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Telkom / adsl line

Riekus on Apr 25, 2017
We have applies for a adsl line simce 1 April 2017... Every day we need to contact telkom to follow up.on our order... Weve been told the line wasbstolen and needs to be replaced... A technician from meyerton contacted us on the 20th o inform us telkom is lying the cable has not yet been...

Primus / Home phone

MaryAnn Fleury on Apr 24, 2017
I have been on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes and have not yet heard from a live person. I am trying to cancel my mother's home phone as she no longer lives at that address. NoW my phone is out of power and I cannot call back!!! This service is utterly unacceptable. .I am very busy and...

Telkom SA SOC / a new telephone line has been routed over my house to my neighbour's house

donald tullis on Apr 24, 2017
I was not contacted by Telkom as to the acceptance of the route and I would like the line removed - this part of the roof of my house is considered as a deck and the line restricts the use of my roof - in addition it creates a hazard for anyone on the roof for whatever reason. neighbour's address is 89 church street prince albert western cape outh africa

Bell Canada / home phone and internet services

Denese067 on Apr 22, 2017
On April 21, 2017, at 8:00 am I attempted to use my home phone, to my dismay there were no line, I then tried to send an e-mail only to find that the internet was also disabled, next I ask my daughter to use the cell phone to call Bell Canada to report the issues that cell phone just a...

Bell Canada / bundled services-internet, cable tv, & home phone

Casy Steven on Apr 20, 2017
I was approached by Bell sales people and offered a fixed price for all the above services. Having very little confidence on the integrity of typical sales people, I requested a written confirmation of the offer prior to accepting same. All details were emailed to me and I agreed to switch...

Motorola / motorola phone l703m dect 6.0

Fred King on Apr 18, 2017
We purchased this phone in March and set it all up and everything worked OK. We live in a condo complex and people buzz our condo and we press 9 and let them in. That is, until we bought your phone. Unbeknownst to us, it doesn't have the feature that allows us to let people in. Now, we have...

Bell Canada / customer service and billing

Krakle on Apr 18, 2017
Contacted Bell mid-March to close the account for my father, 88 years old, being moved to a retirement home. Date to be closed was April 5, as his condo was being sold... which I told Bell. I also complained about the significant credit (over $400) on his bill because of the dreadful bill...

AT&T / landline service with at&t

bigpreer on Apr 18, 2017
My complaint is about the overall service that I have received from AT&T for my new landline service. My service was originally supposed to be established on 21 MAR 17, it did not happen nor did I get a call or any notification. I called the customer care and they told me that no order wa...

STC / Internet bill

M.Hafeez on Apr 18, 2017
Dear STC Representative, I am complaining about stc billing dept for unfair billing.they stop my internet service last Jan 2017 due to late payment but till now they still continue my bill and I try so many time on your number but no listening.how come like that since that is one way of...

Telkom SA SOC / adsl installation

waqaar on Apr 18, 2017
I applied for an adsl line installation 3 weeks ago, I was told I would receive an sms with the date and time when installation will be done. A week later nothing was received so I went back to the store and I enquired, but was told no application for product was submitted. How...

Oman Telecommunications Company / Omantel / wrong billing

VijaykumarNair on Apr 17, 2017
For my landline 24810432, i requested to disconnect it in January 2017 at the Ruwi high street Omantel outlet. This was because i was shifting to Bausher area. The staff told me that disconnection is done after doing all documentation. Now, in April, i got a bill for the disconencted line for the...

Dubai Etisalat / E-life line cancellation still pending since 1 month

Mounimb on Apr 17, 2017
I am complaining because you are busy more on sales and pushing revenue more than resolved problems and customer satisfaction. The reason am dissatisfied. Since 1 month I called to cancel ELIFE line and till now still pending with a follow up 5 to 6 times and always with the same reply...

Vonage / voip phone service

WallyOK on Apr 17, 2017
Don’t ever do business with this horrible company, ever! When signing up for their business service 9 years ago, they cancelled all my listings in local phone books and said it was “per my request”! What? What company would ever want to cancel it’s phone book listings? That’s when i should...

AT&T Systems, Inc / landline

Sharon Heinz on Apr 14, 2017
Trying to cancel service, first disconnected when I said I wanted to cancel, next rep has me on hold for 23 minutes while he said computer kept logging him out. Really? Surely a communications company can get their computer service working? Or is this some sort of bogus stall tactic? account...

Telkom SA SOC / Landline

Charles Ferreira on Apr 12, 2017
I work from home and have used Telkom for over 30 years, my landline has been dead for 3 months and all i get is illogical explanations, the cables are wet, a technician has been dispatched. I have to keep phoning from my cell phone and wait for up to an halve hour and when i'm lucky to...

Telkom SA SOC / Slow internet download speed

Janie Nel on Apr 11, 2017
Good day, It is great frustration that I send this e-mail to you and hope that this matter is attended to as a matter of great urgency. We are paying for a 4mb line from Telkom and have had a download speed of +/-3.5mb speed up to the end Jan 2017. Since the beginning of Feb 2017 our...

Telkom SA SOC / Landline dead for 27 days

Philipj on Apr 8, 2017
I am aware that there are many people working at Telkom in the various divisions who are only there for the salary. I have had 4 different Fault reference numbers and 7 technicians have been allocated to fix the line over the last month. Some have never pitched up or contacted me. Two guy...

Telkom SA SOC / adsl & phone line quality issues

Mariasp04 on Apr 7, 2017
Good day I reported bad quality of phone calls on the 24th March 2017, Account no 440081800001 I called every day and was told a technician will be assigned to it .No one came threw. I called 48 hrs later and requested an escalation of which I received 971712. A technician eventually...

STC / Fiber plus - adding extra service extra charges without my consent

Hisham AbdelFadil on Apr 6, 2017
It has been about 2 months now since I called to submit my complaint. No one could manage my complaint seeking solution. Additional service was added to my line without my consent and I am getting charged for! I called 10 times to ask for removing the service and removing the added...

Telkom SA SOC / ADSL Installation

Maankoning on Apr 5, 2017
I have been trying to get an ADSL installation from last year October. The first time after waiting 2 months the tech came out, told us his battery for his tester is low and he is just going to get a new one and disappeared. 2 months later i cancelled the order and re-ordered. 5 days later...
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