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Government Grants Complaints

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Jerry Dievendorf on Jun 8, 2018

I requested and paid for grant info and was told to pay a one time $35 charge. I never received anything from them despite several followup attempts. Now I see that they repeatedly billed me $35 per month for 6 months. I called them on this they offered to reduce their billing fees to...

Department Of Labor / prejudism/false and, or unfair judgement

Yuki-Chan on May 10, 2018

Friend was fired due to prejudism at walmart (ex military, we all know how liberals hate the military..) he worked the hardest there, everyone else sat arpund and did nothing yet he was fired unfairly, all the things I heard and saw there makes me sick!! He put in a claim to the athen...

Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg / erica jardine unscrupulous apartment manager

Hollywood Sucks on May 4, 2018

Erica Jardine is an apartment manager for St. Vincent de Paul in San Diego, CA. She manages Village Place at 32 17th Street. Many of the residents are black, use and sell crack and have prison records. Willie Ray Meadows in unit 321 has power to have people evicted from the place. Willie...

Flexi/Premium / very annoying counter service personnel / unethical behavior

ahmad d smart on May 1, 2018

pada 2hb Mei 2018 jam 08:20 pagi saya cuba mendapatkan perubahan tiket (booking Number KJFK4V) ke Tawau dari BKI - AK6262@13:50 di salah satu kaunter nombor D01 di Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Pegawai yang melayani saya ketika itu adalah bernama Ricky (Tertera pada nama tag dan...

Ministry of Human Resource Development [MHRD] / mhrd scholarship

Rasvinder singh on May 1, 2018

sir, i have filled scholarship under post metric minority scheme year 2017-18. as reported my aadhaar was not verified.due to which i have not received my scholarship amount.As all my class mates have received their scholarship amount. Sir i belong to lower middle class family. so kindly help...

Liheap/ puerto rican action board / home energy assistance

k brown on Apr 30, 2018

The problem I am having in the Stat of New Jersey is the fact that I filled an application in 2014, I never received funding and ever followed up with program. Four years later and I applied and followed up..they are not asking me for a letter as to where is my 23 year old son now who wa...

Yahoo! / complaints about yahoo brazil (

LeonardoMS on Apr 19, 2018

Dear Yahoo Network Managers. I am Brazilian and capitalist. I do not know how exactly Yahoo's international policies work. I also do not know if you keep track of the recent political events in Brazil. My complaint is simple. I've lived in the US and I know that most Americans, if not all...

Nochiyam People / public

Nochiyam Nagr on Mar 31, 2018

near kollidam river small river is there. every day stole the sand at day and night like a swift working they stole sand near by one man standing feet in that river if we inform to police they get money and don't care about them so please stop sand stole and water level also go 60 to 70...

CGHS, Delhi / non supply of medicines to the cghs beneficiaries

Niren Chakraborty on Mar 22, 2018

from: sri alik kumar bhattacharjee 44, bindubasini road p. o. bhatpara, dist. north 24 parganas west bengal : pin. 743123 email : mo. +91 9239789875 To The Hon'ble Union Minister of Health Family Welfare, Shri J. P. Nadda Govt. Of India Ministry of Health...

USAFIS / green card lottery

Melis77 on Feb 22, 2018

They said I should pay $560 first in order to apply for green card lottery during a period of 5 consecutive years. They said I don't need to do anything else. Then they called again and ask for $1650 in order to finalize my application. I transfer the money. A month later, they called...

Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group (Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program) / grant for dental implants

Linda Bunting on Jan 31, 2018

I need to get dental implants so I go online I hear about a Cosmedic Dentistry Grant Program to get assistance. I find the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group website. I filed the application. within a couple minutes I receive an emai and a phone call saying I am approved to go forward with the...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / unauthorized transaction of my son and an employee

emnaceelzyver on Dec 13, 2017

DATE: December 13, 2017 TO: The Philippines Long Distance Company (PLDT) Account Name: Melchor A. Emnace Account Number: 0241230554 Service Number: 0323401949 Contact Person: Melchor A. Emnace Contact Number: 09327407337 Email Address: Dear Sir/Madam I am Melchor A. Emnace I...

US Grant Department / my funding guide

Elleanor Kiser on Nov 14, 2017

Hi, my name is Elleanor Kiser I was recently contact and told I had qualified for a grant. They told me I had to pay a fee to receive it which I did now I am afraid it was a scam and they now have my card number and information.the fee they charged they also said I would have access to...

RailRider / pollution

pollution on Oct 7, 2017

Gudivada junction surrounds are occupied with dirty pools. the mosquito growth is very high and snakes are coming inside the station. these lands sanction for wagon shed then rail minister Mr.velu's period of that time.Rail Authority given for Leese fishing.The fishermans could not able to...

Ekin / perhiasan

Ekin Angel on Oct 4, 2017

Pada 30/9/17, sy telah tracking barang sy..tetepi berdasarkan maklumat yg diterima dari salah seorng petugas di pejabat pos larkin, barang sy telah diterima pada 28/9/17@5pm.yg menyakitkan hati saya, bagaimana posmen tersebut boleh sesuka hati beri barang sy kpada orng yg tidak dikenali...

Sheetz / design and safety

safetyhawk on Sep 20, 2017

On September 8, 2017 at 7:50 am I was involved in an automobile accident at the secondary entrance to the sheetz store #314 located in New Alexandria, PA I moved through the intersection where route 119 and route 981 intersect traveling south. I was at a stop in the furthest lane to the...

Dollar General / manager

Jason moss on Aug 28, 2017

The manager at the dollar general store in lordsburg new mexico 88045 is a thief a number of times I have witnessed her taking merchandize out to the trash dumpster then when she gets off of work her and her husband go to the dumpster and take all the stuff she put there then if someone...

Owner Balbir kumar / illegal construction in our area

krishan01 on Aug 25, 2017

Hi, There has been an illegal construction from past 4 months, because of this a labor has broken his leg.Despite many complaints the owner Balbir kumar didnt take safety precaution or care full about people around them.this as become more depressing when they say that authorities cannot do...

Dollar Tree / smoking outside of store and other stores in shopping center

Busymomma3 on Aug 18, 2017

Dollar TreeAccording to Property Management no employee is allowed to smoke outside of any if the stores. DT employees move up to The wine store and Hallmark to smoke. The manager Hannah who refused to wear a name tag likes to sit on the bench between Hallmark and Gaint. They must be out back and...

Wells Fargo / home mortgage

maggie ellison on Jul 8, 2017

Good afternoon my is Maggie Ellison I live 128 Hampstead Ave Savannah, Ga. about six months ago we had an unexpected hurricane disaster in our city. Many homes were damaged do due to the hurricane. Unfortunately, Our home didn't bypass the storm and damages of the storm.Being customer of...