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Fitness Centers Complaints

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Fitness 19 / over charge for membership

Tanya2018 on Jul 20, 2018

Tim Michael and Taylor has been harassing me actually since Dec of 2017 but I agreed to a special then they overcharged me and then promised to refund me the money and never did. then they again began contacting me. I have asked numerous time by messages to stop contacting me and they...

Gold's Gym / gold's gym hurghada, red sea, egypt.

Ahmed Dawood on Jul 20, 2018

Hi, My membership # 823 since 2012 in Gold's gym Hurghada red sea Egypt. 1-Since long time we compliant of bad air-conditioning specially during summer days in door temperature can be more the 100 F during hot day. 2-Not enough and old equipments. I/we have spoken to management many...

Planet Fitness / they keep charging my bank account & won't let me cancel the contract

RayDale on Jul 20, 2018

I have been trying to leave planet fitness, they wont let me out of the contract . I have tried multiple times. I have gone to the center & called they say it hasn't been paid but my bank statements say otherwise. Now they say that I owe them money!How when they have been paid from my bank...

GYM Company at Bara / I am complaining about this gym, because they want me to pay money for equipment that I have never used.

TH1987 on Jul 20, 2018

I signed the contract with the GYM on November 2017. the person that was assisting me told me that they will start to deduct money when I go to the GYM and that is when the contract will be activated. after some few hours I called the person to cancel the contract because I saw that I wont...

Fitness First / customer service gilda chatswood

Renee_jarvs on Jul 19, 2018

Hi, I would like to express my concerns about a staff member at Chatswood Fitness First please. I have been a fitness frat member for well over a decade and have never encountered such a negative and passive aggressive person. I have exercised at fitness first in England, Singapore...

24 Hour Fitness USA / my 2 year membership purchased through costco will not be honored for 3 months

Timothy Monroe Wilson on Jul 18, 2018

My name is Timothy Wilson, Member #BLC10039416. $49.99 debited from my account each month cover my membership fee. On June 12, I purchased from Costco a 2 year membership to 24 Hour Fitness for $649. I spoke to the representative at the Green Acres club and was told that my new membership...

Anytime Fitness / maintenance

CaityMarie on Jul 18, 2018

The Anytime Fitness in Wichita KS off of Seneca st. has the WORST manager ever. Clocks have all been dead for over a year now. There is NEVER any sanitation spray or wipes available. And what's worse, is every single day I come in, all I see him doing is working out with his girlfriend and...

Virgin Active South Africa / virgin active victory park

Jani Roodt on Jul 18, 2018

Ive been training at Virgin Actice from day of opening. I also trained at a flagship Virgin Active for 10years and only had to complaint about the aircon system 5times in 10years problem - that is understandable 5 Years ago I moved to Linden and decided to go to Victory park...

LifeTime Fitness / gym member

Suzanne Alfastsen on Jul 15, 2018

Since May of this year I have followed the policy of going to Lifetime Fitness in Troy Michigan yo cancel my sons membership. After two suicide attempts I had to put my son in a residential treatment center out of state. Assistant Manager Heba Ahmad in an email after several attempts in...

GoodLife Fitness / employee jenna id 1606

Harjot2233 on Jul 13, 2018

I want to down grade my membership because I am paying more for the things I am not even using such as hot yoga and tanning. However, I was speaking with customer care over the phone and she told me they would charge me $50 bucks for the down grade. The reason was given for the charges wa...

Crunch Fitness / customer service.

Alex Mavashev on Jul 12, 2018

Rose the assistant manager at Crunch fitness stated to me they had theft from the aerobics room and that is why they started locking it but let me use it that day. They haven't posted any signs that they close the aerobics room at 10. I asked to use the room after 10 a different day, one...

Charter Fitness / fitness

Damiya on Jul 11, 2018

Today my fiancé and I went to work out at charter Fitness Tinley Park. The guy at the desk was clearly racist and rude to the point he jump in me and my fiancé face with threatening jestures. We didn't react and ask could we talk to a surpervisor. We was told it's no surpervisor or number...

Fitness 19 / cancellation

Kdroberts on Jul 11, 2018

I canceled my membership oct 2016. I am still receiving emails that I owe money. I want this fixed I dont go to the gym because I moved outta state. This is getting frustrating that I call all the time and send emails and it still isn't fixed. I think fitness 19 has the worst customer...

24 Hour Fitness USA / unacceptable customer service

Madeline Mendes on Jul 10, 2018

24 Hour Fitness USAThe hold time to speak to a representative is awful!!! They said 20 mins then ends up 40+ minutes unacceptable !! Everytime I call I'm put on hold. This happened to be ongoing daily. There is a recorded message daily after you get through that leads you to a representative and you're on...

Planet Fitness / customer service

Toot Tootie on Jul 7, 2018

other day there were some issues with my account that had been brought to my attention. The mod Insisted on canceling my account since I didnt plan to make a payment without consulting my bank first, considering the fact that the payments come out directly every month.I'm on my way to...

LA Fitness International / changing my bank account 1 year after I visited

Adrian_Hm on Jul 6, 2018

La fitness have over charged me before, but this time my bank account got charged 1 year after I left the USA and LA FItness. I am clearly in no contact or buisness with them since do not live in USA or near a LA fitness. I have tried to reach out and clear up why I am beeing charged, but...

Tyler Soffiantino yoga classes / yoga classes

Cole Carmona on Jul 6, 2018

Tyler Soffiantino yoga classesHi, My Name is Cole Carmona, and I live in Nashville. I found Tyler Soffiantino Yoga Classes online. This is the website of Tyler Soffiantino Yoga Classes First, I tried to contact them via phone. But that was not possible. Then I fill the contact form...

New York Sports Club [NYSC] / membership

Respectyourmembers on Jul 5, 2018

I have never been treated so bad in my entire life by a member service employee. NYSC should be ashamed to hire an individual like this. I am trying to cancel my membership and am being told I have to come into the club I originally joined or have a certified letter. This is ridiculous I should...

Virgin Active South Africa / not receiving paid-up confirmation for account handed to mbd

H. Musongi on Jul 5, 2018

My name is H Musongi. I have 4 accounts that become in arrears when I become unemployed. 2 of the 4 accounts where handed over to MBD. For the past 6 months, I faithfully paid instalments on my 2 accounts with MBD. I made payments for my 2 accounts at MBD to be settled and closed on...

Planet Fitness / facilities

PamelaNy on Jul 4, 2018

The Planet Fitness located at 25 Broadway, New York, NY 10004 definitely has a mold problem. The smell of mold is most prominent on the lowest level near the locker rooms. Women's locker room showers have mold and do not drain properly. It also seems as though the floors on the gym floor...