Government Grants Complaints

Brickfield Pos Office / a corporate make lies.

on Apr 16, 2019

To Pos Malaysia (also submited to MCMC already) Brickfield postman ad management really have lot repeated issues. Seriously need to go that place and also file a police report. Never delivery package to customer place, don't even leaves a note, but tracking Record show Delivery Attempted...

US Funding Solutions Pleasant Grovus / government grant

on Apr 11, 2019

They took $21.00 off of my card and told me that my $4000.00 grant money would be on my Card Monday morning... she said she was going to send me a email but I never received one. So I tried the number back that she called me from which was [protected] and it said from New York. Called...

MTC / rude behaviour of conductor

on Sep 24, 2018

MTCHi team, Today I have boarded 91 bus (tn01 n 9634) from vels university stop (chromepet) to chennai one (thoraipakam) at 1.32 pm. As soon as I boarded the bus, I was waiting to get the ticket as I dont have change I gave 50 rs for which conductor spoke rudely and asked me to get the... / money laundry and making fake visa

on Aug 9, 2018

hi dear im going to report an Iranian company. 1.make and sell fake student visa and stickers. 2. make and sell fake Singapore sticker visa. 3.cover drug dealers. 4.Money laundering. 5 send people to Myanmar. 6 pay dirty officers for covering. 7 the bad thing cover by Iranian...

National Processing Center Senior Benefits Dept. / promise of government senior benefits for funeral expenses

on Jul 20, 2018

National Processing Center Senior Benefits Dept.A very official looking envelope arrived at my home. Marked with the phrase "TIME SENSITIVE Important Benefit Information Enclosed" it had a bulk-rate Postage Paid stamp that included a "Bald Eagle" and an ominous warning for obstructing its delivery. Inside was a pink card stating "New... / grant info / federal grant scam

on Jun 8, 2018

I requested and paid for grant info and was told to pay a one time $35 charge. I never received anything from them despite several followup attempts. Now I see that they repeatedly billed me $35 per month for 6 months. I called them on this they offered to reduce their billing fees to...

Flexi/Premium / very annoying counter service personnel / unethical behavior

on May 1, 2018

pada 2hb Mei 2018 jam 08:20 pagi saya cuba mendapatkan perubahan tiket (booking Number KJFK4V) ke Tawau dari BKI - [protected]@13:50 di salah satu kaunter nombor D01 di Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Pegawai yang melayani saya ketika itu adalah bernama Ricky (Tertera pada nama tag dan...

Liheap/ puerto rican action board / home energy assistance

on Apr 30, 2018

The problem I am having in the Stat of New Jersey is the fact that I filled an application in 2014, I never received funding and ever followed up with program. Four years later and I applied and followed up..they are not asking me for a letter as to where is my 23 year old son now who wa...

Nochiyam People / public

on Mar 31, 2018

near kollidam river small river is there. every day stole the sand at day and night like a swift working they stole sand near by one man standing feet in that river if we inform to police they get money and don't care about them so please stop sand stole and water level also go 60 to 70...

CGHS, Delhi / non supply of medicines to the cghs beneficiaries

on Mar 22, 2018

from: sri alik kumar bhattacharjee 44, bindubasini road p. o. bhatpara, dist. north 24 parganas west bengal : pin. 743123 email : [protected] mo. +91 [protected] To The Hon'ble Union Minister of Health Family Welfare, Shri J. P. Nadda Govt. Of India Ministry of Health...

Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group (Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program) / grant for dental implants

on Jan 31, 2018

I need to get dental implants so I go online I hear about a Cosmedic Dentistry Grant Program to get assistance. I find the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group website. I filed the application. within a couple minutes I receive an emai and a phone call saying I am approved to go forward with the...

US Grant Department / my funding guide

on Nov 14, 2017

Hi, my name is Elleanor Kiser I was recently contact and told I had qualified for a grant. They told me I had to pay a fee to receive it which I did now I am afraid it was a scam and they now have my card number and information.the fee they charged they also said I would have access to...

Ekin / perhiasan

on Oct 4, 2017

Pada 30/9/17, sy telah tracking barang sy..tetepi berdasarkan maklumat yg diterima dari salah seorng petugas di pejabat pos larkin, barang sy telah diterima pada 28/9/[protected]@5pm.yg menyakitkan hati saya, bagaimana posmen tersebut boleh sesuka hati beri barang sy kpada orng yg tidak dikenali...

Owner Balbir kumar / illegal construction in our area

on Aug 25, 2017

Hi, There has been an illegal construction from past 4 months, because of this a labor has broken his leg.Despite many complaints the owner Balbir kumar didnt take safety precaution or care full about people around them.this as become more depressing when they say that authorities cannot do...

Scam / I think it all scam to why would government help me never have don't got money to pay all goes on my kids

on Apr 3, 2017

There is truly no help out there free grant money ya right ridiculous I got three kids trying to start construction business to support my family can't feed my kids right now and only way I can get help is to take another hundred bucks out my kids mouthes to put in it greasy pockets but...

Anthony Rangel, Behavoral Therapist, Irvine California / Behavoral therapy

on Jan 17, 2017

Anthony Rangel, Behavoral Therapist, Irvine CaliforniaMy son received services from Anthony Rangel from summer of 2016 up until last week. My experience was very disappointing. First, we were called and told this was a new office for Behavioral Support Partnership and Dr. Sweitzer, something both Anthony and Nancy Rangel assured us. I...

Digitize India Platform / Redemption of points

on Nov 15, 2016

I have been working on Digitize India Platform for approx 2 days and I have total points 23080 from which i have redeem 7500 and from that redeem points i have only received Rs.50 but i should have receive 150. For redeeming 1 point is equal to Rs 0.02 . After redeeming it take only 8 day...

Cynthia Frias Regular Person / Section 8 housing

on Sep 16, 2016

The section 8 information paper didn't give the right information, i went to the site at gordon park pavilion got turned away by police they the site was closed switch was bull because i had time. After 15 years waiting for rent assistance to opened up the government still treat... / Unauthorized Debit From My Bank

on May 6, 2016

I received a call today 5-6-16 at 4:48 p. M from a "bruce williams" at us financial resources, saying I was approved for the government grant I had applied for about a month ago... Ok, great!! He asked how I wanted to receive my money, and my debit card #... I was immediately suspiciou... / Unauthorized Debit From My Bank

on May 6, 2016

I received a call TODAY 5-6-16 AT 4:48 P.M from a "Bruce Williams" at US FINANCIAL RESOURCES, saying I was approved for the government grant I had applied for about a month ago...OK, great!! He asked how I wanted to receive my money, and my debit card #... I was immediately suspiciou...

GrantTreasuryDept. / Scam

on Nov 14, 2015

About a week or so, I was called @ home and was told I was eligible for a gov't grant. As i was talking to the obvious Asian accented person on the other end of the line, I used my cell phone app. & used "Reverse Phone" to see where they were calling from. The female said she was calling...

Grant Seeker Pro / Government Grants

on Oct 6, 2015

This is a scam: If you receive a call from Les Turner or Millie Cole regarding Grant Seeker, disconnect the call. Mr. Turner told me that someone would walk me through the process step by step. Then, I receive an email from Grant Seeker informing me that I am entitled to a 30 minute...

Unemploymend insurance / Bad service

on Aug 3, 2015

On 17 July 2015 i went to the UIFoffices in BRONKHORSTSPRUIT to hand in a Doctors letter. MR. KABINI the UIF officer that helped me, explained to me that he is on leave from 20 JULY Till 24 JULY 2015 but i must phone him on Monday27JULY 2015 to complete my sick benefit claim on this tel.number...

Bronkhorstspruit Regional Office UIF / Non payment for 4 months

on Jul 27, 2015

I have been dismissed from my job at Cullinan Diamond mine on 11 February 2015, I have found a job 8 June 2015. Meaning that I had no income for a period of 4 months. I went to Bronkhorstspruit UIF offices and even signed but I have received nothing resulting in me having to get an...

funding for you pleasant grove utah / took money with out authorization

on May 13, 2015

In December 2014I received a call about gov.Grant only said it would cost two dollars and some change then thstopped59.95off my debit card fir my unemployment I called unemployment to have this stopped I filed a dispute to het my money back because I was not told about being charged thi...

UK / Scam website/company

on Apr 20, 2015

There are other complaints elsewhere on this website about this scam company but I want to give you more detail so you can be aware of what can happen. READ IT ALL CAREFULLY! 1. I don't know how UKGrants got wind of our interest in obtaining a grant in the first place. We never contacted them...

Parkplace jobb centre / Signing

on Mar 18, 2015

I was at the Parkplace Job centre today to sign on at 10.50 and was not allowed by a new security officer /Black John his name I think. He did not allow me to go through because he believed I was drunk. I told him I was not feeling well. And when he told me to leave I did and collapsed...

Unemployment fund / No Service No payments

on Jan 29, 2015

After working for the same company for 15 years I was forces to apply for unemployment. After completing the required documentation as per your departments specifications and submission on the dates as specified on the door and controlled by the security guard at the door. No payment wa...

US Financial Services / fraud

on Jan 9, 2015

Got a call, same as all of you, claiming i was pre-approved for a free government grant which i could use to consolidate my bills-first red flag! Second red flag his name was Paul Adams, strange name for a very thick accented indian voice, . Third red flag he could not give me the... / refund policy

on Nov 20, 2014

I signed up for access to database and paid and received the information So far I have found some programs to apply to and next I will apply and wait to see what happens. I signed up based on the testimonials I saw on the website. The have a money back policy where if you... /

on Nov 1, 2014

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DMS energy solutions / unqualified

on Oct 14, 2014

This company are unqualified oppurtunists who do not provide the service they claim to.They are frequently late the level of workmanship is very poor. They also fit inferior central heating boilers whilst charging as though you were getting the top brands, you are not. Use this company at your pearl. DMS Energy solutions, Glasgow.

Aadhar Card / not given enroolment number

on Sep 18, 2014

Dear sir my aadhar card enrollment no. not given when take my finer print $ photo. almost one year ago, program in surajpur, greater noida (U.P.) and my voter id card no. is--REV1546290, NAME:- SANDEEP MISHRA FATHER'S NAME-JAY PRAKASH VILL+POST-KATWAR DIST.-JAUNPUR PIN C-222165 PAN CARD...

Govermentpost Office / government employees

on Jul 25, 2014

hi tv9 i gave complaint for old people "pension". poduru is a villeage in west godavari district and also it is a Mandal.In this villeage government pass one rule that is old people take PENSION in POSTOFFICE.But in this village post office palce in End of the old peoples are...

Car Parking / illegal carparking and bad behaviour

on Feb 15, 2014


Centre for Small Business Financing / Customer Feedback: Centre for Small Business Financing helps Entrepreneur avoid online funding fraud

on Feb 11, 2014

As with any company with numerous clients, the Centre for Small Business Financing (CFSBF) can be the subject of customer service and product-related concerns regarding its products and services. Some of these issues have been posted on this site. The Centre takes all such product and...

family safe life LLC / Unauthorized Transaction for $19.95 from VISA

on Nov 10, 2013

I don't even remember signing up for this. Out of the blue, someone calls me up saying that you won "Government Grant" money, that you don't have to pay back, just pay a "one time fee" of $3.87 and nothing more. Just check your email., around the same time every night (7p.m...

West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. / Frequent load-shedding

on Oct 13, 2013

Dear Sir, Load-shedding has become a matter of great concern to all. Power supply is suspended daily for a few hours as a routine affair at Deganga in 24 pgs (n), W.B. Today is Navami but here has not power supply from afternoon (about 4pm) to till now. How can WBSEDCL do this behaviour? Why...

non sanctioned pension for physically handicapped / non sanctioned pension for physically handicapped

on Sep 17, 2013

non sanctioned pension for physically handicappedRespected sir, My name is santosh kumar silari.I'm physically handicapped person applying pension in last year.It was issued in 27-02-2013 but when i went to panchayat at my villege ravulapalem, east godavari dist, 533238.They people said your pension not yet sactioned but my friend...


on Apr 25, 2013

I enrolled with the CSBF, and was toldif i wanted tocancell I could, the first payment went through and my business plans changes. I requested that the second paymentnot go through and to cancel my enrollment. I emailed phoned and left numerous messages for a call back and never have...