Fast Food Restaurants Complaints


Domino's Pizza — Delivery, food, service

901 I received an online gift card from a text promotion via Quickly. It was expiring, so I decided to order today. From the get go it was inconvenient and unpleasant. The app wa...

KFC — Store cleanliness

The garbage cans inside & out were overfilling- The tables inside were dirty The ovens that the chicken is kept warm in had filthy glass windows I noticed all of this as I...

Tilton Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 26, 2020

Sonic Drive-In — Receipts withheld & employee survey fraud

As I wrote in my last survey, sometimes employees do not give out receipts with completed orders. Last time I insisted on receiving my receipt, I saw it was one with a survey ID...

Edmond Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 26, 2020

Pizza Hut — Management

I witnessed one of the workers name krystal Revels working hard and she is sick and about to pass out and she was told by management that she could not leave she does not need to...

Shelby Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 26, 2020

Huddle House — General Complaint

I have been going for breakfast or been ordering from this Huddle House for almost 20 years. Because of new management and the current status of this business, this morning will...

Pelham Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 26, 2020

Chili's Grill & Bar — My payment was over charge and wasn't about to resolve it.

24744 Chili charge me 4 time and said my card don't work I order on line I check my card they took 245$ off and sayn the card DNT work. I call my card people the said they took it...

Tupelo Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 26, 2020

Tim Hortons — Service of midnight worker

The service on midnights is a hit or miss. The girl with red hair is always super nice and gets my order correct every night. The weekend workers do an alright job. But the other...

Wendy’s — Burger, fries

When did Wendy's switch to "hand cut fries"? I know they are cheaper, but they are a nasty soggy mess in the bottom of your bag. Tonight I ordered a double and got...

Wilmington Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 25, 2020

McDonald's — Their coffee or cups

I love my coffee! And usually I'm a Tim Hortons or Starbucks girl. But my boss said McDonald's was having a dollar any size coffee special and that it was Tims old coffee. So I...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 25, 2020

Tim Hortons — Cinnamon buns

44866 On Feb 21 i ordered a cinnamon bun to have for lunch and when i got back ton the Office it was hard has a rock and very little icing on the bun, definitely think this was a day...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 25, 2020

Tim Hortons — Quebec, Canada

Service Was absolutely brutal, there was three people working and four cars in the drive through. It took them 10 to 12 minutes to serve us. Then when I got to the No they said it...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 25, 2020

KFC — Waiting time exceeding that of a fast food

This evening, I stepped in at KFC around 19.38. I joined a queue which in my opinion was ok as it is peak time. To my surprise I was the 6th customer in line, there was no one at...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 25, 2020

Wendy’s — Lack of options , restaurant oust or everything , long wait ...

Stopped by the Wendy's in Englewood, Florida last evening, the service was very slow, they were out of shakes, chili, croutons, complained when I ordered a salad that they...

Dennys — outrageous prices

end of an era i, ve been a Dennys customer for 45yrs, but that has came to an end whoever is running your corp. is running it into the ground, i used to search out a Dennys but...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 24, 2020

Tim Hortons — Lunch combo

Purchased a 8.49 grilled cheese soup and sandwich combo, that cost me over 12.00 Totally disgusted and after going through 3 people to complain got fed up. No accountability and...

Edmonton Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 24, 2020

Applebee's Restaurants — Bad managers

I thought this was the friendly neighborhood bar and grill. Definitely not, it was a horrifying experience. Again, every time I go there it is simply bad every time. If the...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 24, 2020

Tim Hortons — Mobile ordering and service complaint

Feb 24th, 2020. This location doesn't appear to have the proper training regarding mobile orders. About 70 percent of the time my order isn't ready and the staff i...

Ottawa Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 24, 2020

Tim Hortons — customer service in re making change

I've gone through the drive thru the last 2 nights and ordered a small coffee $ 1.60. I handed the girl a toonie and a dime expecting 2 quarters in change.The first night I...

Waterford Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 23, 2020

Burger King — food was all cold. employees working with hoodies on covering their faces

came in for dinner. got there at 6pm. wasnt busy, ordered whopper no lettus no onion no pickel. and a crispy chicken sandwich, with 2 fries and 2 drinks, and 4 pc mozz stick...

Burger King — Beyond Burgers / Vomiting, diarrhea, inability to sleep from the extreme nausea

My daughter and her roommate ate Beyond Burgers on Thursday, February 20, 2020 and they both have been violently ill. One had vomiting and diarrhea 5 hours after eating there and...

Providence Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 23, 2020

Pizza Hut — So unsanitary

Thursday February 20, 2020 At 3:45 pm Cortland New York I had ordered two large pizza's and when i went to pick them up i was waiting for them to get done. I seen the lady...

Cortland Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 23, 2020

Chowking — Order delay

Chowking Santa Grove Paranaque branch, I ordered foods exactly 7 :19 but foods arrived 9:00pm. They promise give me a complimentary gc because last time i ordered 8pm but i...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 23, 2020

Tim Hortons — Tim Card and Rewards Card

I hear that you are struggling with the market place and "roll up the rim" type stuff. I hear that you will be concentrating more on the app to improve your situation. My...

1 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 22, 2020

Sonic Drive-In — Management very rude

John and I went tonight to grab our usual milkshake. To start with it was hard to understand the drive-thru worker ( English not very well ), it had to be repeated many times just...

Domino's Pizza — Thin crust pizza

Last night I ordered a thin crust large pepperoni, green pepper, and mushroom pizza to be delivered to my house. It arrived in about 15 min. I told the delivery guy how fast that...

1 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 22, 2020