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International Calling Cards Complaints

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World Sim / world sim card

Dominic Renshaw on May 31, 2018

Dreadful, try ringing them before even looking at this. I was n Tibet for 2 months and the only network was Cmcc, unicom does not exist in Tibet. The only data was 2G which was useless, even after 6 times of trying to get it resolved nothing. Steer clear there customer service is very bad...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / billing issues

Jacqui Potgieter on May 31, 2018

Our customer number is 39610557. We just recently migrated to an Explorer 2A. This is when all the crap started. Every single month we are being billed for ShowMax when we are Premium subscribers. We have made many phone calls and even put it on Nobody seems to know how to...

GlobalHello / unethical behaviour

Himanshu Gupta NZ on Apr 16, 2018

GlobalHelloHi, I had a balance of more than $100 in my account. A lady called from the office and she was forcing me to recharge the account and threatened me if I do not recharge, she will deduct all my balance, which she did. If I have put $100 hard earned money in my account who is she to just...

Telefonica Latina Telecommunications / customer service support

Paraque on Apr 5, 2018

This company has the worst customer and billing service. Bills are NEVER accurate, so, half of the time service is not provided based on wrong charges and, calling for assistance or clarification of services and bills is a complete nightmare: if you are lucky and get someone to answer...

Raza Communications / connectivity problem

Bhaarat on Apr 3, 2018

Previously I could my home phone to call Raze and get connected to International number. Now they say if my phone is through optimum then they do not guarantee the connection. Secondly when I use my cell phone to dial international Number I do get connected. However in the middle of the...

Global Hello / calling cards

Kaur Singh on Mar 23, 2018

This company is trying to rip off money in a very clever way. A lady rang me to advise that the account that I opened in 2014 (and never used) is showing a transaction of $260 and that this is the fault of one of their employees whom they have terminated. I asked them to wait while I check my...

Global Hello / international internet calling

joy.tilak on Mar 20, 2018

I finally got my money back from these scamster global hello by launching a dispute through my bank. These thieves charged my account 300 dollars in january this month without my permission. One of their agents called and said "sir, we have accidentally deducted 300nzd from your bank...

GlobalHello / illegal transactions by global hello in dbs bank

Lakshmiprasad on Feb 21, 2018

Hello, As subjected there are illegal transactions in my account on 2017. Everymonth it was deducting 100-150 usd. Keep on calling to customer care and mailed to global hello support, no response yet. Around 1000usd was deducted in 2017. As im jobless in 2017 i couldn't check my e-statement...

WorldSIM / sim card sold without checking compatibility

debopam roy on Feb 13, 2018

while buying the sim, I had checked with Indian sales executive about systems requirement, and she assured me, no such requirements are there, and the phone will start working automatically, once I reach Europe. Howver after reaching there, I was not able to use the sim. On contacting...

Global Hello / credit card deduction

Lalit Bajaj on Jan 25, 2018

These people have deducted my credit card for usd150 without my authorisation and they have dragging their feet for 3 months about the refund. It seems like their modus operandi of committing fraud on customers. Let's all complain to the authorities in nz and india and stop these...

Celtictel / I can't contact celtictel

irishmatt on Jan 1, 2018

I have emailed celtictel several times. No reply. I have telephoned them also numerous times. They do not answer. It is extremely frustrating as their ad says they guarantee a reply in 24 hours. I have a credit line of $40 American Dollars. Celtictel is like thirdworld. I want them to...

GlobalHello / charge without my consent

Gurinder dhatt on Nov 29, 2017

I am a customer of global hell from april 2017 . Bought a pack for unlimited calling to india on two phone numbers but only two monthes they said your mintues has been finished and big argument they agree to cancel one number and calls continue.. now after six months they charged my card...

FragranceX / perfume

Ziad AlKailani on Nov 21, 2017

28.October i received 2 orders, one of them (Order #22523654) shipped to my name but the invoice and items inside is not for me, it suppose to go to someone else his name id in the attached photo, i have paid for micallef perfume $355 but received some cheap items not for me. Now returning...

iDPhoneCard / calling card

Mahz on Oct 4, 2017

Posted on their website: What is your refund policy? We will gladly refund 100% of your account balance back into your credit card at anytime. All you need to do is to email your request to, indicating your primary phone number and the reason for the refund so that...

GlobalHello / stealing money from credit card

Sandeep Vashishta on Sep 28, 2017

Hi this is Sandeep Vashishta I live in Auckland NewZealand. It has been almost 2 years i am using Global Hello. But from past few months they are charging my credit cards with some schemes without my consent. In August they deducted around US $100 and told me that it was a promotional...

GlobalHello / fraud and cheating

Rinkumaan88 on Sep 20, 2017

Hello I am customer of Global hello. I bought the plan on 6 Feb 2017 from my agent name priya. she gave me deal 0.2 cent per minute for India calling plan. I have paid US $100 for this plan and she gave me 50, 000 mins for unlimited period. But on 22th of July 2017 all of the minutes were...

Boss Revolution / international calling

Abraham Valeriano on Sep 15, 2017

The internacional number I call and dial all the time only rings and it's not going true for the pass 3 weeks now, . I had called up and made a report waited 24 hours and it still the same, I called for a second time Today and the costumer representative told me to try in 24 hours again and...

Global Hello / unauthorized charge on credit card without permission

ANILNAIR_308 on Aug 6, 2017

Hi, I have been using Global Hello service for a long number of years . But from last year I found my credit card has being charged without my concern. On Jul-2017, I was charged USD80 on my credit card. I had called many times to their staff and they will just tell me, your agent will call...

Comfi / unauthorized removal of the money in your account

sbaker132 on Jul 31, 2017

WATCH these guys they have a very good RIP OFF. After a set number of months they take the money in your account and it tells you your account is ZERO. I don't know what others call this but I call it stealing. Calling them is hit and miss, most times you don't get anyone who you can...

NetOne International / long distance phone line calls

Mohamad1Khaled on Jul 26, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, I have been using your service for many years ans it was good untill everything went bad.Then it worked better but the Customer servise was not as good. Last week I had about $45.00 in my account and when I tried to use my service on my mobile all lines were busy and never...