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Home Insurance / Warranty Complaints

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Liberty Mutual Insurance / Homeowner’s insurance policy

chris sanchez4009 on Oct 19, 2018

I sold my townhouse on 9/14 and closed with all financing on same day. I spoke with customer service 2 days before and they notified me they would send a paper check 2 weeks after I closed on 9/28. I requested a check be sent to my new address as I had to vacate townhouse after closing. Customer...

Choice Home Warranty / unethical behaviour and breech of contract

Phillip Lake on Oct 18, 2018

We had coverage through this company. It clearly stated in the covered section of household plumbing that leaks from the pipes or broken pipes were covered. We have a free standing shower in the master bathroom. We filed a claim. The plumbers, that we have used before without complaint...

Liberty Mutual Insurance / (lack of) service

Simpson01 on Oct 17, 2018

Had sewage back-up on September 8, 2018. Liberty has gone out of their way to denim claims, even though I have documentation, pictures, invoices, etc., and has even hired a "Leak expert" to deny my claim. A LEAK EXPERT! I didn't even know they existed! I paid for sewage back-up insurance...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / home warranty and contractor complaint

S S Thomas on Oct 16, 2018

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]My plan number is [protected]. I submitted a request for service on Saturday, October 13 for a blockage in my kitchen garbage disposal unit. I did not hear from the contractor, Blue Ridge Mountain Plumbing until I called them on Monday, October 15th. They scheduled me for between 12 and 4 pm...

Mattamy Homes / being ignored by the builder regarding a leaking roof, which they already repaired once.

Kim Rodrigue on Oct 8, 2018

Mattamy HomesApproximately 2 years after we took possession, we noticed a leak above the master bedroom closet door frame. I had always noticed a rough spot on the door frame when dusting, but I thought it was just sloppy finish work that we would fix when we repaint. After a few days of heavy rain, the...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / poor service - little to no coverage

Kathy P. on Oct 6, 2018

I am beyond frustrated with this company. I had submitted a claim more than 3 weeks ago and the end result was it being denied. The first service tech that they sent out assessed the issue and submitted their paperwork. After we paid the deductible, HMS deemed them unable to properly...

Allstate Insurance Company / insurance claim # [protected]. water damage in kitchen

Lennon Maye on Oct 5, 2018

Allstate Insurance CompanyWe were informed that Allstate has denied coverage to damages done by a water leak from our dishwasher. On labor day we noticed this problem and notified our agent immediately. I cannot use my kitchen area, we have young kids not able to prepare meals is a big inconvenience. In addition my...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / being charged monthly bill when I cancelled and never renewed

Beverly Swift Pony on Oct 4, 2018

When a person does not renew a policy it is canceled. I told my bank to stop payment on my policy because it was due to be renewed (I did not renew it). I tried time and time again to call ahs to cancel my policy but got nothing more than the runaround. They are more than happy to send a...

Homemark / floormax 360 topmop

Ngwasehale on Oct 4, 2018

The rotary system on the mop stopped operating all together. When returned to the stpre of purchase, a Game store located in Groblersdal. I was turned back on the basis that the mop did not have warranty. So as this being a homemark product I am writing to you to confirm this statement... / claims process / insurance claim process

runrunand on Oct 1, 2018

Let me just begin by saying that the level of incompetence and attention to detail within this company is well sub-par and that's being super generous. This company not only lost my check, but once they found it, they allocated the funds to someone else. I called, was told the fund...

Ford Motor Company / symbol of “spanner” at my dashboard screen which cant solved

intan 999 on Sep 26, 2018

Ford Motor CompanyDear Sir, For your info I bought a new Ford Ranger 2.2XLT 4WD from Malacca, Malaysia Branch Seong Hoe Motors sdn Bhd on dated 28.2.2018 as per owner certificate. After few months' time there is a symbol of "SPANNER" at my dashboard screen. I went to Branch Seong Hoe Motors sdn Bhd your...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / continuation service to close to large holes after plumbing repair

yukishiro on Sep 25, 2018

AHS sent a plumber to evaluate my problem in April 2018. After several calls to the plumber to schedule appointment to perform the work the plumber said was approved I telephoned AHS. I learned the plumber had not submitted an assessment contrary to what I was told. AHS attempted to reach...

Choice Home Warranty / refrigerator

Hugh Lynn on Sep 25, 2018

The refrigerator was not working. They sent a technician came to take a look and said that need to replaces some parts and those parts were not cover by their insure. They denied my claim. I tried to call the technician to understand more but never got called back even I left so many...

HWA Home Warranty / service

bevrly on Sep 24, 2018

this will be my 5th or 6th complaint kind of hard to keep up with because that is all I do is complain with no resolution. To begin my claim originated in July regarding my air conditioner it is almost October and I am still waiting. At first I was asked to send in my inspection report...

Choice Home Warranty / inability to service their warranty

Linda2walker on Sep 21, 2018

Often Choice Home Warranty does not have a contractor to assign to your claim. You must find your own contractor. Upon his arrival, you will have to contact the warranty company to get pre-authorization. Be prepared for a long wait (long enough that you'll be invited to leave your phone...

Sears Home Warranty / samsung washing machine

Sonia M Ramirez on Sep 20, 2018

I first need a repai request on aug 18th 2018. The repair man came out and did his diagnostic on my washer. The service department he calls said I needed all new interior on my washer... That (new tub, the gear box, motherboard, the tub housing and whatever else goes in there$1600 in...

BOA Property Claims / holding twia claim funds

jrgouin on Sep 19, 2018

Bank of America has purposefully delayed returning funds from TWIA claim for repairs for my home. I have spoken to at least 5 different agents and each one tells me something different... they all where not telling the truth... one agent would say that all I needed was this and the next...

Duke Energy / tree trimmers

Robert Wayne Harmon on Sep 16, 2018

My name is Robert Wayne Harmon. I live at 153 Sloans Grove Road and have been a Duke customer for 50 + years. Today ( 9/16/2018) right around 11:30 am two trucks came to my back door neighbor's home (Harold and Caroline Smith, 165 Sloans Grove Road) for an emergency call. A tree wa...

Choice Warranty / ge cooktop

Rena40 on Sep 15, 2018

Choice WarrantyChoice warranty servicemam came out over three weeks ago to check on my electric cooktop. They only wanted to give me $213 for a $1400, with installation for my GE Profile Cooktop. So I declined. I have called over 15 times, I called my claims handler over 10 times. I emailed her three...

Choice Home Warranty / a/c problem caused by choice home warranty

James Bradshaw on Sep 12, 2018

moved into home in Arlington TX in February 2017. in June of 2017 A/C quit working. 1st contractor replaced several items including fan on condenser. Not fixed. 2nd guy added refrigerant. not fixed .100 degrees, no ac from June till August. 3rd guy found 1st guy put on wrong fan, causing...