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Conexis / cobra benefits

Kamaile GomezYim on Aug 17, 2017
This has been a very frustrating road travelled. I had requested for COBRA coverage through CONEXIS and have received nothing as far as benefits. There has been no coverage as far as medical or prescription coverage although I have paid over $1, 500 for coverage from April 1, 2017 to July...

Vodacom / missold by vodacom agent

Ranith on Aug 17, 2017
I am extremely dissatisfied as i was contacted by a consultant from vodacom offering me a family cover. She told me that the cover was for R30000. I asked her if i could cover my mother who is presently 79 years old. I was told by the consultant that my mother will be covered but there...

Florida Blue / blue medicare supp plan f

Ted Lew on Aug 16, 2017
Blue Cross collected monthly fees, never processed claims. Wrote and visited their local location several times. No action, no response that I could access. Now sending me monthly bills, I guess, can't access them. See letter to chairman: Via EMail, Facsimile and First Class Mail Mr. PJ...

ADP / flexible spending account

Meredyth on Aug 15, 2017
I was told my FSA funds would roll over from the previous year up to $500 and that the funds would be available 30 days after the year end. Our year ended on May 31 and my over $350 of funds from the last year are unavailable now because of "reconciliation" since July 26th. I was told not...

Aerotek / they don't really look out for the person who needs work but the employer

Jaimehayes54 on Aug 13, 2017
It was my first time working with Aerotek. I haven't heard too many negative things about them with other people, but I when it came time to use them it was a different experience. Their staff of unprofessional and very rude without cause. They want you to literally bow to every demand and...

United Health Care / aarp medicare advantage hmo-2 insurance plan

JFMcc on Aug 12, 2017
United Health Care I need an expensive drug, Androgel, for which there is a generic equivalent. The plan includes Androgel in its formulary as a Tier 3 drug, but the generic is not in its formulary at all. Androgel costs UHC over $12, 000/year and would cost me over $4, 000/year, even with UHC's coverage, because of...

United Healthcare / claims not paid

peggy meharry on Aug 11, 2017
Our Home Health Agency provided skilled nursing services to patient who is insured with United Health Care. We are an out of network provider but the patent's plan allowed for us to provide care. We first received a prior authorization for 9 visits. Since the we have never received...

Hollard Insurance Company / parent funeral insurance

Zalinda Truter on Aug 11, 2017
For almost 10 years, we have been paying monthly towards Hilliard's Parent Funeral Insurance Policy. My mother died on 30/07/2017. We phoned Hollard on 01/08/2017 registering the claim. We received a mail from Hollard confirming that the claim is in process, requesting relevant document...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / discovery customer service

Belindadf on Aug 9, 2017
Discovery Health does not contact me after a lengthy issue going on now for 5 months They owe me R 750 that they have not paid out and they are causing me great amount of stress!!! I have been a member for 18 plus years and the way they treat their clients is appalling! I am waiting for them to call me but they don't follow up or sort out my query

CBRE Group / doesn't want to help young people or picky about insurance.

GMS8411 on Aug 9, 2017
I've reached out to NAS twice now, submitted my MRI & my CT scans and reports with no reply whatsoever. It's ashamed this is what healthcare has come to when either you're "too young" or either don't have the teir of insurance practitioners are loo looking for...

Health Net / health insurance

Eileen Cavalier on Aug 8, 2017
After accepting 2 handwritten claim forms from me without question, Health Net is now saying they have a policy of not accepting handwritten claims. I am a health care provider and I submit claims on behalf of my clients. This is the first time I am billing Health Net. I have not had any...

Payflex /Healthhub / stolen funds

VAM272 on Aug 7, 2017
Payflex makes it very difficult and slow to find out how many funds are left in one's HSA account as one approaches the end of the year. Of course, for them the benefit is that, if you don't know you have funds, you won't spend them and, from their point of view, "IF you don't use it, you...

Bankers Life & Casualty Company / life insurance

William Hogg on Aug 4, 2017
I applied for a whole life policy with them for$40, 000! After having a physical, I was told I was accepted & was charged & paid by check on 7/1/17 the amnt of $236.19. I received a letter today stating I was NOT approved!! During the time I THOUGHT I was approved, I received a phone call...

Aetna / short term disability

Molly Cotham on Aug 4, 2017
Trying to see about buying st disability. Was told I had to do that during my enrollment. I should not have said it because that doesn't want to fork out more money but I found out I have to have surgery a bone is literally coming out of my foot I have to stay off of it . Every time I call...

FedHealth.co.za / Fedhealth Medical Aid / no service

SMalherbe on Aug 4, 2017
Ive been a client with fedhealth for over 2 years went on an international medical scheme because of my husbands work then 2 months later i decided to go back to fedhealth just making me the main member but im just not getting any service i should have been back on the medical aid by the 1...

United Healthcare / fsa audit and horrible customer care

Jessica Mathis on Aug 2, 2017
This began in April and only yesterday August 1 resolved. I've spent 5 months calling about resolving a authorized purchase issue that your customer service lost my receipt for. At first it was both my money orders and the receipts but after 2 months they finally found my money orders and...

TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited / term life insurance

Gary Pilkington on Aug 1, 2017
I purchased a term life insurance policy in the early 70's. I purchased it from agent Frank Copeland. Over the past 10 years I've tried to surrender this policy for it's surrender cash value of over $500, 000.00. To date AIG has not acknowledge that I have this policy. I do honestly feel...

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Ltd. / health insurance

Arati Chakraborty on Jul 28, 2017
Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Ltd.I am 78 years old widow living on my widow pension. With my little money this year March I purchased health insurance policy from Cignattk. Before approving the policy the company tested all my health parameters and could not find any abnormality. Since I was not suffering from any...

Florida Blue / florida blue and their reps

Maxie babie on Jul 26, 2017
Florida Blue reps. GET BETTER TRAINING ON REPS. LISTEN IN AND GET RID OF THE LIARS AND RUDE ONES. I wanted to do something that should NOT be difficult. Trying to change my PCP - I was told I HAD to use the "proper term" by the second rep. My primary care doctor. I changed the name of the...

United/DTC Insurance / insurance / take out money that they did not have the right to.

Rebecca La Bell on Jul 22, 2017
My name is Rebecca and my Uncle and Auntie are in a Elderly Abuse case of Explortation of money and property. I have been trying to find this United/DTC Premium Insurance address and phone number but so far nothing. This company was given my Aunt and Uncles information by my Aunts son who...
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