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American Home Shield / warranty customers not a priority

Vic from Jax on Dec 10, 2017
Our heat pump is out, which I reported on Wed (Acct # 212327742). The service provider (Total Air Care) tech came out Thus after lunch. He was very helpful & informative. He told us that the reverser valve was faulty & needed to be replaced in order to finish the job. This part was at...

American Home Shield / on phone 3 times, 3 hang ups and each time over 40 min wait...

bea gonshor on Dec 5, 2017
I was trying to reach customer service for mail I am getting from you reqarding delinquent fee of $75.00. My credit card shows a payment to AHS for $75.00 on Oct. 28th 2017. The plumber was at my home on Oct. 27th 2017. Please let me know what I am delinquent for??? I just made another payment of...

Choice Home Warranty / septic system cleaning and repair

Julesatlanta on Dec 3, 2017
I bought choice home warranty with a septic system addition. It was to cover any and all repairs on the septic system as well as a clean out, emptying' once a year. I called to have the system cleaned out before moving. The company sent to service the system said it would cost me $400 out...

Whirlpool / whirlpool refrigerator

Murali b on Nov 26, 2017
My Registrered mobile.no-9444447661. I bought a fridge 4years back.but now it was repaired.the engineer came and checked the fridge and said that it was repaired due to gas leakage in compressor and also collected the amount of ₹300/-..The compressor have 5years warranty.The engineer wa...

American Home Shield / deceptive business practices - unethical behavior-incompetent and unprofessional

micj1 on Nov 21, 2017
AHS practices in Deceptive business practices 1) failure to meet contractual obligations related to response times; 2) failure to expedite services deemed as emergent; 3) false denials leading to delayed service repairs; 4) inappropriate, inaccurate and inconsistent interpretations of...

American Home Shield / lack of service and response from vendor & ahs

Miked3deep on Nov 8, 2017
We have been waiting since August 23rd 2017 to have our oven/microwave combo and our cooktop vent repaired due to an electrical surge. We have been as patient as possible, but now we are at our end. The horrible customer service from your vendor Accord Appliances is beyond belief and I do...

Loyola Plans Consolidated, Inc. / I am complaining about the education, pension and memorial services benefit check.

Anne Beloncio on Nov 8, 2017
Loyola plans consolidated, inc. Plan benefit administration dept. Makati city, philippines Dear sir/madam: I am a planholder of loyola plans general santos city, my complaint details is like these: Request for certificate of fullpayment of the following contracts and plan types: ...

AARP Services / getting a refund from old flood ins. company

dmgines on Nov 6, 2017
American National P& C company was our old flood insurance. They were charging us 3700.00 for a year. It was a surprise to have our house payment go up by 300.00 because of it. We are both on disability and have a limited income so this hurt quite a bit. We found a much better company for...

American Strategic Insurance Corp / homeowners insurance

Alejandro S. on Nov 2, 2017
I insured my house with ASI for years. Nice house in a nice, zero-crime neighborhood, Now I am moving and selling my property, so ASI is canceling my insurance "because property is vacant"... three weeks before the closing date. No way to get stopgap insurance from them, not even at a...

Discovery Health / insurance claims

Lindz7 on Nov 2, 2017
Discovery HealthI note with concern that my insurance premium and excess has been increased due to the large number/value of claims by Discovery Health. Why I should be penalised for re-work on Discovery's Contractors part? If you look at the claims listing attached with my comments, numerous claims had to be...

Absa Home Loan Insurance / I am complaining about geyser insurance on my bond

Zola Soldati on Nov 1, 2017
Policy No. : 6522150113 Claim No. : 3314730 I would like to lodge a formal complaint about bad services I am receiving from ABSA Home Loan Insurance for my Geyser. I reported a faulty Geyser on 28 August 2017 which does not have hot water. A local plumber was appointed to fix my problem...

Geico / issues with the adjuster processing my claim

Yolanda Weddington on Oct 25, 2017
Today I went to get an estimate. Lisa Strangeman was very negative from the start, questioning me as if I was lying about the accident. Also told me ABRA service centers were totally booked for appointments and I would have to wait a while to be served. She said my accident wa...

American Home Shield / poor and s l o w service

SteveSteveSteveSteve on Oct 23, 2017
To talk to a person to complain, plan to wait on hold for at least 30 minutes. I am waiting on the phone now for 55 minutes and it appears that the music stopped and I probably got disconnected. If you do finally get through, you'll get someone that is informationless and incapable of making...

Travelers Insurance / homeowners insurance

rondavueus on Oct 18, 2017
I have been in my house for approximately 1 year and 6 months. I noticed some water damage in the basement. I called Travelers Insurance Company & spoke with a claims adjuster. He said will have someone come out And take a look. It took 3 weeks for someone to come out. After waiting 3...

CitiMortgage / insurance claim process

DMAC69 on Oct 17, 2017
My name is Dedrick McCarvy, (#2003992488) and my home flooded in the Historic Flood in Baton Rouge Louisiana on August 14, 2016. I made a claim through my insurance company and insurance proceeds were sent in my name and CitiMortgage. The devastation of my home flooding was minor in...

American Integrity Insurance [AIICFL] / homeowners insurance

Rocio Esposito on Oct 16, 2017
Over 30 days after Hurricane Irma, still waiting for help. Very disappointed with American Integrity Insurance Group. Hurricane Irma damaged my roof and my home over one month ago. The day after Irma hit I filed a claim. Over one month later, I am still waiting to get help for coverage...

Choice Home Warranty / breach of contract standard practice - let's fight back

chwscam web site on Oct 12, 2017
This is an abbreviated post. Choice Home Warranty has denied valid claims for many of us. If you posted a negative comment here or anywhere, it's because they "stuck it to you", and a post was all you could do. It's not all you can do. I am setting up a web site so we can organize as a...

Wellington Risk Insurance Agency / claims

Daniela in Corpus Christi on Oct 12, 2017
I was one of the Harvey Victims who suffered Wind and Flood damage in my home. The insurance company took two months without calling me or sending me a letter for a check of 283.00 for the damage. Didn't even cover the tree removal. My ceiling in living, kids bedrooms and closets are...

Choice Home Warranty / website to warn others

chwscam web site on Oct 11, 2017
Choice Home Warranty has proven to be a complete scam operation. The deny valid claims. In my case, they twice changed what the on-site technician reported, in order to deny the claim. First issue was with the hot water heater; current issue is the air conditioning system. (I will share the...

Sears / samsung refrigerator

OCallaghan on Oct 11, 2017
Today's Date / 10.10.17 I currently have a Sears Home Warranty Policy, that covers all my appliances purchased 6 years ago. I am currently asking myself what benefit is there to having this home warranty policy. In the last year I have submitted 3 repair claims for the following appliance...
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