Fast Food Restaurants, By Most Complaints


Macdonald's Restaurant / uncleanliness


I would like to bring attention to the conditions of the play area at this MacDonald's friend and I visited this restaurant on or about March 24, was very apparent that the floor in this play area had not been washed for some time...spots on the floor where...

JUGO JUICE MARDA LOOP / unsafety food handling


Yesterday I was in this branch and was seating down enjoying my meal when, to my surprise I happened to observe what was happening on the store. There was the first day of a new employee and she was doing fine doing all the mixes in the blenders, then a customer arrived to ask for a mix...

Quizno's Subs / Chicken sandwich method - against religion!


Hello! I have some serious matter about QUIZNO'S chicken sandwich making method . last week i went to one of the quiznos restaurant here in new jersey for lunch and i wanted to eat chicken sandwich so i was waiting in a line to give my order, now the customer before me had ordered a...

Macdonald's / Assaulted by staff!


On the early hours of Sunday the 28th October, at approximately 1 in the morning, on my way home after an evening with some friends I went into a McDonalds restaurant at 220 W 42ND St, between 7th and 8th avenue, New York at what is supposedly a flag ship of the MacDonald'...

Chalupa / Bone in meat


Biting into my chalupa this afternoon, I found a chunk of bone. This is the second time I've bit into a piece of bone while eating Taco Bell.

Stevie B's Pizza / treated very rudely and unfairly


another customer was cursing my 11 year old daughter and when i stood up for my child she complained to the manager about me and the manager didnt even bother finding out the truth, he rudely had the police to ban me from the establishment, but that i can live with because i have spend...

Elite Foods / Terrible experience


It started the day before my sons 3rd birthday November 7th 2008, 2 salesmen came to my door asking my husband and I to buy their steaks and chicken. It was a really great deal but we asked them to come back next week when my husband got paid again because we explained that we were...

coffee / no sugar free, or decaf


I am mad about the free coffee that is at mcdonalds on mondays..Well first of all the should have decaf for people like me who can not drink any drinks that contain caffeine, and for my two sons, and my boyfriend who are diabetics there should be sugar free coffees. I went for a coffee...

5 Dollar Footlong / 6 dollar footlong, not 5 dollar


I asked the clerk for a "5 dollar footlong" as advertized, and got a sandwich that costed 6 dollars. i think the tv ad is a fraud and no signs specifying that a certain sandwich is 5 dollars compared to 6 dollars...just like that free KFC roasted chicken coupon scam, NO SUCH THING

Big Slice Pizza / ignorance toward autistic child and parents


Dear parents, relatives, friends of children with autism. Please know that if you spend your money at Big Slice Pizza, you will be giving your hard earned funds to a person who would accuse you of being a bad parent if your child happens to have a meltdown nearby him. The ignorant ### who...

O'Charley's #399 / Fraudulent charge

on Jan 13, 2011

I had dinned at the restaurant on Sunday January 9, 2011 at approximatley 6:45 PM. At the conclusion of my meal the waitress (Bianca) gave me a bill which was not mine. I pointed this out and was given the correct bill. I was told by Bianca not to worry about the charge. The charge wa...

Burker King / Manager screaming at me

on Feb 9, 2011

I went to this store ( 106 FULTON STreet, Ny, Ny, 10031) to buy a whopper JR meal and the soda taste lke water so I told the Manager whose name is SYED ADMED and I also told him that there was a roach on my burger and instead of him saying im sorry about that, he starts screaming at me and...

Walk Up Fast Food Service / A Rude Waitress

on Feb 23, 2011

a rude waitress. I am afraid to go in again and i eat there a lot. this is the only place within walking distance. I am afraid to complain to the managaer. He won't do anything. i encourage you strongly to train your employees to be nicer to your customers, even if you are...

Whooper Sandwich / wrong product and unclean store

on Mar 21, 2011

We went through the drive thru and placed an order for a chicken sandwich and a whopper sandwich. The drive thru employee was very nice. It took a while to get our order. They were not busy at all. After driving away from the window I looked at our order and the whopper had cheese on it...

Royal Bakery - Springs Town Centre / Too expensive for poor quantities

on Jun 12, 2011

Royal Bakery - Springs Town Centre - Emirates Living- Dubai- United Arab Emirates when you go order a shawerma should be filled with meat! not pickels surrounded by bread! the money you spend there is going for nothing..they started well in that bakery and the quantities were statisfying, but they are ripping of the consumer!..

Italian Pizza&Grill Daytona Beach / Food and Bathroom

on Feb 1, 2012

The food is thrown together, the spinach is out of a can, and since the area depends on tourism, If tourism is slow, know that the food ready to be cooked has been sitting a long time. Everything is put together with the cheapest foods, since the owner is Muslim, they advertise ham...

Varsity College Sandton / False Advertising on the R10 Wacky Wed deal

on Jun 14, 2012

Steers ran its Wacky Wednesday R10 Rib Burger Special. We placed an order for my whole department firstly by telephone. My STaff member then went to pick the order. She waited 3 hours in the queue only to be told that she can get 5 burgers as opposed to the 16 we originally placed. When...