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Kissling Interests, LLC / submission of rent by mail equals frequent late fees

on May 26, 2017

I am writing to complain formally about the rent mail-in system. Kissling not only did not have easy and convenient access to their office downtown, due to location, which was bad enough, but they then ended being able to drop-off your rent and mandated renters mail in their checks. They have...

Sun Commu / No enforcement of lease rules

on Mar 26, 2017

I have been here for 3 years now and it was suppose to be my retirement house. But management changed at least a dozen times over the last year and each had a good rehearsed speech on how they would fix things. 1 Noise complaints go unresolved and as far as I can tell not even addressed even...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / White jew richard a. Weller don't like black people in milwaukee, wisconsin

on Mar 23, 2017

Milwaukee White Jews don't like black people and they don't care about black people!!! Milwaukee White Jew Richard Weller don't like black people, White Jews are prejudiced against black people because Richard A. Weller lives in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin!!! When Richard A. Weller comes to...

Waterboss / 900 Softener

on Jan 27, 2017

I am a landlord in a rural part of Florida. I began installing the WaterBoss 900 softener for my clients to help remove rust. At first I was so happy and amazed and how the product worked. I installed them per the manual and at the time they did not recommend covers or weatherproofing. The...

Tom Lim Rental Properties / Rental properties

on Jan 18, 2017

211 garside avenue south Hamilton, ontario L8k 2w6 Many of us have moved due to harassment. New management breaks the quiet enjoyment act every day. They will enter your apartment while you are at work and go through your stuff. 11 unit building and 3 of us have left since new...

Chas Everit Properties / Bad treatment by owner and agent of our rented house

on Jan 12, 2017

WE have been hiring this house for 5 years. Everytime we had problems with broken fixtures, agent had it fixed/replaced with permission of owner - including the canvas of the stoep that we use as extra room (it was rented to us as closed off braai area) June 2016 the canvas tore from wind...

Seeff Properties / House rental unpaid

on Jan 6, 2017

Seeff PropertiesEmail to SEEFF Kimberley office sent on 21/12/2016 already: "You promised transfer of deposit on Monday already and today is Wednesday. This is unacceptable for a reputable company as yourselves to delay my payment even after several email and telephonic requests! Left a message with your...

ASN Marblex / Real estate investment

on Dec 12, 2016

I wish i could give below zero to this company. The owner of this company (Naeem khan s/o mohammad saleem khan) of asn marblex house took almost 1 kror to do real estate investment for us. We gave our money in 2013 to make some investments. Naeem khan (S/o mohammad saleem khan) of asn marblex...

Stuyvesant Gardens, Brooklyn NY / Unprofessionalism of management staff

on Dec 1, 2016

Stuyvesant Gardens, Brooklyn NYWho do you complain to when you have dark floods, appearing to be feces overflowing from your kitchen sink, or your ceiling left with a giant gaping hole in your bathroom. You as if you can be given an estimated that someone will be coming back to complete the job, but maintenance tell...

Elise Parker / Property rental in lagrange ga

on Oct 21, 2016

advertised a historic home in downtown Lagrange GA. the house is in DEPLORABLE CONDITION!!! she said it has been updated, painted, new appliances, and has been remodeled. the house is INFESTED with fleas even th outside of the property had fleas jumping on us just on the front porch. also...

Ann Elise Parker- Home Owner / Ann Elise Parker states is renting 203 hill street lagrange ga

on Oct 14, 2016

I recently was on the search for a nice rental home for me and my husband and two small children. I found, Ann Elise Parker's post on houses for rent in lagrange, troup county. She stated that she wanted $850 month and $850 deposit. When I contacted her she said that we could do payment...

City Of Elgin IL / Code of compliances

on Sep 30, 2016

I oned a reantal house in City of Elgin for 10 years. The rental agreement also include to mow the small lawn around the house. Happened this year 2016 with no notice or alert City of Elgin starting to go around and check the lawn to all rental properties. Of course my tenant always mow...

1625 Glendon Ave. Los Angeles CA 90024 / Terrible landlord and apartment building

on Sep 23, 2016

1625 Glendon Ave. Los Angeles CA 90024If you love silverfish crawling all over your apartment and termites laying eggs on your utensils, this apartment is for you! Sharing is caring and that's what you do with your mail along with your neighbor's because the landlord is too cheap to have separate mailboxes for tenant...

Madison Group / Rubs billing

on Sep 20, 2016

While I lived at Madison Park Court Apartments in Womelsdorf Pa I was unfairly billed by this company with respect to utility billing especially the gas bill. During the summer months their bill would supersede that of a gas company billing a customer in a single bedroom townhouse. A...

Kumar / Illegal construction in group housing society flat

on Sep 5, 2016

Dear Sir, Please note that illegal construction is going on in flat no. 44, Milansar Apartments, Sector-14, Rohini, Delhi – 110085. Flat owner is illegally constructing a balcony and further extending it beyond the boundary in blatant violation of the co-operative group housing society law...

Level Office / Office Rental - Unethical Practises

on Jun 10, 2016

Level Office is a complete ripoff. We rented an office from them that was supposed to be for 6 people, it turned out that we could not have more than 4 people... solution, Level Office wanted to double our rent?!?!? Now they are refusing the terminate our lease

Dana G Law / Dana G Law, Unethical, lied about eviction, dishonest

on May 12, 2016

Dana G Law, [protected], 17624 Pl 199th, Woodinville, WA I subleased a space from another tenant. Upon moving in, I was told there was no lease, no contract, just pay the monthly rent. He informed me the owner, Dana Law, was aware of the situation. After staying for about 1 month, I...

Irvine apartment communities / Wrongful eviction regarding payment

on Apr 3, 2016

Leasing office Lied to housing regarding repairs being done mold in bathroom and repairs were not done and housing inspector shows up unannounced he also lied stated it was done. In order for repair to be done I would of had to let the repair in. When asked to speak with inspector who...

Smartstop Self Storage, Toronto, Ontario Canada / Storage Rental Fees - Raised EVERY 8 months! In 2 years I paid $91 INCREASE!

on Feb 6, 2016

SMARTSTOP SELF STORAGE Tel. [protected] 3136 Mavis Road, Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5C 1t9 DO NOT USE! This company tells clients that they 'MAY' raise the rent every 8 to 12 months. The BIG LIE is that they raise it every 8 months! But, they continue to tell all new clients 8-12...

Orchard Apartments and Horizon Registered / Apartment Rental, Landlord, Property management

on Jan 29, 2016

Orchard Apartments aka. horizon registered aka. Anne Perebzak hires non certified techs to repair gas fireplaces. I had a gas leak in my building. TSSA has laid charges over this. Landlord harasses tenants and does not maintain property. Fire department has issues orders that aren't...

William R. King / Rental Homes

on Jan 26, 2016

I was a tenant in Kings house from [protected]. We had set dates of payment. He kept harassing me for early rent threatening eviction. He then kept my security deposit. After further investigation, I found out he is a fraudster from SC who was a teacher and was fired. See William King in Charleston County Index.

Hubb NYC / Unethical Living Conditions

on Jan 12, 2016

After living in New York for 6 years, I encountered the worst management company. The heat in the apartment was not working. The City Housing authority was notified and gave management a citation. I recently moved out and was deducted $500 security with no explanation. Impossible to contact, and disregard their residents.

Courtyard at Cherry Creek Apartments / Identity Theft

on Oct 31, 2015

I first came upon this woman named Heather Noel Nunnelly Rich in 2006 as a tenant in an apartment in Denver, CO. She was managing this apartment at the time. She not only terrorized my family and I for the duration of our stay there, but she also proceeded to steal my identity- using and...

Nancy Chavez Landlord / Warning money hungry slumlord

on Oct 25, 2015

Your deposit you will never get back. The house is falling apart literally leaking roof anything and everything needs repairs.. Broken wibdows and black mold everywhere. . She will demand money before the first and send eviction notice in third even if she agreed to take rent in payment...

Alta Mira Apartments Rip-off / Alta mira apartments rip-off

on Oct 23, 2015

Alta Mira Apartments Ripp-off Horrible community that is breaking the state regulations and laws of Florida. We are still in shock when we received after more then 1 month $480 check instead of our $1.500 security deposit, when we moved out of the Alta Mira Apartments. It is 1st time after...

Old Oak Properties / Bug filled dump

on Oct 23, 2015

i looked at a unit at 605 proudfoot lane in london and seen an apt unit that was absolutely disgusting with rotten carpets, patio doors that would not open, bugs in every cupboard, no smoke detectors, urine all over the floors in bathroom and the manager said that it would all be new when... / Beware and be forewarned

on Oct 1, 2015

Jacobsplace.orgFor anyone who wants to rent at Red Bluff in Las Vegas, it's own by home owners and many are investors. If you are looking, do not rent from this landlord unit 204, 10117 Jacob Place. It is owned by two elderly Jewish couple. WE moved to Las Vegas at the wrong timing and needed a...

No customer service, no refund / no refund on Security Deposit

on Sep 25, 2015

August 28-30, 2015 Property # 909492 Paid in full, $1177.68, $300 security deposit to be returned in 10-30 days, $877.68 rental fee included $130.00 cleaning fee and $49.68 tax, Total Rent due. I had to fill out paperwork the day before my arrival. I had friends coming in from VT/MA/NY I...

Dominion Square Apartments / Bug Infestations

on Sep 16, 2015

I have lived at these apartments for over seven years. I had a lady that lived up under me pass away, she have been dead for at least 5 years. They have never gone in and cleaned that apartment. There are stray dogs and cats that get into this apartment, yet alone what other critters have...

Ms M Land Development / Landlord kept my security deposit

on Aug 26, 2015

I put down a $1050.00 security deposit on a 700 square foot house four years ago. The house had one bedroom and one bath. It was built in 1930 and had no laundry facilities. I was newly divorced and in between jobs. The house wasn't ideal by any means, but the landlord seemed trustworthy and...

Vaughn Cabak / Bad landlord

on Aug 20, 2015

Vaughn CabakThese are the things I experienced renting from this man... 1) if you need any repairs done you will need to file with RTB in order for him to do anything. 2) If you have a mouse problem, prepare to wait almost two months for him to take care of the problem completely 3) Make sure to have...

PROJECT SENTINEL - San Jose Chapter / Rejected Housing Issue

on Aug 18, 2015

I had contacted Project Sentinial back in mid June 2015; after a relative of mine was wrongfully served a 60 day Termination of Lease Notice - "Wrongful Eviction" when called I spoke to a woman who heard my entire case and advised they coukd definitely assist me however she handled the...

Catalyst Property Management / Slum lords

on Aug 12, 2015

Please be wary of renting from these people. they have no problem collecting the rent but will not provide any maintenance issues I spent 3 months with 6 large drums of rotting pigeon crap in my backyard 1 week with a plugged sink in the kitchen tons of roaches 6 foot high weeds in the...

Ohana Resources LLC. / raising rent

on Aug 4, 2015

Ohana Resources LLC.Not fixing complaaints about disabled children @people on fixed incomes.He says he is raising everyones rent .People on fixed incomes can"t afford to live as it is.8-4-2015 as of this date he informed every tennent as to raise in rent.Says he"s had 3 repair men quit on him when complaints have been listed for over a year.

Cooper's Crossing / Service

on Aug 4, 2015

If I could turn back the hands of time, I would! I regret ever moving into this apartment complex. The apartment complex looks nice on the outside, but the inside is unkempt. The advertise that they spent millions of dollars in renovating...THEY LIED! The inside of the apartments exude...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Richard a. Weller does not take care of bedbugs

on Jul 16, 2015

I was living at 2922 West Wells Street in Apt 206 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until 2010.What happened was bedbugs were inside that apartment building and they were biting me on my body and my arm.Richard A.Weller was not taking care of the bedbugs until the exterminator came to my apartment...

Xanady Realty Inc. / Restraint of trade

on Jul 16, 2015

The city of North Miami has privatized it's garbage pick. Starting in May 2015 only WASTE PRO is authorized to pick up and remove trash in the City of North Miami. .I have been advised by Alan Graham, a city of North Miami staff member that it is iWASTE PRO and not the city of...

Anchor of Milwaukee / Do not rent to Craig Z and Richard Weller

on Jul 12, 2015

I was living at 609 North 31st Street in Apt 111 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until Fall 2013, Craig Z evicted me because this girl called the police on me and my wife.What happened was this girl who don't live in the building who was with me, She came over started caused this drama with...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Todd Weller is protecting Richard A.Weller

on Jul 6, 2015

At 2922 West Wells Street and 609 North 31st Street, The owner Richard A.Weller does not run bad apartments and bad properties.He breaks his promises to his tenants in his buildings.His buildings got bedbugs, roaches, bugs, waterbugs, and mice.He don't take care of pests and roofing...

Mullen's Property Rentals / Slumlords

on Jun 11, 2015

I corresponded with Carla and Jack Mullen, via the internet for several months while living in Florida. We had arranged to rent a property off of her, she had told us that the house would be ready for our family of 8 to move into on the weekend of April 4th, 2015. Her website states that...