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Bell Canada / transfer of home phone

Cathy Grant on Nov 21, 2017
My name is Cathy Grant and I am having trouble transferring a home phone from Rosita Hall that lived on 160 Maryknoll Road, Chatham, On. I did a conference call in late October, with me, Rosita and a customer support person. The phone number to be transferred to my name was 519-354-7633. Rosita ha...

Oman Telecommunications Company / Omantel / Home broadband

ayries on Nov 19, 2017
To whom It may concern, I want to complain about my line 24397801. I want to cancel this account and until now it was active and my bill is ongoing. I told them to shift to my new place and nothing happens after 2weeks. I keep going back to omantel center and always say to wait for few...

Etisalat / Fake billing after 4 years

Somy K on Nov 17, 2017
I was living in Sharjah in 2013 and had an Etisalat account there with Elife connection included. In october I received an offer from a company in Al Ain and accepted it. Before moving to Al Ain I went to the Al Nahda (SHARJAH) Etisalat office and made the payments due in my account and...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / No internet service for almost a week

Xammy13 on Nov 17, 2017
We've been calling your main office for immediate action for fixing our internet connection at home but until now we are still waiting for the agent to respond to our request. This is the phone number that keeps on calling your hotline and keeping us waiting that somebody while take a look...

Telkom SA SOC / double billing - ai 2915230

Masechaba on Nov 16, 2017
Good day My prepaid number 0119893352 was double billed as it owed an amount of R416.00 We recharged a R220.00 and R100.00 vouchers and still owe R96.00 I have called customer line 10210 from 26 Oct 2017 and followed up on 7 Nov 2017 but there is still no resolution to my query. I am...

Telkom SA SOC / cancellation request not put through & telkom taken my money

Cheryl Dickens on Nov 15, 2017
Hello I am so upset with receiving a tax invoice from Telkom, after I personally went into their local branch to cancel my services. They are now charging me for services from 24 October to 23 November 2017, but I had already cancelled these services (twice). Documentation of my first...

Telkom / telephone and isdn lines only

Luke Naidoo on Nov 15, 2017
This is a Telkom dispute on 031 266 7447/031 266 5036 I have been billed for a 40gig softcap data package and It Web hosting which I never used for the last 5years of having my phone with them. The adsl was taken over by SAOL for all this time. I disputed it, but no one discusses or talk...

Verizon Communications / verizon fios triple play

Mark32901 on Nov 14, 2017
I currently have Verzion FIOS triple play services. As of last month, some of promised discounts were cancelled which had ended up raising our monthly bill significantly higher. I tried to resolve the issue through customer service rep and their manager, who had very unprofessional with...

Telkom SA SOC / crossed landline

Adrienne Molyneux on Nov 13, 2017
Greetings, I am at a loss to know what else I need to do to get my problem sorted out. Here's the sad story: Round 5th November I started getting calls on my land line (021 785 1647) from all manner of people, calls not rof me. I asked one of them what number they had dialled and noted...

STC / internet faulty.. not working

Muhammad Azeeem on Nov 11, 2017
Dear Sir, Aslam -o- alikum my telephone number 0126071389 is not working today so i dont have any stc sim card for complaint registration for your kind information net is not working after 4:00pm my iqama id is 2212400705 and my contact number is 0592829057 ..i want to quick responce...

Telkom SA SOC / telkom adsl line

Colin Victor on Nov 10, 2017
on 2017-11-09 I lodged a complaint and was issued with a reference no 218 cek 091117. I then again called the call centre on 2017-11-10 to enquire about the progress. I was informed that the complaint had been assigned to a technician. During the afternoon a technician contacted me...

Du / home services

Sheryll123 on Nov 7, 2017
Dear Du Customer Service, Home Services On July 2017 (around 24th but not very sure of the exact date) before my tenancy contract expires i have gone to DU office in Media City to cancel the home services and I have been informed that i can cancel it by calling Du Customer Care / Service...

Charter Communications / false reporting of non-payment

Dan Stanick on Nov 3, 2017
Charter has sent me to collection and it is showing up on my Experion account. The account is an address I have never lived at. I have been at the same address for 27 years. I HAVE NEVER HAD CHARTER! Charter sent the collection to Enhanced Recovery Company reference # 175 539 317 This issue...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / pldt fibr home

Jaejoongorgeous on Nov 3, 2017
July 03 2017// (046) 4841317 // Aiyelle Olarve Bayabay Called last 3rd of July to transfer telephone lines as we are changing homes. Been given a lot of misinformation by your agents, even talked to a manager named Cesar, still the lines weren't connected. We were told that there are no...

Telkom SA SOC / account cancellation

Rigardt on Nov 2, 2017
I submitted cancellation documentation on July 29 2017 for Telkom to cancel my land line account. I have moved out of the house and paying for nothing! This has still not been cancelled and they are subtracting money from my bank account! I have resent my cancellation to their email adre...

Telkom SA SOC / telkom phone line 0119037165

mize2 on Nov 1, 2017
No upload speed for weeks and no phone line: 0119037165- 4 elizabeth road drumblade - I have had no phone line for over a month. I logged a call, then get a response that its been restored, which has not been restored. My ref: 183crk091017 897crk101017 637crk031017 26crk160917...

Telkom SA SOC / telkom customer complaint against the technicians and call centre

Dawid Marx on Oct 31, 2017
I have logged a call for intermittent ADSL problems on the 27th of September 2017 (numerous calls was logged for the same issue in the past and never resolved). An appointment for today was made last week and was confirmed with 3 SMS's, and today I took off from work (I am being paid on an...

Frontier Communications / home phone services

Jdmiller on Oct 31, 2017
Frontier Communications has been unable to provide services to our home residence since June 2017. We have had multiple technicians come out to run new line, check telephone lines, and I even disconnected and tried to get a new line on October 5th (no home phone for 4 months). I wouldn't...

DirecTV / service appointment and they never showed up or called

AT&T is the worst on Oct 28, 2017
I waited 10 1/2 hours today for them to show up and they never did, and they were not courteous enough to call me! This is BS. I also called them today to verify the appointment and I was told someone would definitely be here before 6pm. I have my alarm, telephone, Directv, and land line...

ATT Uverse / installation

S.Toler on Oct 28, 2017
After a technician drilled one hole to drop a wire, my home is left with partial power, damaged appliances and electronics and myself to pay for it all😠. The electric company stated we needed to go after AT&T... 😧 Which I ended up doing..πŸ˜‘ Since the technicians boss stated his employee...
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