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Forex / Currency Trading Complaints

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Maricris O. Santos & Ruby Pelicano / foreign exchange

Edrian on Nov 14, 2018

I am complaining about the service of Maricris Santos and Ruby Pelicano of Cavite Imus- Aguinaldo Highway Branch, the service is too slow for a 100 usd exchange only, and the thing that makes me upset is that they were asking too many questions that my signature is not the same and make...

Azimo / transaction

mannie123 on Nov 14, 2018

AzimoI was referred by a friend to make money transfer using Azimo. I made a transfer of £490 and with the promo of a new customer, it amounted to £500. Unfortunately, I was charged, but received a notification that the transaction failed. I contacted my bank immediately and was told categorically...

HyperChain Capital / suspicious

Kevin Leons on Nov 13, 2018

I would recommend avoiding HyperChain Capital till they prove they are not a scam. Unfortunately, they are probably one of those companies that want to get money for old rope, but there's no such thing. What did invite this assumption? Well, their one-page website that explains a lot. I...

CoinShares / lack of some important information

Tiffany Howard on Nov 13, 2018

Is CoinShares company still alive? Does anyone know? Yes, they keep updating a twitter page, but the last time the news on the website was updated was in February 2018. What may it mean? The company started very well and then failed and now they have to support one of the profiles in social...

Fortress Investment Group [FIG] / just be careful

Chris Coller on Nov 12, 2018

Each venture firm states they are leading and professional managers. Each firm! Of course, Fortress Investment Group presents itself the same way and doesn't hesitate. To all intents and purposes, they are not what they want to be. Whether it's a scam or not, but they do everything to...

Flint Capital / Avoid it

Maximilien_67 on Nov 12, 2018

Another scam venture capital fund that has a one-page website with no information. Not sure that all of them deserve to be called legit, because according to my own analysis 99% of them sooner or later become scammers, start lying to their investors, stop talking to them and hide with the...

Ether Capital / that's a typical scam

Farina Younas on Nov 12, 2018

It's great (sarcasm) they have a disclaimer popping up on your screen before you start using their website. It says that it's made for informational purposes only. Ok, it's clear. But what if I have questions? I really do. They haven't answered anything. The website is just one page...

WorldRemit / payment not process

Lawal Henry on Nov 11, 2018

WorldRemitI made a payment to worldremot on the 9/11/18 from Australia to be transferred to Nigeria. A total sum of $6000 was deducted from my account but the transaction was not processed and payment has not been received. Its 3 days now and all endeavors to reach worldremit customer service team... / against the request id *3411028* - remittance - funds transfer recall not initiated and delayed since aug, 2018

kumar B.V.S on Nov 11, 2018

Dear Team, May I know why I am not getting any response from the concerned team. ? May I know when my subjected Request ID#3411028 remittance issue will be resolved ? I am financially stuck. Please do the needful ASAP. Every time when I am sending email or trying to contact the UAE...

Digital Capital Management / not reliable at all

Ivona Basty on Nov 9, 2018

Dear everyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies with help of cryptofirms and funds, if they tell you that they give you no guarantees and that working with them is a high-risk, isn't that a good reason to turn around and go away? I'm talking about Digital Capital Management company that...

Global Image / forex trading/bitcoin

SKSINGH009 on Nov 10, 2018

Global Image doing business based in India is bogus fake company, its site is always pop up now with service unavailable since from the last three months, Investors did not get their return money since from the last six months.Their network people look for new investor...

Blockweather Holdings / Rather yes than no

JulieAnne34 on Nov 8, 2018

Yes, that's exactly what I want to say about dealing with the Blockweather Holdings: it's rather yes than no. But my message is not about praising, admiration or advising to investors. It's for the Blockweather Holdings. As a person who would like to invest, I need to know as much information a...

Bletchley Park Asset Management Jersey / shady company

Phil Hall on Nov 7, 2018

Bletchley Park Asset Management Jersey is a scam even though it doesn't look like. Moreover, the first thing you see opening their website is a warning that you may lose your investments. What a great and optimistic beginning! Honestly, nothing looks suspicious, they provided all needed...

Base58 Capital / Looks like spam

Betty Callahan on Nov 7, 2018

Are there investors who dealt with base58? I have a lot of doubts. I will tell you why I think they are worthless. 1. The website: poor design, cheap, very simple. I would say it's even primitive 2. Minimum of information. 3. No complete information about founders. They didn't...

Palm Venice Beach / palm venice beach telegram

Kiran0101 on Nov 5, 2018

This Palm Venice Beach guy is a big fraud. He took 0.05 BTC upfront and gave me calls that I have made only losses on. I asked for a refund and he is not giving my BTC back. On every call he gave me, the coin's price was already pumped up, in other words, he and his group would have...

Berlyft, LLC / bitcoin mining investment company

Karl Jordan on Nov 2, 2018

Berlyft, LLCMarch 3, 2018 - I was contacted by Ayoola Onasile, owner of Berlyft, LLC, about investing with his company that "allegedly" offered investment funds that were backed by Bitcoin mining machines that processed Bitcoin transactions and offered a 30% return on a monthly basis. Mr. Onasile wa...

Shopee / flash drive 1tb

Roel Chester Diabordo on Oct 30, 2018

I ordered a flash drive with 1TB capacity. Pero kapag nag exceed na ng 8 GB ang kanacopy ko corrupted na lahat ng files. Hindi kaya mag carry ng up to 10 GB na files. So what's the point na 1TB ang flash drive pero 8 GB lang ang kayang i-handle na fiels??? Wtf shopee [censored]ing qualities. Hindi lang...

Axis Bank / outer remittance

Jass sahota on Oct 26, 2018

I asked for the iuter remittance to canada in monday 22/10/2018 with exchange rate 54 but because of some issues my remittance was delayed and was made on friday 26/10/2018 with 58.54 exchange rate.I had made enquiry and the forex says the rate for 26/10/2018 is 56.51 .I have charged way...

Palm Venice Beach / scamming users in the name of cryptocurrency trade calls

Salman Khan5955 on Oct 21, 2018

This guy made me lose a lot of money by luring me into taking his paid membership. After taking his member I have been nothing but losing money. It has been a big mistake falling for his fraud call and I am not sure I am the only victim of this. I reached out to him politely to refund my...

Remit2India / cheating on exchange rate

fromQuincyMass on Oct 19, 2018

When I booked transaction with remit2india (customer id : 2666522)transfer rate USD to INR was showing as 74.1 INR, so I was little impressed with rate as it was 10-15 paisa higher than others. So chosen remit2india. I socked see that they transferred money to India account with rate of...