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Telkom SA SOC / Landline And Internet

Emilycmn on Feb 28, 2017
I applied for a line, it was installed on the 17 February 2017. Last week Friday on the 24, i was helped with how to connect to my internet. Saturday when in the morning around 8:00 my landline was disconnected and my internet. I spoke with different consultants spending hours on the phone...

Direcpath / Cable/Internet Service

BrittMS on Feb 27, 2017
I moved into a complex serviced solely by DirecPath, mistake #1. Upon speaking with the rep and asking a many questions as possible, my fiance is a sports and tech fanatic, we decided to go with the best available package at the time., 5 months later the company upgraded the cable service...

Amerigas / Unethical behavior/billing information withheld

stefannie on Feb 27, 2017
2/23/17 @ 3:30 p.m. EST I called Amerigas in Fredericksburg, VA and spoke with "Darcy" regarding a gas leak as my tank was empty due to an issue with a faulty gas gauge on a hot water tank. I was given the $173 fee for a representative coming to check for leaks and that I had to purchase a...

Hughesnet / internet services

Leona39 on Feb 27, 2017
Hughesnet has a commercial that says that they can give you internet where ever you are but they couldn't get my internet hooked up where I live without putting the satelite on someone elses property then they wanted to charge me if they had to do that. I used them at a previous addre...

Hughesnet Internet / Satellite internet - data gigs pd for - disappear when log on

GunsNGSDogs on Feb 25, 2017
Living in a rural area with few choices for internet service, i *thought* i researched hughesnet enough that i trusted them. #1 - i never got the installation rebate i was promised (On the phone). #2 - i would get online once a week, only to discover within minutes half of my gigs were...

Frontier Communications / Internet

Michael Bliss on Feb 24, 2017
Yes I set up service for Phone and DSL internet on 02/06/17 as of 02/24/17 I have about 5 total days of internet service every time I speak to Tec support they say that my lines are bad or that they don't know what is wrong. I feel these people are the worse telephone and internet provider...

Hughesnet / Internet

elon humphrey on Feb 24, 2017
I accepted an offer from Hughes Net to switch from exede. I was promised 50 GB for 49.99 first month and then 69.99. Matt at the sales department advised me browsing on facebook, instragram and other social media would not count against my date. I was also advised I could download up to 45...

AT&T / Cable still not buried after over 3 months. One excuse after another!

carolthurber on Feb 24, 2017
Have been waiting over 3 months to have cable buried that AT&T promised to have done in a week. After numerous calls regarding cable needing to be buried for not only safety but aesthetics as well, I've still got this ugly, dangerous cable hanging out on my front lawn. All I get from AT&T...

Globe Telecom / Globe broadband

John Ruel Canoy Potot on Feb 22, 2017
I was trying to ask for an assistance regarding what my bill is and I was placed on hold for 30 minutes (knowing that I am hearing the rep just busy chitchatting with her co-rep) and I ended hearing nothing about what my bill was. The alibi of the representative is that the system i...

AT&T / DSL Service for small business

joosoebang on Feb 21, 2017
I brought my old modem and requested for same kind of service when I moved my store to a new location. The old modem is the one still being used at this location. But AT&T Charged for a new modem which I did not even receive, and increased internet service fee without a notice or my...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / Hacked/stolen account/profile

darryl lane on Feb 21, 2017
My name is Johnny Lane and I have been a POF user since Nov. 2012 I'm contacting you to inform you that my POF account has been stolen and hacked. I am not able to log into my POF account by using my user name and password, and I have been in contact with people that I have met through my...

Telkom SA SOC / Unwanted contract upgrade

DoctorD1 on Feb 20, 2017
Please help sort out my adsl subscription and billing problem! I have been trying to sort out this mess, initiated by telkom, since the beginning of november 2016. The problem is that telkom initiated a 100g softcap contract with dsl faster plus bundle in november – (This was not asked...

Yahoo! / Please don't delete my account..

Dustinick on Feb 18, 2017
Yahoo!As I use my email today, I came to realize that I forgot the password of my account which I personally log-in my to my laptop and my personal iPhone. I fill up this form which requires additional email address to be sent my code which is my alternate account villaester1516@gmail.com. Yahoo...

Globe Telecom / Broadband deceptive and unresponsive customer care

stdiaz on Feb 17, 2017
ON Jan 23 I called 211 to inquire if it was possible to get a static ip broadband connection. I was informed that it was possible and would cost an additional P770 /month I was surprised at the cost but asked them to go ahead and make the change for me. they said it would take 24-48 hours and...

Digi Telecommunications / Broadband account

Jason Koh on Feb 17, 2017
I stopped using and stopped paying for my broadband acc (ac no 1100012151828). When i stopped paying, the broadband service stops too. When i reached my data limit, digi service stops too. Though i have stopped using and paying, Digi continues to bill me. Unbelievable. Though its a postpaid...

TDS Telcom / Internet service and page

Joseph M Cartagena on Feb 13, 2017
Their home site lately had obnoxious ads and some ad program that take control and send you to another page also keep saying your McAffee tds coverage has expired sound very harassing. Ran software virus and web protection looking for problem but some how looks legit. I do not think they...

STC / Receiving low connection speeds for the package I'm paying for.

MHaathim on Feb 13, 2017
I got this 3 months unlimited package from STC which is SR 160/ month and it says i would get internet speeds upto 150 Mb/s but what i am receiving throughout the whole day im getting on speeds less than 1 Mb/s and during the night from 12AM uptil 2AM im receiving speeds upto 20 Mb/s... So...

Globe Telecom / Broadband installation of third party agent and customer service agents

April Celestino on Feb 13, 2017
I called customer service last January 11 to inquire about my bill because it was not sent to my email yet. I asked how much I my bill was and I was suprised with the amount she told me. I was expecting the amount to be around one thousand seven hundred pesos (1199 + 200 for the phone +299...

Windstream Communications / Internet

Tom56 on Feb 11, 2017
For 2 plus years I have had constant problems with my internet service. The phone service has had some issues as well and was actually out for 2 weeks at one point. Numerous (over a dozen) checks in my home by Windstream technicians always indicated the problem as external to my home. I...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / Internet Speed

Ali_0901 on Feb 11, 2017
Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT]DATE: Feb. 11, 2017 TEL. NO: 434-1889 It has been almost two weeks since we are experiencing internet speed issues. We are paying 1299 a month for a 3mbps speed and you guys don't deliver the said speed. It is really annoying and getting into our nerves. I did check the speed using...
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