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Aflac / claims and payment

Marilyn Hough on Nov 21, 2017
I filed an accident claim on Oct 23 with Aflac. I work for myself and I have a residential cleaning company. I was moving furniture to sweep the rugs and I developed a sharp Right quadrant pain, as I continued repetitive movement with my job the pain continued. I notified my doctor he...

Florida Blue / authorizations

Donna Zerlin on Nov 21, 2017
Please help! I am disgusted and heart wrenched over the guidelines and protocol of florida blue insurance company. I am also baffled that florida blue insurance company can deny a request by a doctor regarding a patient's care. The following is an explanation per our telephone...

Katlehong North Clinic / bad service and cruel nurses at emabhodweni clinic at natalspruit

Ahluma2 on Nov 20, 2017
my one year 7 months old girl miss 1 year 6 months immunization in the Eastern Cape clinic because it was my brothers funeral so I took her to Gauteng due to my mother sickness after she lost her 11th born child I ask my sister in law to take her at Emabhodweni clinic she was told that she...

AARP Health Insurance / no prorated refund after passing away to spouse.

T Kelly on Nov 17, 2017
My elderly godparents have AARP as their supplemental insurance. Premium is due on the 5th of each month. Premium was paid on the 5th and my godfather passes away on the 5th. When I called AARP on the 6th to notify that my godfather passed away and inquired that the premium be prorated since...

Massachusetts Health Connector / masshealth customer service

MD87 on Nov 15, 2017
Date (11/15/2017) 2:25pm I have had the unfortunate displeasure of interacting with the individuals who work for MassHealth. This last attempt to reach someone was the worst incident. After waiting for 30+ min, which I completely understand has to do with the heavy flow of enrollment at thi...

Hollard Insurance Company / refund not received - unethical behaviour

MelBD on Nov 14, 2017
On the 4/11/17 I submitted a claim for refund on premiums paid for 5 years on a deceased member. On the 8/11/17 I called to check the progress of my claim and was told that the consultant with whom I was dealing with was on study leave and nobody else could access my data. on 10/11/17, I...

Osram Sylvania / retiree medical flexible reimbursement account

RalphJames on Nov 12, 2017
Osram SylvaniaOn On 11/08/2017 I received the following notice ; This notice is to confirm your recent account activity; Transaction Number; 748471678 - 1 Account Name; Retiree Spending Account Date of Service; 04-28-2017 Requested Amount; $2, 028.43 Paid Amount; $2, 028.43 Explanation; Thi...

Massachusetts Health Connector / unethical behavior

cgilmore on Nov 10, 2017
I have been on the phone since 9am this morning (11/10/17) and have finally been able to come to a temporary resolution at 4:20pm. The first representative I spoke with set up my plan and we got as far as me signing in on my end to submit a payment. It was then that she realized she had...

United Health Care / payment of claim

1n hnl on Nov 9, 2017
In Feb, 2016 I went to Queens Hospital in Honolulu where I spent 7 days. After HMSA and Medicare paid there was a balance of $1748. UHC denied the claim telling hospital that they needed more information. This was unknown to me until I received a bill from a bill collection for $1748 in...

OptumRx / fulfilling mail order prescription refill

Suzanne Scott on Nov 9, 2017
My father died on 13 August 2017. As a result, I've been working closely with my Mother (the surviving spouse) to ensure her health care coverage and attendant benefits are all in place and correct given my Dad's death. He was the primary with my Mom as a dependent when he was alive. We had...

Cigna / buggy

Cocheene on Nov 9, 2017
This website is one of the buggiest I have ever seen in my life. First of all, I need to get some medications from them, only they have what I desperately need. But it's impossible to do because I simply can't sign in! I have been trying since Monday and there's still nothing. So tired of...

Kaiser Permanente / it's awful

Gabriella lema on Nov 9, 2017
I don't know where and whom to complain. It's probably the worst experience I have ever had dealing with customer service. They are too slow and make me wait for about one hour each time I call to make an appointment. It's very irritating and I am very tired of this. I have no idea what...

Max New York Life Insurance / unethical behavior

Maninder Singh 1981 on Nov 8, 2017
I had a policy no 855848750 which I had requested their team to change the tenure of it in 2015 but they never back. I kept chasing their customer service which was a fail. At last I had to write to their MD after which they reverted that I should have requested in 2016.in the same email...

Allstate / never use them

Al Cee on Nov 7, 2017
I have been with them for more than 7 years and had nothing to complain about. Probably, because I had no problems with them until I got into a car accident. They refused to help me saying that I hadn't paid for an insurance and hung up on me. But I actually aid one week before this rude...

United Healthcare / dependent flexible spending account

Tina Dunn on Nov 6, 2017
my daughter is over 13 but has a mental disability and can't be left alone before or after school. I submitted the United Healthcare approved form that my daughter's physician filled out and signed to indicate the above. I finally obtained my 1st requested reimbursement after...

Express Scripts / customer service

Slau on Nov 6, 2017
I spoke to Yeda on 11-06-15 at 0935-0950 concerning the delay of home delivery for my prescriptions. She stated that they were delayed due to: 1. Prescriptions not received from my Dr- I had checked before calling and they were electronically sent on 11-04-17. 2. Yeda states that I had a...

Florida Blue / unable to get medical attention due to inactive insurance without previous notice or cause

Anna Amaro on Nov 5, 2017
I had a minor accident on my foot back in April. My toe was deformed and I was under a lot of pain. I found out my insurance was inactive when I went to seek medical attention. I called FL Blue and I was told that they don't know how my insurance had become inactive. Later, a supervisor...

Conexis / cobra eligibility

FrankMcInvale on Nov 3, 2017
I am paid 1 month in advance. The first of each month for the past 4 months my wife's eligibility shows inactive. She can't get prescriptions filled. Urgent updates are sent. It takes 3 to 5 days to fix the problem. I am assured each month it will not happen again. And yet here we are. 4...

WageWorks / cobra insurance coverage

Tara Howard on Nov 2, 2017
I was layed off in July and the company I worked for offered me continued health care coverage thru Cobra / Conexis / Wageworks. I signed up and started making payments to Wageworks. I was informed that I would be able to use my same insurance provider (Anthem), just as I had been...

Bonitas Medical Aid / bonitas medical aid : disgusted with bonitas

CliveMemela on Nov 1, 2017
i have made numerous claims and follow ups on claims after my daughter and her mother were admitted for an emergency c-section when she was born. Bonitas has has not had the decency to respond to it, not even rejecting it. the hospital has also made numerous inquiries, the only time that get...
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