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Fast Food Restaurants, By Most Complaints | Page 6

Snack bar / messy snack bar

Ericatx on Aug 22, 2011

Snack Bar was so messy!!! we went to get popcorn, & no popcorn was available.. where we got our icees it was full of paper towels everywhere, drinks were spilled... 6 of like 12 tables they have there were insane! flies feeding off scraps of food left on table... floor was gross! and i...

Kevin Montana / Mean and Stupid employer

[email protected] on Oct 25, 2011

IT's not a big deal if the employer can't speak English or she have strong accent i can totally understand that ! but ON top of that she's mean and didn't get my order right ! she almost through the bag on my face rolling her eyes on me, without saying anything that is so disrespectful and discyusting !

petes pizza / pricing issues

the idea girl on Nov 29, 2011

petes pizzathe guy suggested 3x's that we should get the 12 slice pizza with 20 wings special for $22.99 plus tax so we did. when we opened up the carton we found only 18 wings in there but we did get a 12 slice pizza (we ordered extra cheese it didn't look like it was extra) and i ordered...

Great Kitchens Pte Ltd / Fraud from Singapore

aviopack on Dec 7, 2011

They order two shipments from us and we paid all freight in advance. Finally they pick up air shipment themself and ask us to get back second shipments without any reason.They treat the busienss like the game. When we try to reach them for freight and balance payments, they decline to...


Linda Poole on Jan 13, 2012

Braums store located at 2035 Bonham St. Paris, TX store # 162 I do not go to Braums very often ANYMORE because my order is never correct. I use the drive thru. I order Biscuit/Bacon/Egg and drive across town to work and that is when I open sandwich I have sausage/biscuit!!! My ticket is correct -...

Grilled Chicken Nuggets / pricing

TrudyE on Jan 15, 2012

Seeing the advertisement that Chick-fil-A now has grilled nuggets, I was looking forward to trying them. On 1-14-12 I purchased an order and was really surprised that your company could actually sell 8 quarter-sized nuggets for $2.85 plus sales tax. The nuggets were not even the same size...

5$Pizza twenty $ Special / shorted on food and time

kristi henley on Jan 18, 2012

i called an order in 40 min early and once arriving rite on time for fresh and hot, found my order not ready by 15 min! order short its hot wings, i live thirty min from papa johns, so if i waited on my wings then rest of order would have gotten ice cold, , .I had ordered the twenty dollar...

Hungry Howies / FOOD

DAWNAS on Feb 17, 2012

Last night 2/16/2012 Ordered the special large $10 pizza (unlimited toppings), with cheese, pepperoni and black olives, a whole Italian sub and a cinnamon bread. Total order equaled $24.16 Once the items were received, and opened the first thing noticed was that the cinnamon bread had only one...

88 Burgers / Handled the food while handling money

Ilbroke on Mar 29, 2012

My husband and I went into the establishment and placed a to-go order. While we waited, with a few other customers, one of the female employees put two burger buns on the grill. She smashed them down, then place two slices of cheese on top, and smashed them down as well. One of the...

KFC / Taco Bell / poor service

PartagasPro on Apr 23, 2012

Ever wonder why a fast food restaurant fails? This location has consistently operated with all the reasons. Poor service and poor food quality is their normal.I will drive the extra few miles for better service and better quality of food from now on and suggest everyone else do the same or be prepared for disappointment!

Next Door Pizza / Misleading attitude

Stephen on Apr 27, 2012

I called Next Door Pizza to book a table but I was told that restaurant I not open yet and if I hurry I will manage to get a free table. I arrived there shortly just to realize that all the tables are taken and all of them have their orders delivered. I don’t see the point of that lie… Why did they do that? I just lost some precious time.

Pizza Capers / Shocking quality

Brett D SG on Apr 30, 2012

Ordered 2 pizzas. The claim to be gourmet and high quality and rack up the price to reflect it. 28SGD for 2 pizzas (special deal reduced price) Both claim to be 9inch. I got 2 pizzas at 7.3inches. Mushroom pizza - dried mushroom flakes (less than dry - infact stupidly thin less than razor...

New Burger / I hate the new Burger King fries

Nevaloke on May 1, 2012

I used to LOVE burger king BECAUSE of their fries…. and now they’ve changed them and i hate them! they’re disgusting!! bring back the old ones or i won’t come back!!! On Friday, November 4th at 11:25 am I went thru the drive thru of Burger King, located on Middle...

Jimmy Jones / Horrible experience


Just want to bring my horrible experience at JJ Grant Street. Since I was getting late for my meeting, I thought let's go place where I can get something quickly and thought of going to JJ, but I didn't know instead of my Tuna Club Order, they will hand me another sandwich ( i...

piero's pizza / bad service

jaded1234 on Jul 29, 2012

our first incedent happened about 5 months ago when we ordered two panzeroties and recieved 1 panzarotie and one pizza when we called and complained they said they would credit us and took our name, adress and phone number. When we called a couple weeks later they said they had no record...

Number 1 China / Poor Customer service/ health risk

kimmiko on Sep 12, 2012

I ordered from NO 1 China on 9/11/12 and it was a simple order a steak and cheese and fries for delivery @ 7:00pm. At 7:45 my order had not arrived yet. I called to find out if there was something wrong as to why i had not received my order yet considering i live less than 5 mins from the...

sonics of odessa texas / drugs in the business


There are too many drugs going in and coming out of these stores, people around here act like these stores are just a bunch of drive in drug stores. The bad thing about it is, the owners aren't doing anything about it, for one reason is because some of the owners are very big player...

WifeSaver Restaurant Aiken, SC / Rated Kid UN-Friendly & food poisoning

Betsy Thomas on Dec 13, 2012

Food Service there is LOUSY, poor customer service, and staff is rude to kids; plus several incidents of food poisoning cases filed against the franchise!!!

Doninios pizza / Won't answer phone

110750i on Dec 14, 2012

Wrong pizza was delivered. No reason for mistyakes . Ordered online. All they have to do is read the screen and make the pizza you ordered. Customer service in Dionioms sucks. Need to answer phones, and get orders right the first time. My supper was ruined. When I order from Little Ceasers, I...


FANNIE JONES on Jan 9, 2013

DEAR SIR: MY NAME IS FANNIE JONES, I AM A 5TH GRADE TEACHER AT C.A. TATUM EL 3002 N ST AUGUSTINE RD DALLAS, TX 75227 On Dec 21, 2012, I ordered pizza for my students for their xmas PARTY, along with 2 other teachers, Ms Frost, and Ms Johnson. The pizza was promised for delivery by 1:15, ...