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Northridge Villas / improper management

Angela's on Aug 20, 2017
I am tenant at this apartment complex. And I have noticed a lot of improper management. Like for one ☝️. What things get fixed at this place. I tell you nothing!!! And if you pay for a professional to do it your evicted on automatic. Without question. Plus this woman will pay 💰 other...

Waypoint Homes / company doesn't deliver on promises, incredibly poor customer service

M Luv on Aug 17, 2017
I will never again rent from Waypoint Homes!! First, I was promised that an issue would be taken care of before I signed the lease ("we will do everything we can to make it right"), then after I sign the lease lo and behold everyone is giving me the run around. I open a service request...

Tom and Geoff Richardson / bad landlords

Tammy Daley on Aug 17, 2017
people should beware of these two brothers, they are good landlords till your lease is up, they then, does everything in their to get you to move, they'll even put bed bugs on your unit, they don't care about their tenants health, In March of 2016 they put bed bugs in our neighbors unit...

Morgan Properties / ruining my opportunity to rent

Roberta Alexis on Aug 17, 2017
I have contacted Morgan as well as the courts in the county of the apt I used to live in. All bills were paid but Morgan not only has 4 entries on my credit that were dismissed and no eviction but one additional one is not me. I furnished info to the credit bureaus but Morgan refuses to...

Skynet / late delivery & unethical operator and courier guy

amynordin on Aug 14, 2017
238291264105 this is an important documents with due dates which i need it urgently. I am very dissapointed with skynet service. I have been waiting all day yesterday. The status is unclear. Ive tried to call many times your operator. The first one promised to return my call in 10 min...

Yes! Communities / false eviction, discrimination

Lot 507 on Aug 14, 2017
Yes! CommunitiesMy mother is disabled she gets paid on the 3rd of every month so of course we are charged a late fee every month this month we received an eviction notice because our site manager is tired of us being late even though it has been explained to him that we get paid after the first. They...

Coldwell Banker / trapped

KatyHouse on Aug 14, 2017
Mandy trapped us in two steps, 1) High prices. She said my house can be sold for $280K, but it's worth 265-273, so I put the price $273K. 2) Push. She said the price would going down and we signed contract she could put the sign For Sale at once. Mandy has no experience to sell resell...

Personal / monthly billing robbing me

Desivan Kisten on Aug 10, 2017
I have purchased the chegg monthly subscription first on the 26 June 2017, Receiept number : 49230500010549, your service was bad, i achived 50%, AND all the questions was on your website, i tried to cancel but there is no record This month July: I was billed another amount of R200...

MCA Realty, Inc. / adobe acrobat standard 2017

Cynthia Holland on Aug 9, 2017
I purchased two one time downloads of Adobe Acrobat Standard yesterday afternoon. After speaking with multiple sales representatives, who were rude most of the time, I finally got to the point where I was able to purchase the program for two computers. So, yes, I paid for two. The entire...

Waypoint Homes / unfair charges

tracybeth on Jul 19, 2017
We moved into our first Waypoint home in July 2016, the home had a serious flaw with the HVAC system that we were told by several service technicians needed to be replaced. However since Waypoint was not willing to do this we elected to move to a different Waypoint home-brand new...

Whispering Oaks Mobile Home Community / trailer park / mobile home community

Samir Halaoui on Jul 14, 2017
Whispering Oaks Mobile Home CommunityThe owner of The trailer park Recently left me a notice on my door to call him which I did when I called him his reply was I hope you were sleeping on your pillow comfortably for the past few years because I'm about to raise your rent Substantially Baron mind my rent was $475 a month He...

Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. / safety of residency with felony criminals living here who have assaulted a resident

aubry B on Jul 11, 2017
Equity Lifestyle Properties INC (ELS) is allowing felony criminals to live in the meadows mobile home park next door to their victim they have assaulted twice in the past three months and arrested for. The victim is a long time resident of the park and the felony criminals under one...

Greystar / no follow up to complaints put in

Concerned4Real on Jul 11, 2017
GreystarThis company is doing the "least" they can to save a buck. There are so many issues within the company that putting in a complaint is not going to go very far. They will do nothing at all or do as very little as possible. The company is Greystar which owns properties throughout the State...

Waypoint Homes / a/c untimely service

C.Taylor34 on Jul 9, 2017
Waypoint stated emergency a/c service within 24 hrs as it is 90 degrees within the home. They were provided with local vendor willing to do the job at with no overtime price etc. They chose to let us go without in order to use their third party vendors who would not be available for two...

Waypoint Homes / customer service

Rphodge79 on Jul 5, 2017
Today I found out my girlfriend got money orders instead of putting the money in my account. I deposited one money order in the bank and they put a hold on it so I called the office and explained that I was coming back from mississippi and couldn't make it into the office untill 6:20 pm...

Lobos Management Pittsburgh / Landlord of lobos sobol

user1666781 on Jul 1, 2017
Today we got great new from the renters association against landlords they called us to Day on a Saturday, they are helping us out to put an ends to sobols slumlord ways they are going to meet with us Monday first they are talking to the health a zone code department we are like yes !and...

Lobos Reality Pittsburgh PA / being attacked on lobos property and landlord retaliated

user1666781 on Jun 22, 2017
My name is Christine chew I was staying with my husband at the Birmingham apartments in north Versailles, on may 2 2017 I was attacked from behind, because people were leaving the entry way doors propped open because they would let the drug dealers in 24/7 and homeless people would sleep...

Ashford Retreat/Radco Properties / scam, ripoff, lies

O f on Jun 22, 2017
This place is the worse! They have 3 leasing agents but the phones ring off the hook. My daughter has never been able to get through by calling them. Only when they call her. I have been hearing from friends they would've never rented from a radco property. Being that i'm not from ga I had...

Waypoint Homes / rental property

MThorndike on Jun 22, 2017
We were relocated from another state to GA for my husbands job last June and had to rent via the internet. We did have animals and we gladly and promptly paid all deposits and rent including a $750.00 non refundable pet deposit for our three dogs (all kennel trained and kennel kept when no...

Lobos Management Reality Pittsburgh Pa / unfair treatment liability of a slumlord

How a bout it on Jun 21, 2017
Lobos Management Reality Pittsburgh Palobos reality located in Pittsburgh pa ! Before you even think about renting from them read and research.you will be shocked and sickened, sobol of lobos reality is basically a bully, and doesn't take any responsibility for things that happen on his properties, he simply doesn't...
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