle an immigration issue. He ended up losing my case immediately without me even having input and then tried to hide the results so he could first get my money and then show me the dated results way later. I went to another attorney who told...

Ilana Suissa & 450 Tickets Avocats Laval SN / ilana suissa unprofessional lawyer

on Oct 14, 2018

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to hiring a cheap lawyers "Aide Juridique" "public defender" or not using an private "expensive" lawyer thinking you will save money. But once the case is over you will realize how Expensive cheap legal help can be. You turn...

Jestia Law / unlawful marketing of private info

on Oct 2, 2018

When I met with the field director for the Human Rights Campaign today, he said he googled my name and there for anyone to read the court case, which was gross mischaracterization of events at that time, and more recent. I am a registered nurse I am a veteran and I am a mother who adore...

Scott Lieberman, disbarred Tucson attorney / sexual harassment and professional negligence

on Oct 2, 2018

I hired Mr. Lieberman for what I thought (hoped) was a simple case 2-3 years ago. He kept getting overly familiar with me and would text me about things that were personal and not work-related and he got more and more inappropriate. He implied he wouldn't mind if I sent him inappropriate...

Aceris Law SARL / office membership not canceled as requested, now we are paying 2 office memberships

on Sep 17, 2018

Dears, Company name: Aceris Law SARL Our Office membership (Account number: 7403884) we had in Geneva was ending 31/08/2018, through the platform Regus we have, we confirmed the cancellation of this membership for 31/08/2018, since you were offering much competitive prices. We took...

D.H.S / c.p. s, cory neis

on Sep 13, 2018

My kids have been in care for over 6 Years we've done numerous amounts of parents classes taken evaluations still they remain in state custody instead of keeping them out of the system Cory neis my court appointed attorney thought it would be better that they stay in the system until...

DG Services Latur / demanding money.

on Aug 23, 2018

DG Services LaturIm student from hyderabad. i got a call on 28 july 2018, to join their company and i joined on 1 aug 2018. They gave me deadline 16 aug 2018, 3000 forms should be submitted in that 15days time period. After opening their particular work place i thought its fraud their is no perfect data to...

Jim Adler the texas scammer / legal

on Aug 16, 2018

Hired these people after an 18 wheeler hit my parked car at my job while i was trying to exit my car. I have a permanent injury, car was destroyed, lost my job, this happened in September 21, 2015 next month will be three years!!! Nothing has happened. I was told all these nice things like...

New Rock Law Center PC / loan modification

on Aug 16, 2018

If you are in an active foreclosure, this company will call you five times a day, and promise to help. they are a scam, they will collect your 3000.00 and will not help you. Do not talk to them. you can google their address and find other scams with this same address, and different company...