Health & Life Insurance Complaints

Humana 1 / Customer service related to claims made while Humana was my insurance carrier

on Apr 18, 2019

I need to speak to a person related to numerous medical claims made during 2017, when I had Humana, but claims dept cannot help, Humana 1 has full voicemail box, and switchboard is extremely unhelpful and rude. Also tried to call Humana complaints department and ended up with same...

Humana Medicare Advantage PPO / lousy coverage, poor service

on Apr 17, 2019

Prior to switching to Humana I made sure that my prescriptions were in their formulary. After refilling a med that I have been taking for 10 years I get a letter from Humana telling me that they will not pay for any more of this drug because I need prior authorization. I contacted my...

Independent American Insurance / I can’t get any information on doctors

on Apr 5, 2019

No information at all about how the ppo works.. You have to have some information about services you provide... Amanda wants me to call around like I did today.. Nobody has heard of your company. You must have a better way to communicate! Please tell me you must have a group of doctor...

Seller / KDYDZ Accessories Stores / samsung tv t’con board

on Apr 4, 2019

The seller sent a different item. After discussing the seller asked to return item and agreed to send full refund on my PayPal account. But till today I didn't receive amount. I asked for payment many times but the seller doesn't reply to my messages. Date: 2019/02/13 11:29 Order...

American Heritage Life Insurance Co. / Allstate Benefits. / unethical behaviour life insurance company.

on Apr 2, 2019

In 1988, I was hired at an automotive dealership in Nashville, TN. They, at that time had an "insurance guy" named Marshall J. Cransford, a grandfatherly gentleman who came by periodically to help us with all our life insurance needs. He provided information to American Heritage Life...

51 Madison Avenue / life insurance

on Mar 1, 2019

When I did not go ahead with finalizing an interview for a policy and never made an apt with their nurse, for my daughter, the company already cashed my check for $687.69!!!. I was promised to be reimbursed within 14 days I was sent a letter by dake hubbard (total jerk) stating that I...

Ambetter / health plan

on Jan 23, 2019

I was helping my daughter look for an otolaryngologist. There were several doctors on the list but hardly any actually take ambetter. One ent group has fourteen doctors which are all on the list but the group itself does not take the plan. Ambetter is really sneaky about that, putting...

CCI Care / scam billing

on Jan 14, 2019

They are billing my sister francy milner for care for our father for $42 and we never hired them. Please email me immediately with a resolution. Online it indicates that this is a scam company. See And they are located in ma (or so...

Masshealth / masshealth coverage

on Jan 7, 2019

I received a letter from Mass health on Jan 6th, 2019 which was postmarked Jan 4th and dated Dec 25, 2018. It stated that I did not qualify for Mass health coverage in which I was currently on. I am currently disabled and my status and financial situation have not changed. I received some...

Omnipoint Miami E License, Llc / omnipoint miami e license, llc

on Nov 3, 2018

Calling from multiple numbers regarding insurance told not interested keep calling all day and evening. Calling from [protected] fake company. Omnipoint Miami E License, LLC filed as a Foreign Limited Liability in the State of Florida and is no longer active. The caller rambled something...

E.R. Insurance / health insurance scam

on Oct 30, 2018

On july 2 2018 I spoke to mariano ortega on the phone regarding health insurance who was the sales representative who guided me to purchase the insurance I obtained. He stated the monthly premium is $251.00 with no deductable and a $250.00 per day co-pay for emergeny rooms and hopital...

Florida Blue Classic HMO / tier exception

on Sep 25, 2018

My Doctor gave me a tiering exception for my Generic drug, Florida Blue had it as a tier 4, so the exception lowered it to a tier 3, but I don't really understand why they told me I lost that tiering exception. I checked with my Doctor today at my appointment and he told me he gave me that...

Red Paw Health Services / abusive behaviour

on Sep 18, 2018

Red paw tester, I believe his name is william is extremely sarcastic, rude and ignorant. He yelled at me for being 10 minutes early and said to me that "my kind" should not stress him out. I asked him what he meant by that but he sneered off topic and told me to go outside and take a walk... / cancellation of my contract; hospital policy

on Aug 31, 2018

I have been given a policy that I don't want at all the guy that called me from the call centre assured me that I can cancel it and i am given 30 days to either activate or deactivate the contract but shortly after the call I receive an sms saying my policy is activated I am given a...

Undercover Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd / no lines for a month

on Aug 27, 2018

Hi, we have had no lines for a month in Bedfordview. First the lines were stolen and now we have a problem at the actual Telkom box which apparently can take 3 weeks to repair as per the technician that was here on Friday the 24th of August. This is unacceptable as this is now affecting...

Liberty Life Assurance Company Of Boston-Leave Services / leave management services

on Aug 24, 2018

I am an employee through Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh PA. My company utilities Liberty Mutual for handling their leaves. I had a family emergency and needed an intermittent FMLA. I completed the paperwork online which was advertised as the fasted way. I also called after filing... / application for medical aid for my mother

on Aug 18, 2018

To whom it may concern I have been struggling to get my 73"yr old mother on medical aid since April. It's almost September and I still cannot get her on. There was so many back and forth requirements which made is extremely difficult for me to complete as I was pregnant and gave...

UCA/Perennial Care/CHUBB/ACI / unpaid claims, misrepresentation of services offered

on Aug 10, 2018

I signed up with the above-mentioned companies in March of 2018. The sales spiel they gave sounded amazing, and that should have been my first clue. I did research and found nothing but good reviews. I have always received insurance through my husband's work policy or through my work. Not...

Blue Care Network / customer support and grievance resolution

on Aug 9, 2018

My grandson needed counseling and we took him to see a recommended doctor. The doctor did not want to deal with Blue Care so we had to pay out of pocket $800.00 and when we tried to get any reimbursement they denied it every time. Now they are telling us we will have to sue them. This i...

Apollo gleneagles Kolkata / stroke patients are dependent hence mishandled, rough behaviour with patients and with guests. sisters don't even know the meaning of nursing

on Jul 8, 2018

Apollo Hospital — stroke patients are dependent hence mishandled, rough behaviour with patients and with guests. sisters don't even know the meaning of nursing 1 Review karabi roy on Jul 8, 2018 Mark as Resolved Pathetic service, untolerable in stroke unit as all the stroke patients are...

Health Net of California / enhanced care ppo

on Jun 28, 2018

This health insurer took my money starting March 2018 for an individual health insurance policy and continued to bill me for premiums due while processing all my claims the wrong way (as 'out of network' while they were all 'in-network'). As a consequence no benefits were paid on my...

Call Center for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida / service representative

on Jun 4, 2018

My fiancé called the number found online for to set up an insurance plan for him and myself, primarily myself. Among all of his phone calls to the "call center" the first call/ representative/ "floor lead"/ "supervisor" was the...

Ambetter Health / health insurance - nv

on Jun 1, 2018

Here in NV, this company is very inefficient. Materials are never sent timely, the website does not function properly, the medical network is very weak, the provider search feature is inaccurate, the EOBs are not posted timely, the communication portal is not followed up upon timely or...

SOS Protect / insurance

on May 30, 2018

I have noticed that SOS Protect has been debiting my bank account every month for many years now but I have learnt that they are no longer in existence. I would like an investigation lodged against this Company as I believe that the monies are being diverted elsewhere. I am in need of...

One Minute Clinic / billed for flu vaccination

on May 18, 2018

On 1/15/2018, I went to the One Minute Clinic at CVS store #8174 to get a flu vaccination. The technician said that the insurance may or may not cover the expense. I responded that if not covered, then I would get the vaccination at my primary care physician's office since Priority Health...

Response Processing Center / life insurance

on Apr 13, 2018

Received a card noting to send in info with birthdate and spouse name and birthdate. Has a Htm webpage but I checked and there is no such page so I knew it was a scam. I never give out information unless I thoroughly check it out!!! This is how scammers get...

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel/Regarding my Benefits as a Marriot Employee / about my ticket entitlement

on Mar 22, 2018

To HR, Team, I work at Le Méridien Dubai hotel for 5 years and 3 months as a Guest Relation Officer, and part of my benefits is full 2way ticket every second year, however on my 4 year I decided not to go home due to some finacial issue and decided to encash my ticket, however last...

Liberty Health — Alliance for Consumers USA — First Quote Health (NOT the same as Liberty Health Share) / health insurance — misled by agents

on Mar 20, 2018

Do not confuse with Liberty Health Share, a Christian organization in which members share healthcare expenses. This is the company I thought I was contacting. I purchased a Liberty Health "policy" November 2017 to be effective January 2018. I had to pay the first month's premium plus an...

Florida Blue HMO / refusing to pay approved claim and refusing to authorize further treatment

on Mar 16, 2018

I had outpatient lumbar surgery on 8/30/17, which was approved for the date of 8/30/17. On 8/24, I went in for the pre-op assessment and paid the hospital over $1800 to finish out my deductible. Florida Blue refuses to pay any of the claims from North Florida Regional Medical Center in...

Cartpusher / service

on Mar 9, 2018

On March 9th 2018 approximately 1:00 pm. A Hispanic individual without a name tag. Saw me walking into the store and noticed my head turned and touched/bumping into me. Then states I should be walking looking straight ahead. To me I feel he saw me looking another way and then decided to walk...

Northrup Grumman / life insurance claim

on Feb 24, 2018

Northrup GrummanInsured; kettin e. Stanbury / claim number - [protected] / payee: dai i. Stanbury (son) / group/ sub/pay point [protected] check amount - $3761.30- this is from your group life claims division/ policy holder: northrup grumman corporation (check number [protected]/213. So here goes. My...

Peter Morgan / humana

on Feb 23, 2018

Since december we have been having constant problems with humana paying claims for surgical procedures. These procedures have an approval on file. The records repeatedly get lost (hipaa violation) and then humana refuses to pay saying medical records do not support codes billed which is a...

Richard Kavila Resolution Insurance / sells fake insurance conman fraud nairobi kenya

on Feb 20, 2018

Richard kavila resolution insurance sells fake insurance conman fraud nairobi kenya Richard kavila claims to work for resolution insurance in nairobi kenya. This guy was kicked out of resolution insurance many many years ago. For the past few years he's been selling fake insurance in...

Fedsure Medical Aid / change of personal details

on Feb 12, 2018

As we have moved to a new location, we have been battling since November 2017 to change personal and bank details with Fedsure Medical Aid. Although we are reminded that we can change details on-line, such on-line changes are not possible. In the interim, we received a notification that an...

Bestmed Health / customer services

on Feb 10, 2018

My husband had been a member of Bestmed with his ex-wife from 2001- December 2010. From their he went onto his own medical aid with Bestmed on same plan from Jan 2011 until May 2014. We are now in a position to apply for a medical aid again and I am battling to get letter of confirmation...

Guardian/Short Term Disability / short term disability

on Jan 30, 2018

These people have no idea what it like to be at the mercy of their incompetence. Hard working people who have surgery or an accident depend on the pitins we receive in Short term Disability. I am proactive in taking care of my account with them. I went to the surgeon when scheduled and... / website

on Jan 19, 2018

Website extremely difficult to gain access to. Either you can't make connection to the server or it keeps freezing or the processes such as trying to sign up for paperless billing are just not going through. Very frustrating to say the least. This website has been glitchy since I started...

Frontiers in Bioscience / conexis - wageworks

on Jan 11, 2018

We obtained COBRA insurance and had to deal with Conexis-Wage works. After sending the money they sent a second invoice which was paid but we did not include our account number on the check. Wageworks cashed the check and then we realized that they actually cashed both checks and never...

Frans / stone money from me

on Jan 1, 2018

I sent money 6 days ago I think, and they wrote it unauthorized. I sent my veritification identity and they said I should and when I call them I think a lady name iva told me hey cant process my money and she ask me lot of queestion and laugh at me. I can communicate so much because am...

ASARP Medicare RX Plans (with Walgreens) / classifying a tier 2 drug (like other companies) as a 3 & extreme increase in cost for 2018

on Dec 19, 2017

I signed up for AARPs aarUnited Healthcare Rx Plan through Walgreens for 2017 (membership #[protected]) for $30+ something. It is now going up to $42.80. Here's what they paid for a Tier 1 med for me $4 per month ($48 for the year.) Another med they classified as Tier 3 (but other insurance...