Inheritance Scams Complaints

Builla and Associates Inc. / state department/domestic corporation

on Apr 12, 2019

Manta was to show me, Orlando Ignacio Carneiro, the potential of the domestic corporation Builla and Associates Inc. and how it was run ever scince its origins in [protected], but they never did. Manta convinced me to rename it to Orlie Carneiro In The Clouds in hopes that I would simply...

Betty McNac / investigations

on Mar 19, 2019

Betty McNac, also Texas state representative Yvonne Davis, is most likely criminal. Sources said it is likely McNac killed Mrs. Ruth Bell. She is buried in Muskogee, OK or outside Okay, Okay. The grave is one month old. McNac holds a bad history. She did not finish high school. Most members of...

Link Petroleum International Pty Ltd / jp54 aviation fuel

on Feb 1, 2019

The most scammed Link Petroleum International Company in the USA played fast shuffle with Mr Gus de Angelis. Link Petroleum International's Chief Operating Officer, Bert L Forbes and its associated mandate and broker, Seif Abdelkader and Brian McFadden are plundering huge amount of...

Branch Manager Azamgarh Branch / no information and customer handling

on Dec 31, 2018

Hi, My name is Gaurav Srivastava, I am an NRI customer in your bank from last 8 year in Azamgarh main branch. The kind of response I am getting from last 2-3 years from Axis Bank azamgarh branch, its not encouraging at all. The branch Manager is very rude and after sending so many messages, he...

Wowmall.Store / black n decker cordless combo 6 rm.299

on Dec 28, 2018

sometime in mid september i made an order thinking it was an offer never to be miss but instead got cheated.after waiting for more than 1 week i made an enquiry through email.i got avery reply from miss veronica that the product were being ship from oversea so it might takes sometimes so i...

Mikaella Valenzuela / western union - accepting false id from receiver

on Dec 26, 2018

Mikaella ValenzuelaI sent over $10, 000 in 12 payments to a individual through Western Union in the Philippines from the US and found out she had all false ID. I have all the tracking numbers, time of pick up, day of pickup and locations. I should be entitled to see the person on the security cameras that...

Pathe Academy since year 2007 - Name of the Thief : Dinusha Munasingha / internet money workshops

on Nov 17, 2018

Pathe Academy since year 2007 - Name of the Thief : Dinusha MunasinghaIn English Language - is a site of thieves who charge people thousands of rupees to hold fake internet money workshops and issue each student a CD containing site names could be downloaded by any dummy which ask you money but not pay money. Don't be cheated by such...

Amelia Adison / scam email.

on Oct 29, 2018

Tired of these people lying about money and sending false email. — Original Message — From: Mrs. Amelie Adison Sent: Mon, Oct 29, 2018 6:27 am Subject: Attention To my Letter My dearest I am Mrs. Amelie Adison 68years old from Norway, married to a British citizen without a child; I am...

[email protected] / harrassing blackmail email

on Oct 10, 2018

Hello, I received this email from this person, not happy at all please can you investigate this guy Thank you I am aware ***** is your pass. Lets get right to the point. You don't know me and you are probably thinking why you are getting this e-mail? Nobody has compensated me to check about...

DiGi Online Reloaded / my digi reloaded online - prepared

on Oct 1, 2018

No telephone:- [protected] Under name of my wife (Rabehah) during registration but the phone is use by me (Husband) all the time My present contact no:- [protected] Name Hj Mohamad Hj Dollah Masaalah nya pada 29.09.2018 saya baru saja isian prepared sebanyak RM 30.00 melalui mydigi...

Nancy Jo Bormann / abuse of the elderly/fraud/scheme to defraud/forgery/undo influence/defrauding victim/victim's estate

on Sep 27, 2018

The above listed person rented a room from the victim, James C. Heard, for approx. 4 years.The above listed person is the victim's sister. During her rental of the bedroom she had access to the victim's book that held all accounts, user names, passwords, and security questions. Over the...

Ecobank Burkina Faso / inheritance not disposed timely

on Sep 19, 2018

mrs hadjarata mafara, department of foreign transfers bank email i.d: (eco.[protected] eco bank plc ouagadougou burkina faso bank phone number: +226 [protected] Sir, The above addressed bank not delivered me my inherted bank-draft of US $ 4, 500, 000/- four and half million US...

Cnidaplay / Content Roots Cnidaplay / неупълномощени такси от кредитни карти

on Sep 9, 2018

Дата - 0909.2018 г. Описание на инцидента - обещание за подарък смартфон SAMSUNG, след това искане на валидна кредитна карта - само за плащане на доставката на телефона . Изпълних това изискване и изведнъж се оказах, че съм се абонирал за техните услуги за филми, песни и т.н. със съответно 5 дни гратис и... / nu youth serum

on Aug 22, 2018

Return on U.S. Postage is: Warehouse Fulfillment Returns Only P.O. Box 1079 Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 There is no Company information and no Customer Service for this Company. Ordered their free trial and paid shipping. Later find I am receiving recurrent charges of $89.95 for this product with... / noise action cam

on Aug 20, 2018

I baught a action camera, they are showing noise play at 2500₹. I odered. I was knowing somewhere it may be fraud. But i purchased. When i recieved it. It was not the original product. Some chinese low quality damaged product.i call to return. But they not picking up phone. So i am totly...

Tainhexinmeng / nike vapors

on Jul 20, 2018

TainhexinmengHello I ordered a pair of Nike vapors from your outlet that was posted on Facebook on July 2nd. I have not received them. I'm praying that this was not a scam. I have sent an email to and they have not responded to me yet. This have made me wonder about Nike. The shoes wa...

RSA Shell Garage M2 East Denver / fraud

on Jul 16, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam I'd like to open a case of fraud against one your garages. The incident happened on Friday the 13th of July 2018 around 12:00 pm. I drive Renault Stepway Expression with a tank capacity of 50 litres and I had half tank before deciding to top it up full tank when I...

Cruz Meadina / is this person contacting multiple people at this time about relationships?

on Jul 16, 2018

I suspect I have been a victim of spam and fraud. I am engaged to marry this guy but he all of a sudden has been robbed and it's asking for $500. Are there other people that he is contacting on adam within the last month pursuing friendships or relationships? Please call me because I am...

ripping ppl off / ripping ppl off

on Jul 14, 2018

this co is ripping ppl off at all their stores when it comes to gas how they will take more out of your ck acct than what gas you got it has hurt ppl that live pay ck to pay ck its not right i dont even know why they do it i could understand to see if you have the money to fill up but once...

Individual - Phil Strickland / attempted purchase of furniture from me via craigslist

on Jun 22, 2018

I put an advert on Craigslist (Nashville, TN) for the sale of a table and chairs. Phil Strickland answered and agreed to the price. He did this all without seeing the items but said he was ill and that he would send a carrier to come and get it. He also said he would pay by Paypal. Thi...

All Medical Facilities / food

on May 13, 2018

Hi I have reactive hypoglycemia. It took me nearly 50 years (starting from 1957) to figure out that with my genetics and my auto-immune problem I thrive on a low-carb diet. Once I figured out what to eat it took years for the symptoms (chronic fatigue, spells of brain fog) to finally clear. The...

Zynga poker games / what is happening to my account with

on Apr 18, 2018

On April 18 I won a tournament of 40 million and I did not have credit for it also two days ago you guys cleaned up my account and made a refresh which eliminate my almost 900 million in chips and u guys reduce my experience from 192 to 91 though I buy my chips with real dollars what i...

My Heritage DNA / dna results

on Apr 12, 2018

If you're thinking of doing this hoping for information about your ancestry, please take my advice and don't waste your money. Nothing in this report is who I am, I have a family tree dating back to the 1700's that was extensively done by family members who do this a lot. My grandmother i...

Shoplifting Charges of Marina Noble, Fake MD, Watertown, MA / theft by shoplifting, credit card theft, identity fraud

on Feb 20, 2018

Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan) is engaged in fabricating false and forged legal documents or non existent records (which is a first-degree felony). However, this is what we have found per the smart search in massachusetts judicial tyler system: Marina noble (for Marine Mkhitaryan) - theft by...

Gurgaon Faridabad Toll Road Pvt Ltd / physical harassment and mental agony

on Feb 18, 2018

To Police commissioner Haryana SUB: Complain against Gurgaon Faridabad highway toll booth. Respected Sir Requested you to take a necessary action. 1. That Today afternoon I was travelling from Gurgaon. To Faridabad At around 4:10 PMI was at the toll booth. 2. That I give my debit card to pay...

Dr. Patrick James Goss / ease of access to various of my family trees upon acceptance of my subscription

on Feb 2, 2018

I paid a My Heritage subscription late in 2017 contacted you by email in January, was answered with a lot of goggle-gook. I'm deaf I bloody don't do phones ; I am completely blind in eye and to top that off I'm nearly 82 so what I want from you persons is for you to give direct immediate...

TechGetGo / never trust this client owner

on Jan 29, 2018

Hi I have worked last one year long where I have provided Services for web site maintenance, SEO, digital marketing etc . He just make scam with me . He just complaint in paypal about he doesn't receive product . First, I am provide Service not product . Paypal policy says that if...

Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan), Shoplifting Charges, Middlessex County, Watertown, MA / marina noble, spirit-cooker, demon, impersonator, hoax-master, shoplifter, fake md

on Jan 23, 2018

Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan), Shoplifting Charges, Middlessex County, Watertown, MAMany profiles, such as "JimHope, " qunatsNoble", "arayik" and countless others in this site, ALL are opened by the same DEMON villain, the grand-hoaxmaker of this century, the same Marina Noble aka Marine Mkhitaryan (fake MD, MPH) from Watertown, MA. The site owner clearly...

Janice King / merchandise ordered on 1/10/18

on Jan 13, 2018

I ordered merchandise on the above date and requested delivery on 1/13/18. I was scheduled for that date and received an email confirming it. Then I was told that delivery was rescheduled for 1/20/18. A delivery truck arrived today 1/13/18 and had no merchandise and stated that delivery...

WhoIs Privacy Protection Service / free membership

on Jan 10, 2018

okay I'm a single guy looking for a girl near me and then I got this post fro meet bang now .com saying that there dating site if 100% free and I wont have to pay a dime to unlimitly chat with these girls so id signed up and then I found out that I have to put in a credit card number and...

Diesel and Coal scam in NCL / rajashree electronics

on Dec 28, 2017

Laxmikant Choubey Alias Munna Choubey mobile no [protected] and [protected] is currently working as Foreman (E & M) Jayant. He Joined NCL as a class IVth staff by submitting fake class Xth marksheet. Later on besides working in early morning shifts of 4:00 am to 8:00 am in the morning, he...

Rajashree Electronics / diesel and coal scam in ncl

on Dec 28, 2017

Laxmikant Choubey Alias Munna Choubey mobile no [protected] and [protected] is currently working as Foreman (E & M) Jayant. He Joined NCL as a class IVth staff by submitting fake class Xth marksheet. Later on besides working in early morning shifts of 4:00 am to 8:00 am in the morning, he...

Swearingen & Associates / asset recovery

on Dec 23, 2017

On Dec 13, 2017 Yami Herrera, a worker for this company showed up at my mother's house less than 15 minutes after my mother's brother's foreclosed house was sold at auction with a large Surplus overpayment. There are three heirs to the estate, one is my mother's younger brother who live...

DG&E Enterprises / fraudulent charges

on Nov 8, 2017

A total of $1, 850 was fraudulently charged to my iTunes account. Drop your credit card now. What pisses me off the most is the condescending voice mail recording when calling iTune that states the charges must be reoccurring charges before the call is dropped. A total of $300 to $325 wa...

Carolyn Louise Kyle / credit card and check fraud. financial elder abuse of a veteran.

on Nov 5, 2017

Carolyn Kyle took over the care of a lonely old widow in 2015. She told everyone in her life they were married and had a commitment ceremony to obtain photo proof. She subsequently forged thousands of dollars from his bank accounts, attempted to add herself to his VA benefits, and took...

Aspiretss / an email found can u please check it is valid or not

on Nov 4, 2017

Dear participant, This is to inform you that you have been duly registered to participate in these up-coming international conference events. You are only responsible for your own hotel booking accommodation in St Louis Senegal as we have stated earlier, the conference organizing...

Avinash Kumar Sure Guntur / cheat, fraud, defaulter & thief

on Nov 2, 2017

Avinash Kumar Sure GunturBeware of me, I am a number one cheat. I will befriend you and will try to get your confidence in name of various tricks. Like business proposals, helping in savings etc. I will earn your trust for few months and one fine day will vanish along with your money. I am doing this from past... /

on Oct 12, 2017

Sure Queen has promised the world and deliver apostle nothing I was supposed to get 1000 Walmart gift card a 100 Victoria secret gift card and cash in the amount of 548.23 I have not received any of these or even a response from any of the sponsor or S.Q. I just wish someone would be held...

Reecer Creek Ranch / employee... is mrs. vivian harris ncube an employee at fnb of s. a.???

on Sep 25, 2017

Dear Sirs., I have asked for this information a few times but haVE HAD NO RESPONCE would Mr. Nuno Da Silva from the foreign remittance department please answer this question or Khabonina Winnie Songo in foreign exchange or Kgothatso Jack Mokobane in the fraud department send me an e-mail...

Alibaba AKA Aliexpress / product defective & broken

on Sep 20, 2017

Alibaba AKA AliexpressI purchase from a part for my printer called a print head and was defective and broken 2 places. I bought the print head as an extra one to keep around as a spare part. My original print head prints fine, when I put the print head in sent from Aliexpress the print head makes my...