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International Calling Cards Complaints

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Lycamobile / deduct my all minutes without any reason

1223 on May 8, 2017
I have been using Lyca talk since 2 years. I recharged Lyca for 30 dollars. I didn't make any calls. Next day, i found i have zero minutes. I called them and explained and one of their representative escalated this ticket to their technical support and it has been a week now and they...

GlobalHello / calling service to india and the gulf

Roger Rodrigues on May 6, 2017
Hi, The team contacted me and offered me cheap calling to India and Dubai. The service worked fine until a few weeks and then they called back saying the amount on the account is empty. To I responded saying show me the call records and I will buy more minutes from Globalhello. They...

Skype / I top up my skype to call india 800 minutes in a month, but today onwards I could not connect to india

janishkr on Apr 27, 2017
* 27/04/2017 * 971556514505 * I top up my skype to call india 800 minutes in a month, but today onwards I coud not connect to india. after the top up I called very next day, but later call is connecting but not clear. my email id krjanish@gmail.com, plaese reply the details. its urgent...

FashionNova / I don't receive an answer

María Emilia Pareja on Apr 6, 2017
We have not received any response from you. It's been more that 48 hours since I answered your email with what I was asked. Luis returns to Ecuador on Friday, and he will only be at the hotel until Thursday night. We do not know what is going to happen with the things we ask for through...

GlobalHello / Credit card debited without authorization

Sudhir Raj on Mar 27, 2017
My name is Sudhir Raj. I had subscribed to Global Hello in Singapore. In August, 2016 I noticed a credit card debit made of 155USD without my authorization. I reached out to them and their customer service person informed me that the credit will be made immediately. I have had multiple...

Zazzle / Business cards/printing error

crystalgrid on Feb 22, 2017
Zazzle I ordered 100 business card from Zazzle online, order #ID 131-26909021-2508605 on 11/12/2016 to be shipped to my present residence in Brazil. The cards werde received with errors on the back. Customer Support arranged for a replacement. However, the replacement was shipped with exactly the same...

Rebtel & Dellmont / Credit card fraud (Charged on my visa card without buying any plan/calling card

Nagu55 on Feb 20, 2017
On 20 th feb'17(Today) morning my email recieved, says an amount of $25, $10, $10 and eur10.42 were charged to myvisa credit card issued by icici bank, india for the above amounts and immediately got the card blocked by the card issuer.But issuer says they do not undertake any...

Global Hello / Poor phone service

arshisingh on Jan 25, 2017
hello im antarpreet singh and i am living in australia. i used global hello service from australia to india and i suggested lots of my friends too. my story is i recommended global hello service to one of my very best friend's gf over to canada. she wants to talk to his bf to dubai. rakhi...

Green Dot / green dot visa card

Jamie meyers on Dec 17, 2016
I bought my card 7 hrs ago. It will not let me register it online. I just talked 2 a lady on the phone I asked her 10 times 2 talk 2 her supervisor because she was not listening 2 what I was trying 2 tell her about my problem she refused 2 let me speak 2 a supervisor and transfered me 2...

Bravo Price Corp. / Stealing call minutes

Customer1111 on Nov 30, 2016
This company shouldn't be allowed to do business.Typical Russian scheme type of doing business.I have never dealt with anything like it in my life and I been buying phone cards from different companies for the past 20 years.These Russians take rudeness to a different level.They steal at...

Boss Revolution / Mastercard overcharged

Shar Shar on Oct 11, 2016
I purchased a card on September 14 in the summer of $4.75, however my account was charged 3 times at $4.75 with one confirmation number. After checking my online account on September 15, I called customer service who advised that the credit would be returned to the account on September 28...

Global Hello / Cheating

riya02 on Oct 6, 2016
Dear friends, Please be careful to deal with Global Hello. I am customer of G H from New Zealand, when G-hello salesperson(Khushi) call me, she talk always like we give 2 cents/min, we are giving very cheap rates to call India using our service, one final day I came to know that when i wa...

Clay Telecom / Fraudulent sim, and bill

Prabhulinga on Oct 3, 2016
I visited US in Jan 16 first week and I had requested for SIM for a week. I have been charged nearly 1k for their services. Order no.345310 Mobile #3512018111 Once I reached US the SIM they gave never worked. I had been complaining all the way in my journey through mails, but clay did not...

WorldSIM / U.K. number provided does not accept international calls

aukaneck on Jul 28, 2016
29 July 2016 The U.K. number provided will not accept any incoming international calls, including those made from their own recommended roaming partner networks. Their technical department has been working on it for one week, and finally customer service told me that if the WorldSIM card...

G3 Telecom / Rate and Customer Service

SBah on Jul 8, 2016
Got a shocker of my life as far as calling rate is concerned. This company is worse than the corner payday loan store! My rate went from less than $0.15/min to $1.05/min! What kind of company is this to increase their rate that much by just send a memo to their recently acquired customer...

Global Telelinks / Unauthorised credit card charge, rip off and lies and cheating

Sarkar Prabir on Jul 7, 2016
If anyone of you are using services of Global Tele Link, be very careful while sharing your bank account / debit card details. Its is a one of to cheating Telecommunication company. They promise one thing and deliver some thing different which is fraud/ cheating. Even their manager also...

G3 Telecom / Billing

Hung Hoang on May 3, 2016
This complaint is to warn potential and existing customers of G3 Telecom of this company's deceitful tactics. I was a customer with G3 Telecom since 2013 using a monthly pre-paid international plan of 4.99 US$ for 500 minutes to call my mom in Belgium. The rate for Belgium in their "world...

Global Telelinks / Validity of service

Vijay Jain on Mar 12, 2016
Last year when I wanted to renew my subscription for Euros 30 as I don't use the services that much i was coaxed into paying Euros 110, - as the senior supervisor Rahul Jain took over from the agent and promised it will be a "Life time validity". The transaction was completed on...

Reliance Communications / Fraudulent calls from my registered #

Reviewer72117 on Mar 3, 2016
Reliance CommunicationsDue to inability of reliance global call to protect their systems, someone has hacked into my account, and have made fradulent calls that reliance's systems were unable to catch. Calls were made from same number at same time to different destinations. How is that even possible? Look at the...

Raza.com / bad software

Reviewer84511 on Feb 16, 2016
I have been calling to India through raza for over 30 times and it says invalid number or number cannot be recognized. if I enter too slowly or too quickly or at same pace doesn't make a difference. their number recognition software is worst and its more of a hassle and I have moved over to better service.
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