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Home Insurance / Warranty Complaints

Claims Pro / their claims adjuster john lee

Adam Oz on Mar 11, 2019

We have erosion in our back yard and it has made the back deck and yard unsafe. The adjuster John Lee came here for a visit and claimed that he was submitting the claim with 24 hours and he was going to expedite it. All lies! The insurance company just told me that they received the file...

Universal North America / unfairness about my claims.

katherine benton on Jan 29, 2019

Universal North America home insurance, said that they'er dropping me from my, home insurance because I have to many claims But it's one claim one Issue claim number one - January -2-2018 claim no.170lsc24000483 leak in wall in left corner of bedroom could not fix the wall because water wa...

Fwd insurance / claims

Sunshine charles on Jan 25, 2019

Fwd insuranceThis fwd insurance company is really dishonest and their hq is in Hong Kong and their main staffs stationed in Singapore and all around the region's are pinoy that explains the narrow way they think in customer relationship .After I wrote the truth here about them in detail that they have...

My House / train

lomack on Jan 4, 2019

I live at 4826 campenella drive Jacksonville Florida 32209which is about 4 blocks from your rail road track I have lived here for 20 years. When your train come through my community it causes my house to vibrate. which has cause my walls to separate from ceiling . my isurane company came... / rental home insurance

Lisa Rhodes on Dec 3, 2018

This company has an online page they don't use. My claims report from Hurricane Michael was ridiculously low. They did send me a small additional check, but I have no idea what the check is for. Totally unprofessional and utter lack of communication. The get an F in my book. I would... / claims process / insurance claim process

runrunand on Oct 1, 2018

Let me just begin by saying that the level of incompetence and attention to detail within this company is well sub-par and that's being super generous. This company not only lost my check, but once they found it, they allocated the funds to someone else. I called, was told the fund...

HWA Home Warranty / service

bevrly on Sep 24, 2018

this will be my 5th or 6th complaint kind of hard to keep up with because that is all I do is complain with no resolution. To begin my claim originated in July regarding my air conditioner it is almost October and I am still waiting. At first I was asked to send in my inspection report...

Armed Forces Insurance / homeowners insurance

GabeLG on Sep 10, 2018

I am writing this review to direct the attention of the "Chairman of Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) and Management Team". Most importantly, to the people who are looking for a homeowner's Insurance or already a customer of AFI. I have been a customer for more than 32 years with 0 claims. I...

Pyratek / washer false claim

L.Randle on Aug 29, 2018

Contract # TX-2437883 Good morning, Please help!!! There was a claim made over five months ago for my washer. However, the company Pyratek Appliance that was assigned to my work order never came to my home to diagnose the washer. Somehow, we was charged a fee. Back when the fee wa...

Bankers Inc / job interview, sales, management position

Billy Weimer on Aug 16, 2018

I was called by Pam Donnelly a recruiter for Bankers Inc. She told me that my resume experience was perfect for a management position for their new office located in Tampa FL. She said that Bankers success in Sarasota is now expanding to Tampa and currently looking for a new office and new...

King and State / extended warranty

Chris Kissoon on Aug 2, 2018

Reference number relating to my case 3507509 I have been waiting for approx 2 weeks to get a service person to honor my extended with the brick. I have been given the push around from the need to Call the brick customer service to calling King and State directly who in turn directed me to call...

The taste of the velveeta cheese / velveeta original slices

Bradley smiths on Jul 28, 2018

The taste of the velveeta cheeseWe purchased 3 pack of this cheese from super one in carencro la. We graded 2 packs the cheese to make tacos and the cheese had a funny taste. Yesterday we open the 3 pack to make sandwiches and it had the same taste. I'm not satisfied with it at all and I never had any problems with the...

Choice Home Services / choice home services

Tomb23 on Jul 20, 2018

AC System failed, 100 plus degrees, ! Took 21 days until they denied my claim. In the beginning they were going to assign/find a tech never did. Got one myself sent diagnosis, state if didn't have complete details. Everything time I sent something they requested they say they will respond in...

Homesite Insurance / claims process

Miltman on Jul 12, 2018

I've been a Homesite customer for years. Never paid late, and until recently, never filed a claim. Had a delivery stolen by a Porch Pirate from in front of my home. Thanks to the deductible, Homesite was looking at paying out less than $200. After sending purchase info and the police...

My home loan insurance / home loan insurance with sa home loans

Marou on Jul 6, 2018

I took up home insurance with SA homeloans never claimed once. I came home 3 days ago with bursting pipe and geyser leaking inside the roof .my flooring cabinets and ceiling badly damage and this affected the plugs and electricity. I spoke to Nykitta Fouche who is handling my claim requested...

Tower Hill Insurance Group AKA Omega Insurance Group / claims

Brian-H on Jul 3, 2018

Negative 5 stars! The short version: Hurricane Irma caused a tree to fall on our house, along with several more on the property. The initial estimate of loss was incomplete by more than half. And this isn't damage that a contractor needed uncover. The estimate contained many items that said...

Allstate /Castle Key Insurance underwriters / homeowners insurance renewal

Grey Brill on Jun 23, 2018

Our current home has been with Allstate /Castle Key since we bought it in 1997. I have been using Allstate since I returned from Vietnam in 1974. Now the underwriters won't renew because house doesn't have gutters and rainwater could pool around foundation. BS! Built in 1950, house i...

Southern Fidelity Insurance / homeowners insurance. homeowners beware!

FLBoatGirl on May 23, 2018

I had storm damage to my roof and it started leaking In March 2018. I called Southern Fedility and filed a claim. I've had this insurance company for over 12 years. I've never filed anything. They sent the adjuster out to assess my roof and interior damage. We had 60 MPH winds when my roof...

Real Legacy Assurance / home insurance

cantonvi on May 23, 2018

Pauline Canton & Douglas E. Canton, Jr. via Power of Attorney AARP Card # [protected] 9 Phone: [protected] e-mail: [protected] Policy No. DPF [protected] Claim No. 627046 Adjusting Company: Vericlaims Insurer: AARP Property and Casualty Insurance Program from Real Legacy...

Clayton Homes Lumberton, TX / service after the sale

ThHarvey on Apr 23, 2018

My husband and I purchased a WACO double wide from Clayton Homes in Lumberton, TX in November after our WAVERLY home was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. The home was delivered and we moved in the weekend after Thanksgiving. On December 19 we did a walk through with the service manager to...