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Inheritance Scams Complaints

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Parveen verma / For meetville app

Parveen’s on Jun 15, 2018

Hi myself parveen verma my complaint is regarding this app u guys are scam & make me fool by subscribing this app. I don't wants any suscription so cancel my services and refund my money back as soon as posible. As i am very poor guy my daily earnings is 4-5 doller not to enought to servive...

Kmart Stores / kmart online website

Jskb on Jun 12, 2018

I'm very disappointed in the website. I just spent a good 2 hours endlessly searching for children's clothing. Most of the items are out of stock. The items that I could find, I ordered, only to go to the checkout and be told an additional 13 items are not available online. It's been a...

Moneycatch / money catch services

Indigun on Jun 11, 2018

Money catch; you are a scam, your glowing testimonials are fake and written by you, it's false and misleading; in other words illegal. Money catch hires scammers baded in pakistan, india & phillipines - and shares private financial details of australians with these offshore scammers that are...

Virgin Active South Africa / unethical business practice

Tholoana on Jun 6, 2018

Membership number 1604651726 Virgin active team came to our workplace organised by my employer, we went to go do health asssesment and the guy by the name of brian who advised he is based at virgin active alberton convinced me to take contract, I told him that I will not afford it he said...

MyHeritage / I have not been able to access my account!

Vera Chirico on May 31, 2018

I tried to set up an account with my heritage. I was unable to do so because the site keeps saying I have an account and asks for my password. I am unaware of any account, so I tried to change my password which the site asks me to do. Every time I ask to change my password a window pops up...

Family Dollar Store # 01714 / the manager charles an assistant manager kenosha burke smoke. marijuana on the job

Blakkdiamond. on May 29, 2018

The manager Charles an assistant manager Kenosha Burke. Smoke marijuana on the job... Kenosha Burke uses. Her kids urine to pass. Her drug tests. Kenosha Burke and her cousin are employed at the same store and Charles hired. the c ousins. Knowing they are cousins. Kenosha and Diamond Daigle...

Western Union Financial Services / beneficiary

Ashley Nicole Watt on May 27, 2018

Western Union Financial ServicesI've been getting emails saying I'm a benifcary to a lump sum of Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand dollars usa money if this is so why do i have to pay to get it? I have kids and bills and wanna move so pay me the money of Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand dollars problem solved if...

Reward Zone USA / amazon gift card 1000

Marina Forster on May 24, 2018

Reward Zone USAWhile my internet search poped up on my screen with 1000 amazon gift card offer Filled my details, read terms and conditions. They are operating under RZU as stated in T&C In order to get you gift you ll need to make 10 orders, so I made one straight after...

All Medical Facilities / food

Neil Grossbard on May 13, 2018

Hi I have reactive hypoglycemia. It took me nearly 50 years (starting from 1957) to figure out that with my genetics and my auto-immune problem I thrive on a low-carb diet. Once I figured out what to eat it took years for the symptoms (chronic fatigue, spells of brain fog) to finally clear. The...

Grabcar Malaysia / driver threatens us because he's waiting for 8 minutes and ask us to double pay.

asyh on May 10, 2018

yesterday we ride a grab after finish work afterwards my friend asked if he can wait for my friend for a while but the driver is just silent. after 8 minutes then our friend came out and we go to the destination after that the grab driver asking us to pay more. were give him more than the...

Money Deanna Mannix / unclaimed money recovery

Archer Flynn on Apr 26, 2018

Money Catch camouflaging as HTTP:// HTTPs:// This is something I feel merits looking at. See, unlike the business owner of money catch, I am an actual *ing Private Investigator (the kind that doesn't wave their credential...

Homechoice / fraud committed under name

Dudu Qwabe on Apr 26, 2018

Im Dudu Qwabe ID 7608030429081 I discovered that someone took things at Home choice using my details. I did a follow up and I was told I should do an affidavit, I did so then later I was told my matter is still under investigations till today no update. I m worried that im getting sms that...

ABSA Bank / not permitted

Marlina on Apr 25, 2018

I'm trying to make one deposit, but is not letting me! I'm trying for the whole day, I've called the bank, they said to me that it will be fixed in the next 30 min. 3 hours passed and nothing happened! what is the issue? is telling me: has not been authenticated by your card Issuer due to a...

Spotify / customer service

HallieHayes on Apr 23, 2018

I contacted a Spotify representative through their "SpotifyCares" (LOL) Facebook page to help me deactivate my Aunt's account after she passed away. I did not have access to a lot of her information, so I provided a link to her Facebook page as the guy asked. A few days later...

Zynga poker games / what is happening to my account with

Sami khano on Apr 18, 2018

On April 18 I won a tournament of 40 million and I did not have credit for it also two days ago you guys cleaned up my account and made a refresh which eliminate my almost 900 million in chips and u guys reduce my experience from 192 to 91 though I buy my chips with real dollars what i...

Netflix / another massive complaints on timeouts

ihatenetflix on Apr 12, 2018

The continue watching? Auto pause is cancer, [censor]ing awful, almost worth killing about, please disable the auto pause. Continue watching?? Continue watching?? Continue watching?? Continue watching?? Hey, are you still watching? Still watching netflix? Yes you stupid [censor] tv...

My Heritage DNA / dna results

Pam Johnson on Apr 12, 2018

If you're thinking of doing this hoping for information about your ancestry, please take my advice and don't waste your money. Nothing in this report is who I am, I have a family tree dating back to the 1700's that was extensively done by family members who do this a lot. My grandmother i...

Walmart Stores / barrnet jackel crossbow

Gerald Robinson on Mar 29, 2018

Walmart StoresYou have advertised a barrnet jackel crossbow for $49 at wanamaker store in topeka kansas and a barrnet recruit crossbow for $69 ive tried to purchase it several time one for me and one for my brother well i call cusomer service and spoke to larry which is noted on my walmart acct. And he...

Tapjoy / scam robbed me; castle clash

Erbal G on Mar 12, 2018

Hi i've been chasing the jems promised to me for a week after spending money on your offer they say to reply to the email and when I do I get this. Hello, Thank you for contacting tapjoy. You have emailed an un-monitored inbox, and your request will not be processed. Please make sure to...

Tapjoy / I haven't received cat food from. different offers

Paco El Pancho on Mar 8, 2018

Tapjoy Request [Case 11584859]- Dog walkers on-demand - Get your fi: ref:_00D30pf03._5001B16pPD3:ref Tapjoy Request [Case 11316986]- Get my Konami Slots and reach Level: ref:_00D30pf03._5001B163CWK [ ref:_00D30pf03._5001B163CWK:ref ] Tapjoy Request [Case 11369452]- Reach Castle Level 11 Lord...