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Fast Food Restaurants, By Most Complaints | Page 7

Marry Brown, Luz corner, Mylapore / Over charging customers for the worthless products/service

Padmanabh on Feb 1, 2013

Looters & cheaters on the name of burgers & french fries. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ They are charging 75/- for a veg-burger & 55/- for french fries, whereas McDonalds gives you at 20 to 25/- & french fries @ 20/-. They are taking 50/-...

store 1793 / treatment

James1970 on Jun 29, 2013

The entire crew at Arby's store 1793 in Mustang Oklahoma refused to make our order on the afternoon of June 29th, 2013. around 5pm. their reason was we were friends with the assistant manager. They called a manager named Anthony in to check things out and look for wrong doing... he...

Braums peanut butter cup 3 pint tub / Deadly sharp metal in Ice cream

Michael 50 on Aug 12, 2013

My wife and I purchased a 3 pint tub of peanut butter cup yogurt at Braums.To make a long story short she choked on a gray 1/2 inch by 38th sharp on both ends metal object.Yes no exageration on both counts sharp and chocked like a 46 year old child!!I was shocked too put it very lightly...

WienerSchnitzel / poor cust. service, items missing

valerie washington on Nov 11, 2013

i ordered the 5 for $5 and i received 3 items, i went back to get my other 2 items, asked the manager on duty to replace my jalapeno poppers that i purchased. she gave me my 2 items that were missing and she wouldn't replace my jalapeno poppers i asked her why. she said she gave me my...

Gus Jr. #10 / Wrong order/Rude/Evasive

gingerhouseberg on Nov 13, 2013

I went thru their drive-thru at 6:12 on Nov. 12, 2013 to pick up dinner for my husband and I. I had a long day and wanted to save time and trouble. When I got home and put the food on the table I realiazed I was not given the cheesburger for my Burger Combo. I had ordered a cheesburger...

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Vietnam / Motorbike Parking / Lose your motorbike and deny responsibility

Righteouspolice on Dec 25, 2013

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Vietnam / Motorbike ParkingFirst of all, please understand the background of this report. The case is in Vietnam. As of September 2012, the SHi-150 is the chicest scooter in the market. The imported line from Italy is the most expensive, around 8, 000 USD; the locally manufactured line is only around 4, 000 USD. By the...

Market Force / Minor Errors

Not happy with Advocates on Apr 20, 2014

Told I have 6 infractions then turned around said I had 3 infractions. 1 infraction in past year was Market Force advocates.(Not my fought) I was told I did not report a time right and I e-mailed help desk and they said they would add it to the report. I was given an infraction not my...

Shiso Tree Cafe / Rude and discriminatory service

e46tiag on Apr 28, 2014

If I could give 0 stars I would. If you have kids do not come to this restaurant. The service is horrible. They do not allow you to bring food from outside the restaurant even for your children. It's not like we are not ordering so why be a ### about it? We're talking about a 5...

Yum Restaurants International (Canada) Company / Poor service

Disgusted Customer! on Jul 29, 2014

I had previously contacted you regarding a horrible experience I had at your Grand Falls-Windor, NL location. It was about your "Big Boss" meal. It and the fries were cold and the chicken was so sparse and cold, each piece would definitely fill ONE bun together. It was awful. I don't...

wing goh / bad service

wing goh on Sep 7, 2014

wing goh7.9.2014 I had dinner in pizzahut aeon kinta city ipoh, there was noot many people that time, I asked for a pepper powder and checheese powder, but I straight received a bad face and my requested was ignored, that made me needed to get from other table myself. In addition the waitresses was just nothing to do.

New York Fried Chicken and Pizza / Attitude

BeNiceToCustomers on Sep 8, 2014

The person was rude. We wanted chicken and he was reluctant to give what he had until he had more chicken and he had an attitude when we asked for condiments. A fast food place should never make the customer feel that its their fault they do not have enough chicken showing. lol. In...

fatima / stupid supervisor

fatima fatima on Nov 3, 2014

I complaining your supervisor ahmad to that store there was a time that I go to that store his talking to the phone long time I like to buy but he didnt approched me good im passing every morning to that store but I didnt see good attitude all the time he came late.i want coffee with my friends but its close i want you to monitor that supervisor.

khan Enterprise / chitting with customer

Gulzer Hosain Sunny on Dec 13, 2014

khan EnterpriseHi i am writing about the service i had at Mcdonalds on Princes Hwy, Rockdale this afternoon. I had ordered 1 Big Mac Meal (Smaill). Get the receipt and waiting for the meal. Then I saw she added 1 lrg ### without my concern. Then I go back to the counter and ask for the change of $1.10. I got...

ameci pizza / untrained manager

bigelow333 on May 8, 2015

I went in to order from the only restaurant near me that accepts ebt. My card was "declined" so I asked the cashier to call the retail voucher line for assistance since I knew I had enough money to cover the $5 charge. He said he was busy answering phones so could I call on my cellphone. I...

Braums / District Manager

Brian na on Jun 5, 2015

The Braums cook who poured salt on my burger when I went through the drive thru is not the issue. It was busy and I can understamd the cook making sanwhiches as fast as possie to get customers through. My compaint is the district manager who was cooking up fries on this day. It was in the...

Macdonald Puchong Gateway / Sloppy chicken burger

Jenzseree on Jun 11, 2015

Macdonald Puchong GatewayThe burger was plastered with one entire bottle of mayo...yucks!!! I vomited after taking one bite...even after removing more than half of mayo...and i was so hungry... i have had many bad burgers from macd...but this one was the worst of all...enough.. me and my family stopping macd...this Puchong Gateway Branch...of Macd gets the credit...

Harold's Chicken and Snacks / Food smelled like Bowels, Rude Manager

Connie Lorraine on Jul 26, 2015

I ordered 6 piece chicken and fries. Started eating fries, got to one bit in it and tasted funny, i spit it out and smelled it. Smelled like bowel very strongly. Started going through all the fries and smelling them and found a couple more that smelled. Called them, cashier saif to being...

Red Onion / Stolen wages

lyricalslonglost on Aug 12, 2015

Within a year of working there I signed an agreement that essentially "waived" my right to overtime even though wage theft is against the law. I kept all my timesheets & pay stubs as proof that I deserve my OT pay. longest day I worked 1/1/2014 close to 13 hours. owner is buffie choi & her brother johnny yee told me to keep quiet about it. shady. AVOID!!

Panara Bread / Customer service

Reviewer93402 on Sep 6, 2015

I observed on Sunday September 6 at 11:15 an Indian couple placing order and the Asian cashier helping them was not friendly and somewhat rude Then a white male with his child was next she was extremely nice and helpful to him. This is not the first time I have observed this practice with...

Jackson Dawson Communications / Rude manager in Torrance location #4861

Reviewer11958 on Sep 18, 2015

I called early in the morning around 10:32am on September 18, 2015 to place a VERY big order for my company's important luncheon with a client of ours. I spoke with the person on the phone and they took my order as directed. I had mentioned our meeting was at 11:45am but I was sending...