Internet Providers Complaints


SIM Swop / sim swap still not done

on Apr 4, 2019

I went to the vodashop at Table Bay mall on Saturday morning to do a sim swop for a broadband sim card they tried twice to do it and it would not work, they called customer care and they said that they would do it for me and it would be active on Tuesday, by Tuesday nothing had happened...

You Broadband India / broadband

on Jan 18, 2019

I was using vodafone YOU broadband for 5-6 days, then suddenly it stopped working and internet was stopped, I complained to vodafone service center and they said their technician will be reach me till 6:30pm that day but nobody came then I called them and they said our working hour...

True Marketing FZE - Vendor Code No. 110001872 / mails sent by us is not being received by the team we coordinate with for our orders

on Nov 27, 2018

Dear Sir, Kindly note that we are the suppliers to ACE HARDWARE from the year 2004. Our Vendor code number is [protected]. Please note that we have two mail ids, namely [protected] & [protected] Since the past 2 months please note that whenever we are sending the mails from the...

Middelburg / internet adsl line

on Nov 19, 2018

Since I started my contract with telkom I had problems with the speed of the internetline, lots of times it was completely off. I reset it several times but never came right. On the 14th of november lightning struked the telkom line, phoning then they said that the router was not covered...

Durban Global / cheating money and fraud business

on Oct 22, 2018

I am revolting against the ill practices followed by mr mallikarjun patil of durga global chain of companies (as he boastful calls it himself) he a fraud man with all fraud things with him. He cheat people in name of giving big returns for investments. He stolen my money and ran away to...

Hashan Kodituwakku / computer service

on Oct 11, 2018

Hashan KodituwakkuAka hashan odituwakku, hashan kodituwakke, hashan kodithuwakku Signing unauthorized contracts, fraud, identity theft, misuse of public funds, conflict of interest. Subject to legal action in ga. May be subject to legal action in other countries including sri lanka, india, panama, and...

Bear Country Carving and Painting / telephone, internet service. double billing

on Sep 17, 2018

I have been keeping my bills from Shaw up to date as agreed. Now suddenly even after I paid in full the monthly fee, they are now saying I owe them over $200. And they want $90 right now. I tried calling them over this and am not getting any answers and they insist on double billing me...

Canadia / customer service

on Sep 4, 2018

Product is fine but the customer service over the phone was rude, condescending and patronizing. I called in to follow the steps to set up the modem but the customer service representative, after repeating the same steps several times over the phone even though I had already done it, hung...

Dreamteam Technologies / college erp - :literom

on Sep 4, 2018

There are different type of tasks in a university related to information and data like - student data processing and making it accessible to different levels of management with the proper security constraints. Doing it manually definitely increases your headache and also the time and cost...

Boris Komissarchik / internet service

on Aug 21, 2018

CenturyLink account #[protected] Boris Komissarchik We called CenturyLink Customer Service to disconnect internet service on 7/20/2018 At that time person from Customer Service accepted our request and told that service will be disconnected from 7/21/2018. We got comcast service...

internet service not working for 10 days now / internet service 10meg fibre

on Aug 14, 2018

Fault 41cnk050818 reported in 05/8/18 today 14/8 still no response or ack of fault. No internet for 10 days now. 2nd complaint. i applied for a ne 36 month 40 meg fibre service in my name D. Naidoo but my wife existing 10meg ADSL service was migrated to fibre ever since we had many many...

Optimum (Altice) / service

on Aug 10, 2018

Service outage. They keep blaming the power company. Power was restored 18 hours ago. All chats go to "Virtual Chat" only and they never give you access to a person. All calls go to "Call Bot" and they say that due to the volume of calls, they cannot transfer you to a representative. AND...

Viasat Internet / internet

on Aug 5, 2018

Direct tv talked me into bundling my package by adding internet using via sat internet. I have scheduled them 3 times to instal internet and all 3 times nobody showed up. I am done wasting my time on dealing with them. Next time you recommend someone make sure they show up. Very unhappy customer. Just about ready to do away with all of it . Shane Seneff / reward of $1000 amazon gift card

on Aug 4, 2018

Your company interrupted me online, said I was eligible for a free reward card, 1000$ Amazon Gift card, I answered your 3 trivia questions correctly, then you sent me to submit your survey, then you sent me to offers page, I completed all offers that you said that I HAD to purchase, these...

3BB / installation and service of fiber

on Jul 15, 2018

I find it odd that a company is allowed to showed such open discrimination against a segment of the population in Thailand. As a person that is in the country on a valid work permit, pay taxes as well, is not afforded the same service as the locals are. And only by this company I may add...

Vladimir Todorovic / lost rolex watch

on Jul 15, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, My family and I used the services of your hotel In Herceg Novi in Montenegro. We were "daily guests" for 7 days with paid allinclusive services. Three days ago, I lost the Rolex watcg there, and asked the security to look at the video surveillance on Thuersday 12th from...

yahoo/oath / email

on Jul 8, 2018

why as a condition of further use of my email must i agree to vast intrusions on my privacy? and i don't get to not agree; i must agree to access the email. why not just change the conditions of service, tell the customers and go from there? to be asked to agree to maltreatment is twice... / amazon

on Jul 6, 2018

Someone took $56.96 out of my card. On 07/03/2018. Am trying to find out what is going on with it I just called and they said they will investigate it and let me know. I was to come to this website and guess file another depute I guess my card number is [protected] if you are able to...

341586 Isola, Viequez Puerto Rico / review written

on Jun 28, 2018

I wrote a review on 6-24-18 about my experience about this property. I rewrote the review, there wasn't any second hand info but it was not posted. I looked on your website and the property owner changed the info that described her place. I feel as though the owner is protected but not the...

Telekom Malaysia Berhad / internet barred & bill was charging and harassment call from collector

on May 31, 2018

Made many complains to telekom for the streamyx service which was barred & already told them the service was bad & not intend to continue. They still bill for service which was not provide for 1/2 year. For more than 10 years, they are still sending the collector to call for the payment... / internet bell fibe tv

on May 23, 2018

I wanted to set up payments told not eligible wasn't even given one chance to do so i'm forced out of my contract and am being charged the150 early termination fee [censored] you paying absolutely nothing tearing up every bill let it go to collections im on disability you...

DSL Extreme / overall incompetence and lack of support

on May 4, 2018

I've been a customer of this company's for over 15 years, and until recently I've been for the most part entirely satisfied. Recently however I've been encountering radically degraded service often marked by repeated unkept promises to call back or to fix. (The promises to call back are...

Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications / billing concerns

on Apr 19, 2018

Philippine Long Distance TelecommunicationsIt all started when we first request a transfer of account to have it under my name, they just told us that they'2 weeks later no paper bill is coming and we always pay regularly for that specific time, but without notice we are NOT INFORMED that the account was already transferred. Now we...

Bumba Windows and Doors Inc / internet service and customer service

on Apr 9, 2018

Don't get hughes net!!! internet installed march 28, 2018. We started calling with internet connection problems march 29, 2018. Internet not working, can't use printer. We had a tech come to office to tell us the router was installed too far from the office (75 feet) that should have been...

TopBuzz / creators' program

on Mar 19, 2018

TopBuzzWarning! TopBuzz will ban your account on the day of payout! Don't even think about posting on topbuzz, or you will suffer great loss. You work hard for a whole month, spending a lot of your time. Finally you reach 100 USD, the threshold for withdrawl. And on the very day of...

Rude Customer Service / agent and supervisor

on Mar 10, 2018

Hi, I was given false information by your staff in pldt office san pedro branch. The frontline officer said that it will only took a maximum of 48 hours to reconnect my service but as per your email support whose name is athena it will be 6 working days. This afternoon I contacted the...

Wish Online Sales / miss representation of products defective products upon arrival unable to return without allowing full access to file

on Mar 5, 2018

I've got four products that I've been trying to return for almost a month it appears that they're stretching out the time so that the 30 day allowance will have elapsed therefore not allowing me to return it I follow their instructions and at some point in the instructions it needs a photo...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company / dsl/internet service

on Mar 1, 2018

Family has been a long time PLDT Consumer and even from the start they have had problems with their internet services, no idea if it's intentional or not but we do not get nearly as much internet speed as we are paying for. And lately, there have been occurrences where the internet...

Andrew Bird / dna sample

on Jan 27, 2018

My DNA kit number was activated 3 weeks ago on 6th January 2018 and is MH-A35S7G. My client number is [protected]. I am writing as it is 3 weeks since I sent my DNA sample and as yet according to your records it still has not arrived. I emailed you with regarding this matter on 19th January... / frontier media com accused of bait and switch ads & manipulation

on Jan 18, 2018

Responding to an ad from Frontier Media Internet provider, they just happen to be the new Internet Co. in my small town, I checked out the Internet deal they sent me. After calling their number, the operator told me that I would get a reasonable monthly rate for Internet (about $49), which...

Latina Hula Girls / 5gb data for a hot spot and product care plan recommended by walmart employee

on Jan 9, 2018

Latina Hula GirlsWe purchased the Hotspot a product care plan and NEEDS a 50. 5gb of data. Everything was refunded immediately to Wal-Mart but the data card. we do not have a straight talk anything. So Mark in legal made a report to check that we did in fact return it because it wouldn't work at all!! When...

No Company / I keep getting some pop up after every chat ends

on Jan 8, 2018

So when I go to end a chat and switch to a new one, I keep getting some captcha or something like that where you type two words. Its making me really upset and frustrated that this keeps happening. I tried refreshing the browser and restarting the laptop but it wont change! If you can... / fraud company! ask for 100 euros after 5 months for a prepaid simcard

on Dec 25, 2017

I would give lower if possible. This is absolutely a false company and just try to steal money from its costumer. I had a prepaid sim card. And I could not made any call even for 1 second without having credit in my phone. Now that I an no longer living in spain for more that 5 months. I...