Hair and Beauty Salons Complaints


Qandes Limited / wigs

on Apr 16, 2019

Qandes LimitedI ordered two wigs from I thought from Brooklyn Wigs They also use the names Vogue Hairstyle and Show Beauty. Contact on website shows Qandes Limited. I have no idea where I ordered from. On March 24 I paid for express delivery.On April 4 I emailed about delivery said they would respond 24...

Hafiz Sports (Rawalpindi) / wooden hair brush+ massager

on Apr 11, 2019

Hafiz Sports (Rawalpindi)I ordered wooden hair brisstles brush + massager they clearly mention it is over all wooden brush and massager but today I receive totally a wrong product The brush which is not shown in display picture sent to me and this is useless for me it is very cheap not a value for money. I want to return this product. In this way you will lost your customers

Lin Jinjie / incorrect braid wig

on Apr 8, 2019

My name is Karen Still. I purchased a wig on 9/16/18 for 37.98. The wig that was shipped to me was totally different than the one I ordered. The wig that was sent to me is black, 12 inches long with a bang. I am very displeased with that wig. I ordered the wig from China thru email, it...

Zesr Ads Limited / payment overpaid on a pimple/ spot remover

on Apr 6, 2019

I overpaid the company for a pimple /spot remover product which should have cost only $14.95. I paid $74.75 which was totally incorrect for a multiple amount of this product. I know that I typed in what I wanted which was $14.95. Is there something that can be done about this as I do...

Lisa O'Brien Hair and Beauty / extremely rude, confrontational and abusive conduct by the owner and specific staff

on Mar 7, 2019

7/3/19 I had been a client at Lisa O'Brien for almost a year, to date. While having my hair cut on two occasions I heard staff (including the hairdresser who does my hair) explicitly complaining about the fact that other business owners in the area were unfairly accusing the owner and...

Freedom Couture / do not buy a wig from this company

on Feb 6, 2019

Do not buy a wig from this company. I bought a unit in September 2018 and had issues right from when I received it. I purchased all of their products to maintain it and the wig started to shed to the point where there are bald spots and it lost over 4 inches in length. I contacted them...

Lukme Men & Salon / payment issue charging too much

on Feb 3, 2019

Hi Team, I would like to express my disappointment from your unsatisfactory level of service. I have expected much more from a prestigious and reputed company of your standard. Unfortunately, You people are looting customers on the name of business. I want to someone to looking into thi...

Carmelo Zammitto Design & Patent / sponge rollers for the beauty industry

on Jan 24, 2019

This Juan Blanco and associates from invent- tech scammed me on A unique Gobal turn heads design & Patent The Sponge rollers for the Beauty industry Global after paying so much in expenses for the Design and utility Patent and the attorney fees they charge me they left me with no solution...

Starry Night Hair Colour / loreal preference infinia colour 21 starry night

on Jan 23, 2019

I purchase your hair colour L'Oréal Preference Infinia 21 Starry night blue/black hair dye and coloured my hair on Saturday as per the instructions. Today is Wednesday 3 days after colouring and it is already coming out. On the tips of my hair you can see a very lighter colour which is brown...

Sport Clips Dallas Texas / 6333 east mockingbird lane

on Dec 16, 2018

I was hired to work at sportclips day of interview... I was very excited. I had been off work for awhile due to breast cancer. My first day of work I was told by another employee how another had mentioned something about me being odd as well as stating the manager that hired me didnt "like me"...

Cosmo / constant low/no inventory & inconstant policies

on Dec 11, 2018

When Cosmo Prof bought my local Peer Less beauty I was skeptical but decided to wait for a few months before complaining. The change now several months in has proved frustrating in every way. EVERY time I go in to purchase something from the deal sheet it is out of stock. Can you tell me...

Legacy Lace Wigs / wig

on Dec 8, 2018

Legacy Lace WigsI paid $1562.00 for a wig I ordered. I wanted 16", 100% human hair, straight, 150 density, double drawn, silk top. The lady personally took my cap measurements. Needless to say, the cap is way too small, not double drawn, nor 150 density. She does not even answer my emails. Do NOT deal... / regular loc maintenance gone wrong; damage to my natural locs

on Dec 1, 2018

locsnaturalsandmore.comI have been using a loctician for a year and have been getting my natural loc maintanance every six weeks. After a year of her providing my service I noticed that my hair looked like it was thinning. When I arrived for my scheduled maintainance, I told my loctician that my hair seems to be...

My Wigs & Weaves -aka- MNM Ecommerce Group / wig/cheap hair, bait and switch, no delivery of product, refund of monies to insurance not honored, unprofessional, eta for delivery way off, ect

on Nov 21, 2018

My Wigs & Weaves -aka- MNM Ecommerce GroupAt the bottom of the post is my complaint about this business. Unfortunately, they didn't included all of the back and fourth between us. Please note how this person tries to get you to believe that she has returned the money to the insurance company and lies about not promising me the...

Luxe Blow Dry/Mane and Mani / unethical behavior

on Oct 30, 2018

I have been a Customer/Member of Luxe Blow Dry Bar in Peabody, Massachusetts and pay a monthly membership fee to this company. Throughout the last several months, I've heard gossip and I've been spoken about inappropriately by employees of said business. Today, I received a cancellation email from...

Vos Nails Jasper Ave and 109 Street Edmonton / brows waxed and nails, they are extremely rude

on Oct 29, 2018

Hello everyone: I have gone to a few different Vos Nails. Normally I have little to no problems with the quality and service provided. I'm a picky customer and I like getting what I paid for. I want my brows waxed right and my shallac done properly. Vos Nails on Jasper Ave and 109 Street i...

Blue Heaven Professional Salon / head massage

on Sep 19, 2018

Blue Heaven Professional SalonThe salon situated near Mira road station at shanti shopping centre is charging higher than expected as compared to similar salons. The salon doesn't provide any special treatment nor even operates air condition. The service is average but they charged Rs. 100/- for head message that...

M & A Collection (Islamabad) / long, synthetic clip in hair extensions

on Sep 7, 2018

M & A Collection (Islamabad)i have ordered small clip in hair extensions in blue color. order no: [protected] and the shop name is M & @ collections Islmabad. i have received absolutely different thing i have paid every charges and will not pay more. The company should have realized what i have order with their...

Fantastic Sams Clarksville Tennessee / highlights

on Aug 16, 2018

I went to Fantastic Sams on a Saturday morning a week ago not this past Saturday to get highlights blonde ones in my hair. When she did the highlights she only did part of my hair and I wanted the right side done again because you couldn't even see them. I went back on that Monday and they...

Headcase Barber Shop / inebriated barber swearing in front of minors

on Aug 6, 2018

Visited headcase barber shop last Saturday. I went to get my son's haircut for holiday. we walked in and it was full of people and noone having a haircut. They were playing playstation and doing shots of tequila at 1pm. My son is only 4 and I was shocked it was like going to a pub with the...

Helena / taking brittany out of helena!!!

on Aug 6, 2018

I can honestly say that you guys have broke so many different laws for what because a job can't get done in the HR department so I have to lose my hair stylist of over 7 years in the Cost Cutters in Helena when you guys approved the change back in October by law you can't make...

All4U Agency / purchased 2 products from the same seller, received only 1 product (unhonest seller)

on Jul 3, 2018

I had purchased 2 items and in the delivered package only 1 item was in the delivery. Emailed to the seller: Sam Yip Heng Jun 29 (4 days ago) to idolikekorea Hello ALL4U AGENCY, I had purchased Bsy noni black hair magic X 2box & 3x Brazilian Catuaba but had only received 3 box Brazilian...

Lorys / I am complaining about hair product jaborandi

on Jun 30, 2018

LorysMy order no [protected] Contact no...[protected] Tracking id# 7A0066834 First of all i order lorys jaborandi deep moisturizing cream but u send keratin fruit cocktail nd parcel was so messed cap were open n whole cream were melted in box what the hell is this how can i use this???? Now kindly...

Hair Cuttery, 44110 Ashburn Shopping Plaza, 190, Ashburn, VA 20147 / terrible stylist deecee (pronounced as dc) - unethical behavior

on Jun 22, 2018

Hair Cuttery, 44110 Ashburn Shopping Plaza, 190, Ashburn, VA 20147Went to Hair Cuttery for a shampoo and blow dry. Told them what I needed. Pointed out to their price list and told them what I needed. DeeCee was assigned to me. I have curly hair, she wanted to use the flat iron but I refused. She asked me how to style my hair and told her I do not want...

JC Penney Salon Searcy, Arkansas / salon

on May 29, 2018

JC Penney Salon Searcy, ArkansasI was scheduled with my stylist at 5 pm for a cut and color and the manger Matt Kent and head of security had her in a meeting until 5:30 pm. My stylist was able to come out and start my haircut and style, then they pulled her back into the meeting while I was in her chair with half of the...

JCP Hair Salon Dadeland Mall Miami / discrimination, change of price confirmed 4 times

on May 26, 2018

5/26/2018 I am giving 0 for them. The reason is Miami is a melting pot city not Cuba. 2 weeks ago I called asking about color my hair light blonde as it is already, to cut and dry. As per their menu price and the girl in the phone the price was $70. Last week got a call to confirm my...

Grear Clips 8672 / hostility and rude behavior

on May 21, 2018

Grear Clips 8672When I come into the salon and expect to be greeted given cold shoulder.. The new hire was referee to as [censored] by manager who also is very disrespectful to other stylusts interupts when trying to buy product.. Ignoring what was said to them like in kindergarten.. And asking another...

Stylize / mens comb

on May 20, 2018

The pocket comb that you now sell for men is totally useless. It is made of hard plastic that brakes in your pocket at the slightest pressure . In addition the rakes or tips are so sharp that they have regularly caused sores on my head as they cut into the scalp. The previous combs were...

Kbeth Hair Hair Extensions / hair extensions

on May 15, 2018

Kbeth Hair Hair ExtensionsI purchased Hair and I made 2 transfers. 1. Bank Transfer 2. Paypal transfer - I try to resolve now with Paypal. The told after 2 days that they did not received the bank transfer. There was a problem with the transfer, because of government control (I have all the WhatsApp...

Dollhouse 615 Salon / gift card usage

on Apr 19, 2018

Dollhouse 615 SalonIn December I went to salon and asked Jennifer Finch (hairdresser) if she did my daughter in law's hair. I was told yes and bought a $100 gift card. Well I recently found out the hairdresser had not being doing her hair since September of 2017. After my daughter in law got the gift card...