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PopTelecom / Keep yourself away from this awful business

David Cliff on Sep 22, 2017
Terribly slooooowwwwww. If the wind blows the internet stops and connecting takes hours and years of waiting. Plus I pay unknown additional fees every month. Your customer service department is a complete mess. They are not helpful and probably simply have no idea where they work. Never...

Suddenlink Communications / "high speed" internet

Pabonluis21 on Sep 20, 2017
Two weeks ago, I had a technician come out to investigate slow speeds. He did absolutely nothing and stated he would create a work order because the signal coming off the street was too strong. He never did so here I am two weeks later, still paying for 400MBPS and receiving 30-170MBPS...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / customer service negligence and misinformation

Glaiza03 on Sep 20, 2017
1st week of September, I went to PLDT office in Lapaz and I am about to pay my bill. The guy said that I have to settle my outstanding balance and I have to pay the PTF (Pre-Termination Fee)of around 5, 000. so all in all I need to settle 8000+ to reconnect the service. I went home since...

Cox Communications / internet

aftershock14520 on Sep 19, 2017
My mother has been without her internet for nearly two weeks after a Cox Technician worked on the pole outside and did something on the side of the house. She actually paid her bill in advanced, and she had called to Cox Cable to receive support for this issue and they ultimately hung up...

Cablevision / Optimum / without internet service for six days due to your mistake.

Victor Weigner on Sep 18, 2017
This past Tuesday September 11, 2017 I came home from work to find out that I have no Internet . I called your 800 number and I entered my information and the recording told me that my account was not paid the this month. Through your system a while ago I had set up "Auto Pay" to make sure...

Cincinnati Bell / service and billings

Ikmk on Sep 18, 2017
Their system sucks, technical support sucks, and billing sucks. Thier system never stays on, restart alot in a day. Called tech support, they don't do anything but reset on their end. They decide to do something about THEIR ISSUE when you make a public complaint. Suddenly they can send...

Quickfilmz / unauthorized credit card charges

Athena1949 on Sep 18, 2017
I have been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes for the past 21 months. I am finally able to go over my bills from that time in detail, and have found, to my utter surprise and fury, that my credit card has been charged MONTHLY for a membership in Quickfilmz that I never authorized...

Nuvella Anti-Aging Serum - Singapore / unauthorized credit charges.

phyllis williamd on Sep 18, 2017
I signed up for a free sample of the product (which was sent to me), there was no suggestion of ongoing products being sent to me. To make a long story short, I have been charged for 2 lots of products totally $250 AUD from my credit card on the same day. I didn't agree to purchase any...

MWEB.co.za / fibre line speed

Monica Crystal on Sep 17, 2017
My account number is 10754649. I have been a client with Mweb for many years. I used to have an ADSL line through Telkom and Mweb was my ISP. Because of the Telkom line my speed was poor and it was not possible to upgrade so when fibre was installed in out area I was over the moon. There...

Cox Communications / cox driver

Stephanie Clements on Sep 15, 2017
I live In Las Vegas. I witnessed a cox driver in the downtown area in a cox vehicle . He was buying drugs . His truck number was 91139! I was repulsed by this image ! He had on a green shirt with the business logo on it . I was walking into a restaurant this morning when I physically saw...

Service Electric Cable TV & Communications / digital tuner spoiling tv, throttling, sniffing & blocking router

Baligeya Mwandha on Sep 15, 2017
Service Electric Cable TV & Communications requires customers to rent digital tuners in order to watch cable TV for $2.95 per TV set. However these digital tuners are spoiling TVs. When you turn on the TV it goes blank first, then makes weird noise, then goes out and on several times with...

Telus Communications / customer service

Jeremy Kosowan on Sep 14, 2017
Good day My names jeremy kosowan This was my first day ever as a telus customer and i am not impressed My window for getting my Internet and tv set up was 9-11 am Wen Sept 13 i got 2 phone calls and texts messages to remind me At 1250 i got the first call form the installer he was gonna be...

Telkom SA SOC / unlimited internet - failure to respond to complaint lodged

Gorries on Sep 14, 2017
Telkom SA SOCTo whom it may concern, On the 11th of May 2017, I visited the Telkom Irene Mall branch after reviewing a special Telkom had, on a flyer. The special said R899 per month, unlimited internet, 100mb/s including 5500Gig free movie streaming per month. The consultant who assisted me went by...

Cablevision / Optimum / not service oriented

frank lynch on Sep 13, 2017
Today 9/13/17 I was suppose to have my cable installed between 11 and 2. At 2:10 I called and after a short wait I was told it would be between 2:45 and 4 before the installer would arrive. Question why no call from the company. I did get 3 calls at night a week before confirming the date...

Hughes Network Systems / relocation service and unethical customer service

MrRickW on Sep 13, 2017
Set up transfer of service from Texas to Nebraska. Was told didn't need to move old equipment because it was outdated and new Gen 5 equipment would be installed. Set up the move and new install date. Hughes failed to install on scheduled date. Called to cancel service. They offered $200...

Yahoo! / yahoo account

tamialua on Sep 13, 2017
Ok, so i've had this yahoo account (huntress714@yahoo.com) for years. I didn't really use the account unless I really needed to, so one day I log into the account and it says we can't recover your account, I've had the same password for this account, I've never changed it and the email for...

Celcom Axiata Berhad / no internet service

The Travelling Professor on Sep 13, 2017
Where has my Celcom Internet run off to? My Celcom internet is so fast; it has run away from me. Now, I have no more internet. Perhaps this joke is hitting below the belt, but I am frustrated with Celcom. I signed up for the internet in October 2015. I signed up for the RM85 post-paid, but I...

Windstream Communications / high speed internet

A Agrawal on Sep 12, 2017
I got a flyer from Windstream for 100MBPS Internet for $39.99/month. The Flyer stated "No Additional fees". I called Windstream and asked if I have to buy a modem or if there was a rental fees and I was told by the sales rep that there was none. I placed online order and received email...

Suddenlink Communications / internet service

Antonio Whiteside on Sep 12, 2017
My name Antonio Whiteside and i just got a lawyer today suing suddenlink for over billing anyway i only had service for only 5 months and i done made 4 payments and plus for bout half them months i didn't have any services cause the services was mess up anyway i have proof so am suing...

Comcast Business Services / contract cancellation

brrobert on Sep 11, 2017
The sales person that sold me the business contract for internet, phone and TV for my small business did not cover the financial consequences of an early termination. On their work order, despite a lot of room to do so, they choose not to put their outrageous early termination charges on...
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