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Kimberly Richardson / Landlord scammer

on May 9, 2013

Kimberly RichardsonThis woman is pure evil she will rent to you with a smile on her face and when you put in a notice that you are leaving she smiles and say okay. But let me warn you she will destroy her own property after you leave and sue you for thousands! Since she seems so trusting, you wont take...

Paramount Property Management *cassandra Swanson* / ###

on Apr 25, 2013

My wife and I just moved to Boise and we were looking for a home to rent. We came across a house listed by Paramount Property Management. We called on Friday morning. Their office is only open Mon-Thurs. Therefore, I left a message and sent an email stating that I wanted to set up an...

Sri Sainath Garderns, Rudraram / No fruther Development

on Apr 20, 2013

We had purchased couple plots in Sri Sainath Gardens in Rudraram adjacent to Vijai Electricals from GRP Housing Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad. There is no further development on this land, we tried to contact the developers but no traces of them. Land Owners are requested to come together to form an...

Rental property / Slumlord owner

on Apr 11, 2013

Rental propertyRenters or Buyers beware!! This guy (after I have rented for over a year) has filed a false eviction paper on me. He left a form in my door saying I owe rent that I don't. I msg'd him after finding the notice and reminded him of the dates he picked up money. He admitted he...

Demming Properties / Horrible Landlord

on Apr 8, 2013

Sheree Demming is the worst landlord I've ever had. She is a MISERY to work with, and my roommates and I have found her to be completely unreasonable and unapproachable. Her rent was very expensive, as was her security deposit, application fee, sublease fees, utilities etc. Living in her property was a nightmare.

The Park of Laurel Oaks / Discrimination

on Mar 27, 2013

I spent money to have a satellite dish installed .I received permission from the leasing office staff first before having it installed and then a few days later received a call from the office manager who was very rude and threatening stating I must have it taken down immediately or they...

trevor erskin / illegal 3rd party renting

on Mar 13, 2013

This guy rents out a trailer, 3 bdrm 2 full baths, out on an acregre 10 minutes east out of grande praire, right past five mile community hall (close to triple l trailer courts). It is a wooden brown siding trailer, with a rotted deck, full enlclosed front porch (front entrance, with 3...

Eqwest LLC / Rent Payment

on Feb 19, 2013

My daughter pays her rent by money order every month mails it off to the PO Box Address. No problems until last week when she received a letter from Greg Denning stating the Jan. month rent was not recived . When she called to submit proof this guy Greg began screaming at her, which i...


on Feb 17, 2013

C2C REAL ESTATE LLC C2C Property ManagementI recently vacated the premises of a Condo in Gulfport, MS Mills Road #32. This condo unbenounced to me had MAJOR BLACK MOLD ISSUES. After finding it and taking action by conatcting the Property Management (Owner/Company Broker) & Owner of this Condo NOTHING was done. My daughter and I...


on Feb 17, 2013

I recently vacated the premises of a Condo in Gulfport, MS Mills Road #32. This condo unbenounced to me had MAJOR BLACK MOLD ISSUES. After finding it and taking action by conatcting the Property Management (Owner/Company Broker) & Owner of this Condo NOTHING was done. My daughter and I... / BEWARE! RIP OFF. BEWARE of Taylor Storage of Vista

on Feb 13, 2013

taylorselfstorage-vista.comTaylor Storage of Vista Beware of this storage place. They are RIP OFF Artist. They will get you in with LOW BALL offers. No deposit, 2 months free, No admin. But what they do not tell you is they change your storage fee later into the time you are there by 50% to 100%. Trust me. I wa...

REI Properties / Condemed House and not fixing backed up sewage

on Feb 1, 2013

I have been renting from REI Properties for about 10 months. Ever since I have moved in there has been a water leak in the basement, which was hidden by carpet when I first looked at the house. But when I moved in the carpet was gone. I have been literally begging and complaining for the...

CHRISTOPHER HAWKINS / Psycho scamming lying sex crazed cona artist

on Jan 27, 2013

Pretends to b a christian but is a very disturbed dishonest greedy man if u don'tcontinue2 let him come in &out of his property including your bedroom he becomes psychotic & u refuse to stay & move he will tack on fradulent damages lie &se u to get a year's lease of rent. He even...

Faith Real Estate and Investments / Ripped off, Rude, Shady Business

on Jan 24, 2013

Renter beware! Don't expect your deposit back! Words cannot express how disappointed and ripped off I feel right now. After moving out 22 days ago I finally received a certified letter with my refund check for my deposit. Shock is all I can say is how I felt when I opened the letter...


on Jan 15, 2013

LIFE STORAGE LLCThis company has no business ethics, etiquette, concepts of truthful facts, or regard for its customers. This place is SATURATED by mice. They permeated my unit, resulting in $1000s in loss along with grief, inane amounts of time, insane exchanges with employees and having a LIVE litter IN...

Jeff Schlansky / Atrocious Customer Service

on Jan 9, 2013

DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE CROOKS at CA-Realty in Temecula, CA! Their customer service is dreadful and I regret ever signing a lease with these thief's. They have no regard for the renters that live in the homes they manage. Their main goal is to collect the rent and reduce the...

Rosetta Reed Estate and Letting Agents Ltd / Rent Scam

on Dec 27, 2012

This company rented a property and collected months and months of rent and would not pay it over. There is cockroach infestation in the property and the Tenant seems so scared that they won't talk to me when I went to the house so I am also concerned of the well being of the Tenant. I...

Tom Holzer / Dishonest Slumlord

on Dec 21, 2012

This landlord (Tom Holzer) has a 5 unit retail strip center on Tamiami Trail just north of Stickney Point Rd. Do NOT RENT from him! The building is very old and overrun with rats, mice, and cockroaches. He will do nothing about it and neither can you because all of the units share a common...

Heatherbrook Apartments / A thief/citizen stole Office Rent Payments

on Dec 17, 2012

"On December 17, 2012 Linda Le Property Assistant Manager gave me a second late rent notice accusing me of no payment for December 2012.Explaining I had repeated late payment that was not true.My money order and rent payments was in the drop box before December 4, 2012.I have proof and wa...


on Dec 17, 2012

this company do not give security deposits back. i sued them and the owner had another court the same day that our court was so after that he postponed the court again because "he was sick" as he stated in the official small claims form. So 3rd time i went there i won the court of course...

Steve and Rebecca Pierce / Irresponsible Actions

on Dec 6, 2012

Steve and Rebecca Pierce rent to criminals and addicts. The house at 510 Catalina Drive is rented by a person allegedly named Justin and his addict girlfriend. Justin considers himself to be the world’s sneakiest criminal. He is dangerous and attempts to be controlling of people he...

Randy Sigley / Rental Scam

on Dec 3, 2012

I found a great place to rent and was very excited. I am single mom and work very hard for my money. I have emails to prove ALL of this. Randy told me the place would be available December 20th. I offered to put down half of the deposit and sign a lease after I met him and saw the place...

Heathebrook apt 1101 / Black male in his 40's bullying me

on Dec 3, 2012

After 1:00 PM today a black male accuse me of not having morals.He tried to suspiciously endanger my address after a tenant let her dog run loose to enter my apartment last month with other People ringing and knocking at my door to bother me as a human being.I was told by him with loud r&b...

Financial Crossroads Property management / Carla Decker

on Dec 3, 2012

Hi, my name is Candice Ordway and i have been a tenant of Carla Decker for several years and plan on resigining my lease when it ends again. I am very suprised by these complaints on here. Anytime I have had any trouble with my home, I filed an order to be fixed and it was fixed within...

Renters and Landlords. / Renters and Landlords.

on Nov 24, 2012

About landlords and tenants. How to spot some potential problems. Let's make it best of Craigslist. Only real life examples, I hope they would be helpful for potential renters and their friends, relatives/parents. Landlord greet potential tenant in... underwear and "explain" what he want...

Star Realty Inc / Lied about Security Deposit

on Nov 15, 2012

Mark Kallus lied to me during my move-out walk through about how much security deposit refund I would receive. I received 2 extra days rent deduction. My rental agreement ended on the 31st. He charged me for the 1st and 2nd. He will not refund it. He is actually breaking the law because my...

Hometown Crescent Run / management perpetuating bulliness

on Nov 13, 2012

Management not protecting single women in retirement park. Management discussed issues in front of victim & in open meetings. 1st & 4th+ amendment rights openly walked over by park bullies.. Uses "Courtesy Patrol" to bully residents. Has victimized many older single women. Have had home...

Furnace in rented house / Furnace not working

on Nov 12, 2012

We moved to this rented house a month ago. The landlord is Luba Trim. We are experiencing a terrible situation right now. The furnace was not working starting from last Saturday (Nov 10) and we have been staying in the 6 degree C rooms. When we came back home from outside last Saturday, we...

Colestar / irroneous complaint

on Nov 6, 2012

i just want to know how you remove a complaint on this website if you believe it to be false, incriminating and libel?

Kristy Stansberry / eviction

on Oct 20, 2012 John White John W White John William White Kristy Stansberry Kristy Webster Kristy D Webster Kristy Dawn Webster

Ray White / Real Estate Service

on Oct 16, 2012

I've signed up Ray White Rockdale to help me rent and sell my beautiful, recently renovated home that's been in my family for 30 years. They had clear instructions to rent the house out to a professional couple without children. After showig my house to a number of applicants I...

Van Diest Enterprises/Van Diest trailor park / Neglectful landlord

on Oct 16, 2012

Van Diest Enterprises/Van Diest trailor parkMy fiance inherited a mobile home in the VAN DIEST mobile home park in Bellflower, CA 3 years ago. His blind grandma is the one who passed away and left it to him and for the past SIX YEARS (first three years she lived there, next 3 he did) they have had an issue with being SHOCKED all...

Jeff Schlansky CA-Realty / Jeff Schlansky Is An Excellent Property Manager

on Oct 11, 2012

Jeff Schlansky and CA-Realty have done an excellent job managing my properties and I want to offset a negative review by an old tenant of his. I have been a landlord for 25 years now. I turned my properties over to Jeff because I was sick and tired of dealing with all the issues, lies and...

Lou Wallace Property Management / Deposit money kept

on Sep 28, 2012

Lou Wallace kept hundreds of dollars of our deposit money when we moved out for nothing. He charged us $700 for less than a days work for cleanup. We brought people in to professionally clean up the residence before we left, yet he still robbed us with his bogus charges. He even kept back...

Pear Tree Village Apartments / false representation, lack credibility

on Sep 15, 2012

I live in Apartment 11 at Pear Tree Village. I moved there on Sept. 15, 2011. First I was told the rent would be $950 and the two weeks left in Sept. would be move-in special. Once I moved in, it went up to $975 and I was prorated. My daughter is almost 17, a junior in high school, and I...

Crystal Mews Waterford City / House Burglarys

on Sep 1, 2012

Crystal Mews Waterford CityCrystal Mews Waterford city has the highest burglary rate in Waterford City Ireland. Manor Properties Waterford rent the houses out for the landlord who owns most of the 8 houses under the condition that when they are robbed Manor Properties dont deal with it. This way manor propertie...

Colonial Arms / a/c

on Aug 27, 2012

I gave the rental office a doctor's excuse for need of air conditioning. My a/c is not working so I called them on 8/25/12. I found out today that the work just went in today and it will be a few days since they now use an outside contractor. The doctor's excuse means nothing. I...

Carmenne Chiasson / Repairs Never Got Done

on Aug 17, 2012

Carmenne ChiassonI've been renting out a unit at 69 lakeview circle for 10 months since the time I've moved here I've been requesting to have my unit repaired for the safety of myself, my children and the other tenants verbally and in writing by sending the landlord e-mails, a list of thing...

Hometown Crescent Run / harassment/home entry

on Aug 10, 2012

Lived here for 16 yrs. & harassed for 12. Have written on this site b/4 & articles disappear. Have many police & corporate letters sent on issues of threats, home entry, broken windshields in driveway. See articles on Hometown Crescent Run site. Other women have also been bullied...

tenant rights / harrassment

on Aug 2, 2012

a nice apt, nosy landlord is 84 years old - rosa celetti . every day she will complain to you about something, half the time it has NOTHING to do with you... She will accuse you of doing things you haven't done... She takes forever to fix anything and complains about the cost of it...