International Calling Cards Complaints


Frank Schmidhalter / je n'ai jamais utiliser le site

on Apr 8, 2019

Bonjour, Le 02.02.2019 j'ai voulu voir le site et le jour après j'ai résilié le contrat après mon inscription. Pourriez vous m'envoyer la preuve de désinscription afin que je puisse me faire rembourser par ma banque. Effectivement le 02.02.2019 j'ai voulu voir le site et et j'ai fait une...

NECC Telecom / long distance credit

on Jan 31, 2019

I had a credit of 30 dollars with Necc Telecom. I just received a bill from Maple Call Inc for 27.72. Long distant charges 12.73 and other 11.80. I have never been billed for other with Necc. Now can't locate account with Necc Telecom Canada I don't know what is happening i would like to...

Tel3 / long distance phone plan

on Nov 14, 2018

Stay away from Tel3. The customer service reps seem to be prepared with a list of excuses to validate why they have taken your account money and won't put it back. I was a customer of since Feb., 2010. I haven't used my account for over a year. I tried to use their phone service...

Cloncom / international calling cards

on Oct 27, 2018

I was charged $ 30:00 without my knowledge, I have been trying to contact them but can't get on the website to cancel my account. This is froud to charge me without my askeing. I have been using Clocom for international calls and always been able to go online for recharge but this time...

Necc Telecom and Apela Company / phone bill

on Sep 9, 2018

This company automatically and without my knowledge enrolled me in a "promotion" plan. I have no idea what was about, but they added $10 to my phone bill every month, and I was in autopay program. Then I called them and inquired about it, they told me that I have the option to...

Raza Keep Talking Ethiopia / I was charged for calls that were made but never put through

on Jul 10, 2018

My grandmother attempted to call her family overseas using a $5 Raza calling card, but she never actually spoke with her relatives. Her time was eaten up by Raza's automaited system. When I called their 1866 customer service number and spoke with Christina, she said that the calls were...

iDPhoneCard / calling card

on Oct 4, 2017

Posted on their website: What is your refund policy? We will gladly refund 100% of your account balance back into your credit card at anytime. All you need to do is to email your request to [protected], indicating your primary phone number and the reason for the refund so that...

Comfi / unauthorized removal of the money in your account

on Jul 31, 2017

WATCH these guys they have a very good RIP OFF. After a set number of months they take the money in your account and it tells you your account is ZERO. I don't know what others call this but I call it stealing. Calling them is hit and miss, most times you don't get anyone who you can... and France / unable to contact customer service by telephone in the uk and france

on Jun 29, 2017

I have received an email from Vistaprint this morning, 29 June 2017, stating that I have a credit amount of Euros 11, 69 which expires today. I was aware of the credit amount, but a note in my Vistaprint file states that I have until December 2017 in which to use this amount. I have tried...

Tel3 / International calls

on Oct 17, 2015

Tel3 is a SCAM! I had an account with Tel3 for a family member who is a minor. Tel3 sends a message to recharge as one is in the middle of a call, and if you click yes, they recharge, without the authorization of the card holder. They have no legal right to charge a credit card with...

Global Hallo / Fraud Company

on Nov 18, 2014

I would like to share with all of you a very bad experience I have had with Global Hello so that you will not be their next prey. Please also inform your friends to be extra cautious with such companies. Around mid of last month, I started getting calls from one Mr. Amol Srivastav introducing their... / Non-Compliance to terms and condition

on Sep 26, 2014

Indiaminutes customer service is worst ever I have seen. Even they can tell you sentences like "Do whatever you like...". I purchased 1 year unlimited India call in 05/15/2014 by paying $99.00. Suddenly I found that I cannot call any India number as it's always saying you don't... / over charge

on Aug 15, 2014

Hi, thanks to give me oportunity to lodge my complaint. Since long I am having account with INDIAMINUTES.COM for long distance call.recentoy I have noticed they are over charging every minute charge 4 to 5 cents insted of 3 cents per minutes.several times i have complaint to customer service... India Calling card / Overcharging calls

on Jul 10, 2014 India Calling cardI am using dial91 for call to from USA to India since last five years. Recently I checked my calling history for the past few months as my account balance used up quickly in a short time and compared with the detailed bill log of my cell phone that I used for the calls, I was surprised to...

Cells Phones & Air Time / Money back $55. 00 ratas

on Apr 24, 2014


on Mar 24, 2014

Every 23th of each month this company (that I don't know) is taking £10 from my bank account. I didn't contact this company, much less give them my bank details, even lesser authorized any payment. I need to stop this, get my money back and compensation because my account...

DialNoPIN / Can't use it at all

on Feb 5, 2014

I opened an account and filled the card with $20 but I have not been able to use it at all. 1st it won't allow me to register my cell phone number, saying my phone number is already in its system. Secondly it won't give me the option of inputting PIN number to make a call, and I...

Genesis / Excess amount credited

on Jan 18, 2014

Good morning sir, I am a regular customer of Action VoIP for last 3 years. I was called to my home +91 [protected] from Kabul via Action voip id: nelppura. One of these call charged Euro 5.15 for 33.46 minute on 16 January 2014 as per their accounts details.I hope it was mistake .So I...

Voip Discount / unknown calls are incorrectly charged from my account

on Aug 17, 2013

Sir / Madam, I am using voip discount calls for making international calls and most of the calls i make to india. Today (17/08/2013) i found my credit balance shows 0.01 euro and when i check my calls details in my voip account, there were some calls to unknown numbers listed. Here i am...

RNK Communications / The company has totally disappeared, and is un-reachable.

on Aug 16, 2013

I have bought about 30 international calling cards ($5 and/or $10 each) by RNK. I have been making telephone calls with the cards. All of a sudden, the cards stopped working. The company could not be reached. Supposedly, they went out of business overnight. Without any prior notices. How can I...

coral / It's a ### card of a son of a ###'s company that I can't call from

on Apr 1, 2013

I bought 5 coral calling cards and got same problem When I try to call I receive a voice THIS No CAN NOT BE REACHED THIS MOMENT I did my best many times but in vain then I used another calling card of another Co. and I was connected it happend to me many times and for many days then I...

Pennytalk / Cheated of my minutes ! Scam

on Nov 30, 2012

I bought a calling card to call my sister in Malaysia. I made several attempts to call her landline but could not get through. There was no ringtone and then my calls get disconnected. I then decided to contact her via her cell phone. Before the call was put through, the computer said that...

neha / nokia

on Aug 31, 2012

nehaIhave received a sms that my phone has won of GBP 550, 000 pounds in the 2011 T- world Nokia Awards in UK and to claim it, they have asked me to send my details to [protected] My name is Sri Bijaya Kumar Sahu, phone number-[protected], [protected].please send my prize money to my house... / Scam

on Aug 26, 2012

TipidTalk is a scammer. The company will appear in your bank statement PINOY STORE [protected] CA. I purchased two $5.00 with a discount that came out to a total of $8.99. My bank has cleared the transaction but I never received the product. I purchased it on 8/20/2012, I signed up on...


on Aug 7, 2012

I have emailed your Company yesterday 7th of August, regarding the problem with these cards (TALANOA SAMOA: PIN NUMBERS- [protected] & [protected]), I've been tried to make an urgent overseas call six times but the only message I received is "Pin Number is Invalid", I rang your Office...

gountimed / Payment made, was never given calling pin

on May 22, 2012

I made a paylpal payment to gountimed to buy a new calling card and never received the pin or anything. I have tried to contact them through their contact page and never got a response. It has been days now and was told it hould be immediate. I wouldn't trust this company to buy...

WorldWide Calling / can't redeem coupon

on Dec 26, 2011

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I purchased a $15 for 30 days of unlimited calling world wide from WorldWide Calling ($30 Value) and I can't redeem my coupon until now. I tried to visit their website n it says: UNDER CONSTRUCTION, and called the customer service number which says that they... / expired credit

on Nov 19, 2011

I have been using a connect card from for several years. Credit did not expire at the time I bought it. One several months ago I tried to make a call I was told I did not have any credit. I was able to contact the company on the phone (not easy) and was advised that bec I...

dialnopin phone card / cannot get connected

on Nov 17, 2011

I want to make a long distance call. Why I cannot get connected since yesterday? We hope you can resume your service as soon as possible.

VoipBuster / no connection

on Oct 12, 2011

Hello, I use voipbuster for international call especially to Gabon but I pay to Delmont Sarl regular credits for phone calls but I do not have access to Gabon. I have informed them about fraud when I call some numbers and they have not replied to my complaints. I need a refund if I cannot have...

madeenaplus / illegal web site

on Oct 12, 2011

sir here is working a illegal web site that prohibited in uae which is using for voip callin softwere what i can do for block this site [protected]

SNC Corona imperial / false sale of international telepphone card

on Aug 10, 2011

On 27th june, 2011 I asked for an international telephone card for use while in Spain to call France, England and Canada from Tabac SNC Corona imperial, le Corona imperial, 70 avenue Kleber, 75116 Paris. I wass very specific that it was to make calls from Spain. They told me that plastic...

Telekom Malaysia (TM) i-talk card / i-talk card credit stolen

on Apr 26, 2011

I use a calling card called i-talk on my landline in KL, Malaysia for lower call charges. I typically put about rm150 (50usd) credit from a few cards every month and run it down at the month goes on. I had about rm80 credit on 9th April 2011, took a vacation, returned 19th, tried to use...

24x7liveservices / Customer support,24x7 email support, client support, customer care, outsourcing chat support,

on Apr 6, 2011

24x7 Live Services provides complete customer solution by Email support and Chat support around the globe.

Tel3 / plan cost scam

on Mar 31, 2011

I signed up for a $25 phone calling card online and was put on the flex plan. I wasn't aware that Tel3 services are sold through multiple agents/websites and have different pr0mos/discounts. I am using the Tel3 account strictly through payphone use, therefore incurring mandatory...

Lycatalk / Security and personal information

on Feb 10, 2011

I bought a Lycatalk voucher from a shop - I usually buy an 0800 calling card, with a pin - and use it immediately - dial 0800 number and put in the pin, and I can talk around the world. With Lyca talk I HAVE to register to get an account 1. the voucher does not say this, it just has a...

Telecircuit/USBI / unauthorized charges


They are calling in Spanish, targeting Latin homes. In a very nice voice, saying that they will send a phone card with 200 minutes free. I already knew about them and when they said Telecircuit, I was going to hung up, but I wanted to know what was the new scam and when she finished...