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Inheritance Scams Complaints

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ABSA Bank / not permitted

Marlina on Apr 25, 2018

I'm trying to make one deposit, but is not letting me! I'm trying for the whole day, I've called the bank, they said to me that it will be fixed in the next 30 min. 3 hours passed and nothing happened! what is the issue? is telling me: has not been authenticated by your card Issuer due to a...

Spotify / customer service

HallieHayes on Apr 23, 2018

I contacted a Spotify representative through their "SpotifyCares" (LOL) Facebook page to help me deactivate my Aunt's account after she passed away. I did not have access to a lot of her information, so I provided a link to her Facebook page as the guy asked. A few days later...

Zynga poker games / what is happening to my account with

Sami khano on Apr 18, 2018

On April 18 I won a tournament of 40 million and I did not have credit for it also two days ago you guys cleaned up my account and made a refresh which eliminate my almost 900 million in chips and u guys reduce my experience from 192 to 91 though I buy my chips with real dollars what i...

Netflix / another massive complaints on timeouts

ihatenetflix on Apr 12, 2018

The continue watching? Auto pause is cancer, [censor]ing awful, almost worth killing about, please disable the auto pause. Continue watching?? Continue watching?? Continue watching?? Continue watching?? Hey, are you still watching? Still watching netflix? Yes you stupid [censor] tv...

My Heritage DNA / dna results

Pam Johnson on Apr 12, 2018

If you're thinking of doing this hoping for information about your ancestry, please take my advice and don't waste your money. Nothing in this report is who I am, I have a family tree dating back to the 1700's that was extensively done by family members who do this a lot. My grandmother i...

Walmart Stores / barrnet jackel crossbow

Gerald Robinson on Mar 29, 2018

Walmart StoresYou have advertised a barrnet jackel crossbow for $49 at wanamaker store in topeka kansas and a barrnet recruit crossbow for $69 ive tried to purchase it several time one for me and one for my brother well i call cusomer service and spoke to larry which is noted on my walmart acct. And he...

Tapjoy / scam robbed me; castle clash

Erbal G on Mar 12, 2018

Hi i've been chasing the jems promised to me for a week after spending money on your offer they say to reply to the email and when I do I get this. Hello, Thank you for contacting tapjoy. You have emailed an un-monitored inbox, and your request will not be processed. Please make sure to...

Tapjoy / I haven't received cat food from. different offers

Paco El Pancho on Mar 8, 2018

Tapjoy Request [Case 11584859]- Dog walkers on-demand - Get your fi: ref:_00D30pf03._5001B16pPD3:ref Tapjoy Request [Case 11316986]- Get my Konami Slots and reach Level: ref:_00D30pf03._5001B163CWK [ ref:_00D30pf03._5001B163CWK:ref ] Tapjoy Request [Case 11369452]- Reach Castle Level 11 Lord... / Plenty of Fish / to report a scammer I met on pof

Ocean1709 on Mar 7, 2018

A scammer on POF with user name starts with Darius (I cannot recall the rest as he either closed or hid his profile shortly after I gave him my email address). He could have used a fake last name Plear. We chatted thru emails then we moved on to texting. He said he's in US Air Force...

Shoplifting Charges of Marina Noble, Fake MD, Watertown, MA / theft by shoplifting, credit card theft, identity fraud

KarineMartirosyan on Feb 20, 2018

Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan) is engaged in fabricating false and forged legal documents or non existent records (which is a first-degree felony). However, this is what we have found per the smart search in massachusetts judicial tyler system: Marina noble (for Marine Mkhitaryan) - theft by...

UnderArmour / first responder discount denied

Clinton Gleitz on Feb 18, 2018

This is the fourth oder I have been slapped in the face by this companies poliies. They like to say they stand behind our first responders and extend a discount for us because of it as a thank you. So tell me why you cant use a sale promo and your first responders discount together? SLAP!!...

Gurgaon Faridabad Toll Road Pvt Ltd / physical harassment and mental agony

A. K. Sharma on Feb 18, 2018

To Police commissioner Haryana SUB: Complain against Gurgaon Faridabad highway toll booth. Respected Sir Requested you to take a necessary action. 1. That Today afternoon I was travelling from Gurgaon. To Faridabad At around 4:10 PMI was at the toll booth. 2. That I give my debit card to pay...

Boost Mobile / boost mobile annual government report

Isaac Williams Jr on Feb 14, 2018

Boost mobile block sparks points deliver if annual government report on mobile 504-223-2468 and 504-710-2164. Withholding annual government wage reports Harford gold silver ira, spokeo website red flags louisiana illegally fraudulently purchased black men and black women withholding annual...

Dr. Patrick James Goss / ease of access to various of my family trees upon acceptance of my subscription

Dr. Patrick James Goss on Feb 2, 2018

I paid a My Heritage subscription late in 2017 contacted you by email in January, was answered with a lot of goggle-gook. I'm deaf I bloody don't do phones ; I am completely blind in eye and to top that off I'm nearly 82 so what I want from you persons is for you to give direct immediate...

Burger King / bad customer service and fraud to me

Bad customer experience on Feb 1, 2018

Today this early morning around 1.00 am this morning I went to the Burger King drive through and order my food number 2 from the board that was double whopper with the meal when I done order food I went to the pay for food to the window and I have them 50 dollar and 1 cent because my food...

Accelerated Web Solutions / introduction to their product. (turned out to be a scam)

samuel clugston on Jan 31, 2018

I like so many others fell victim to your make money program on the Internet. Turns out this is a scamming game you are the beginning the cost started out low, but proceeded to get me to make a charge to my credit card to the sum of $ 349.00, and after that a strong demand for...

TechGetGo / never trust this client owner

Nishant Gaurav on Jan 29, 2018

Hi I have worked last one year long where I have provided Services for web site maintenance, SEO, digital marketing etc . He just make scam with me . He just complaint in paypal about he doesn't receive product . First, I am provide Service not product . Paypal policy says that if...

HSBC Holdings / complaining about fraud

rathnesh on Jan 24, 2018

Dear.Sir/Madam, This is to inform you that one Fraudulent in America Cheated me for US $ .30000 through HSBC Bank USA by opening his account with your Bank to carry out this Fraud by providing me Revised Invoices of a Company in USA which I was doing business with. This Account holder...

Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan), Shoplifting Charges, Middlessex County, Watertown, MA / marina noble, spirit-cooker, demon, impersonator, hoax-master, shoplifter, fake md

TruthCannotbeBanned on Jan 23, 2018

Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan), Shoplifting Charges, Middlessex County, Watertown, MAMany profiles, such as "JimHope, " qunatsNoble", "arayik" and countless others in this site, ALL are opened by the same DEMON villain, the grand-hoaxmaker of this century, the same Marina Noble aka Marine Mkhitaryan (fake MD, MPH) from Watertown, MA. The site owner clearly...

Hong Leong Bank / bank in scam

Yahne on Jan 16, 2018

NUR SHAFIQAH PEK ABDULLAH ACCOUNT NO. 31251015142 Pretended to be one staff of a enternational courier and asking for Charging clearance Fee Rm 2, 000 after bank in the service unavailable with this phone number 0146281976. If anyone can help and trace about this name please be aware Im one...


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