Landline & Home Phone Providers Complaints


Necc Telecom alias Maple Call / unethical transfer account from necc to maple

on Feb 4, 2019

I called NECC at [protected] and their message system says that "we are out of business, we are sorry" but they don't mention anything about being bought by Maple Call Inc. My invoice is for International Discount Fee of $4.99 and for Operational charge of $2.99. Before any payments request...

C S Orton / no service

on Dec 27, 2018

I phoned Telkom on the 6/12 to report that the wind blew my telkom line ([protected]) off my roof. Promised it will be seen to. Got a reference number 18/1206 995 which I later learned does not exist. I phoned again on the 11/12 and got another reference number 18/12/11 2694 as well as an...

Bell MTS Canada / complaint

on Dec 21, 2018

All my neighbors have bell fiber and bell declines me. I had a service technician come out and said I need a new phone line and he made calls for me to get approved for fiber and got approved for spring. He called me and said if I want it quicker I can pay to make the fiber access under... / interpreting services

on Nov 18, 2018

Stay away from, they are scammers. They'll make you lose business and money. They use google translate to communicate in English. Appalling customer service. They have two different Terms and Conditions pages, in which they state completely different things so that they...

Rupert Gous / telkom fixed line and adsl

on Sep 3, 2018

Rupert GousDear Sir/Madam Re: Wrongly installed new line instead of transfer my wifes line/account into my name. Tried to correct it now for 7 months-- Telkom Account nr [protected] and [protected] Telkom contacted me in December about promotions. I told them over the phone that I have an account...

Neil Levinson Enterprises / customer service billing

on Aug 27, 2018

I am a new customer of Cox. I had my triple package installed in my new smart home. The tech who installed everything told me not to install the modem in the smart panel which I told him that's where is should go. He insisted that it be installed in my office. Later when Amazon came out to...

eXpansive / pathetic service and cancellation of contract. account no [protected]

on Aug 4, 2018

eXpansiveGood day I cancelled my service with Telkom last month out of pure frustration with the pathetic service being received. I have complained for over 15 years about the shocking connectivity I have been experiencing. Little wonder if this is what My Telkom connection looks like. See attached...

Julie Fredericks Trading as Juldav Logistic Solutions Pty Ltd / neighbour telephone line installation - my king palm tree used a s pole

on Jul 22, 2018

Julie Fredericks Trading as Juldav Logistic Solutions Pty LtdI complained about my King Palm tree being used a a pole to install a telephone line tome neighbor across the road. I have removed it informed my neighbor to get Telkom out to plant a pole and not to use my tree. however they used the tree again and cause damage to my property whereby the...

Altice / rude customer rep duane

on Jul 6, 2018

today, 7/6/2018 at 12:45 p.m. tried to get in touch with Altice to return as a customer, my first mistake. Initial call said long wait time we will call you back, which they did 5 minutes later, then I was on hold for 10 minutes after their call back to me ?? after being transferred to 2...

Philippine / phone & internet

on Jul 2, 2018

I had complain abount not having any dialtone & internet since 6/16/18. I've spoken with a couple of reps, supervisor & even a manager who had promised me so many times about bringing a dispatch to our premise. Its been more than 10 days and yet there was still no tech that came. Another...

Orange Mobile Spain / billing for a package deal not provided

on Jun 2, 2018

Orange Mobile SpainElizabeth julie wilks green Las colinas 36 11312 torreguadiaro Cadiz Nie y2729351r Email liz [protected] Billing for a package deal not provided. In october 2017 I signed for a broadband/tv/mobile sim package deal. After chasing the installation of the telephone//broadband...

Tekom / landline

on May 16, 2018

My landline has been out of order since March this year due to lines not operational. (cable theft ?) To date these lines have still not been repaired. I cancelled my contract with Telkom effective 1 may 18. Please be advised that I am not paying for a line/ service that is not...

Frontier Cable / payments

on Apr 9, 2018

The worst cable company ever. They make up their on rules . I had cable service for almost 6 years and one of my promotions was expiring so I call customer service. They entered early termination on me which I did not order and my bill tripled. I called 16 times in 5 weeks time with each...

Golec's Mower Repair / early termination fee

on Apr 5, 2018

I got a call from birch comm. On march 13 th and they told me they can save me money on my phone bill. They never told me that their is a early termination fee of $200.00 I received a bill from my previous carrier and they wanted to charge me $200.00 for early termination. I called birch...

Telkom SA SOC Ltd. / unauthorised debit orders

on Jan 29, 2018

I do not have an account with Telkom SA SOC Ltd. (South Africa) anymore having cancelled my account by email with Telkom on 17/07/2017. The number is inactive. ADSL was cancelled prior to the line cancellation. Telkom still debit my bank account with R200 every month. Their staff can...

AW Van der Walt / landline/adsl

on Jan 26, 2018

My landline is out of order since Tuesday morning. I am getting no joy of the personnel who is supposed to be supportive to see if the problem can be sorted out as soon as possible. Message the whole time is that a technician has not yet been assigned. Why am I paying Telkom if there is no...

Rupert Van Zyl / telkom menlyn shop

on Jan 19, 2018

I am very Frustrated with Telkom's poor service levels! I went into the Menlyn store on the 15th of November 2017 to upgrade a 50Gb LTE (month to month) contract to 100Gb (month to month). The consultant was not properly trained and issued a 100Gb - 2 year contract instead. After...

CTA Logistics / landline & internet not working

on Jan 4, 2018

We laid a complaint about landline & internet not working since last year JUNE 2017, and one of your technician came last November & check the problem and told us he cannot fix the problem as the cables has burnt but till today no one has ever came, I mean its bees 6mnth now...

Kobus Gildenhuys & Associates / out of order landline - lack of technicians to repair line

on Dec 19, 2017

Good Morning I reported a fault on the land line, no dialing tone and cannot receive any calls. This fault was reported on the 6 December 2017. Fault no 143CNK061217. I was told that a technician will be sent out as soon as one is available. I called the call centre again on the 8/12/2017...

Stanley Mashigo / landline

on Dec 13, 2017

Stanley MashigoI am Stanley Mashigo [protected] living at 2652 Thobejane Street, Mapetla Extension, Soweto, P O Chiawelo, 1818. I had a land line from 1986 with the number [protected] and late last year, Telkom brought or changed the system to cordless and we agreed to it not knowing that it will be...

Mrs Avishka Maharaj / technical faults

on Dec 5, 2017

I have reported my home landline [protected]) not working(line is dead) on the 30 October 2017 on REF 2157517 on your automated service I called on the 31st October and the lady said they have the fault and will attend to it, I had called the following week 7 November 2017 and the lady...

MyBurgh / adsl line

on Oct 24, 2017

Hi I have a adsl line wioth telkom but I cant ever use it I have had this line for almost 1 month and im not even geting close to what im paying for. I have a 10 mg line im paying for but im not even getting 2 mgs There servece is just so bad there was like over 10 technicians here my my...

Movistar EspaƱa / landline

on Oct 18, 2017

I moved into my new home end of January 2016 to find no phone or equipment. I organised for a local provider (Connecta3) to supply a landline and broadband connection. Movistar then started sending invoices for landline and handset rental which I queiried. They became insistant that I had...

This Is A Private Residence / telephone repair

on Sep 19, 2017

Tropical Storm Irma knocked out our phone and power on Monday, Sept. 11. Power was restored on Thursday, Sept. 14; phone had not been restored. My mother is 88 yrs.old and we asked for medical extension, it was granted. A tech came to inspect Sat. Sept. 16, dispatcher called on Sun. 17th, said...

Pvt / billing

on Sep 9, 2017

Good day. We initially took out a telkom adsl contract a few years ago. The monthly acc all inclusive was just under R1000. Free telkom to telkom. Uncapped. We then renewed the contract in 2016 and the sales guy said it was exactly the same package for just under R1000 and included ia a...

Centurylink/Direct TV / billing cycle change resulting in overcharging.

on Sep 6, 2017

In July my Centurylink bill went up by $73.60 over its normal amount. I called and was told that it was because they were trying to get the billing cycles to match and that I would receive that amount discounted off my next bill. I asked for a confirmation # for that and received...

Jw horn / ignored cancellation

on Aug 23, 2017

is there anybody out there who can help? to however can help with this problem in january we cancelled out adsl line with telkom. When the stop order was taken off end of january, we contacted the accounts department who said they would reverse the money and stop the stop order. We have...

Jaco Burger / landline

on Aug 4, 2017

A short section (+- 600 mm) of the main underground cable (copper) was stolen 3 weeks ago the night of 13 July. I have reported it the very next day. Fault report no: 12AEK140717 & 117CEK200717. I have followed up numerously, but to no avail. As this is a main cable, many Telkom customer...

Moviestar / lola your english speaking representative

on Jun 29, 2017

I have had no Moviestar internet or TV for a day and a half and phoned to ask for it to be repaired. After waiting more than ten minutes for the phone to be answered, I spoke to Lola, who is almost certainly the rudest person whom I have ever had the misfortune to speak with on the...

Lisa Schiffman - Resident / charges of $161.11

on Jun 21, 2017

Please be advised that our original order did not even include phone. Then, we canceled and reconfirmed the cancellation on 6/19/17 as we decided to go with Fios. This morning we noted these charges and were told by our bank to call ACN DIGITAL to try to find out you the company is and how...

Convergence Communications Jason Bales & Chris Heath California / stole money and didn't do any work

on May 23, 2017

After writing up a lengthy contract for work they refused to come in and do the work and ended up just running off with our deposit and have stolen over $45, 000. This is an incredible scam and I hope you read this before it's too late. Chris Heath was the sales representative and runs thi...

Expert Technology Solutions / Management of alberton city shop

on May 4, 2017

I would like to lay a complaint about your alberton city branch as well as the management. We purchased LTE products on behalf of our clients, firstly it took almost 6 weeks for approval (one excuse after the other ), secondly their after sales is absolutely shocking! We have emailed...

Telecom Namibia / Faulty landline

on Mar 8, 2017

5th of February 2017 -Reported a faulty telephone landline . Ref [protected]. 13th of February 2017 - Logged a call and operator confirmed that ticket has been received but have not yet allocated a technician. 28th of Feb 2017 - Logged a call again and are being told that the technical department...

St John Berchman Primary School / Telkom line. / no phones for 4 weeks

on Mar 2, 2017

Good dayfor the past weeks we have been without a phone line and we have reportted the fault multiple times, but still, reff Dear Customer, This is a progress update from Telkom SA. Fault 246CRK100217 for Service ID [protected]. Your fault is in hand with our technical repair division. Please do...

Anabela De Pntes / [protected]

on Nov 13, 2016

The above telephone line is extremely slow. I've complained on numerous times about it. It works fine when someone comes out to investigate and then we have the same problem all over again. Could someone kindly tell me what seems to be the problem? Plus what are you going to do about it? Could...

His Glory Worship Tabernacle / Telephone line reported faulty but not fixed

on Nov 7, 2016

On the 2nd November 2016 I reported that our telephone line no. [protected] was faulty. I was given a reference number, 381CNK021116. The following day someone called me to say that a technician was coming to fix the problem. No one came but later that day I received a message saying the...

Mrs B Harrison / Telkom line to winterstrand, east london

on Sep 26, 2016

Our Telkom lines have been down since Friday 23 September (and this is often the case over a weekend) and today is Monday 25 September - I lodged a complaint (fault), have been given a Ref number, and a message that says they will fix it within 19 DAYS -- I REPEAT 19 DAYS!!! What kind of...

Asian American Association Telecom Services - California / No dial tone

on Sep 23, 2016

Three days ago my business started getting no dial tone. Our credit card is tied to the phone line so we haven't been able to process any transaction's during this time. I called and asked for a troubleshoot so they promised to send a technician. It's been three days and nobody has come so...

Sunbury B and b / Cancellation calls/emails/forms and porting

on Sep 20, 2016

I requested in April to decrease the 1000biz account to 250 bizz knowing i'm going to iconnect, porting documents completed. not done by June 2016. follow up via calls, emails and cancellation forms, received nothing by 20 July 2016. resubmitted forms, received email from telkom on 5...