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Maisie Maven / flat iron

Diane Tucker on Oct 10, 2017
Maisie MavenI purchased a flat iron with stream it’s useless it doesnt work turn it on and it blinks and that’s it, it also looked used and water was left in the container I don’t want another one the one you sent wasn’t even the one in the video my order number is 80771. You need to return my money asap...

Eskom Holdings / electricity supply

Lotanang on Oct 8, 2017
Hi, I called Eskom customer care this morning at around 09:00 and they gave me a reference number: 217349924. The 4 hours of restoration time elapsed and when I call back again now at around 14:45 they told me that our electricity has been restored and a technician was sent to help us. No...

The Salvation Army USA / not getting help w rental assistance

sherry lynn dillard on Oct 6, 2017
I made 19 trips having to walk to the Salvation Army being disabled just to get all the required paperwork they requested and am Allready behind -2/ months rent as I lost my Section 8 my girls grew up and got jobs b we still qualify f help w one months rent they waited till they saw we got...

Andrew Colburn - 512-769-0269 / unethical behavior. refuses to return the deposit of $300.

Julie Wyatt on Oct 4, 2017
Nothing in the unit was ever fixed. He advertised cable, not even a cable hook-up available. Promised to paint, never did. NO FIRE ALARM in unit. No receipts were ever given, no lease agreement ever provided. Refused to remove a box of trash outside of door from the previous tenant. I had...

Kunkel Group / maintenance

Dtevvrenter on Oct 3, 2017
Kunkel Group has some of the worst customer service and maintenance in Evansville. Just to fix a blind, it took three months for the staff to take action. They said they needed to order it. Meanwhile, it's a simple blind available at Home Depot for $15. They left, in a 10 story building...

Sun Communities / an extra charge for being married.

KJP Kelly on Sep 29, 2017
My wife and I have lived at Town and Country Village in Lisbon, Maine since October 2016. We are being charged an extra $15.00 a month for having an extra resident. Since when is being a spouse considered an extra resident? We have asked the property manager about this and we have not...

Craigslist / misrepresented, improper sexual advances & assault

Roy Smith Jr on Sep 27, 2017
Craigslist Recent post id: 6320104974 Dates: Sept 1, 2017 - present This ad totally misrepresented what is available. The Landlord is looking for a sexual partner. So if you don't fit the bill: expect to be out before the month. Nothing about about our verbal contract has held. He would not...

Waypoint Homes / security deposit thieves

Couchjames on Sep 21, 2017
My name is James, I have a family of 3. I have my fiancé and her (my lol) 13 yr old daughter. Our daughter is disabled and has cerebral palsy. I'm telling you this because the money they stole from me pays for doctor copays, physical therapy, gas, etc. Because of the appointments I'm the only...

Sun Communities / rental unit rules

pennynicolai on Sep 17, 2017
Sun Communities I have submitted another complaint earlier this month. In that complaint, I outlined that I had received a notice on my door for parking on the street that warned that if I ever parked on the street again, I would have my vehicle towed at my expense. So... Why are these individuals allowed to park...

Public Storage / failures of the security protocol to protect tenants' units

Siddhartha Abbazi on Sep 16, 2017
Public StorageI have been a Public Storage tenant in Los Angeles since 2013 with no history of any problems and issues. For the last year, I noticed security vulnerabilities that started to develop in my facility. Parking gates do not work. Anyone could park in Public Storage parking. Tree branche...

NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) / maintenance

Bonnie Rivera on Sep 13, 2017
NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA)My mother lives in Manhattanville Houses at 1470 Amsterdam Avenue and has been requesting new floors, doors, appliances and a paint job for over 5 Years. all requests have been denied stating that everything is fine. The paint is chipped, floor are seriously deteriorated and doors are almost...

Morgan Properties / leasing agreement

Merafe on Sep 9, 2017
Morgan Propertieshello there I've been robbed at gun point in my apartment I really don't feel safe living here anymore. I would like to break my lease. I've called many times, but can't get anyone to answer. The Resident Manager told me that the lease can't be broke. He told me that they can only move me...

Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) / inspection

Eliza brown on Sep 6, 2017
Hello im a current voucher holder and have been on section 8 awhile now. On aug 22nd i called in a complaint because me and my children had no hot water and my hot water tank busted and basement was flooded and i also had a big rat in my basement... The inspector showed up on aug 22 he...

Public Storage / Money owed to me for paying previous months, yet already vacated!

MAD87 on Aug 31, 2017
I paid $188 for 2 months parking space. From 8/11/2017-10/01/2017. $82 set as monthly rent feel. That would make 2 months at $82 plus a $24 admin fee. I vacated today 8/31/2017 to be told my refund for a whole month paid is only going to be $60. Not only am I 100% dissatisfied but I will...

Northridge Villas / improper management

Angela's on Aug 20, 2017
I am tenant at this apartment complex. And I have noticed a lot of improper management. Like for one ☝️. What things get fixed at this place. I tell you nothing!!! And if you pay for a professional to do it your evicted on automatic. Without question. Plus this woman will pay 💰 other...

Waypoint Homes / company doesn't deliver on promises, incredibly poor customer service

M Luv on Aug 17, 2017
I will never again rent from Waypoint Homes!! First, I was promised that an issue would be taken care of before I signed the lease ("we will do everything we can to make it right"), then after I sign the lease lo and behold everyone is giving me the run around. I open a service request...

Tom and Geoff Richardson / bad landlords

Tammy Daley on Aug 17, 2017
people should beware of these two brothers, they are good landlords till your lease is up, they then, does everything in their to get you to move, they'll even put bed bugs on your unit, they don't care about their tenants health, In March of 2016 they put bed bugs in our neighbors unit...

Morgan Properties / ruining my opportunity to rent

Roberta Alexis on Aug 17, 2017
I have contacted Morgan as well as the courts in the county of the apt I used to live in. All bills were paid but Morgan not only has 4 entries on my credit that were dismissed and no eviction but one additional one is not me. I furnished info to the credit bureaus but Morgan refuses to...

Skynet / late delivery & unethical operator and courier guy

amynordin on Aug 14, 2017
238291264105 this is an important documents with due dates which i need it urgently. I am very dissapointed with skynet service. I have been waiting all day yesterday. The status is unclear. Ive tried to call many times your operator. The first one promised to return my call in 10 min...

Yes! Communities / false eviction, discrimination

Lot 507 on Aug 14, 2017
Yes! CommunitiesMy mother is disabled she gets paid on the 3rd of every month so of course we are charged a late fee every month this month we received an eviction notice because our site manager is tired of us being late even though it has been explained to him that we get paid after the first. They...
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