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Inheritance Scams Complaints

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Serenata Flowers / flowers

Miss Healey on Aug 4, 2018

Serenata FlowersI just received some flowers from a friend due to finding out I've been doing diagnosed with cancer I'm very disappointed the roses are fully open and brown at the end of the petals I don't want to upset my friend so I hope this can be resolved ASAP it very upsetting when someone does a...

Vons / didn't let me use my lysol mf coupons today it’s pretty much frustrating not being able to purchase sale items for my personal use.

Rosa Lobato on Aug 1, 2018

I visited my local vons super market this morning, trying to purchase lysol wipes, toilet cleaners, cleaning sprays. If all cashiers would take their time to get educated on how to use manufacture coupons I wouldn't have to go through this matter. The cashier said I was able to use 3... / delivery

uraniaw on Jul 31, 2018

I have been waiting for my orders for months now and when I went check again the items weren't listed or the item doesn't exist. I am in south Africa I ordered a number of things then the third item was delivered and the previous two was either refunded which I didn't request and for the...

Chamunda Swami / fake scam scandal

Sujji1 on Jul 24, 2018

This whole institution in the name of Chamunda Swamiji that this guy is running is FAKE and a serious scandal. I am a firm believer in God. When some unexpected things happened in my life, I went to seek help from the so called "Chamunda Swamiji". He acted very innocent, yet knowleageble and said...

Tainhexinmeng / nike vapors

Stacey Lowe on Jul 20, 2018

TainhexinmengHello I ordered a pair of Nike vapors from your outlet that was posted on Facebook on July 2nd. I have not received them. I'm praying that this was not a scam. I have sent an email to and they have not responded to me yet. This have made me wonder about Nike. The shoes wa...

Makro Online / commodity trader use macro name for scam

Louislombard on Jul 17, 2018

Ronel Smit commodity trader under the company Black Oyster pty ltd reg 2015/384008/07 e mail call me on cell no 0823845016 Saturday morning 23 of June 2018. She tell me she got the contact at one of the Macro's stores and every 6 months she get all the old stoock in...

Select Portfolio Servicing / mortgage swindlers:

balladsinger01 on Jul 17, 2018

In march 2018, my mom passed away and left a debt of $23, 000 left on the house... I have tried repeatedly to explain to them that I am the only living sibling and they keep telling me they won't talk to me unless I prove to them my interest in the house... And my relationship to my mom...

RSA Shell Garage M2 East Denver / fraud

Simphiwe12 on Jul 16, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam I'd like to open a case of fraud against one your garages. The incident happened on Friday the 13th of July 2018 around 12:00 pm. I drive Renault Stepway Expression with a tank capacity of 50 litres and I had half tank before deciding to top it up full tank when I...

Cruz Meadina / is this person contacting multiple people at this time about relationships?

Job1230 on Jul 16, 2018

I suspect I have been a victim of spam and fraud. I am engaged to marry this guy but he all of a sudden has been robbed and it's asking for $500. Are there other people that he is contacting on adam within the last month pursuing friendships or relationships? Please call me because I am...

ripping ppl off / ripping ppl off

Tj Mallory on Jul 14, 2018

this co is ripping ppl off at all their stores when it comes to gas how they will take more out of your ck acct than what gas you got it has hurt ppl that live pay ck to pay ck its not right i dont even know why they do it i could understand to see if you have the money to fill up but once...

Did Money Catch contact you? unclaimed money / unclaimed money service

Suz441 on Jul 7, 2018

I was scammed by Money Catch NSW. This business has been around for over 10 years if their online information is to be believed (it shouldnt). They have been harming consumers through an elaborate and complex con, camouflaging as a real business. Money catch uses unclaimed money to fleece...

Taco Bell / consumers

doingood424 on Jul 7, 2018

I went to taco bell in Lebanon tn it was not the greatest the sour cream was spoiled they didn't have the sauce table with forks and sauces clean or with any stock in it the soda machine had no ice the sodas where carbonated water a few of the customers just stared at me while eating thi...

Tapjoy / line points reward

violithalia on Jul 3, 2018

TapjoyI have completed the offer for Line Points from Tapjoy to download and achieved City Hall Lv. 15 in Arab Empire 2 - King of Desert Game at Jun 28. And I didn't get any Line Points. I have reported my complaint to Tapjoy Reward Help but after this email, i didn't get any futher reply. I added...

Spokeo / I am complaining about the lack of factual statistics that you try to charge people money to get information that is wrong misleading or in accurate

Mhgfe?!’ on Jun 25, 2018

Obviously you are a large business of california but do you need to make $.95 to give someone a yellow page phone number and name? Your ad says all of these shocking records will be pulled up and all I need to do is give you $.95. You're freaking [censored] and not even a mediocre internet...

United States Postal Service [USPS] / antique taken from front porch

wanda worley roland on Jun 23, 2018

Late October 2017, I received packages via USPS. Unfortunately, my husband's mother's 100+ year old hedge clippers were taken the same day. We are both surprised and dissappointed. The person taking MUST have know the value of the clippers. Both financial and the user's value being...

Individual - Phil Strickland / attempted purchase of furniture from me via craigslist

Sally Burgess on Jun 22, 2018

I put an advert on Craigslist (Nashville, TN) for the sale of a table and chairs. Phil Strickland answered and agreed to the price. He did this all without seeing the items but said he was ill and that he would send a carrier to come and get it. He also said he would pay by Paypal. Thi...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / show tours and more

maranda420 on Jun 22, 2018

CVS Pharmacy / CVS HealthWe saw the sign outside of your Store for the Grand Canyon- we went in and spoke with Maria. We told her we planning a trip on Monday June 18- and we would be renting a car to go. She then started telling us why it would be better to go on the Tour. She stated the Tour would stop at Hoover...

Citibank / fraud transaction from my salary card citi bank

Ryz on Jun 22, 2018

Hello sir /Madam, Riyaz here, I have an account with citi bank USA it's salary account, three days ago thr was fraud transaction happen on my account through Western Union, it's completely fraud transaction and it's illegal offence too.. Please contact us on my mail for further detail...

Banque Atlantique / inheritance bank card payment request

Clairet783 on Jun 18, 2018

Dear sir or madam I was contacted by the Togo branch to advise me I needed to pay for my debit card today be tracked to the uk. I was concerned this wasn't a banks usual request. My name is Claire Catherall, I was advised I had inherited this money and was told they won't relish thi...

Meetville App / complaint

Parveen’s on Jun 15, 2018

Hi myself parveen verma my complaint is regarding this app u guys are scam & make me fool by subscribing this app. I don't wants any suscription so cancel my services and refund my money back as soon as posible. As I am very poor guy my daily earnings is 4-5 doller not to enought...