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Internet Providers Complaints

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Bell Canada / internet

Sharon Fuda on Jun 20, 2018

My Account number is 109919680- Sharon Fuda In March 2018- I spoke with a customer service represtative in the Loyalty Department. They offered me unlimited internet at $72.95 minus a 24 month promo credit of $20 for a net cost of $52.95. Order number N93R82L7 Since then I have been...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / internet service

tamanet on Jun 19, 2018

I have been having spotty internet connection since may 1. I have made countless of phone calls through the hotline and people kept blaming it on the undersea cable that was cut. At first I thought okay it wouldn't cause such a big deal. 2 weeks later the issue was becoming worse to the...

Eastlink / senior's unethical practice

Rubycat on Jun 19, 2018

My father had a cell phone with Eastlink until yesterday, June 18th 2018. He was very upset about his service, and a run around that led to him not using his phone but continuing to pay for it month after month. My Dad went to the Eastlink office near his hometown of Berwick, Nova Scotia...

Telus Communications / customer service

TELUSSUCKS2018 on Jun 19, 2018

I have been trying to give you my money for ONE HOUR. The credit card you have on file no longer works, no one sent me an email or mail saying the last payment was declined. I have a new credit card that I am trying to get you to put on file and I have been dealing with it online for 30...

Iway Namibia / general isp issues

Frans Von Solms on Jun 19, 2018

We as a company have been doing business with Iway ( a Telecom Namibia Compan) for years an never had any real complaints. However thing changed about 3 years ago. Thier service went to hell in a handbag. Most of my customers are with them currently. 1. Telecom Mobile are unable to supply...

Bell Canada / internet agreement that bell offered in march 2018 for 12 months but charging double the amount instead

yanina903 on Jun 18, 2018

Bell Canada called in March 2018 and offered another 12 months agreement promotion as the current one we had was supposed to finish in April 2018. Despite sending an email confirmation of the new agreement on March 9, 2018 they started sending higher bills on wrong days. After hours on...

Bell Canada / cancelled internet services and the phone rep didn't finalize the request.

NCG on Jun 17, 2018

Problems originally started in July 2017 when I initially cancelled my tv services. The telephone rep was understanding and I had no problems. However, a month later and I am getting daily phone calls (I blocked the number 4 times after I received over 7 calls in a 12hr period) promoting...

Telkom SA SOC / poor service and charging me for their incompetence

Marcel Hawkins on Jun 17, 2018

This has issue has been around since I received the uncapped line whereby I continuously get disconnected due to poor signal or when downloading updates. This gets worse when there is more than 1 person connected to the network. Also when downloading, the download speed has never gone...

Suddenlink / internet

Jybarra on Jun 16, 2018

We have been having issues with Suddenlink service for years, always having issues with cable, TiVo's and internet. We went to a different company for cable and did away with the TiVo's, we stayed with Suddenlink for the internet, and we've alway had issues, here lately we've been having...

Afrihost / adsl slow speed

Huibrecht on Jun 16, 2018

I have logged calls and did the whatsapp communications where I have a problem my linespeed is very slow. The problem is between my line and the exchanged and Afrihost keep testing the exchanged to their server. I use my line for work and about everything. With a slow line I'm completely...

Aliexpress / I have ordered 10 items

Ree sdn on Jun 16, 2018

I paid for ten items I didn't receive any of my orders and I requested refund and I provided a proof of return feom post office though they banned my account i cant even do an disputes and i cant contact them they are not receiving and emails on their official email i need someone to...

AT&T / at&t sold me 50 mb fiber, but my address only has 25 mb and no fiber

Shamibo25 on Jun 15, 2018

Called at&t regarding 50 mb fiber, was told this was available at my address. Installer came, was at my house for 8 hours and and when he left I was only getting 19mb on a hardwired connection. That night my wireless was not working so I called tech support and was told that my addre...

Afrihost / fibre/internet

Janross on Jun 15, 2018

i have never experienced such poor service in my life. i signed up for fibre and vumatel were never advised that they needed to do an installation. Eventually they came and they were amazing. however i still have no internet. i have spent hours in the phone, send many emails and i still...

Cogeco / nightmare customer service

C.rolando “bad_boo” on Jun 15, 2018

Cogeco has such a terrible customer services. It is a mistake after mistake, I don't know what is their problem, if their employees are not well trained or their system is failing, because it is unbelievable what is happening. We moved from Hamilton (which was fine there) to Georgetown and here...

Suddenlink Communications / customer service representative - danisha

MWCole on Jun 15, 2018

I talked with Danisha regarding cancelling service at an old address. We set up a separate account at a new address so we could work during the move. Danisha said the accounts must be linked in order to cancel the first account because Suddenlink must get paid. We have never failed to pay...

CenturyLink / internet

Melanie Bonnet on Jun 15, 2018

While waiting for my two year contract to be finished, I moved to an area with free Internet. Yeah Google! I had to change my address for billing purposes which I later found out restarted my two year contract. When I called they said they put a note on my account and that I could call on...

Bell Canada / internet installation/new customer

Dtapper on Jun 14, 2018

I had decided to switch from my current internet provided to bell canada on june 6th 2018.. I spoke with someone who went thru all the different packages and services.. Offering me great deals and pricing.. They even offered to take care of the cancellation with my current provider, great!...

Suddenlink Communications / billing/ customer service

William Don Bennett on Jun 13, 2018

I set up a billing account with Suddenlink and they did not draft from my account for three months, so I called and they took the account info again, a few days later my service was suspended. After investigation and service interruption the customer service acted like they didn't make the...

Optimum / internet / tv / phone / unfair charge of reconnecting fee

S_SF on Jun 12, 2018

Optimum increased the fees for Internet/TV/Phone package and my automatic monthly bank payment was short of the increased fee which I am not aware of and didn't change the autopay in my bank. My service got disconnected and reconnected. The fees for that automatic one second...

Cox Communications / internet service

LanceSummers on Jun 12, 2018

This is the third time this week that my internet (thought not completely down) is degraded to the point that I can not do much with it (Like play a game). First time, Internet kept dropping. Took about two hours to fix. Second time, Internet just went out. Took yet another hour or so for...