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KFC / Taco Bell / poor service

on Apr 23, 2012

Ever wonder why a fast food restaurant fails? This location has consistently operated with all the reasons. Poor service and poor food quality is their normal.I will drive the extra few miles for better service and better quality of food from now on and suggest everyone else do the same or be prepared for disappointment!

88 Burgers / Handled the food while handling money

on Mar 29, 2012

My husband and I went into the establishment and placed a to-go order. While we waited, with a few other customers, one of the female employees put two burger buns on the grill. She smashed them down, then place two slices of cheese on top, and smashed them down as well. One of the...

Hungry Howies / FOOD

on Feb 17, 2012

Last night 2/16/2012 Ordered the special large $10 pizza (unlimited toppings), with cheese, pepperoni and black olives, a whole Italian sub and a cinnamon bread. Total order equaled $24.16 Once the items were received, and opened the first thing noticed was that the cinnamon bread had only one...

Italian Pizza&Grill Daytona Beach / Food and Bathroom

on Feb 1, 2012

The food is thrown together, the spinach is out of a can, and since the area depends on tourism, If tourism is slow, know that the food ready to be cooked has been sitting a long time. Everything is put together with the cheapest foods, since the owner is Muslim, they advertise ham...

5$Pizza twenty $ Special / shorted on food and time

on Jan 18, 2012

i called an order in 40 min early and once arriving rite on time for fresh and hot, found my order not ready by 15 min! order short its hot wings, i live thirty min from papa johns, so if i waited on my wings then rest of order would have gotten ice cold, , .I had ordered the twenty dollar...

Grilled Chicken Nuggets / pricing

on Jan 15, 2012

Seeing the advertisement that Chick-fil-A now has grilled nuggets, I was looking forward to trying them. On 1-14-12 I purchased an order and was really surprised that your company could actually sell 8 quarter-sized nuggets for $2.85 plus sales tax. The nuggets were not even the same size...


on Jan 13, 2012

Braums store located at 2035 Bonham St. Paris, TX store # 162 I do not go to Braums very often ANYMORE because my order is never correct. I use the drive thru. I order Biscuit/Bacon/Egg and drive across town to work and that is when I open sandwich I have sausage/biscuit!!! My ticket is correct -...

Great Kitchens Pte Ltd / Fraud from Singapore

on Dec 7, 2011

They order two shipments from us and we paid all freight in advance. Finally they pick up air shipment themself and ask us to get back second shipments without any reason.They treat the busienss like the game. When we try to reach them for freight and balance payments, they decline to...

petes pizza / pricing issues

on Nov 29, 2011

petes pizzathe guy suggested 3x's that we should get the 12 slice pizza with 20 wings special for $22.99 plus tax so we did. when we opened up the carton we found only 18 wings in there but we did get a 12 slice pizza (we ordered extra cheese it didn't look like it was extra) and i ordered...

Kevin Montana / Mean and Stupid employer

on Oct 25, 2011

IT's not a big deal if the employer can't speak English or she have strong accent i can totally understand that ! but ON top of that she's mean and didn't get my order right ! she almost through the bag on my face rolling her eyes on me, without saying anything that is so disrespectful and discyusting !

Krystal Company / Food

on Oct 7, 2011

I ordered a 10 piece wing and they were 5 hot and wild and 5 blazin buffalo. Once I Got my food and had left on the drive back home to Ga I begin to eat them and they were horrible they didnt have any sauce on one set and the other ones I dont know what sauce it was but they werent hot at...

Snack bar / messy snack bar

on Aug 22, 2011

Snack Bar was so messy!!! we went to get popcorn, & no popcorn was available.. where we got our icees it was full of paper towels everywhere, drinks were spilled... 6 of like 12 tables they have there were insane! flies feeding off scraps of food left on table... floor was gross! and i...

Fish Shack / The owner is a conman

on Aug 18, 2011

Fish ShackWARNING- WORST RESTAURANT IN SOUTH AFRICA! DO NOT support Fish Shack, the owner Chris Daniels is a professional Fraudster! Don't believe me? Google Fish Shack + Chris Daniels and read what trip advisor has to say. Or visit and type in Fish Shack, or Gum Tree. The whole...

Marney,s Takeaway kooralbyn / bad food

on Aug 9, 2011

every time I eat at this takeaway I get very ill, I have seen people smoking outside the shop, then prepare someone, s food without washing them, also returning from the toilet without washing hands.The floor of the shop is covered in old oil, just about slip over.Smells all the time of...

My mate's pizza / $1.00 surcharge for using EFT

on Jul 21, 2011

I purchased three pizzas from this takeaway restaurant and the it come to a total of $21.70. I handed over my atm card to pay using my cheque account and was informed I must pay a $1.00 surcharge because I was using the card. I then told him it wasn't a credit card and he said he knew...

Chef Anon Nocito - P&H Soda Syrup Co / False Advertising

on Jul 12, 2011

Chef Anon Nocito - P&H Soda Syrup CoIS Anton Nocito a "fake chef" He owns and operates P&H Soda Sryups from his Flushing Queens Apt. NOCITO'S Apt is NOT an FDA approved kitchen nor is it approve by NYC Dept of Health. P&H Soda has NO listed soda plant, restaurant or office. P&H Soda has no Verizon Phone number. I...

Highland, Il Hardees / employee's attitude and behavior

on Jul 1, 2011

There is a shift leader by the name of Miranda K that works at Hghland, IL Hardees. She has a deplorable attitude, is rude, does not always talks to or talks nicely to customers. She treats people terribly and then tries to blame other people, customers and co-workers for what she has done...

Macdonalds Campbelltown, Nsw / Customer Service

on Jun 19, 2011

My daughter had placed her order through the Drive through which included a Vanilla Thickshake, which she usually enjoys. The thickshakes are usually great, thick, icy and extremely hard to get through the straw. A great Macdonald thickshake. When she was given hers we both noticed it wa...


on Jun 18, 2011

Hardees also has comment cards on each table, to ask honest questions about the service and foods. I filled it out and walked around the resturaunt looking for the comment box as per the instructions on the card. I asked the Day-Walking Zombie with the dreads where it was at he said we...

Royal Bakery - Springs Town Centre / Too expensive for poor quantities

on Jun 12, 2011

Royal Bakery - Springs Town Centre - Emirates Living- Dubai- United Arab Emirates when you go order a shawerma should be filled with meat! not pickels surrounded by bread! the money you spend there is going for nothing..they started well in that bakery and the quantities were statisfying, but they are ripping of the consumer!..

Frozen &Hot& Chocolate drink / Lack of availability

on Jun 9, 2011

Donkun Donuts Co. advertised "Frozen Hot Chocolate" drink and even provided coupons for customers to get a small size free to try it. I visited 4 stores in the NYC area where I work, with the coupon, courious to try it, since I am a Donkun Donuts customer; however, NONE HAD IT IN STOCK. I...

Fresh Slice Piza / RUDE EMPLOYEE!!

on Jun 1, 2011

This Fresh Slice pizza location has arguably the most rudest and quite possibly, cruel employee they could ever have. The employee is a mid-aged Chinese lady who wears glasses called Joyce. Don't expect to ever receive a smile from this lady at all. When I go and ask her for change...

k f c london road glasgow / very poor service

on Apr 6, 2011

i would like to complain about the level of very poor service in the london road branch of k f c in glasgow .on three different occasions i have waited for over twenty minutes to be served the girl gave us the wrong order on the first occasion on the second visit at five thirty at night...

Whooper Sandwich / wrong product and unclean store

on Mar 21, 2011

We went through the drive thru and placed an order for a chicken sandwich and a whopper sandwich. The drive thru employee was very nice. It took a while to get our order. They were not busy at all. After driving away from the window I looked at our order and the whopper had cheese on it...

Graydon foods / lack of service to the public

on Mar 20, 2011

I'm not sure if it works the same everywhere else but in Kirkland Lake we can call our orders in and have it picked up and delivered to us. But the odds of actually having someone answer their phone is extrememly rare.. i worked at this mcdonalds about 5years ago and not only to they...

Magic wok / bug in food

on Mar 17, 2011

My coworkers went to magic wok for lunch the other day, as she was getting to the bottom of her food, there was abug, she called the resturant, and the man told her he was busy and could not help her. I tried to contact the health board, but the # I called stated that if there was a insect...

Chick fil a sandwhich / broken tooth

on Mar 10, 2011

My mom, bros, and me went to chick fil a a few weeks ago and my mom BROKE HER TOOTH ON HER CHICKEN SANDWHICH! There was a black ball in the middle and it slip her tooth in half! "We didnt invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwhich with the black tooth breaking ball in the middle!!!"

GOLDEN CORALL / INJUSTICE to me my wife and even 2 small kids

on Mar 7, 2011

This sat was my shabatt and i called my brother ( my parents passed away) so i only have him as a relative so he decided to come from 40 miles away and meet me at the golden corall in eht nj 08234 like he suggested for me to go sit on line and pay for him his wife and one daughter ( we are...

Walk Up Fast Food Service / A Rude Waitress

on Feb 23, 2011

a rude waitress. I am afraid to go in again and i eat there a lot. this is the only place within walking distance. I am afraid to complain to the managaer. He won't do anything. i encourage you strongly to train your employees to be nicer to your customers, even if you are...

Burker King / Manager screaming at me

on Feb 9, 2011

I went to this store ( 106 FULTON STreet, Ny, Ny, 10031) to buy a whopper JR meal and the soda taste lke water so I told the Manager whose name is SYED ADMED and I also told him that there was a roach on my burger and instead of him saying im sorry about that, he starts screaming at me and...

k f c / BAD FOOD

on Feb 6, 2011

DEAR SIR As a long time customer of k f c .I must of eaten k f c in every country in the world on my business trips. It is one great menu . So could you please help with my local k f c o roman way newark on trent i have visited it several times and saddly i feel the food and restaurant i...

O'Charley's #399 / Fraudulent charge

on Jan 13, 2011

I had dinned at the restaurant on Sunday January 9, 2011 at approximatley 6:45 PM. At the conclusion of my meal the waitress (Bianca) gave me a bill which was not mine. I pointed this out and was given the correct bill. I was told by Bianca not to worry about the charge. The charge wa...

Saladworks / refund


Ordered a salad and a cup of water (on a diet). Was charged for a fountain soda. When I went back for a refund I was told that they ran out of water cups and "HAD" to charge for a soda cup. When I mentioned that I wasn't told I would be charged for a soda they agreed, but said they...

Raja Gopal A / L Sureah / perkauman


saya seorang custmer india yang selalu datng ke piza hut wangsa maju..saya tidak berpuas hati pada seorang maneger yang bernama thana, setiap kali saya datang memanggil maneger tersebut cuba mengelakkan diri dari mengambil order dari table saya. Adakah disebabkn saya berbangsa india beliau...

Cheeseburger And Fishwich / food poisoning - norovirus


Went for lunch, got a double cheeseburger and a fishwich - no drink no fries - at around 1 pm. it was extremely busy, could have contributed - 8 to 10 people at each register, 6 registers - at around 11 pm began to feel extremely bloated, racing pulse, dizzy. rapidly worsened - thought i...

Matthews management / Bad manager


Manager mike jones, real name Peter jones, is a horrible manager. He treats his employees like crap, thinking he's better than everyone. He hardly does any work and when he does he always complains about it. He won't listen to his bosses when they ask him to do something. When he...

country cooler / rude people there


there are usually rude teenagers who work here and just are mean...not at the other ones just the location by the sports complex- they have treated me and my friends not so good...and generally give sarcastic or bad attitudes...

Mc bonalds / wrong food / bad service



Job / no breaks


so i worked for jack for about 2 and a half yrs. and at first everything was fine, we were under the corporation and Not a franchise. when i moved to salinas to work. the company sold the restaurant to franchise owner. it was all good until, there was no raise, no vacation, and NO...

popeys in tillmans corner / manager linda


I went to popeyes on aug 24 to order the special ask the manager linda could I order 2 legs she rudely told me no, I started to ask another question she then said what you gonna order. I walked out of the store then called to ask the question, the same unfriendly, rude voice. I asked for...