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Bharti Airtel / payment

Fenestech on Jul 19, 2017
We are a corporate company. We have broadband connection with Airtel. Though we have made payments every month through cheques, i get repeated calls from airtel saying there is outstanding amount due. For the proof we had to send our bank statements also. They apologized in a mail stating it...

Telkom SA SOC / 011 8221516. uncapped dsl

Bernard Simpson on Jul 17, 2017
On 28th April we received a Telkom line and uncapped DSL as well as a telephone number 011-822-1516. Around 3 days after the receipt of the ADSL Router and login details, the lines in the area were stolen. We waited for around a month and still no services were received. On 20 May 2017 we...

Frontier Communications / billing dispute

jscheidbach on Jul 17, 2017
We have a dispute with Frontier Communications, I spoke with four different reps and none could help. Asked to speak with a Supervisor, got Mary from the Supervisor department (whatever that means) and essentially told her I wanted to pay the bill, I only needed to understand the disputed...

Telkom SA SOC / Fibre upgrade

Harold008 on Jul 17, 2017
Hi Sorry but your e-mail is the only email address that I can find for Telkom. They don't seem to have an e-mail address for complaints, I wonder why? My name is Harold Price.  ID number 4905035171186. I first placed an order to upgrade to fibre optics at the 94.7 cycle expo in  November...

Telkom SA SOC / accounts department

Fiona McInnes on Jul 17, 2017
Account no 446664710001 ADSL account of R79.00 per month Telephone number is 011 463 1519 - this number is in the name of my landlord John D Rowbottom. I have responsibility for the ADSL account, as per the reference above. I paid R7, 900.00 rather than R79.00 over two years ago and have...

Telkom / my telkom page 'not' found

Jennie Quinn on Jul 15, 2017
TelkomIt is with great misery that I have discovered that government run websites such as Passport Applications, Visa Applications and now Telkom do not acknowledge Apple Mac browsers and return the 'Not Found' page. Banking transactions do not work if you are operating on a Mac OS (UK Visa...

Verizon Communications / verizon landline phone

Bob Husband on Jul 14, 2017
On July 13th I called customer service to complain about a buzzing and static on my copper land line. Customer Support replied there would be a repair guy in the area between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. I left the house at 4:15pm on an appointment and when I got back saw on my cell that a service...

Telkom SA SOC / products/customer service

Annessia Govender on Jul 13, 2017
End march 2017 I upgraded my Telkom Close caller Weekend Plan to the Telkom Anytime Plan After the change of plan took place i noticed an additional fee on my Bill called the Close call Catcher, which i was under the impression was my previous plan an when asked the call centre agent i...

Telkom SA SOC / landline / adsl fault not being looked at - fault 727ctk060717

Carol Pretorius on Jul 12, 2017
Good day, I logged a fault last Thursday, when I called in Saturday for an update, they apologized saying it hasn't actually been allocated yet. When I called on Monday they jokingly told me the technician allocated to the fault has too much work and it will be fixed by today lunchtime...

Telkom SA SOC / relocation of landline and restricted internet options

ElaineTB on Jul 12, 2017
I have attempted since 5 June 2017 to apply for a special promotion offered by Telkom and was assured installation will occur 20 June 2017. When enquiring on 21 June 2017 I was told that the product was not available in my area. Upon discussion with the consultant I changed my order for a...

Telkom SA SOC / cancelled service, but are still being charged (telkom)

LouisaHatton on Jul 12, 2017
Good day Re: cancellation of 0436832594 (530096420001) I cancelled these services/number on the 9 may 2016. you guys sent me a confirmation of receipt of that cancellation. Now: I am still being charged by you guys for the above number. (now standing at r2128.12) I have settled the...

Telkom SA SOC / discontinued line / service replacement

Craig Timothy Branford on Jul 12, 2017
My father is a Telkom Pensioner - part of his Retirement package was a Telkom phone, as I understand it he could have taken a cash value for the service or kept the service - which he did for connectivity. 6 months ago Telkom decided to discontinue the line and offer an alternate service...

Etisalat / service / commitment while disconnection

Abhijit GUPTE on Jul 8, 2017
I have applied for disconnection of my landline 065480726 on 8th May, 2017. However due to IT issues the request could not be completed within May, I was informed by Etisalat agents. There has been many calls to & fro during the processing of the request. Up on each follow up call, the tele...

AT and T / at&t order for package bundle service

Royal George on Jul 6, 2017
I ordered a package for TV, Internet & Phone service. In regarding the phone service which included the package, the agent told me that the service included all the overseas international unlimited calls. I did verify back and forth with the agent several times and made sure the phone...

Verizon Communications / landline phone service

David Strong on Jul 6, 2017
For over one year, 1500 feet of my landline phone cable has been laying in the grass on the side of my road. Last week, for the 5th time in that year, a town vehicle has shredded the cable. Once by a snow plow, and 4 times by the town lawn mowing service. I do not blame them, why would...

Telkom SA SOC / I am trying to get a landline installed at home.

Chesnae on Jul 6, 2017
So we are planning on getting internet at home, but we know that the first step in doing so is to get a landline. We (my wife) applied on the 12 April 2017, up until today (06 July 2017) we still do not have a landline installed. So they contacted us and we organised to have someone at...

Telkom SA SOC / adsl

Heidigouws on Jul 4, 2017
Telkom SA SOCWe had an adsl contract and a mobil contract. When the mobile contract expired we cancelled that contract and renewed the adsl contract. Agreeing that the contract was not more than R1000 per month. We paid about R1300/R1400 per month. We missed a payment in March. At which point Telkom...

Telkom SA SOC / internet service change

N.D on Jul 3, 2017
Last week Tuesday (27/06/2017) Telkom was contacted to upgrade my current internet package to uncapped. From the next day (28/06/2017) my internet was down and my new internet package was not changed. I had called Telkom technical department who said that they cannot help and need to speak...

Telkom / harassing phone calls from debt collectors for telkom whilst being debited r500 a month!

Owner Small Business on Jun 30, 2017
Telkom are shocking! I cut my landline because they suspended my service and yet continued to bill me for a service I was not receiving. I owed R1200, and was being debited R500 a month, which is fine with me - i deemed this to be a reasonable repayment on the outstanding amount, and all...

Moviestar / lola your english speaking representative

Mardigras on Jun 29, 2017
I have had no Moviestar internet or TV for a day and a half and phoned to ask for it to be repaired. After waiting more than ten minutes for the phone to be answered, I spoke to Lola, who is almost certainly the rudest person whom I have ever had the misfortune to speak with on the...
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