Landlords Complaints

Midtown Renaissance / landlord charge midtown renaissance oklahoma city

on Apr 10, 2019

I'm posting about a current complaint to the landlord, Midtown Renaissance of Oklahoma City, that I made through the Better Business Bureau. My original complaint is below, followed by the response from Midtown Renaissance of Oklahoma City. In the response, the landlord accused me of...

Joseph Moadeb / rental properties - moadeb’s four malibu properties

on Apr 4, 2019

Joseph Moadeb is a rip off slumlord who has been screwing over people for decades and now he's after his renters. He wants to triple the rent on my North Valley building. Ripping off the entire building isn't where Joseph Moadeb started. He and his partner Sam Jenkala had a scam that...

Ian Whalley Director of Sasun Ltd / discrimination

on Mar 30, 2019

I am absolutely shocked at how Ian Whalley has discriminated my family and I. We viewed Ian's property (14 Oakwood Close, Chistlehurst) with JDM Estate Agents and we loved the property so we instantly put in an offer for the asking price. The next morning we were informed by JDM that Ian...

Skyline Memorial Gardens / price of the land

on Mar 30, 2019

Dear Mr. robert L. Waltrip; This complaint is regarding the dispute of land purchase with Shannan Speicher, General Manager of Skyline Memorial Gardens, 4101 NW Skyline Blvd., Portland, OR 97229. I and my husband had the initial meeting with Shannan Speicher on March 2, 2019. In the...

Shah Alam / co-operation for finding information that been raised out is not there

on Mar 20, 2019

I had been called the HLB Setia Alam regarding of issue that there is 2 cheque that was banked in and it was cleared to the bank statement of my customer by then the cheque number doesn't appear to my company statement (Damai 1516 Homeowners Berhad) and regarding this I had personally...

Zeman Homes / do not rent any homes from this company

on Mar 7, 2019

(Ed Zeman-owner) Zeman Homes, Inc located at 6547 North Avondale Avenue Chicago, IL 60631 owns many communities such as: Blackhawk Estates (DesPlaines, IL), Creek Ridge (Dwight, IL), Rockland (Lake Bluff, IL), Farmington Estates (Park City, IL), Kingsway Estates (Beach Park, IL), Forest View...

Marion Village Trailer Park / return of my deposit check

on Dec 15, 2018

I recently moved out of my trailer that I was renting on November 1st 2018. I was told I was going to be getting my check within 30 days. I then called the office to find out why I had not received my deposit check refund and was told that Brandy had signed off on the check and that it wa...

Shirley Baker aka Shirley Ogelthorpe / unlawful eviction, unfair/inhumane treatment of tenants

on Dec 13, 2018

Shirley Baker aka Shirley Ogelthorpe owns, and rents a residence, (located at 8916 Elm Ave, Orangevale, CA.), that she claims is her beloved childhood home. However, she uses this faux emotional attachment as a way to scam, cheat, bully and control her tenants. She does not abide by the...

Pleasant Living Mobile Home Park / violent criminals living there

on Dec 3, 2018

Pleasant Living Mobile Home ParkMy Mom was looking for an over 55 park for a mobile home she was thinking of buying, and mentioned she was considering Pleasant Living Mobile Home Park in Riverview Florida. I told her to let me check them out first, since I believed my ex girlfriend Eileen Marie Riordan and her ex convict... / springbrook apartments cleveland ohio manager building sabrina white

on Oct 29, 2018

On several occasions my partner and I have stressed that he have bed bugs in his effieciency unit My pregnant girl was saying that she was getting bit up. So the maintenance did a search and said I had a crack in the wall and thats where the bed bugs are coming from. They inspectors came...

AgentOwned Realty / security deposit illegitimately deducted

on Oct 17, 2018

We had a terrible experience renting from AgentOwned Realty and we are doing something about it. Join us @agentownedvictims on Facebook and @agentownedvics on Twitter and coming soon We are gathering individual accounts to potentially demonstrate systematic issue...

Armour Property Management / rentals

on Aug 24, 2018

I wake up to mice each morning, i've told them multiple time that I have bugs and mice coming in to my apartment still they do nothing. Finally they send an exterminator at least I thought she was one till all she did was but some glue on my cupboards and some mice traps... Yet I still have...

Kenwood Landing Fayetteville GA / so now you just ignore me

on Jul 29, 2018

A Month ago now you were given a deposit of 250 dollars on a home a new trailer you have sent me various letters since then but have yet to refund my deposit, witch itself is a pretty simple matter you have not called or contacted me in anyway in regards to the return of my deposit so i...

Mark center “Stoneridge Morgan Property management” / leasing office

on Jul 29, 2018

Dear Morgan Property Top Management Team - I have to knock your door regarding the problem that I have with your office, located at Mark center "Stoneridge Morgan Property management". I tried to solve my problem with them in their level, but they couldn't. Unfortunately, the office failed to...

Oakwood Cove / buying the home I live in.

on Jul 26, 2018

I purchased my home in 2015. It sounded like the best thing for my family. But after I signed the contract the floor fell in the master bedroom. The faucet in the kitchen is leaking needs a new one. I did not expect anything to happen as soon as I the contract. There was no walk through...

David Demarinis / room for rent granada hills ca

on Jul 25, 2018

Room for rent posted on July 23 . Responded threw e mail. Mr David Demarinis email back... SEND PICTURE OF YOURSELF JOB my replay WHO ARE YOU think not I received a nasty threatening call from this man this morning !!! DID NOT GIVE ANY PHONEOUT. TOLD ME HEKNOWS WHERE I LIVE N WORK N WILL...

Kirkham Property Chadderton / kirkham property estate agents / landlords

on Jun 30, 2018

I have never encountered an estate agents that are so rude, threatening and aggressive. They left me and 2 small children fearing for our safety when they left us on the street. They changed the locks, removed our possessions from the home by gving us less than 24 hours notice. We wasn't... / property conditions

on Jun 24, 2018

We have lived in Mission Estates for 2 yrs now. We moved from 1 unit to another 10 months ago. During the walk-through with management numerous items were listed for repair or replacement. 1 item was a dishwasher that had stagnant water and mold growing in it. My wife has respiratory...

Mauzy Properties Lakeville Minnesota / stinky rental

on Jun 19, 2018

WOW where do we start. Very very very long story short, we moved into a home represented by Mauzy Properties that had previously been occupied by a hoarder. The owner of the property did not do a very good job of preparing the home despite it being vacant for about 6 months. Several...

$700.00 Room for Rent Post ID: 6591085121 / severe discrimination in renting

on May 30, 2018

$700.00 Room for Rent Post ID: 6591085121On May 30.2018 at 1:45pm I called Andrea regarding a room for rent. I am retired, elderly, disabled and this woman very angrily told me that she would in no way consider renting to me as I am retired with a constant income Social Security, elderly and disabled because of her past...

Pink Houses Suck / bad condition in home

on May 1, 2018

I have children these floors are cracked we get cut we need paint and plaster for he water from upstairs leaks down the kitchen is horrible from the slop room roaches water bugs from basement it's ridiculous and I know of a few other residents with same to worse conditions. Then to...

Rod Jacobs / rapist landlord

on Apr 24, 2018

There is this sick Negro pervert, by the name of Rod Jacobs, who lives at 520 2nd Avenue, Apartment 27-E, New York NY 10016, whose only claim to fame is that he once used to box 30 years ago. However, this loser is so ugly and dirty, that the only way he can get laid is by placing...

Payments / dstv

on Mar 25, 2018

We had an agreement for R599 pm till the 31 march 2018..End of February they deducted R952.81 from my account i complain about it..they said it was an error on their side they will fix it..on the 23/3/2018 they said i must pay R1682 on the rnd of march..I phone them again then the lady...

NYCHA Wise Towers / boiler pipe

on Mar 16, 2018

I've been suffering with a NON STOP loud screeching vibrating noise throughout my apartment since October 2017. Put in numerous matainence tickets and noise complains. 5 Matainence workers have come and said it was the boiler pipe and there is nothing that can be done. The assistant super...

Arthur T Mott, LLC / rent

on Mar 12, 2018

This place is horrible and the office is rude. I currently have a mice and roach problem. Which I have notified them about. They advised to put the request in writing. I did. No response. The garbages are residential and not commercial bins. Each time I call to request to speak with the...

Yes Communities Misty Winds / management lease agent

on Mar 3, 2018

After the water situation of them shutting off the water and not giving the residents any notice. They haven't done anything to help out the resident especially the ones that own their own homes. They will not even give us a discount on our water bill. This place is all messed up and now...

Ocean Village, Arverne Preservation Housing Company / bad living conditions, hangs of drug dealer on nycha property daily,

on Feb 9, 2018

I am currently living in Far Rockaway Project named Ocean Village new name Arverne View. There is a gang of thieves who watches when you leave for work or go on vacation then they break into you home steal your things Anything in the house you name it as well as your personal Information ...

Mr. Woo / unacceptable postal service - aseana puteri condominium, puchong

on Feb 8, 2018

1) I would like to inform you of unsatisfactory postal mail delivery to Aseana Puteri Condominium, Jalan Puteri 9/1, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong. Our CCTV records show that the last delivery to our condominium was on 9 January 2018. That is the postman last came one month ago!!! This i...

Turner Real Estate / property manager

on Jan 25, 2018

We have been renting a home through Turner Real Estate for 3 years now. Yesterday I received an abusive, condescending and threatening SMS from this company for an alleged overdue water bill - without receiving any water bill or reminder notices. Called and left a voicemail for the property...

NYCHA Queensbridge Houses / stove and gas leak

on Nov 13, 2017

NYCHA Queensbridge HousesI've been complaining since March 2012. Stove was defected. On Jan 2013 I smelled gas called Fire department. They told me don't let NYCHA until they bring a new stove on February 20, 2013. Friend let NYCHA in they put stove back on. That night at 8pm I was lighting incense first time...

Andrew Colburn - 512-769-0269 / unethical behavior. refuses to return the deposit of $300.

on Oct 4, 2017

Nothing in the unit was ever fixed. He advertised cable, not even a cable hook-up available. Promised to paint, never did. NO FIRE ALARM in unit. No receipts were ever given, no lease agreement ever provided. Refused to remove a box of trash outside of door from the previous tenant. I had...

Kunkel Group / maintenance

on Oct 3, 2017

Kunkel Group has some of the worst customer service and maintenance in Evansville. Just to fix a blind, it took three months for the staff to take action. They said they needed to order it. Meanwhile, it's a simple blind available at Home Depot for $15. They left, in a 10 story building...

Northridge Villas / improper management

on Aug 20, 2017

I am tenant at this apartment complex. And I have noticed a lot of improper management. Like for one ☝️. What things get fixed at this place. I tell you nothing!!! And if you pay for a professional to do it your evicted on automatic. Without question. Plus this woman will pay 💰 other...

Tom and Geoff Richardson / bad landlords

on Aug 17, 2017

people should beware of these two brothers, they are good landlords till your lease is up, they then, does everything in their to get you to move, they'll even put bed bugs on your unit, they don't care about their tenants health, In March of 2016 they put bed bugs in our neighbors unit...

MCA Realty, Inc. / adobe acrobat standard 2017

on Aug 9, 2017

I purchased two one time downloads of Adobe Acrobat Standard yesterday afternoon. After speaking with multiple sales representatives, who were rude most of the time, I finally got to the point where I was able to purchase the program for two computers. So, yes, I paid for two. The entire...

Whispering Oaks Mobile Home Community / trailer park / mobile home community

on Jul 14, 2017

Whispering Oaks Mobile Home CommunityThe owner of The trailer park Recently left me a notice on my door to call him which I did when I called him his reply was I hope you were sleeping on your pillow comfortably for the past few years because I'm about to raise your rent Substantially Baron mind my rent was $475 a month He...

Greystar / no follow up to complaints put in

on Jul 11, 2017

GreystarThis company is doing the "least" they can to save a buck. There are so many issues within the company that putting in a complaint is not going to go very far. They will do nothing at all or do as very little as possible. The company is Greystar which owns properties throughout the State...

Ashford Retreat/Radco Properties / scam, ripoff, lies

on Jun 22, 2017

This place is the worse! They have 3 leasing agents but the phones ring off the hook. My daughter has never been able to get through by calling them. Only when they call her. I have been hearing from friends they would've never rented from a radco property. Being that i'm not from ga I had...

Monagram Trust Residential / harassment, intimidation, and discrimination toward low income and disabled residents

on Jun 18, 2017

Ongoing retaliation and intimidating threats toward low income disabled tenant for complaining about noise and other lease violations from a neighbor. Management says my complaints are invalid even though they are well documented and evidenced based (pics, emails, recordings of ongoing...

Fraud by House Owner / owner cheated - water bill - every month

on Jun 10, 2017

Fraud by House OwnerHi, We are staying as tenant in one house paying enough money for rent 12k .There is total 5 tenants + 1 Owner = 6 house in building. Every month sufficient water coming from kaveri around 70000 .If we divide the 70000/(30*6) = 400 per liter/house/day which is coming on calculation. But owner...