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Internet Providers Complaints

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CenturyLink / internet service, customer service

bstump on Dec 17, 2018

set up service on 10/26/18. everything was fine for a month, then they disconnected me. No reason was given. I called and spent two hours on the phone talking with multiple people. They transferred me at least 7-8 times, different customer service people said they could not help me or...

Comcast / Xfinity / 1st time customer who ordered self help kit

Ronald Orencia on Dec 14, 2018

I ordered Xfinity service with the self help kit package..when I was setting up, followed the instructions with no problem..turned the gateway light was off..called the 1800 and I was told that a technician should check the wirings in the house because the last time that an...

Suddenlink Communications / cable, internet

Debbie Hyde on Dec 13, 2018

November 12, 2018 On October 13 my internet service was not working, I called to report and was scheduled an appointment. Today on November 12, 2018 I am still without internet service. I have had 3 visits from techs and 2 appointments that were made and the tech never showed up. Today I am...

Cox Communications / internet

chrislxr on Dec 12, 2018

Chrislxr Today at 20:20 Currently the internet charges for my account total at $109.98 per month. 100mb download speed, modem rental and unlimited data. The EXACT same service from Spectrum ( a few miles from my service address) the EXACT same services cost a total of $44.99. Next year when...

DuckDuckGo / private mode

pat dartnell on Dec 8, 2018

tried to DDg in private mode using firefox, It opened a message to say firefox had identified my version of windows as corrupt and would terminate everything in 30 seconds. It took me three days to sort out a similar crash last week. Have you been hacked or is my widows really corruped ...

WLY Complete Savings / saving

Aladar120825 on Dec 4, 2018

Hi I have the problem, I have never used your services, I did not agree you take money from my account! Please refund my money you have been stolen, thanks! I never been Sign-Up for Any saving service 1 year ago they taking my money for notingh and If im not getting 150£ tefumd i w'll Go...

Suddenlink Communications / alert: discontinuation of ebill services through all banking institutions

concerned cusumer on Dec 3, 2018

As of 10/1/2018 Suddenlink discontinued ebill services through ALL banking institutions. No notice was sent to the Suddenlink customer to alert that their bank will no longer be capable of receiving ebills on their behalf. For those like me, my account went into arrears, service was discontinued and...

Optimum / technical support for cable/ wifi

Cydswain on Dec 2, 2018

I have had to schedule an appointment for service multiple times. Each time I schedule one with a time that gives them 2 hours to show up. Like 2-5pm. Each time they do not show up till 8 pm. With no phone call saying that that is the new ETA. If I am not at my house at the time they...

Tata Docomo / sim puk process

tribhuvanparkash dabral on Nov 28, 2018

The website provides no clear instructions to get puk code for a tata docomo sim.They ask us to call 121 (customer care) and then get puk.When i calll customer care i am given numerous options but none to get puk.I need it urgently to unlock a phone so pls guide me through the process.Keep in mind that the phone with the sim does not have internet.

Rogers Communications / internet increased pricing

D. O'Brien on Nov 27, 2018

Over the pas 9 months my combined bill for internet and TV has increased 33%. I reviewing the details I see that a discount that was promised to me when I set up with Rogers has been removed. In calling to inquire I was told that it was simply that rates have increased. Being on a fixed...

True Marketing FZE - Vendor Code No. 110001872 / mails sent by us is not being received by the team we coordinate with for our orders

priyabinu on Nov 27, 2018

Dear Sir, Kindly note that we are the suppliers to ACE HARDWARE from the year 2004. Our Vendor code number is [protected]. Please note that we have two mail ids, namely & Since the past 2 months please note that whenever we are sending the mails from the... / mweb fibre cancellation

Chris Rypstra on Nov 26, 2018

Despite listing their website as a option for fibre cancellation this is not the case and noo such option exists under My Products. On attempting to call their cancellation department you are left on hold until you decide to give up. This is particularly thought provoking given that other... / printerpix

nlf on Nov 24, 2018

i ordered a blanket and i have not used voucher - when i hit view voucher i then selected "redeem" because i thought i was redeeming the voucher - i did not get the voucher code and now i am receiving message that i used the voucher - i have not used the voucher and need a new one - what...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / slow internet connection

Ma. Chielo Sonbsie on Nov 23, 2018

Hello - For the past 2 months, our internet connected has slowed down. This means some of my family members can no longer work at home since they cannot perform/accept calls. We have raised this to PLDT Mandaue and the rep mentioned that nothing is wrong with our internet connection. If...

Telkom SA SOC / billing

Telusha on Nov 22, 2018

We were told.that Telkom was doing a free upgrade from a 2mb line to a 4mb line so we went to the phoenix branch and the lady attending to us confirmed that it was a promotion running and we would not be charged extra for it so we agreed. What she didnt tell us was that she was creating a...

Jasper52 / die-cast car models

Richard Rosenfeldt on Nov 21, 2018

This concerns the purchase of two vehicles listed oil invoice # 2473917. That invoice covers the following; Lot# 0015 Vitesse Buick Special and Lot # 0006 Solido Packard vehicle The problem is that I received a product # 0006 I didn't order which was a regular Packard, not a military one...

Hughes Network Systems / hughes internet service/ lack of!

jon bishop jones on Nov 20, 2018

Hughes Network SystemsI've had HughesNet Internet Services this year starting at $60 per month. The service lasted for the first week of every month. Or about 4 days. Then no service! They continued to ask for more money. My payments have grown, month after month to $130 . The customer service rep was so rude he...

AliExpress / issues with juejue toy shop store: order number [protected]

Ann_2018 on Nov 20, 2018

AliExpressIssues with JueJue Toyshop Store: order number [protected] I ordered three products from JueJue Toy store. There were products this store did not have. They found the products I wanted and agreed the total...

Middelburg / internet adsl line

Andredagmeiring on Nov 19, 2018

Since I started my contract with telkom I had problems with the speed of the internetline, lots of times it was completely off. I reset it several times but never came right. On the 14th of november lightning struked the telkom line, phoning then they said that the router was not covered...

Telkom SA SOC / accounts not being canceled on request and still being billed

Marius212 on Nov 19, 2018

Hi i have requested form my telkom cellphone account to be canceled end of Aug if i remember correctly cause of my contract was due for upgrade so i gave my mounths notice and let then deduct money the mounth after for the notice all good and well come this end of the mounth they deducted...