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Health & Life Insurance Complaints

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Conexis / cobra scam

kristeejo11 on Mar 24, 2017
I've paid my premiums on time each month and they do not alert uhc so I can't use my insurance. UHC says they can't do anything until they alert them and this POS company will only say they have. Their cuxtomer support reps speak very poor english and are like a broken record. They simply...

Panera Bread / Store

Yolandaw41 on Mar 23, 2017
I went into the store downtown Nashville for lunch left my debit card at work I used my gift card called order in. They took card number over the phone but when I got there they told me that my card wasn't valid and because they didn't have a pin either. I called customer service my gift...

Atlas Benefit Solutions (Mediguard) / Medical insurance

AnnVivian on Mar 23, 2017
In January I was seeking medical insurance since the plans under the Affordable Care Act are too expensive. After receiving numerous calls from all over the country soliciting their plans, I decided to take a call from Richard at Atlas. He sold me on their services and plan of $69.99 per month...

Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Group / HCCMIS.com / Student health insurance / non-payment of claims

Michelle Barbosa on Mar 21, 2017
08/15/2016: date of service received 03/21/2017: date of denied letter has been received. SS0016056700 This Insurance is the worst ever. They do everything to not to pay the claims, they put my claims "In Review" for three months, but they were denied then. Those claims were about one day...

LabCorp / Customer service

Debbby on Mar 21, 2017
The ladies in the front window are rude, it takes hours for them to assist you at the window, they don't even greet patient at the window, they make jokes and talk between them which makes their job slower, i personally witness a very sad situation, they all laughed at a spanish speaking...

Humana / Liability to insure people's health

Lisa Mcgraw on Mar 19, 2017
HumanaHumana has wrongfully miss represented my insurance as a "network" instead of the only one I would have ever agreed to since I just went through a lengthy above the knee amputation just months before, ppo plan. Per your later dated may 16, 2026, "i enrolled in the ppo plan which was august...

United Healthcare / Sleep apnea treatment

PankajBansal on Mar 16, 2017
After I reached maximum out of pocket, insurance company started denying treatment back to back. I was diagnosed with sleep Apnea in month of January(my insurance expires in March'17). From doctors stand point I was supposed to start using sleep CPAP machine but insurance company denied to...

American Income Life Insurance / Life insurance scam

This company has now blocked me from responding to other people's complaints on FaceBook. They have also blocked me from sending them a private message. (This is what happens when you complain to them.) They will not cancel our policies through the agents who signed us up In fact, those...

Hollard Insurance Company / Funeral policy / payment not received waiting since 24/02/2017

Desiree Daames on Mar 13, 2017
Hello! Thank you for contacting Hollard. We have received your email and you can expect a response from us within 2 business days. If you do not hear back from us, please contact our claims team on 0800252467 (Standard rates apply) Kind Regards Life Claims Team www.Hollard.co.za HOLLARD LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY...

NC Blue Cross/Blue Shield / Health care

Irritated99 on Mar 8, 2017
Ha. The local paper just reported that 2 executives at NC Blue Cross/Blue Shield got over one million dollar bonuses. These are the same people who just sent me a revised 'Explanation of Benefits' for a procedure I had done 10 months ago and had paid in full. They pretty much lied to me...

Zynex Medical Inc / Nerve stimulator

Zarmik on Mar 5, 2017
Product was returned to Provided, but provider still charges our insurance company every month for $349.00, we had not been realizing they had been doing this until recently. Turns out they have been charging Anthem blue cross for thousands, Now they claim they never received the returned...

United Healthcare / Customer service

47survivor on Mar 4, 2017
I am hoping that they can figure out and get United Health Care admit that they screwed up. They claimed that I had a health insurance policy since 2004 with them through an old employer. Which is a lie because I have always had my husband's insurance. I want them to admit why is took over...

Conexis / FSA

Gina Geoffrion on Mar 4, 2017
Account was deactivated d/t not submitting claim. Paid amount from checking account and money taken out and not reactivated. Call customer service at Conexis attempting to find out what was going on. Called 3/2 and spoke to A.Duran @wageworks who told me she was looking into it and I would...

Kaiser Permanente / Pharmacy

Angela Cowles on Mar 3, 2017
I used to be with Kaiser a number of years ago and reluctantly returned to save money because of my son's college expenses. How do you run such a large business and only have the pharmacy open until 5:30 p.m. or you have to drive 25 miles away to the other pharmacy that is open until 7:00...

Ruchika gupta / Call from gbic pune

Ruchika Gupta on Mar 2, 2017
I received a call from Mr Siddhant Pathak, mob no. 8595921573, on 17-2-17, who introduced himself as senior accountant in GBIC Pune. He informed me that I have been issued a bonus of Rs 87625 against my policy no. Of PNB METLIFE which will be transferred to my saving bank account after...

Conexis / FSA Reimbursement

Dean Neese on Mar 1, 2017
Conexis was meant to reimburse me for $2, 500 for health related expenses. They rejected a valid claim due to a misspelling of a name on the form. When I resubmitted the form, they told me that the claim period had passed. It is frustrating to learn that Conexis took money from a...

Discovery Benefits / Cobra benefits

Sharon Guthrie on Mar 1, 2017
This outfit is sooooo discombobulated. That's not a good thing when they're handling other's money for insurance benefits! They can't get out of their own way with COBRA benefits (which they are collecting for ALL my insurers). Despite the fact that I pay for my benefits via a re-occurring...

United Healthcare / Complaint

ShawnWil on Feb 28, 2017
I have a rare condition called Schuermanns disease and have been a UHC customer for 11 years. Over these 11 years I've seen specialists, surgeon's, chiropractors, physical therapist's and accupuncturist. I've had spinal epidurals, massage therapy, MRI's, countless tests, you name it...

Aflac / Newest tv commercial

Jeff2982 on Feb 26, 2017
The dr. , laughing, at a patient, about to undergo surgery, who will have sell his father's corvette (I believe) because he cannot afford health care is not, I repeat, not, funny at all, and you all know why, as health care is already not affordable, whoever in advertising/marketing dept...

United Healthcare / Insurance claim

Ikram Ulhaq on Feb 22, 2017
Hello, I am writing this complain to express worst experience of my life with united health care. I joined north dakota state university as a visiting scholar on october 12th 2016. I got an insurrance plan for three months from october 12th to december 30th and I paid 560 us dollars for the...
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