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Telkom SA SOC / 100 mbit internet fibre connection

Herman001 on May 24, 2017
Hi, I ordered an upgrade from a 40 MBit /sto a 10 MBit /s fibre line on 21 April. Until today the connection does not work properly and the speed is sometimes down to less than 10 MBit/s. I spent at least one week on the phone with Telkom (no joke!), received an invoice for a 40 MBit/s and a...

AT&T / internet, phone, direct tv bundle

bensherb on May 24, 2017
I responded to an offer that was mailed to me, to get Internet, phone and direct tv from AT&T for a fixed rate of $89.99 a month for two years. So far after three billings (2 months) I have not recieved a bill anywhere near the $89.99 I signed up for, one bill was over twice that. I went...

TWC / treatment after closing account

Ron Conrad on May 21, 2017
After closing 0ur TWC account 4/14/17 I received a final bill 4/16/17. I wrote a check 4/20/17 and mailed it a few days later. Shortly thereafter we started getting phone calls from a collection agency. At first I didn't answer, but then received a collection letter dated May 8, 2017...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / new application

Reymond on May 19, 2017
(PLDT Complaint) My wife and I went to PLDT Angeles Branch on May 1st (Luckily they were open even during the holiday), we applied for 20 MBPS Fibr Plan + Cable. We just recently moved to a new apartment and knowing PLDT (before this incident) we decided to switch to more reliable internet...

Telkom / telkom - customer service

Pillay Sandra on May 19, 2017
Good Day, I am writing on behalf of my son JS Devaraj, initially signed a contract for and ADSL line with Telkom on in the beginning of April 2017, he was advised to R700.00 which was done on the 24th April 2017. Since then we have had to follow up all the time with the booking date, the...

Neotel / wireless 2mb uncapped

George van Vuuren on May 19, 2017
My line speed it is currently for the past 2 weeks around 293kbps I have ordered ‘n 2Mb line. I don’t even get a speed close to 1Mb Can you please urgently look into this because this is much slower than I had with ADSL I cannot even send out emails so slow it is on my computer. IF it go on...

Globe Telecom / after sales service

BongR on May 19, 2017
I'm Bong Rubino, Distributor General Manager of Everkeen Mktg., Inc.( an Exclusive Distributor of Alaska Milk Corporation and other FMCG in Negros Island Region). We opened 30 new data plans for our POS( we shifted from Smart to your end) believing that you serve customers well compared...

Afrihost / Line speed problems

Varkbekkie on May 18, 2017
We have been having such horrendous line speeds, we are basically having to connext to mobile date to do anything internet related. This is when we have a prioritized unshaped line... And paying for that service!!! After doing all the possible checks and tests that we could do from our side...

Sun Cellular / sun broadband

alasdon on May 18, 2017
I would like to complain regarding the service of your customer service. Not friendly, not giving me much choices, giving me hard-time and most of all bad service. The first time i called at your customer service is to change my billing address from 1508 world trade exchange bldg. 215 juan...

CenturyLink / service and billing

Michael Franz on May 17, 2017
I have been with CenturyLink for years (9+) because it is offered in a package deal with Directv. My fiance set it up originally and i was not part of that set up. Within our terms, we have been promised way more than what was delivered on. Lower bill, promised with very little delivery;...

Starhub / broadband and mobile data

Cloud Chew on May 16, 2017
My broadband at home show LOS red LED blinking and not working. So all StarHub TV, wifi and phone line are not working. When I call to check, they can't find out the issue (this is very common) and aaid technician will call back to me in 24hours. This is rediculas for customer to wait for...

Hughes Network Systems / hughes net satellite internet

Chris Nace on May 16, 2017
I am an active duty service member supporting a family of four and have followed all instructions from Hughes net regarding the return of equipment. On Sunday, May 14 a payment was processed because Hughes net does not have my equipment which was sent out over a month and a half ago. I...

Hughes Net / internet service

Karla Myrick Fillion on May 16, 2017
I called Hughes Net for home internet. I spoke to a slaesperson named Ike. I explained we were using Verizob Wifi and going through about 60 gigs a month. He assured me that the 8 gigs Hughes would provide was equivalent, because the dish is locked on to the satellite, whereas the mifi had...

Bell Aliant Customer Service / internet

mhutchi on May 15, 2017
Spoke to two of their customer service agents today to see about setting up internet service with them after canceling our previous account which is in my ex's name. The line I contacted both times was the customer retention line. I was laughed at and hung up on by the first rep I wa...

Cox Communications / cox cable incoming email

irad5 on May 15, 2017
I haven't received any email since Wednesday May 10th. As of today, May 15th nothing incoming. Case number: 4620262 My problems began when Cox changed their email application. It's been downhill ever since. Cox is supposed to be a technology company that appears to be clueless when it comes to...

Vodafone and Telefonica / The supply and service

Billpolite on May 15, 2017
I took out a contract with you 31/10/2016 and we have had problems with internet since we have had it when i ring they tell me they are going to ring back with in 15 min which most of the time they never do so i have to ring back, you always send a telefonica tech out first who always say...

Zafar Iqbal / illegal connection issue from my iqama

Zafar714 on May 14, 2017
Dear Sir Good Day Someone issue second internet connection from my Iqama and mobile number without my permission, and bill is coming on my iqama and mobile number . I Already have one STC internet connection before this . Please make inquiry about this it can be a terrorist activity and i...

Windstream Communications / customer service representative impatient and rude

Corey Green on May 12, 2017
Friday 12.May.2017 5:30 p.m. CST I have been trying to resolve issues with my broadband service and have yet to make any progress. I was on hold for the representative to speak to me and when I tried to stop him from repe3ating the same process i went through before contacting them. He...

Frontier Communications / satellite wifi

Rustylucky on May 12, 2017
My satellite wifi stopped working 3 days ago. After >30 min on the phone with tech services, they said it was because there were clouds within 10 miles of my house. When I said cancel my service, the lady said it would cost me $400!!! I had an initial contract 5 years ago. I had no idea it...

Enom / domain name management

Complainant3000 on May 11, 2017
I needed to update the DNS and transfer out. I registered through Google and was directed to eNom. I sent a support email for assistance. 14 days later, I finally got feedback: They pointed me to a URL where I could change the DNS and then pointed me to a separate URL about how to get the...
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