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United Healthcare / Coverage denied for alcohol dependence treatment

twrac on May 22, 2017
I sought treatment for alcohol dependence through an accredited intensive outpatient program. I had to pay $640.00 out of my own pocket to meet my out of pocket maximum with United Healthcare. I am 8 week into a 10 week program and in a couple days I will have been sober for 60 days and am...

Physicians Mutual Insurance / unethical behavior

Jazzdad25 on May 19, 2017
I have been getting phone calls from these people for years and for years I have asked them to quit calling. I also receive their mail and have sent it back requesting that they discontinue this and all to no avail. I recently called them again and the lady said she would take care of...

One Home Medical Equipment LLC / hospital bed unethical behavior

Marta Hernandez on May 15, 2017
One Home Medical Equipment, LLC. Humana should check the providers, this one is the worth company I ever deal with. My mother an 93 year old with dementhia, had to sleep with a mattress on the floor this past Saturday, May 13, because of your workers at customer service an dispatch, I had...

Florida Blue / health insurance

Dexter2014 on May 13, 2017
Four months I have been trying to get my premium straighten out. Blue cross has stopped paying my claims. I enrolled in the market place and received my premium notice. I have paid it every month and blue cross said it is correct. They are trying to charge me 130.00 dollars more then the...

Aflac / chronic solicitation from robert beegel, aflac

M. Herman on May 12, 2017
AflacOur facility has a long term disability carrier and I have expressed that to the representative who continues to come to our emergency hospital. We do not want any further solicitation from mr. Robert beegel or any other aflac representative. Please remove 75 sunrise hwy, west islip ny...

Bestmed / medical aid

Priya Lalla on May 12, 2017
My husband and I have taken out a medical aid with bestmed and the medical aid is for my husband myself and our 5 year old daughter who we in the process of adopting. Bestmed came back accepting my husband and myself but not my child due to the fact that she does not yet carry my surname...

Sanlam / funeral cover and the overall bad customer service

Takalani Malotsha on May 9, 2017
I have been trying to add beneficiaries on my funeral plan since last year however, till to date it has not been finalised as yet. Whenever I send emails nobody replies to my emails. I have sent previous correspondence complaining similar case, and nothing seems to have been done. I send...

SilverScript Insurance Company / medicare part d

chugo3 on May 8, 2017
I convince my doctor to reduce my medication from 120 tabs per month down to 90 per month, this should have reduced my co-pay cost, to my surprise, it did not. Calling Silverscript did not benefit me at all. After being on the phone with the customer service rep for 20 minutes he kept...

Florida Blue / requesting peer to peer review of a claim.

Keith in Florida on May 8, 2017
My doctor and I have been trying for months to set up a peer to peer review of a denied claim and Florida Blue has made it impossible. I have made multiple phone calls, sent messages through the Florida Blue website, and had several chat sessions. They have not responded to any of the...

Discovery Vitality / vitality baby

Previn Pillay on May 8, 2017
Discovery VitalityI registered my baby for the Vitality Baby program on the 20th of April 2017. I received a letter in the post with the Vitality Baby discount card. As per the Vitality website, I am entitled to receive a 25 % Healthy Care benefit, a 10 % Toys-R-Us discount card and a gift bag from Babies-R-Us. My...

Netcare Union Hospital / claims department

ThokaT on May 3, 2017
I"m highly disappointed with the service I am currently receiving from Netcare Union Hospital finance department. My wife was admitted by this Hospital in February 2017 as she was suffering from admonition cramps, She was admitted for 7 days and a week after she was discharged we received...

Family Heritage Life Insurance Company / Reimbursement for monthly fee taken out of bank account after request to cancel due to death

Vvvelma on May 2, 2017
We contacted customer service via telephone in Nov of 2015 after the death of my uncle on Oct 29th, 2015. They continued to take out $71.50 out of his checking account. Sent a letter in June of 2016, they still continued to collect monthly payments until March 2017. They only reimbursed my...

WageWorks / no cobra coverage and paid 2 premiums!

Pamina on Apr 27, 2017
Made 61 calls to wageworks; conference calls with aetna and wageworks - paid 2 premiums already for cobra is money si with wageworks and aetna sisn't receive docs cust reps provide contradicting stories - claim that docs were sent to aetna and none of them were received by aetna -...

Massachusetts Health Connector / dropped health and dental coverage for a family member while paying all the dues

Wannakuwatte. Fernando on Apr 27, 2017
On 4/10/17 I recognized that my wife's medical and dental coverage has been dropped from my family coverage with BMC and Delta Dental. After many hours and multiple phone calls I was reassured that she is in fact had coverage. Even a three way phone call with an BMC official with a promise...

Express Scripts / unethical practices

I obtained insurance valid for Express Scripts on 2/1/17 but they did not have a member number or information yet. I needed insulin for type 1 diabetes but couldn't order it. I waited as long as possible then went on 2/3/17 and got a single vial at the drug store because I need it to live...

OptumRx / 90 day script in store vs mail order debacle

Julie Hicks Austin on Apr 26, 2017
Scenario (wife calling on husbands behalf) I called optum Rx on 4/21 (Friday) and inquired about filling a 90 day script in-store vs mail order. I was told that "YES it could be filled in store", called the pharmacy to verify that they would fill it a 90 day script as well. Dropped off the...

United Healthcare / flexible spending accounts

Steve Vasquez on Apr 25, 2017
If you are reading this before you sign up for united health care flexible spending account your lucky. if not, you already know this is a scam.I had an account about four years ago. dates and names are clouded after that much time but everything I'm saying is true.At my job, I had them...

Genova Diagnostics (GDX) / laboratory testing

Nick Kahl on Apr 24, 2017
In the last half of 2016 I had a few Genova tests done through my doctor's office. Similar to other complaints, I had one price outlined up front with the doctor. It is 8 months later and I am still getting bills and overdue notices because Genova insists on billing my insurance exorbitant...

Elmhurst Hospital Center / I stayed at the hospital for 9 hours and came back home with out getting checked out or any medication.

Aklima khatun on Apr 21, 2017
I had extreme abdominal pain at night. So I went to the hospital to get checked out at 9:30pm. My husband and I stayed at the hospital for 9 whole hours. But I came back home at 5am without getting any sort of medication. None of the doctors or nurses seem to pay any sort of attention to...

PayFlex / customer service it department

Dinky111 on Apr 21, 2017
WOW, PayFlex is absolutely the worst FSA/HSA company out there. I'm having access issues to my online account, to where I need to request for a new username/password, and there's no way for the customer reps to track the ticket, follow up, escalate, or even talk to IT about this. All they...
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