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Internet Providers Complaints

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Google Search / unwanted ads that get in the way of my search


Practically every time I institute a search now, something irrelevant to the subject I have my mind on pops up! It discombobbulates my train of thought, and injects anger into my psyche. I am a scholar, and in hot pursuit of ideas to piece together. It is not easy. It is like throwing sand in my...

Cox Communications / my new connection - promised one rate and billed higher rate

saibalaji on Oct 13, 2018

On 10/4, I was chatting with an Cox representative and i was asking about a new connection with Internet and TV, I also mentioned that i cannot afford more than $100. The representative gave me a plan that she/he said will be around $108 including taxes, i asked specifically that is $108...

Hughes Network Systems / internet sevices

Angel Mejias on Oct 13, 2018

2 months ago, I got a service, since beginning the quality of the signal it bad, event a clear sky and disconnected all my equipments from the network and siting next to módem. I been working with there customer support every try out thing on my own to solve, the only alternative they provided...

Suddenlink Communications / installation/service

ginacm on Oct 12, 2018

I had an installation appt for cable to be installed on 10-11-18 between 1-5pm. No one ever showed or called. I had called customer service several times over that time period. One of the calls I was transferred to 7 different people and still could not get a straight answer. Finally got...

Globe Telecom / globe resets all my fresh subscription.


I started to refill my load last hour and use GOTSCOMBO90 and a mix with the 2 SURF1D for downloading, I isolated all my network usage and it was exactly 1.5gb cost on the SURF1D, and no value decreased on the GO Sakto Promo, I am very dissapointed that it resets all the subscription...

Vodafone Group / internet installation

Georgia B on Oct 12, 2018

It's been over 3 weeks! Been constantly on the phone to them for the last two. We signed the contract 24 days ago and they still haven't sent a technician to install the router. Every time we call they say ‘the technician has 48 hours to contact you' well bloody hell its been over 480 hour...

Yahoo! / yahoo rejecting our e-mails

Eugene du Toit on Oct 11, 2018

We urgently ask for permission to receive e-mail messages from IP We are NOT Blacklisted. We need to send messages to our clients at @ Error: "421 4.7.0 [XXX] Messages from x.x.x.x temporarily deferred due to user complaints -" when sending email to...

Hashan Kodituwakku / computer service

VC Varga on Oct 11, 2018

Hashan KodituwakkuAka hashan odituwakku, hashan kodituwakke, hashan kodithuwakku Signing unauthorized contracts, fraud, identity theft, misuse of public funds, conflict of interest. Subject to legal action in ga. May be subject to legal action in other countries including sri lanka, india, panama, and...

Cox Communications / internet service disruptions.

DBHanna on Oct 10, 2018

10-02-2018 @ 3:16pm - modem reset from cox or total line disconnect 10-02-2018 @ 3:18pm - modem reset from cox or total line disconnect 10-02-2018 @ 3:25pm - area outage! 10-03-2018 @ 10:57am - no ping _ no data _ good carrier link 10-03-2018 @ 11:17am - no ping _ no data _ good carrier...

Hughes Network Systems / cancellation fee

Rosanne1061 on Oct 10, 2018

When I signed up it was through a sister company that works with HughesNet. I told the man I live on a fixed income an he found a promotion that would provide me internet and phone for $80 monthly. First month in my bill was $107.48. When I called to complain I was told that was the price...

Windstream Communications / internet

superfrustrated10 on Oct 10, 2018

On 9/19/18 I set up a plan with a windstream rep over the phone to have an installer come set up to 25 mbps of internet in my new place. On 9/26/18 the installer came and set me up for 1.5 mbps of internet. He said something in the computer would need changed and someone would call me to...

Unitel Direct / taking money out of my account without my consent.

Laurent Mauduit on Oct 10, 2018

Hi there, After speaking to a saleswoman at Unitel Direct who offer me a renewal contract (I paid £276 for the first year.) and saw no benefit. I said I wasn't interested so she called me back and said she could do it for £160. I said "no" then she called me back and said my business would...

Changi Recommends / Changi Travel Services / uk europe sim

chinlee on Oct 9, 2018

Purchased sim card from changi recommends. The sim has issue and it is great inconvenience to me as I have no internet access at all. Approached technical support for more than 3 days and the consistent message I got is "we will check and get back to you". After I kept asking for so...

Suddenlink Communications / equipment returned aug 9, 2018. balance still statesi owe for equiptment.

Jessica Hall1968 on Oct 9, 2018

I contacted Suddenlink several times. I have been promised that a supervisor would return my call. As of this day, I Have not received any phone calls from a supervisor. Equipment was returned Aug 9, 2018. Box & label provided by Suddenlink. My tracking # 420569509202394653029720295683. A...

PicMonkey / billing

Mer on Oct 8, 2018

Every April I am billed $107.88 for my membership. Then for the second year I am also billed in October for $50.44. I don't know what the second bill is for but I tried last year to contact you to find out and no one responded. I spent a lot of time trying to track down a PicMonkey phone...

Globe Telecom / globe broadband

Jayson Toledo on Oct 7, 2018

I started the application on 9/23/18 it was from one of the Agent of Globe. I was promised after 2-3 days it will be connected. Verification team called, and the Agent [censored]ed my application they chose the No lock up period 4.5K DP for a fiber ready modem. I chose the 2.5K DP for the Adsl2...

Suddenlink Communications / customer service

Deborah Tucker on Oct 5, 2018

Suddenlink CommunicationsMy remote control died! I called the toll free Suddenlink number, and after 15 minutes, working my way through the menu, I spoke to a rep. She sent me to the local store, where I was given a new remote, and a copy of these instructions. (I've attached a copy - the penny and quarter will...

TOT Public Company Thailand / tot router

johnnyboy39 on Oct 4, 2018

my name john bennett i have on occassions over the last 6 months requested from u a visit by a technician to chech my router which at times will not let me access the internet. also ihave a new phone and i cannott acess the internet from it either as it will not accept my registered phone...

Frontier Communications Corporation / internet

Rhynn Hellrig on Oct 3, 2018

An internet service provider was hooking up our internet service...he was very homophobic, stating that he didn't like "gays in prison"...he continued with "gays are nasty"...I was very offended! The vehicle he drove to my apartment was: #[protected] My account UI is: torinholmes15810 I Know there...

Hughes Network Systems / disconnection and charges

Rosemary McDonald on Oct 3, 2018

on 8/8/18 I contacted Hughes Net to let them know that my internet was not working, I was not able to stream even YouTube and they did some technical support to see if they could fix it; they asked me to try it for a few weeks and call back if there was still an issue. On 9/4 I called back...