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Internet Providers Complaints

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Suddenlink Communications / Supervisor Frankie Orr

Texasnative13 on Apr 24, 2018
After a conversation with a representative in February, I decided not to cancel my services. For some reason, my Easy Pay was cancelled during that phone call because my March payment was never drafted, thus disconnecting my services today. I called and explained all of this to Suddenlink...

Telkom / no customer service / ineffective interface accounts system

MaryBremner on Apr 24, 2018
Good day After paying my service, my service was none the less disconnected. Every time I called the service centre on 10210 they would tell me that the payment was not reflective, despite that I had sent my proof of payment to 3 different people to one of them 3 times to another of them...

Oman Telecommunications Company / Omantel / cancelled applications without prior notice or information

mylagonzaga on Apr 24, 2018
We have applied for Home broadband service on March 29 having reference # 217805 telephone # 24035164 after 10 days, despite daily follow up on customer service, they have cancelled the application without given reason. On April 11, we have applied for new Home Broadband connection since...

CenturyLink / prior customer for centurylink/directv

ssatterlee on Apr 23, 2018
I first joined CenturyLink with this bundle in 2016, amazing I'm writing a complaint in 2018! I disconnected services prior to the end date, paid the fees and returned equipment promptly. A year goes by and I'm notified by a credit collections agency notifying me of my delinquent account...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Robert Barnett Jr on Apr 21, 2018
I have filed several complaints and will continue to do so. Everytime it rains my internet service goes out. They have been to my house 5 times and said the problem is not here, "It's Upstream". Why keep sending someone to my house when you know the problems upstream. Somewhere something...

Cox Communications / billing

gmhsmstrs on Apr 21, 2018
We have been customers of Cox for more than 30 years. We've become used to the games they play with rates and promotions and learned that we have to call the month before the promo rate expires and threaten to cancel our service to which their reply has always been to offer a "new promotion". I...

Afrihost / afrihost as a whole

Samantha Kruger on Apr 21, 2018
Please note that an immediate payment was made, this morning before 7am. This account was paid via an immediate payment with cost me an extra R45.00, which at the time I was more than happy to pay. However there seems to be a clear lack of skill in the accounts department as well as all...

Vodacom / after sales service

Louis Naude on Apr 20, 2018
I was recently contacted by Vodacom with a offer of a Router device with a 60Gig plan for R309 per month. Vodacom said that it is part of their rewards program since I have been with Vodacom so long. I do have another router with a 20Gig plan for R309 per month but this salesman sold me...

DirecTV / inaccurately increased monthly fees for three years

Shirley M Boyd on Apr 19, 2018
DirecTVMy 83 year old mother has lived in her new, smaller home for three years with directv service. Directv has been charging her for four additional tv hook ups. She only has had three TVs in her new home with basic service. After her new service was established in a much smaller home with only...

Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications / billing concerns

Marvin0302 on Apr 19, 2018
Philippine Long Distance TelecommunicationsIt all started when we first request a transfer of account to have it under my name, they just told us that they'2 weeks later no paper bill is coming and we always pay regularly for that specific time, but without notice we are NOT INFORMED that the account was already transferred. Now we...

Hughes Network Systems / contract??

Walter R on Apr 16, 2018
Hughesnet charges for data you haven't used, but you can't prove it. After 2 months of service (haha), their usage meter said I used 7.8GB of data in a 4 hour period. Since we hadn't watched any TV that day and we only used our IPads sparingly without any updates or downloads, I knew what...

Celcom Axiata Berhad / network failure and bad cs attitude

Yf Yeong on Apr 16, 2018
Celcom Axiata BerhadWhat is this kind of cs you provided to customer I recommend all my friends and family members to support celcom. Now currently your network speed very weak. I make a complaint and aspect ur improvement. U asked me speedtest many times, but u r not believe the results, only know to told me...

Cox Communications / half my words are going out

Eric Noriz on Apr 15, 2018
Not that you even care. Because this happens too much for anyone to assume Cox give a flip about customers. I work from home. I have digital phone service doing customer service from home. it makes it very hard to fix people's technical issues. It happens multiple times a month a week at a...

Suddenlink Communications / internet / service tech fees

Jerry Wilson1 on Apr 13, 2018
I called Suddenlink out to my house for issue with their internet service on 3/16/2018. The tech looked at my equipment and said it may be the modem. I went down to Suddenlink office and picked up one of their modems to rule that out. Then I received a bill for $60 service charge. I am...

Hughes Network Systems / one of many

DMANZ2018 on Apr 13, 2018
I started service Nov. 28th, 2017. I called the sales dept. Previously for information prior to opening the accounts. I was told several things about the services provided, benefits, I could get a residential account, etc. When we opened the acct. I asked about moving the service, because...

CenturyLink / internet

Sarah Pape on Apr 12, 2018
Evening. My account number is 456402523 On March 30th, 2018 I called inquiring about how to switch services to a new location as I plan on moving on Thursday April 19th, 2018. I spoke with a Jasma who got everything set up. To my understanding, my internet services would continue at my...

Suddenlink Communications / failure to mark cable lines in yard. lines cut. had to wait 2 days for an appt.

RooG. on Apr 12, 2018
Your service men did not mark the lines. We had irrigation workers waiting for them to come a second time to correct this. The irrigation people were told they were all set. They still did not mark the lines correctly the second time, and they were cut. I had to leave my house and find wifi...

Telkom SA SOC / devices not received

gony pillay on Apr 12, 2018
my name is gonaseelan pillay, my telkom account number is 336101696. I signed up for the the big deal in telkom which was a 4mb uncapped adsl line, the deal included a free router, LIT box and range extender. installation of the router has been done but I have been waiting 3 months for the...

MWEB / lte

Amanda van Rooyen on Apr 12, 2018
Please note I applied for web LTE service end March 2018. I had second thoughts and send a message to RAM couriers not to deliver the simcard, which they anyway did, on 4 April 2018. On 5 April I informed a staff member at Mweb that I am cancelling the application as it is too extensive...

Afrihost / afrihost lte rain - 0.3mbps download speed

Alan Main on Apr 10, 2018
Speeds went from 30-40mbps down to 0.3 mbps about 3 weeks ago. Lodged support tickets - [#OVI-750-30326]: Afrihost:: Support Request speed. Accessed Whatsapp support, Twitter support, MyBroadband support and called. The result is that nobody responds and Afrihost do not take responsibility...

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