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Assurant Solutions / stolen ring

Hector Avila on Jun 19, 2017
First off let me say this even when I was trying to submit my claim thru fax which is such a pain the neck I tried to send it but it seemed like they kept disconnecting the call it would not make it to the second page I thought it was just my phone line I went to several places just to fax...

The Brick / warranty rebate

Cathy Rapier on Jun 19, 2017
We bought stove, fridge, microwave, dishwasher at the brick and purchased extended warranty. We where to, d that if we did use the warrant we would get a store credit. We didn't use the warranty on stove or microwave. I was never told anything about how it was up to me to go to the brick...

Choice Home Warranty / choice home warranty coverage of home air conditioner

Geron Jones on Jun 19, 2017
After requesting repairs of my air conditioner it took this company a WEEK to decide that the AC Compressor had failed for reasons other than "normal wear and tear" denying repairs (Clause A2). The unit was more than 20+ years old and the compressor failed in the middle of a Heat Wave...

Choice Home Warranty / a/c unit

Rhf4460 on Jun 16, 2017
In August of 2016 I put in a claim # 58620481, and they came out and replace a compacitor. How ever it was only a bandaid because it still did not blow as cold as my other unit, had it's compressor replace two years prior by anothther Home Warranty Company. By the way we left them because...

Home Choice Warranty / air conditioning

Rafik Darnakh 41 on Jun 13, 2017
Purchased home warranty, after a month and a week my airconditioning broke. Called Home choice warranty to fix the Air con. They sent a company to look at the issue. The discovered a leak... the home choice warranty refused to pay for a leak test claiming that a leak test is part of maintenance? They...

Choice Home Warranty / refusal to repair/replace coil in air conditioning unit

Kbrunner on Jun 8, 2017
Put Freon in air conditioning unit April 28 but called them back in late May due to unit blowing hot air. Came out on June 1 and charged me for a leak test ( $160) and technician took a picture of the coil in the furnace (inside my house) and sent it to Choice Home Warranty. I got an email...

Choice Home Warranty / choice home warranty, fully lacking lab at best customer service personnel

Whiskey Lima on Jun 8, 2017
Greetings, As of one minute ago, I/We had been customers/clients of Choice Home Warranty!. Over the past two to three days, all that I have been dealt by two customer service representatives I had spoken with, as well as one supervisor; And then, when I called the Cancellation Department...

Shoopman Homes / roof + 2-10 warranty

timetraveler_013 on May 21, 2017
Shoopman HomesOverview: Builder installed roof shingles between dec 9-17, 2016. Temperatures averaged 20°f. Closed on home feb 3. Have had 6 missing shingle events since and unsealed roof shingle-tabs look bad (I. E., creases, no adhesive under some, nail pops, foot traffic damage, etc.). Builder will...

American Home Shield / ac

NO AC For a month on May 19, 2017
I called in a service request for my upstairs AC, a week went by and no one called me to advise a repair tec would come out. I called back several times during the week and was told it was given to a company. I called the company directly and they told me it was a glitch in their system...

Jessica Green / roof installation

whatazit on May 17, 2017
Jessica GreenI have the unfortunate problem of using Sears to install my roof. Picture it 2013 summer Florida. A young woman and her father are grieving the death of a mother. The father decides to take care of the daughter. He uses Sears to get her a roof, with a thirty year warranty. Father pay...

Choice Home Warranty / water heater claim

jeibin on May 15, 2017
Called CHW Thursday May 11 after noticing water by the water heater. The water heater is a covered item. Tech came the next day and determined the water heater needs replacement. CHW denied the claim since they do not cover the tank, How can you cover the water heater and not the tank...

Gander Mountain / myth baitcast combo rod and reel

David Flatt on May 13, 2017
I purchased this rod and reel 5/12/17 at a discount price because of the liquidation sale. Now I know all sales are final, by I expected paying almost $75 for a rod/reel that it would work. It took it fishing this morning 5/13/17 and it doesn't work. I took it back to Bowling Green, Ky...

Choice Home Warranty / ac unit

john cotten on May 12, 2017
My ac quit working on 5/8/17 called choice home warranty they sent ac tech out on 5/11/17 he stated the ac compressor is bad and he would talk with the warranty company and they would contact me, they sent email for me to call them I did, they denied claim #62241844 replacing ac compressor...

Progressive / Coverage options

SLacy on May 10, 2017
To all that this concern, I have been a paying policy holder with Progressive (auto insurance) for 9 years, in addition to having a homeowner’s policy for 8 years. The history of my policies will reflect a well-paying consumer, with no previous claims filed AGAINST EITHER POLICY. I am...

Choice Home Warranty / refused to service/replace a.c. unit

dvg4 on May 4, 2017
CHW is a ripoff company..Do not use them! They will make up reasons to deny claims especially if the appliance needs to be replaced. Please heed my warnings..just look at all of the complaints. CHW is claiming that my a.c. unit is broken due to rust or corrosion. I had 3 different...

Choice Home Warranty / all their services

JoseAleja on May 4, 2017
This company is a SCAM!!! If you are thinking on getting this insurance, read the fine print in their contract first. At the end, you may be paying an expensive insurance that covers almost nothing. We had two claims and both were denied. They advertise that they will replace your appliance...

Choice Home Warranty / air conditioner unit

Dannett Olwin on May 2, 2017
For years I've had my a/c serviced by choice home warranty . The first time the system breaks down and isn't able to work any longer despite replacing an obsolete part on the unit. I'm being told we cannot help you in replacing your 25 year old system but we can only pay for the part which...

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / Sending me quotes based on numerous conversations, then trying to run my cc for more than my quotes.

Dennise Huessy on Apr 28, 2017
I contacted State Farm Ins. Ryan Paulson Agency in Clackamas, OR. I spent several days going over my insurance info. including wanting a policy for a new home I am building, and coverage for 4 auto's that we own. I asked for full coverage at the same rate of coverage that I already have...

Progressive / robert gleason - agent immoral and unethical behavior

BridgettSmith on Apr 28, 2017
4/27/2017- I work with Champion Mortgage Company as a HUD Assignment Claims Specialist. I had a homeowner whose account needed an updated declaration page for their file to be submitted to HUD. I faxed a request into Mr. Gleasons office, as he was the agent we had on file. At 12:06 my time on...

Choice Home Warranty / warranty

Mckicker on Apr 21, 2017
To Whom it may concern, Myself and Syed Imtiaz have been with Choice for several years now and I paid in full for Insurance with Choice. I recently made a claim about an ongoing issue with my upstairs air conditioner. 1. The first person that came out I am not even sure he was certified...
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